The Fish Master!

The Fish Master!

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  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Fish Master! App

Catch as many fishes as you can! Improve your fishing line to go deeper and catch more fish! Become the ultimate fish master!


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  • /: 3/5

    By Justis33
    I was addicted to the game until I saw that you can only go so far until there’s no more new fish down deeper and I’m irritated.

    By dgghfylkhckg
    This game is soooo good it is really fun to play! I personally think that it does not need anything to make it even MORE better! This is the best game in the universe!!
  • Meh 2/5

    By D.Andrews96
    Way too many ads and it gets boring quick
  • Entertainment 5/5

    By maddog2276
    This game is fun to play, but I feel like this is one if those games were you are super exited to play and play it non stop. Then after a few days or weeks you never play it again. But then you play it every once and a while. It’s a fun game to play when you are bored and there is no good movies to watch or no good YouTube videos to watch😊🙌🏻
  • Maxed out? 2/5

    By VentureEnd
    Been at max depth for a couple weeks now. Bought no ads early on in the game, wish i hadn't. I earn more money offline than i do when catching 74 fish. And now the offline income has stopped working lol
  • TO MANY ADDS 1/5

    By Tomanydamnadds
    There is far to many adds and you can’t even play one game without one interrupting it’s a fun game and it’s a disappointment that I had to delete it because of all the adds
  • Needs Work 1/5

    By Angel_2078
    I liked this game in the beginning. Challenging at first however the ads are extremely annoying! Unfortunately it is not calculating correctly. I am suppose to be getting 1.2M/min abd it's nit even close even after staying away for a couple of hours. I am deleting this as it is no longer fun. Between the ads and wrong calculations...I'm done. I would stay away if I were you. ✌️🏾😒😳🙄🙄
  • Fixed 4/5

    By Bullbagg
    All you have to do is turn your phone on airplane mode while you play :) No more ads 😉
  • Less Ads! 3/5

    By JustFroggie
    Hey I agree, you did a good job on the game and all but, PLEASE reduce the amount of ads! I’ve been playing for only about 2 seconds starting the app and I go fishing and here pops up an ad!
  • Eh.. 2/5

    By Evan0912
    I love this game. However there are too many ads. It’s hard to enjoy the game when there are too many ads. I understand that the devs need to make money. But I think they can reduce the ads as they have multiple games.
  • Honest review 3/5

    By Connor_Reviews
    I got this game yesterday and I’ve found it very entertaining... Yes, there are a few ads here and there, but I think it’s only fair for the game developers to do it to make some money. It’s a very fun game and it’s free (it’s a good time waster). My only complaint is upgrades begin to get very pricy and your money per cast starts to not rise as much. I get this is how the game is suppose to function, but when my cast makes $2000 and an upgrade I like $40000...that’s 20 casts.... OVERALL, r ally fun game and I highly suggest :)
  • Jjj 1/5

    By ꀸꀤ꒒
    To mini adds......:::
  • Jimmy 5/5

    By hdhfhxnznzh
  • It’s fun... 4/5

    By KaylaPren
    I think the game is fun to pass time, however there’s nothing really much to do. For instance, there are no modes. I’m just gonna assume that many other people will agree with me. It’s a good game to play if you are going on a vacation or somewhere without internet. I personally wait for the offline bonus... so...
  • So many ads... 2/5

    By emilysarahhh
    I understand developers need ads to keep things running, but there is literally an ad every other “cast” you throw. It’s ridiculous.
  • Good 5/5

    By Taterhead1347
  • Super fun.... but 😕 4/5

    By Katty dash
    So this game is so fun but you don’t want to play it for a week, maybe 3 days but than it’s just not that fun. You will love the fish you find and your go deep under it’s just for a couple of days. 👍🏻👎🏻👌🏻
  • Friggin’ ads 2/5

    By Ineffable2646
    The game is simple and cool, enjoyable....until the ads come. Roughly every action you complete in the game results In an ad. You caught a fish? Here’s an opportunity to double your score with an ad! Don’t wanna watch the ad? Here’s one anyway! The game would be a lot better if they just cut the ads down by at least 30%. I understand it’s a free game and everyone needs to make money. But the amount of ads defeat the purpose of any advertisers getting anyone interested in what they’re selling. Like others have said. If you really don’t mind extremely frequent ads, play the game while watching TV or while in line, and be prepared to look away for 30 seconds every 20 seconds of the game you play. Otherwise this would be at least a four star game.
  • Ads ruin the fun 1/5

    By crystalozzypeanut
    Thus game is really fun, and would get five stars, but after fishing every 2 times, there’s an ad and it gets VERY annoying! This is also a horrible remake of the game Ridiculous Fishing.
  • Fishing 4/5

    By neckaneck
    Too many ads. Get to fish once or twice and there’s an ad. Like the game but 👎 on ads
  • The adds. The crashing. 1/5

    By I love teentitans
    It would be a half decent game if they fixed so many things. First, the adds come up every 30 seconds. There are insanely too many adds, but that aside, after every add that comes up, the game crashes! And the add comes up before you can receive the money for the fish you caught, so it is impossible to collect any money. This game is good as deleted. Don't waste your time or space.
  • Ads 2/5

    By queaull
    Too many ads
  • Good but... 2/5

    By Doemama
    It’s a simple game but you actually earn more money for not playing the game than you do for playing the game with the offline earning system. I usually will play the game once to collect the money and then let the app sit for a couple days.
  • More ads than game time 1/5

    Ads are terrible, play in airplane mode to avoid watching an ad every 5 seconds.
  • Good 5/5

    By Wobbly08
    Good time passer but offline doesn’t pay me
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Alycastillo
    Way too many ads and it’s just one scenery it gets boring.
  • Too many ads. 1/5

    By kenzieemaria
    Too many ads to even enjoy the game.
  • Love it!! 4/5

    By bro im amazing
    I love this game it has a lot of different fish and the goal for this game is great! My suggestion for a future update is to have the option to change the character and upgrade the fishing pole! Even though there are a lot of ads the game is worth it!
  • Not as bad as the other reviewers say 4/5

    By Enderwolf340379
    It’s a pretty good game, keeps you hooked, (pun intended), the art style is pretty nice looking, animation is bare to minimum. I’d compare it to a pointless clicker games with some low life achievements to keep you invested. The ads are pretty constant, but honestly just turn on airplane mode. I’d suggest adding some background music, most of voodoos games don’t have any so I doubt it will get some soon, also some more little things I’d like to suggest>> -a night mode where it makes it dark and more difficult (add some challenge?) -less is more, there is by far too many fish. -make a counter (you’ve caught: pointless number of virtual fish) -add some characters, maybe a point unlock system. -throw the whole thing out the window and make it an actual fishing game, with patience, it will have many more options (bait options, fishing pole stuff, etc) -once more- ADD SOME CHALLENGE, the game isn’t addictive because it doesn’t have any end goal or REAL achievements. -why add depth markers if you can’t see them anyway? -add some better animations -a settings button, maybe if you add music? Also a better home screen in general It gets pretty boring to keep farming cash and coming up to click on two little buttons, add a shop icon or a little thing on the side, it would make it a lot better.
  • Content Is Sub-Par 2/5

    By BoomCpt.
    The game is rather simple with constantly casting out a fishing line to catch fish and make money. The game eventually reaches a point we’re early on you max out the depth in which you can cast your line limiting the fish supply you are able to catch from that is worth more cash. There are many adds, in which I personally am fine dealing with, but why this app deserves only two stars is because their are fish depicted in even this own summary page that aren’t even in the game. This fact is very frustrating because of the need for more types of fishes to be actually in the game. Within three days most people will have already deleted and forgotten about this game.
  • Yeet 5/5

    By skeet skeet yeet
    Very lit and t h I c c
  • Too many ads!! 2/5

    By Hannah kephart
    There are way too many ads!! I get so annoyed because after 2 rounds there is an ad. Most of the time I don’t even want to play the game anymore.
  • Bad 1/5

    By funrkgihrigrh
    It was to laggy an it kept on glitching of the game👎👎👎
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Makoharuu22
    This game is great but I’ve already reached max depth level and after reaching max level, it started to get a little boring. I definitely think the depth level should be much deeper with more unique fish to catch! Otherwise amazing app
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By TGIF.....!
    The number of ads really impact the e joyment of the game. You Have to deal with an adult after every two turns/casts. I've had the app for half a day and I'm already really frustrated with the number of ads. So frustrated that I actually put in the effort to wrote a review. I expect I'll delete the app in a day or two. I enjoy the game but it's not worth the annoyance.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By sfvxywvsidv
    This game is sooooo addictive i love it so much
  • I like it but this... 4/5

    By vVBabyFoxVv
    Soo I recently reached maxed length and I’m not very happy I want more fish and maybe more length because like in the previews I’ve never seen turtles :/ so maybe more fish and longer lengths
  • Awesome 5/5

    By SnackSocks
  • Game is lit but it needs some updates 5/5

    By jadthegamer
    Okay I love this game and it is so so so so fun but youn only get 3 fishes every time and the game has really really bad graphics please update this and make it so popular even more popular then roblox. Thanks spending some time out of your day
  • Bad 1/5

    By Madden13456789
    This game is baaaaaad
  • Dont waste your time 1/5

    By gjmtryingtouseuber
    You can only fish to 350 meters. This game is a waste. Now, money is not collecting per minute anymore. There are many flaws in the game.
  • Ads 1/5

    By 117Joey117
    To many ads after every throw of the fish line u get an ad so will delete.
  • Too Many Ads!!! 2/5

    By @meditation
    I really enjoy playing this game, but there are WAY to many ads! Like you can only have one turn before a 30 second long ad pops up!
  • Ads made me delete the game in 20 minutes 1/5

    By Stizzi (Gold V for life)
    Entirely too many ads that stop game play. Why isn’t this showing on the review page?
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Lilashiepoo
    I don’t mind watching ads for free game time but this is ridiculous. Every two casts I have to watch a 30 second video. Then after the ad and I can finally play again the pop-ups cause the game to glitch and lag. It’s a good idea but too many ads ruin even the free version. I haven’t had enough play time to be convinced to pay for an ad free experience. I’m deleting the game.
  • Add farmer 1/5

    By cool sports guy1995
    Hands down most ads you'll ever see in a game. I'm mean ffs every 10 second cast is followed by a 15 second add these guys can go **** themselves. Don't download or even think of trying this game out.
  • ALOT of ads! 4/5

    By Zillahra
    There are way too many adds. I think the game is freezing each time I get to drop the line twice in a row. Otherwise it is fun and I would like an option to restart the game. After you reach max line drop it’s just not as fun anymore imo.
  • Amazing fun game but the ads are super ridiculous. 1/5

    By Ray-Ray2927
    I mean after each time you fish you get an ad and I mean every time the only way to avoid it is to put my phone on airplane mode so that way the ads can’t load. I get that you guys need ads for the app to be free but this is just overdoing it by a long shot. It’s a shame because it’s actually a really fun game.
  • Needa improvement 1/5

    By liz + jon
    Was a lot of fun but 1. Way too many ads and 2. Game kept freezing when i reeled in my catch i had to close the game and open it back up but then i would lose my catch and The money doesn't register. Very frustrating.
  • Here’s a tip for players: 3/5

    By A Simple Human Being
    Since there will be ads no matter what you collect, always collect x2. It’s a good game, but it’s a shame I subtracted a whole star from the gameplay due to the prevalent ads.

The Fish Master! app comments


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