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  • Developer: Marmalade Game Studio
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THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations App

Visit Volcano Island, make memories and have a great time! Go on a vacation, collect souvenirs and take pictures in this enjoyable board game for the whole family. Travel around the island and compete with family and friends in activities, such as scuba diving and building sand sculptures. The player with the most and happiest memories wins! Save your memories in your scrapbook and make different choices to complete your collection. Based on the classic board game The Game of Life! Just like the original, spin the wheel and follow your fate as you go on your dream vacation. Families have enjoyed The Game of Life for more than 40 years. This game features local Multiplayer and a safe online multiplayer! - Single Player - Travel solo and compete with the computer. - Offline Multiplayer - pass and play on one device with up to 3 players. - Private Online Multiplayer - Invite family and friends to play online - Online Multiplayer - Challenge up to 4 other players online." Choose from a fantastic cast of characters! Pick your own unique peg and choose between the adventurous backpacker, the surfer family, the travelling sisters, and many more! Once you’re ready to roll, select your ride and dash around the island in a scooter, sports car, motorcycle or bus. Includes pass-and-play mode! Play THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations game with up to three friends on one device or play online with friends and family for some classic board game fun. More exotic destinations are coming soon! THE GAME OF LIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2019 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved

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THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations app reviews

  • Fun Game - needs some improvements 4/5

    By Nikayna
    Overall this is a very fun game, but I have a couple suggestions: one, the spin wheel usually takes me a few tries before it actually spins, so that could be improved. Second, the board needs to be longer, at least in some spots! If all my spins are 6 or above I miss over half the board.
  • Life is great! 5/5

    By KellyLynn819
    Love this game. I like the friendly competition of the CPU players or that you can invite your own friends. Not sure who thought they had to enter a social security number but you definitely don’t.
  • DOES NOT LOAD. 1/5

    By mj6277
    Dumbest purchase. Bundle doesn’t load. I want my $$$$ back!!!!
  • More destinations needed 3/5

    By Grump#6
    Love the game but, it needs more destinations. At least a month ago you said new updates with new destinations were coming soon. When will that be?
  • Hard to spin 3/5

    By MelissaA113
    I’m having the hardest time tying to spin the wheel! Maybe change it so it’s easier.
  • I love ❤️ it 💋❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Thegodisbackintown
    This game is so fun and I can’t stop playing it so much fun and I am going to play ROBLOX
  • more! 4/5

    By zieziee
    great game but we need more destinations and item maybe more options with the characters and quest or goals for rewards
  • This is My Favorite Game 5/5

    By Christi1000
    I love this game! I play it all the time. I love the fact that for every 3 pictures or souvenirs you collect, you get 100 extra points. I just wished that was also the case for postcards and there were more destinations. Okay, since this last update the spinner doesn’t spin. I used to only have to swipe it once and it would spin. Now I have to swipe it 4 or 5 times to get it to spin. It’s very frustrating. I deleted the game.
  • Bored 2/5

    By Dogmommo
    When I first started playing I really enjoyed it. But now I am extremely bored with the single location offered. I had hoped the newest update would include some other options, but alas that is not the case. Please, please add more locations. I won’t be playing again until that happens.
  • Life game for vacation 5/5

    By Jbsigns10
    I have one problem with the spin. I spin the wheel few times. Then. Spinning I feel unfair about spinning. That's problem. I liked this game. Get high points. Then other players.
  • dumb 1/5

    By nickname6119
    charged me then never downloaded 😑
  • Doesn’t even work 1/5

    By Miszashley
    Gives black screen; please fix.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By LiteraryAnna
    Haven’t been able to play it yet. Every time I open it, the game crashes. What a bummer.
  • Black screen 1/5

    By arhall88
    I want to play but every time I try to start a game the screen just goes black, not crashes just a black screen.
  • Fun app 5/5

    By PeaNut10101010
    I love to play this multi-player and with family members and with makeup personalities
  • Game never loads 1/5

    By Hlrutten
    I can choose my character and then see the Volcano Island screen, then black screen with the sound of waves (same as other users have reported). So I’ve never been able to play a game I paid for. Going to try and ask for a refund.
  • ? 5/5

    By boxta
    To cool
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Glassglue
    Bought the game and the screen turns black after the loading screen and just plays music that sounds like waves. Contacted company via email asking for a refund without any response yet.
  • So Much Fun! 5/5

    By SugarSweet1516
    This is so much fun I recommend this game to everyone. This was even more fun for me because I couldn’t afford to go on vacation this summer and playing this game makes me feel like I can go on vacation anytime I want. I do really hope they add more vacation islands to visit!! Great job game developers this is an amazingly fun game! Everyone go play this game right now!!
  • Fun 4/5

    By Kimberlilee
    I like the game - and it’s fun but I’m really hoping for more destinations. Also I believe the hotel seems like a useless feature because aren’t we on a cruise ship? Why would we need a hotel then? Instead of hotels why not do excursions? I also would like to suggest some duels like what is in the original game of life - that would be fun! I’m looking forward to new features and what upgrades you guys come up with 🙂
  • To short 2/5

    By Danzy4233
    Can finish the game in 6-7 turns If you get 10s honestly felt like it was a 7 minute game
  • Needs more islands 5/5

    By livy liva
    I love this game but it gets boring to just play the same island but it would be fun if you could add a island that is Disney world Disney world could have rides when you get to a certain place ex: it would say Magic Kingdom or Hollywood studios and there would be rides from there and you could have Disney stores with stuff in them and you could go to a certain section ex: when you would go to the hat section them you would would get a random hat from that section and when you pick your hotel you can have a tour of it and also you could skip your turn for 30 points
  • I can’t 1/5

    By Chaosbaby88
    My game won’t even load. It keeps saying i have no internet connection. I haven’t even been able to play one game and i just downloaded it. I want my money back!
  • Doesn’t Work! 1/5

    By Mr. Magoo Va
    Do not purchase. This app doesn’t work!
  • Don’t bother with anything from this company 1/5

    By 15KC15
    Don’t bother with anything from this company unless you like limited options and in-game purchases. This company is a complete rip off.
  • Good game but glitches 2/5

    By Smif-u
    I really enjoy playing this game, but after I played it a few times and I had 46 of the 48 items collected, it crashed every time I reached the point when the game was played. I deleted it and tried to reload it again. It worked, but I lost all my items and have to start over collecting them. I really regret getting this game. Although it would be a very fun game if they fixed the problems. From what I’ve read, its been going on for quite a while. I won’t play this game until these problems have been fixed.
  • Very fun 5/5

    By poopsie chuckle fanny
    I love it
  • Make it longer 5/5

    By walker5109
  • Great game 5/5

    By swaggaliciousgirl1999
    Such a good, feel good game! Love that there’s no in-app purchases! Definitely worth my money and time! Thank you!
  • Great game, great customer service! 5/5

    By FrankG3NYC
    I’m really enjoying this variation on The Game Of Life! I especially like that you’ve implemented changes to the game based on reviews and suggestions. I have two requests: 1 - ability to skip the board overview between rounds, but somehow in the settings so I don’t have to press “skip” every time. 2 - the ability to set a default fast forward and skip the CPU player’s turns and animations - again, as a setting that is global. Thanks!!
  • Love the game!! 5/5

    By lhawaii30
    I love the brand new update and love the new save feature, now I can finally finish a game for once! can’t wait to see new maps and new prizes and new cards for the scrapbook in the newer updates down the road!
  • Needs more and needs consistency 3/5

    By Brittany_Love
    I LOVE The Game Of Life. And I love that they’re renewing the platform. But having one destination only gets a bit tiring. I only need one postcard, but it won’t tell me which one! That’s a little frustrating. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t matter what number you roll at the beginning, the game picks its own order for players to go. And the turn endcap is a little weird. Players will pop up randomly with the big map showing, but there’s no rhyme or reason to it. I could have rolled a 1, be in last place, and landed on a post card, but I’ll still show up randomly in the lineup. It needs order! I’m looking forward to future updates. Even these little setbacks won’t keep me away. Love Marmalade.
  • Don't buy 1/5

    By shdhdjejaijxhvhf
    It glitches so much. This game is ridiculous
  • Super fun 4/5

    By bleh5674
    This game is so cool!! This game would be even better if there were different vacation spots, as well.
  • More vacation lands 3/5

    By certained gamer
    Add more vacation areas
  • More players 4/5

    By Bookworm1020
    Can you make this at least a 5 player game?
  • Love This Game! + New island?!?! 5/5

    By RyRyScottB
    SECTION 1: I really love this game! Keep up the good work, and don’t forget: BEST MARMALADE GAME EVER!!!!!!! SECTION 2: You said you’d be making new vacation spots soon, so I’d like to make a suggestion, Ancient Isle! SECTION 2.5: The features of Ancient Isle will be, new photos, new souvenirs, and new postcards. You may explore the ruined temple by car, but watch out for hazards when you’re on foot! If you dare go skydiving over the Ancient Isle? I heard that it’s VERY possible that a nuke heading for the Isle will smash you down into a pit! If you wanna go snorkeling, watch out for Ancient Isle’s spike traps. What’s that nuke? You have 32 turns to get back to the cruise ship before the Isle is nuked! Otherwise, you’ll experience nonlethal radiation! But on the other hand, when you’ve got all the souvenirs, photos, and postcards, you’ll get a message saying, “Thank You!” It will be missing a chunk of the Isle shown in the actual game. It will actually happen, and it will stay that way forever. And after you’ve played Ancient Isle for 100 times, it seems that the Isle has been rebuilt (only after you’ve collected everything) and every Ancient parts of the Isle have officially been disposed of, therefore the Isle is renamed: Nano Isle.
  • where’s the next island? 4/5

    By clairelp156908
    I love the game a lot but I’ve achieved everything in the collection & ready for more islands ): when are they coming??
  • Fun game but has some kinks 4/5

    By DanelleMe
    Love playing this game, but it never fails almost every time I am playing with someone else it freezes and we lose the game. Makes me mad because this game wasn't free. Please fix that!
  • Great 4/5

    By Chelle102207
    Thank you for listening to feedback! Love that I can change my name and skip computer animation! Dropped it down on 7/25 due to the game not saving my progress! :(
  • Freezes but great game 4/5

    By breannaamariee
    This game tends to freeze sometimes in the middle of a game. I have redownloaded the app and restarted my phone. This game is new so it’s not a huge deal or anything but it would be very nice if you could fix it! Otherwise I really enjoy the game over all. Also would like to change my username later on if that is possible since I can’t seem to change it.
  • I love this game 4/5

    By LIFE lover:)
    It is so addicting but it keeps freezing on the spinner and i have to restart the game
  • Fun 4/5

    By ReeseyTriceey
    Not as good as the original. They should’ve added some different activities (cards). But it’s still fun.
  • Should've read the reviews first... 1/5

    By GirlzRule17
    Guys don't bother buying this. I just got it and not even starting the game, it crashes!! Every time... Waste of money...don't buy!!!
  • Fun game! 5/5

    By rnglw
    Love this! I am looking forward to more destinations! With the the upgrades you can get, it would be fun to explore other sites around the world!
  • Crashes everytime 1/5

    By Buffmc
    Crashes every time, I can't get past loading screen. I want a refund!
  • Suggestions? 4/5

    By Create Nicknamezzzzzzz
    Maybe make different islands completely with different themes. And make them ranked so you must complete the first one, then second, and then so on. You complete an island when you have everything collected <3
  • Don’t buy this game it’s a waste of money 1/5

    By Ryans1251
    The game did not work on me round started and then I was kick then everyone I was playing with was too.Then the game would not let us join the same match and when we did we could ready but the it would break again.
  • Love the game.. Just 5/5

    By BigShawnRecklezz
    Just wish you could change your username.. mine sounds kinda sexual...

THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations app comments

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