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Make space for the issues that matter. The Guardian app gives you breaking news and full access to all of our award-winning journalism. Support independent journalism by upgrading to the premium tier - the most rewarding way for you to experience The Guardian, set to the pace of your day. With the free app you can: • Access the full range of The Guardian journalism • Stay up to date with live news and sport • Receive breaking news alerts • Keep reading even when you’re offline • Save any content you want to keep for a later date • Make it yours by choosing which sections appear on your home screen • Follow your favourite stories, writers and football teams for personal notifications • Enjoy award-winning audio, video and interactive content, as well as full-screen galleries • Read comments on articles and share your own thoughts With the premium tier you can enjoy new ways to explore the journalism you love: • Live - a new and faster way to catch up on every breaking news story and all the latest developments as they unfold (available on iPhone) • Discover - a new way to explore the best stories, recipes, long reads and more at the moment that suits you (available on iPhone) • Experience the app advert-free • Play our daily crosswords • Access specially curated content This app is totally free to use. If you choose to upgrade to the premium tier, your payment will be processed by Apple. Upgrade by selecting ‘Support the Guardian’ from the app’s navigation menu. Premium tier subscription automatically renews monthly unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You may turn off auto-renewal after purchase by going to your iTunes Account Settings. Please note - while Apple's Family Sharing feature can be used to share apps between up to six family members, it does not support the sharing of in-app purchases (as described in This includes the auto-renewable subscription to the premium tier of the app, and you will therefore not be able to share any subscription purchased via iTunes Store with family members. If you have any questions please email [email protected] who will be able to advise you further. Terms of use: All content in the Guardian app is copyright Guardian News & Media 2018. All rights reserved. Terms of use and privacy policy apply when accessing content via the Guardian app. Privacy policy: Terms and conditions:


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The Guardian app reviews

  • Does not load 1/5

    By John Rolf Reigstad
    Did not load on June 11, 2018.
  • My alternative to U.S. News 5/5

    By Kekkirt
    Excellent newspaper !
  • Amazing and Worthwhile 5/5

    By LilyGranger1234567890
    I love this app so much. It organises articles well with easy to find headlines and you can save articles for later. One the major plus ones is that there aren’t any ads which makes the app so much easier to use!
  • It delivers. 5/5

    By Teacher1941
    I’ve yet to find a reason to complain.
  • Go To Source 5/5

    By JRICK471
    This is my go to source for news and more. I support The Guardian financially, it’s well worth it. It is gradually replacing my reliance on the establishment NY Times. And for soccer coverage there’s no comparison.
  • Just excellent 5/5

    By Swarnima
    Their staunch commitment to keeping their journalism freely accessible and not hidden by a paywall is admirable, and the quality of their journalism continues to be top-notch. The app is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. I’m excited for the new crosswords.
  • Alternate Perspective 5/5

    By 19460322
    The Guardian delivers world class reporting of US, UK and global news. Because it’s a truly international paper with UK, US and Australian editions you get stories you’d never see in the US media, and perspectives on events that help you understand what’s really going on. The app itself works flawlessly.
  • The smartest reporting 5/5

    By Kflow2
    The Guardian features original and smart reporting. The writing is top notch. The paper shows real courage. Competent and imaginative journalism at its best.
  • Great source of the worlds happenings 5/5

    By Just-Jay
    Has been my daily source for news over the years and I recommend The Guardian to everyone.
  • Hard on old eyes 3/5

    By Baahh
    As the usual news is depressing enough I’m also finding the colors and graphics difficult to look at. Content is ok most of the time. There is quite a bit of opinion disguised as “news”. And, the old app with blue, yellow and purple was Sooo much better looking than this awful black and red color. Thankfully I didn’t update it on my iPad.
  • It Just Works 5/5

    By Chicken-pasta
    No paywall, no nonsense, great news.
  • Great newspaper, but the app redesign is a major step back! 2/5

    By AstroPaul
    Latest version took another step backwards! What's with the tiny headlines? Most are one size, but others are small, and virtually unreadable. Make them all the same larger size — or, give readers an option to do that! The recent change in design colors remains hard on the eyes. The red-and-black scheme with BIG, BLACK, bolded headline fonts make the text harder to read and focus on — and more tiring to scroll through. This new version SCREAMS cheap tabloid; a Rupert Murdoch look. Another major step backwards. In contrast, our other iPad still has the previous version on it, with the original blue icon, blue section heads, and regular font headlines. When I used that today, I was struck by how much better it was. Much gentler, easier to read, and more inviting! Please bring back the old color scheme. Or, at least, give users an option of color themes — new, classic, dark, outdoors, etc. You also need to open up commenting on more stories — e.g., even tech stories often omit them, but expert users have much to add. By the way, *stop* adding the “What to Watch” or “Culture” sections to our home pages. We delete it, but after a week or two, they reappear! As to the newspaper itself, keep up the good work! You are an invaluable source of diverse news and progressive perspectives.
  • Best newspaper 5/5

    By LordGynex
    It's good to able to trust a news outlet such as this one
  • Harsh design, solid reporting 3/5

    By human2nova
    I’ve enjoyed The Guardian’s reporting over the last couple of years, but just as I considered paying the monthly subscription to support their work, the redesign occurred. The announcement touting their new tabloid look was off-putting, and the color scheme chosen wasn’t any better. Why add to the stress of today’s news with an equally stressful red/black theme? The updated logo is bland, and lost the distinction of the blue icon, as well. I found myself opening the app and visiting the mobile site less and less, and now I’ll just delete the app from my phone. 5 stars for excellent reporting, 1 star for a harsh, unwelcoming design leaves me with an average of 3 stars.
  • The best source of news 5/5

    By JidayyyyHosp
    Reliable and dependable source of global news
  • Great news source, with just an alright app 3/5

    By chrislowder
    Despite not having a clue how to go about solving the Cryptic crosswords, I still love The Guardian as a news source. I just wish they’d design their app using iOS UI guidelines, especially adopting tabs at the bottom of the screen. Hamburger menus are so frustrating to see, especially ones that overlap and obscure the content you’re trying to read...
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By Earplugs next time
    Journalism I have found on the web. I no longer feel like mushroom! The often witty but sometimes tragic comments are always a source of entertainment. A great British newspaper.
  • A different perspective on news around the world! 5/5

    By Project Hound
    Being an American it's nice to get a different take on news happening in our country. A great variety of topics covered. I like the music coverage. I too subscribe thru a small monthly fee...well worth it!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By keanakakoi
    Excellent app (not talking about the content, which is in a category by itself)! Small footprint, easy on resources, runs even on my 1st gen iPad mini w/o a problem (while other apps crash or not even start). Content is well organized and presented. Thanks Guardian!
  • Inclusive World News 5/5

    By lightscriptor
    Their researched journalism is global and accurate. I trust them for consistent professionalism. I have read them for decades.
  • No Longer My Favourite News App 🙁 1/5

    By schoowa
    Updated Review: “Tabloid” is the perfect word to describe the recent redesign of the Guardian app. Its classic colour scheme has been replaced with a lurid and sensationalistic format that I find almost impossible to read. Reading the daily news in this age of worldwide strife and turmoil can be quite disturbing, and the layout and colour scheme of this updated app seem to have been purposefully designed to amplify the viewers anxiety level. I have been a Guardian subscriber for several years, but after much soul-searching I have decided that it is best for my emotional well-being to avoid viewing this anxiety-inducing reinterpretation of the classic Guardian app. Unfortunately, my decision means that I have cancelled my longstanding paid subscription to this publication. From now on, if I feel the need to peruse The Guardian, I will simply access it with my content blocker equipped browser. So long, Guardian app… Original Review: My favourite news app; well worth the cost of a subscription.
  • The Guardian 5/5

    By Myromax
    Essential to a free society.
  • Well done news from a fresh perspective 5/5

    By Hbbird
    In depth stories and fluffier stories from a British perspective.
  • Please add night invert colors 5/5

    By PatchesGames
    Love the app. Great journalism. But PLEASE give our poor eyes a night view. An all white screen when reading in the dark is blinding. Thanks!
  • Because Zero's Not an Option 1/5

    By NotYerLawyer
    I've had this app for a while, but I deleted it. The Guardian is just as slanted and biased as Fox News, but only from the other side of the spectrum. They have the added spice of being a bunch of arrogant Brits looking down their noses at America. If they disapprove so much of American society and culture, they're more than welcome to cower in their homes within the Ring of Steel.
  • Love The Guardian 5/5

    By lynn from MN
    Our first choice in news is The Guardian. We appreciate that they don't restrict readers with a paywall but we voluntarily send them money to support their work. We find them to be honest, well researched, timely, and fair.
  • No sync of home screen 3/5

    By mtissington
    Great app, but why can’t I sync my home screen between devices??
  • No Subscription 5/5

    By Knshr
    Best Western press with no subscription
  • Upgrade to ugliness 2/5

    By ukiruku
    I don’t usually take the time to review apps. As a devoted Guardian subscriber, though, have to say I hate the new app. Gone are the easy-on-the-eye blue and plum, the softer lines. Bring on fascistic, geometric black and red — along with white that makes the Nazi colors. In any case it’s all much harder on the eye, more off-putting to this graphic designer. I used to love clicking on that blue and white icon — by contrast the new app is like graphic barbed wire on the eye. Score one for a poor design choice. Like most upgrades these days, it’s a downgrade.
  • Guardian is part of the solution 5/5

    By Zappburn
    I like it as a reliable news source
  • new logo icon is dumb and ugly 3/5

    By KhanGra
    i won't update till u change back to the old and clean one.
  • I love The Guardian App 5/5

    By Bimber&bigos
    I visit everyday!
  • Independent News 5/5

    By 2blaser
    If you want news written with humanist instead of political agenda here is your source. Well worth supporting. Great writing and timely stories.
  • Great redesign. Better readability. 5/5

    By DKrancher
    Best news app ever just got better. Thanks Guardian. Keep your uniqueness. May you prosper in the coming years.
  • Excellence 5/5

    By alicarlo
    Independent and informative!!!!
  • Delves a little deeper 5/5

    By Sarghosesalonist
    This is my favorite news app. I really appreciate the Guardian's perspective on international affairs, and I love the in-text links to other news stories that provide more depth or breadth.
  • Important app 5/5

    By Proletariat1234
    One of the easiest ways for me to get informed on the go. Thanks, The Guardian.
  • Trustworthy News Source 5/5

    By Supernik
    I love the Guardian app. It updates frequently and always has interesting content. It is easily my favorite news source, covering stories I don't see in the American press.
  • Paid But Still Seeing Advertising 3/5

    By DrewMerkle
    I pay to support journalism but I also pay to eliminate advertising. Not happy to be seeing ads. App has me logged in but when I click to eliminate the ads I’m asked to enter credentials again. Not ok. Also, sorry, not impressed with the redesign TBH. Form should follow function, not the other way around.
  • Top Notch 5/5

    By Ejaazi
    It's the best news app I've tried so far outside of apps that pull from many sources. However, I'm not a fan of the new logo and color scheme. Blue and white was so much better. Update 2/8/18 Still the best, but now the tab button to get to the menu and settings does not stay at the top but scrolls along the side as you scroll and sits on top of articles partially blocking your view.
  • great app 5/5

    By exumaslim
    excellent news source, unique and original articles, thought-provoking editorials.
  • The best news app 10 stars 5/5

    By BetaCancri290
    I purchased the monthly subscription and it is well worth it. The news that is covered and the links within articles is simply “Outstanding!” To be able to read current news and link to older stories concerning issues is incredibly fascinating and informative. Each day I find new information and detailed stories I didn’t know existed. I love the stories. Was reading up on Chernobyl and the newly installed enclosure and went through each of the links reading about life within the exclusion zone and the possibility of a solar farm. The content and how easy it is to navigate is simply awesome. One article and its associated links can lead to hours of fascinating information at your fingertips. If I could change one thing it would be to include easier crossword puzzles for novices like me that are working our way up to the more difficult ones.
  • one small fix suggestion 5/5

    By cuahieugiatla
    The splash screen still shows the old logo when opening the app from widget. Just some inconsistency quirk, otherwise 10/10. Love the Guardian.
  • New Logo is Heartbreaking 3/5

    By alkel101
    Why? That’s all I can ask. It’s one thing to update a look - see the extraordinary job Slate just did. You should read the hows and whys of Slate’s completion of the update. It took place over a l o n g period of time. It’s another thing to change your brand. What you had was a logo that was iconic. If you wanted to color it black, fine, but what you did was replace an icon (in the true sense of the word) with an ugly ‘update’ that looks like an elementary school class project did it. Did you pay someone for this horror or, perhaps, the big boss has a grandson (no granddaughter would ever create something so ghastly and forgettable) who is dabbling in graphic… well, one hates to call it design but there it is. Just go back. Do it quickly while it’s not so painful. Make it black if you must and I promise we will never mention it again. I would have given you four stars but not with this very badly managed process of ‘design.’
  • Great redesign! 5/5

    By anna-aaaa
    I love the new redesign! I had mostly stopped reading after the last redesign a few years ago - the light weight font (especially in white text over magenta half-device-width squares) was really hard to read. I also found it cartoonish, but the main problem was I couldn’t read it. I went from a daily reader, to just checking occasionally for balance against my other news sources. The new design is bold, more serious, and easy to read. Thank you for respecting my larger type preference. I’m back as a reader! I have ignored, with some guilt, your donation requests. Going forward I’m happy to donate, as the format now allows me to enjoy your valuable content.
  • Much better than NY Times app 5/5

    By BathroomBuddhaha
    The newspaper and the app work together in harmony to deliver great and interesting news articles. It seems The NY Times is bought out by the “liberal” elite while The Guardian is more radical and grass roots.
  • New design is horrible 5/5

    By magic1
    One of the world’s best papers but I have no plans on ever updating my app if it means I don’t have to look at the cartoonish new design

    By EDWARD12211
    When you're looking for introspective news about a plethora of current topics, where else would you look, but to The Guardian?
  • Well done. 5/5

    By SBG779
    Honestly, well done developer team/UXUI team. It's an incredibly fluid app, and stable. Thank you!
  • New logo/icon is disappointing 4/5

    By The Ludz
    The Guardian is great. I read it everyday. I'm dropping a star from my review though because the new icon is so bad. I loved the old logo. The blue circle-masked lowercase "g" was distinct, unique and popped out in a sea of apps on my home screen. The new, black and white, times roman, capital G in a circle feels like any generic news publication. Worse, the app is hard to find now when I scroll through my apps and the widget icon, wow, I can't even tell it's a G. It could be that stupid new uber icon for all I know. Seriously, I understand the world is a depressing, polorizing place these days and the new black/white logo might be meant to represent the times, but please, when Trump leaves office, can we have the old logo back? Finally, Yahoo and the Gap both changed their iconic logos an few years ago. The Gap changed theirs back and still have a business, yahoo not so much. Please don't be the next Yahoo!

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