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  • Current Version: 5.15.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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The Home Depot App

More saving. More doing. On the go. ENHANCED SHOPPING FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE Search, browse and shop for over a million home improvement products: appliances, bathroom, decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling, patio furniture, power tools, BBQ grills, carpeting, lumber, concrete, lighting, ceiling fans and more! Plus, save with free shipping to home or store on hundreds of thousands of products. BUY NOW, PICK UP IN STORE OR SHIP TO STORE The Home Depot's Pick Up In Store and Ship to Store options offers you the convenience of placing an order on the app and subsequently picking up your item(s) at a Home Depot store location. This feature not only saves you shipping charges but also helps you expedite any time-sensitive projects. Our Ship to Store features hundreds of thousands of products that can be shipped free of charge when you order online or in our app. STORE LAYOUT View detailed store maps to help you find your way to what you need. Tap on the aisle location of a product and see that item plotted on a map. VOICE & IMAGE SEARCH Simply speak the item into our search for a fast and convenient way to find what you need. Snap a picture of an unfamiliar item and we will show you a list of similar products. IN STORE EXPERIENCE If your GPS and location services are turned on, the Home Depot app will detect when you are in the store and provide a special store specific menu that helps you find items in the store, see local ad, and see what workshops are scheduled for that store. Note: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. STORE LOCATOR Find the closest Home Depot location by using our Store Finder. It directions, store phone number, hours of operation, and services offered (truck rental, key making, tool rental, etc..). REVIEWS Use the barcode reader to scan an item and read what other customers have to say. Use the Home Depot app to write your own reviews and even upload an image. GIFT CARDS & PASSBOOK Need a last minute gift for someone? Send an eGift card to someone’s inbox instantly from the Home Depot app. Plus, iPhone users can even import the eGift card into Passbook. Keep the great feedback coming – email us at [email protected] and let us know how we are doing.

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The Home Depot app reviews

  • It is stuck in portrait mode 1/5

    By PlanePreacher
    It is stuck in portrait mode
  • Cumbersome and frustrating 2/5

    By rwizard
    I've just been struggling to purchase some items to send to a family member's address. Because my store happens to have the items in stock, the only options I am given are to pick the item up in my store, or have the store "express" deliver them for $79. Short sighted and ridiculous - no options for standard shipping to another address. Glad Amazon has the same items - at least they understand the concept of shipping to a second home, job site, friend, or family. Home Depot keeps getting worse - Pro Desks that are just cash registers, cash registers that are nearly all self serve. Thank goodness for Lowes!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By LilaV5
    I absolutely love this app! No more searching.. I know exactly where to find what I’m looking for 👍🏻
  • update took away landscape view 1/5

    By cb today
    installed new hd update and now ipad air view is portrait only. why change what worked? not good for me now.
  • No rotate 1/5

    By Wncol
    They removed the rotate on iPad. Big failure for the developers.
  • Not compatible on iPad 1/5

    By BearDe19701
    I tried using the app but it only works in the portrait position and my iPad is only used in the landscape position. It is erroneous to say that this works on the iPad.
  • Terrible step backwards 1/5

    By Bierboy
    Horrible update for iPad...doesn’t function in landscape is a huge step in the WRONG direction. Bring back the old version.
  • Landscape mode is broken on iPad 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    Landscape mode is broken. Forces portrait mode iPads even with an attached keyboard that can only use landscape mode. How could release an app in this broken state? What happened to mobile first? #ShowUpOrGiveUp #Bugs #Failure
  • Bring back landscape mode on iPad 1/5

    By ..angry
    Nothing like holding an iPad Pro in portrait orientation to shop... awful idea to remove landscape.
  • Horrible changes for this version 1/5

    By Avid home owner
    This newest version does not rotate on the iPad with the orientation. Plain and simple, very outdated in this failure. Will not use again, may even uninstall it. I dislike it that much!
  • Item locations can be frustrating 2/5

    By samgraves2
    I use this app for two things: 1) Searching for items I and ensuring they are available in store and not just online and 2) I use the item locator to quickly find where an item is in the store (ie: aisle 10, bay 15). I used to live in Longmont, Colorado and the item locations were always spot on or at least very close. Now I live in Pflugerville, Texas (store #6808) and the item locations are never right. I don’t think Ive ever had a correct one. Often times they’re across the store wrong. Incredibly frustrating and time consuming.
  • Why did you remove aisle and bin locations? 1/5

    By Ds08816
    The revised app has eliminated the location by aisle and bin to find product in store. This was the most helpful element of the app. Why remove it? I guess you just want us to walk around more and maybe buy something else. Bad idea!
  • New update = JOKE 1/5

    By RyanBuilder
    LANDSCAPE view is gone! Why?!? We use our iPad Pro’s (with keyboard case) for project management in the field and now with the new update only Portrait mode is available. Please revert back to the old version. The layout changes are less intuitive also. It’s a mess. Whatever company you hire to maintain/develop your mobile applications should be fired.
  • Unusable with latest update 1/5

    By NYCBumpkin
    Latest update broke iPad version. No landscape mode. Unusable. DO NOT DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Junkerman72
    I use an iPad with a keyboard. Since the update the screen has only been sideways. Quality control failed miserably here
  • Lack of Quantities/Location 3/5

    By PinkPandaDragon
    As a Home Depot employee, I use the app every time I come into work. The one thing that really gets obnoxious is when you scan a barcode and see that the product is “Limited Stock”, but it doesn’t give you a location for the product. It doesn’t matter if the item is Active or Inactive. I’ve tried going into the 3D map as a work around, but that doesn’t work. Other than that, it works fine.
  • New App is totally useless to me. 1/5

    By Herr falcon
    I use an iPad Pro in landscape mode with a keyboard almost exclusively. Until this version of the app I could use the HomeDepot app in landscape mode. Now it only works in portrait mode. Seriously how hard can it be to make the screens rotate for landscape mode. You guys are a big company with lots of money and resources, figure it out!
  • No landscape mode 2/5

    By ndfspd
    Can only use in portrait mode after update
  • App doesn’t correctly orient for iPad (landscape) use 3/5

    By scareduck
    Mostly a great app, but docking a couple stars for the most recent revision’s inability to present in landscape aspect ratio on the iPad. This is actually a Big Deal if you have an external keyboard.
  • Home Depot app for “IPAD” 1/5

    By gschic
    I used to “shop” all the time using this app on my iPad. Sometimes I would order online or just find a product and go Directly to the store. For some reason you have decided that “everybody” uses their phones so it won’t let you “flip” the app so that people with iPads have to hold them to view your products 😔 although I may still order a specific item I won’t be “shopping” on your site.
  • No landscape view 1/5

    By yartap49
    Removed landscape view in latest release. App is now virtually useless on iPad since it’s sideways when used with a stand. Just use the website and don’t bother installing the app if you have a iPad.
  • So close but so far. 3/5

    By Thetree One
    I used to love this app, I would find pretty much everything I was looking for with the usual 10,000 item list after the search. It didn’t bother me to much because I could use the app on my iPad in landscape mode. Now they updated the app so you can only use it in portrait mode. Too bad, use to be a good app.
  • Landscape mode does not work on iPad pro 12” 1/5

    By Potter B the Dog
    ap only works in portrait mode
  • Why delete landscape mode 1/5

    By Eddiesin
    You guys just destroyed the usefulness of the app on an iPad 😡😡 it used to work in landscape mode and now no longer does, bring it back on your next update
  • Old app was better 1/5

    By Bigmoose666
    I do not like this app at all. The previous version was much better. I am not going to use it anymore.
  • What happened to landscape view 1/5

    By Stikboy145
    New version has caused me to uninstall. I, like probably a lot of others, have a keyboard case for my ipad. Not going to use an app that I have to turn my head sideways to use.
  • What happened to landscape view? 1/5

    By GB pack fan
    Please fix so the app works in landscape mode, total fail without that
  • I don’t like 1/5

    By Slickc47
    I don’t like the new app update I prefer using ipad in the landscape mode. Old app was better ☹️
  • No landscape?!! 1/5

    By scdra403
    Come on Home Depot; you’ve fallen into the same hole as too many others; an “improved” app that no longer works in landscape. You can build sets for NCAA football and make that all work. And I bet everything is tested before you go on the air. But no testing to find and fix this flaw before “going on the air” is bad construction.
  • GREAT APP 2/5

    By Deauxboy
    The app makes online shopping at Home Depot online quick and easy. Happy they finally added landscape view for it. Makes using my keyboard much better. This used to be 5 stars, until this update. Apparently the geniuses that work on this app don't’ test their changes too well. I use my iPad Pro to do 99% of my online shopping. It has a keyboard for my convenience and I NEVER use it in Portrait. So, whatever change was made to the app it included removing the ability to rotate into landscape. Now I will tend to avoid this app as I do the Lowe’s app for the same reason. I guess that means my local stores will start seeing more of me than Home Depot. BYE GUYS
  • tarted up new version, they forgot the fundamentals 2/5

    By ElCahone
    The new version does not rotate the display - that is inexcusable. Added a bunch of new gizmos, but did not enhance the search capability. When I ask for “vanity top” I don’t want to see everything with the word vanity in it.
  • Hard to use 2/5

    By Baxter2014!
    This app has always seemed slow to me. Now, it won’t even load my saved lists. Very annoying, as I have saved every product I am planning to buy for renovations. Fix this, please!!!
  • No landscape mode 👎 1/5

    By Nitti92
    Why would you remove landscape mode on iPad 🙄
  • New Is Not Improved 1/5

    By Industrial Emgineer
    Won’t rotate horizontally in iPad.
  • Got rid of landscape mode? Uninstalling. 1/5

    By mjmmjm5
    A huge step backward. Whoever made the decision to get rid of landscape mode on the iPad app should be fired. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. “Let’s make this app LESS usable for our millions of customers with iPads. Great idea!” Uninstalling the app. I have a feeling I’ll be shopping at Lowe’s and Menards a lot more in the future.

    By RhinnyWTF
    Seriously, no landscape mode. This is why you shouldNEVER update apps. Totally idiotic.
  • No military discount 1/5

    By SFC S
    HD’s competition has a military discount for online purchases, HD doesn’t. Until they do, it will be 1 star.
  • New update ... no landscape mode 2/5

    By aerolark
    I’d give five stars except the most recent update only works in portrait mode. A real pain when using an iPad with a keyboard. What is it with these developers? Other than this new, HUGE flaw, the app works much, much better than many other retailer’s apps and makes shopping at Home Depot actually enjoyable (which often going to the physical store isn’t)
  • Don’t use after update 1/5

    By Katrina17
    I am on this app over 10 times a day doing a house complete renovation using all Home Depot items. So far spending over $20k. They had a fantastic easy app and they destroyed it. I use this on my iPad always buying from that device. NOW they changed it so if we use it IT CAN ONLY BE USED IN THE PORTRAIT VIEW ..... NO LONGER CAN USE IN THE LANDSCAPE VIEW. So now sitting at a table, with my I pad, I have to turn it around, to sit it up in a portrait view .... meaning uncomfortable ... a small area to type ... can’t kept it plugged in to charge ... OR difficult to hold in my lap. Any other updates have no other value as I NO LONGER CAN USE THIS APP due to the poor viewing position. Ok if we use our phones but not ok to use your iPad or a tablet. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO MESS WITH AN APP THAT WAS DOING ITS JOB. THE ONLY THING THEY NEEDED TO IMPROVE WAS THE ABILITY TO RESUME YOUR SEARCH WHERE YOU LEFT OFF.
  • New upgrades 1/5

    By mottthemachinist
  • Bring back rotation to screen 1/5

    By corinne in jersey
    Most of us use the keyboard and need the landscape view over the portrait view u now have.
  • Not easy to change stores 2/5

    By Big Edzzzz
    It keeps finding items in my home store even though I am in a different store.
  • What happened to landscape mode? 1/5

    By panhead john
    Please fix the app to allow for landscape mode on iPad. I’ve used the Home Depot app on my iPad for years and all of a sudden with this latest update it doesn’t do landscape mode anymore. I refuse to use apps on my iPad that don’t allow for landscape mode. I deleted the Lowe’s app a year ago for this very reason. This is important! Please fix this! Millions of people have iPads and, like me, use them to shop from home or look for products before they get to the store. Thanks, John V.
  • This app WORKS! 5/5

    By dkouri
    I use this app in-store to check inventory & locate items. I use it to order items for pickup or delivery. It just works. Enough said. Current update Jan 10, 2019: was a GREAT app. How could the programmers miss screen rotation in this new update. The app is now stuck in portrait mode on my devices. Come on guys, FIX IT!
  • Mi reseña 5/5

    By armando Laboy
    Por qué si tengo un iPad no puedo ver como antes los articulo y de lado
  • App doesn’t rotate. 1/5

    By Admitanada
    Have to flip keyboard on mini 4 to use.
  • January 2019 Update Ruined It 1/5

    By Fabulous Freebird
    This app was spectacular before the January 2019 update that removed landscape orientation support from the iPad. One of the big advantages the Home Depot app had over the Lowes app was that the Home Depot app supported landscape while the Lowes app didn’t. PLEASE bring back landscape support!
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By Loopy9090909
    I hate the new update. My main complaint is that I lost the landscape view on the IPad. I hope you have a fix for this soon.
  • Improved app? 3/5

    By Pappazippy
    I use this app primarily on my iPad at home to search out what products are currently in stock and to compare prices, but now the app only runs in the portrait mode necessitating I rotate my device to use. The vast majority of my apps are designed to run in the landscape mode and while this seems petty, it does make a difference. I don’t use my phone version of the app because it’s hard to read for my old and tired eyes. I feel that excluding a few lines of code is a big mistake for users like me.

The Home Depot app comments

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