The NBC App – Stream TV Shows

The NBC App – Stream TV Shows

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  • Current Version: 7.38
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: NBCUniversal Media, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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The NBC App – Stream TV Shows App

Stream live TV or watch episodes of current NBC shows and classic hits, and live stream national and local news - anytime, anywhere! Watch your favorites from even more networks, including Bravo, E!, Oxygen, SYFY, USA, Telemundo and more! Stream timeless episodes of classic series and hit shows from beginning to end - all in one place. The NBC App lets you stream anything you’d want to watch, all in one place. Stream brand-new shows and all of your favorites on the NBC App and stay up to date with all of the newest primetime hits. Watch episodes, save new and classic TV shows and continue watching the latest series across all your devices when you log in with your NBCUniversal Profile. Stream TV shows on your iPad or iPhone, and stream episodes of NBC series to your TV with AirPlay or Chromecast. Stream the latest episodes of your favorite shows eight days after they air and catch up on entire seasons. Live stream TV on the go, so you never miss the local or national news. Plus, stream shows from more networks instantly, including Bravo, E!, Oxygen, SYFY, USA and more. WATCH TV with episodes and video clips from: America's Got Talent Dancing With Myself American Ninja Warrior The Voice La Brea Quantum Leap New Amsterdam One Chicago Lopez vs. Lopez Young Rock Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: Organized Crime The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon The Blacklist College Football on NBC Sports NBC LIVE STREAM Watch TV shows via the NBC Live Stream, now available in most markets nationwide, by linking to your TV service provider. Stream live news, local or national. STREAM TV EPISODES, MOVIES AND VIDEO CLIPS Watch episodes of brand-new NBC series the day after they air and classic TV shows you know and love. Log in to unlock even more! Stream movies and TV shows, including hundreds of new episodes, by linking to your TV provider. STREAM EPISODES OF CLASSIC TV SHOWS Stream timeless episodes of throwback TV shows! Rewatch your favorite throwback TV series, like The Six Million Dollar Man, Amazing Stories and more! WATCH NBC LIVE WITH CLOSED CAPTIONING Watch TV shows using closed captioning by tapping the “CC” icon in player controls. NBCUNIVERSAL PROFILE Create an NBCUniversal Profile to save and continue watching TV shows across all your devices. Receive credits to unlock three episodes! Please note: Use of the app is limited to the United States and its territories. Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks. Data charges may apply. Privacy Policy: Do Not Sell My Personal Information: CA Notice: This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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The NBC App – Stream TV Shows app reviews

  • App won’t open 1/5

    By GunLilMom
    Used to use this app a few years ago, then app started suddenly closing out. Went on for quite a while-I would delete, download again, same thing. So I quit using it, deleted it. Fast forward to now and Hulu no longer airing NBC shows. Downloaded the app again-same thing-immediately shuts down after I open the app. Still garbage. Btw, I have a new phone since the last time I tried using the app. Not sure why NBC can’t figure this out.
  • Tech Issues 1/5

    By anonymous9122
    Pause and Play functions are a challenge to get to work. I often have to close out and reopen app to get it to respond.
  • Can sign in on Apple TV 2/5

    By justmeopinion
    Can’t link to mg provider and there’s no GR code. I think they are making issues so we will be forced to pay for peacock, the took the best shows off Hulu for this reason as well. Greedy
  • So disappointed! 1/5

    By ljrob10
    Some of the NBC programs that I have watched for years on Hulu are no longer there. I cut my cable years ago so I am forced to use this app on my smart tv. Between the insane amount of ads and the constant buffering, I may give up shows I enjoy. Also, it does not remember where I left off (usually because I give up due to buffering) and starts over at the beginning. Annoying!
  • Cable is dead 1/5

    By louis w
    I do not have a tv provider but will watch your commercials, stop locking out non cable subscribers
  • Apple TV app doesn’t work properly 1/5

    By Briguy122363
    I tried to sign in with my provider by scanning the QR code. After doing so, my browser asked me for the activation code on my TV. There was no activation code! It also gave me the option to scan a QR code, which was not on the screen. Very frustrating.
  • Buffering nightmare 1/5

    By LB delivers
    This app is awful! The pauses and buffering are insane! I have top notch internet and it still crashes and closes on my TV
  • Arrrr Mateys 2/5

    By hapaxes
    Trying to watch anything on this app is an exercise in frustration—which is no doubt the point. The less useful they make this app, the more likely than can steer you to Peacock Plus.
  • What a crappy update for the awaited fall Lineup 1/5

    By Santana2010
    So this update stops full screen viewing. And it’s been updated as well. This would’ve been understandable when the IPhone 3 or 4 was released, but this type of crap now is just embarrassing.
  • Quantum Leap 5/5

    By Treelove11
    Champ. Miss Sam and Ziggy.
  • Can't watch in full screen and won't connect to my smart tv anymore 1/5

    By Cathyj_359
    Can't watch in full screen and won't connect to my smart tv anymore
  • New update needed 1/5

    By Edtrucker
    Screen won’t rotate to landscape
  • Fix the Volume and Sound Issues 2/5

    No other app has these issues. On live TV, the volume is very low. This is an ongoing problem for many, as we were able to find forums for fixing this at some level. But fixing it meant changing a setting on the TV that makes 100% volume similar to 50% on any other app or medium. Hard to enjoy football when the announcers are essentially whispering. Then, if you forget you have turned everything to 100%, you burn your eardrums when you put on any app that does not have this volume issue. The foregoing is about live TV. The app doesn’t have this issue with on demand content. For on demand content: when you cast it, the voices frequently become distorted, resulting in the need to re-cast it. Interestingly, these issues do not present on the Peacock app. Come on NBC. You are a billion dollar company. You have to have someone whose job it is to fix this. In the alternative, give up your contract to host football. If you can’t figure out volume, football may not be your lane.
  • Outrageous 1/5

    By RosandreaMaria
    I can’t watch the program without advertising at EVERY turn!!!
  • Bad New update 1/5

    By Sam.716
    The New update requires iOS 13. My old iPad doesn’t support that
  • Please update 3/5

    By Petegridie
    Can we get an update on the app ever since I upgraded to iOS 16 screen won’t rotate
  • Show ratings 3/5

    By CDpeddler
    I know the show I’m watching (New Amsterdam) is TV14 but does the icon in the upper right need to be so large?
  • No full screen 1/5

    By justv3
    I can’t make my shows go full screen.
  • Getting better 4/5

    By Dcowboyscr
    Were some glitches but it’s improving.
  • No access 5/5

    By Food &Food
    Having trouble getting into the app for a few Weeks Please fix this problem like yesterday. Going away for holiday & would like to get into this to look at my shows. Sun Feb 16. Still having trouble getting into this app. Why can't it be fixes like last week?
  • Can’t watch full screen on iPhone 3/5

    By m l cahn
    I know you just did an update, but during the last few weeks, I have not been able to watch any show full screen on the app (iPhone 12 Pro Max w/ iOS 16). Please fix this ASAP. Thanks!
  • Watch for free 1/5

    By RDunNoland
    I want to watch shows on the NBC app like I can on the CBS app without a cable sign-in!
  • Wind 2/5

    By mina Dang 2005
    Because I like it
  • Good but not used a lot 5/5

    By chopperjill
    Have a hard time signing in. Then a few min later the app opened for me. Never had problem before.
  • Great show 5/5

    By Jo- Palmer
    I love this show! It came in very clear and and the sound was great! I will be watching a lot more.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By DionaHayes
    Videos keep crashing whenever a commercial comes on
  • Locking episodes 3/5

    What is the purpose?
  • Needs to be fixed 3/5

    By ThorMXRider
    The player is not working correctly
  • No full screen 3/5

    By Smach84
    The videos on the app won’t go into full screen since update :(
  • Way too many ads 👎🏼 1/5

    By Atti2de02
    Too many ads/commercials! Even on shows that you pay to watch! It’s ridiculous! 18 minutes into watching a show and I’ve had to watch 15 commercials (not an exaggeration).
  • Fix glitches 1/5

    By Tmacedonia
    For the LONGEST TIME towards the end of every show that I watch, the show pauses and skips ahead to the next scene and no matter how many times I go back or refresh it continues to do it. I also recently started to have to tap the screen in multiple places to press the pause button or go back 10 seconds.
  • Shows 1/5

    By witchedwitch
    They need to put days back on and take off all the talk shows because a lot of people don’t like the shows they have now wickedwitch
  • Horrible 5/5

    By disk nfkssms
    This is the worst streaming app. Spend more time watching adds than the show, the screen doesn’t turn if you’re watching it on a smaller device. If you’re on a smaller device don’t even bother putting it at the top of the screen while you do other things cause it doesn’t go back to normal when you go back to full screen.
  • NBC 2/5

    By YoeGirl
    I enjoy watching the NBC APP but I don’t like having to go through a key or credits. Maybe they could make it simpler, so I can enjoy more.
  • Not a happy watcher 2/5

    By wheres the free tv
    The only reason I got the app was to watch my favorite shows. Now I have to have “ credits”!!!!’ What a waste
  • Chicago fire 1/5

    By samerlott
    Program froze that’s very unacceptable .
  • Afternoon placement of excessive news shows 1/5

    By runsierrarun
    Hi I watch knbc news am 4-7 the 11am and evening news plus the 11pm most days my concern is the removal of 2 hrs of afternoon entertainment to be replaced with 2 more hours of you guessed it….more news I know I like to know what’s going on however while watching/listening the same information is frequently spaced out over most of daily news cycle over and over. What does management plan on doing??? Please don’t expect switching to peacock the fees are keep increasing the amount of free programs seems to decreasing I guess it going to come to the repeats of the twilight zone Thank you. Roberta
  • Chicago line up /law& order serries 5/5

    By lewisrich100
    I love them both grew up on Law& order didn’t like some of the changes but still a great show The Chicago line up is the reason I take Wednesday off it makes my week complete!!!
  • Glitches 1/5

    By BrownSkin1974
    I have been using this app for a long time now and i have been giving them a chance to fix glitches…it drags and buffers so bad…after 2yrs you would think that this problem would be fixed but no its worse than ever…at 1st i thought it was my firestick so i purchased a 4k stick and its doing the same thing…it does it on my Roku player and my other tv’s…and its the only app that does that….so upsetting because some of my favorite shows are on NBC…please fix this problem…geesh
  • Show won’t rotate to landscape 1/5

    By Al6352
    Show won’t rotate to landscape
  • Doesn’t Work At All 1/5

    By Big Bo Barron
    Horrible. The sign in to your provider page just keeps cycling. How is NBC allowing this to happen?
  • Like watching 10 minute episodes with 40 mins of commercials 1/5

    By XcvX
    I get it NBC. You’re angry that streaming has cut into your obscene profit margins because viewers done want to be told what or when to watch your programming. But rather this forcing potential real viewers into your application and forcing hours of commercials upon them, perhaps your should reconsider how your forcibly insert your member into places it doesn’t belong. I pay for cable already. Don’t rake me over the coals because I refuse to watch what you want me to. I’ll give you a couple commercials, I mean you gotta pay the bills. But I’m the hour of tv I watched tonight, I’ve seen more ads than an entire week of broadcast tv news ads.
  • The Worst app I (try) to use to watch TV…. 1/5

    By womandrake
    I do everything thing I can to avoid using this app for NBC content. Errors… endless buffering…. poor tech support responses. Every time. It’s highly frustrating and mind-boggling that they have offer something so clunky at this stage of streaming advancements.
  • Can’t get local NBC 1/5

    By Jokey12
    Can get every channel live ACCEPT for your basic local NBC. BRAVO, CNBC, E, etc. on and on but the moment you click on plain Jane NBC….NADA!!! Tried to watch the voice on my phone at work on break. Nope!! Won’t work. Tried iPad…nope won’t work. Had my husband try his phone. Won’t work.
  • Last nights news! 1/5

    By funjum
    Who wants to watch last nights news? Not me! We all pay through the nose for TV, ours is $230 a month! Why when we are gone from home can’t we watch the news for the right day? Give me a break!
  • Only reason I’m on here 2/5

    By Beauforte
    Review of the app? It’s ok. A review of what NBC is forcing people to do to watch your your shows - not enough space.
  • NBC channel volume doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bruhcmon
    Every channel works besides the actual NBC channel. Extremely low volume, even after updates
  • L & A Organized Crime 5/5

    By Vinalhaven
    I love watching my faves!,,
  • Law & Order SUV jumped the shark 1/5

    By Former Star Trek Fan
    By killing off their finest actress Kelli Giddish ! Not going to be worth watching. Cancel watching NBC - all shows