The NBC App – Stream TV Shows

The NBC App – Stream TV Shows

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  • Current Version: 4.28.1
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The NBC App – Stream TV Shows App

Watch the latest episodes of your favorite NBC TV shows anytime, anywhere on the NBC App! Catch up on your favorite hit TV series on your iPhone or iPad, or stream episodes to your TV with AirPlay and Chromecast. Watch your favorite episodes across all your devices when you create an NBC Profile! Never miss episodes of hit NBC shows again! Stream the current season of most NBC TV shows from the beginning, or indulge in an expanded selection of classic TV series. Watch free episodes with or without a TV provider on the NBC App. Watch full episodes and video clips from: - This Is Us - The Good Place - The Titan Games - America's Got Talent: The Champions - Ellen's Game of Games - Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Manifest - New Amsterdam - Will & Grace - Superstore - Law & Order: SVU - Saved by the Bell - Heroes - House - Friday Night Lights - Days of our Lives - And more! NBC App Features Watch Episodes Anytime • Watch the latest episodes of new NBC series the day after they air on TV without logging into a TV provider. • No TV provider? No problem! Most new episodes are unlockedeight days after they air. • Watch any three locked episodes for up to one month for free - no login necessary. Free Episodes of NBC Throwbacks • Watch hundreds of episodes of classic shows for free! • Enjoy some of the best TV series, like Amazing Stories,Knight Rider, Miami Vice and more! NBC Live Stream • On the go? Live stream with the app to catch local news, sports and TV specials! • The NBC Live Stream is available from participating TV providers in select markets. NBC Profile • Create an NBC Profile to favorite and save shows across all your devices. • Resume watching your favorite shows where you left off on any device. • Receive three credits to unlock episodes for FREE! Download now and never miss your favorite shows again! Please note: Use of the app is limited to the United States and its territories. Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks. Data charges may apply. This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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The NBC App – Stream TV Shows app reviews

  • 5 stars 4/5

    By StArS 💫💫💫💫💫
    The app is great but it is not so great if you don’t log in and line your provider. Other than that fantastic app
  • Way too many adds, who do u think u are 1/5

    By robert acuna jr
    Stop it with the adds
  • Link to provider 1/5

    By Kapilina808
    Why is it that every time I used this app, I need to link to my provider? It’s annoying that I have to do that especially since I choose to put remember me. It was not like that before. An update or fix is NEEDED. This is the only app that I need to keep linking to my provider.
  • On the go 4/5

    By Swapper23
  • Terrible.... 2/5

    By cabuba73
    Freezes up, no fast forward, if you put pause, it won’t play it back...terrible.
  • READ 2/5

    By Ells114
    I love the app BUT hate the credit thing. There should be another way to earn credits like ads or something.
  • Really? 1/5

    By Mmecaillou
    It is amazingly bad!!!!!!{!
  • Locked episode - TV provider 1/5

    By 3 in row
    I'm disappointed with this app. I have a busy schedule and I rely on streaming to catch up on episodes. I've used different TV networks but this app locks episode only to keep verifying my TV network provider. Along with my Roku, why lock the episode and I have to enter a code online?
  • No good 1/5

    By racrcrx
    The ONE time I want to watch an episode of SNL... of course it s not working! So frustrating!
  • No freedom to watch NBC programming 1/5

    By shensley
    I downloaded this app and am not happy. more commercials while streaming than cable or satellite. Trying to watch a show, then discovering I can’t pause it and watch it later. I end up wasting much more time watching commercials than I do the show itself. Ridiculous! I missed the beginning of Blacklist and none of the early season 6 episodes are available through the app. Trying to watch NBC programming with this app is a waste of time. First the News Department is biased and now the streaming app is pitiful. What has happened to the trustworthy Network I grew up with?
  • It is cool 5/5

    By 1mjakey
    I like how you can watch videos in the road
  • Love nbc! 5/5

    By Shez Bird
    I have been an NBC fan since we got our first TV when I was 12… I’m 72 now… I worked in television for 20 years in Sacramento California we had several ENG crews and NBC news was often one of our clients… I have always been a fan of them but I am having trouble with the app… Who do I talk to….? I love NBC
  • Great 5/5

    By Barbarawi277
    They have Brooklyn 99
  • Very Buggy, No Favorites feature 1/5

    By Leeshi.H
    I have the NBC App on my AppleTV and it is absolutely terrible. Here are my main problems with it: 1. There is no option to “favorite” shows that I frequently watch, so every time I want to watch a specific show, I have to scroll through the entire list of shows or go to search and type in the show I want to watch, which is a pain and is more time consuming than just going to favorites and clicking on the next episode of a favorite show. 2. The app also forces me to verify my cable tv provider every time I want to watch something, whereas every single other app I use only prompts me to do this once upon initial sign in, if at all. 3. Integration with Apple’s TV app is rubbish. The TV app tracks shows you’ve watched throughout various apps and suggests the most recent episode or continuation of episodes/movies that you didn’t finish, all without leaving the home screen. With the NBC app, it usually doesn’t suggest the next episode at all or suggests shows I’ve watched already. 4. My last major problem with the app is that it constantly freezes during the episode, so I have to exit the episode and then play it again. It would be nice to watch an episode straight through without issues. I don’t recommend this app. It’s easier just to switch back and forth between my cable box and AppleTV or watch a different network.
  • Do not get 1/5

    This app wouldn’t let me watch the first episodes of good girls unless I logged in so I did and I watched the first four episodes and then it wouldn’t let me watch the rest until I did “ tv provider”. Which I don’t have one. So if you want to watch a few episodes and be left on a cliff hanger then get this app or if you don’t I recommend not getting this app.
  • Love the shows 5/5

    By Ely2634
    I enjoy watching Chicago med - Chicago fire - Chicago PD - Manifest - New Amsterdam - Blindspot - the black list - the voice- The enemy within - jimmy Fallon- world of dance - America got talent excellent all excellent. It’s a pity we don’t have access to all episodes.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By jfyhgfhjbj
    If your looking to binge watch a show, this is not the app for that. Wanted to watch This is Us from the beginning but only got as far as the 1st season episode 6, and the rest of the episodes are locked. Why lock the episodes in season 1 if season 3 or 4( not sure which) are already airing? You need credits to unlock show but you can only get them when you create a profile upon first signing up, or you can link to a provider, which I don’t have. So now that I have watched the first 6 this app is now useless. No explanation whatsoever on how else you can get credits after exhausting the initial ones!
  • Glitchiest app ever for Amazon Fire TV 1/5

    By devonrae44
    NBC has a number of shows that I love including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon which I watch every night. At least once per day the app while either freeze midshow and completely lockup my tv so it has to be restarted, play without the picture matching the audio (most annoying glitch ever), or it just won’t open at all.
  • Link Provider 3/5

    By Kstar23
    UGH! This app is getting so annoying. I have no issues streaming, but I have to sign into my tv provider EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN THE APP! Then it asks if I want to sign up for a NBC account. I said no 50 times already. There needs to be a way to turn this off. Once I say no, it shouldn’t ask me every single time. Before I would link my provider once and not be asked again unless there was an app update. So obnoxious.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By zzlionzz
    Not for live streaming. Doesn’t work..
  • You need to fix these issues 2/5

    By DGray4
    First I get the message that my TV proovider (Metrocast) didn’t authorize my watching the live stream. Which is a bunch of BS. I’ve talked to Metrocast and was told that they have done no such thing. Second, I’ve also Gotten the message that Metrocast doesn’t carry Channel 4 which is the NBC channel. Seriously, Im Very upset with the develpers. This needs to be fixed.
  • Mmm 1/5

    By yourstrulybabbyyy
    This app is not even worth the time . Doesn’t let you watch the shows only 3 till you link and when I try to link it doesn’t even let me .
  • Too much Commercials 1/5

    By Toomich commericals
    Why so much commercials !!! It’s so annoying
  • Crazy App 2/5

    By Angry NBC Watcher
    This App Is Great Plenty Of Shows To Old One To New Ones. The issues I Have Is One The Ads To Many Of Them. I Understand That NBC is A Business And Businesses Has To Make Money But, There Is No Option To Skip Ad. Second , issue Is Only 3 credits Like That’s Ridiculous. I At First Gave This App Three Stars But , as I Am Typing I Changed It To two Stars.
  • The Steve Harvey Show 5/5

    By Beverlie Ellen
    I am so saddened to hear that the Steve Harvey Show has been cancelled. He is a breath of fresh air on daytime television. He is down to earth, personable & has issues that people are interested in. I for one stop everything to watch this great man. I hope NBC reconsiders & keeps him because he touches so many people.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Terrym00021
    It pauses about every 5 minutes. Maybe something to do with iPhone screensaver. Just guessing.
  • Won’t link to TV provider 1/5

    By Advocare
    I updated the app because it said it fixed issues with linking to Tv provider. I still am unable to link the app to my cable provider so I can’t watch certain things. It’s extremely frustrating
  • Cant link to cable provider 3/5

    By Harks2
    Even after most recent update, still cant connect to cable provider. Please fix! I like the app when it works
  • Notifications 3/5

    By Integirl
    The app is great... except that I have to click to deny it access to turn on notifications literally every time I open the it. Please allow us to decide to “never turn on notifications.” This is extremely annoying and unnecessary.
  • Keeps asking for my Link Provider 1/5

    By Alx Meza
    Then crashes when I enter it. Useless.
  • STILL Cannot WATCH live from app 1/5

    By Nola-first
    Update after Update as of today & may 8 update I still can’t watch live. Ie: nbc nightly news THIS Used to work then prob w link to cable provider didn’t work AND now still get AN ERROR HAS OCCURED A VIDEO error has occurred PROBLEM PLAYING VIDEO TRY AGAIN LATER THIS IS ABSURD!
  • Problem linking provider 1/5

    By Fxfctyresident
    This worked fine until a few days ago. I stopped being able to link my provider and then applied the update when that was supposed to fix the problem. It doesn’t!!!
  • NBC app 4/5

    By OBStabler
    Great except it won’t let me ‘Link to Provider’ for liked shows.
  • Can’t restart paused video 1/5

    By IAMHE02
    Play and rewind functionality work fine. However, if you pause a video, you can’t restart it; you have to re-load the video… which means re-watching the ad that precedes it. I’m using a four-year-old iPhone 6; maybe it works better on newer devices, IDK.
  • Problem 1/5

    By Khalil Bunting
    Problem linking provider
  • Used to work....crap app! 1/5

    By mkjordan2011
    Until about 2 weeks ago I had no issues connecting my provider. Despite an app update 3 days ago to fix this issue, I am still unable to link my provider. This app is a waste of space.
  • 50 commercials per show! 1/5

    By Oiseaux831
    Frankly, there should not be any commercials because I am using the app under my Directv subscription. But in any case, there are a ridiculous number of them.
  • This app functions poorly 1/5

    By idjebeifjwbwbwj
    This app needs to be fixed. It takes me multiple tries to link my Verizon fios provider because it keeps going to the actual Verizon home page instead. Then after that I can’t even watch the live stream. I’ve tried everything. I’m done with this app.
  • Love App 5/5

    Just started using APP. So far, love ir!
  • Quality&everything 5/5

    By Catherine J sullivan
    OMG I love NBC I’ve had it for years. The quality is amazing! They add new shows as well as shows on tv I totally love it! The new shows are keeping up with they kardashians,growing up chrisley Christly knows best, those are some of my personal favs others are Chicago fire med and P.D. Also blind spot and many more I definitely recommend you get this app I don’t know what I would do without it especially if you don’t have television this is a great app to watch tv on
  • Ads 1/5

    By HolyAdsBatman
    Ads, ads, ads, ads, and more ads. Oh geez, almost forgot... more ads. Did I forget to mention ads?
  • NBC is an excellent app 1/5

    By Lmb516
    I have to keep downloading and deleting and redone loading the app twice a week since something changed on NBCs end. It is annoying. You can’t pause it or pick your show. You can only delete and start over.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jharm34
    Great app been working great for me thanks nbc
  • A few troubles here and there 4/5

    By Kiyoshipoetry
    I’ve been trying to watch Xena, and it’s been giving me some issues on different episodes. Only says there has been a problem but doesn’t tell me what.
  • It’s a nice but a little glitchy 4/5

    By tv watcher 3333333
    Love this app and lets me watch some shows I’ve wanted to watch for a long time now. It’s a little glitchy and I’m fine with ads but when the ads go on for like 8 min it hard to watch the show
  • Crash and Burn 1/5

    By Jasphil
    The app crashes or the live channel I am watching cuts out and crashes the app. Been going on for a long time. Please fix!!!
  • Love the App - Confused on Some Shows 5/5

    By manDown1130
    I have had this app downloaded on my phone for quite some time. However, I have never used it. I have Netflix, so I can watch The Office all I want. But I saw it on the NBC app, and played a couple of shows and noticed that all of them were just clips. I’m trying to figure out why I can watch some shows, but some shows are just three minute clips, and you can even choose all of the seasons and all of the shows in that season… So why the clips? It seems Saturday Night Live is the same way. Why can I not watch the entire shows? I gave the app five stars because it is very well developed I think. I have signed in correctly with Dish Network and I have also signed in with my profile, so that is not a problem. But I’m not going to deduct a star from the app because it may be something that I am not doing right. I will check with support and see if it is something I’m doing and can fix. Otherwise it is a great app. I have an iPhone 8 Plus, and nothing ever crashes on me. I hear other people, not necessarily for this app, talk about things crashing. I’ve never had anything crash on me, not even on my 6S plus. If you have a cable subscription, take advantage of many of these applications that you can sign in with and watch tons of shows, especially past seasons that you may have missed or else would like to watch again. If anyone knows why Saturday Night Live and The Office are just showing three minute clips please let me know. I will update this if I find an answer.
  • Not working with provider 1/5

    By gshsndbdh
    Every time I try to sign in with my provider it keeps telling me incorrect email or password when I know for a fact it is the correct email and password. I even changed my password to get it to work and nothing. I deleted and re-downloaded the app and it’s still giving me the same error message. I’m using a iPhone and I didn’t have this problem before. All of a sudden it’s not letting me login and watch what I want. Please fix. The only reason I gave it one star is because of the problem I ran into.
  • This is nuts. Paying the fees for roku then unable to get any tv show 1/5

    By 9760 Siesta Key Dr

The NBC App – Stream TV Shows app comments

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