The NBC App – Stream TV Shows

The NBC App – Stream TV Shows

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  • Current Version: 4.20.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: NBCUniversal Media, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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The NBC App – Stream TV Shows App

Watch the latest episodes of your favorite NBC TV shows any time, anywhere on the NBC App! Catch up on your favorite hit TV series on your iPhone or iPad, or stream episodes to your TV with AirPlay and Chromecast. Watch your favorite episodes across all your devices when you create an NBC profile! Never miss episodes of hit NBC shows again! Stream the current season of most NBC TV shows from the beginning, or indulge in an expanded selection of classic TV series. Watch free episodes with or without a TV provider on the NBC App. Watch full episodes and video clips from: - THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON - LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS - THIS IS US - AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - WORLD OF DANCE - SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - WILL & GRACE - HOUSE - THE GOOD PLACE - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS - DAYS OF OUR LIVES - DATELINE - LAW & ORDER: SVU - And more! NBC App Features Watch Episodes Any Time • Watch the latest episodes of new NBC series the day after they air on TV without logging into a TV provider. • No TV provider? No problem! Most new episodes are unlocked 8 days after they air. • Watch any 3 locked episodes for up to 1 month for free, no login necessary. Free Episodes of NBC Throwbacks • Watch hundreds of episodes of classic shows for free! • Enjoy some of the best TV series like Amazing Stories, Knight Rider, Miami Vice and more! NBC Live Stream • On the go? Live Stream with the app to catch local news, sports and TV specials! • The NBC Live Stream is available from participating TV providers in select markets. NBC Profile • Create an NBC profile to favorite and save shows across all your devices. • Resume watching your favorite shows where you left off on any device. • Receive 3 credits to unlock episodes for FREE! Download now and never miss your favorite shows again! Please note: Use of the app is limited to the United States and its territories. Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, LTE and Wifi networks. Data charges may apply. This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.


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The NBC App – Stream TV Shows app reviews

  • Terrible 1/5

    By mbibra
    Just plain terrible
  • load time 1/5

    By Saundra1943
    10 minutes is much too long for the app and the program. would watch more often. Rated 1 star for this reason. ss
  • Too Many Bugs! 1/5

    By CP Lover 2008-2017
    There are so many things wrong with this app, but I’ll just name my two biggest pet peeves. 1. You can’t fast forward without using the slider. You guys have a button to go back 10 seconds but not forwards? The slider is impossible to use on tony devices such as phones. 2. The captions won’t turn off. I don’t want captions, my hearing is fine. Whether the caption button is blue or white, the captions stay no matter what I do...
  • Too many commercials 2/5

    By Simplistic person
    I have probably spent more time watching commercials than actually watching shows. Nobody likes your commercials, NBC. They're not even funny and they're redundant.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By MathHole
    Not as simple as every other streaming app.
  • No problems others have experienced 5/5

    By PaidforAdFree
    Our old-fashioned TV/cable doesn't allow for recording/DVR, so this is our only way to watch shows we like but missed in the night they ran. Frustrating to have to wait for them to be unlocked, but usually worth the wait
  • Great app 5/5

    By We4Martins
    Love the fact that I can cast live tv!
  • must have cable?? 1/5

    By TTDakota1247
    you can watch NBC on basic antenna tv, but the majority of episodes are locked unless you log in with a cable provider????
  • Worst Network on Cable 1/5

    By TWW72712
    NBC has become a station that reports opinions and hear say rather than real news.
  • Keep needing to relink provider 1/5

    By HawaiiDon
    About once a week I have to relink the app to my provider, Direct TV Now. Why? And yes, the number of commercials are driving me away.
  • Too many commercials 1/5

    By Kalubada
    There are like commercials every 7 minutes maybe they should only put it once in the middle! And they aren’t short commercials there r like 10 u have to watch and it is just a waste of my time.
  • Bad on fire stick. Even worse on Chromecast 2/5

    By mtnbiker45
    I tried to watch on Chromecast. It was successful for one episode then couldn't get the next episode of the good place to play. Downloaded the app on my firestick. It worked, but there are 5 commercials every 5 minutes. A ridiculous amount of commercials for a twenty minute episode. This app belongs in the bad place.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By 316pooh
    I find this app very easy to use. It offers shows that I watched before I cut the cord
  • Good and bad 3/5

    By Long time Verizon customer
    Good-I can link to my cable provider and watch episodes anywhere. Love that I can get caught up or watch shows that I hadn’t seen before. And the app works well. Bad-it doesn’t have early season episodes for some of my favorite shows. And, OMG, how many add do we have to see?! It seems like you see one scene and then over to 5 ads to watch.
  • App performance 5/5

    By megali
    I normally stream shows I really watch and love.... although I enjoy the programs, I have a problem with your annoying messages showing on my screen. I have always been connected to WIFI..... why your site insist I should be connected to cellular...... what's up with that?..... a failure on your part that needs fix?..... it would be nice and enjoyable to watch the program without annoying messages. I am sure there are plenty of people having the same issue. Other than that, NBC app is great..... just get rid of that pop up!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By soulclaw
    Whoever designed the app is horrible. Very hard to navigate and the streams typically cut out before an entire show is complete. Do not bother. Better off using an streaming website than this garbage app.
  • Keep getting error 8/9/18 1/5

    By Delilah9
    Every time I start a show I get an error message. I’ve downloaded and deleted app a couple times nothing has fixed it.
  • Way too many commercials 2/5

    By SophieIsBatGirl
    Literally every 5 minutes the same commercials go over and over again. You spend more time watching commercials than your actual show.
  • More tnbc 4/5

    By alehouse85
    Needs more TNbc content. City Guys, Hang Time, California Dreams
  • Bad 1/5

    By AmandaDiamond
    This app hasn’t worked on my Apple TV or fire stick in weeks. I’ve even deleted it and re-installed. NBC better figure this out before This Is Us restarts!😡😡😡
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Aong36
    With CBS I can login with Facebook with NBC you can’t. Plus I Don’t have these providers login. I Left after I Used my up my credits
  • Making it as hard a possible to watch free television 1/5

    By adf91552
    Worst app ever. Never have I had to jump through more hoops to watch a show that is free to watch on television. This free credit BS that never resets after it has been used, basically forcing people to create fake email accounts just to be able to view more.. This app is not worth a second of my time.
  • Can’t turn off CC 2/5

    By MegR94
    I downloaded this app a few weeks ago and was excited to watch season two of Trial & Error. However, the CC setting is apparently broken - no matter what I try, the captions will NOT go off. I’ve tested a few other shows, the problem continues there. Based on a google search, lots of people are having this problem but I haven’t seen any solution yet... Help?? I tried reaching out to customer support but the email was rejected because “the address does not exist.” Would really appreciate this being corrected - I’m not going to waste my time trying to watch a series when I can’t see a quarter of the screen because of captions that I can’t turn off.
  • App rates 0 stars! 1/5

    By JBGood2U
    Slow. Slower than slow. It’s the slowest app I have on my phone. Can’t even give it 1 star. Huh. Tried to send my review but it won’t send. Guess I have to give it a 1, but it doesn’t deserve it.
  • 5 Stars.... 5/5

    By *Jaydoe*
    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stream from Calendar? 1/5

    By Big Timbers
    I guess you’re unable to stream from the calendar which would be pretty helpful. Looks like something to improve on. Thanks.
  • Barely better than just tuning in 3/5

    By Marsha AK
    This app is so slow to load—every. single. time—that I open it and then go do something constructive while I wait to watch a show. And the number of commercials is ridiculous, even for a free app.
  • Have to go through website first 1/5

    By Lbmont
    Have to go to website first, won’t work directly via app. Also can’t turn off closed captioning, argh.
  • Missing a show (or two) 3/5

    By thebigopu
    I would use this app more, but there are 2 problems. First, many of the episodes for each show are locked unless you pay. Second, it’s missing one of the network’s most popular shows. E.R. ran for 15 seasons, but is noticeably absent. The entire series should be available for free on this app.
  • I don’t like the ads 4/5

    By catears are for me
    I really love this app but I don’t really think that the ads are into my liking when in a episode of my favorite show. I hope that will change soon. Thank you
  • Great Alternative to TV 4/5

    By MGH Girl
    I use my iPad a lot and am enjoying the NBC app for a lot of the show I watch.
  • A complete joke 1/5

    By JB-Tito
    I couldn't watch a second of episode without it crashing or telling me the video couldn't play
  • Cellular or bust 1/5

    By Maddie Waddie GG
    Even when I’ve got three bars and stand right next to my WiFi router, videos take ages to load. I’m not using cellular right now and it simply won’t work without it.
  • Every time app updates I have to re-login 1/5

    By LT-DFW
    The app is okay but I am annoyed that I have to re-login to my DirecTv Now account everytime the app updates. I will start not updating in hopes this resolves the issue.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By 2637382836363782
    Videos won’t play on my phone, it’s just a black screen. I downloaded the app on my smart tv. I can’t get through a 30 minuets episode without the app crashing constantly.
  • Reality Shows 4/5

    By Noodle Soup 211
    I watch good reality shows like America's Got Talent, World of Dance, and The Voice.
  • Too many commercials 1/5

    By Mpfbutler
    I watched a 30 minute show and it went to commercial break 6 times. 3 minutes every break and that’s 18 minutes.
  • Very Poor 1/5

    By DavBec
    The app constantly either crashes or acts the horrible commercials you have to constantly put up with. When are you people going to get your act together? In the UK our apps are superior-because we have good technology compared to the United States, which is years behind in everything...when are they going to improve their backward technology?
  • Waste of time and space 1/5

    By J85742
    This app gives you less than you can get from other sources from the same stupid content provider (Comcast NBC).
  • Great shows 5/5

    By Pixelmon 2.0
    Great shows and law and order special victims unit, keep on making episodes and don’t stop
  • Crappy 1/5

    By Bear man orlando
    It says that this channel isn’t available on my carrier as I am currently watching NBC on my television through my cable box right now. Another worthless app.
  • Waaaaay too many commercials 1/5

    By Jlomart
    They make you watch them
  • So slow 1/5

    By Buli367
    I love the actual network and most of the shows on there but I cringe when I have to use this app on my iPad. It is so slow and freezes multiple times and shuts down during your show.
  • Not cool 1/5

    By bdouble oty
    Plz make it so you can watch shows without having to subscribe
  • Where's the CC? 2/5

    By Professional in the Field
    Hello, I am wondering where the closed captioning is for some of your streamed episodes. I properly turned on the accessibility function; although, no other app requires you to do this. This is an FCC requirement. Please comply for your Deaf and Hard of hearing audiences.
  • I enjoy this but... 4/5

    By GraceTK
    This app is great for watching shows I miss when I’m at my dads house. My parents very recently got divorced and at my dads house I have a tv that doesn’t get cable and I love watching AGT, so I downloaded this app and I love the shows on here. But there is the problem, none of us can activate the our cable company. It’s not this app’s fault, but we don’t know the password and I only have one credit left. I wish it would give me more credits or I can earn them in some way. As soon as I can I will connect the cable company on, but I would love to see a way you can earn credits. I would say it would be very popular for people in my situation and it would be great for advertising some of the partners to NBC. If someone is sponsoring the app, it would benefit everyone (and of course by that I mean the sponsors and watchers). I would understand if this wasn’t a possibility, but I would still love to see it. This is a great app.
  • Hardly works with iPad Pro 1/5

    By Buckland Raiders
    Very very slow to open with iPad Pro and latest update. Then very slow to start streaming after finally opening and choosing a video. Been that way for quite a while. Now, closed captions are showing and you can’t turn it off, even selecting and deselecting the CC feature!
  • Help 3/5

    By ka 12
    I’ve used this app for a while now to look at Dateline and Shades of Blue. Sometimes i turn on the closed caption whenever it’s a little loud around me or if i didn’t catch what someone said. Usually i’m able to swtich them off when i don’t need them but now they’re on the entire time. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or what.
  • Terrible Sync 1/5

    By wicked_loving
    The live stream feature is terrible - the main reason I downloaded the app and its beyond not functioning. From tv to phone the audio and video never match no matter how many restarts or resets. Don’t bother with this app. Just wait for the episodes on Hulu.
  • Am I paying for this? 5/5

    By Am I paying for this?
    Am I paying for this app?

The NBC App – Stream TV Shows app comments


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