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The New York Times Crossword App

Keep your mind sharp with word, number and logic puzzles from New York Times Games. Free to download, the app offers new puzzles daily for every skill level. App Features and Games: NEW AD-FREE PUZZLES DAILY There are never any ads to disrupt the fun in The New York Times Crossword app, so you can play without distraction. THE CROSSWORD Looking for a classic word game? Subscribers can play the same daily puzzle that’s printed in The New York Times in our app. Crosswords increase in difficulty from Monday to Saturday, so there’s something for everyone. WORDLE Want a word game that starts with a blank slate? Play the original Wordle — created by Josh Wardle — in our app. See if you can guess the 5-letter word in 6 tries or less. SPELLING BEE Is scrambling your strong suit? Play Spelling Bee and see how many words you can make with 7 letters. Play at your own pace with new daily puzzles. SUDOKU Looking for a numbers game, minus the math? Play Sudoku and fill each 3x3 set of boxes with numbers 1–9. Numbers in sets, rows or columns can not repeat. Play a new puzzle every day in easy, medium or hard mode. THE MINI CROSSWORD The Mini is all the fun of The Crossword, but you can solve it in seconds. These word games don’t increase in difficulty throughout the week and feature simpler clues. STATS Track your progress for The Crossword, Wordle and Spelling Bee. For The Crossword, monitor your average solve times, see how many puzzles you can solve in a row or improve your solve rate. Plus follow your streak and more on Wordle, and track how often you reach each level in Spelling Bee. LEADERBOARDS Start a friendly competition with The Mini leaderboards. Add up to 25 friends to see who can solve today’s Mini puzzle the fastest. PUZZLE ARCHIVE Sharpen your skills with thousands of crosswords. Subscribers get access to our archive of over 10,000 Crossword and over 2,000 Mini Crossword puzzles. DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS: Download our app to be automatically enrolled in a no obligation 7-day free trial of The Crossword game. After the trial ends, you can purchase a monthly or annual New York Times Games subscription. Enjoy unlimited gameplay, The Crossword archive and more with a monthly or annual subscription. See our subscription offers for further details. PAYMENT AND AUTOMATIC RENEWAL TERMS: IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW YORK TIMES GAMES VIA THIS APP, PAYMENT WILL BE CHARGED BY APPLE TO YOUR APPLE ID ACCOUNT AT CONFIRMATION OF PURCHASE. YOUR APPLE ID ACCOUNT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED FOR RENEWAL AT THE APPLICABLE RATE SHOWN TO YOU AT THE TIME OF SUBSCRIPTION EVERY CALENDAR MONTH (FOR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS) OR EVERY YEAR (FOR ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS) WITHIN 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE END OF THE CURRENT BILLING PERIOD. YOU WILL BE CHARGED IN ADVANCE. YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WILL AUTOMATICALLY CONTINUE EACH MONTH OR YEAR UNLESS IT IS CANCELED AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE THE END OF THE CURRENT PERIOD. TO CANCEL, PLEASE TURN OFF AUTO-RENEW AT LEAST 24-HOURS BEFORE THE END OF THE CURRENT PERIOD. YOU CAN TURN OFF AUTO-RENEW AT ANY TIME FROM YOUR ITUNES ACCOUNT SETTINGS. CANCELLATION TAKES EFFECT AT THE END OF THE CURRENT BILLING PERIOD. BY DOWNLOADING THE NEW YORK TIMES CROSSWORD APP, you agree to: • The automatic renewal terms stated above. • The New York Times Privacy Policy: • The New York Times Cookie Policy: • The New York Times California Privacy Notices: • The New York Times Terms of Service: • Apple Terms of Sale: Please note: A subscription to New York Times Games does not include access to any other New York Times products, including but not limited to, New York Times Cooking, Wirecutter, mobile news content and other apps on non-iOS devices.

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The New York Times Crossword app reviews

  • Needs an update 4/5

    For some reason it does not support password managers to log in
  • Apple Pencil!!! 4/5

    By Stella babe
    I love the crossword app, especially for I pad but l wish it enabled of the use Apple Pencil!!
  • Who thinks this trash is good? 1/5

    By KenLinx
    None of the crosswords have good questions. Most of them are either random trivia or extremely obscure information that no one would know without googling it. Not even the easy crosswords have questions that make any sense.
  • Where's the EASY version?? 3/5

    By Data Keeper
    In the app trial there were options for choosing the hard, medium and easy crossword puzzle. Now that I've paid the games subscription, there is only one version. That was very deceptive, NYT. I would not have purchased had it been made clear those same options would not be available. I found it very satisfied playing the easy version while getting accustomed to the game, and very frustrating not being able to! Why would you take that option away??
  • Suggestion to add 4/5

    By sarahthevirgo
    NYT recently added sudoku - which is great! There’s a crossable website that takes a different approach to crosswords.. and that option could be added to this app too. I enjoyed playing it so maybe others would too !
  • For a Subscription fee I expect it to work 1/5

    By pitterkat
    Pretty much just that. 8/10 I open the app, refresh the app and it still won’t load. Not one single game. So so frustrating.
  • Perfect Daily Challenge - Dark Mode for All Games? 5/5

    By Kitkat :D
    Love all the games, the perfect challenge for my mind each day. Would love to have the dark mode options for all the games - sodoku and the spelling bee are especially blinding if opening the app late at night/early morning
  • The Way to Go 5/5

    By David Mark, Seattle
    Great app. Easy to use. The auto features are winners — told immediately when finished if it is correct. If not allows you to self correct or shows you errors so you can learn. Downloads weeks of puzzles at a time. Great for planes. A real winner.
  • Login Problems 1/5

    By lalalauren2020
    The app won’t let me log in. Every time I try, I get a message that says “OAuth Provider Call Error.” I know my login information is correct because I can login to my account on my phone and computer browser without an issue. This app consistently has bug after bug.
  • Easy to Challenging each week 5/5

    By L5S
    NYT Crosswords without the eraser dust. On-line interface clear and functional; easy to use.
  • Overpriced and silly puzzles 1/5

    By TheBronzeKitten
    NYT really must have a pair to charge people $39.99 a year for some crummy crossword puzzle. It’s a digital service that is being marked up way too much. This app should be $19.99 a year tops.
  • Free or pay to play? 1/5

    By cdezo
    I’m so tired of downloading apps, only to find out afterward that I have to pay to use the app. Why is it that I have to risk all the identifier information in order to just download and then find out I have to pay?
  • What’s happened to this app?!? 2/5

    By rugged14
    Using on an up-to-date iPad. Recent issues: new crossword puzzles fail to load, Spelling Bee stats non-existent, and most irritating, the checkmarks with words found in the summary of the prior day’s Spelling Bee list are absent. Long time paid subscription, so I’m not looking for something for nothing. C’mon, NYT!
  • Stats are incorrect 3/5

    By Ms. X word
    I just started doing wordle and bee a few months ago and every couple of weeks, or sometimes more than once a week, the stats randomly reset themselves back to zero as though I did not complete. In the past week, this has happened twice with wordle. I KNOW i completed every single day for at least the past 2 months. This is extremely frustrating. I contacted NYT and the response was to delete the app and then redownload it. I worry about doing that because I could lose like 8 years’ worth of puzzle data. I mean wordle is kind of a silly game but still, if you do it, the record-keeping should be accurate.
  • Spotty Downloading 3/5

    By BillReidHSB
    Good crosswords but they sometimes don't download to my iPhone 12.
  • Comments re app 3/5

    By Burque mom
    I love the NYT crossword and the columnists and commenters. It’s weird that you can’t use the app to read the comments if you want to be able to click on a link, and so annoying that trying to find the column or comments any other way, tries to lead you back to the app. Super angry that the New York Times took away most variety puzzles from online games subscribers.
  • Daily puzzles don’t load 4/5

    By Swoosh#2
    We have to close the app several times, and sometimes even wait an hour or two before the daily puzzle loads. Once it loads, everything works fine, but it’s frustrating because we like to play the puzzle in the morning (7:30am EST) before work
  • Fun while it lasted 1/5

    By Littledueceii
    Was very fun and a great way to waste time. Until your “free trial” for a crossword app comes to an end. No worries. I’ll spend my time on another crossword app.
  • Bugs bugs bugs 1/5

    By Handstand Gut
    In February, the app wouldn’t download new puzzles. That went on for a week. Now it’s not recognizing my paid subscription and keeps logging me out and/or crashing. The same problem came up a few years ago. Please put some QC into your app before releasing new versions so that it is a less frustrating UX.
  • I love wordle 5/5

    By wordle guy24
    I love wordle I look forward to playing every morning. 6 stars!
  • Dark mode? 2/5

    By Jack Isidore
    At this point in 2023 the lack of dark mode on NYT or NYT crossword apps seems like an intentional choice. Bad ux, particularly for apps that people will lay in bed using.
  • "new puzzles aren't loading" 2/5

    By expert mouser
    nice app except the new crosswords etc aren't loading several days in a row now.
  • Never loads 1/5

    By El757
    This app is great, when it loads. It is the glitchiest app I use. It never loads the new puzzle on the first try. I have to close and reopen repeatedly. Been that way forever.
  • Good game 4/5

    By cornytoe
    It is very fun and a good time killer, I’m just not smart enough for it 😂
  • Wordle NYT “FREE” APP 1/5

    By gtongate
    Don’t try to download! It’s NOT FREE! WHY CAN’T I DELETE IT?
  • Missing some games? 2/5

    By vectorbabe
    I don’t see any mention of the NYTimes games such as Vertex, Letter Boxed, and Tiles. Are these games included in this app or are they only in the regular NYTimes pages?
  • No dark mode 4/5

    By nduncan2
    Looking for a dark mode for this great puzzle app. Hard to play at night.
  • Great app! Please improve sharing abilities 4/5

    By dshillis
    Thanks for making much of the games accessible for free. My family and friends like to share results with each other, but game to game it’s not consistent in sharing. It shares differently between the app and the website (like mini crossword), and some games don’t share at all (like Spelling Bee and Sudoku).
  • Fun for the family 5/5

    By zackaroo's-mom
    My teen son got me into Wordle and then I got both my teen sons into the NYT crosswords. I’m glad they’re doing something educational online and we share our scores and time with one another via text. It’s a great way to connect! I have always loved crosswords and I’m happy this app has allowed me to share that love of word puzzles with my kids!
  • Need WIFI to play 4/5

    By Apple Store User 🐲
    This app doesn’t work unless I’m on Wi-Fi, even if I have a full cell signal. Kind of a bummer.
  • Works well, but wish more games were supported! 4/5

    By ttttttllllll99
    I wish it had more of the games available! (Vertex, tile, etc.) works well for what it is, though.
  • External keyboard is poorly supported 3/5

    By Il|l|Il||IllI|
    This app could be great if it supported all the desktop features like spacebar-to-switch-directions and esc-for-rebus. Furthermore using an external keyboard (aka Apple Magic Keyboard) works inconsistently and the virtual keyboard takes up a ton of unnecessary screen real estate.
  • Good, with some problems 3/5

    By Phraktyl1
    My biggest issue with this is that the white background everywhere (except Wordle) puts a huge strain on my eyes. Please tone it down to a newspaper gray, or give us a full dark mode option! Second, and clearly a big, I keep my phone on silent/ vibrate, but Sudoku still plays it’s jaunty little tune when I finish. Please stop.
  • Accessibility Issues 3/5

    By JNdoum
    The app is fairly okay but it’s missing several of the NYT games you can get on the website itself and you can’t change the way your keyboard is justified (i.e. left, right, or center) so if you have arthritis put simply don’t want to overextend your hand you’re simply out of luck 😕
  • Add a night mode 2/5

    By Jjabs
    Y’all should add a night mode. Wordle does it, why not Sudoku Loving the new Sudoku add though, thanks
  • Stats 2/5

    By Anna The Realest
    I’ve been subscribed to the NYT app for about two years now, and lately my account just will not stay signed in. I’ve been asked to log in for my stats on the wordle screen every day. As for the spelling bee, my stats don’t carry overnight. I can’t see which words I’ve missed without manually checking and the stats section is basically worthless. Since adding sudoku, every time I return to the app after switching to another, it says there is an error and I have to exit the game and restart. Very annoying.
  • Great Content, Horrible Execution 1/5

    By Marko21389
    Using this app is like the movie Groundhog’s Day, I have to force quit and resign in every time I want to use it, and even then it works only 60% of the time. Very disappointing for a paid subscription service.
  • Can’t play til you pay 1/5

    By omen minded thinker
    Can’t access anything during the free 7 day trial…. Only thing you can do is subscribe and pay for stuff. Immediately turned off by that. I’m just not interested in paying for something I can’t first play. Greed is a bad thing
  • Sleep much? Me neither 5/5

    By hale71
    Keeps you sharp & helps you unwind and turn off distracting thoughts. My number one sleep aid, &/or place to relax! That said, love the daily mental challenges as well as opportunity for witty community engagement w hive, crossworders etc.
  • App doesn’t work 2/5

    By Staralia
    More than half the time I try to use this app, it says that puzzles couldn’t load and the statistics portion of the spelling bee game doesn’t work at all. Save yourself the subscription and play any of the multitude of free apps for crosswords, wordle clones, sudoku, or spelling bee.
  • Fun games for word freaks 5/5

    By Deipnosophist
    I’ve started using this every day. Love it.
  • Functional but could use improvement 4/5

    By MGI1998
    It would be really nice if you had an option to silence the victory fanfare….the amount of times I’ve been surprised by that stupid fanfare in quiet places is way too many. Please include it in the settings. Thank you.
  • Bee will not open! 3/5

    By Wickwax
    Star for Wordless, star for Daily, star for Mini. ZERO STARS FOR SPELLING BEE! It will NOT open. It goes to launch screen and loads the page where it has a picture of a Bee and tells you to make as many words as you can put of seven letters. Then nothing. You can’t tap, you can’t swipe, the only option is the Back arrow that takes you to the main puzzle page. How the heck do you access the Bee? Or is an additional subscription? There is no information provided.
  • Printing from the App 1/5

    By C'mon carrier. fix this
    Love the New York Times puzzles. There are no comparisons. However, the inability to print from the app makes the app virtually worthless.
  • A value 5/5

    By Devotie's Dog
    Yes, I have to pay for it, but the NYT Crossword app makes my day. Well worth it. I don’t know of any other way to get out of so much work by spending time on my puzzles.
  • Really fun. Great UX. Love Wordle! 5/5

    By Peej CWS
    This came free with my NYT/Athletic subscription. This is a great way to do crosswords online. I’m really impressed. And I’m a long time Wordle fan. I’m still bad at Spelling Bee. I just wish NYT supported their freelancers more, took their unions more seriously, wouldn’t double-down on the transphobia stuff and weren’t such warhawk Clintonites on their opinion pages.
  • NYT Word and Crossword Games 5/5

    By OldOfficePro
    My husband and I are addicted! ALL the games are so user friendly, challenging and SO much fun! We look forward to them EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  • Crossword 5/5

    By Omalovesyou
    So fun!
  • Fun !!! 5/5

    By firedonamond
    Good game