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Understand the world through award-winning independent journalism, expert reporting and multimedia storytelling with the NYTimes app. iPhone and iPad Features: • News Alerts: Get notified of major developing stories and tailor alerts to topics of interest. • Morning and Evening Briefings: Start and end your day with daily digests compiled by Times journalists. • Your Feed: It’s easy to follow the topics you care about most. • Podcasts: Listen to audio series including “The Daily” and “Modern Love.” • The Mini Crossword: Enjoy wordplay every day with the daily mini puzzle. • Today’s Paper: Find all the stories exactly as they are in the print edition. • Experience NYT stories through innovative formats, like augmented reality. • Save articles to read later on any of your devices. • Multitasking: On an iPad? Get caught up on the day’s headlines while working in other apps. Apple Watch Features: • Catch up quickly by reading today’s headlines. • Receive alerts when big news breaks. The NYTimes app is free to download, and all users can access a sampling of articles per month, from any section. Subscribers get full access to over 25 sections, plus unlimited access to Digital Subscription Options: • Basic - unlimited digital access for $14.99 per month or $129.99 per year (save over 25%). Cancel anytime. • All Access - unlimited digital access, plus access to the NYT Crossword, NYT Cooking, and one bonus digital subscription for $24.99 per month. Cancel anytime. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year 24-hours before the end of the current period, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Questions Concerns? Please contact us at [email protected] or (800) 591-9233. We respond to every inquiry. * Promotional offers for new subscribers only. Not valid for Digital Access $129.99 per year subscription option. Smartphone and tablet apps are not supported on all devices. + Smartphone Apps, + Tablet Apps and Digital Access subscriptions do not include e-reader editions. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply.

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  • Can’t scroll 1/5

    By Super Peep
    Seriously, NYT? I subscribed last night because I wanted to enjoy intelligent articles, even if they are written with split infinitives and misplaced modifiers as journalism deteriorates throughly the English speaking world. I can’t even scroll through the first article. The screen freezes if I take my finger off the screen. Rebooting didn’t help. Argh!
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By RJM 52
    I downloaded the app and checked it out for a couple days was very disappointed it was missed leading half the story told plain and simple lies
  • Annoying ads ruin the reading experience 1/5

    By noname77
    I pay for a subscription, therefore I expect fewer ads than come with his app. It often shows the same ad over and over in a relatively short story. In short, it makes reading annoying and frustrating. Charge me more if you need to, but please give us an option to turn off the ads. NYT can do better.
  • Great content, bad app 2/5

    By naysayer61
    Is it merely a coincidence that the app’s performance has severely deteriorated as the ads it displays have become more prevalent, more animated, and more annoying? I think not. I am generally reading on my WiFi with a very good internet connection. I enabled the “preload content” option which hasn’t seem to do much of anything - Articles take longer and longer to load. and once they do they frequently “bounce around” on the screen ... seemingly due to some sort of refresh or reload. Large gaps are left on the page for who knows what purpose. Ads cover up content ... sometimes then popping into correct placement, sometimes not. NYT has also been publishing more multimedia articles. Not worth the effort. More often than not, I back out of them rather than wait. After having been a print subscriber for 25+ years, I switched to all digital when I moved earlier this year and home delivery was no longer possible. I’m no Luddite (worked in IT for 30+ years) but this is getting ridiculous.
  • Every release gets slower 1/5

    By Roofone
    With every update, the app gets slower and slower. Homepage refresh takes 10 seconds, loading a story takes 10 more seconds. Loading pictures for the story takes 10 more seconds. By the tine the content appears, I’ve forgotten what I was going to read.
  • Slow to load articles 3/5

    By JRCreader
    I've been a reader for 20 years and have published 40 letters to the editor. So, I'm a fan of the paper, even if they get pretentious sometimes (and definitely have an unhealthy obsession with our president, regardless of your views). However, most frustrating about the app is that articles, including the ones on the front page that are supposed to be auto-refreshed, simply don't load. Instead, you get the spinning wheel of death. And this is even when on great WiFi or LTE. Frustrating.
  •!!raise downloads by 10 times 5/5

    By Amaka Giacobazzi
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  • Almost unstable now 1/5

    By tenorth
    With recent updates app is almost unusable. Any time you open a story for the first time it takes up to 10 seconds to display. I suspect this is due to waiting to refresh ads. There are now at least one ad in the iPad scrolling window, sometimes two, at any time. Each ad consumes about one third of the page, making reading an article a real PITA. Ads make scrolling very jerky and awkward as they try to refresh.
  • Worse and worse 1/5

    By mlr848
    Keeps getting worse with each update. Stories load more slowly each time. No more swipe between stories or sections. A real disappointment.
  • Makes My Day! 5/5

    By Ainsley 2
    Hi, Thank you for making the NYT app so affordable! I feel so knowledgeable when I finish reading. I especially like the “Opinion” section. You have the so many erudite writers. I feel like there my friends. Regards, Ellen
  • Can’t read on Subway because app freezes 1/5

    By AlexSof14
    App is pretty much unusable on my daily commute. Every time cell service comes and goes the app stutters and freezes. I have to turn on airplane mode for articles to show
  • Loading takes forever 3/5

    Five Star content, One Star loading of stories. I mean, they’re basically just text. Get it together.
  • Articles slow to load 1/5

    By Chinarye
    Long time NYT digital subscriber. Despite repeated app updates promising a fix to slow article load time, it still loads very slowly, if at all. I can’t imagine this is a difficult thing to fix, but NYT seems to struggle rectifying this issue. Quite frustrated and losing patience. Website works fine, so I am not sure why the app is having such issues.
  • Worse every time 2/5

    By frustrates NYT fan
    I use this app regularly but it is becoming increasingly frustrating to use. Content doesn’t download like it used to — instead of preloading articles the app now seems to download them on the fly. If cell service is bad (often true in the states), this app is barely functional for me. Advertisements are far more aggressive than a year ago, and while reading my screen is regularly taken over by an annoying video until I fumble around and figure out how to hit cancel. All of us who pay for the NYT’s terrific content deserve better than what this app is delivering.
  • New separate top stories, for you and sections tabs annoying 3/5

    By Tkitty2004
    Involves more tapping than necessary and isn’t intuitive. Top stories and for you should just be part of the list of sections so that to change the section, I always just tap one place and then select the section I want. Having dedicated buttons for top stories and for you is an unnecessary waste of space.
  • Bring back the swipe 1/5

    By aksurhehe
    App is so much harder and less intuitive to use. It’s like having to flip back to the front page of the newspaper after you look at every single article. Back and forth. Back and forth. And for some reason my app doesn’t have the ”tabbed” viewing feature. So it’s just like the old version but without the swipe function. Terrible.
  • Ads come with subscription 3/5

    By jakepog
    Even when subscribed ads show multiple times throughout articles. Bad experience. Good content though.
  • Ads?!?! 1/5

    By thekatz35
    NYTimes, I pay to read your paper dont show me ads in your videos. I would pay more to never see ads. I will update when I am given a choice to not see ads.
  • Slow and bloated lowered my rating. 1/5

    By GregSpeck
    I have been using the app the first iPad was introduced. Now it has slowed to a crawl. Articles do not download or fail to open. Old news stays on top for days. Cooking was made a paid extra. Ads pop out taking concentration away from content. That said content and writing are excellent. Best part is the saved section which I use for travel articles and reference. The NY works much better. Latest update does nothing to improve the app. Does not completely load stories even when settings adjusted to download entire paper. Stories linger for days, but not in chronological order so take longer to sift through the content. Latest version of ads slows them down to a crawl, but they blink and contain distracting gifs which take away from the reading experience.
  • Nytimes is great - Nytimes app is meh 2/5

    By AudreyroseLeon
    First off, I love the nytimes and the journalism work they do. The app is awful. -Slow to load -Often freezes -Deleting and redownloading doesn’t help -Having to pay extra for the cooking session is ridiculous -Most recently the new pop up ads on the app are a NIGHTMARE. WHAT IS THIS? The dailymail?
  • Vanished. 1/5

    By AllCarsEatGas
    All my reviews vanish because I tell the truth: this app is horrible. When the original NYT app goes so do I.
  • Bad app; great content 2/5

    By rbasralian
    I like the NYT, but don’t like their app. Design is fine; implementation is not. The UI regularly hangs when scrolling through an article, apparently when the app tries to retrieve/display ads. Sometimes it makes my phone get really hot, too.
  • Gone downhill 2/5

    By hfhdhdhdyfbrrh
    Over the last few releases the app user experience has gone downhill. 1) It is no longer possible to swipe from one top news story to the next. One has to go back to the mail page, and scroll down to the just read story to find the next one 2) caching is broken. Clicking into a story can take 30 seconds or more for it to load 3) in low network connectivity situations the app freezes for many seconds
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By Jon Burgman
    Content and journalism are great but the app is progressively getting worse. The new update eliminates swiping to other sections, and every time you go somewhere where there isn’t service (ie: subway tunnels), the app freezes and doesn’t allow you to scroll.
  • Great Source But Advertising is Pervasive 4/5

    By CompSciProf
    NYTimes has some of the best journalism you can find. Articles are well written and very thorough. You will not find clickbait or some headline that is catchy just to get you to click on it. Also, I do enjoy the “for you” section, it is a nice touch. However, as a subscriber, the one thing that is annoying about the app is how pervasive the advertising is. One or two ads per article seems reasonable, but when they are littered throughout an article and they cause the text to jump as you read, it becomes difficult to read.
  • Ease of use eliminated 2/5

    By Bring back swiping
    This used to be my favorite news app, but then they made it so inconvenient to use! Every time you want to go to a different article you have to go back to the main menu. No more swiping through sections. No more swiping between sections. So now I read a lot less of the the paper. Want an odd business strategy. My other big issue is that the authors of op ed pieces are not identified on the op ed page until you open the specific article. Again, it makes me read less, not more.
  • App is awful now 1/5

    By asteriskadonis
    I used to love the New York Times app. Now it is just awful. I don’t know what happened. Articles used to load quickly—now they take forever to load, and sometimes never load. I’ll try deleting the app and reinstalling. If that doesn’t work I will consider canceling my digital subscription. What use is a digital subscription when the app doesn’t work? Very disappointed in you, New York Times.
  • Good content bad app 1/5

    By Lakemichigansurfer
    Update: down to one star because latest version is even worse: slower to load and crashes more often. Issues remain: doesn’t refresh when requested, not stable when browsing. The app just doesn’t work well. When you open the app it shows the stories/headlines from the last time you had it open. Despite having a pull-down-to-refresh function, the app does not refresh stories. When scrolling through the app to the headline and blurb of each story, sometimes the app abruptly changes what’s visible on the screen (often pushing what you’re reading down and out of sight). The content remains good. I’m a subscriber and want to read, but this app is not a good way to do it.
  • I actually may cancel my digital subscription and go back to paper 1/5

    By cctctcnsjsjs
    App has been completely frustrating since the “retro redesign”. Since my work has a paper subscription, I may just get the Sunday paper delivered as I stopped using the app during the week. I might as well stop using it on Sunday. Can’t believe that a reading app does not have swipe features!
  • can I give negative stars? WORSE and WORSE! 1/5

    By HeyJudeJES
    It refuses to open articles at random, spinning circle on a blank page for up to 20 SECONDS! As more videos and advertisements and fancy imbedded photo/animated articles are added, it gets harder to just read the news. previous a month ago: This app has become like a Microsoft or iTunes whale — bloated, slow, occasionally freezing or crashing. When saving an article to read later (or unsaving it) it freezes for 3 to 6 SECONDS EACH TIME!!!!!!! This is HORRIBLE!
  • Cannot slide left to right from article to article 2/5

    By Adasbo
    What happened to that feature?
  • Not great for iPads 3/5

    By reviewer4986
    The Today’s Paper section is often not new content from today but rather days-old stories. If you regularly read the NYT that is a problem since you’d like to see just what is new today. This app refreshes very slowly with new content, even after requesting it. There is not an easy print to pdf function. Scrolling through stories requires going back to the home page, and it sometimes rearranges content if you are too slow. The WSJ has a much better app for the iPad. You can read a full paper each day, continuously swiping right to move between sections and stories if you like. When you get to the end you’re done with the full paper for the day. The content is NYT so no complaints there and the graphics work well.
  • Slow to load 2/5

    By Ms.Reluctant Tweeter
    July ‘19 - takes forever to refresh, sometimes doesn’t at all. Then, some text articles are not available offline. When you finish an article and want to return to your section, it takes you to the top of the section and loses your place. Search function is useless. No sorting or filtering. Doesn’t matter, though, because it doesn’t bring up the right results anyway! I love the articles but it’s clear minimal effort goes into keeping subscribers happy. It was much better before. Don’t be surprised when we cancel our subscriptions.
  • Great app ruined by too many inline ads 2/5

    By rantee
    I use this app every day, have been a longtime print and online reader, and find the app experience continuously degraded by ads. It usually fetches content quickly (on a good connection) though loading the app can be slow (scrolling is blocked, likely waiting on ad networks). Offline reading of designated sections is great. Any time the phone is negotiating a weak signal (eg when connectivity goes in and out on the subway), things freeze up. Most important and the reason for my low rating is that there’s an ad every few paragraphs! It makes for a terrible reading experience. Hopefully they’ll take the cue of other news orgs and offer an ad-free subscription for a higher price, I’d happily pay up. Also, full screen ads that unexpectedly take over while you’re reading are beyond obnoxious. News orgs are in a tough spot these days, but to the NYT - please don’t alienate subscribers with an ads-first mobile UX.
  • Swipe 1/5

    By wantsectionsback
    Can we please get swipe right/left to browse the news paper sections? It’s very cumbersome to click in and out of each section. It was much easier to discover articles in sections you’d maybe not click on. In addition when you’re reading offline (ahem this is New York where we still don’t have service in the subway tunnels) ads don’t load and the content of the article jumps around causing you to lose your reading spot. Sick of paying for something that’s not great!
  • App is very slow 1/5

    By b0bbleHead77
    App has been very slow to load articles over the past week or so. And the error “Something went wrong...” continues to display intermittently when I attempt to post comments. Not acceptable as a subscription user. Time to cancel I think.
  • Recent Changes 2/5

    By bishoppeak
    Having to back to a section menu is clunky. Swipe to go through sections was very helpful.
  • Worse 1/5

    By Amin182
    Slow. Takes forever to load Unless you have background app refresh on.
  • Lots of top notch content 4/5

    By PacificRy
    I love the New York Times journalism. It’s high quality and indispensable. The app is great too. Although the ad tracking is a little creepy so I’d prefer the option to opt out, especially considering I’m a paid subscriber. Also somehow today when I opened the app in bed a podcast started blaring. In the end I might just go back to using the website.
  • Scrolling Could be Smoother 4/5

    By EmElJee
    Not sure if it's a bug, or an iOS beta issue, but scroll smoothness is intermittent Typically locks up before and after an ad while scrolling.
  • Still problems with articles loading on iPad 1/5

    By uppingheimer
    Even with today’s (14 Aug 2019) update, about 30% of the articles I tap on will not open, and show the gray loading circle or, more frequently today, an error message: “Something went wrong. Please try to open this page again later.” No, thanks!
  • Won’t let you swipe from one article to the next 2/5

    By hmw100
    The elimination of this. Standard feature from the latest version of the app makes no sense. Don’t understand why it was eliminated.
  • Can’t keep your place anymore 1/5

    By Curvyball
    New version makes it so if you move to a new article the app automatically resets to top of article. Now I can’t remember which articles I’ve already read. Or skip from article to article and come back to where I left off. So annoying!
  • Left liberal crap 1/5

    By shamit
    Left liberal crap and sorry excuse for “fake” news ans opinion.
  • Bring back the old version 1/5

    By Michael Kazlow
    Stop the auto playing videos and auto playing video ads. They are distracting and use up costly data when on metered data plans.
  • unreliable app 1/5

    By pattioshea
    This review is for the ios app - not the content. I love the Times; it's the first thing I look at every morning and probably my most used app. However I am becoming very frustrated because it (the app) shuts down while I'm reading; and this is happening more frequently - every day since last week. I have a report sent when it happens but it's getting worse.
  • New update made things worse 2/5

    By Seattledc
    All of a sudden after most recent update pages often open very slowly and sometimes not at all. Please fix this. Thank you
  • Newsletters don't work. 1/5

    By ursadog
    Subscriptions to newsletters are broken and have been for a long time. Also, the display settings (text size) for the app had no effect. I had to delete and reinstall app to get that setting to work.
  • NYT latest update is problematic 2/5

    By Vkzy
    Since the newest update, articles frequently fail to load and open on my iPad only after multiple attempts and/or reloads.

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