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Understand the world through award-winning independent journalism, expert reporting and multimedia storytelling with the NYTimes app. iPhone and iPad Features: • News Alerts: Get notified of major developing stories and tailor alerts to topics of interest. • Morning and Evening Briefings: Start and end your day with daily digests compiled by Times journalists. • Your Feed: It’s easy to follow the topics you care about most. • Podcasts: Listen to audio series including “The Daily” and “Modern Love.” • The Mini Crossword: Enjoy wordplay every day with the daily mini puzzle. • Today’s Paper: Find all the stories exactly as they are in the print edition. • Experience NYT stories through innovative formats, like augmented reality. • Save articles to read later on any of your devices. • Multitasking: On an iPad? Get caught up on the day’s headlines while working in other apps. Apple Watch Features: • Catch up quickly by reading today’s headlines. • Receive alerts when big news breaks. The NYTimes app is free to download, and all users can access a sampling of articles per month, from any section. Subscribers get full access to over 25 sections, plus unlimited access to Digital Subscription Options: • Basic - unlimited digital access for $14.99 per month or $129.99 per year (save over 25%). Cancel anytime. • All Access - unlimited digital access, plus access to the NYT Crossword, NYT Cooking, and one bonus digital subscription for $24.99 per month. Cancel anytime. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year 24-hours before the end of the current period, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Questions Concerns? Please contact us at [email protected] or (800) 591-9233. We respond to every inquiry. * Promotional offers for new subscribers only. Not valid for Digital Access $129.99 per year subscription option. Smartphone and tablet apps are not supported on all devices. + Smartphone Apps, + Tablet Apps and Digital Access subscriptions do not include e-reader editions. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply.

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  • Swipe less!?!? 2/5

    By Wsjunkie
    Um ... am I the only person who uses one hand to read the times on an iPad mini with the effortless flick of a thumb? Please give us back this functionality to swipe between sections instead of hunting and pecking. Why was this change even an option?
  • New layout is garbage 1/5

    By Dcodea
    Much harder to navigate app. Cannot swipe between sections anymore, cannot later order or sections. Many many taps to do anything. Trash.
  • Video player and ads bad 3/5

    By nhyman41
    The video player is glitchy and does not work well. It’s difficult to use. Also, I pay for a subscription to the New York Times but still get ads in the app. That shouldn’t happen.
  • Stupid design update 1/5

    By Pnajar
    Whatever I got is just terrible. I can no,longer swipe left or right. Navigation forces you to click back to different “tabs” which only show up inconsistently. In the modern age why go from a slide out menu for sections to a page? What you have done is revert to a digital ancient time. You really have to wonder at the intelligence of those who run this paper. I don’t mind being a beta site. However, I’d like to know. More importantly give me a way to report frustrations.
  • Lost functionality w/o new functionality 1/5

    By CDev2014
    I cannot figure out if there is a new way to move between sections, so the update is just a loss of functionality. I just canceled my subscription.
  • Love NYT Hate App 1/5

    By Via Salutis
    Bring back swipe. Ads are distracting! Give us a full front page view like the desktop browser view. Honestly, your app iterations keep getting worse, and now, I’m considering dropping my subscription for digital viewing. Please fix these pesky ads!
  • Please 1/5

    By EUR.D.EKA
    Bring back swipe please
  • Ugh! 1/5

    By DieHardCLEfan
    Bring back the swiping. This is much worse.
  • Data hog 2/5

    By Bob a man
    Streams video ads that run by default on my phone when I am traveling internationally. Not cool!
  • Latest update crashes repeatedly 2/5

    By giuliageranium
    Holy cow, fix this mess! The last 36 hours has been a mess. In iOS anyway.
  • Bring back swipe between sections on iOS! 1/5

    By DGNYC
    The most recent update removed the ability to swipe left and right between sections. Please bring it back!
  • The latest version changed the UX, it’s worse than before ...Hope set it back.. 1/5

    By preen189
    The latest version changed the UX, it’s worse than before ...Hope set it back..
  • New Interface is Difficult to Navigate 2/5

    By heisbo
    An already awkward interface has been rendered downright clumsy. My guess is NYT is not familiar with beta testing.
  • App keeps crashing with latest update 1/5

    By paperbackrider
    App creeps crashing ever since most recent update, particularly when I try to scroll quickly. Also, too many ads that get in the way of reading articles.
  • No way to navigate now 1/5

    By Djmnsf
    Who screwed up the tablet app for NYT? No more swiping between sections. Navigating at bottom but only if you click a button. Such a step back. I cannot read the NYT now.
  • Why did you ruin the app? 1/5

    By Hankkay
    You can no longer swipe through the articles. There’s no way to navigate efficiency in the app.
  • Bad design in the new update 1/5

    By scudsone
    Bring back the old UI where you can swipe between sections. This revision that forces you to go back to a menus to move to the new section is terrible, requiring many more taps to see other content.
  • Awful Update 2/5

    By Tonredi
    Why can’t I swipe through sections and stories anymore? This new version is completely thoughtless.
  • Ads need rebalancing 3/5

    By viachicago22
    There are too many video ads and scrolling motions ads. So distracting when you’re trying to read something in depth and intelligent and there’s some bright flashing on your screen. Ads should be static only
  • 7 self playing video ads in every article? 1/5

    By Usable app finder
    I would give this zero stars if I could. The articles are now surrounded by annoying distracting continuously running self playing video ads. There is one in every section as I scroll and read. You expect this crap from a free publication! For a paid subscription this is ridiculous! This is a new low for a fine publication like the New York times. If this keeps up I will be dropping my subscription.
  • Bring back section swiping 2/5

    By Calorie counter9
    The new update makes this app so much more annoying and transforms something great that allows you to scan headlines and sections — you know, like a newspaper — into something that requires you to tap and hunt for content.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By RJC272727
    My first review of any app ever. This version of the app is terrible. It freezes often, apparently as it looks for and loads a targeted ad. While doing so, I can not navigate or open an article, I sometimes feel like I’m reading a picture book when I open a section and I’m faced with a glossy photo taking up the entire screen. People go to the Times to read it. And the decline of the NY Times as a NY newspaper continues. Open up Sports and one is more likely to find an international soccer story than how any NY sports team did. California stories often occupy front page space. I’m not interested in reading the IHT. (The Times person who reads this probably won’t even know what IHT refers to.)
  • Too many repetitive noisy ads 2/5

    By buldoza220
    Ads auto play music interrupting the music I’m playing. Same ads over and over again in the same article.
  • Allow me to swiped from section to section 2/5

    By chelloveck
    This is handy for using your phone with one hand and in a crowded subway.
  • New format eliminates paging through paper 3/5

    By Mike987977654335689
    The tabbed format prevents reader from sliding left through the section, Now you have to go to the section’s main page to reach another story. I liked ability to slide from one story to the next. That is gone. You cannot even do it in the Today’s Paper Section. What sense does that make? Another recommendation is to provide a bulk download step. The main reason I used to page through stories was to grab the story for later offline viewing. Unlike other e papers, NYT does not provide for bulk off line viewing. You can only read offline the story you already read. That was ok as long as I could flip through the stories to get them. If you take away sliding, give us bulk download.
  • Bring back swipe function 1/5

    By Dash064
    With version 9, you can no longer swipe left or right to move between articles. Bring that feature back!
  • Still No Dark Mode 4/5

    By Hank.wal
    Title says it all. Love the app, otherwise.
  • Terrible direction continues 1/5

    By nellysisgone
    I honestly don’t have a lot to say, but from the decision to drop bylines to the “channels” to whatever this new tabs update is supposed to achieve, the Times—which indisputably is a valuable and venerable institution and an essential source of news—has severely lost its way. Stop trying to be that which you are not.
  • Poor update 3/5

    By SG NY
    I subscribe and read the Times to be informed of everything. I don't want to have curated content "For You" now taking a chunk of the home page. I wish there was a way to disable it and revert to the previous layout.
  • Hate the adds 2/5

    By Erik253
    I like the NY Times, and the app would be great if it wasn’t for the awfull adds it contains. Are there actually people that click on these adds? For now, I rather use the mobile web version in Safari, with my add blocker.
  • News Great , Account and Payment not so. 3/5

    By Matz4444444444
    News and content are excellent. Simply the best as far as in depth news and graphic content. Billing and account options on subscriptions is cumbersome and not real time. Payments and activation can take several days. Changing payment option is a headache and getting a confirmation of payment is impossible on app.
  • What happened to "the sections" frame 2/5

    By bdroye
    This latest release is a setback. Why isn’t “the sections" appearing as a frame on the left? This is a major drawback. Please return it and the drop down and tabs that were started from the upper left with three lines icon. I don see anything in the function, design or content that warrants this change please bring it back. Thank you.
  • Unstable, tracking software? 1/5

    By narrow soul
    Crashes and stutters constantly. The app worked fine for quite some time until several updates ago, the only reason I can imagine an app that simply displays text and images would slow down so much would be there is some sort of ad analytics back end slowing things down.
  • Best explanation of nationalism in Europe 5/5

    By Michelle P.
    Last week’s 5 day exploration of the rise of nationalism and far right agendas in the European Union by Katherine (sorry, forgot her last name)was excellent. Her having lived in several countries gave her a personal perspective and history. I could better understand the underlying reasons for the anti-immigrant and other conservative beliefs gaining ground. Thank you!!
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By cpthomas2
    NY Times is the best but would be better if articles in all sections had dates.
  • Distracting auto play videos and ads 1/5

    By bugeHoobies
    I thoroughly enjoy reading the times but the recent decision to allow videos to auto play and the use of gifs detracts from the allure of reading print. Most of us read the times to escape things that steal our attention, preferring instead to focus it as we choose. The video ads are frustrating enough, now the times is trying to destroy our attention span along with every other non-print media source.
  • Login 1/5

    By berti 47
    I gene this app 0 stars. Ordered subscription on sale $1 and simply unable to log into app. Oddly I have two passwords tried both neither works. Why s this so tedious .Please advise! EBT
  • Very difficult to cancel, don’t try to subscribe 1/5

    By Alreadytaken247
    It is a good app. But, the customer service representatives are the worst part of this experience. I have tried to cancel my subscription twice and failed. To cancel, you are not allowed to do it online, you have to call in. The wait times for calling, at least in my experience, is 15 minutes. The customer service (her name is Lisa) was rude. I have cancelled my subscription three months ago, but apparently they signed me up for a promotion of 12 weeks free and $1/week. First of all, I’m a student, and I’m already paying $1/week for my current subscription. Second, I never agreed to any promotion, I wanted to cancel my subscription and I did through the phone. Upon looking at my bank statement and finding this charge from NYT, I called again (wait for 15 minutes) and tried to cancel, but Lisa says my account is on lockdown for a few days until the charges go through. Until then I’m not allowed to cancel. My cancellation will start in the next billing cycle, July 14 (it’s June 15 today). So, I asked to see my phone transcript with the last person I talked to in March, they say I’m not allowed. I didn’t sign up for this, all I wanted was to cancel my subscription and I wanted to cancel it again today, but no. My advise to people who are looking to subscribe, please save yourself time and headache and don’t. Other news outlets are friendlier.
  • Ads look like stories 3/5

    By octar
    Love the NYT! But in the app, the ads look to similar to the stories. They are the same size, hope this changes.
  • Too much video, ads 3/5

    By Boston Curmudgeon
    Video that auto plays, ads that cover more of the screen than the content, fancy fonts and layout that slow down response, terrible battery life... I just want the news, not a continual annoyance.
  • Poor interface 4/5

    By Ignatz8
    This is one of the only apps that doesn’t work well with its own links or offer to open links found elsewhere—like in their own daily brief email—in the app. So links emailed to me from NYT open in a browser and despite being a subscriber I get booted after opening a certain number. And for whatever reason, it doesn’t let me sign in via the browser. It doesn’t recognize my subscriber login email and password. Go figure. It’s especially annoying since I receive the European edition of the daily brief so have to hunt for the articles I want to read in the app.
  • Slow and sluggish 3/5

    By PodHead101
    The latest version is slow and sluggish on my iPad mini (ios12). It takes about half a minute to refresh the news and photos when I start the app. It’s annoying because I use this app every few hours a day. The previous version was much faster and I could hardly notice any delay.
  • Newyork times 1/5

    By retessal
    I have downloaded the most up to date Version. Currently it does not work when I open. It will take time and then close. I hope this is a short term problem since I have no access to the times subscription
  • Update ruined it 1/5

    By 80Kay
    “Top stories” are from Sunday June 8th. It’s Thursday June 13th 😳
  • Crash occassionally 3/5

    By Alfred Nguyen
    The content is very good. It will be much better if the app does not occassionally crash. I have subscribed, so I do hope the team to perform better in this technical area.
  • ?!?! 1/5

    By happyest user
    where is the news about the crisis in sudan?
  • So sad. 1/5

    By AllCarsEatGas
    The NYT iPad app is worthless. I still use the original and far superior version. With the next iOS version I fully expect the original app to cease working. That will lead me to cancelling my subscription after many years. I just will not put up with the inferior experience that is had with the “new” NYT app. PS The executives who decided the current version of the app should replace the much better original deserve to be terminated from their employment.
  • Slow to load 3/5

    By Ms.Reluctant Tweeter
    June ‘19 - app isn’t freezing anymore, but it takes forever to refresh. Then, when the refresh is supposedly complete, I still get error messages saying articles are not available offline. The refresh functionality needs to be revisited. Critical, since this is a commuter’s app and most people are trying to read it in the subway. Feb 10 ‘19 - This app still freezes frequently. Did not used to have this issue.
  • Mixed bag 2/5

    By Steve Sharo
    Some good stories, I just don’t spend much time with the app. Hate how there are animated ads in the stories. It is so distracting. Prompts to get the crossword or food subs are also annoying. Cancelling a subscription is incredibly painful. First have to call a number. Attempts to find account take a while and then get transferred to cancellation to try and change your mind...

The New York Times app comments

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