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The New Yorker Magazine App

The New Yorker Magazine app brings you each week’s issue, along with bonus content. The New Yorker informs, enlightens, and delights, with a unique blend of in-depth reporting, long-form narrative, political commentary, cultural criticism, humor, fiction, poetry, and visual storytelling. Founded in 1925, it is one of the most influential magazines in the world—regarded for its great writing, rigorous reporting, and sophisticated coverage of news and culture, nationally and internationally. With its unique breadth of talented writers, The New Yorker sets the standard for journalistic and literary excellence. There is nothing else quite like it, anywhere. The magazine app takes readers beyond the print edition with multimedia enhancements and features, including slide shows, videos, and audio recordings of New Yorker fiction writers and poets reading their work. If you're already a subscriber, you may have digital access included in your subscription. Download the app, and follow the prompts for “All Access” to link your account on your iPad or iPhone. (Many subscribers can also access our archive edition—every issue since 1925—at If you have any questions about the New Yorker magazine app, please contact us at 1(800)-967-2082. AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period (another year for annual subscribers, another month for monthly subscribers) unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Please go to for more information. Annual and monthly subscriptions are available. The New Yorker is published 47 times a year. Our terms of use and privacy policy can be found at

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The New Yorker Magazine app reviews

  • Bug needs fixing 1/5

    By Tsarnasaurus
    The latest issue still hasn’t gone up on the app. It’s always up first thing Monday morning and that’s how i read until the physical copy comes in the mail. I’m annoyed.
  • Surprisingly Lacking App 1/5

    By LottaLyuba
    Given the quality of writing, the app’s quality is surprisingly poor. You can’t navigate to an issue of choice unless 1) a new issue has recently released or 2) you open the app after a period in which, by default, the on-device storage has been deleted. There was a blissful week end of Q3 2018 when they provided a simple little back scroll caret for users to navigate to their library to choose which issue to read at any time. Ah those were the days that I wish we could return to.
  • Pervasive bugs 1/5

    By PaidNYTsubscriber
    Subscribed online, can’t log in on mobile, it’s been a week with no access. Attempting to submit a customer service request, get an error about frame not loaded on mobile. This feedback is specific to quality of digital experience, not magazine content. I hope the team responsible for app reads this and fixes the experience.
  • Great Magazine 5/5

    By johnbubble
    New Yorker is one of those rare publications whose design transfers well from paper to digital (compared to the New York Times, which is absolutely awful). A pleasure to read!
  • Wonderful magazine with a terrible app 1/5

    By GrahamDanny
    I absolutely love The New Yorker magazine, however, the app consistently has terrible issues with logging in. Even after getting the password reset, I still cannot log in with my new password. This is a recurring issue, and contacting customer service is more trouble than it’s worth. I suppose I’ll just have to rely on the magazine. Unfortunate.
  • Not optimized for iPhone X 1/5

    By Chompy Bilips
    Update the app to support larger screen sizes.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By Ember1224
    I couldn’t even sign in and I have access to the New Yorker!
  • Deletes magazine downloads unexpectedly. 1/5

    By TragicStu
    Buggy app.
  • Great mag/writers, infuriating app 1/5

    By earcandy!
    Agree w/ a few of the other reviews I read about the general klutziness of the iOS app. (I spent decades in tech worlds, so nope, not agreeing because I’m tech-averse.) It’s seemingly designed to replicate the look/feel of an actual issue, as opposed to taking advantage of being a web app. Plus, I’m a paid subscriber, w/ automatic deductions thru iTunes. Why doesn’t opening up a link to a NYer article from another site then pop up an option to open up the app instead of staying in browser form? And if I go directly to the app rather than opening a link, it’s not recognizing me as a subscriber. So then, where’s the app’s prompt to log-in? Or better yet, a prominent form or button for logging in? NYer app has already decremented my “free” article count to the point I have none left 1 week into the month, so it’s following me...but doesn’t recognize an IMEI address that’s signed in before? Even though I regularly delete cookies as I did recently — as a multiple hacking victim through unprotected business databases, I don’t let sites retain my login data — even neanderthal hospital apps have accounted for that, as well as they proffer the app & put logging in for account holders front and center. Please fix soon? And advise when done? I may delete the app out of pure frustration.
  • Suddenly useless 1/5

    By Ali292
    Woke up today eager to read the new edition only to find the app repeatedly crashing. Black screen and crash, white screen and crash. Just completely dysfunctional. I tried redownloading, reinstalling, re-logging in, etc, but nothing worked. Nor does the customer service email work (so don't waste your time trying to tell them of your troubles--you'll only get an error). My subscription is digital only, so now I'm paying for literally no access to this magazine. Wondering if the digital team was part of Condé Nast's recent layoffs...
  • Low quality, but better than nothing 2/5

    By NightPharaoh
    Rather than represent a mobile experience of their website, this app is a poor digital representation of the magazine. It doesn’t support search, it doesn’t facilitate reading articles published at different times that relate to the same theme(s), and it doesn’t allow me to quickly move from one article to the next. The display ratio doesn’t support the iPhone X, and doesn’t integrate well with iOS look and feel. The caliber of this app is dramatically below the standard to which this magazine holds its writing. It does work for reading articles in the most recent print editions, but it’s time to do better.
  • Why is this app so terrible? 1/5

    By jenndewey
    You’re a media company! It doesn’t work. Also- you should have a place where daily breaking stories are. Yes you have issues- but with these news cycles you’re releasing stories daily. Where can one find those? Buried inside an issue inside the app. It’s no bueno- the whole thing.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ScottinPhillyPA
    The link to create an account is broken. I can’t sign in with my email and password and there appears to be no other way to use this app.
  • Good luck logging in. 1/5

    By Doc 03
    I’ve tried logging in from my iPhone. I’ve tried logging in from my iPad. “Authentication failed.” Ok, so maybe I forgot my password. I tried clicking “Forgot Password?,” which takes me to a screen that won’t load. Forget the app. Stick with the magazine. Very annoying experience.
  • Review for the app not the magazine 3/5

    By Zzeme
    Once the issue is downloaded it is a fantastic app. It gives the same feeling (except for the touch) as reading the paper magazine. But downloading is a pain, so much so that I am considering canceling the app and going back to the paper version. You have to keep the New Yorker app open and not touch, fidget, or get curious, just wait, until download is complete. Why can’t the latest issue downloads at night, without me prompting it, and I wake up to a brand new issue to read while having my breakfast. The biggest pain is when I have a few issues to download - i can’t.
  • Horrible — don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By PennCentre
    Nearly impossible to create an account. Can’t change password. Every step is fiddly, poorly designed, and hard to use. The magazine is great but the app is worthless.
  • App needs work! 1/5

    By Moondogg1171
    Two years later and still impossible to get password changed in app. Also, app doesn’t take advantage of password keychain on iOS. Outside of the content, it rate it bleh.
  • This was my favorite app, but now it crashes every time I open it 1/5

    By @panamajon
    I have the most up to date version but every time I open the app it crashes which is unfortunate since this is my favorite weekly read.
  • The type size is not accessible 1/5

    By Brado73
    I previewed this, but was unable to get a type size that I was able to read. Being visually impaired, I have the type size on my iPad set very large. This did not work with this particular app, and I was unable to read it.
  • App is not working 1/5

    The content is great, but the app won’t open anymore.
  • Doesn't recognize subscriptopn 1/5

    By JoelKincaid
    Third year of The New Yorker and still can't get this app to recognizey subscription.
  • Poorly designed 1/5

    By M_J_S
    Does not make most of iPhone X screen. Why not? Annoying when you scroll as menu bars keep appearing - why?
  • Lost Access to Subscription 1/5

    By cdubbs91xo
    After a recent update, the app quit allowing me to view new issues. Even though I have a subscription, am signed in, and can view my old downloads, since the subscription isn’t through Apple (I guess??) the app and iTunes don’t seem to understand that I have access. The only option is the blue apple button to Subscribe or pay for the new issue. They (New Yorker) have not responded to a support claim filed a week ago.
  • Closes in less than a second 1/5

    By Stalactite 12
    That’s all I have to say because as soon as I click on it, it immediately closes. I pay a lot of money for this subscription, but I get must better treatment from s lot of free apps.
  • Now the "New Yorker magazine" app on my iPad doesn’t open. 1/5

    By DonB41
    Now the "New Yorker magazine" app on my iPad doesn’t complete the opening process after I changed my password on my laptop. This is crazy (my iPad prompted the word "crap" which more fits my frustration). How do I get to enter the new password if that is the problem?
  • The New Yorker Magazine 1/5

    By xcn7
    App hasn’t worked in three weeks..... and I have subscription
  • Brrrrr 1/5

    By ehhdhirbkjs
    What you need to focus on is called UX I think.
  • Most. Useless. App. Ever. 1/5

    By basil1229
    I’m a subscriber. I can’t even set up an account with this app. I’m going to uninstall and when the time comes to renew the subscription, let it lapse. I’m giving it one star because I can’t give it zero.
  • iPhone X update? 2/5

    By high5ths
    Please actually update for iPhone X and remove the black bars!
  • Pretty useless app if you are a print subscriber. 2/5

    By Zarafa
    The sign in problems with New Yorker app haven't improved in years. Why a magazine that is so good and so up to date in other ways insists on punishing their subscribers by making it so difficult to read on iDevices is beyond me. am a great fan of the New Yorker and have been a subscriber to the print edition for many years. But I have not managed to sign in to read the magazine on my iPad. Every few months, I try again and I still cannot do it. Fortunately, I like the feel of paper, so I don't mind much. But the app has been out long enough that you'd think they could finally fix this problem.
  • App keeps crashing and is unusable 1/5

    By lynnea8
    Hard to give it more than a star when it won’t work
  • Back up and working great 5/5

    By Tejas42
    Been having problems with App not opening since last update for iPad. I decided to totally delete App and reload after 5 minutes. It reloaded and I had to sign in again. All is well. This experience was my first bad experience with this App. I also swiped off all pages I had visited before doing this delete. The iCloud retained all my magazine issues. Someone wrote in a review of App why they had to pay twice for a magazine when they had the print issues. Well, that extra few bucks pays the App developer and all the bugs etc that everyone talks about and getting them fixed. I also shut down my iPad and iPhone periodically to keep it running in tip top shape. Desktop computers need this as do laptops. So, why not your computer iPhone and iPad.
  • Won't open-please issue update! 1/5

    By ngarber
    I guess it doesn't play nice with the latest iOS update. 😢😢
  • Won’t open since yesterday’s iOS update 1/5

    By EH114
    It shuts down immediately
  • Won't let me access my paid Apple subscription 1/5

    By Dave McA
    My weekly experience with this app is to struggle for 15 to get it to recognize my Apple subscription. The “Restore Purchases for Apple Subscriptions” does not open. A telephone call to the New Yorker customer service is a waste of time; they can offer no help whatsoever. This is the worst app we own. Can’t they fix it?
  • Great content, bad app 2/5

    By TelegramSam55
    Love the magazine but the app is just not well-designed and buggy. Constantly “forgets” my subscription and re-logging in is near-impossible due to error messages and navigations to nowhere. “Connection error - try again later” but later never comes. Other media apps do this stuff so much better.
  • Very frustrating 1/5

    By Dc ranch
    I have a subscription for both digital and magazine delivery. When I try to read the digital articles on my iPad I get that I have read all my Free articles. I have emailed and called to get this worked out with no success. They tell me to sign in and I follow all directions but still not getting the digital articles. This is the most unsatisfactory app and subscription I have ever had more!!
  • Not updated for iPhone X. 2/5

    By underdosed
    This review in no way reflects my feelings toward the content of the magazine, which I find to be spectacular. But in regards to the app itself, heinous. Despite its claims to the contrary, The New Yorker app is not optimized for the iPhone X. Black bars across the top and bottom of the screen do not constitute an iPhone X–friendly design. I find the proportions so aesthetically bereft, getting through the content now feels a chore. Please update this app for current devices. Or, at the very least, amend your app’s currently false description.
  • No support for iPhone X 2/5

    By Roof Pig
    Although an update claimed to add support for the iPhone X, it was just a lie. It's been over 6 months since the X came out and still no full screen support. Lame.
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By JennyRaeS
    I subscribed yesterday but can’t sign in to the app - “authentication failed.” And when I tried to submit feedback through the app for support, I couldn’t send the form because “frame load interrupted.”
  • Great writing, horrible app. 1/5

    By No words for game
    It flashes, it crashes. Such a brilliant group of writers deserve an equally brilliant, or at lease competent group of coders! And it doesn’t improve with new versions. What is wrong with these programmers? HELLO....CONDE ARE YOU READING THIS...IT’S NOT IMPROVED WITH NEW VERSIONS. WE PAY FOR THIS. CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE IT WORK?
  • Not updated for iphone x 1/5

    By Feimai
    As others have noted , app does not use all of iphone x screen, which is unforgiveable in an app whose sole purpose is reading.
  • 5-Star content, 0-Star app design 1/5

    By Clare (Infusionite)
    As a paid print subscriber, I was excited to download this iPhone app. To my horror, usability was just about non-existent. (Condé Nast: if you need a “how to use this app” welcome screen, something is amiss.) Every function, from navigation to search, was so counter-intuitive that it was actually more laborious than simply reading the print magazine. And don’t get get me started on the memory hogging. It’s a shame that terrible app design is standing in the way of excellent journalism, as I’m sure most users would give up out of sheer frustration before ever consuming the great content hidden within. Unless this is a publisher’s ploy to drive print subscriptions, I suggest a radical redesign complete with proper user testing and modern UX standards.
  • Sign in problems 1/5

    By Vulgar demos
    I’ve subscribed to the magazine for years and never had any issues signing in online. Yet this app never accepts credentials. Really surprised that this app remains dysfunctional after all these years.
  • Stupidly Pointless 1/5

    By Buffery333
    No search Can’t see archive What The Actual Fudge
  • Almost worthless 1/5

    By Winnie&Sasha
    I can’t get this to load onto my iPad. The process goes astray and never gets to the point of downloading. I have had a few trials work for awhile but I’m giving up. I like to read the magazine but I’m giving up on this frustrating nonsense.
  • App is Working Better But Still Needs Improvement 4/5

    By Chinatimt
    I adore the New Yorker magazine and this app now works fairly well. I do wish they would allow for zooming in on a photograph or cartoon. When you are reading an article and you want to “zoom in” an image or a cartoon in order to see it more clearly, you cannot do so. If I want to look more closely at a photograph found in an article or a cartoon, I have to take a screenshot, leave the New Yorker app and go to my Photos app to look closely at it. Most websites and apps allow you to use the two finger zoom in and zoom out feature, but not the New Yorker.
  • Fix the bug please! 1/5

    By sehoenicke
    Used to have this app on my phone (I’ve been a subscriber for years) and it worked wonderfully. Loved that I could listen to stories or read them, and see the occasional interactive thing. Now the app won’t even let me download issues. HELP.
  • Can’t link Apple subscription through Facebook app 2/5

    By Harried
    The paywall through Facebook needs a serious update and right now. I hit the wall all the time and instead of just copying the link and heading to my browser, like I’ve done for years, I decided to get a subscription. I do not want the magazine company storing my credit card, so I bought a subscription through the Apple store, figured I’d be able to login through the FB paywall. Ha! Nope. I need to call an 800 number first. WTH?

The New Yorker Magazine app comments

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