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The New Yorker Magazine App

The New Yorker Magazine app brings you each week’s issue, along with bonus content. The New Yorker informs, enlightens, and delights, with a unique blend of in-depth reporting, long-form narrative, political commentary, cultural criticism, humor, fiction, poetry, and visual storytelling. Founded in 1925, it is one of the most influential magazines in the world—regarded for its great writing, rigorous reporting, and sophisticated coverage of news and culture, nationally and internationally. With its unique breadth of talented writers, The New Yorker sets the standard for journalistic and literary excellence. There is nothing else quite like it, anywhere. The magazine app takes readers beyond the print edition with multimedia enhancements and features, including slide shows, videos, and audio recordings of New Yorker fiction writers and poets reading their work. If you're already a subscriber, you may have digital access included in your subscription. Download the app, and follow the prompts for “All Access” to link your account on your iPad or iPhone. (Many subscribers can also access our archive edition—every issue since 1925—at If you have any questions about the New Yorker magazine app, please contact us at 1(800)-967-2082. AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period (another year for annual subscribers, another month for monthly subscribers) unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Please go to for more information. Annual and monthly subscriptions are available. The New Yorker is published 47 times a year. Our terms of use and privacy policy can be found at


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The New Yorker Magazine app reviews

  • Closes in less than a second 1/5

    By Stalactite 12
    That’s all I have to say because as soon as I click on it, it immediately closes. I pay a lot of money for this subscription, but I get must better treatment from s lot of free apps.
  • Be prepared to be frustrated 1/5

    By rs bogart
    This app constantly signs you out and doesn’t remember any of your login information. You can’t fix the login because the Condé Nast site doesn’t work. You can’t get help from Condé Nast, they never respond and if they do, they apologize nicely but cant fix any of the problems. Also it will tell you you’re running out of free articles while you’re signed in with your subscription information..... Fabulous magazine with a truly terrible app.
  • Nightmarish digital subscription technology 2/5

    By scottsdalebubbe
    I would give The New Yorker 10 stars for content and -0- stars (or perhaps minus 5 stars) for ease of access to a digital subscription. Worst I have ever encountered.
  • Now the "New Yorker magazine" app on my iPad doesn’t open. 1/5

    By DonB41
    Now the "New Yorker magazine" app on my iPad doesn’t complete the opening process after I changed my password on my laptop. This is crazy (my iPad prompted the word "crap" which more fits my frustration). How do I get to enter the new password if that is the problem?
  • Please update for X 3/5

    By Spiralwings
    5 stars for content -2 for being 6 months behind the curve
  • The New Yorker Magazine 1/5

    By xcn7
    App hasn’t worked in three weeks..... and I have subscription
  • Brrrrr 1/5

    By ehhdhirbkjs
    What you need to focus on is called UX I think.
  • Most. Useless. App. Ever. 1/5

    By basil1229
    I’m a subscriber. I can’t even set up an account with this app. I’m going to uninstall and when the time comes to renew the subscription, let it lapse. I’m giving it one star because I can’t give it zero.
  • Needs support Safari reader view 3/5

    By al.diaz24
    I prefer reading long articles in Reader View on Safari, where I can change font size, font, and background color. When updating the app, I hope you will include that. As it is, I have to search for the article in safari to read it. Annoying. Thanks!
  • iPhone X update? 2/5

    By high5ths
    Please actually update for iPhone X and remove the black bars!
  • Pretty useless app if you are a print subscriber. 2/5

    By Zarafa
    The sign in problems with New Yorker app haven't improved in years. Why a magazine that is so good and so up to date in other ways insists on punishing their subscribers by making it so difficult to read on iDevices is beyond me. am a great fan of the New Yorker and have been a subscriber to the print edition for many years. But I have not managed to sign in to read the magazine on my iPad. Every few months, I try again and I still cannot do it. Fortunately, I like the feel of paper, so I don't mind much. But the app has been out long enough that you'd think they could finally fix this problem.
  • App keeps crashing and is unusable 1/5

    By lynnea8
    Hard to give it more than a star when it won’t work
  • Broken app with poor UX design 1/5

    By trojmor
    If this app worked as it should, the UX would still be clumsy and poorly designed . As it is, it still suffers from significant bugginess such as unresponsive settings screens and an unreliable and baffling mishandling / obstruction of Apple digital subscribers trying to sign in
  • Back up and working great 5/5

    By Tejas42
    Been having problems with App not opening since last update for iPad. I decided to totally delete App and reload after 5 minutes. It reloaded and I had to sign in again. All is well. This experience was my first bad experience with this App. I also swiped off all pages I had visited before doing this delete. The iCloud retained all my magazine issues. Someone wrote in a review of App why they had to pay twice for a magazine when they had the print issues. Well, that extra few bucks pays the App developer and all the bugs etc that everyone talks about and getting them fixed. I also shut down my iPad and iPhone periodically to keep it running in tip top shape. Desktop computers need this as do laptops. So, why not your computer iPhone and iPad.
  • Won't open-please issue update! 1/5

    By ngarber
    I guess it doesn't play nice with the latest iOS update. 😢😢
  • Crashes 100% of the time 1/5

    By Pono650
    The latest version crashes immediately on startup every single time.
  • Very poor app 1/5

    By Spiderpersson
    I have been a paid subscriber for years. It takes a long time for an issue to download. Once downloaded it is OK, but if you go to read further or use any of the extra features, it tells you you have used x of 10 free articles that month. When you try to sign in again (which should not be necessary) it tells you the site is under construction, come back later. Very poor app construction.
  • Won’t open since yesterday’s iOS update 1/5

    By EH114
    It shuts down immediately
  • Won't let me access my paid Apple subscription 1/5

    By Dave McA
    My weekly experience with this app is to struggle for 15 to get it to recognize my Apple subscription. The “Restore Purchases for Apple Subscriptions” does not open. A telephone call to the New Yorker customer service is a waste of time; they can offer no help whatsoever. This is the worst app we own. Can’t they fix it?
  • Embarrassingly Poor User Experience 1/5

    By Meandertaal
    I’ve given up on using this app and retried it several times, but it still is so tedious to use. Here are a few of my main complaints. - It crashes regularly, sometimes requiring a reinstall, and reentry of the login information. - Ads are not only placed both on the side and inline, but also disrupt the reading experience. Whenever an ad refreshes, the screen goes blank for about a second, and the content is moved around. As the reader, I lose my place in the article, have to visually search for it again, and often have to scroll up or down. - Scrolling is affected by ads as well. After placing the first line of text after an ad at the top of the display, the ad placement is readjusted, and covers the first few lines that I just was about to read. As others pointed out, this is not about the content, but the user experience. While I enjoy reading other magazines on the iPad, for this one it’s back to the print version.
  • Great content, bad app 2/5

    By TelegramSam55
    Love the magazine but the app is just not well-designed and buggy. Constantly “forgets” my subscription and re-logging in is near-impossible due to error messages and navigations to nowhere. “Connection error - try again later” but later never comes. Other media apps do this stuff so much better.
  • iPhone X? 3/5

    By AngryRedCardinalBird
    Update version history claims support for iPhone X, but latest version doesn't use the whole screen.
  • Very frustrating 1/5

    By Dc ranch
    I have a subscription for both digital and magazine delivery. When I try to read the digital articles on my iPad I get that I have read all my Free articles. I have emailed and called to get this worked out with no success. They tell me to sign in and I follow all directions but still not getting the digital articles. This is the most unsatisfactory app and subscription I have ever had more!!
  • Not updated for iPhone X. 2/5

    By underdosed
    This review in no way reflects my feelings toward the content of the magazine, which I find to be spectacular. But in regards to the app itself, heinous. Despite its claims to the contrary, The New Yorker app is not optimized for the iPhone X. Black bars across the top and bottom of the screen do not constitute an iPhone X–friendly design. I find the proportions so aesthetically bereft, getting through the content now feels a chore. Please update this app for current devices. Or, at the very least, amend your app’s currently false description.
  • Getting worse with every update 1/5

    By Piotr N
    [Update 12 March 2018] The race to become The.Worst.App.Ever continues and the latest update brings The New Yorker app so much closer to the winning spot. Now all issues that I download, including the latest one, are automatically deleted the moment I close my iPad. An absolute and utter garbage. I don’t think there has ever existed a greater gap between the quality of the content and the abysmal method of its delivery. [Update 30 Sept. 2014] Is anybody reading these comments? This app is still awful - new issues take forever to download, no automatic download in the background, random crashes. This app is an example of the perfect parasite - leeching off a superior product, confident in the knowledge that its users will continue paying for it, no matter how bad the delivery method. I have just cancelled my subscription to The New Yorker. The reason - this hideous app. Even on my brand new iPad Air the app is so slow and buggy as to be almost unusable. I have been back and forth with the (laughably incompetent) "technical support", but nothing helps. I love TNY and will re-subscribe to the paper edition, but I advise not to buy a subscription for the electronic version only - you may be very disappointed.
  • Frustration 2/5

    By Cerolli
    I am tired of seeing the same articles over and over again. I am trying to cancel the subscription, but it seems impossible. Very very frustration.
  • No support for iPhone X 2/5

    By Roof Pig
    Although an update claimed to add support for the iPhone X, it was just a lie. It's been over 6 months since the X came out and still no full screen support. Lame.
  • UI is clunky 2/5

    By staunchnortheasterner
    For a great magazine, its official iOS app deserves a much cleaner user interface. User friendliness is very important!
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By JennyRaeS
    I subscribed yesterday but can’t sign in to the app - “authentication failed.” And when I tried to submit feedback through the app for support, I couldn’t send the form because “frame load interrupted.”
  • Great writing, horrible app. 1/5

    By No words for game
    It flashes, it crashes. Such a brilliant group of writers deserve an equally brilliant, or at lease competent group of coders! And it doesn’t improve with new versions. What is wrong with these programmers? HELLO....CONDE ARE YOU READING THIS...IT’S NOT IMPROVED WITH NEW VERSIONS. WE PAY FOR THIS. CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE IT WORK?
  • Updated for iPhone X... except, it wasn’t. 2/5

    By m.geraci
    While I’m a huge fan of the magazine and it’s writing, the app appears not to have been updated for years. The recent “updated for iPhone X” update didn’t change anything for me. It feels like the Conde Naste machine needs a little work.
  • Not updated for iphone x 1/5

    By Feimai
    As others have noted , app does not use all of iphone x screen, which is unforgiveable in an app whose sole purpose is reading.
  • God I hate this app 1/5

    By aburgess17
    I tried this app 3 years ago and gave up. I trekked again today because I felt certain that Condé Nast would have hired a junior developer by now. No such luck, this app is still crap. The account management piece just blows. It can’t find my address; it can’t find my subscriber number. I’m looking right at the label!! Shameful.
  • Waw ok good 5/5

    By Sex girlfriend
    Hot toys MMS
  • 5-Star content, 0-Star app design 1/5

    By Clare (Infusionite)
    As a paid print subscriber, I was excited to download this iPhone app. To my horror, usability was just about non-existent. (Condé Nast: if you need a “how to use this app” welcome screen, something is amiss.) Every function, from navigation to search, was so counter-intuitive that it was actually more laborious than simply reading the print magazine. And don’t get get me started on the memory hogging. It’s a shame that terrible app design is standing in the way of excellent journalism, as I’m sure most users would give up out of sheer frustration before ever consuming the great content hidden within. Unless this is a publisher’s ploy to drive print subscriptions, I suggest a radical redesign complete with proper user testing and modern UX standards.
  • Infuriating 1/5

    By cae17
    I wrote the review below approximately one year ago. Nothing has changed. Simply the most infuriating app you could add to your device. The magazine is great, but this app is made for those who do not have enough anger and/or frustration in their lives.
  • Sign in problems 1/5

    By Vulgar demos
    I’ve subscribed to the magazine for years and never had any issues signing in online. Yet this app never accepts credentials. Really surprised that this app remains dysfunctional after all these years.
  • Stupidly Pointless 1/5

    By Buffery333
    No search Can’t see archive What The Actual Fudge
  • Almost worthless 1/5

    By Winnie&Sasha
    I can’t get this to load onto my iPad. The process goes astray and never gets to the point of downloading. I have had a few trials work for awhile but I’m giving up. I like to read the magazine but I’m giving up on this frustrating nonsense.
  • New version 1/5

    By TragicStu
    The newest version of this app doesn’t save the place of the article you’re reading. So if you close down the app it is really hard to find where you left reading! This is a big problem for the longer articles.
  • App is Working Better But Still Needs Improvement 4/5

    By Chinatimt
    I adore the New Yorker magazine and this app now works fairly well. I do wish they would allow for zooming in on a photograph or cartoon. When you are reading an article and you want to “zoom in” an image or a cartoon in order to see it more clearly, you cannot do so. If I want to look more closely at a photograph found in an article or a cartoon, I have to take a screenshot, leave the New Yorker app and go to my Photos app to look closely at it. Most websites and apps allow you to use the two finger zoom in and zoom out feature, but not the New Yorker.
  • Fix the bug please! 1/5

    By Astoriajane
    Used to have this app on my phone (I’ve been a subscriber for years) and it worked wonderfully. Loved that I could listen to stories or read them, and see the occasional interactive thing. Now the app won’t even let me download issues. HELP.
  • Crashes nonstop! Not worth renewing. 1/5

    By Mac since 512k
    I was trying to load the last issue for, ironically, a trip from DC to NYC. Hopeless! For what the New Yorker charges, they ought to be able to create a decent iPad app. Subscription ‘s up for renewal ... hmm.
  • Can’t link Apple subscription through Facebook app 2/5

    By Harried
    The paywall through Facebook needs a serious update and right now. I hit the wall all the time and instead of just copying the link and heading to my browser, like I’ve done for years, I decided to get a subscription. I do not want the magazine company storing my credit card, so I bought a subscription through the Apple store, figured I’d be able to login through the FB paywall. Ha! Nope. I need to call an 800 number first. WTH?
  • Not intuitive, graphics don’t scale 2/5

    By vwebster12
    Navigation seems designed to hide everything and challenge the user to find menus. If you use the cartoon gallery, captions do not appear for at least half of them. Gallery graphics are static and do not permit you to manually adjust to view caption
  • No search function. 1/5

    By Zandoren
    No search function. I want to see a list of every article written by David Sedaris, but instead I have to open each issue and look at every page and *hope* I get lucky. What a waste.
  • Quit Bagging About It 5/5

    By kulchavulcha
    This is a great magazine and consequently great to read in either print or e-copy. I especially like the “article view” which instantly converts any article into a single column that one can easily read by simply scrolling from start to finish. Especially comfy for wearers of no-line bifocals who have to live with a very narrow reading area on their lenses. No head rocking for them in order to scan whole pages.
  • Doesn’t work at all anymore 1/5

    By fiddlerspal
    Terrible. Won’t download the issues anymore. Depressing!
  • Broken navigation 1/5

    By Bunchop
    Impossible to go from an issue back to the library on iOS 11.0.1 on an iPhone SE
  • Perfect App For Me!! 5/5

    By TravPerk
    I love The New Yorker, I am a print/digital subscriber. The app has always worked beautifully for me, I never have any problems with it. Great app and perfect magazine for current times!!

The New Yorker Magazine app comments


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