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The New Yorker Magazine App

The New Yorker Magazine app brings you each week’s issue, along with bonus content. The New Yorker informs, enlightens, and delights, with a unique blend of in-depth reporting, long-form narrative, political commentary, cultural criticism, humor, fiction, poetry, and visual storytelling. Founded in 1925, it is one of the most influential magazines in the world—regarded for its great writing, rigorous reporting, and sophisticated coverage of news and culture, nationally and internationally. With its unique breadth of talented writers, The New Yorker sets the standard for journalistic and literary excellence. There is nothing else quite like it, anywhere. The magazine app takes readers beyond the print edition with multimedia enhancements and features, including slide shows, videos, and audio recordings of New Yorker fiction writers and poets reading their work. If you're already a subscriber, you may have digital access included in your subscription. Download the app, and follow the prompts for “All Access” to link your account on your iPad or iPhone. (Many subscribers can also access our archive edition—every issue since 1925—at If you have any questions about the New Yorker magazine app, please contact us at 1(800)-967-2082. AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period (another year for annual subscribers, another month for monthly subscribers) unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Please go to for more information. Annual and monthly subscriptions are available. The New Yorker is published 47 times a year. Our terms of use and privacy policy can be found at

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The New Yorker Magazine app reviews

  • Excellent App 5/5

    By MrLeon2000
    Very user friendly experience.
  • Removing downloaded issues 3/5

    By Are45x
    With the most recent version, it is now not possible to remove downloaded versions. The only way to do it appears to be to throw the app away, and re download it from the app store. It uses to be very simple; but the newer version had a redesigned look to it. This is a serious flaw, that ought to be fixed.
  • The old app was better. 4/5

    By RWB, MD
    I love The New Yorker. Love it. But a few months ago they updated the app, made the magazine harder to navigate, and dropped the feature by which the front page had a little information about the main articles with direct links to each. I miss that. So, 5 stars for the magazine, minus 1 for the app.
  • Subscriber since 1970 5/5

    By Rich063
    Standards have been maintained for all those years. The New Yorker writes an expose’ you can take it to the bank. Always carefully researched and with an intelligent perspective. Almost 50 years of The New Yorker and I would not miss an issue. Highest quality reporting I know.
  • Practically useless for a New Yorker! 1/5

    By Sleepytime NYC
    Articles lock up without an Internet connection, which makes it totally unusable if you’re in a subway or jet setting on an airplane. Get a cache, guys!
  • The old app was better 1/5

    By Yosemiteee
    The previous app before the overhaul was far more functional.
  • Can’t find my place 1/5

    By Ryatry
    App was fine then they ‘upgraded’ it. Biggest problem is if you leave an article to go read something else it goes back to the start of the article when you return to it. You have to scroll and scroll until you find the spot where you left off. Cartoons ar very small now and can’t even access the contest at the end of the issue. Been a loyal reader for many years but may bag it if they don’t fix things.
  • Outstanding journalism! 5/5

    By Skyguy1958
    This magazine is more relevant than ever, covering everything from current events to in-depth pieces on fascinating subjects & people. The writing is consistently superb. It should be required reading for our citizenry!
  • App review 1/5

    By gggfhvggvbfcc
    Can’t make changes to profile. No response to help requests.
  • Disappointed with new version 2/5

    By H. Darr
    I have been a subscriber for 30 years and I love the magazine. I have enjoyed the app for years but I am disappointed with the new version. When I pause reading a story and come back to it the app does not save my place. Illustrations do not appear in full size. Graphic stories are unreadable. Can’t see caption contest when offline. I hope these bugs can get fixed.
  • Looses Its Place 2/5

    By GregNord
    Early versions of the New Yorker for iOS app would loose its place in articles. If the reader left an article and returned, they would find themselves at the first page. So frustrating but soon fixed. Now it’s back in the most recent update. Why would anyone want this behavior? If I accidentally swipe to the next article, or put the iPad down, I will have to find my place in the article again. No fun in the wonderfully long New Yorker content. Fix please! The app is otherwise Just OK. Too much emphasis on cute widgets rather than useful features.
  • Truly terrible version 1/5

    By Jslavin
    Unlike the last Version this is not A copy of the print magazine. Much is missing. Like the cartoon contest. Weird to dumb down an app.
  • New app 3/5

    By Luap9876
    NYer is great, new app isn’t. Doesn’t keep place in article and finalists and caption contest winner are hard to find
  • Love love love 5/5

    By bijouLT
    Been reading the NEW YORKER for millions of years . . . At least . . . Love it . . . forever after . Can’t live without it! 🐾🤗❤️
  • This weeks cartoons 3/5

    By $9:'
    What happened to the finalist and winner?
  • Great ap 5/5

    By Wombat5018
    Excellent ap. Easy to use.
  • New Yorker 3/5

    By sampaine
    Generally good but the recent redo created the following flaw: when you navigate away from a partially read item, the app forgets where you were. It used to remember.
  • Love the magazine but . . . 3/5

    By Judi Forrester
    The New Yorker has been part of my household for decades. I loved the previous on-line format but hate this one. It does not honor the print version, the cartoon contest is hard to navigate and often screwed up, the format of the cartoon section is annoying as are the little animated banners in the sections that list events. When you swipe out of an article and come back, you always end up starting over at the top. I hate all of it. I can’t imagine what possessed you to change the format. There’s an old saying about things that ain’t broke.
  • New format 4/5

    By timm75
    Please return to your old format which kept your place in an article if you happen to leave the page. New format moves you back to the start of an article if you happen to leave the page.
  • The App Doesn’t Live up to the Journalism 2/5

    By Dan94502
    I’ve been reading the New Yorker for more than 25 years. It is my go-to for excellence in long form journalism. The articles are thoughtful, incisive, well-researched, and well-written. What a shame that the new app doesn’t live up to this standard. I mourned when I switched from the paper version to all electronic five or six years ago. But the app was pretty nice. It preserved the paper version’s attention to detail in design, with plenty of white space and a good, intuitive user interface. By comparison, the new app is a tragedy. The fonts are either too large or too small, the text goes from edge to edge of my tablet, leaving no room for the eye to rest, and the clunky interface for choosing issues and articles is a mess. Perhaps the best example of lack of attention to detail is the way that captions under cartoons and illustrations repeat, for seemingly no reason. I really hope that they take the app back to the designers and come up with something befitting the still fine quality of the writing.
  • Good app, needs polishing 1/5

    By ErinSFO
    Long-form articles are part of what make the New Yorker great, but they require different app dynamics than, say, NPR. Developers: Please look to the Kindle or Apple Books apps for clues on what could improve. It is all too easy to swipe left or right between articles, losing one’s place and requiring a ton of scrolling to find it again. Bookmarks exist per-article but also lose one’s place. Visually indicate in the TOC how long articles are and which have Audm available. Audm is a wonderful addition but the player controls are nearly impossible to use. Social highlighting a-la-Kindle would be great, giving the app advantages not found in print.
  • THE BEST ‼️ 5/5

    By tom90292
    Rises above the rest
  • Dumpster fire 1/5

    By Djjdirrikdfjfj
    Recent UX updates have ruined what was a perfectly serviceable app for years. The app often forgets your place on articles, it’s either too sensitive or not sensitive enough when trying to switch pages, and there is still no night mode. That was literally the only thing this needed. The app redesign coupled with 2 years of abysmally boring stories are making me reconsider my subscription.
  • Unbelievably Terrible Updates 1/5

    By JK Rowling, the Third
    This is a fun new one - download an issue and it’s missing half of the content, completely arbitrarily, with no discernible pattern. Sweet.
  • Great read 5/5

    By Allen166
    The New Yorker magazine is a great read with a variety different articles covering many different topics. I especially like the political coverage.
  • Upgrade a pain 2/5

    By Sfgal72
    Love the New Yorker but the upgrade of this app has been problematic. The old app used to hold your place in an article when you went back to it. This one only does that about 50% of the time so you often have to scroll to find your spot. It’s also too sensitive to left and right so if you are scrolling down fast to find your place it often takes you to the next article. The old app was just easier to use.
  • Cartoons??? 1/5

    By bk725
    What happened with the feature where you could see all the cartoons in the issue?
  • Fix this! 1/5

    By Mlkchris
    Does anyone at The New Yorker read these reviews? All the one -star reviews talk about the same problems, which haven't been fixed after months of complaints. One other problem is that the videos sit directly over the text so that the reader misses several sentences. The old app was fine.
  • New Yorker should have left well enough alone 3/5

    By mwvn
    Previous app was much better. If I weren’t impatient to read each new edition, I’d skip it and wait for print version.
  • They can’t figure out online publishing. 4/5

    By Wsj28
    Have been a devoted reader if The New Yorker for over 50 years. Loved the old, traditional print format. This translated well to online media in the first few years of the internet but now is a mess. Large unmanageable fonts in the articles, less attractive titles, and complete confusion in the cartoon department. One issue (viewed on an iPad) showed all cartoons with missing captions. Another (last week) showed all the captions twice. The caption contest is even messier, sometimes with dozens of not-so-funny choices to vote on, sometimes less. The original format of cartoons a few years ago worked well—why change it? The writing remains first-rate. But please: get a new IT department! Figure out how to make the magazine work on multiple platforms (all the cheaper magazines have done it). And fix the cartoons. The content remains good, but the presentation is poor. Walter James Atlanta
  • Awful app 1/5

    By tmm212
    Missing basic app features. It can’t remember your place in an article (endlessly frustrating!), it’s missing the Table of Contents and Contributors, and it’s buggy (e.g., the cartoon caption contest page doesn’t work).
  • Update is a disaster 2/5

    By Whamil
    Love the magazine, but hate this update. Like others, I dislike the fact it doesn’t save my place in the issue I’m reading. I tried the bookmark, but I still need to remember which issue I’m reading. And scrolling is so much worse. I can’t seem to scroll down consistently without skipping ahead to another article. I also don’t understand why my place can’t be synced across devices. Other apps (Kindle for example) can do that. I’d suggest testing updates like this one with actual readers before rolling them out.
  • Love the app as much as the mag 5/5

    By noodlenose8
    As long as I have my phoneas long as I
  • No dark mode 2/5

    By staledata
    It’s the New Yorker & all, but do I need to be blinded when the operating system recognizes and facilitates a dark mode?
  • A Review I Don’t Mind Writing 5/5

    By Sandler First Name Adam
    One of the few surviving outlets whose publications I thoroughly love reading. I love that it’s in depth, thoughtful, and deliberate, that it encompasses art and news in an elegant and engaging way. I enjoy being a subscriber. This is not a bot or employee. I’m a tech project manager, dad, and student.
  • World class content is practically illegible in this app 1/5

    By loyalreader007
    The quality of this writing has no measure. But the usability of this app could hardly be worse. Two simple things would vastly improve the experience. Please! First, when swiping through articles, bookmark/anchor the reader’s last location, rather than reverting back to the headline every time. Second, offer more font sizes. I beg you!
  • Stop! Do not update! 2/5

    By rebhek
    For reasons that make no sense, this version of the New Yorker does not allow you to save your position within an article. Upon closing the App, it reverts to the opening page of issues available for download and then when you select the issue you were just reading, it reverts to the top of that article. I don’t know about you but it is difficult for me to read an entire article in one sitting. Not sure why they discontinued the ability to keep track of your place.
  • Bring back previous version! 3/5

    By A de Forest
    I love being able to read the NewYorker on my phone. This most recent update,however, makes the scrolling process more cumbersome. The biggest and most annoying flaw is that the app no longer keeps my place in an article I’m reading. If I don’t read an article in one sitting, or if I read half an article and then flip through the rest of the issue — both expected magazine reading habits — I am sent back to the beginning and have to scroll down to find my (unmarked) place. With a long article, this can take a long time. And if my finger veers to right or left as I’m scrolling then I find myself in the previous or subsequent article and have to start all over again. The older version, which mimicked paging through the magazine, was blissfully intuitive. And the app held my place in any number of articles! Now, at least once an issue, I have to contend with a frustrating, Sisyphean experience.
  • Poor interface 1/5

    By bw5454mac
    The app works until it doesn’t. Asks you to sign in but doesn’t accept correct password. When you change the password it says ok but then doesn’t. Worst magazine app on the market
  • Lost my downloads again 1/5

    By SkwrlMama
    Yup. All done.
  • App for iPad is a failure 1/5

    By Emarch333
    No Table of Contents Page with credits, etc. and NO DATES of event listings. Totally unacceptable!
  • Good Writing and Feaures 4/5

    By National Park lover
    I enjoy
  • Accidental side-swiping is a disaster. 1/5

    By One Day In ...
    It’s far too easy to accidentally swipe to the next story and lose your place in a loooong narrative. Terrible nuisance.
  • More type size options...I beg you 3/5

    By cjb_ma
    New Yorker, I love you so much and I love having all the issues on my phone. The new app is an upgrade in many ways. But you have GOT to bridge the type-size gulf. Though my eyes are past, say, Jia Tolentino age, I can juuust about read that smallest type size comfortably on the bus. But if I'm feeling squinty and want to increase it just a tad, I am bumped directly up to a much huger, more let's say like a Brody, Schjeldahl, Acocella kind of size, which requires quite a lot of scrolling. With the Roger Angell option, with 2-3 comically humongous words per line, after that. I'm happy there are very-large-type options available (I hope to be reading The New Yorker into my Brody years and beyond), but I am begging you, can you throw me like a Nussbaum in the middle there? Thank you.
  • New Yorker 5/5

    By ksmgypsy
    Best writing anywhere! I always enjoy it!
  • The perfect magazine 4/5

    By PDC Larry
    I don’t need to say anything about the magazine itself, but the latest incarnation of the app is not an improvement over the previously version, and is slightly more annoying. And it’s also buggier.
  • New version a step backwards 1/5

    By Discerning43
    The new app version is slower, glitchier, and has lost some functionality. No longer able to delete old issues manually when finished reading. They must wait at least one month to auto delete wasting valuable iPad storage space. Please bring back manual deletion option. Thanks Also, latesr version of app does not consistently display cartoons correctly, Frequently, just caption with no picture. Also some issues show same cartoons as previous week instead of new issue cartoons. Several weeks there is no caption contest displayed either. Pretty weak update.
  • Disastrous “upgrade” 1/5

    By SecurityCurmudgeon
    I endorse most of the recent 1-star reviews of the latest update. It is bad enough to drive me back to paper! Missing things: ToC, Contributors, Cartoon Contest... New behaviors: articles revert to top when one leaves and returns (maddening!); articles fail to scroll (completely) when internet access is slow; an opened and read issue fails to reopen to the last article read; etc. Adding “bookmarks” and “search”, welcome and overdue improvements, are simply NOT worth the cost. Why did you inflict this on your loyal readers??? PLEASE downgrade—NOW. This update is an abject FAILURE.
  • Website redesign poor 1/5

    By Gribinitz
    Constantly hangs up trying to re-download or update, even after downloading the entire issue. Cannot toggle from one page to another without having to scroll through the entire article when returning to the page at which you start. Worked much better with last iteration of the app

The New Yorker Magazine app comments

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