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The Pattern is a social network that helps you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level. -Explore your Personal Pattern to gain insight about various sides of your personality. Your Timing offers an overview of what you're going through at this moment in time. These cycles are personal to only you. Understanding these dynamics can help you to navigate the difficult times and take advantage of the positive opportunities that you might otherwise miss. -Visit the Feed for daily updates about you, your friends and romantic partners. -Add your friends on The Pattern to learn more about their personalities, timing, and common patterns you share. -Did you know you can also create custom profiles for people not currently on the app? -Gain valuable insight on your Romantic Patterns, highlighting your strongest connections, and biggest challenges. Explore your Romantic Timing to reveal forces that may affect the relationship. -Choose your depth: View a quick summary or find in-depth details about yourself, friends, and relationships. How It Works: Simply create an account by entering your name, birthdate, birth time, and location. Once you confirm your mobile number, our unique methodology will create a custom profile with information about your Pattern and Timing. Follow @thepattern on Instagram and Twitter. Share your favorite insights from The Pattern using #ThePattern

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  • One Note 5/5

    By redwood.sprout
    I love this app. But as someone who is into astrology, I would really love to be able to have a feature where it shows what planets or aspects are creating and affecting each pattern. It’s doesn’t have to be an obvious feature that overwhelms people who don’t know or want to know about those things, but for those of us that do it would be great. There was one pattern that I went to comments from people around the world who shared it and they were all mentioning their Libra moons, which I have. BUT HOW DID THEY FIGURE THAT OUT?? Because it was nowhere in the pattern that I could see.
  • Not so bad. 3/5

    By B33333zzz
    It’s pretty accurate, pretty cool. I feel like the updates need to be just a tad bit more frequent. Literally have to wait days apart to get a new reading of some sort, our personal patterns update everyday but sometimes it’s repeated (I get it).. But anyway it’s not bad, it’d be cool if we could personally message one another with the fact being we all clearly seem to be interested in the same thing on the app, or share some of the same traits and whatnot. If we could personally message each other and be able to build through our messengers so would be more so cool.
  • Eye opening 5/5

    By PrincessHeidiiii
    This app makes me feel like someone is watching me. I’m enjoying it a great deal. But it’s alarmingly accurate.
  • Can’t recommend enough 5/5

    By Dani iStuff
    This app gives voice and insight to cycles, history, outside forces. Feeling less alone in your journey, but still providing insight to YOUR personal experience. You can connect or not - it’s all up to you.
  • Why so many tabs to swipe? 4/5

    By Kidsmeller
    I love this app but I don’t have the time to sit here and swipe like 20 times to get a paragraph-long horoscope one sentence at a time. It’s the only thing that drives me nuts. I love the app! I definitely use it less than other astrology apps, but if it gets less time-consuming, I’m sure I’ll use it more.
  • Astonishing 5/5

    By spiritual alchemist
    I’ve been on the spiritual and person growth path for 30 years. I have a ton of wisdom. I’m also a psychic, channel, medium and have every spiritual gift. I get downloads that take some people years to understand. My path has been one of intense shamanic initiation. I’ve experienced almost every part of human suffering and have gone to the depths and shed and then rose like a phoenix. I am a shaman in a society that doesn’t know how to receive. I have incredible friends that see me, and have been on there own commited journeys. My path is very unique. I am called to hold serious space and my work is powerful. I don’t get it at all. I’ve always been this way and have studied with teachers and learned skills. And then I get rapid downloads and growth. I join Facebook groups. I take classes. I search the internet and I can’t find any thing that can describe my experience or the wisdom I receive. My friend told me about this app and As always I figured it was just another western new age watered down app that gave people purpose and meaning. But what I found was a accurate description of myself. It is mostly past versions and explains exactly the things I’ve learned, worked through and affirmed the truth I was given. Like exact words. I looked up my unconventional relationship that caused incredible growth for both of us. And it explained perfectly things we’ve overcome and was spot on to what I’ve discovered about both of us through my own journey. Now I read daily and find affirmation. I love the timelines. Sometimes I’m feeling the shift but can’t always know exactly when. I love the reflection and inner awareness this app can give to many as a affirmation to learn and trust there own intuition. I don’t believe that we have a charted out destiny we are here to discover that through choices. I don’t hold onto predictions as truth but can be guided to make decisions for my highest good with this insight. So I found a app that is powerful. I am blown away.
  • Love This Concept 5/5

    By b00mb00mb33pb44p
    I really like the world pattern updates because theyre the most variable. In general the more variety the better. The pattern is much better than other apps because it gets very in depth. People who are into astrology and complaining that it’s not astrology enough... should go to another app because this concept is meant to be different... they missed the message. I would like more Personal Patterns and more variety in the daily updates. Unsolicited advice (LOL) you should advertise more or get more connections with celebs b/c this app is so much more accurate and interesting than co-star.
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By Eternaldj
    This app basically has given me a lot of validation about how I have been feeling and helped me to articulate myself to the people close to me. It’s almost eerie at times about how accurate it has been. I’m loving it and anything less than amazing feedback for this app is just BS.
  • Best App Ever! 5/5

    By Xaye B
    I love this app and have put so many on it! It has a positive and supportive following and it’s Crazy how accurate it is! I love getting random comments love and positivity when I’m able to share something that I’m experiencing. I also love being able to provide the same for others. We are more connected than you think!
  • Stars don’t care about you 1/5

    By Pilf64
    For one thing, when and where you are born cannot portend anything in the future. Ever. There is zero scientific data that supports this. What I really don’t like about this app though is how much information it asked for. It’s ostensibly an astrology app that’s truly a spammer.
  • Amazingly accurate 5/5

    By Keyboardpass
    It's scary. How does it know so much about me and my partner. Please add a feature to see the connection with friends in the same manner we can with rummaging partners. This is excellent at understanding Dynamics and asks great for team building. Thank you so much!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Hachi sama
    Like someone else stated, this is a great app, however adding "friends" and not being able to interact outside of shared patterns is kinda...odd...but i don't see it as a problem. More interaction may not be what's best for this kind of app. idk... Over all i dig it. I like what I'm being made aware of.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Bournesgirl
    Can’t wait to see what new updates come out!
  • there is no “why” 3/5

    By urlocallesbian
    While I found this app accurate, I was disappointed in the lack of explaining WHY things are like this currently. The lack of any talk about the planets or signs makes it incredibly hard to learn from this app.
  • Update 4/5

    By bwej
    Great app overall. Love the way things are said. What would make this app 5 stars is if they added what transits are what / more descriptive on what planets are causing the “patterns” .. would be very nice and more insightful :) love the app tho
  • Mind bending 5/5

    By sherose120612
    This app is so spot on that I have had a couple friends have to delete it because they were overwhelmed with how much was being shown to them. Ir truly gives you so much to tho l about and analyze in your life and relationships.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Bekachu
    I don’t write reviews. I came here specifically to write a review on this because it does SUCH a good job. I’m a professional reader (tarot, astrology, runes, etc) and I’m VERY impressed with this app. Spot on and concise- shows everything as easy to see specific and definable “patterns”. Calls you and your relationships out and empowers you by showing clear patterns in well defined areas of your life and your interactions as well as ways to overcome hurdles. Allows you to see upcoming transits as archetypal patterns and validate your current experiences and current paths. Also allows interaction with others going through similar patterns. You can connect to friends using the app or even manually add your significant other for in depth analysis. The only thing I personally would enjoy is to see the planets and transits behind everything on each category (but the current app makes for a seamless experience and you can always look up transits and charts online I suppose). This app is marvelous, thank you for creating it! I’ve been wanting an app just like this for a long time!
  • Love but, can you please add... 4/5

    By sagilight
    Please add astrology chart, aspects, transits, and houses. I would love to see and know where the patterns are coming from!
  • Hard to navigate 3/5

    By notabilityfan3
    Just updated the app this week and my home page no longer shows my patterns, insights, or world views. The rest of the app is difficult to navigate.
  • Home page changed? 5/5

    By This games crack
    When I click “home” it doesn’t show my pattern, just my posts. Is this new? Don’t know where to navigate. Great app otherwise. Thanks
  • Suggestions 4/5

    By futureDr.Jh2022
    I love the app and think that there could be additional content added. For instance, friendship connections and sexual connections. A detailed description of family relationships may be cool as well.
  • Empowering 5/5

    By Biesi
    Just download it. It’s free. It’s wildly accurate and offers great introspection. I wish it would analyze my relationship with others (not just my current romantic partner).
  • What happened to romantic partner insights? 2/5

    By Winter.Marino
    I’m not receiving insights about my significant other..
  • How Do They Do It 5/5

    By socergrl301
    I seriously feel like this app has followed me through my entire life, I’ve never had anything be so relevant and accurate to the point where I’m honestly shocked. One might even say, a little bit freaked out (in a good way). Anyway download this.
  • Mmmeh 1/5

    By Ffdfjb
    Negative & doesn’t go beyond it. Says it things that seem like it’s providing clarity but actually makes it more confusing. “May or may not” <— that’s literally everything. Repeats but comes up like it’s new info. No one knows how they came to these conclusions/who’s behind it. Insidious because people take this to heart.
  • Cool but repetitive 3/5

    By beccanewb
    I thought this app was really neat at first as it was so accurate, but after the first week it’s just been the same cards over and over in different orders, which is pretty disappointing
  • Great at first 2/5

    By sewingwoman
    For free who cares right. But after about a 6 month period it just got monotonous. It just kept posting old stuff in different ways. It’s a great app to check out . But offers no real insight for the today and now.
  • Malicious?? 4/5

    By Boogy23
    My lookout App keeps blocking “malicious sites” from The Pattern. What’s up with that?
  • Pretty accurate but the concept is lacking in awareness 3/5

    By cosmocult
    So initially when I first downloaded the pattern I thought to myself how crazy it was that some of the things stated felt so spot on. But then I realized how invasive this information actually is. I think I recall a moment in the Facebook “age” when the majority of people felt somewhat violated based on the information Facebook wanted to know, not just for ad purposes but for other people. Why I think this is a similar kind of feeling of violating privacy is because when you have someone’s either birth information or you’ve become friends with them on the app, the speculation can get to an insane degree. I don’t want to compare my partner to my friends and see that they could be more compatible or more attractive than I feel I am to my partner. That potential is there for creating feelings of inadequacy for people who struggle with that kind of thing. This can make the internet a viscous source for exposing the deepest shadow places within the human psyche. I think the concept is great on its own, but the fact that it is labeled under “social networking” causes me to think that this Information Age has gone too far. I don’t want to connect with people on my pain over the internet and have that be the basis for a friendship to bloom. I think the idea of creating a privacy setting would be much appreciated.
  • it’s ok. 2/5

    By hana-ri12345
    As someone who is deeply in love with astrology, I was excited to use this app. I found that the personality descriptions were very accurate. However the cycle descriptions are often in accurate and written in an almost pessimistic way. Furthermore, I would like descriptions of the planetary alignments (ex: venus in aries causing certain emotions) so that i can deepen my knowledge of astrology. The layout seems more like a place for people with mental issues and use the app to dump their problems and doesn’t have to do with astrology at all.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Erinpants
    I can’t believe this app is free. Do it you won’t regret it.
  • Great for Noobs and Seasoned Astro Enthusiasts Alike 3/5

    By The Gr8 Deceiver
    Largely drawing from Western Astrology, The Pattern does a very good job at presenting an easy to understand message without all the houses, transits, aspects etc etc. Unlike many other astrological apps, it is simple. It’s a great way to get into the subject without feeling overwhelmed. I would give it 3.75 stars if I could. Content is very good, but not too detailed. (that’s precisely why I like it. I have other apps and books for getting into the deets) UI is getting better with each update. Most of my friends I’ve had to add manually, as inviting and trying to accept invites from known friends is impossible. Accepting from folks I’ve never met, sure that works. Go figure. 🤷‍♂️ My main concern is that nothing, I repeat nothing is free. So how is The Pattern in business? Sure they’ve got my bday, my “name” and birth data email addy etc, etc. All of which could be found online if one wanted to find it. So how are they making money? Ads? Haven’t seen any. Paywall? Nope its “free” My fear is that The Pattern will be in an article in the coming months about apps that secretly track, harvest info etc, etc. Facebook users, you are the product, same goes for Amazon, Google; the list goes on. I want to love The Pattern, yet my intuition, or gut if you will, says that something fishy is going on and only in time will we find out. ...if we find out. If one ignores one’s intuition (which is counter to what The Pattern teaches) it’s a great app worth downloading, you might be surprised what you read about yourself 😳
  • Bad link? 3/5

    By mayap22348765
    I keep getting malicious link blocked from lookout coming from this app like consistently today
  • Same info every day. 3/5

    By Lindsay_L
    I mostly like the app & have recommended it to friends though they say it’s not very intuitive to use. Where I get frustrated is it has given some good insight as to my “pattern” it’s the same I do over and over when you click “go deeper.” I thought it would be insight into different aspects of myself.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Gemini Viking
    It’s great, I just wish it was more social. Have the ability to message people.
  • This app knows me better than myself 5/5

    By reseycup
    This app is so amazing to me!!!
  • Eh ya 3/5

    By Madi1222
    The app is alright it’s pretty cool with tracking that pattern of where you are and the story line, we are all apart of the exact same cycle but because we are born at different times and places we go through the same things at different times blah blah. It’s a little bit deep on the negative aspects, which is good and insightful but maybe excessive. Also Ive only had the app for a week and I’ve already got 2 different messages repeated to me like 3 times on different days as if I forgot what it said before. It will like rearrange the slide a little but it says the same thing it said a few days ago?
  • This app has helped lead me to so many breakthrough moments 5/5

    By Hotsoundengineer
    Never have I ever looked to anything or anyone to get insight and clarity on this that going on with me. After I discovered this app I was able to figure so many good and bad things about the way I was going about doing things. The choices I was making etc... I highly recommend this app to anyone that is feeling lost and needs a little guidance and ideas on how to apply that advice into real life.
  • Fun but why does it require a commitment? 3/5

    By Kaliannah
    I don’t like to interact with my phone as often as this app requires it. I see notifications I missed that were interesting but I can’t read them because I didn’t interact with the app in time before they disappeared. So you have to commit to reading it in time and I dislike that very much! Also, I like knowing more about what planets are causing the app to report what it is reporting. Just the information alone without knowing why these messages are coming up for me loses some of the magic. Because of this, it ends up feeling more like a horoscope add in a newspaper that is general information for everyone rather than a tool that is tuned to support me.
  • Logged Out 4/5

    By LGab35
    I don’t know if it was because of a recent update or what but it looks like I got logged out of the app and no matter what information I use to try and log back in it says no account exists. Unfortunate because I liked using the app but don’t want to go through the set up again and had a fair amount saved.
  • Love It BUT 3/5

    By reviewsandish
    My notifications will not stay on. I turned them on in the settings on the app and my phone but the second close and reopen the app the notifications are off again. I would like to receive my daily insights like on the Co-Star app but this glitch is making that completely impossible.

    By ohsothatsjo
    Honestly this app is the most peaceful app that I have downloaded and it has helped me much more than other calming apps that I’ve tried. My only issue is that you don’t get to connect with people a bit more intimately. As in you don’t get to directly message people and chat with them, also I’d like if we could more personalize it to fit us both appearance wise and informatively, but I’m not complaining the colors are comforting while reading. Overall this is a app I will never delete and I wish I would’ve found this app sooner. It definitely helps you find people who are similar to you. I love this app. There’s also a bug that when I add someone and then go to my profile , it doesn’t update to say they are my friend ex. If I have 6 friends and add a person and go to my profile it should say 7 but it says 6 until I close and re open the app.
  • crazy 5/5

    By Popsiclecrayness
    actually wild. gives an unbelievable amount of perspective and is SO in depth. i align with it quite often and use it to rationally deal with myself and grow. the only thing that i would suggest for an improvement would be career recommendations based on this stuff cause it’s spot on with my personality and ideals.
  • Very sus GENDER BIAS?? 1/5

    By Yyesstiny
    I have written a review before and rated the app 3 stars for transit opacity but i have to now drop this app to 1. THE PATTERN CHANGES ACCORDING TO YOUR GENDER. I am a woman in life. As a woman in the pattern my timing is mostly relationship oriented. My pattern has 3 posts in relationship experiences like ‘unpredictable & unique’ and ‘romantic & impracticle’. i get posts almost everyday about how I throw myself into my relationships expecting my partners to be my everything and see them too idealistically. As a MAN suddenly I have ‘Growth’ categories in my pattern, that I had never seen as a woman. male me is ‘visionary or unrealistic’ and ‘innovative & experimental’. traits I possess in life as a multimedia artist, performer, and designer but not according to the app as a woman. as a man my relationship pattern drops to one trait that is ‘frustration & blocks’ Lol? According to the pattern, as a man, in my relationships I often feel ‘micro managed’....TF? As NON-BINARY, the pattern is suddenly severely limited- only 4 cycles in timing...compared to 11 as a male and 9 as a female. I hate this app now for aligning itself so blatantly and unthoughtfully (or intentionally?) with gendered stereotypes. The poignant posts have lost their color and legitimacy in my eyes. Wouldn’t be surprised if the creators of this app were some very strange fundamentalist-christian astrologers. Beware how this app will influence you...also agree with other criticisms its very negative. previous review: love the concept, descriptions are great, feels accurate and very resonant BUT IT IS NOT TRANSPARENT ABOUT WHAT ASTROLOGICAL TRANSITS CREATE THE PATTERN. I dont get that, why wouldn’t they include that? Are they doubting the intelligence of the user? Do they expect me to believe they are magical oracles? Are they purposely keeping information hidden so other astrologers wont copy information? Is it so hard to include a simple line i.e. “saturn nearing degree to natal placement” or “sun sq neptune in the 3rd house” or whatever? Its very frustrating to me that that aspect is not revealed. I love that its not so scientific and dry the way that other astrology apps are and I’m not an astrologer or a hobbyist and I love the insight this app offers, the pattern is on point. But this one thing makes me feel in the dark about my own life, I should have that information the research more on my own ESPECIALLY for permanent patterns. Not cool. also there are discontinuities, like when i click on the pattern no information is revealed, but when i click on the clock to the pattern i get more information at the top of the screen of the time frame and peak of the transit. Those pages should merge. That information should always show. I will keep the app if they change this but if not, i will be too annoyed with it besides all the good things about to keep it for much longer.
  • Good overall but too much focus on the negative 3/5

    By cosmicdu$t
    I like the app but have stopped using it because it brings up a lot of negative aspects that don’t feel relatable or constructive. I think there’s some good insight here but it still feels a bit too general to be very helpful.
  • I absolutely love this app. 5/5

    By Seagoat1978
    It shows me who I am and explains why I am the way I am. I’d say “The Pattern” knows me better than I know myself and is introducing me to me in a different light on the daily.
  • S’okay. 2/5

    By Sai Yu
    As far as feedback goes there’s 3 major things I wish would change. 1.) the swipe feature. I can read paragraphs just fine without it being sliced into 15 unnecessary slides. I find this to be cumbersome if I want to share the whole summary with a friend. One image with everything on it would do just fine. 2.) More transparency with transits. Most of the time people are guessing in the experience section what transits we have in common. 3.) more control over who sees what I’m posting. If I share an experience with folks who have the same natal planetary alignment, the rest of my friends list doesn’t need to be notified about what I posted, especially if it’s unrelated to them. Just my thoughts. 👌
  • Incredible 5/5

    By Sir poopalot
    Does an incredible job interpreting natal and mundane transits for all user types.
  • Ok 5/5

    By cuteyfox
    I mean I guess it’s 👌

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