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The Pattern App

The Pattern is a social network that helps you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level. -Explore your Personal Pattern to gain insight about various sides of your personality. Your Timing offers an overview of what you're going through at this moment in time. These cycles are personal to only you. Understanding these dynamics can help you to navigate the difficult times and take advantage of the positive opportunities that you might otherwise miss. -Visit the Feed for daily updates about you, your friends and romantic partners. -Add your friends on The Pattern to learn more about their personalities, timing, and common patterns you share. -Did you know you can also create custom profiles for people not currently on the app? -Gain valuable insight on your Romantic Patterns, highlighting your strongest connections, and biggest challenges. Explore your Romantic Timing to reveal forces that may affect the relationship. -Choose your depth: View a quick summary or find in-depth details about yourself, friends, and relationships. How It Works: Simply create an account by entering your name, birthdate, birth time, and location. Once you confirm your mobile number, our unique methodology will create a custom profile with information about your Pattern and Timing. Follow @thepattern on Instagram and Twitter. Share your favorite insights from The Pattern using #ThePattern

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The Pattern app reviews

  • Always spot on 5/5

    By HernameisLele
    Amazing Give it a try
  • ACCURATE 5/5

    By MiaK33232314543
    It’s so so accurate I’m shocked! Loving it! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
  • Great app 4/5

    By mzjay80
    I think this app is amazing and the guidance it provides has been thoroughly helpful. I like being able to connect with people who have similarities or who are meant to bring a certain something into my life. The only thing I would change is the way we’re able to communicate on the app. If it’s a social app we should be able to direct message one another. This may be an outlet for some people to find their tribes.
  • I love this app !!! 5/5

    By mov456
    It legit articulates my life better than I can I use it to guide me in journaling this is FREAKING amazing!! My favorite app on my phone!
  • So it’s good but...👉🏼👈🏼🥺 3/5

    By Briseiidaaaa
    So like as humans or maybe it’s just me, I tend to feel alone and you know as my pattern says I feel like I don’t take enough space and everything I may feel like it’s boring And well almost all my friends are very different from me which makes me feel even more unheard and I’d like to chat to people like me maybe we can grow together ?👉🏼👈🏼🥺 so it would be g8 to be able to have chats on here and you know be able to make friends:)
  • I love it 5/5

    It’s crazy how they describe the way you feel about your self and how you towards someone else 😱I recommend this app too find connections with other people you know or your loved ones.
  • The Social App Of My Dreams 5/5

    By AliAleAri
    So far I’m absolutely in love with it.
  • Lame title 4/5

    By stineelaine
    Really love this app and it’s crazy accurate pretty much about everything! We should be able to learn more about our relationships with those other than romantic partners though! It would be 5 stars if we could!
  • Great but... 2/5

    By MDotAli
    I like the in depth look at who I am. However the app doesn’t offer solutions or suggestions for issues or problems presented about it’s subscribers.
  • Fantastic but... 4/5

    By Hobbble
    Great insights, definitely on point but the daily descriptions can be just TOO LONG! I scrolled 43 statements for just one concept today. Makes me frustrated to use the app when I really really want to. No one has time for that. Help to make it a more curated tool. Many statements say the same thing. Brevity can be just as rewarding and powerful.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By coconut420
    This app is so realistic and amazing I was shocked 👻
  • The Pattern... Is On point 5/5

    By Playsalotofmatch3
    Omg.... what more can I say. From the moment I started to read about myself. Mind boggling.... to say the least. Try it out for yourself and be amazed!
  • Hocuspocus 1/5

    By Nyk_H
    This is all bs. Social media and horoscopes had a love child and this is what that child spit up. Everything is extremely generic and recycled for everyone.
  • Why are you gendering astrology?? 3/5

    By siennareynolds
    I really liked this app, but I noticed that when I created profiles of people with all the same information but different genders, the patterns change all around. I understand that feminine and masculine energy affect astrology, but that energy is present in your natal chart based on your placements, not your actual gender.
  • Include the astrological details 4/5

    By MrsGoggin
    I realize that many people using this don’t realize it’s an astrology app but for those of us that do it would be great for you to include the aspects you are referring to. Then it could be a teaching tool as well for how to write great interpretations of the aspects, their influence and peak times. It’s excellent work and maybe you don’t want to market this but a click through experience for this data would be great and a real time saver for us professionals.
  • PLEASE FIX! No longer giving me daily updates 5/5

    By MayorGraybill
    App is stuck on the first day I downloaded and won’t let me refresh. Does not give me new notifications since the new update.
  • Good pattern but... 5/5

    By WarriorFoxie
    Everything is great on pattern. That what we needs to know what going on. Astrology is powerful. Only problem is we don’t know our pattern post while during holidays. Do favor us for keep up for pattern everyday. Holiday or not. Means is... easier we will be prepare it; for what happen to next it.
  • Requests 5/5

    By Sofaloph
    I love the app!! Buttttt I wanna know what pattern says about everyone intimately. Like what might he be like in bed?? Haha just something I wish I knew
  • dark mode 5/5

    By t_joanna
    please make dark mode an available option!
  • Adding friends 1/5

    By jwoodrich
    Tried to add friends, sent multiple invites and it never added. Added friends manually and still nothing. Evidently I’m doing it wrong, but between 2 people we could not get to work. Stupid
  • Love the content, but would like better sharing options. 5/5

    By xChasity
    It’s a great app. My only wish is that I could share to my IG story instead of making a new post.
  • Freaky 5/5

    By Bawdyline
    Kinda freaky and pretty spot on. Gives me goosebumps. I read others that wouldn’t apply to me which is strange because typically with these things they are super vague and anything can apply to anyone. Nope this is different.
  • Has a virus 1/5

    By 123owljulie
    This app caused my iPad to go into horizontal viewing mode and get stuck. I am subsequently unable to view my home screen or anything vertically. It is a new iPad.
  • the most beautiful app ever created 5/5

    By ajsheufbayxkengjxuwma
    This app is like if your therapist was an astrologer and also your best friend and then connected you with other people who have the same exact problems and personality traits as you. I loved this app even before adding the « shared experiences » part but now I’m seriously in awe of whoever’s idea it was to create this. It breaks down aspects of your natal chart into a series of empowering insights. Sometimes it really comes for you and touches on some deep trauma but as long as you keep a positive outlook and take everything said with a grain of salt, this app is amazing!!!!!
  • Very Accurate & Insightful! 5/5

    By FaffaSpirit
    If you are looking for an app that brings insight as well as deeply profound messages about your current life, then this is the app for you.
  • Loved at first but gets repetitive 3/5

    By dmm227
    It’s great at first and really showed a lot of surprising insight. I’m not normally into astrology as I don’t see it as scientific, and since this asks for birth time and day, I figure that’s what this is based on. So I found this surprisingly accurate. But now it seems to have run out of new insights and is just repeating the same things over and over. My guess is they will soon offer a paid version with more updated insights (which I wouldn’t pay for, but that’s seems the logical next step, unless they aren’t in it for the money). I do read when it sends me a notification, even if it’s a repeat because it is nice as a reminder and reflective of a cyclical analysis of trends (the western astrological calendar, I’m guessing).
  • Please include private message feature! 4/5

    By EricaArkie
    I have been totally loving this app since downloading and getting involved in the threads! I’ve been finding people who have been through similar experiences and relationships and conversation has been getting deep. (Pretty cool!😅) I’d love to connect and privately chat with some of these people I’m in connection with! However, I can see it being a problem sharing usernames on public threads. Some may not be so open to share on a public thread but are willing to talk in private. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE! I’ve seen many comments asking for this!
  • TWO WORDS 5/5

    By lpaytas
    ON POINT !!!!!
  • Very accurate 5/5

    By Sundaywalk
    I absolutely love this app! It reveals your strengths & weaknesses and gives constructive criticism to help you be more empowered!
  • Wonderful! But what about elsewhere? 4/5

    By paradisretrouve
    I love this app! Helps me to think while I’m swimming, instead of getting lost in the current. Will we be seeing other locations for birthplace? My fiancé was born in India and can’t join me on this platform. :’(
  • Missing features 4/5

    By BgmKskn
    It would be nice to log in our daily moods and track them to see how cycles, moon, retrogades affect us
  • Not working 1/5

    By ByblosLubnan
    I just signed up but the app doesn’t work after registering and won’t log in or go any further beyond that. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • So accurate, but I need more 4/5

    By kayleigho
    I love the app. It’s interpretations are spot on and the UI is great. I wish daily that it had the option for me to see what transits are involved in these interpretations. It’s one thing to feel seen; it’s another to be able to see myself.
  • DEEP❣️ 5/5

    By dubdynasty
    initially i only viewed the opening page....but then i discovered “your pattern”...”your timing” and also relationship compatibility. omg and wow, so eye opening, so on point, totally valid!!! simple explanations but will say the full length of a specific pattern is sometimes not clear (only displays peak times) and these personal astrological details are so specific and critical, would be better if we didn’t have to drill down to discover them
  • The Pattern is great 5/5

    By Blah!!!!!!!?!!?!!?!?
    Love the pattern and have suggested it to quite a few people but I’m noticing that one of my “timing” phases is going into the negatives. This is a first, they usually disappear when the phase is over but it’s at -1 currently and when I choose too pick a date it continues going negative.
  • Profoundly accurate and elegantly presented prose 5/5

    By Balthasar Bastien
    As a professional astrologer, I’d love to see a table with the aspect or transit that correlates with each heading for more detailed reference. I do however agree that relating the essential values of the patterns revealed by the chart is refreshing and very effective. Been studying my chart for over ten years and still discovering meaningful nuances through your beautiful explanations. Very impressed! Just wondering why you haven’t monetized yet? Or link to a site with more services/offerings? Thank you for this amazing contribution to human development!! 🙇🏻‍♂️🧙🏻‍♂️👏
  • Something went wrong 3/5

    By sareebearah
    A friend of mine told me this app is accurate. I can’t even get my login in to sign up before it gives me an error
  • Almost perfect! 4/5

    By kittyyponyy
    I love this app. I love the understanding of our different personalities that it can bring. The app reveals things about your friends that don’t normally come up- adding value to the relationship. The sty in my eye here is that- as an astrologer myself- I can guess at the Astro influences- but I’d rather know. Please Pattern- please! Include some optional side bar we can click on telling us what astrological events are creating the influence. Then I can add my own understandings to yours. I can keep it in mind better if I know for example my Natal Jupiter is having a moment with Saturn, rather than the interpretation which I find harder to remember. Love this app tho! Everyone I’m close to is encouraged to get on it. 😉👍
  • Amazing! 4/5

    By terahbelle
    I’m obsessed with this app, it’s so accurate and gives awesome insight into the energies surrounding you individually. I love that you can add other people and see shared experiences, but the only thing I wish it had was a way to explore your synastry with people who AREN’T romantic partners. The synastry aspect IS interesting and I can add family members to that, but you just have to read between the lines and ignore all the romantic aspects, so it’d be nice to be able to explore friends and family connections without having to do all that :) other than that, I love the notifications I get and they always show up at exactly the right times.
  • One Note 5/5

    By redwood.sprout
    I love this app. But as someone who is into astrology, I would really love to be able to have a feature where it shows what planets or aspects are creating and affecting each pattern. It’s doesn’t have to be an obvious feature that overwhelms people who don’t know or want to know about those things, but for those of us that do it would be great. There was one pattern that I went to comments from people around the world who shared it and they were all mentioning their Libra moons, which I have. BUT HOW DID THEY FIGURE THAT OUT?? Because it was nowhere in the pattern that I could see.
  • Not so bad. 3/5

    By B33333zzz
    It’s pretty accurate, pretty cool. I feel like the updates need to be just a tad bit more frequent. Literally have to wait days apart to get a new reading of some sort, our personal patterns update everyday but sometimes it’s repeated (I get it).. But anyway it’s not bad, it’d be cool if we could personally message one another with the fact being we all clearly seem to be interested in the same thing on the app, or share some of the same traits and whatnot. If we could personally message each other and be able to build through our messengers so would be more so cool.
  • Eye opening 5/5

    By PrincessHeidiiii
    This app makes me feel like someone is watching me. I’m enjoying it a great deal. But it’s alarmingly accurate.
  • Can’t recommend enough 5/5

    By Dani iStuff
    This app gives voice and insight to cycles, history, outside forces. Feeling less alone in your journey, but still providing insight to YOUR personal experience. You can connect or not - it’s all up to you.
  • Why so many tabs to swipe? 4/5

    By Kidsmeller
    I love this app but I don’t have the time to sit here and swipe like 20 times to get a paragraph-long horoscope one sentence at a time. It’s the only thing that drives me nuts. I love the app! I definitely use it less than other astrology apps, but if it gets less time-consuming, I’m sure I’ll use it more.
  • Astonishing 5/5

    By spiritual alchemist
    I’ve been on the spiritual and person growth path for 30 years. I have a ton of wisdom. I’m also a psychic, channel, medium and have every spiritual gift. I get downloads that take some people years to understand. My path has been one of intense shamanic initiation. I’ve experienced almost every part of human suffering and have gone to the depths and shed and then rose like a phoenix. I am a shaman in a society that doesn’t know how to receive. I have incredible friends that see me, and have been on there own commited journeys. My path is very unique. I am called to hold serious space and my work is powerful. I don’t get it at all. I’ve always been this way and have studied with teachers and learned skills. And then I get rapid downloads and growth. I join Facebook groups. I take classes. I search the internet and I can’t find any thing that can describe my experience or the wisdom I receive. My friend told me about this app and As always I figured it was just another western new age watered down app that gave people purpose and meaning. But what I found was a accurate description of myself. It is mostly past versions and explains exactly the things I’ve learned, worked through and affirmed the truth I was given. Like exact words. I looked up my unconventional relationship that caused incredible growth for both of us. And it explained perfectly things we’ve overcome and was spot on to what I’ve discovered about both of us through my own journey. Now I read daily and find affirmation. I love the timelines. Sometimes I’m feeling the shift but can’t always know exactly when. I love the reflection and inner awareness this app can give to many as a affirmation to learn and trust there own intuition. I don’t believe that we have a charted out destiny we are here to discover that through choices. I don’t hold onto predictions as truth but can be guided to make decisions for my highest good with this insight. So I found a app that is powerful. I am blown away.
  • Love This Concept 5/5

    By b00mb00mb33pb44p
    I really like the world pattern updates because theyre the most variable. In general the more variety the better. The pattern is much better than other apps because it gets very in depth. People who are into astrology and complaining that it’s not astrology enough... should go to another app because this concept is meant to be different... they missed the message. I would like more Personal Patterns and more variety in the daily updates. Unsolicited advice (LOL) you should advertise more or get more connections with celebs b/c this app is so much more accurate and interesting than co-star.
  • Fantastic App 5/5

    By Eternaldj
    This app basically has given me a lot of validation about how I have been feeling and helped me to articulate myself to the people close to me. It’s almost eerie at times about how accurate it has been. I’m loving it and anything less than amazing feedback for this app is just BS.
  • Best App Ever! 5/5

    By Xaye B
    I love this app and have put so many on it! It has a positive and supportive following and it’s Crazy how accurate it is! I love getting random comments love and positivity when I’m able to share something that I’m experiencing. I also love being able to provide the same for others. We are more connected than you think!
  • Stars don’t care about you 1/5

    By Pilf64
    For one thing, when and where you are born cannot portend anything in the future. Ever. There is zero scientific data that supports this. What I really don’t like about this app though is how much information it asked for. It’s ostensibly an astrology app that’s truly a spammer.

The Pattern app comments

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