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The Pattern App

The Pattern is the most accurate and in-depth personality & compatibility app out there, helping you understanding yourself and others better, as well as enabling connection on a much deeper level. If you are interested in improving your relationship with yourself and those around you, The Pattern is a MUST HAVE! -Your Patterns: Unique and in-depth personality analysis for yourself. -Custom Profiles: Add someone you know and gain insights into how to connect with them better. -Timing: The emotional cycles you go through - past, present and future -Friendship patterns: How you and your friends “really” connect underneath the surface. -Romantic patterns: Gain valuable insight on romantic dynamics, highlighting your strongest connections, and biggest challenges. -Shared experience: Read about the experience of others going through similar emotions as you. What our users say about us: -This is mind-blowingly accurate! -This does not come across like astrology at all. So refreshing. 5 STAR! -This is a sanctuary for my soul! -The Pattern really speaks to me and makes me feel seen. -It exploded my mind! Follow @ThePattern on Instagram and Twitter. Share your favorite insights from The Pattern using #ThePattern

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The Pattern app reviews

  • Side swipe to read more 1/5

    By Falling Lots
    This app wants to pretend it’s a book by having the user read a couple lines/sentences, then swipe right. I forget this every time I open it, click their “go deeper” link, and close the app. Should probably just delete it.
  • App doesn’t work on iPhone SE running iOS 12.1.4 1/5

    By DreTattooNola
    I loved this app until I tried to login to it on my new phone. All that happens is a spinning circle of death stuck on top of the Facebook login screen within The Pattern app. Very frustrating. Deleted the app, downloaded it again, same results.
  • Too many questions 3/5

    By DanikaNayNay34
    My timeline used to consist of My Pattern and World updates. Now it’s filled with questions that I don’t care to answer and I rarely receive a My Pattern update.
  • Would like to opt out of question of the day 2/5

    By themoonmuse
    I thought it was very insightful for a while. Now with the latest updates, I mostly get world updates and question of the day prompts filling up my screen. I’m not on this app to share my deep darkest secrets with strangers. It would be amazing if developers in the future could update it so that we can toggle that off as it is pretty annoying to those that don’t want to join in on the conversation. Also getting a ton of repeats when I get a personal update. Mostly a rewording of my already known patterns.
  • Unfortunately not accurate at all for me 2/5

    By Ofoshee
    Focused on a lot of negative things that were super opposite for me. I felt like it was geared toward young people in their teens or twenties maybe, who don’t have children or aren’t married.
  • Politics ruin everything 1/5

    By Bhffendisisibsjdid
    I don’t care about your political affiliation. Ruined the app. This country is in flames
  • Unlock the Enigma of yourself and others! 5/5

    By Mold Breaker 3
    This app is ridiculously spot on. A deeper version than the secret language of birthdays trilogy.
  • Excellent and Insightful 5/5

    By maimeelou
    The Pattern is a rich source if information both for the individual, and for the world. I appreciate the research they've done and the material they cover.
  • Notifications 4/5

    By _phitty_
    When a new pattern pops up, it’s not easy to find on the app itself. Even when I clicked on the notification the app doesn’t take you to the new pattern. You just end up at the home page and the pattern isn’t there. It’s frustrating because I look forward to reading them and end up not finding them at all. As far as the rest of the app goes, I love it. The app has a influence of increasing awareness. The community it has is welcoming as well.
  • Review 3/5

    By toomanyrulesforanickname
    The info is somewhat accurate but I don’t get my daily pattern.
  • Ahhhhhmaaazingggg 5/5

    By Briiwantsacookie
    This app is absolutely amazing. It helps me every day and it truly gives me clarity on what’s going on with my life so it’s easier to understand and formulate an appropriate course of action. It’s amazing and I recommend it to allll my friends and anyone that’ll listen lol definitely download it
  • “EARTH update” instead of “world” 5/5

    By moonbunny1111
    I love this app!! Very accurate, helpful, and thought provoking as well!! It’s the third astrology source I use now. I thought it would be kinda cool to see y’all use “Earth update” instead of “world” .. <3 muah
  • Wildly inaccurate 1/5

    By Duehdnsoshsbdb
  • Sad 1/5

    By Uuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhh
    I’ve been trying to make an account for months. Each time I try I get to the end and click “show me my pattern” and then the “oops something went wrong!” message pops up. UGH!! Uninstalling.
  • please specify the transits 3/5

    By @toooflytocare
    i do like this app, but i barely open it because i really don’t like the fact that it’s not stated what planetary transits are being described.
  • Good app but remove question of the day! 3/5

    By LC4278
    Question of the day is pointless to many! Please give us the option to remove from the dashboard. It totally clutters it up. Especially since I see 2-3 questions on my feed daily.
  • Amazingly Accurate 5/5

    By hlang2333
    I’ve tried many horoscope apps but this is by far the most accurate one. There are also many features on this one that you would have to pay for on others. I check it every morning now, I absolutely love it.
  • Please add Paraguay Itá as a location. I feel invalidated. 1/5

    By Poopheadstarface
    Hello, I was born in Itá Paraguay and want to know if you can please add that city. I cannot use the app without it.
  • Negative. 1/5

    By Jaidah7
    I noticed after a while that this app will state things about your life that isn’t necessarily true. It’ll say how your life is going through struggles, hardships etc.. and naturally people will believe it and take that information in and cause it to really happen. It’s all a subconscious thing. So I deleted the app. Very negative and I believe it isn’t accurate. What they call negative can be beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. Use at your own risk!!!
  • rly simple suggestion 5/5

    By fbiagentsplsdontdeletethis
    hi can you guys please add some features for your chat? maybe some cute stickers, or a place to send gifs or just a way to send pictures in general! that would be rly cool ty :) also how are you guys so spot on with descriptions it’s wild... haha.... almost like you’re the government or something. anyways gifs pls!!!! ty
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Ssofija
    Great app however I do wish you could turn off the “Question of the day” notifications feature. I don’t want to be interrogated daily!

    By emilymv8
    this app read me like a BOOK. i don’t think i have read anything that made me question it. the only feature i wish it had was to show my entire chart. it only tells you who you are but i wish it told me why (what planets are interacting to make me that way)
  • How to delete the Question of the Day? 3/5

    By MikkiG
    Can there please be a way to get rid of all the Question of the Day Boxes? They don’t seem to go away. Even if I click “hide” they only get a little smaller but they’re still there. I’m not interested in the Question of the Day feature at all
  • Don’t Lose Yourself to This AI-driven App 2/5

    By Hahehais
    There’s just enough accuracy to hook you, but if you truly know your chart well you’ll realize there is tons left out and lots of things that aren’t quite right or fully accurate, but since the few things it touches on are accurate you’ll be inclined to believe it - throwing your own experience and intuition out the window - and it will lead you down an unhealthy rabbit hole of navel gazing and self doubt. Check the chats - there are so many people mentioning suicide there. And perhaps not so coincidentally the site that supports the app has a suicide help and prevention hotline listed. There are articles written out there that say this app ruined their relationships and their mental health and I can see why: if you let a robot tell you who you are, beyond your own self awareness and self knowledge, then you’ve signed yourself up for cult-like allegiance and suffering. Do yourself a favor and keep your wits about you and realize that the stars impel, they do not compel. Astrology is a tool to help us, not something that we give up our free will and agency to in blind determinism and slavery. If you have healthy boundaries you should be okay; if not, beware.
  • How do you choose which causes to support? 1/5

    With all that is going on in the world. I open my app to see rainbow letters... you support PRIDE but not BLM? You said nothing about Black Lives Matter as many companies have made statements in their support. You support one fight but not others. Are you aware that there are Black people in the LGBTQ community? Are you aware that is was people of color who began the fight for LGBTQ rights?! Disappointed. What pattern is this? Oh, right. The pattern of white supremacy. Update: The folks at The Pattern sent me to their website to see their statement on BLM... this is not the same as me opening the app and seeing a statement. I’ve never even been to their website. I have the app. There are other apps that have their statement appear as soon as you open it- much like the colorful PRIDE letters that were there when I opened. Day late. Dollar short. Do not send ppl to your website when they want to know why something isn’t on your app.
  • Insightful 4/5

    By franticdinner
    The notifications seem to read my mind, I love reading about the depths of myself that I’m not usually attuned to~ I wish there could be an explanation as to what placements or transits in my Astro chart relate to these descriptions
  • text preview hidden by keyboard on small older iPhones 3/5

    By It's not paranoia
    the keyboard covers the preview of the text you're writing when you try to reply to things on older iPhones. seems like an oversight. rest of the app is great but in its current state all i can do is browse. it's impossible to actually write anything if i can't see and correct all the ways autocorrect mangles what i'm trying to say.
  • One of my all time favorite apps!! 5/5

    By Maddabug
    This app has not only changed my perspective, but it’s also helped change my life!!! Any chance I get to introduce this app to someone else, I immediately hop to it. So much and so eager that sometimes I myself, will happily confiscate anybodies phone just to ensure that the app gets installed, he’ll I’ll even make their accounts for them! What would make my experience, and I’m certain many others, even BETTER would be to have more compatibility options/calculations OTHER than JUST romance. It may just be me, but I’m honestly but more interested in knowing my compatibility with friends and family.
  • Self-growth oriented, but not overtly about astrology 5/5

    By MetzLawthe
    I enjoy reading about myself, and this app points out my strengths, shortcomings, and sensitivities. I can examine my relationships with people without seeing what planets are compatible or conflicting (though seeing those might be useful for some) and compare them as well. The advice is actionable and don't contain corny platitudes. It allows for note-taking and bookmarking which makes for fun self-reflection. You can even time-travel and refer back to past transits. The community-oriented Question of the Day forum is engaging. I would love for it to allow some astro aspects to be shown with the resources so maybe we can see patterns and tendencies amongst people (if the user selects to be public). Overall this app is easy to use, though I think it would be nice to see an index of all the possible patterns even if they are not included in your own.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By indyshana
    This is one of the most brilliant apps I have every seen. Studying Astrology for 15 years... this is a very very lovely self empowerment tool.
  • One of the best.. and I’ve seen a lot of personality/astrology apps. 5/5

    By jaydaiy
    In myTop 3 list
  • Dark Mode 4/5

    By Dab_weiver
    Can y’all make a dark mode, my eyes hurt
  • wow 5/5

    By maddybb34
    Giiiiirl first of all. This app is spooky accurate and helpful without being superficial and bs like a lot of other astrology related apps. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, today I opened the app and was met with not only a FULL ON STATEMENT concerning the racial uprising of the black community but it also attached a direct link to get educated AND donate. I genuinely am moved. A lot of platforms have made vague statements just to save face but this is real solidarity and real love. thank you for using your platform to echo our cries for justice. Truly warmed my heart. 🤍🤍👏🏾✊🏾
  • Wow, huge fan 5/5

    By ewrbird
    Not only is this app eerily accurate, the depth of the content is really fantastic. What prompted me to come here to write a review, though, is the fact that amidst the social upheaval and chaos and dire need to support people of color the Pattern has done their research and added a simple, non-invasive pop up that invites people to learn more about the current events and to donate to worthy causes linked to the larger movement. THANK YOU for this, I am all the more pumped to be using the app :)
  • Same readings twice 5/5

    By PaiPai013
    I love this app. But I’m confused as to why I receive my readings twice overtime? Am I the only one?
  • Not working 1/5

    By niknak2204
    Will not open.
  • The Scrolling!!!! 3/5

    By Meowitskylie
    I feel like this app is an interesting and fun read. However it bothers me to no end that you can’t see your progress when reading more about a pattern. I wish either the number of dots was the number of pages, or it was a scrolling bar, or it showed page numbers or something
  • Won’t let me « go deeper » 3/5

    By Guilty Cocker-Spaniel
    I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it but when I create a romantic relationship it won’t save the relationship or let me tap the go deeper option on the patterns,( nor will the option show up even when the tutorial shows a white box around the button ) great app tho
  • Wish I could give it more than 5 stars 5/5

    By Egoddess21
    The best and most accurate Astrology app there is it’s almost unreal
  • Avoid 1/5

    By ms trust.
    It used to be interesting introspective information and now it’s a chat room I am forced to participate in and I hate it.
  • Beautiful, supportive and accurate 4/5

    By haha.anaya
    I love this app! The insight it gives you is super accurate and gives you plenty of ways to meet new people even if you don’t start out with friends, you’re bound to find someone you can relate to. The one thing I’d like to see with this app is a way to private message the people you meet through it!
  • I LOVE THIS APP!!!! 5/5

    By KamiYamz
    The Pattern is AMAZING!!!
  • Good but it could use some improvement 3/5

    By Tupelobound
    I like this app. I take everything with a grain of salt. Although it uses fuzzy words like “perhaps” and “maybe” in the hopes of getting a “hit” it’s still fun. I would only recommend that it allow you to save and send the entire reading. As of now, it only allows parts of your reading for saving or forwarding.

    By Daddy @gayforgrey
    Now listen, ive tried many horoscope apps.. and none felt right and didn’t actually come accurate at all. I have had the pattern app for a couple months now, and i was just reading back on the relationship between my ex’s and i , and the pattern was incredibly accurate on what our issues were and why we had some problems. 1000000% recommend this app. You don’t have to believe in any type zodiac sign stuff or card reading. But this app will tell nothing but absolutely true stuff. Will open your eyes to things you can fix about your self and relationships!!!
  • super accurate but it would be even better if they added advice 4/5

    By 420upinlondon
    It explains a lot of phases that you’re going through, but doesn’t tell you what to do with that info. I think that would be a great addition!
  • My favorite app! 5/5

    By valencia920
    I love how y’all are giving tips on what to self reflect on and advantage of during the new moon, world events, etc. I also love the very in depth analysis curated for you specifically. It’s very personal and the reason why this is my favorite app! :)
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Stalecaramel
    This is a really cool and interesting site! You’ll be surprised by the accuracy! Also today I got locked out of my account and they responded promptly in order to reset my password. You won’t be disappointed and plus it’s free!
  • Full daily Pattern Update Missing? 4/5

    By Socrates' Lover
    I like this app, very cognitive-behavioral approach or whatever. But I noticed that when I look at my daily update now, instead of giving me a full update for the day, it will start off with like a sentence and not finish... I did it in my last paragraph to show an example. I don’t like it. It helps to have something brief yet concise to meditate on for the day, instead of being forced to read that full pattern. I don’t like this new feature. I want the old thing back. If I wanted something more vague I’d just stick with Co-Star. Feel me? Thanks.
  • Bug with daily updates 3/5

    By funroe
    There is a weird bug with the daily updates that shows a “...” that doesn’t show the full update and if you click to go deeper, it isn’t a continuation of the sentence. Please fix!

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