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The Pattern App

The Pattern is a social network that helps you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level. -Explore your Personal Pattern to gain insight about various sides of your personality. Your Timing offers an overview of what you're going through at this moment in time. These cycles are personal to only you. Understanding these dynamics can help you to navigate the difficult times and take advantage of the positive opportunities that you might otherwise miss. -Visit the Feed for daily updates about you, your friends and romantic partners. -Add your friends on The Pattern to learn more about their personalities, timing, and common patterns you share. -Did you know you can also create custom profiles for people not currently on the app? -Gain valuable insight on your Romantic Patterns, highlighting your strongest connections, and biggest challenges. Explore your Romantic Timing to reveal forces that may affect the relationship. -Choose your depth: View a quick summary or find in-depth details about yourself, friends, and relationships. How It Works: Simply create an account by entering your name, birthdate, birth time, and location. Once you confirm your mobile number, our unique methodology will create a custom profile with information about your Pattern and Timing. Follow @thepattern on Instagram and Twitter. Share your favorite insights from The Pattern using #ThePattern

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  • Love the app but...... 4/5

    By LikeWhyEven
    Love this concept. My favorite astrology app. But I think the app attracted more traffic and attention when we could expect multiple updates a day. Now it’s gone down from one to MAYBE one a day.. some days there are no new updates. When you check this app as many times a day as I do, it was a lot more addicting when I could almost always go read something new after a few hours. Please change it back to new updates.
  • Interesting and insightful 3/5

    By simsoka
    But I really want to know what astrological aspects are incoming the descriptions. Would give greater legitimacy to the info.
  • ??? 3/5

    By JDurga
    I’m totally into the pattern, however, I’m also not. It would be amazing if two things: 1. It told the astrological transit / aspects that it’s referring to because there are a multitude of ways to interpret different transits. When I read mine, I can see what some of the transits are and have researched them previous to this app and found very different interpretations. Because of how honest and non-sugar coated this voice is, it would be good to be able to continue the research. 2. Sure, romantic relationships are one thing, but what about co-worker? Or co-creators? And a word to the wise: it’s crazy wild how accurate this reading is on a personal level, but please remember that this is only PART of your story. There are 10,000 ways to read a chart and your chart has even more depth than this! Don’t let what you read here to over-ride your intuition and search to know yourself 💫 If used well, with good perspective this app has the potential to really ignite compassion within relationships. The potential is here. Criticism aside... it’s a great app 👍🏽
  • Recommend. 5/5

    By Tairaakangaroo
    It’s a great app, I love it. It kind of reminds me of the wherefortune app that gave fortunes based on your chart and daily location, in real time but this is more Focused on daily patterns. I do wish there’s more details involved that make me feel like it’s completely personalized to me including a birth chart pattern section. But I enjoy it and I do recommend it.
  • It’s broken 1/5

    By Lalaislove
    After less than a week it logged me out, wouldn’t let me log back in using the Facebook login, asked for my phone number and then said I didn’t have an account. All this after sending me an alert with a message for the day. Nothing but error messages. Oh, and half the time I had to save a post as a picture in order to read the entire thing because the app wouldn’t scroll.
  • This app just read my mind 5/5

    By jess123456789x
    Whoa, this app just read my mind and told me what my problems were and how to fix them. So insightful and guiding! I will spend the next few hours of the night wondering how they did that..
  • Lovely 4/5

    By bbbbbean
    Poignant, thoughtful, and spookily accurate. Please add transit details!
  • Great app but needs more detail 4/5

    By Lissahaaley
    I love how accurate this app is. I was reading it and everything was so true for me it was overwhelming. I love that you can go back and look at certain dates and the cycles. I like that you can add other people yourself and check their profile out without making them get the app. I really wish they would do more than just a partnership tab though. I’d love to see siblings, parent-child, friend relationship tabs. Also i agree with everyone that they should put the transits and aspects because otherwise it just seems like a general horoscope app.
  • Can’t delete account 1/5

    By CR43K
    There’s no where in settings to delete account when you’re no longer interested.
  • Weird and vague 3/5

    By Ella~
    It can be really accurate sometimes but.. Who made this? Why is it so vague? Just some random benevolent Astro-tech start up? Lol sure. Why won’t it tell you about the actual aspects being used or how it weighs them or what house system is being used? Some patterns look really incorrect because they seem to be weighing weaker aspects heavily. And it’s really repetitive. If you have heavy Saturn and pluto aspects it’s pretty misleadingly negative as well. You can only tell someone they’ll be alone forever and their only purpose is to make other people’s lives easier so many times.
  • Needs a Better Friend Request Feature 4/5

    By powafulll
    While I love this app and the information it gives, I do wish it would be easier to add your friends or make an account without using your phone number.
  • Good and can’t see top and bottom lines 4/5

    By 4lwayz_L8
    Can not see the top and bottom rows of some of the “go deeper” slides. Wish I could.
  • How to delete my own account 1/5

    By Waterwings6
    How do I delete my account?
  • Automatic Log Out 2/5

    By vanelle6
    Great content! My only complaint is that I keep getting logged out of the app.
  • Four...Not 5 💥 4/5

    By TraumaDoc911
    Great app...but most people want to understand the underlying aspect, transit, or progression that is being referenced. Do that, and I’ll change it to 5 💥!
  • Life-changing 5/5

    By Ekackerman
    This app is absolutely incredible and has given me so much insight on the past, present, and future. Best astrology app out there!
  • Detailed 5/5

    By Faith lizzyanne
    So far I love it. It’s so detailed and I’m a person that loves to read and loves small details especially with astrology. Can’t really think of anything that needs to be improved or added but I’m sure something cute.
  • Better but... 2/5

    By MCorvusx91
    The new update is working better. My “Your Pattern” profile used to show how many manually-added friends I shared a pattern with but now it says “Add friends to reveal shared patterns” 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t understand the point of the reactions. Do they do anything specifically, like, if you choose “same” so many times then Your Pattern adjusts? Do they help you get new patterns to better understand yourself? 🤔 Adding more relations (i.e., Friendship, Sibling, Parent-Child, etc.) to better understand a past, current or future relationship would be wonderful. 🙏🏻 Lastly, I’m still bothered by strangers’ accounts showing up on World Update posts or any other pattern post. My account is private. I’d like to react to those posts but I have privacy concerns 😒🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Love it 5/5

    By LaneahPatrick
    It’s always accurate and thorough!
  • Great, but could be improved... 4/5

    By mj rotella 8991
    This is great app however like most things it could stand to be improved a little. It would be nice to add profiles and compare them from a friendship perspective not just a romantic perspective. Also it would be nice to view other people’s profiles you have made on their own instead of just to compare it against someone else.
  • The most accurate personal reading 5/5

    By Lauren Wallett
    I don’t know how this app gets it so right but it does. It feels like divine intervention! So accurate for who I am and where I am in my life. I love the updates and being able to connect with people in my life - from family to friends to new relationships - it’s eye opening and delightful. I’m really into the pattern.
  • FAKE AF 1/5

    By mdesir
    The give the same “patterns” to everyone. It’s not personalized at all the only thing it’s good at doing is telling you your natal chart. DONT GET THIS
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Queen heda
    The app is very accurate and detailed. I love how it doesn’t reference the universe or astrology it seems to be based off of true habits and patterns! Very interesting and amazing job with this app. One thing I wish it was on android already!!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By PrettyJasz
    The app is great to me I feel like it knows everything about me 🤔 I just wonder how haha I also have been sharing about and telling all my friends !!!!
  • Everything but transit details 4/5

    By finappguy
    I love the app. Literally, most accurate astrology app I’ve used. However, I want to see the planet and house that’s causing the cycle their showing. When that arrives, I’ll update to 5.
  • Do you want to be gathered? 4/5

    By L0 lo.
    The first day I downloaded this app and it was scarily accurate. The second day of using it and it’s even more on point. I don’t know how they do it but wow! If you want some greater insight into yourself, your desires, your fears, etc. I’d highly recommend this app. Each day you’re given a pattern that pertains to you and you can “go deeper” into the pattern and get a more in depth explanation of your it in which you can favorite a pattern and take your own notes. It’s also got a great aesthetic! I have other astrology kind of apps like co-star which is also beautiful and insightful but not to the degree of The Pattern.

    By Angeliska
    Hi there - I want to thank y’all for making such a beautiful, helpful app. The Pattern is really special. I have a question regarding the lack of transit information, though... Why would y’all choose to show the length of the transit, and detailed information about its effects, but leave out the actual planets and relationships involved? Maybe it makes the app seem more mystical? It’s aggravating for those trying to actually understand transits and get more information about how to move through them gracefully. Please consider adding this necessary information in the next update! Thank you so much.
  • Lovely and spot on 5/5

    By latormenta
    I love this app. That said I am old and married and not looking for romantic liaisons right now but curious about friends. Colleagues and cousins...comparisons other than romantic would be welcomed.
  • can you make a version for android? 5/5

    By khat patrong
    plz n thanks
  • 💓 5/5

    By **1&_only**
    heyfranhey sent me 🤗
  • Hey Fran Hey sent me 5/5

    By Beautiful One 2
    Gon head and give Fran her things. This is a great app and a lot of people had to adjust their wigs today cause she sent us here.
  • @HeyFranHey sent me here 5/5

    By Shalizag4567
    Fran mentioned it on her IG and I am testing it out. I will update once I try it!
  • Virgo 5/5

    By _Rezz
    Love this app, very detailed and accurate
  • oh shoot... 5/5

    By Hillsss
    Thanks to HeyFranHey for recommending this app. I'm deft feeling some ways reading through this. I wish transitioning through topic was a little faster and it too me a while to get what was happening but I dig this. Thanks!
  • Almost 5/5 4/5

    By fasgawgasdasdgasgas
    I love so much about this app but I would love to know what planetary placements, aspects, and transits these updates are referring to. My only complaint is that it doesn’t feel like astrology. There have been a few I’ve been able to guess but I’d love to know what part of my chart makes me “confident and grounded”
  • Beautifully done 5/5

    By Dearjfree
    They made an app, they made it well. I rely on the pattern to remind myself of my own personal blueprint, and to be more aware of others’ - it has brought clarity to many relationships or dynamics. The interface is user friendly, many of my friends enjoy it now and we interact often. I’m thankful for this app.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Yulia Tova
    This is the most amazing app! The information is so accurate- it’s shocking. And it has a beautiful design as well. I never leave reviews but the product is so good and made me so happy that I felt like I had to let everyone know about it and thank people who did such an amazing job!
  • Please Include the Planetary Aspects being Referenced! 3/5

    By Eemmm
    I love the insights and writing in this app but I hate that it doesn’t cite the planetary aspects that are being referenced! I think it would greatly enhance the app to do so, and help its users actually learn and understand the astrology behind it.
  • Great insight! Wish there was more astrology info 4/5

    By nosaerg
    The patterns themselves are so detailed and mostly accurate, and I appreciate the personal patterns and the timing and daily updates. The synastry option is also really cool. But as someone who is interested in astrology and how my natal chart informs my personality, i really wish that the patterns said which aspects or placements or combinations etc. informed each pattern. Also, the newest update made the posts in my feed disappear, and some of the ones i had bookmarked were gone too. I liked it better when I could look through past posts, especially if i hadnt checked the app in a few days so i could see the past posts. Maybe there should be an option in the settings if you want your daily updates to stay or not.
  • Witchcraft 5/5

    By cosmishh
    This app ruined my relationship lol. The accuracy is uncanny. It gave me the push to make some painful choices and start on my path to healing and reaching my potential.
  • Privacy concerns 3/5

    By modestmousefan
    Seems like a cool app, but connecting age name place of birth and phone number are too much for the value it provides. Maybe next time!
  • Terrible Update 2/5

    By Cleary77
    Whatever you recently did as an update made it terrible! I used to love the Pattern, but now it’s just irritating
  • Love the concept... 2/5

    By Alan Manchester
    But new update is awful! Patterns aren’t new enough often enough now, only see two patterns, the newsfeed/notification screen is terrible.
  • Love this app!!! 4/5

    By KaytlinRain
    New to this app but so far I love it! Having some issues with saving bookmarks or notes - The app completely shuts down. Besides that, very creative app, that connects with its user on a personal level! You will want to wake up and check it daily!!
  • This is an Amazing app! Surprised 5/5

    By ChristyChilton
    I’ve studied astrology for over 15 years and didn’t think a free app would be accurate yet this is So On Point!
  • Lost all data?? 1/5

    By alfiejestrada
    At one point I was logged out. I tried signing back in and it said my phone number was never registered. I then created a profile again and now I can’t find any of my friends.
  • Stop changing the theme. 2/5

    By allskyea
    It’s really frustrating to log onto something you have been consistent with for a while only to all of a sudden continuously switch up the look of the pattern. Just keep it simple, and give us an option to remove having our friends pattern be on our own timeline. Will change my review when this happens
  • Spot on 5/5

    By zensdaddy
    Cheers to the developers! I’ve been looking for some insight in tarot, numerology, astrology, necromancy...ok, not necromancy, but you see where I’m going. This app has really helped me in so many ways, more than goal setting or positive affirmations has (not saying those are bad, they’re just not for me). I’ve come to understand a lot more than I used to, including who I am and who I’m meant to be. Even my intimate relationship is stronger with less tension and fewer misunderstandings. Thank you Pattern developers. You’re the best!!
  • Fantastic but BUGGY 3/5

    By mikla99
    Fix the bugs, please!

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