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  • Current Version: 2.8.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Publishers Clearing House
  • Compatibility: Android
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The PCH App App

Install now and see why fans are ***obsessed*** with The PCH App! Publishers Clearing House has awarded Over $360 Million in Prizes since 1967 and we're still giving money away! Don't let others do all the winning! They call us the place “Where America Plays To Win®”… and the PCH App makes it happen with winners EVERY SINGLE DAY! Here’s what’s in it for you: Get Instant Access to FREE Scratch Cards And FREE Instant-Win Games For Your Shot At REAL Cash Prizes! Win $2,500.00 With Just One Play! Big instant win bonuses –Win up to $40,000.00 INSTANTLY! Claim 2X Chances To Win & 10X Token Rewards you can redeem for even more big prize opportunities! Hundreds… Thousands… Millions of Dollars in Prizes Are Waiting… it’s time for you to get in on the action! Plus, the PCH App has more for YOU with prizes you can’t win on our mobile website… reserved cash prizes and BIG TOKEN REWARDS! Make your game play worth more – get the app now! And, with the PCH App, you've got a direct, instant passport to all our other amazing opportunities like: • PCHslots – spin the reels for your shot at REAL CASH and Tokens! Winners Are Guaranteed Every Single Day! • PCHlotto App – pick your PCHlotto numbers for millionaire-making nightly drawings, or try your luck at our newest game – PCHkeno! • PCHFrontpage App – search the web and read the news to unlock your shot at CASH! • PCHgames App • And Other Ways To Win You’ll Love! If you’re looking to win, PCH is the place for YOU -- so don't wait! Download the App today! ATTENTION PCH FANS: Already playing at PCH and want an EXTRA $1 Million? It could happen JUST FOR HAVING THIS APP ON YOUR PHONE… here’s how: PCH App $1 Million Extra Promotion Details This special promotion for the PCH App is only valid for Giveaway #8800 matching winning number prize event. In order to claim the extra $1 Million Dollar Prize, a user: 1) must be identified via matching winning number as the winner of a “Win For Life” SuperPrize, 2) have downloaded the PCH App prior to midnight on the day before the prize award, and 3) show (unprompted) to the Prize Patrol within 3O minutes of the surprise winner notification that they have the PCH App installed on their mobile device. Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way with these contests or sweepstakes.


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The PCH App app reviews


    By Dumbass15
    I have so much fun with it! I think everyone NEEDS to download this app and PLAY!!!
  • Unfriendly APP 2/5

    By Dakota 58
    This app is completely IOS unfriendly. Playing the $40,000 chance to win I lose 10’s of thousands of tokens because of a “unable to connect to server error.” Having had updates for PCH app and trying network reset, hard reset still getting the “error” message. Deserves a 4 star but only gets 2. That’s being generous.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Java kid
    Wonderful app if you're at home or on the go.
  • Easy plus chance to win money why not 5/5

    By Onejustin1
    I'm flat broke and if winning with a slightest chance I'm all down to kill some time with it
  • The pch app 5/5

    By Nivkmajor799
    Fun app hope I win
  • Yeeeaya 5/5

    By Drumanchooo
    Let the sweepstakes begin!!!
  • Wayneway37 5/5

    By Softball wayne
    I love this app
  • App Store is shoddy 1/5

    By amijo1025
    I didn’t mind participating on occasion or even daily NEVER WINNING ANYTHING!! But the App just traps you and won’t let you go, it’s impossible to participate on this app that is forced on you and then you get stuck. I Abhor It.
  • A Fan 5/5

    By Yourbrwneyedgirl
    So much easier than the website! Love it and use it every day. Can't wait to WIN!!
  • Pch 4/5

    By Rainism263784
    Love it
  • If only 1/5

    By BFarley5
    I have played this for awhile and never won anything after a year I stopped playing and I’m going to try one more time hoping to be able to give it 5 stars! I have started playing again and the ads are ridiculous that it makes the process so long to enter the sweepstakes! With that being said ... the app freezes every other entry/ad and makes this process even longer and aggravating!!!!! (All this to what; to never win anything) I hope not !!! It will be a big disappointment!!! But hey it’s a try hopefully not a waste of time of precious life ! HOW ARE YOU EVER SUPPOSE TO WIN IF THE ENTRIES FREEZE AND THE APP DOES TOO!!!! It won’t let me submit! **UPDATE*** 3/14/18 the more I move up on status the more fun it becomes but again THE GLITCHES 😢 every time it looks like I’m going to win it glitches and skips to a low amount of coins and I feel that’s unfair! I’m not giving a bad review I like pch and love the thought of winning but I’m starting to think I will never win 1 out of 800,000,000 is not a great percentage! But still after all the glitches and freezing and trouble of doing this I still hope for something in return and as a mother I keep going in hopes to give my children that money!!!!!
  • Been playing for 6 years. 2/5

    I’m not expecting to be a millionaire. . But I excepted to win something. Anything. So far I haven’t won’t a single penny. I would honestly be happy if I won $5 or $10 bucks. Or even some cheap prize. But I haven’t after all these years. I think I’m finally done. I rather waste my time on the survey websites. Those are slow as hell. But at least I make $30 bucks every 3 months with them. Pch is less Work. But way less rewarding.
  • Patricia Y. Roberts 1/5

    By Pattiepatty
    I’ve been playing this game for years and years and I haven’t gotten anywhere with it. So is it a better way to win!!! ☹️
  • X 10 4/5

    By Smitty 2
  • No sure 1/5

    By Century 🎶❤️
    Never won anything always ordering. Do anyone win anything from this PCH games or mini games? Not sure if I’ll continue to try and win Big or stop 🛑 all together. It’s freezes up and shuts down in the middle of the game. I try to redeem my token but never win, the more I play and win tokens the more I believe the game is fixed. I play different times of the day and night but still no win, money or prizes. I’m praying one day I will win. Hopefully. Michele
  • Winner in Breaux Bridge la. Would be great 5/5

    By glenn boe
  • Fail! 1/5

    By Thedonutlady
    The apt won’t work most of the time. Just goes dark & won’t do a thing. Tried it for a few days, never worked right no matter how much I tried. Good idea but it needs to be looked at.
  • I have won prizes. 5/5

    By Tim the E
    This isn't a scam or anything if that nature. I have won Amazon gift cards from here. But I haven't played in a long time! You don't have to purchase anything. They advertise, but no purchase is necessary.
  • Fake app 1/5

    By volreeed
    Application doesn’t work. All it does is load. Loading... loading... loading... please remove this app from the store.
  • Won $5 my second day! 5/5

    By CatJoanne
    Won $5 on a thank you spin. Amazon gift card, straight to my email. No purchase necessary. Thank you PCH 😇
  • Fun 4/5

    By Makeuplover1211
    I love the games and contests. But for some reason the Bonus Token videos crash my iPhone and I have to restart. Sometimes it happens 5 times in one day on the app, but has never happened before when not on the App. But I love the games enough to come back everyday. Thanks
  • Changes in the mid stream 5/5

    By wylabeatty
    I was having so much fun! Then you tried to fix it. I will stick with it and bale.
  • Use the website 2/5

    By Pistolpete1225
    App is terrible. Loads everything very slowly and crashes frequently. Not worth the frustration.
  • Enjoy 5/5

    By kayhd
    Having fun and enjoying the app
  • Don’t get all your tokens 1/5

    By Eric Bald
    this app is deplorable, don’t work right, freezes up. Dont get all the tokens.
  • Mrs Karel Gallagher 4/5

    By Karel's Luck
    I’ve ordered from PCH since the beginning of my first marriage. I’ve never seen any wins, just the ones they advertise for on the TV. I’m keeping my hopes up, that I’m not still being scammed like all my friends including every husband I’ve had incl. my current one I hope. That’s all they ever tell me. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve decided to not order from you anymore, but I still feel like you are for real and my day just hasn’t been in the cards yet. I’m bordering on skeptical though.
  • Ehhhh 3/5

    By J.L.W. 💜💜💜💜💜
    Too many adds
  • Time consuming. 3/5

    By Redberry-pearl
    I see a lot of reviews about buying products through PCH... You don’t have to buy anything. When you get to the part where it asks you to finished your last step and buy something, all you have to do is keep clicking continue until a new page pops up all together. There it will let y’all u continue with your entries and not charge you a thing for them. I haven’t won anything but a least I know I don’t have to buy stuff too.
  • A lot of fun, love playing all the games . 5/5

    By sue jessop
    I would love to win some Day.
  • Meh 3/5

    By War Eagle JJ
  • Member 1/5

    By Forget. The review just cancel
    I won 1000 dollars on an instant win. But didn’t hear anymore about it. This is a scam. Supposed to be free. Bull
  • Love it 5/5

    By Shaunmichael69
    Best app I have used
  • Fun 5/5

    By Michelle🌴
    Great App!!!!
  • PCH App 3/5

    By DeeDee Graham
    I just want to know if this app is working for real I have been playing for years and never won anything. I know only god can grant me money if it’s for me but $10,000 for life would be the best blessing I could ever get for me and my children to finish college. Selette Graham
  • Mindless entertainment, no reward 2/5

    By All for Competition
    After tens of millions of tokens banked haven't won a single prize. This should not be considered a legitimate chance of actually winning anything. I have bought a few things in the past but will not purchase another item until I win a significant prize!
  • Great app! 5/5

    In my opinion, one of the best one’s out there for people trying to make a fresh start out there! Like me... I need a fresh start... because I had a truck wreck my senior hear... that really suck’s... but I can’t dwell dwell on that forever... eventually I have to move on. Get a fresh start Please? Y’all lol?
  • Won $10.00 only 2/5

    By Jordylsgram
    I am a senior and on a fixed income. I have bought so much stuff I don’t need, thinking I was going to win the last three times. Guess what? I can not continue to do that anymore.
  • Good luck! 4/5

    By unoeme!!
    Gives great opportunities. Very hard to win due to everyone trying to win sweepstakes so the odds are against you but I will win eventually. Just watch
  • Enjoy 5/5

    By Elizabethomas
    I enjoy this app especially because it keeps my hopes up at winning a large monetary prize.
  • Where Are The Improvements? 1/5

    By The_inspector_069
    It is under the impression, when an update is released, it is the fix the existing bugs and not create new ones. When playing big money sweepstakes and or scratch off showcase, errors are received. One error, no price return for IWE. And the other, no app article found in category. The pop-up that displays that you can get an extra 10,000 tokens by watching three ads is a waste. The 10,000 tokens are never incorporated into the grand total. Plus, I am tired of watching the same ads consecutively. This is a turn off, and prevents me from wanting to buy that product. The VIP elite also has issues and needs to be corrected. As far as I’m concerned, this app has many unresolved issues.
  • Error running this sweeps 4/5

    By bzygranny
    Lately when I get through the Win for Life sweeps in the app and it’s time for the tokens, an error pops up that says that an “error has occurred running the sweeps”. It’s after my two entries come up on the screen but before the tokens. So, I’m not sure if I got the entries or not. It only happens with the Win for Life sweeps, not any of the others
  • Games 5/5

    By mschoenle
    I like playing this been doing since day one. Mine crashes or I get to the end of the sweeps and then it tells me I didn’t play. And never lets me finish but I still play everyday hoping to win.
  • Info 4/5

    By Arnie !!
    I have been doing PCH for YEARS and ordered MULTIPLE ITEMS And have never WON a DIME !!!! What is the reason ???
  • Player looking for hope!! 3/5

    They are all right! Apps are glitchy! Playing for ages and made purchases previously! Have never won a dime! Games keep way too long to complete with all the glitches, fireworks, bubbles but?I have a lot of time to waste and keep looking for a miracle that it is all true and I have won enough to set me free to enjoy what time I have left. It does not hurt to dream when all else is gone! Sorry guys! The truth is the truth! I have yet to actually know a winner!
  • Player 1/5

    By Sye598
    This app crashes all the time. I have no idea if the game I played had been entered. It takes too long because of the ads. Some ads will play 3 or 4 times close to 30 sec each. I have tried everything, I’ve deleted my history and rebooted. I give up.
  • Fake game 1/5

    By ~Louhi77~
    I been study, it all repeat that all just give you tokens that all. BS games.
  • NO WAY!! 4/5

    By Twinkie B 12
    I like the app and never really had a problem with it. I too have worn a lot of coins but never any money anywhere on this site, but then again I did not think you were supposed to. LOL. I look at it it’s just for fun. Now you do the daily stuff and redeem tokens and play along with everything they ask to do. Even purchased all the offer packs for more queens and things like that. I see the pop ups that say somebody has won 10,000 or $27,000 but never knew anyone who has. Thanks though, It is fun to go through and play.
  • Broken app! 1/5

    By Yoly2147
    I’ve tried to play everyday and everyday the app freezes on my iPhone,I won’t use til it is fixed...
  • The app is horrible 1/5

    By Dawn Green
    It won’t let me search from it or go any futher than the main screen! I deleted it because it was worthless!!!!!!!!
  • Frontpage 1/5

    By Chase3398
    This is Broke Tooooo Many Advertisements Waste of time- always trying to get U to buy something! Deleting App- Bye Felicia🤙🏼

The PCH App app comments


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