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Piano ٞ

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  • Current Version: 1.3.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Impala Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Piano ٞ App

Start playing The Piano: the ultimate asset when practicing for a rehearsal, performance or just for fun! Always have a keyboard with you!
 The Piano is used by music teachers, singers, songwriters, and beginners! The go-to app to express your musicality and creativity. Get access today to the recording feature! Record your music, and play it back whenever you like! Play along to your own recordings for the ultimate music experience! ‘MY RECORDING' LIBRARY Save your recording to the library. Share your music with your friends! WHAT MAKES THE PIANO AMAZING? • Recording & Playback: Save/Share your recordings • Key size: Adjustable to your preferences • Note Labels: All - Octaves - None • Piano: The Classic Grand Piano • Xylophone: Original Rosewood Xylophone • Toy Piano: Fun and Playful sounds for Kids! Useful to teach beginners the names & positions of notes on the piano keys Useful for tuning wind instruments Useful for developing a well-tuned musical ear WE LOVE FEEDBACK As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please keep sharing your experience to [email protected] Enjoying The Piano and want more features? Please show us some love by giving a 5 star review, so we can keep updating with great new features! -- THE PIANO IN YOUR POCKET --

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Piano ٞ app reviews

  • Ads??? 1/5

    By frankdf19
    My child is trying to play this little piano, and the fingers keep hitting these ads which are popping up in the iPhone browser. Awful !!!
  • Questions 1/5

    By yohaveawomemama
    Are we supposed to pay the app every month or not? Cause it did not say in the description I think
  • Are octave numbers correct? 4/5

    By EPRevs
    Maybe I’m missing something, but an “A4” (for example) in this app matches an “A3” everywhere else I’ve looked. Like in Logic Pro X, other apps I’ve checked, clips on YouTube, etc. Maybe there’s more than one standard. But this app doesn’t seem to be using the more common one.
  • Unexceptional. Bivs 4/5

    By Rugged Steve
    UuniiJ b
  • Best app 5/5

    By franksoto01
    Very good app
  • Best app ever <3 5/5

    By BigmamaDoritoea
    This is the perfect “free play” piano app ever! And it doesn't take up much room! Few suggestions. Maybe also you could have a few more sounds like, Marimba, Harp, any of those who you would want!
  • It’s just like any other piano app! 3/5

    By Awesome RPG & Fighting
    Well it’s like any other piano app on here. Therefore, it has all of the disadvantages and advantages of any other piano app. Though, one problem that I found is that B5 is glitchy and has a static sound after you play it. It’s not my device that’s the problem, since I’ve used other piano apps and played B5 with no avail.
  • tony tigger 5/5

    By 5$!AR
    it’s grrat
  • I love this app!!! 5/5

    By Hansen Family Momma
    !I love this app
  • Can’t press 3 keys at the same time 2/5

    By Ionlyreviewtheworstoftheworst
    I thought this app was perfect until I tried to press three keys at the same time. Two keys are fine but with three it starts acting sluggish and has a delay.
  • Piano lovers 5/5

    By mumooshku
    I love! The piano so I bought this game and it is great to play no adds at all! Fun right! YAHOO! PIANO
  • Best app ever 🥰 5/5

    By jhhg,ku
    So good can I have mor plz 🥺
  • Piano 5/5

    By amen glory glory amen
    It's a piano it's alright
  • Piano 3/5

    By Elisabeth Toms
    I love this app! I just got it!!! I like that you can play, toy piano, real piano, and xylophone!!! It’s just you don’t see everything, like what is on the bottom of xylophone? ♥️🙏😳😋
  • #love it💗 5/5

    By mc'keyla💗🌈🦄👙💗👚
    I Love this app Learned piano 🎹 with this thing this is an amazing app 😊
  • Ok 4/5

    By 🥢🍜
    It’s good for free style but it doesn’t give lesions.it was fun though
  • I love pianos so much 5/5

    By william blackburn
    Piano is so good
  • This is the best app 5/5

    By fighfugif
    The first time I tried this I was like omg it’s teaching you the sounds and the notes
  • Ok 2/5

    By bryw6312
    So it doesn’t move sideways for me and I asked for lessons
  • Music to my ears 5/5

    By lrgrthanlife
    This game has no adds and is very easy to play no matter what piano key you press it sounds good ✌🏼
  • Love it but.......... 4/5

    By jaeelol42
    Ummmm why can you put song to practice So you can get better at it like what ????!!!!
  • Not what I was thinking 1/5

    By meglsu83
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU ARE STARTING TO PLAY PIANO! Sooo I am new to playing piano and I thought you would be able to take tutorials. But you cannot :( please add this feature!
  • So Helpful for Basic Music Theory 5/5

    By samcomply
    I'm taking some online music theory courses right now, and not having a keyboard, this app has been quite helpful. I've used it to figure out a melody for a lead sheet assignment, to help out with ear training assignments, and other music theory purposes as well. You can make the keys pretty big, like to have only one octave on your screen, or smaller, but smaller keys are difficult to use. If you need something for some quick music theory reference, this app can be pretty helpful.
  • Declan 5/5

    By J-----$$
  • Great for any singer! 3/5

    By bob hamyboy
    This app is great for singing and practicing on the go! Thanks!
  • The Piano 5/5

    By Motofrost
    I love this app.
  • So much going for it! And so much more potential for serious musicians!! 5/5

    By Elijah the prophet
    I love the versatility of this piano. I only just downloaded it, and thanks to the amazing split screen view of the iPad Air 2 I am using, I have already practically learned Almost Home by Mercy Me. If you are looking to learn to play popular songs, and trying to learn simple melodies on the piano, you should try opening Spotify, playing your favorite song, and playing right along beside it. There is no audio complications at all with the iPad. If you don’t know how split screen works, it’s extremely simple! First, make sure the Spotify Music App is located in your bottom tray of the IPad. If it is not, simply find the app, press and hold it, and drag it down to the bottom tray. Then it will show up in your favorites down at the bottom. Then open the piano app on your IPad. Once the piano is opened, simply take your finger and drag up slightly from the bottom of your IPad. You will see the row of apps. Don’t drag up too far, or the row will disappear. Press the Spotify app with your finger and drag upwards. You will see a vertical Spotify window appear over the piano app. Then simply move it to the left or right on your screen, depending on where you want Spotify to show up in relation to your Piano App. Now you can play any song your heart desires, and you can simply play along with the music. You can even record your performance! I am an avid musician but now that I learned how split screen works on the iPad,I believe my music will be taken to new levels! You can only record one layer at a time unfortunately, so as you play a song in Spotify, you can play back your original recording, and play along with a second part as well, although you won’t be able to record that performance. To the folks who created this app, kudos to an amazing job. If you wanted to make some extra money, there are a few things you could add to this app that I would definitely be willing to pay $10 or $15 dollars for, and I imagine many musicians would love it as well. First, allow someone to play back their first recording, while they are recording a second layer or track. Then the two recordings could be merged into one track. I’m no software engineer, but I don’t think that would be terribly complicated to pull off. Secondly, more sounds would be amazing, and people would pay good money for quality samples. The sky is the limit for you. Please make the upgrades and this app will be a must have for any piano player or compose!!! 5 STARS!
  • Great for non-musicians 4/5

    By Somarithedark
    I would not recommend this to college level/professional musicians. The piano is out of tune by around 10 cents sharp, which screwed up my perfect pitch when I was practicing for my sight singing exam...This app is great for people who want to learn/play piano for fun on their phone but it does not have a practical use for musicians that need a piano app on the go.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Sunayana143
    It is a really nice app and very easily we learn to play piano
  • THE BEST!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 5/5

    By lebester
    THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER!!! I haven’t used it a lot so maybe it won’t be as good later, but so far, it is great! It is free, and unlike other apps, you can just play it and you don’t have to search for songs to be able to play. TYSM FOR THIS WONDERFUL APP!!!
  • Amazing app 🎹 5/5

    By TreehouseGam3r (Haylee)
    Sup Developers! I’m already starting to go into the Piano. It’s a really great app for people who don’t have a real life piano. 5 stars because of creatives and more. I am a Gamer on Roblox making music here so I can probably upload. However, I always learn tricks when I play every game I know. I really like this app because of the fact that you can change Piano sounds, but I would want more Piano sounds in the future. Please keep working hard on this game, Developers! From, King_Swagger28
  • Best for a sibling relationship👩🏻🧑🏽‍🦱 5/5

    By doing toilet
    I love this app because I always fight over The piano because there is only one
  • Solid 5/5

    By Watchimacallit
    Just got it to learn what different notes sound like and quickly play a tune in my head to save for an idea to build a beat on later with the real stuff.
  • Rate 5/5

    By Taylorward678🥰🥰🥰🥰
    I love it beacuse I don’t have a piano at home and so I can on it on lpad
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By yaycoco
    I love that you can google songs and use the piano and if you do not have a piano or key board you can use this! I love it I ordered a key board so I have been waiting so I used this app! I was looking for a app that was like this I also used this in simply piano by joy tunes I love it I have been making incredible progress! Five stars! Love the app thank you so much for making this app it’s the best if you do not have a key board or piano
  • Great... 4/5

    By theebee777
    Really great! It helped me not have to get a piano but still do my school piano class. The app is super useful and always works. The app also records my songs so I can try to make them sound better. The only problem is that there is no home page just a keyboard and a side bar with notes and options of different things. 4 stars.
  • you got a really cool piano games 5/5

    By cj sass
    As I said there’s a really cool piano game game so some of them I am not really happy with because you got a purchase it purchase like you got a purchase stuff do you got a purchase like a piano you got to get a real piano for some of them so I was like really mad at that but this one I’m cool with it I’m real cool I want to learn how to play piano and always wanted a real piano and actually like record it and I’m trying to do the nutcracker so good deeds for a good day and be careful coronavirus is out there coronavirus is here
  • Mooby 5/5

    By mamamooby
    The piano app is a god send! As a professional vocalist and choir director the app allows me to teach from any where and find the right key for songs. The App has saved me from errors many times.
  • Awesome piano app 5/5

    By Abby Erickson
    This app lets me create songs that I make up! I record the music so I can listen to it after I am done recording the songs! Plus I really think this app would be good for people who want to learn how to play piano!❤️💜💙💚 If I we’re you I would buy this app! It’s totally worth it! Why wouldn’t you buy this app? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • I just love the app so much 5/5

    By pincill girl
    This is wonderful today I downloaded this app and it worked
  • Ok! 3/5

    By lilArty7
    For what it is it’s pretty good, very basic. The recording feature is nice & does sound quite good when you play it back. Some of the notes are a good bit twangy-er than others, there’s a weird noise on b5, and the black keys are a little glitchy, have problems playing more than two at a time, or quickly after each other. Mostly I like it to get down quick melodies & tunes so I don’t forget them by the time I gat to an actual piano.
  • Me 4/5

    By Harp6421
    I love it thank u for marking it I’m already making new song I love all the hard work u put in it🤗🤗
  • Great 5/5

    By acgshbdycn
    It’s really great to practice
  • h 5/5

    By 584536
  • Piano girl 4/5

    By princess shanelle 7
    It’s teaching you Piano if you don’t know it .
  • Advertisement is annoying 4/5

    By RNX47k
    I hate seeing ad when I teach online.
  • Amazing 😃😃 5/5

    By Creative:3
    I was looking for a piano game where I could do my own songs, and I found this. it is sooo fun! I love it ❤️
  • Mia 5/5

    By fhnchrs. r
    1234 🌈🍉🥝
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Sally2100000
    I never knew how to play a piano before but this App helped me Play piano but this App taught me how to play piano and I enjoy playing this app and it makes me very happy with piano

Piano ٞ app comments

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