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The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury App

The RealReal is an authenticated luxury consignment marketplace where you can buy and sell luxury goods from top designers across women’s and men’s fashion, fine jewelry & watches, fine art and home. Shoppers enjoy up to 90% off retail prices and sellers earn up to 70% of the sale price of their items. The RealReal offers international shipping to 61 countries. All items for sale on The RealReal are warehoused and authenticated by an in-house team of luxury experts including certified gemologists, horologists, apparel specialists and handbag experts. Each item is 100% guaranteed for authenticity. Returns are accepted for apparel, footwear, jewelry & watches. Selling on The RealReal is effortless. Luxury Managers in 20 U.S. markets consult with consignors in their homes and take the items they wish to sell. Or, consignors may choose to send their items to our warehouse directly for free. Most items sell on the site within three days, and consignors receive payments once a month. Email us at [email protected] to get started.

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The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury app reviews

  • Best place to shop! 5/5

    By Summer9589
    Compared to Poshmark, The real real has a lot of quality name brand items and sometimes for a good price. If you think the price is too high, just wait and it’ll most likely drop a little so be patient! I’ve bought so many Christian Louboutin items from this website or just favorited them and am still waiting for them to drop in price. I will never stop shopping on this site!
  • Love this app and website 5/5

    By QTPY22
    Every item that I order from TRR, I am extremely pleased! Never had to return an item and loved every item.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Cmynewworld
    Just WONDERFUL!!
  • Easy shopping 5/5

    By Rubyroxdesigns
    RealReal is so easy to shop!
  • Trustworthy 5/5

    By ash876907
    The phone app works better than the website on laptop, because you make more specific search filters in phone. For example, on laptop I can choose shoes > flats (OR) shoes > boots > flat boots. Not both. In the cell phone app I can see both flats + flat boots together, forever :). Also, customer service has been 5⭐️ for me. I am a repeat customer. Awesomeness 💫
  • App lacks important features like returnability 3/5

    By ungerling
    I love the premise of this app: second hand items independently rated and authenticated. The app lacks important filter items like sleeve length and style. I don’t want to look through 3,000 items because the app hasn’t figured out search. There should also be a search feature on returnability. I naturally assumed I could return anything only to discover some items can / can’t be returned. I don’t know my size for every designer so I don’t want to see non-returnable items from unfamiliar designers. Especially since The Real Real charges a 50% commission if a non-returnable item doesn’t fit and you have to consign it 😡. Yeah. Make that a filter.
  • Very easy to use 5/5

    By Jules23137
    I love how easy to use this app is. It’s so easy to search for a specific type of item or just browse designers or types of clothing. It feels just like the website and I’ve placed orders both online and on the app and both are very easy to do.
  • Pleasantly surprised 5/5

    By LifeinMalibu
    I was initially somewhat skeptical about the condition merchandise would be in but so far I’ve been very impressed!
  • Shipping is ridiculous 1/5

    By imsimplyalice
    It's not the best. Always getting logged out for no reason. Firstly shipping is a pain in the A Why not have an option to pick up from either store if you live in NY or LA. Paying for shipping everytime is the worst especially waiting days. I understand the item might not be at your LA store but it really makes buying online rather than in store very annoying. Huge waste of money especially if needs to be returned. State all items and which store or location they are in.
  • So disappointed. 1/5

    By Disappointed Stephanie
    I initially raved to all of my friends and family about TRR. I’ve made several handbag purchases and was always pleased. Until I did my first consignment. I purchased a Prada bag and I didn’t like it. I never carried it. It was placed directly back in the dust bag and box the day it arrived. I was going to sell it to an individual and then thought, why not consign it!? So I read the guidelines, followed all directions, and shipped the bag. About 2 weeks later I get a notice that it has been denied and is being sent back to me. The reason was, “could not authenticate “. you SOLD me a bag that you now can’t authenticate?! After reaching out to them numerous times, I was assured over and over that this would get resolved. I finally just gave up. Super disappointed. Not making any future purchases and certainly not recommending them again.
  • Stay away from this business 1/5

    By klmbgnn xdr
    I been the client since the open . This company took big advantage of me. First consignment I made with them, the agent didn’t tell me how to create my account and check my sales or ask to send them back. All my items was sold with 50-80% without my knowledge . When I called the account manager who came to my home he said oh , well it was sold . I was not offered any compensation for lost on my rare designer items . They just change the account manager . Next time after that experience they promised it will not happens again , I open my account so I can track my sales and see the prices and I did another consignment with the price approval . Which was a lie again . They were sold with big discounts as well without any price approval . I gave this company another chance , they change again account manager, but the same thing happened again . And I called and email several times to ask for my items back before it was sold . I can’t even express how much loss I get from trusting this company . Stay away from them and use other places to sell .
  • Great way to shop sustainably 5/5

    By Nic314515
    Super easy to use! A great way to shop sustainably and at reasonable prices.
  • The Overly Overplayed ADS Make me NOT WANT THIS!!! 1/5

    By ChefIceQueen
    (Before I begin, I want to state that I do understand the importance of ads within an app, everyone needs to get paid, that’s just part of the branch on the tree of life...) Imagine that you’re trying to play a game of Scrabble on your iPad after a very long, tedious, and frustrating day, only to become more frustrated by this AD FOR THE REALREAL blasting you a millisecond after pushing the button to send your move??!! Then repeats itself worse that an archaic broken record?? Welcome to my world!!!! The Ads which have these “models” that are definitely no beauty queens doing these ridiculous gestures some genius thought were supposed to resemble happy dances make things even worse for this annoyance!!! If an ad is supposed to “encourage” a consumer to download an app and/or visit their website, this ad for THE REAL REAL makes me wanna just run the other way and pray I don’t have nightmares with these scary looking women in these gaudy clothes doing glorified jumping jacks to this overly loud ear piercing headache causing music... I’m not using my Scrabble app as much as I was, and I’ve resorted to turning off my WiFi before playing other games that don’t require internet just to avoid the ads, as this one pops up within other game apps too... (I’m sorry, I see my money being spent better elsewhere rather than paying extra for NO AD App versions) I only downloaded this app so I could write a review about the ad, now if you will excuse me, it is time to delete it...
  • So easy to browse, shop, buy, and track order! 4/5

    By chiefgirl77
    Love the app! You can find amazing deals on fantastic sartorial items at any time of day. TRR really is a game changer in that way. I like that you can “heart” things that catch your fancy and then refer back to them later. The only complaint I have is that when you are browsing through your saved likes, when you try to go back to what you were looking at before, it takes all the way to the top of your liked items list and then you gotta scroll up back to the last item you were looking at. Time waster. Or at least that’s what happens on my iphone 8p.
  • Consign if you dont mind making NO money 1/5

    By waaatev
    SELLERS BEWARE! Its great to consign and want to get rid of old things you no longer wear. But do not use these people!! I repeat! DO NOT USE THE REALREAL! They try to get your product off the shelf as quickly as possible but at the lowest price possible. They sold a 400 dollars pair of sunglasses for 68 dollars. Discounted it 20 percent off and then gave me half. They put 20 percent off 400 dollar Chanel sunglasses they want to sell for 125. They took a pristine never worn $7300 pair of sunglasses and listed them at 1595. Not even 1600 where i would make a higher commission. AND they have had product of mine for weeks and have yet to even take photos of it or make a listing. DO NOT CONSIGN HERE. They literally do not care and its all at your expense. I’m pulling my things as we speak. ALSO $12 for shipping?! Lol. You add another 25+ dollars to your order after you checkout and ship. Absolutely not worth the lower prices for subpar pieces when you you can go to a department store and buy similar priced items and ship for free. These people are gross and only ONLY care about profiting off of you.
  • Where have you been all my life??!!! Fantastic deals 5/5

    Just made my second purchase and am excited to get my items. The selections are great and the prices are outstanding. Shipping came quickly and the items were packaged beautifully in little pouches. I only have 1 small thing to mention but it is not a deal breaker. When you sort items it has a hard time going back to the same sort after checking out an item. Again not a deal breaker and will continue to use this site. Told a few colleagues about it and posted some photos on FB. Great work The Real Real, hope the deals keep on coming because I will continue to shop!!
  • New fav 5/5

    By katrice23
    I get easily overwhelmed with all of the options on shopping sites. I love getting my most coveted items at a huge discount from TRR. They always have exactly what I’m looking for.
  • Real actually means Real! 5/5

    By FineMommy
    Best quality, easy purchase, amazing selection! I have made two purchases so far with many more to come!!!
  • One of the best! 4/5

    By MyaStorm
    Great app! Love all the items you can find and the honesty of the quality on the photos. Only thing I would change, and the reason why it’s only 4 stars, is to not only put gender under the category but the type of clothing too. You can easily have 600k results for gender and look endlessly for what you need - but I wish I could select the category of CLOTHES and search that way too. It would be a huge plus, developers! Please consider 😊 Other than that, love the app!
  • Can’t look at app without registering 1/5

    By Thepeacekepr
    Deleted app -can’t browse without registering. Why sign up for an app if I can’t even get a “taste” of it first. Life is too short to waste time on apps like this.
  • So close to great 3/5

    By Bseblgrl3
    Why don’t they tell you how they measure their garments? Specifically the length of dresses - are they measuring from the top of the shoulder or the armpit? I don’t know. It makes it hard to purchase dresses. Also wish I could be notified when new items from a fave designer come in stock; feeds are ok, but still a lot of work to scroll thru - I want it to come to me!
  • Require email to see pricing 🙄 1/5

    By AKAmy
    I don’t care if you say it’s to give a credit to your shoppers. Your $50 “credit” for items is what you get in return for selling my email. Not falling for that, if you really want to offer a true discount or perk to your potential customers, give them the opportunity to see your pricing before you require personal information. Good grief
  • Wow. 5/5

    By Emb234
    Have been using The RealReal for 4 years. I may never shop in a brick and mortar clothing or shoe store again. Website and app easy to use and items I've ordered have been in better shape than described.
  • Great deals 5/5

    By Newestuser
    Doing most of my shopping here these days because they have great clothes for great prices
  • I wish I was rich 4/5

    By lilpinkasian
    I wish I was as rich as the Kardashian/Jenner family because I want all of the clothes/jewelry/accessories this app sells. Only problem I have with this is that shipping should be free for orders $100+
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 5/5

    By Dionisdiana
    The app it’s great, easy to shop. The store is absolutely beautiful, great stuff , great people working there, very sweet and helpful:-)
  • ask real customers and read their reviews 1/5

    By maggiemz63
    Use to be ok now they could care less about Consignors or buyers Making ridiculous quotas and making money is what they seem to be about Instead of having your employees inflate the reviews why not improve your business model bf it’s too late Great concept horrible execution and poor customer service Without Consignors you have NO business without buyers you have NO business With miserable overwhelmed and worked employees you have NO foundation for success The trickle down of all of this is effecting all aspects of your company Think about it....
  • Addicting 5/5

    By tracey a df
    Love it. Can’t stop looking. Decide fast.
  • They make you create an account 1/5

    By Speedy7654
    They force you to create an account before they will let you see what is actually for sale. I have no interest in signing up for something until I see what they are actually selling.
  • Most have 5/5

    By Ptex68
    I love real real, for me is the better consignment side ever, they are very good in check all the merchandise and very trustworthy to let customers know of conditions. I love the side. The only problem I have they don’t have a option on the side of item good and very good condition, so I have to look one by one. Hope they change that soon , sence I only get very good or prestine . I do recommend this side to everyone. If you not sure about your shoe size just go to a store , try a couple on the brand names that you like so you know exactly what to get, some brand name shoes rum very small and narrow. I found wonderful things on real real. I truly can say is my new addiction, I use the side a least 2 times weekly.
  • Love this store 5/5

    By (jes)
    Love this site, I can get purses that I only dream about having for super great prices. This is the only site I will buy purses from now on.
  • Love the real real! 4/5

    By KatMits
    I have both purchased and sold on the app and web site. My only complaint is return shipping costs. It doesn’t really allow for trying things on and returning if they don’t fit.
  • Looove it 5/5

    By noebow
    I’m obsessed with the site. Great stuff, good customer service.... I love it
  • Best Luxury Consignment 5/5

    By Abazilus
    The Real Real is the real deal!! WARNING- Do not use if you don’t like amazing bargains, very high-end luxury goods, and the thrill of impulse buying!
  • GILT who? 5/5

    By AAEastEnd
    The Real Real gives actual discounts instead of raising the base price and showing a “discount” that is too expensive anyway. There is truly something for every price range.
  • Hearted items scroll issue 1/5

    By arokeee
    It’s amazing that for years now TRR has not resolved the problem where when you un-save a hearted item, you’re taken back to the top of your list. Every time. It’s extremely frustrating and honestly prevents from wanting to scroll back through to find an item you want to purchase. The app is generally great, but one star for what I can only think is a purposeful maneuver to get customers to look at the same hearted items over and over and over.
  • GREAT!!! 5/5

    By CABB1
  • Garbage ! 1/5

    By Marcopolo325
    I won’t download ANY app that requires me to put my Facebook password OR email password EVER! This is how people get hacked. It’s RUBBISH.
  • Not good for those selling / co-signing 1/5

    By starlettevic
    I was really disappointed that I sent in 18 items to sell and it took almost 3 weeks for the items to get listed. Once On there ... they marked my items down for sale so fast, I made only $20 on one Kate Spade leather bag in perfect condition and $20 on another brand new Kate Spade bag !! Wish I never sent my stuff in.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Stephie Gorgeousss
    It’s freaking awesome having an app that authenticates everything for you. I’ve gotten robbed on apps like eBay and poshmark. Real real is professional and honest. I’ve bought many bags shoes and sunglasses. Sharron
  • Totally addicting!! 5/5

    By malibu63
    Better set your timer when you get on this app! Soooo many beautiful things to look at! I’ve purchased a few things and have been completely happy with quality and with return process (the one thing I returned) Plus having Apple Pay on the app makes it super easy.
  • Bad for consignors 1/5

    By Frkwnt
    As a seller, the earnings on items are very low. I was mislead about the potential earnings by their in-store consultants. I’ve sold brand new items and gotten $20 for them because of the 20% discounts that buyers get, low commission rates, and low initial price settings. You’re better off selling somewhere else, or just keeping your clothes.
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By Lovetoshop28
    I could spend hours going through this easy to use app and bountiful supply of pieces
  • Great checkout 5/5

    By Marathon Spectator
    Payment was a breeze and product recommendations are usually spot-on.
  • Rare finds! 5/5

    By Omarvelous14
    I’m new to the site, but I’m in love! So many vintage and rare finds at great prices!
  • Forces you to sign up to view 1/5

    By Hector Gallego
    It strong-arms you to create an account to browse. This is TERRIBLE for CX & CSAT.
  • Intrusive. 1/5

    By dudeannoyed
    Make you register before you can even look. Intrusive much?
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Pellehives
    I am beginning to spend too much time and money on this site, but that’s ok. Tradesy, Poshmark et al can’t come close to the REAL original: the RealReal. Everything is wonderfully explained - sizing, how the item will look on the wearer and what if any wear the item has. I have become a huge fan of Etro, thanks to the RealReal. Trust me, if you love designer fashions, this is the place for you (and me, obviously!).
  • Can’t even access it. 1/5

    By Arman72
    I am sure that this is a great app, based on the reviews, but it is not for me. Right from the get go, not once have I Ben able to access it.

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