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The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury App

The RealReal is an authenticated luxury consignment marketplace where you can buy and sell luxury goods from top designers across women’s and men’s fashion, fine jewelry & watches, fine art and home. Shoppers enjoy up to 90% off retail prices and sellers earn up to 70% of the sale price of their items. The RealReal offers international shipping to 61 countries. All items for sale on The RealReal are warehoused and authenticated by an in-house team of luxury experts including certified gemologists, horologists, apparel specialists and handbag experts. Each item is 100% guaranteed for authenticity. Returns are accepted for apparel, footwear, jewelry & watches. Selling on The RealReal is effortless. Luxury Managers in 20 U.S. markets consult with consignors in their homes and take the items they wish to sell. Or, consignors may choose to send their items to our warehouse directly for free. Most items sell on the site within three days, and consignors receive payments once a month. Email us at [email protected] to get started.

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The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury app reviews

  • Buy from here, but Don’t Sell here!! 2/5

    By Catlin19
    Items I’ve purchased have almost all been really great. Shipping has been quick, most of the time, and I’ve only ever been truly disappointed with one item. That said, I have consigned a number of items with them, all of which I sent at the same time. I was not given an option or an opinion, on what my items would be listed for; not to mention whether they would be used in a sale, and then 20% off on top for some things... really disappointing. I consigned a nearly new (I wore them 2 times) pair of YSL gladiator sandals, and my consignment check was for $80 for a pair of $650 shoes. A designer monogram tote, was sold in a specific brand sale, and my consignment check was just over $100 for an $800 bag. So, if you’re looking for a good deal, it’s great, but if you’re planning to sell your items, you’re literally only going to get pennies on the dollar for what you spent. Sell it somewhere else!!!
  • Great Site 4/5

    By Tsomething
    If you consign and like recycling high end clothes, this is a wonderful site.
  • Sells Fakes - Buyer Beware 1/5

    By 4/13/1980
    DO NOT BUY anything from this website they sell fakes. I bought a wallet that turned out to be fake. Ask yourself this, “Why would you buy ultra premium merchandise online without seeing it in person as well as place your trust in a company that is far removed from you?” Do your due diligence and read all the negative reviews and BBB complaints. If after all that you still want, not need, to purchase merchandise from TRR then make sure you buy products with tags and document everything if you need to return.
  • Love this!!! 5/5

    By 💝ipsyAddict
    I have gotten amazing deals on consigned luxury brands at a fraction of the price. All designers are authenticated and the quality is superb. I’m amazed at the pieces I have purchased with the original tags still in tact. Great customer service. Would highly recommend.
  • discount new items immediately 2/5

    By Lofar919
    I’ve been consigning for less than a year, at first I was okay with the pricing & discount structure. However, now they reduced the Consignor share to 40% and immediately allow buys to use 20% off discount code. One item list for $145, was immediate discounted 20% the second day it was actually available to purchase and I only end up with about $45. I feel cheated! They also are very inconsistent with rating condition of items. While I appreciate the care they put into examining the clothing, some items are noted to have pilling while they are a tweed or wool fabric that always had a nubby texture. Perhaps taking a close-up picture of the fabric to post along with the larger scope ones to show buyers the actual condition of the items. I’m not sure if I will continue to consign after the low proceeds I get.
  • Love the Real Real! 5/5

    By SavHunter
    I heard about this store through a few commercials when they first opened but never got around to checking them out. It wasn’t until I was scammed over a LV wallet back in April that I decided to see what this store had to offer. I have since then found some neat and otherwise unobtainable items through their app, (whether they may be discontinued or out of season) and I am forever obsessed! I have my eye on a few “obsessions” items on the website as we speak but I just made my third purchase since downloading the app two months ago and I’m not only happy with my purchases but thrilled to see what neat and or rare item I can find next!
  • Items placed in heart list not authorized 3/5

    By Pink&Olive
    Turn off your algorithm to stop putting related items in my heart list. Very sneaky. If I like or heart a Chanel jacket, magically a few more appear. Deceptive suggested sales.
  • Great to shop, HORRIBLE to consign through 3/5

    By TMSUConn
    Love to shop... refuse to consign. They take too much in fees and their ‘incentive’ is that the more you consign the more you get to keep... handy for people who have enough expensive stuff lying around to sell.... not so much for the average person with one or two handbags to offload. Otherwise GREAT SALES and amazing products. Thank you bored rich people. I’ll take great care of your old stuff lol
  • Fun to look 2/5

    By This app review
    It's a fun app to browse designer, but to be honest I would NEVER purchase anything from here. Just search reviews on Google. It would scare me to buy the $500 shoes I want if their business is as shifty as the 100's of online reviews say. I'll take my money elsewhere.
  • Amazing finds! 4/5

    I absolutely love TRR. I haven’t consigned with them but as a customer, I find such amazing pieces for a fraction of their retail price. The only reason that I give 4 instead of 5 stars is because shipping should be covered for returnable items: like I would pay the shipping to receive them but they would come with a return label. I think it would help sell more. Customers are more likely to keep the things they buy online than they are to go back for items that they hesitated to purchase. I don’t take as many risks with things I’m not sure will fit because paying the return shipping adds up! Today I purchased two pairs of shoes but really would have gotten 4 if they came with a return shipping label. Especially because I’m in Hawaii and shipping is expensive! Just my two cents ;)
  • Useless 1/5

    By ArmenJooJ
    Honestly this app is ridiculous. Confusing, can’t make sales on the app unless you can’t sell unless you’re signed with the group and you’d have to ship your products to their store, I have very expensive products and I wouldn’t trust them at all.
  • Top Quality clothing 4/5

    By Glamma D
    I only gave 4 stars as I only received one order. But just placed another. The quality of the clothing surpassed my expectations. The sweater I purchased looked like it belonged in a boutique and the material was so soft. Definitely rich people clothing. But I paid equivalent to Kohl’s prices. I just bought Giorgio Armani Jean capris for and another name brand for under $25. So happy and excited.
  • Not worth the download 1/5

    By leopoldgarcia1017
    After reading all the responses YOU “the real real” provided to disappointed customers, decided your app wasn’t worth downloading. If you were TRULY sorry about their unsatisfied experiences, you would TRY TO CHANGE the things they complained about. True repentance is demonstrated by change not apologizing for the same situations repeatedly.
  • Love it, so obsessed, but.... 4/5

    By alexis2398
    I have made several purchases and have always been extremely happy! And I even told friends and family about the app, and they are getting just as obsessed with it as I am. But with almost everything there is a flaw, some of the high end designer brands (Gucci, channel, LV) are priced pretty high for most of the wear on the items. So just make sure to look closely at the pictures. Other then that the app is amazing! Recently sent in items for consignment so I’m excited to see how the whole process turns out.
  • A rip off 1/5

    By waaatev
    They really *f* you I have to say. 12 dollars to ship And then 12 dollars to send it back if you dont like. 25 dollars basically you will never get back. Such ridiculousness. And to consign, they low ball you. HARD. Do not buy or sell with these people. I honestly regret so much that I have. They may give you an ok price but thats about it. Products are pretty bad too and photos never give an accurate description. Do not trust these people.
  • Horrible and manipulating 1/5

    By The anonymous #1
    This app is horrible and manipulative and the prices are FAKE if I may add and I say you don’t shop on this app because your wasting your money and you could just go to the real store because the prices are the same.... and I ordered from this app and the bag was so fake
  • Why can’t you share the items that you love? 1/5

    By Ho Key Poh Key
    This app is so narrow minded. Do you think people who have money don’t want to have people who buy for them as well. Dudes get a clue create a share link/button/icon to send the item via text email Facebook etc... were in 2019 going into 2020 really ?
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Igloo cool
    I’ll be honest I was a bit iffy about this app but I checked it out an bought one thing and omg is awesome.
  • Sign in 1/5

    By Bonmott11
    So annoying that every time you open the app you have to log in again with an email and a password. Why don’t you have it remember you like most other apps? Also doesn’t let you auto remember your password. For someone like me that changes passwords often and don’t carry it with me I can’t access this app on the go
  • Very pleased! 5/5

    By Riga Native
    I have been a TRR shopper for a few years. I can only say good things about this service. The items come exactly as described, I only had to return a couple of things due to size and the returns were quick and effortless. Items arrive in dust bags, clean, and odorless. I intend to continue shopping with TRR!
  • Obsessed! 4/5

    By Ajmbsilver
    I love this site! It is by far the best sight to purchase authentic items from. I have purchased a silk Gucci sleeveless turtleneck and a pair of Manolos and just purchased two additional items. The items arrive clean and in the condition described (often times in better condition). The shipping is a little annoying and sometimes the shoe sizing has been a little off, but you just have to know the brand (European sizing, etc) and how it fits you. I highly recommend purchasing your high end items here.
  • Place to find the best luxury brands! 5/5

    By Fi87
    I love the Real Real, i have no fear when purchasing because I know all the items have been appraised and verified! Their customer service is AMAZING! I buy 1-2 per month...I am addicted!
  • Fun 5/5

    By latenapper
    Happy shopper!
  • LOVE!!! 5/5

    By sack eli
    I love the real real! A great place to find slightly used designer items!!! I’ve been very happy with all my purchases!!
  • It can be addicting 5/5

    By Mheldz2013
    Esp if you looove good purses and stuff and you know there’s no way you can afford to buy brand new. They make it possible. Just think skipping Starbucks for a while and you can have your dream purse!! Fast shipping! Easy Check out! Lots of options! Highly recommend!
  • Horrible and untrusted 1/5

    By Tresbcbg
    Please please if you don’t want to meet such a terrible amount of frustration don’t do business with this app/company, among many things you will learn that lots of the articles that you purchase online here are not the same when you get it delivered!! Also they do unbelievable things like this one here!! I contacted by email highlighted that they had a pair of sneakers that I was ready to purchased on hold for more than 20 hours, when it’s policies only allow you to hold it for 20 minutes but that’s not it!! They emailed me letting me know that they removed the hold so I can go ahead with the purchased, so I DID and everything went well they charged my card etc etc BUT COUPLE OF MINUTES LATER I GOT AN EMAIL WITH CEROOOOO EXPLANATION LETTING ME KNOW THAT MY PURCHASED WAS CANCELED!!!!!! YES JUST LIKE THIS!!! Clearly I went so mad and frustrated I called customer service and they didn’t meet my expectations!!! NO SOLUTION AT ALL!!! Think twice before do business Here
  • Small town murder 1/5

    By Brijoe13
    You better thank them, your sponsorship is the only reason I have heard of your company. My issue is...I want to browse before signing up.
  • Happy happy customer! 5/5

    By Jennyfrmtx
    Designer handbags for way cheaper than new ones. Sure they are used but you can find many of them in good condition. I recently purchased a bag that was expensive for me (but way cheaper) than new. It was just as described. Beautiful and looks almost like new. Totally recommend this site to anyone looking to own a nice item but not willing to pay full price. Thanks Real Real for the best consignment shop of all time!
  • Recommend!! 5/5

    By bellemcgovern
    This website is awesome and that reflects in this app!! It’s so great that they are recycling nice and authentic clothing. It’s a must have!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By apps to love and buy
    I personally love this app for buying designer items. Since so many people use this app you may be able to see a few of the same items. So if one item already sold, there may be another one waiting for you. The only complaint I have is that you can’t talk to the seller to negotiate the price. In the app each item has a starting price, and as long as that starting price stays the same you can get a 20% discount, but if the seller drops the price, that 20% discount goes away. Sometimes it can be really frustrating when the seller drops the price by only a small amount, because you would’ve gotten a better deal if they hadn’t dropped it. Other than that, the app is great, you never have to worry about buying something fake.

    Cannot bypass opening screen. App crashes. Deleted app and reinstalled numerous times and same issue.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Shelsi412
    I sent in a box of 48 items in excellent condition, all on the name brand list. I then moved. They then sent the box back to my old address (which was on the shipping label), couldn’t explain why, and asked me to resubmit them, AKA ship again. I live out of state. Ridiculous.

    Great price and they deal with same jeweler I deal with
  • Crashing on Open 1/5

    By TangoAbrazo
    Just downloaded and it hangs upon opening and then switches out of the app, but the app is still running. Only thing I see is the loading white page with “The Real Real”. Uninstalled it and downloaded again with no change. Doesn’t work for me. IOS is 12.1.4.
  • Best place to shop! 5/5

    By Summer9589
    Compared to Poshmark, The real real has a lot of quality name brand items and sometimes for a good price. If you think the price is too high, just wait and it’ll most likely drop a little so be patient! I’ve bought so many Christian Louboutin items from this website or just favorited them and am still waiting for them to drop in price. I will never stop shopping on this site!
  • Love this app and website 5/5

    By QTPY22
    Every item that I order from TRR, I am extremely pleased! Never had to return an item and loved every item.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Cmynewworld
    Just WONDERFUL!!
  • Easy shopping 5/5

    By Rubyroxdesigns
    RealReal is so easy to shop!
  • Trustworthy 5/5

    By ash876907
    The phone app works better than the website on laptop, because you make more specific search filters in phone. For example, on laptop I can choose shoes > flats (OR) shoes > boots > flat boots. Not both. In the cell phone app I can see both flats + flat boots together, forever :). Also, customer service has been 5⭐️ for me. I am a repeat customer. Awesomeness 💫
  • App lacks important features like returnability 3/5

    By ungerling
    I love the premise of this app: second hand items independently rated and authenticated. The app lacks important filter items like sleeve length and style. I don’t want to look through 3,000 items because the app hasn’t figured out search. There should also be a search feature on returnability. I naturally assumed I could return anything only to discover some items can / can’t be returned. I don’t know my size for every designer so I don’t want to see non-returnable items from unfamiliar designers. Especially since The Real Real charges a 50% commission if a non-returnable item doesn’t fit and you have to consign it 😡. Yeah. Make that a filter.
  • Very easy to use 5/5

    By Jules23137
    I love how easy to use this app is. It’s so easy to search for a specific type of item or just browse designers or types of clothing. It feels just like the website and I’ve placed orders both online and on the app and both are very easy to do.
  • Pleasantly surprised 5/5

    By LifeinMalibu
    I was initially somewhat skeptical about the condition merchandise would be in but so far I’ve been very impressed!
  • Shipping is ridiculous 1/5

    By imsimplyalice
    It's not the best. Always getting logged out for no reason. Firstly shipping is a pain in the A Why not have an option to pick up from either store if you live in NY or LA. Paying for shipping everytime is the worst especially waiting days. I understand the item might not be at your LA store but it really makes buying online rather than in store very annoying. Huge waste of money especially if needs to be returned. State all items and which store or location they are in.
  • So disappointed. 1/5

    By Disappointed Stephanie
    I initially raved to all of my friends and family about TRR. I’ve made several handbag purchases and was always pleased. Until I did my first consignment. I purchased a Prada bag and I didn’t like it. I never carried it. It was placed directly back in the dust bag and box the day it arrived. I was going to sell it to an individual and then thought, why not consign it!? So I read the guidelines, followed all directions, and shipped the bag. About 2 weeks later I get a notice that it has been denied and is being sent back to me. The reason was, “could not authenticate “. you SOLD me a bag that you now can’t authenticate?! After reaching out to them numerous times, I was assured over and over that this would get resolved. I finally just gave up. Super disappointed. Not making any future purchases and certainly not recommending them again.
  • Stay away from this business 1/5

    By klmbgnn xdr
    I been the client since the open . This company took big advantage of me. First consignment I made with them, the agent didn’t tell me how to create my account and check my sales or ask to send them back. All my items was sold with 50-80% without my knowledge . When I called the account manager who came to my home he said oh , well it was sold . I was not offered any compensation for lost on my rare designer items . They just change the account manager . Next time after that experience they promised it will not happens again , I open my account so I can track my sales and see the prices and I did another consignment with the price approval . Which was a lie again . They were sold with big discounts as well without any price approval . I gave this company another chance , they change again account manager, but the same thing happened again . And I called and email several times to ask for my items back before it was sold . I can’t even express how much loss I get from trusting this company . Stay away from them and use other places to sell .
  • Great way to shop sustainably 5/5

    By Nic314515
    Super easy to use! A great way to shop sustainably and at reasonable prices.
  • The Overly Overplayed ADS Make me NOT WANT THIS!!! 1/5

    By ChefIceQueen
    (Before I begin, I want to state that I do understand the importance of ads within an app, everyone needs to get paid, that’s just part of the branch on the tree of life...) Imagine that you’re trying to play a game of Scrabble on your iPad after a very long, tedious, and frustrating day, only to become more frustrated by this AD FOR THE REALREAL blasting you a millisecond after pushing the button to send your move??!! Then repeats itself worse that an archaic broken record?? Welcome to my world!!!! The Ads which have these “models” that are definitely no beauty queens doing these ridiculous gestures some genius thought were supposed to resemble happy dances make things even worse for this annoyance!!! If an ad is supposed to “encourage” a consumer to download an app and/or visit their website, this ad for THE REAL REAL makes me wanna just run the other way and pray I don’t have nightmares with these scary looking women in these gaudy clothes doing glorified jumping jacks to this overly loud ear piercing headache causing music... I’m not using my Scrabble app as much as I was, and I’ve resorted to turning off my WiFi before playing other games that don’t require internet just to avoid the ads, as this one pops up within other game apps too... (I’m sorry, I see my money being spent better elsewhere rather than paying extra for NO AD App versions) I only downloaded this app so I could write a review about the ad, now if you will excuse me, it is time to delete it...
  • So easy to browse, shop, buy, and track order! 4/5

    By chiefgirl77
    Love the app! You can find amazing deals on fantastic sartorial items at any time of day. TRR really is a game changer in that way. I like that you can “heart” things that catch your fancy and then refer back to them later. The only complaint I have is that when you are browsing through your saved likes, when you try to go back to what you were looking at before, it takes all the way to the top of your liked items list and then you gotta scroll up back to the last item you were looking at. Time waster. Or at least that’s what happens on my iphone 8p.
  • Where have you been all my life??!!! Fantastic deals 5/5

    Just made my second purchase and am excited to get my items. The selections are great and the prices are outstanding. Shipping came quickly and the items were packaged beautifully in little pouches. I only have 1 small thing to mention but it is not a deal breaker. When you sort items it has a hard time going back to the same sort after checking out an item. Again not a deal breaker and will continue to use this site. Told a few colleagues about it and posted some photos on FB. Great work The Real Real, hope the deals keep on coming because I will continue to shop!!

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