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The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury

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The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury App

The RealReal is an authenticated luxury consignment marketplace where you can buy and sell luxury goods from top designers across women’s and men’s fashion, fine jewelry & watches, fine art and home. Shoppers enjoy up to 90% off retail prices and sellers earn up to 70% of the sale price of their items. The RealReal offers international shipping to 61 countries. All items for sale on The RealReal are warehoused and authenticated by an in-house team of luxury experts including certified gemologists, horologists, apparel specialists and handbag experts. Each item is 100% guaranteed for authenticity. Returns are accepted for apparel, footwear, jewelry & watches. Selling on The RealReal is effortless. Luxury Managers in 20 U.S. markets consult with consignors in their homes and take the items they wish to sell. Or, consignors may choose to send their items to our warehouse directly for free. Most items sell on the site within three days, and consignors receive payments once a month. Email us at [email protected] to get started.

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The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury app reviews

  • Worst Experience - Lost my money 1/5

    By Colombianitos2
    I purchased a shirt item # R552545440. According with description: “Excellent. No visible signs of wear.” What I received it is a very used shirt with really bad smell and excesive mark underarms (yellow stains). I contact customer support to complain and after waited for over 30 minutes somebody answer and as soon as i explain my complain to that person, she hang up without telling me anything... I contact them by email and their response was that i need to send the item to back to them. They will email me a label and After they get it they will refund me. But they will deduct $11.50 from my original payment. In another words, they charge me $11.50 to send it and another $ 11.50 to send it back... Even it is their fault... To avoid that I just put it in the trash... I DO NOT RECOMENT THIS COMPANY ORBTHEIR PRODUCTS... JUST WASTING OF MONEY AND TIME...
  • Find all devices? 3/5

    By Leda12
    Why is TRR app asking to “Find and connect to devices on my network”? I know this is a recent update that Apple is showing this warning, but why has TRR been having this access all along? Also could you PLEASE add more photos of the items? It’s so hard to tell on the poorly lit mannequins. Is it too much to take photos like a dept store or even someone on Poshmark?
  • Took my money and cancelled my items 1/5

    By Anonymous121211
    It was fine in the beginning, my products came on time. Then I bought a few items and they took my money and put a return to sender hold on my packages with no explanation. Deceptive and fraudulent. Won’t be shopping here again.

    By kensohio
    If I could give this website a negative million stars, I would. I sent 5 items. 4 pairs of sunglasses and 1 purse. They wouldn’t accept the purse. Said it was discolored (it’s a brand new purse) and they didn’t price the sunglasses properly. I have been waiting WEEKS to get my purse back. They said UPS has tried to deliver my purse (they haven’t. I have cameras and an app that tells me what packages/mail I’m getting that day) When I contact customer service, they’re not helpful. I just requested for them to send my sunglasses back too. If they’re saying my BRAND NEW PURSE is discolored, they’re a dishonest company and I don’t want to be associated with this scam. Plus, they’re commission is ASTRONOMICAL. Do you research before you sell and DO NOT USE THE REAL REAL.
  • Quality and Good Condition Items 5/5

    By Rigged003
    I found this site to be very helpful for looking for high end preloved items. The items I received were absolutely authentic and what I saw on their page.
  • Please add dark mode 4/5

    By kena88
    I enjoy this app and find myself scrolling quite a bit, it’s definitely addictive. If it weren’t so bright white I’d probably browse even more. The pictures are all high-key making it difficult for eye strain. Developers, please find a way to add a dark viewing mode!
  • Fake 1/5

    By baby fendi
    The real real is the fake fake all this stuff is fake this stuff is not real
  • Inauthentic item :( 1/5

    By joan12355
    Getting a refund for an item that was confirmed fake was truly like getting blood from a stone. I am talking nearly 2 months, HOURS of time on their online chat with incompetent reps who can’t answer basic questions, constant errors, and a chain of approximately 30 emails. NEVER. AGAIN. It was exhausting and beyond annoying.
  • Buyer AND consigner 5/5

    By phillydefenseatty
    I’ve never consigned before and I’m lazy-ish, so while I guess I’m not completely maximizing value at TRR I really like that they pick up your consignments from your doorstep and I’ve unloaded a ton of old stuff for store credit (probably the best option) that I otherwise would have just held onto or donated. And I’ve gotten a TON of store credit for stuff I bought years ago on consignment!! Also, eBay is kind of a pain to sell on (like I said, I’m lazy and I hate shipping stuff on a deadline and having the condition ultra scrutinized and argued over). Now, as far as my purchases, holy heck!! I have completely overhauled my wardrobe and pretty much upgraded everything to designer. I’ve gotten GORGEOUS things and if you search less popular brands you can get steals (beautiful Italian trousers for $15 and flats for $40, umm yes please). Just make sure you are diligent about returning stuff you can’t fit into (I find sizing a little risky since you might not know the brands that well—like since when have I even tried on a Balmain skirt ever in my life?).
  • Keeping it RealReal! 5/5

    By cdalton71
    I’ve been so impressed by everything I’ve ordered from TRR. I need to sell some designer things. If I ever get all of my LVs out of dust bags some of those can go and all are in good to excellent condition. I recommend TRR to everyone I can. I’m 100% addicted.
  • Love concept, not execution 2/5

    By banaany
    The basis, online consignment, is one of my favorites. However, once your inventory gets really big, you have to have better search functionality, better parameters for filtering, and more than four ways to sort the results. Even basics like search by size doesn’t let you search discrete sizes—you choose s, m, xl, etc and it gives you a range! Some of us are squarely a numerical size and do not fit the next size up/down but there is NO way to filter those out of search. Grateful and thankful for the developer who thinks it would be great to fix that.
  • Best used luxury store 5/5

    By JessicaG5466
    I wanted to buy my sister a present for Christmas as a quick little thing. Th sunglasses I ordered where on sale for only $57! Prada sunglasses for only $57! When I had a little of trouble with my order Maria G, best employee helped me tremendously. There customer service is great from the one employee I spoke with!
  • I love handbags! 5/5

    By pschump
    I stay on this app! This is my favorite luxury consignment site. I’ve purchased a few times and was truly satisfied with the delivery and overall service!
  • Never pay retail! 5/5

    By GreetingsEarthlings
    I love this app! I used to purchase my designer goods on resale apps, but I’ve received numerous counterfeit items. TRR is amazing. You get items for substantially lower than retail, Afterpay is available, checkout is simple and shipping/returns are a breeze. I can purchase designer items at a fraction of the cost. The only issue I have with their app is the carting process. Anytime I click on my Cart, there’s a delay of numerous seconds while it loads. I’ve tried WiFi, cellular, different networks, but it doesn’t matter. It takes a long time to process anytime you go to your cart. And sometimes those seconds matter. Speaking of, I’m not a huge fan of the timer. They give you 20 mins to checkout, but it goes quickly. An item is held for You after it’s added to cart, but since you pay for shipping, you want to get your money’s worth. But alas, the cart likes to freeze and then I lose my cart. I try to add items back quickly, but it’ll still show they’re being held (by me) and then I have to close, reopen and try to recart. Anyways, that’s the only issue really. Otherwise I live TRR!
  • Sukiweston 2/5

    By sukiweston
    I did two curbside drop offs in NYC at Wooster Street and did not receive my 100.00 bonus credit foe each. I kept writing and was given excuses.
  • Great for buying but NOT SELLING 2/5

    By Dmsanfrancisco
    If anyone is thinking of selling their items on #therealreal DON’T DO IT!! I consigned a ton of my Gucci clothing and was told I would receive 55% commission but as items sold they were at different rates from 40% to 55%( they said it was in my contract, however I don’t recall ever being told that) not to mention they create the prices that are outrageously low (you have no input), ie. Gucci blazers in great condition selling for around $100 give or take ( originally $1800 and up) then they give an additional 20% off without asking you if it’s ok. I’ve honestly sold for better money on Ebay or Crossroads. I’ve spent more at ROSS for non designer items!! Obviously buying from them is great but I’d advise not selling. #poshmark is probably a better option. On a side note, the people that work there are very nice
  • Bad 4 selling and consigning but great for buying 5/5

    By UCLAgirly
    I love this site but only for buying when I want to sell or consign i use closet cash because they pay more. With the real real I sold some of my items and they took a 20%promo code out of my earnings and put my items on sale for 70% off so I made almost nothing, bad for selling but great for buying
  • Help Please 5/5

    By svasqu_
    The RealReal - It would be great to add the feature of “Night Shift” to the app. Please consider 24/7 customer support when shopping on the app. Sometimes I have a question about an item only to have it left to be unanswered and the item not bought.
  • The best 5/5

    By cherrypop3399
    Great prices for awesome products
  • Addicted 5/5

    By GallantAkitas
    My husband is going to divorce me with all the money I spend on here.
  • The worst experience 1/5

    By Maxsurr
    I had a number of items to sell while moving, and the process of using the real real was, to put it mildly, a nightmare. They lost my items, took weeks to give me any info about it, responded to one of my every three emails, and generally did not seem to care. When I went to inquire about selling more items they barely even responded. I see that people have good experiences buying here, but I cannot recommend anyone use the platform to sell. Truly despicable customer service.
  • 5 year customer 5/5

    By Adonis71!
    Thank God for TRR! App is great! Site is my favorite! I love that I can buy high end merchandise without feeling super guilty about spending so much money. They are very honest in the listings and tell you exactly how it looks while taking multiple pictures. They also show the item to scale which I appreciate. I love the real real!
  • Very pleased 4/5

    By B T Cooper
    As both a seller and buyer, I have been using this sight for several years. Having worked in the luxury retail industry for some years, I have a amassed an embarrassing amount of designer goods, and TRR is an easy and excellent way to sell off pieces to make way for new ones.
  • pricey 2/5

    By artistluver
    despite the fact that it’s second hand designer, it’s still incredibly expensive. a few of the items listed are so close to the original price that it doesn’t even seem worth it to have them on a website like this. i got this app because i thought it would make designer shopping more accessible but, unfortunately, the prices are still way too high.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Nani peeke
    This app is garbage. Still is slow AF and has a ton of bugs. You can’t toggle between searches and when you click on a brand to see that name it brings you back to al their inventory. The developers of this app should be canned like the did to the ad firm that created their awful tv spots 😂
  • Worth the Hype 5/5

    By epf0017
    I am an avid jewelry collector. Most of my pieces are from the RealReal. I’ve paid a fraction of the price I would have paid for my jewelry if I bought it retail. The range of the types of jewelry they sell is AMAZING. For earring in particular. My ears are super sensitive and can only tolerate Sterling silver of gold. I’ve been able to get multiple pairs of silver and gold earring for a serious STEAL. I’m also very impressed with their standards shipping speed. Sometimes things are slow to ship if you order something at a busy time of year (like the holidays) but generally I’ve gotten my purchases within a week of ordering them.
  • Missing Consignment 1/5

    By luckyjs7
    I’ve been a long time customer and consignor at TRR and recently they lost my consignment with multiple valuable items. It’s been weeks and they haven’t even contacted me back.
  • Be prepared to send items back 3/5

    By lydiaelizabethrose
    I want to love The RealReal. The idea of purchasing designer luxury items at a steeply discounted cost (while not contributing to the damage that mass-produced clothing causes the planet) sounds like a win for everyone. This is why I’m giving it 3 stars - that, and I’ve found a couple good pieces over the years. The main issue that I have with TRR is that they clearly clip back the pieces on the mannequin to make them look more flattering. The result for size 8-10 folks like me, unfortunately, is items purchased look nothing like they did on the mannequin. Unless you’re a size 0-4, be aware of this. I’ve had to return 5 items for this reason alone. I’ve heard that there have been issues with authentication, but have not experienced any of that first hand. Will I continue buying from TRR? Yes, but much less frequently until they get mannequins that represent bodies of all sizes.
  • Slippery slope ahead? 5/5

    By Lymanomsdfcffv
    Been with the real real since they opened. I’m a big fan. Yet as the RealReal has begun outsourcing their customer service department I have had a few issues. Also ,although prices had risen when the stores opened lately they have skyrocketed. Prices on certain coveted designer bags and clothes are more than in the stores or their original prices. Pay attention RealReal - many have stated that in their reviews. Not wise. Please try not to turn into ebay ...
  • Love this app and site 5/5

    By GloriousAmerican
    TRR has fantastic pre-loved items at excellent prices! My fave resale shop! 🌹
  • Expensive 1/5

    The items that I was interested in or actually more expensive and then from the Louis Vuitton website.. very strange
  • TRR is the bestest 5/5

    By A wiggins
    I have purchased for the second time from TRR. Fast shipping, as described authentic designer fashion.
  • This company is a sham! 1/5

    By Meanstine
    Do not be fooled. They lose your items and offer you pennies in return! They bullied me for 4 months. They are robbing you as a seller.
  • TheRealreal 5/5

    By MishaB2012
    Easy to use and up to date inventory fast👍🏿😍
  • Wow 5/5

    By Mr. Articles
    What an amazing company. They do an outstanding job and they stand by their products. Best place to find authentic Tom Ford sunglasses.
  • As bad as I feared 1/5

    By Remanman
    Saw the commercial and decided to give them a try. App loads fine but one can’t even look around without creating an account or using your Apple/Google/Farcebook ID to log in. Nope. Not going to give you guys a way to sell my information, just so I can look around. App deleted less than one minute after downloading. Sad guys.
  • Items not always as described. 1/5

    By Tradesystinks
    Be careful. You may not get what you think you’re getting. And customer service is questionable. I received a bag not as described and I kept having to wait on hold for worthless service recovery. Avoid them at all costs.
  • Fun Shopping App 5/5

    By Franpanm
    Love it!
  • Great shopping deals 5/5

    By CharSilveria
    I’ve been buying at The Real Real for the past 7 years. They have authentic brand names at an affordable price. The quality of their handbags are great. The Real Real is my favorite store online.
  • Iwatch 3/5

    By Suanot
    Need app for Iwatch!!!
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Geauxraerae
    Find hidden name brand gems at a great price! Look no further!
  • Great products but app could use some upgrades 4/5

    By Swankee
    Love the products. Trustworthy site for resale. However, the app could use some upgrades with better AI and GUI. Always having to tap into the product to see additional views is not a great user experience. Takes too much time and limits items to see. Filtering is limited as well and should have more options.
  • Too easy to find what you’re looking for. 5/5

    By gavevahna
    I’ve been obsessed with this site/app for 2days. It’s so easy to spend money 💴 when the deals are amazing for things I’ve looked for that stores can’t come close too.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By ybynynujkkk
    They make most of the products final sale and won’t let returns. They have rude and unprofessional customer service representatives and I will never shop there any more.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By heeeeheeee heeee heeee jj
    Still a lot of money
  • TRR is keeping my mind busy during Covid 5/5

    By khershner
    I’ve become a bit obsessed with the TRR app in a way that I wasn’t before when I was just a ‘normal’ client on my laptop. I don’t have a ton of money to throw around but I feel like we need nice things during the pandemic and hunting for them is a very good brain training activity. I’m working my memory like never before. It may not be 100% healthy to be searching all of the time, but it’s fun and a good anxiety buster.
  • Inspired 5/5

    By MotherMayI?
    After losing 85 pounds, I wanted to buy myself some nice, classic pieces, and RealReal has allowed me to do just that.
  • Obsessed 5/5

    By @kristinas_korner
    I now work in the fashion retail industry, but even so, I never thought I’d be able to afford luxury designers like Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta!! To now have these pieces in my wardrobe means so much to me. Thank you!
  • Wait, There’s a national consignment day? 😂 2/5

    By Raulin2626
    Wait, There’s a national consignment day? 😂