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  • Current Version: 14.0.2
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The Sims™ Mobile App

Create your Sims, give them unique personalities, and customize their world with more detail than ever before on mobile. Experience your Sims’ lives as they choose careers, party with friends, and fall in love. CREATE AMAZING SIMS Customize Sims with distinct appearances, hairstyles, outfits, makeup, and personality traits. BUILD A FANTASTIC HOME Personalize layouts and designs, choosing from a variety of furniture, appliances, and decorations. SHAPE YOUR SIMS’ LIFESTYLE Guide the stories of your Sims’ lives from careers and hobbies to relationships and families – even Risky Actions! Start a family and pass down powerful Heirlooms. PLAY TOGETHER Host and attend parties with other Sims to socialize, earn rewards, and develop romantic relationships. You can even move in with other people’s Sims. ____________ Important Consumer Information. Some images shown may contain in-app purchases. This app: Requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply). Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. Includes in-game advertising. Collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Allows players to communicate via the in-game party chat feature. Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. The app uses Game Center. Log out of Game Center before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends. User Agreement: Privacy and Cookie Policy: Visit for assistance or inquiries EA may retire online features after 30 days' notice posted on

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The Sims™ Mobile app reviews

  • Read this( not bad) 4/5

    By Distinct_esty
    Ok the only thing is I with that you aren't the ONLY person on the street like I want neighbors and stuff not just me and roommates or like make there some homes in the city where the jobs are plz and thank you
  • Good but MAJOR flaws 1/5

    By tey and making better
    Lovey this but its just not good
  • Its fun, but... 3/5

    By Skz0325
    I really like the game but one thing I have a problem with is the energy running out so fast. Also, whenever you have an event to finish within a day, the things you have to do take at least 7 hours. Then you run out of energy trying to speed it up, it still takes about 5-6 hours. Honestly a waste of time. Other than that, I could play the game for hours (of course if the energy doesn’t run out)
  • How 4/5

    By Yadassaaa
    How do I get iOS Sims four
  • The right game 5/5

    By cowboys cubs fan 101
    This game is life like I forgot the world exists
  • So great!!!! 5/5

    By nickname chappy lips
    I’ve played the game and it the best game (personality) and that’s all I say
  • How much out of 10 do I like this game 3/5

    By lucy hail
    I like it
  • Sims mobile 5/5

    By shawnpoconnell
    Love this game takes me back to the old sims
  • It’s great but one thing 4/5

    By hhuhuhhuhuhu
    Why are the levels mostly about fashion brands ? I’m not the person who loves getting new fashion brands so could you change that ? I know it takes a lot of head work but please?
  • Absolutely Amazing But... 2/5

    By datgal89
    I love this game so much. I can’t stop playing! But some things I feel should be fixed. 1.Hair styles- There should definitely be more! Most are just straight, wavy or just what I’ve never seen anyone wear. ((Shut upOf course I need to do other things too. I have to wait seven hours for most of them. But not only that, after seven hours I have to wait another seven hours! Then if we don’t want to wait you have to pay and when you level up you don’t get much, just three dollars!!! It’s definitely not enough. Maybe twenty or at least ten PLEASE. 3. Pets and others- please add pets! Pets are apart of our life too! Cats, dogs and add vampires, mermaids, fairies and DRAGONS 🐉 !!!! Thank for making a mobile game, and again this game is amazing!
  • missing game 2/5

    By Boom shaka lacka boom
    i cant sign back in. i had this awesome game and i got a new phone and it all just disappeared. help
  • Can you be a mermaid 1/5

    By ellianaserrano
    Can you be a mermaid in this game if not I will give you one star so let us be a mermaids pls if not I will give you a one star so yeah let us be mermaids please I love them so yeah!?
  • Was great but one thing went wrong 3/5

    By game locer
    I love this game but sometimes things glitch and don’t work out like I can’t throw a wedding party and my sims children can’t sleep because there is no bed for a kid. I also accidentally retired one of my sims and I did not mean just brought it up. I love this game but there Are some bad things
  • Sim 3/5

    By kepoerhbd
    There is to many steps to having a family and stuff fun like that but it is a fun game! But 1 thing I wish it was is multiplayer!
  • Awesome but annoying 4/5

    By GreenStone257
    This game is fun but the energy points get annoying when you want to do something but you have zero energy. The only ways you can refill your energy are using your bed, shower, toilet, bathtub or by using cupcakes. The bad thing about that is that the bed, shower, toilet, and bathtub is once you use them, it takes them forever to regenerate to where you can use them again, and the cupcakes are just hard to get most of the time. The good thing is that majority of your tasks are five seconds long (some are longer) but other than that this game is amazing!!!! I love it! 😁
  • This game is not the Sims 2/5

    By lunalily93
    I have played all the sims games, from original to sims 4, and this was not the sims. You gain a roommate in a one bedroom house, which was not fun and I did not want. Then you had to take the coffee job that wasn’t fun. There was no choice in the game. The only choice you had was what story you had with people. Very disappointing. A kind of open world sim but you had no choice and could not upgrade your house in anyway at the beginning. Building your own house is the appeal to me in the sims games.
  • Ttssssss 3/5

    By tjohns2291
    It was alright. Not really like the sims in real life. Also didn’t give me the correct time off activities when I helped my sims. Deleted and downloaded the original sims.
  • It’s pretty good 4/5

    By Ed Lofland
    It’s a good app there isn’t anything I would change in my opinion
  • Bad 1/5

    By God beliver
    It was so expensive for everything if you wanted more coins you need to pay!!!! I’m not happy don’t download
  • Hair 3/5

    By cheeseyloser
    The game overall seems good so far but I have a problem with the fact that the hair options that are available well most of them are straight and silky you should have more options for different races and most of the hair is long girls do have short hair and boys do have long hair and that is something I think you should really look into
  • I love it 5/5

    By Haley Hersh
    I love this game. My daughter is very proud of this game!
  • Sims 1/5

    By geneva2005
    I have been playing sims for a while now and when playing it for a while it gets very boring. The tasks in the game are unnecessary.
  • Veeeeeeeeeryyyyyyy Good Game 5/5

    By amazingclaws1
    I’ve seen the reviews on this game and one of them makes me confused. He talks about not having “freedom” and not being like Sims 4. In my opinion, I think that this game doesn’t have to be like Sims 4 and it is my favorite game and I try to play it whenever I can. This game is perfect!
  • Download today!🥇 5/5

    By lil zai
    I love this game so much it is so fun to play but... I do wish when you buy stuff there is a confirm I just lost a lot of money but other than that it is so good
  • Good game 5/5

    By Isabella_2009
    I played this game for about a year now, I’d like to know if you could give me every time I go in the game An outfit. Please write back to me.
  • Very fun but.. 4/5

    By cdoherty862798
    I paid for the 10.00 and was supposed to get the 600 cash and 25 cupcakes but right after I purchased I didn’t get my sim cash or the cupcakes. It must have been a misunderstanding but please can I have have my sim cash and cupcakes that I paid for.
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 1/5

    By nysjjxhjkkaoidjjd
  • UGH! 2/5

    By clambert2025
    It’s a great idea, and it gets REALLY good when your sim is having a baby but you have to complete 15+ quests JUST so you can have babies! :( I’m on level 1 and haven’t had a baby cause of the stupid quest >>:((( all my friends play it and so I said why not but nah-ah! I mean, I know how much work was put into it but I mean come on! Please change that! -disappointed player :(
  • It’s awesome but.... 5/5

    By kaidensims
    CAN YOU GUYS ADD... •stairs •custom content •braces •and let us be able to customize the kids And toddlers body’s THANK YOU!!!
  • YAS QUEEN 5/5

    By xXKenzie_PlayzXx
    This game is amazing you should play it my LITTLE SISTER loved it and as for me,YAS
  • This game is awesome 5/5

    By HermioneGranger#1
    I love this game but I don’t like that your energy takes so long to recharge but other than that it’s perfect
  • Needs better controls against hate speech 1/5

    By DinaMom1234
    This game is colorful, complex and fun- but within a few days of loading it on a character named “Adolf Hitler” showed up at the house. This is unacceptable and must be addressed. Better controls now, please. Shame on you.
  • Neighbors 4/5

    By antisocialpotatolovesyou
    I really love the whole update and all but i think most of your players can agree that what we most want are neighbors and neighborhoods!!. Also please make even more areas to unlock and play.
  • This game is good, but it could be better. 3/5

    By DankArtisr
    This game is super fun! But, maybe instead of having so many in-app purchases. Why not just give us the full game and make the game cost money in the first place? Money will still be made and honestly I would be much happier!
  • There needs to be a day and night cyle 3/5

    By Hermesseng
    Instead of it being the day all the time while you are at your home the sun should rise and set like in the sims freeplay.
  • Not that great 2/5

    By Slow and confusing
    It has most of the same functions but they carry you the whole way through. The beginning closet is also trash. About 3 different pairs of clothes. I deleted the app 15 minutes in
  • Its a great game but.. 5/5

    By IG: amourheavenn
    Ive been playing the game for a little over a week and its overall good but the tutorial has you create a roommate by force instead of living solo and building a family ect or at least having a choice. It makes everything crowded and confusing with each sim when they have quests. I wish there was an option to at least kick a roommate out or not have one at all. Update: After playing more I realized i can kick out my old players when they retire.😂
  • Good but eh needs a bug fix! 3/5

    By terribls
    Do this game is so addicting but I ended up woohooing with a sim and got a baby and the baby will not age up and the birthday cake won’t show up like it’s suppose to and it’s getting on my nerves 🚫🧢
  • Addictive ! 4/5

    By Madonna1674
    Love it ! However past 2 days LlamaZoom not working. What’s going on ?
  • I really wish it was more like the sims 4/5

    By MermaidGirl4ever
    Fun but I do wish it was more like the sims 4. The sims is my favorite game and I wish we could have something more like it on mobile. I tried the sims freeplay and it is very similar to the sims (the first one) but I want something closer to the sims 4. Thanks for reading this. :) Translation: Heppa droy vanosh canseena loo anjee careela vanood fandango sooy santoy vaneena andele ah vanqueera shoshay.
  • I love the game but... 4/5

    By Luna_White
    I love the sims 4 a lot so I was excited to play this game. When I played I fell in love immediately expect for the fact there is an energy bar instead of needs like in the sims 4. I would especially appreciate if you considered adding that.
  • Sims 5/5

    By Mcimom
    Sims is awesome and I love it so much all the people wanting to get it it’s awsome
  • please 4/5

    By hi i like tik tok
    so i want to move stuff around and i can’t please add that to the game please
  • disappointed 2/5

    By paigelilac
    basically like sims freeplay, the game tells you what you have to do. you don't get to do whatever you want like i thought you would get to do. sims 2 pc game was the best and last good game from the sims.
  • My review 5/5

    I LOVE the sims franchise, though I think that the sims mobile should be less quest oriented and more like the sims 4 in the way that I think players should be able to have more playable sims and should be able to create more worlds.
  • Pretty fun 4/5

    By LilOofieee
    Had it on my old phone that broke a few months back, it was fun so I decided to revisit the app but realized that the eyes on my sims are two different sizes! The amount of effort put in to the create a sim is great but the fact that the eyes aren’t even the same is concerning, I don’t know if this issue is just happening to me and it’s just a bug but if it’s not the team working on this app needs to do something about it pronto!
  • Eh lame 3/5

    By LizzieLove94
    It’s cool and all...but it’s annoying how you have to do little a looooong series of quests before you can do anything, like get married have a baby...then you have to do events within the quest that take 3 hours to complete, and you have to wait..unless you want to spend real money and buy cupcakes so the even time goes faster. It’s just annoying.
  • You guys are just haters 5/5

    By daniy i am a girl
    Why y’all be saying that this game is boring stop then don’t play this game if you are a hater get a life this game is fine
  • Great 5/5

    By grier the best unicorn
    It is awesome to the moon and back hey

The Sims™ Mobile app comments

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