The Video Converter

The Video Converter

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  • Current Version: 10.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SmoothMobile, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Video Converter App

Convert your video files to nearly any major video or audio format! The Video Converter can convert nearly any video file to: MP4, MP3, 3G2, AAC, AVI, FLAC, FLC, M4A, MKV, OGV, OGA, WAV, MPEG or WEBM ! 1. Select your input file (or share it from another app) 2. Choose your output format 3. Convert! It will only take a few seconds. 4. Share your file or open it on your device! Access all your converted files through the in-app file browser, and the FIles app in iOS 11. After conversion is complete, you can preview the file and easily open it in another app, like your document editor of choice, and you can always get all your converted files on your computer with iTunes File Sharing. Conversions usually take less than 15 seconds! Supported input formats include: mp4, gif, 3gpp, mp3, mpg, mxf, vob, tx, 3g2, aac, avi, flac, gif, flc, m4a, mkv, ogv, oga, wav, peg, webm Supported output formats: mp4, mp3, 3g2, aac, avi, flac, flc, m4a, mkv, ogv, oga, wav, peg, webm Conversion is done on a secure cloud server, which makes conversion easier, faster and much more battery-friendly. You must have an internet connection to use this app. Files are immediately deleted from the server after conversion. While the files are immediately deleted after conversion or cancellation, you should be aware that by using this app, you agree that your files will be sent over to internet from the app to the conversion server.

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The Video Converter app reviews

  • Crashes phone on first use 1/5

    By Eli Vanzant
    Crashed my phone first time I used the app after paying to get the premium in app service. Tried it several times afterwards..waste of money..
  • GIF to MP4 processed but would not play. 1/5

    By MsTrEJG
    That is all I wanted this app to do and it doesn’t work. Very disappointed!!!
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By Jaz Wilmany
    Waste of $3.99
  • Well.... 2/5

    By Emperor Palpatine Rules
    In theory it works, but I never actually got see if it works because it wouldn’t convert my 2 minute video unless I buy Premium. It’s a bummer. I just needed a file converter for 1 video.
  • Not Free! 1/5

    By Johnsw1988
    You have to pay for files over 15mb. Pass!
  • Ripped me off 1/5

    By Guitartunereviewerguy
    Needed my mov file converted to mp4. First said it was too big I needed premium. I bought it and then waited for it to compress and then upload and then wait some more only for a error message saying something about not having the process in the system or sum bs.
  • Terrible APP 1/5

    By LucyLu678
    ABSOLUTE SCAM! This states in-app purchases but it charges you to download! Terrible app by the way!
  • Works 10% of the time -many glitches 2/5

    By TeacherLady2468
    This app has been extremely frustrating. In theory you are supposed to be able to leave the app and then get a notification when it’s done-no such thing. It takes forever to convert, and when it’s “done” it takes me to the home screen & there’s no final product (I’ve tried watching my screen, staying on the app the whole time & it freezes, never to finish). I’ve tried uploading files from my photos on my phone, my files, & from online. I’ve renamed docs & been in touch with their customer support. They’ve been friendly in suggesting trouble-shooting ideas, but none of it has worked. The only reason it has 2 stars (not one) is because I do have 2 successfully converted files (albeit after days with many attempts). At this point I’m considering this app a sunk cost & am looking for a new one.
  • MP4 behind paywall? 1/5

    By Twonster22
    Your in the iOS store, why put mp4 the main video type iPhone uses behind a paywall? Why would I pay for something I haven’t used? Too many apps have the same set up and don’t deliver. No thanks. All the free options have no benefit for most iPhone users.
  • Akram 1/5

    By akram ali hb
    This app doesn’t work they lye can’t convert any video don’t buy 😤😤😤😤

    By transporbation
    This is not a free app, it’s $3.99, and it doesn’t work. You click convert, and a wheel slowly starts spinning, but never actually gets anywhere. This is for a tiny 1:11 video. Apple doesn’t give refunds, because apparently they need to participate in this con. Avoid at all costs.
  • This app is not actually free 1/5

    By overcastpodcast
    This app is not free. I wanted to convert a file to an MP4 format, but I had to pay for that. I was only able to convert one file to an AVI format before, you guessed it, I had to pay. Maybe this app works if you are willing to pay, but I’m going to keep searching. I’ll spend money for a conversion service if I have to, but I’ll send my money to a less shady app.
  • Please refund 8/13/19 1/5

    By s Mitchell
    Paid for the full price and it did not work for me. Big disappointment. Please refund!!
  • Really? 1/5

    By buffyboi929
    I thought it was free but you need to pay 3.99 to convert a mkv to a mp4 stop the money taking
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Missodessa
    App crashes immediately after open a video so that pretty much makes it useless
  • Total crap! 1/5

    I wanted to make an mp3 file but I have to pay for it. It’s not fair and it’s TOTAL CRAP. Don’t make things that you have to pay for.
  • Didn’t work! 1/5

    By Shahin0627
    I bought this app to convert a .mov to a .mp4. It didn’t work and kept timing out! How do I get a refund??
  • CRAPPY 1/5

    By Nigel Lopez
    Useless fix bugs plz
  • Fake reviews everywhere 2/5

    By MrLemonDood
    After you make one conversion, you have to pay four dollars to keep using the app. Wouldn’t recommend at all.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Greencattle8
    Converting by pastint URL does not work. It just keeps telling me the URL isn't valid even when it is.
  • Paid for the upgrade and it’s not working 1/5

    By Brit.nanny
    I paid for the full service and after quite a few issues I managed to get it to work, now it’s not even attempting to convert or compress the files, don’t waste your money
  • iMovie format 2/5

    By soccer130611
    I have no problem buying this app if it will convert to a iMovie compatible format. However I do not want to pay for it when I don’t even know if the MP4 it converts to will be compatible with my iMovie. How can I test this out before I purchase?
  • Greedy developers 1/5

    By Giovhanny
    I maximum file conversion then it’s $3.99 and some of the features don’t work. Skip this app and try another. 👎👎
  • Garbage 1/5

    By BoricZ
    Paid for premium pass. Does not convert the MOV file. Program takes a long time to upload the file and does nothing afterward. A waste of money and time. Refund please
  • Didn’t work - lost 3.99 1/5

    By Kevin Menzie
    I made the in-app purchase to convert to mp4. It didn’t work - just created a 0 second video. So, I spent my money for nothing. I downloaded an app that let me do it for free and that worked fine.
  • Bad Converter 1/5

    By Cbeverly2010
    I bought the Premium for $4.99 and I haven’t been able to fully convert a file yet. I’ve cancelled and closed app but still no luck. I’ve been trying to convert .mov to .mp4 with a 27mb size and it won’t finish. I left phone open for almost an hour and it just hung on uploading. I never even got to step 2 or 3. Totally a waste. DONT BUY!
  • Instantly crashes 1/5

    By aviatrix395
    Haven’t been able to even attempt a conversion as upon selecting the file from my photos the app crashes when I hit choose. Useless.
  • Cash grab 1/5

    By Destructor1123
    You can’t even convert to .mp4 without paying money. That’s why I downloaded the app. On top of that, you get one free conversion to .avi. I don’t know if you only get one conversion to other file types. Such a price gouge.
  • Scam 1/5

    By JosephDTN
    One download and that’s it, not even mp4
  • F- 1/5

    By why yhw
    Didn’t work
  • Doesn’t work!!! 1/5

    By dtfugibtfyitckutvkvktv
    I want my money back now. It doesn’t convert my 1 GB file to mp4
  • Great Video Converter Program 5/5

    By JasonSkins69
    I use an iPhone XR to record short videos for my business networking events. They record in the .mov format which is not compatible with many programs or websites. I needed a program to convert these to mp4 format. I am very pleased with this program and can recommend it for the short < 1 minute videos I record on my iPhone which need conversion to mp4..
  • Unauthorized charging 1/5

    By Kaleo91
    So I downloaded this app to give it a try but as soon as you try to download something it says the file is to big so you have to purchase the premium to continue. I wasn’t that desperate for it so I clicked no and backed out and UNINSTALLED the app. Next thing I know, the next day I get a notification that my purchase was successful and I could now download my file. Immediately reported to apple and am receiving my refund. Scammers just trying to get your $$.
  • Waste of money! Doesn’t work! 1/5

    Tried at least 20 different files and tried to convert to MP4, MP3 and all other choices and it doesn’t work. It makes you pay $3.99 for large files and Apple will NOT give you a refund when you find out it doesn’t work. They also won’t give you a refund even under accidental purchase. Don’t waste your money!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Jsanch081
    At first try it ask you to purchase the app without knowing the quality of the app.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By SLPkiki
    I bought this to convert a gif to a video for instagram posting. It acted like it converted but the video length was 0 seconds and it was a frozen frame from the gif. Tried with two different files. Sad to have spent $4 to find out this doesn’t work at all.
  • Makes you pay 1/5

    By 2211the
    Worst app, whoever made this was so poor they have to charge you money to do a simple task.

    By lin 12343214
    Works but app is not free
  • Conversion Failure. Horrible app 1/5

    By Mnkyboi452
    This app does not work. I needed to convert a video for an assignment, but after waiting an hour for it’s conversion the end of it, I got the error could not convert message. Horrible app. I want a refund!
  • Junk 1/5

    By aquakameron
    I paid $4 and then it said it couldn’t convert the video, like I want my money back
  • Great app 5/5

    By Cempbdtg
    Easy to use. Been using it to convert my iPhone videos to mp4 and send to my Android fam and friends.
  • 32GB of iPhone storage 4/5

    By Bloodruby66
    I just wanted to free up 10.5 GB of music from my iTunes music & music + whatever you call it just got the $3 lifetime pass 𗂔𗀬𗀯
  • Not functional! 1/5

    By Arashfa
    I tried this app for converting a Mpeg2 video file to Mp4. The file size was 500 megabytes and app claims that files up to 2 gigabytes are convertible. however it could not convert my file and I unfortunately lost my 4$. Not recommended at all.
  • M2ts to MP4 conversation simple doesn’t work 1/5

    By rteruszkin
    I’ve paid the app to convert my M2ts videos to mp4 and the conversion doesn’t work at all!! I start the conversion process but it simple breaks in the middle! Totally disrecommend this app, I’ve lost my money and time on that!
  • Doesn’t work, dont download! 1/5

    By donaldpease
    Paid premium price to convert a video from mp4 to avi, it gets to maybe 10 percent then doesn’t progress any further, no matter how long I wait. Don’t waste your money.
  • Scam 1/5

    By B3lloh
    Stupid app! Nothing is free on it. If you want to find a free app that converts your videos don’t use this one it only claims to be free but you need to pay to convert. Smh. Scam.
  • iPhone X Users Don’t Buy this APP! 1/5

    By TestCarDatabase
    I just purchased my new iPhone X to do social media for my Instagram account 343,000 followers and a couple of huge accounts I run on the side. Instagram does not allow posting MP4s from my iPhone X (Videorama doesn’t work with MP4s either). It’s a known bug that I didn’t know about. I can post from my old iPhone 8...but I have to return the 8. I downloaded and purchased this Video Converter app, hoping it would be the answer to my problems. Obviously it didn’t work...hence my 1-star rating. I converted one video and it didn’t work. It forced me to upload to an external source, so I uploaded to my DropBox. When I tried getting it off of DropBox as the AVI, it is corrupted! If you have an iPhone X, don’t waste your time or money. I want my money back...but I’ll never get it. At least I paid $3.99 to leave this rating and review to save others from making the same mistake.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Wrecknology
    It doesn’t do the video conversion locally it just uploads to a website and converts it. You have to to have a decent internet conversion to convert. You also have to pay extra for larger files. This app is garbage
  • Doesn’t work !! 1/5

    By DeadlyMeerkat46
    I paid 3.99 and this still won’t convert a video that I have from mkv to mp4... please fix this

The Video Converter app comments

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