The Voice Official App on NBC

The Voice Official App on NBC

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  • Current Version: 3.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NBCUniversal Media, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Voice Official App on NBC App

PLAY ALONG, VOTE and SAVE your favorite artists with The Voice Official App while you watch the show LIVE on TV. Get the app that puts you in the coach's chair! Push your button during blind auditions and pick battle and knockout winners. Build and manage your fantasy singing team and see how they perform on the leaderboards. Tweet Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, and connect with your favorite artists directly within the app. Experience a brand-new way of keeping up with NBC’s Emmy Award-winning singing competition! Get links to music from the show, suggest songs you want to hear the artists sing, and much, much more! Feel just like a coach on America's #1 unscripted series with The Voice Official App! The Voice Official App Features: BUILD YOUR TEAM * PICK your favorite artists to build your own fantasy singing team. Start with a team of 12 artists and refine your team as the season progresses - just like the coaches of your favorite singing competition. * EARN points as your artists progress in the competition. * SHARE your picks on Facebook and Twitter. * PLAY ALONG and check your rank against your Facebook friends and America! VOTE WHILE YOU WATCH * Watch The Voice LIVE on TV and cast your votes with the app. * VOTE and SAVE your favorite artists during live shows. * WATCH videos of your favorite artists' performances after the show airs. CONNECT WITH COACHES AND ARTISTS * TWEET Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton from the app. * Instantly connect with artists within the app. SUGGEST SONGS AND GET MUSIC * GET music from your favorite artists through iTunes and Apple Music. * SUGGEST a song you want to hear an artist perform. CUSTOM iMESSAGE APP, EXCLUSIVELY FOR iPHONE AND iPAD * Use exclusive stickers from The Voice in iMessage conversations with friends when using the native Messages app. * The Voice sticker pack is free to download on the App Store for iMessage and requires iOS 10 or above. * The Voice Official App will automatically download to your device when you install the The Voice sticker pack. Here’s how to use iMessage stickers: * Open a message and address it to a contact you know needs a sticker from The Voice. * Hit the "App" button (it looks like an A), then tap the four gray ovals to open your App drawer. * Tap The Voice logo to open up the stickers selection window. If you don't see The Voice stickers in the Messages app after downloading, go into the App Store for iMessage, click the Manage tab and make sure the The Voice Official App is activated. When the app is active, the toggle will appear green. NOTE: For the best experience, please update your device to the latest iOS operating system before running The Voice Official App. If you experience issues, make sure to completely close out of the app, reboot your device and restart The Voice Official App. If issues persist, here's how to contact us: Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks. Data charges may apply.


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The Voice Official App on NBC app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By cjbunnybear
    The show is great and so is the app!
  • Love it 5/5

    By yrdsalor
  • Love it! 5/5

    By AdamHater
    Awesome! Love the trivia, polls, and factoids!
  • Instant Save 3/5

    By thtswatsupbby
    We need an instant save on the app as well. I don’t do Twitter...
  • So much fun 4/5

    By Memmie Em
    Wish I could use the app to “Save”. I don’t have/want Twitter.
  • Useless this Season 2/5

    By S Marie
    Used to use this to vote BC I can't watch live. Not available to do this now.
  • CHEATERS !!!! 1/5

    By Whooops
    Can someone explain why there are a large group of people with 700 points before the first show even airs?
  • Only good for one thing 2/5

    By JJanglez
    Honestly, this app is terrible in many ways. For example, The whole leaderboard and your team is very, very poorly designed so random. I couldn’t careless about the leaderboard. It’s seriously stupid. You can’t even track your favorites. It is only good to track results in a cumbersome way, video clips which you can get many places, and voting.
  • Changes in The Voice app Voting structure. 4/5

    By sandy wren
    Thank goodness producers changed the voting opportunity for The Voice. Yeah! People on the west coast can vote later. Yea! Check out the new time schedule!!! Go Jackie Foster.

    By Phanic! at the dan and phil
    This is a great app, I get to support my favorite singers and get to judge the show while I'm watching it. I suggest that anyone who likes The Voice should buy this app.
  • Amazing app 4/5

    By Brittnaylol2468
    This is an amazing app! It’s so cool so they let you build your team out of the people that are in the voice competition and you pick your coach and be the coach if you like this voice app get it now do not miss out
  • The Voice in one easy app 5/5

    By Dot sky
    I'm not on Twitter, so this app is perfect for me. Great way to vote for my favorites and keep up to date on all the Voice happenings!
  • West coast is NOT represented 1/5

    By Bigshmoo
    This show should be ashamed of itself. The west coast aka pacific time zone is NOT represented. The voting in this app does not accommodate us. ALL of the voting that is immediate is only accommodating to the east coast. This show should be ashamed at its lack of decorum in accommodating ALL of its viewers. The results of this show are essentially only the viewpoint of the east coast. MEH.
  • The Voice has gone downhill in my book 1/5

    By KenKVT
    They have no regard for people who might work odd hours and maybe, if they can afford it, DVR it, the people on the West Coast, or those people who like the show and can’t stay up that late. The app has always worked well in past years and I’m only using it as a sounding platform since I don’t know where else to blast my objections. This may be my last season for them.
  • Why waste my time and space? 1/5

    By InkyPinkys
    Just deleted this app. I’m in the same time zone as where The Voice is broadcast, but voting is already closed when the show airs. Worthless!
  • Not interactive for those in pacific time zones 1/5

    By Scaredofcrow
    App is also glitchy to choose team if isn’t interactive since it mostly designed for real time for persons in eastern time zones
  • Left (out) Coast 1/5

    By copdawg812
    I love the premise of the show. But if you live on the West Coast you can’t vote while watching the performances this week (as half of the artists go home).
  • Terrible Format this Season! 2/5

    By LamKlm
    My family has watched The Voice since the first season. We are excited to see it each week. The show has changed mostly due to technology, but this season the format is terrible for the contestants, judges, and audience at home. Some of the most talented didn’t stand a chance and the last three shows felt so rushed, you couldn’t sit back and enjoy them. Please go back! And, stop showing us what is going to happen next during the commercials — that takes excitement and anticipation away from the show too!
  • West Coast should boycott The Voice 1/5

    By Lynn7227
    This app updated before the live performances were aired on the West Coast. It ruined the show for me. I’m writing to Macy’s and other sponsors to drop The Voice. It may not help but it feels good. FIX this problem in 2019 so West coast can vote.
  • Not a fair app 1/5

    By Dbacker216
    I don't like how the show is always saying that "America" gets to vote but the only people who get to are the ones on the east coast. That's not fair. I feel like that none of us in the west have a fair say in the voting.
  • The Voice 1/5

    By Chickie71652
    If you live on the West Coast there is no point in using this App. Or even attempting to vote. Your voice is silenced and not worth anything. I downloaded this app in hopes of making m voice count but to no avail. I have deleted it!
  • Moving members 3/5

    By NiniTheScorpio
    I hate that when I move a contestant on my team to my top three or safe people it’s resets the days.
  • West coast NEVER leaves the blinds 2/5

    By Notangrybird2222
    Not fair. That’s it. Bad enough we can’t vote but we can’t even play the app, unless we do it blindly.
  • Not informative enough 2/5

    By Red Camaro
    Doesn’t tell you when to vote for different team. Not user friendly. Doesn’t tell you what your doing, my team is it on bottom part where says 2 more days or the top part where 3 contestant are? Not very good app!
  • Hate the instant voting. Now for some reason it says I’m not eligible to vote👎🏼 5/5

    By mad beach lady
    Not good.
  • Mountain time voting ! 2/5

    By Cactus State
    It is so disappointing not to be able to vote during live shows !! This is the essence of the show !!!!! How can this be ??? I’ve been watching from the beginning and now can not take this grave insult to we who live in Arizona !!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Powaykim
    Ditto Traveled Woman. I hate that I can’t vote because I live in Arizona. The app doesn’t deserve space on my phone. Useless!
  • Not happy with this season 1/5

    By ldscajunlady
    I really do not like the voting system this year. What was wrong with the old way? I feel that you are limiting your voting audience to younger more tech savvy people. What about those of us who don’t do twitter or have smart phones??? I don’t like the way it limits the voting to teams. What if all of my favorite artists are on one team? I prefer to see all performances and then make my vote like it was before. Not happy with this season. You had a great show going. Why change the format every year?
  • Canceled the app 1/5

    By Holottawoman
    I live in Hawaii, if I can’t vote I don’t need to watch the show. Voting was an interactive way to be involved. Delete, and quit watching.
  • Leaves much to be desired 1/5

    By ROCK-CA
    Frequently have difficulty navigating around on the app, and I have been unable to vote with this app.

    By BRATJ718
    There is NO VOTING button on the app????
  • Too loud 2/5

    By Ames53
    I have the sound setting off but when I open the app it BLARES the theme song. Very annoying!
  • Voting 1/5

    By Aglower
    So frustrated! I don’t know what portion of the Country actually gets to vote, but know the West Coast is eliminated. I finally turned it off last night knowing I could only vote for my favorite coach. The contestants are picked by the East Coast. My favorite show. What a shame to know we have no say in the outcome! I hate to leave, but I have no value.
  • Can’t even vote.... 2/5

    By Murdock7266
    Really MTN and West Coast can’t even vote... Rigged if you can’t leave the voting open an extra couple hrs.
  • Show is great, app needs some work 2/5

    By Luvkyha
    App is not very intuitive. Also, earlier in the series, when artists performed and were judged but it didn't appear on television, reviewing their performances should have been directly available on the app.
  • Not Able To Vote 1/5

    By GreatPlayer1
    The app wouldn’t allow me to login. When the app finally opened it closed out the voting opportunity before it did the night before. I didn’t get an opportunity to vote for the artist.
  • I am sure this will NOT matter and I will get NO response BUT... 2/5

    By Locke.$myth
    There are SOOOOO many flaws with this app. I just read a review about how they saw someone was eliminated before the airing even happened, and that they didn’t even get a chance to vote. And voiced how the instant save seems unrealistic in tallying the votes correctly in such a short time. Building your team is fun and all, but to avoid losing someone I really wanted to keep on my team from forced elimination, I had to remove them, then re-add them and lose all the time I had them on my team. It is extremely frustrating and unfair. The videos and behind the scenes stuff is cool, but this app is kind of cheaply put together. Get someone to fix the obvious issues and make it cleaner.
  • No vote 2/5

    By staggeringelk
    Not helpful for voting. More intrusive than FB wanting email address or phone number.
  • My Bad 5/5

    By penpick
    I just downloaded the app so I could vote on the live voting right now, but it’s not giving me access to the current voting. EDIT: nope, it was my fault! Not a problem with the app. Just be forewarned, since the voting this season is occurring over such a short time period, if you are watching at even a little delay on a DVR this is not going to work for you. I didn’t take into account that I was watching 20 to 30 minutes behind the live broadcast.
  • Don’t bother to get this if you think it gives you the chance to vote for anyone! 1/5

    By Diana player
    I thought it was fun to get my own team and I especially loved the thought that I could vote for people I love listening to since I don’t tweet except - Parts of my team are removed at a certain point and then another part is removed later leaving me with only 3 on my team! And it has nothing to do with my vote because I’m not allowed to vote since I live too far west and some idiot decided half of the country could only watch with no votes allowed. When I sent an email about that lat year, I had no reply and this year, I can’t vote again! Why? Who knows since my questions are ignored! The fun is gone.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Hunter1947
    Can't even vote.....
  • Can’t view live on the West Coast 2/5

    By TightGroove
    That’s total BS! Should broadcast earlier in that case!
  • Can’t download the app for nothing. It is just stuck in loading mode 1/5

    By ilovejessicasanchez
    Can’t download the app!
  • Voting 2/5

    By Ralpha 50
    Have played all season and when I could vote I’d hit the red button and directly go to I’m ineligible what a big pissing in my cup that was and is !!! Blake have it fixed !!
  • Annoying 1/5

    By DisneyNowFan
    I had missed the live start so I was about an hour behind and it would only let me vote for the current team that was singing live even though not everyone would have started at the live start time
  • Show's great......App needs help 1/5

    By moto_racer438
    Rules and scoring are complicated and un-clear. The app is clunky and doesn't let you navigate around freely. One example of confusion for instance is right now it has live voting available and says 2/4 teams performing tonight......but won't show me the other team. Only show's Adam's team. So.....who else am I going to be picking from? Just could be designed better and less confusing.
  • Wow 5/5

    By deniahletsgo
    I love this app. You can vote for the people you want and help your favorite artist win!!
  • Great app 4/5

    By MS Mel 58
    I absolutely love being able to voice my opinion about the artists! I do, however, have a few suggestions to make it even better: 1) let us select artists any time, not just during the broadcast of the show, 2) allow us to hear each artist's latest song by clicking on their picture, as this will help us choose between artists, and 3) don't make us cut our team size so quickly and drastically - let it more closely match that of the coaches.
  • Love the Voice 5/5

    By Cyberlady1101
    Love this show Thank you for having it in TV
  • Invasion of privacy 1/5

    By Jlpdriver56
    They want either your Facebook to identify you or your email with complete birth details..... that is crazy .... I would never give that to vote on a reality based show .... completely intrusive and unnecessary!!!!

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