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Stay informed with award-winning national and international news, PLUS complete local news coverage of the D.C. metro area. Scan top headlines for must-read stories. Get fresh perspectives on the world from Post bloggers. Save articles for offline reading in MyPost. PRODUCT FEATURES • TOP HEADLINES: Quickly browse the always updating feed of today’s news and read each story in full. • D.C. METRO NEWS: Learn what’s going on in the nation’s capitol with stories about D.C. and the surrounding metro area. • LIVE: Follow along with our live blog coverage for up-to-the-minute updates on breakng news and events, and watch live events as they happen. • BLOGS: Find out what The Post’s most insightful bloggers have to say about everything from politics to sports to pop culture. • COMICS: Browse our library of comics, and dive into our extensive archive. • OFFLINE READING: Save your favorite and must-read articles to “My Post” for easy access anytime. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS • OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access for just $14.99/month (first month FREE). • EXTRAS: Your subscription to The Washington Post comes with complimentary web access, as well as access to the Washington Post Classic iPad app and The All-New Washington Post App, available on iPhone and iPad. • PAYMENT: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase. • AUTO-RENEWAL: Your subscription will auto-renew for $14.99 each month unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. The auto-renewal can be turned off at any time in the Account Settings section of the App Store. Please note, you will be unable to cancel your current subscription during an active subscription period. • PRIVACY POLICY: • TERMS OF SERVICE:


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The Washington Post Classic app reviews

  • Intrusive video ads 1/5

    By diamantine
    I’m a subscriber but yet I’m subjected to intrusive autoplaying video adverts when reading a story. You already make money from me each month, do you really need to exploit your subscribers for microcents?
  • Problems with WP online 3/5

    By BB McKay
    I love reading the Post but there are problems in accessibility when there is no internet connection. The paper seems to try to refresh and being unable to do so, then loses all previous content. This was a problem a few years ago which was then corrected, but it has resumed. That means that when I’m traveling with no connection on my iPad, I am able to read the NYT, whose content remains from the first connection, but I’ve lost the Post. Another problem is the availability of certain sections listed on the front page. For example, I love the Health and Science section and the Weekend section as well as Outlook and many others. But there’s no easy way to look at the side bar or in the top banner to find those sections. Consequently, unless I look at the virtual print copy, which only goes back 2 weeks, I miss stories in those sections. Why not have a list of all the sections of the paper? Maybe I’m missing something and these sections are identified, and if so, I would very much appreciate guidance. Thank you very much. Barbara Sitton
  • App does not allow users to read comments 1/5

    By trinisaurus
    I wish I could give less than 1 star. The Comments that users provide on the articles are just as insightful as the articles themselves. In the past I could get the WP comments from FB - that is no longer available. I have both NYT and WP subscriptions - NYT is far superior. WP needs to do better.
  • Washington Post News Provides Excellent Analysis 5/5

    By BloomDL
    About a month ago, I started a subscription to the Washington Post, and have been continually delighted with the news coverage and in-depth analysis. This is precisely the National news I’ve been seeking, without the bias of the WSJ. The WP content has helped me navigate through the turmoil in government. It took a little time to acclimate to the Post’s content, since it lacks the “fluff” of Google News, but the WP articles are certainly engaging on their own. Thus, I feel better informed about National news than before, and think my subscription has been worth the price. The WP app is also easy to use, without advertisements.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By TerpFan17
    I now live in Florida, but I'm still a DC sports fan and an avid crossword puzzle fan. My on-line subscription satisfies those wants. I think it’s terrible that the post is so anti Trump and unbalanced to the left. I stopped reading that biased and fake news.
  • Extremely Convenient & Well Informative 5/5

    By BigBalonieManS
    I adore the design if this app. Inspires me and moves me to read more and more articles everyday. The dark mode makes it even more amazing, and with how the app is set up, seems like a main part of my life from day 1.
  • New update has a bug 1/5

    By Straightlake
    With the latest update (June 11), I cannot activate the crossword puzzles. No problem in the past, but nothing works on the Crossword page today.
  • Video ads 1/5

    By epii
    Nothing like sitting in a quiet waiting room full of people reading an article when a loud ad inexplicably starts playing.
  • Buggy app, shuts down randomly without warning 1/5

    By PKS001
    App lately has had many problems, shuts down without warning. Certain stories take you to their website, where scrolling does not work. ALL Videos have Ads, even for paying customers. Why?? Ridiculous in itself. Imagine if HBO forced you to watch ads after you paid the monthly au subscription fee. Crazy! App also takes up a ton of space once you start clicking through things. Needs a lot of work.
  • Headline editing fail 1/5

    By is amore!
    Seriously, this has been story number 3 for 27 hours and you couldn’t take the extra article out of this broken headline? “Trump’s decision to sow discord among G-7 allies is a more than a childish tantrum.” Is this like bad Italian stereotype talk from the 1950s?
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Langurss
    Liberal propaganda. Unhinged, no-talent moon-bats hellbent on opposition and anarchy. Sensationalized opinions from left wing loonies. Written by idiots for idiots. Corrupt and dishonest Disgraceful
  • irritating 1/5

    By Marvel Dimanche
    Slow and the app keeps asking me to sign in. Hate to say it but the “failing” (to quote a person much in the news) NY Times app works much better and remembers that I already signed in when I read a new article. (I don't know if the person I refer to thinks the NYT is failing because of its app... I doubt it, I suspect he tweets more than he reads, and talks more than he listens, so he may never have tried the app. But that has nothing really to do with the WP login business, so forget I mentioned it.)
  • The Fourth Estate 5/5

    By Janylaw
    There are fewer & fewer daily newspapers that still uphold journalistic standards of honesty and holding politicians and government officials to that same standard. WaPo also sets the standard for investigative journalism and has a reputation for pointing out hypocrisy and straight up lying committed by the current administration. Also helps that Jeff Bezos is in the top 10 hated by Donald Trump so you must be doing something right.
  • Great 5/5

    By He said there will.....
    Highly informative and best online formate of the three papers that I read.
  • Excellent!! 5/5

    By Chicago.Girl.😋
    I love the Washington Post!! Having it with me everywhere on my phone makes everything so much easier!!👍
  • Comments not available 4/5

    By matt_mia
    Unlike the NYT both WAPO apps do not provide access to reader comments. They are only accessible in the browser version. Since a lot of articles have many good comments this is really too bad.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By NateNate55
    Newest version of the app freezes on login page. Can’t access content anymore.
  • Could use one major improvement 3/5

    By Hillbertz
    I’m pretty satisfied with the app, however if I am reading something on a website or Facebook, or wherever that has an article from the Washington Post and I click on it, why doesn’t it open up my Washington Post app so I don’t have to figure out what my dang password is! It’s a major annoyance.
  • A Society Ripped Apart by Full Frontal Nudiy 5/5

    By sammy woko
    “We?” I’m not your “we,” Ruth. You say what Barr said was unforgivable. I can forgive her and have some sympathy to boot. She said something dumb, without forethought, she hasn’t killed anyone. Now, deservedly, she’s been humiliated, raked over the coals in front of our nation. I think she got hers. As for Dee, she used an ‘offensive’ word. In America that’s okay. The Donald used the exact same word and got elected President. So we should humiliate and destroy her after the Trump precedent was set and half the nation was okay with it? Who do you think you are? You need to calm down and focus. The so-called “Outrage Machine’ has landed right in your lap and you are obviously ready to fuel it up so you can use your power to jump on the ‘Enemy’ because what they’ve done, as you’ve righteously judged, is unforgivable. “We” have all decided, as you have so passionately argued in your special column, that Dee like Barr, should burn too. Bring the family!
  • Keep Fighting Fake News 5/5

    By MoroninWh
    This so-called president relishes using fake news. If he says something is factual we know it isn’t true. If he says something is false then the Washington Post will let us know the facts. Thank you for keeping the public aware of the facts.
  • Love the Post, the app isn’t bad. 4/5

    By garrett_oh
    The app works fairly well and the developers are constantly modernizing it. With the addition of swiping from the left edge to close the current article, the app is much easier to use, especially with one hand. Kudos to the developers for listening to feedback.
  • Trump falsely accuses the New York Times of making up a source... 5/5

    By loujparis
    Every time Trump makes a blatantly false statement there should be a headline starting like this. No opinions, just the facts. Eventually, the pattern will be a story in itself. May be wishful thinking on my part...who knows?
  • Please add comments 5/5

    By FireSmack
    I love The Washington Post for its Pulitzer-winning investigative journalism, and I love this app. I just wish you would add the comments section to the app so that we could read and write comments on stories like we can on the web. Keep up the great work!
  • A little jumpy on iPad 4/5

    By keith burris
    Decent app, esp. on iPhone. But a little jittery on iPad.
  • Difficulty 2/5

    By sad gloria
    Every time I try to sign in I have difficulty and I just started this online subscript - I am getting fed up ... it keeps asking me to sign up for more and will not let me read what I did sign up for !
  • Nice App but would be better with reader comments 4/5

    By Boris Mahoney
    This is a very nice app. It is easy to read and easy to navigate. But the reader comments are missing. I have to go to the web version in order to read the reader comments.
  • Improvement 5/5

    By keengkong
    Much better than the awful app that the WP tried to force its readers to use for a while.
  • Needs a better display 3/5

    By just karamel
    Love the reporting but not pleased with the implementation. I set up notices via email for “favorites” and it never fails when I click on the link, I’m reminded that I’m over my online viewing which means I literally must type in username and password every time. I also wish there was some option to only display “today’s” articles. The online edition randomly keeps stories around for a period of time which means I’m seeing the same article 4-5 times. I get it that not everyone will read everyday but there’s a convenience factor to being able to just toggle for today. That can be accomplished with the print edition but it’s not user friendly. One has to pinch/expand the page, there’s no link to the remainder of the article and it’s not linked meaning you literally scroll through pictures of the print and review the page like it’s a picture. I like the news but not how it’s displayed.
  • Great paper but a little easier on the subscriber please 5/5

    By NYRoJoKo
    Wapo, along with the NYT is maintaining a standard of journalism that makes us proud in a time when unflattering news is dubbed “fake” despite being accurate. Well researched, written and edited - not much higher praise to be had. My only complaint is that the Wapo website is kind of harsh when the subscription ends. I tried to renew but forgot my password and the app was just inflexible and unhelpful, and offers limited subscription options. It makes me feel like I will just be content with my other news websites for a while, since this one is not helpful. The NYT website is much more user friendly for resubscribing, so they make me feel wanted.
  • Review 4/5

    By neiabby
    As a 15 year old, it’s pretty easy to read but sometimes can be confusing. However, for the most part, the Washington Post App provides clear, unbiased, and accessible information about what’s happening around the world.
  • Scrolling makes me nauseous 5/5

    By Youth of a Nation
    Why did they make scrolling through stories feel like running a ribbon of text under a distorting magnifying glass?
  • Horrible app for great newspaper 1/5

    By Miller7201
    This app is very frustrating to use. Whether using cellular access or WIFI the page updates are spotty at best. This is not an issue with other media apps on my iPad.
  • Increasingly unhappy 5/5

    By pajhhh
    At not being able to comment on this and that. 😪
  • Read it for Petri 5/5

    If you don't read Post columnist Alexandra Petri's spot on satire go find her right now! And then you may stay for breaking news, lively features, opinions and columnist Jennifer Rubin who remembers how Republicans used to preserve and protect Americans.
  • Electronic subscription to Washington post 5/5

    By Pull-ups obscessed Steve
    I am so glad that I finally have a full subscription to the Washington Post. Because I live on the West Coast, it needs to be an electronic edition. WaPo is a great newspaper. It is clearly a very important aspect of the checks-and-balances required to save our endangered democracy.
  • Pointless. Just use the website. 2/5

    By FubarInFL
    If there is anything this app does better than the mobile website, I can’t think of it. But it does offer less capability. You can’t see or make comments, for one example. Lame.
  • Now more than ever 5/5

    By JEinsidetheBeltway
    I've been a Post subscriber since I moved to DC in 1978. The excellent reporting and commentary allow us all to delve more deeply than a tweet! This Sun. 5/6, the stories about Eric Prince, R.Kelly, Trump's mysterious cash transactions, and the applicable-to-my-work story on the gig economy are needed as are each days's print and digital news. Yes digital is great allowing us to educate others and I'm grateful. Nice work!
  • Latest update is flawed. 1/5

    By Havenrock
    I just downloaded the latest update. Under the Top Stories tab, multiple, large images are partially obscured, as evidenced by partially obscured headlines.
  • Disapointed 1/5

    By PWR 2
    I have been a paid digital subscriber for a day or two and cant access a story through my FB account.
  • Need info 4/5

    By KIP!!
    How can I get a full E newsprint of Wash. Post ?
  • Washington post app review 5/5

    By billshaud
    The Washington Post and the New York Times maintain my faith in the Free Press and the quality and great. Today more than ever before we need the fourth estate to save our country and democracy itself.
  • Prompt accurate reporting 5/5

    By Nurse can
    I subscribe to my local paper as well as the Washington Post. The reporting is excellent in both papers & I appreciate being informed. I have deleted Facebook. I like my news undiluted
  • Follows the Circus 5/5

    By gregter
    Great and timely reporting on the 3-ring Crazy Clown Circus (WH, House, & Senate). WAPO reports the facts we need and performs serious analysis to put them in context. Awesome news breakers & Pulitzer Prize winners on this all-star team. Way to go, WAPO!!
  • Unbalanced 1/5

    One sided shouting—no balance, always biased
  • Link Confusion 2/5

    By youngeducated&black
    When I click a link for an article in the WaPo App, a new webpage opens in Safari. Why? Would it be so hard to internally link to your own articles? With the NYT app, you don’t even leave their interface to visit external sites linked to in their articles. Get it together.
  • Post Lives! 5/5

    By BetterDems
    Glad the Post lifts the shade of darkness.
  • Better than the Times 5/5

    By Lbg Marketer
    Insightful journalism and an easy format to read.
  • New aggregate 3/5

    By masshole 69 obv
    I wish there was a news aggregate that would include all major publications in one monthly subscription. I like WaPo but also New York Times etc..
  • Great News 5/5

    By Wanda5166
    I do love this app but unfortunately I am disabled and can't afford the cost of the subscription.
  • Has no purpose 1/5

    By O'Doyle Rulz!
    Can’t read more than 3 articles a month. If you really want the content, just go to the website and clear your cookies.

The Washington Post Classic app comments


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