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Designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, this app keeps you informed with award-winning national and international news coverage — along with striking photography and informative graphics that bring stories to life. Intuitive browsing and a streamlined design allow you to seamlessly navigate through stories and enjoy in-depth reading. Free to download, subscribers enjoy unlimited access. PRODUCT FEATURES • INTUITIVE NAVIGATION: Easily browse through and between sections. • EASY VIEWING: Swipe or scroll through articles, then select and read full stories. • STREAMLINED DESIGN: Enjoy an uncluttered, engaging reading experience that makes it easier to find—and read—the stories that matter to you. • IN-DEPTH READING: Immerse yourself in stories where the focus is on storytelling—enhanced by bold photos and graphics. • AWARD-WINNING COVERAGE: Stay informed with award-winning national reporting and expertly curated stories. • FREQUENT UPDATES: Stay connected 24/7 with breaking news and other important updates throughout the day. • NEWS ALERTS: See images, headlines, and short excerpts of articles right in the expanded notification view. • 3D TOUCH SUPPORT: Get a sneak peek at top headlines, right from our icon using Quick Actions. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS • OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access starting at just $9.99/month (first month FREE). • EXTRAS: Your subscription to The Washington Post comes with complimentary web access, as well as access to The Washington Post App on all your smartphones and tablets. • PAYMENT: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase. • AUTO-RENEWAL: Your subscription will auto-renew for $9.99 each month ($14.99 for premium subscriptions) unless you cancel 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. The auto-renewal can be turned off at any time in the Account Settings section of the App Store. Please note, you will be unable to cancel your current subscription during an active subscription period. • FREE TRIAL: Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. • PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.washingtonpost.com/privacy-policy/2011/11/18/gIQASIiaiN_story.html • TERMS OF SERVICE: https://www.washingtonpost.com/terms-of-service/2011/11/18/gIQAldiYiN_story.html MORE FROM THE WASHINGTON POST Experience The Washington Post in all forms. Check out our other apps: “Washington Post” for a traditional digital reading experience with all of our content and “Washington Post Print Edition” for a digital replica of our print newspaper.

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Washington Post Select app reviews

  • Keeps me up on line with the Washington Post 5/5

    By Mason Jarr
    Better than the app on my kindle fire. This gets me all the Wapo breaking news immediately. Frankly if I subscribed to the print edition they would just pile up unread in my apartment. This has a much smaller carbon footprint.
  • Limited content that includes advertising 1/5

    By LB in Chicago
    I pay a subscription to get this paper. But they only show a limited amount of their content. Worse, they have advertisements disguised as articles. They also slip ads into the videos. How giving me the content and charging an extra dollar? I supported this paper but it’s not worth it for this product.
  • iPad layout is just “ok” 4/5

    By Jbrisk
    Awkward iPad layout. I much prefer a tabular column on the left with each of those articles shown sequentially on the right, one at a time. Avoid the completely useless over-use of photos like the LA Times setup—theirs is the worst layout I’ve ever seen. AP has an excellent format, so I always start my morning reading there.
  • Overall great at frequent news updates, but... 4/5

    By jay.p.paul
    I go to this app for its frequently updated home page with new stories (and admittedly because The Washington Post is somewhat reflective of my own political ideology). However one thing that can drive me crazy is its poor copy editing. Many times there are repeated paragraphs (or sets of sentences) that were likely moved from one spot to another in the article, but then just not deleted from their original position. Words are regularly misspelled due to a typographical error (e.g., yesterday a story on Iran’s strike on a U.S. drone referred to it as a “done”). It reflects poorly on the paper, and they need to put more effort here. I would also prefer some more in-depth stories online.
  • Too liberal and biased to left 1/5

    By tim bahrain
    The constant Trump bashing gets old. Just report the news
  • Doesnt work well at all with App Store subscriptions 1/5

    By mike #fedup with bad apps
    Two very serious issues: 1. The default basic subscription is arguably less informative than free online sources such as msnbc, cnn and fox. I call it the cripple post. Missing most of the in depth articles and subjectively not worth it 2. neither their select nor regular apps play well with the apple App Store. After purchasing a premium subscription I spent HOURS on the phone with apple and several exchanged tech support Emails try to get their app to A. Recognize or “restore subscription”. When it finally restored it consistently restores back to basic or “cripple post”. So far, replies from post tech support are not helping at all.
  • Hate the app (but the news is FANTASTIC!!!) 1/5

    By Fthvcg
    Seriously. What are they thinking about with this app?!?! They must really think we are idiots the way the app presents the news. Read the paper from the web, or via the email alerts. The app blows. Guys. You can do better. Facebook is bad. Don’t aspire to being Facebook.
  • Daily Blood Pressure 5/5

    By Kat Ballou 53
    At the very heartbeat of this nation, the WaPo’s journalism monitors the pressures which impact our lives. Brilliant analyses and cogent assessments are the emerging vital signs. Consistently prescient. One can trust these path reports.

    By KirbyHerb
    In these times of polarization and partisanship it is critical to have a trusted news source. I turn to the post everyday for national news stories that are honest, well-researched, and relevant. The Washington Post has the resources to ferret out critical details and the integrity to follow truth over agenda. This is the only national newspaper I subscribe to online. I am pleased to find the post leading the news cycle most of the time. They provide information and insight which keeps me informed. It’s a great value for a small investment.
  • Great news source! 5/5

    By yodeldog62617
    I love the Washington post and this is a great app. However why doesn’t it support writing and reading comments?
  • Good app great newspaper 4/5

    By JJSteeleKY
    Despite what some politicians say WP is an excellent source for the news. The app work great.
  • Great format 5/5

    By luvmycountry
    I subscribe to a few online news sources but find the Washington Post is the easiest to read and the one I go to first for the most up to date facts of the day.
  • Biased reporting 3/5

    By kjroc69
    Although the writing skills of most reporters are excellent- there is an anti POTUS bias that essentially permeates throughout the publication. I am not certain if any major news delivery service gives “equal time” anything more than lip service, but the Washington Post used to do a pretty descent job in that regard. More balanced reporting would be a welcomed return of the WAPO’s glory days.
  • asks for reviews 1/5

    By davetron5000
    stop asking for reviews. you are the post ffs.
  • The excellence of The Washington Post’s journalism 5/5

    By DonB41
    I find the daily reporting a much needed complement to all the other sources I read, correcting their excursions into hyperbole and pointing out their lack of showing valid points in opposition to essentially propaganda from one side which is strongly fighting to confuse those who don’t have the time, or maybe just the inclination to search out the fuller truth on an issue. My favorite newsletters are: PostEverything, AIl the 202 newsletters, but particularly: The Energy 202, The Technology 202, The Health 202, The Cybersecurity 202, and, not least, The Week in Ideas, Today’s Opinions, First Reads, and Must Reads, Politics A.M. And some new newsletters that I am evaluating seem useful.
  • Great source of information 5/5

    By Ed625
    Not just politics. Today there was a clip about all the iPhone trackers that come in at all the times when the phone is inactive- in the middle of the night. Excellent source of information.
  • Bad customer service 2/5

    By likes news--hates technology
    There is no meaningful customer service. I paid for service on my iPhone & have been unable to get it to coordinate with my iPad. The response was essentially”keep trying; good bye, good luck”.
  • The WP 5/5

    By CA-RJR
    A responsible voice for the Resistance.
  • Best news source 5/5

    By Jonny Papers
    I read The Post on my phone before i get out of bed every morning. Essential app. Wouldn’t want to live without it.
  • Lacking access to past articles in the app 4/5

    By René9
    When the news is 2 days old, well, don't go into the app looking to catch up. It isn't there.
  • A News Source You Can Trust 5/5

    By Man of the Desert
    People will tell you that good, reliable sources of news cannot be trusted – that their news is “fake” and their facts are “lies”. They can’t prove it. There’s no evidence for. If there were, you’d know about it. The Washington Post has been a reliable source of information for generations, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something, or hide something.
  • Great articles and presentation 5/5

    By Cadasak
    The Wa Po app design is superior visually and it’s very easy to scroll through, just like flipping through pages in a magazine. Enjoy it very much!
  • No local news 3/5

    By papsmom
    The app does not have local dc md va news. You have to log onto the website to view that. Quite a limitation
  • Sunshine on Truth 5/5

    By eddie321go
    Keep the great reporting coming.
  • Love the layout and photos 4/5

    By Luxeoc
    But scrolling through the articles is visually uncomfortable as they change size
  • Washington Post most reliable 5/5

    By AveryRollins
    The Washington Post is the most reliable American newspaper for accurate, concise and fearless reporting on the issues and challenges our democracy faces.
  • Better than the NYTimes, but... 1/5

    By RoroRennyR
    The app is squirrelly. Takes forever for images to load, and then when they finally do, they’re usually photos from a different article. Just hire somebody who knows Photoshop to optimize images, and they’ll probably be smart enough to figure out which photos go with which articles.
  • Best way to get the latest news!! Love, Love, Love!! 5/5

    By israeligirl13
    I’ve had the”Times” for years and only in the last year decided to subscribe to the Washington Post!! The app is absolutely beautiful!! And, in my opinion, the Post is just more reader friendly!! I do also read and watch CNN, the “Times” and a few others...... but the “Post” is definitely my favorite!!
  • My #1 real news coverage 5/5

    By Illinois Nona
    No on-llne news matches The Post for beautifully written coverage of news in USA and world. And Post Opinion section is deep and intelligent, reflecting humane values. I read it daily and appreciate the on-line format which is an exact mirror of the paper version. Like having my own copy at my doorsteps!
  • My “Must Read” daily 5/5

    By Sunset Beach NC
    The Washington Post online is my news caffeine every morning. Your extraordinary team of journalists, photojournalists and graphic designers set a high bar for “real” news.
  • Gold medal award for political coverage 5/5

    By Jayman-tex
    I’ve been a digital subscriber for a few years now. It’s a great newspaper for really getting the underbelly of what drives the news from Washington. The writers, the articles and of course, the op-Ed section are most what I got the subscription for.
  • Glitchy problems solved 4/5

    By BuelDR
    Used to be very glitchy, freezing often. This problem was solved (thanks) and the app works well. Excellent design. Only issue is small text. Need ability to change font size for those with reading glasses.
  • Latest update seems to fix random crash bug 4/5

    By Captain Gid
    I’m tentatively convinced that the app has been restored to its former glory, after a brief period over several updates, when the app routinely crashed several times in the course of reading a single article. I can report that since the last update, my app hasn’t crashed a single time
  • My Trusted Source 5/5

    By BuckeyeRPh93
    In an era of digital garbage that passes as news, I like the fact I don’t need to scrutinize the journalistic methodology that went into an article. High quality.
  • Where is the balance? 3/5

    By zchart2
    Understand you have an anti Trump bias.But could we please have a little more balance?Where is Walter Cronkite when we badly need him?
  • Too many senseless notifications 2/5

    By Dani_EG
    I don't want celebrity news or puff pieces. But you can't customize the notifications you receive. So instead, I get "breaking news" alerts for utterly pointless stories. Notifications are annoying. I only want pushes for the important stuff. Fluff stories are fun sometimes, but never when so disruptive.
  • Important new source 5/5

    By wpo1
    I value the Washington Post as one of the best newspapers in the US. I try to read it every day. Thank you to all the great writers and newspaper family.
  • Crashes fixed 4/5

    By MSMaryland
    Thank you WaPo for fixing your crashing app!
  • Best news org in US 5/5

    By Exofish
    Grew up reading the Post in the ‘60s so it set the news & opinion standards for my family and friends. Good coverage of DC and national news- balanced reporting keeps the reputation nearly bulletproof so it will endure. One of few news .orgs worth to me to pay subscription despite living in SoCal since 1980. Miss the travel stories of years past. Would like more stories of space exploration and off-world industry as agree with Bezos that it is only future path for survival of species.
  • Excellent News coverage, 5/5

    By Attica Panther
    I have enjoyed and felt very engaged with most every posted story, the set up for finding news of your own particular interests is easy and quick. No doubt an outstanding and worthwhile news paper organization. Plus it has some “ better living” articles, such as entertainment, recipes, etc , And also, my beloved COMICS......no, not just the political stories, real comics , like the old days!
  • The Washington Post 5/5

    By Newyork Ranger
    The Washington Post is the best from the best in the world !!!
  • App fixed 4/5

    By Rock of Aging
    Thank you for updating the app. Now I can go back to reading about an impending impeachment 🧐
  • Crash! 3/5

    By kiliseki
    After latest update that claimed to fix crashes I never experienced, I cannot read an article before it crashes. I really wanted to read on enough to try three times, but this is currently unusable Update: fixed after a couple of days Reading these comments, I wonder why people comment on the Washington Post as a paper, when this is a place to comment about the app you use to ACCESS the paper....
  • Recent Update Crashes Frequently 1/5

    By S_Kinsey
    Good newspaper but the Blue app crashes frequently. Today, I could get it to work for only 2 minutes (or less) at a time.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By FrJoBr
    As an old-guy reporter (Newsday and elsewhere) want to say how much I have admired your White House and related coverage under difficult conditions and in the weirdest of times. Never been more proud of our beloved news biz. Cheers/Fred Bruning
  • Started crashing every minute 3/5

    By GVFlan
    This app had been great for years but recently has started crashing every minute. Just shuts down. Too bad Update; I was able to read my morning news by turning on the “reduce animation effects” setting.
  • Latest version crashes every 45 sec 1/5

    By AlphaBob
    For about the past two weeks this App crashes every 45 seconds. Reset phone and start it and 45 seconds crash. Used to work fine. Badly broken now. Ironic that in-app contact crashes before you can answer the questions Giving up on this. At least NYT App works Please fix this (undo what you broke)
  • App crashes less than a minute after opening 1/5

    By Philip John Stephens
    For the last two releases, I haven’t been able to read articles for more than about 30 seconds before the app crashes. This happens every time I open the app, without fail. This bug needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • App closes abruptly every minute or so 2/5

    By elderdumb
    The app on my android phone still performs well but I prefer to read on my iPad mini. However for the last week or so, the app closes before I can read even one article. Is this the result of the latest update? Very irritating.

Washington Post Select app comments

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