The Weather Channel: Forecast

The Weather Channel: Forecast

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  • Current Version: 9.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Weather Channel Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Weather Channel: Forecast App

Get accurate local weather forecasts from The Weather Channel. Easily find all the weather information you need to plan your life with confidence. Rain, storm or shine: plan your day, week or even your next vacation with the right tools and insights at your fingertips. The Weather Channel provides you with the weather information that matters to you, wherever you are, for the next 15 days. The Weather Channel: Top 3 Features 1. Plan your day up to two weeks in advance with hourly & daily forecasts 2. Get your current conditions at a glance with weather data that’s relevant where you are. 3. Stay safe with extreme weather alerts and safety tips from the National Weather Service. Plan outdoor activities with confidence. • Planning an adventure? Check the forecast so you don’t get caught in the rain. • Want to catch that romantic sunset or go for a midnight swim? Get detailed information on sunset times, tides, phases of the moon and much more. • Run smart with our Running index! Find the best possible running conditions and plan your perfect route. Keep informed on the latest weather news. • Stay safe during extreme weather events. Fom flash floods to hurricanes, we’ll send you live alerts with safety advice, so you know how to be prepared. • Concerned about allergies this Spring? Get high-risk allergy alerts and medical advice to help you beat hayfever. Going on vacation? Check the air quality before you go! Air quality reports are now available for the US, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, China and India! • Be in the know! Watch our morning show, “The Lift” and join Domenica Davis for your 6-minute fix of all things weather, from stunning nature clips to cool science. Easily access all of the weather information you need on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. • Get precise weather updates, severe weather alerts and more of your favorite features from any of your iOS devices! • Quickly find all the weather data you care about in one place: your smart home screen! • Remove all ads from your weather app for a year with a $3.99 single payment in-app purchase. ----- Privacy & Feedback • Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: • Our Terms of Use can be viewed here: If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]


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The Weather Channel: Forecast app reviews

  • It’s decent 3/5

    By Thigh828
    The app was better before the update. It used to show the humidity which is very helpful, but this update doesn’t have it.
  • Illegal 1/5

    By JimVec
    Look morons, consider this a legal warning :: when I click to close an ad, it means CLOSE THE AD!!!!!! What is so freaking difficult about you idiots understanding that???? If you keep abusing and insulting people with incessant ads, WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR APP, AND BOYCOTT THOSE WHO ADVERTISE ON YOUR APP!!! It isn't that difficult.
  • I think it’s great! 5/5

    By Larry5576
    About 80% of the time, they are right on the money and I don’t think that can be improved by humans. Weather is, by is very nature, unpredictable.
  • Enough 1/5

    By Soitsme
    What's with the notifications every 15 min all day. Draining my battery. OBNOXIOUS One star
  • What's going on with your app?? 4/5

    By Kdoob2
    I have used this app for years. Now it's telling me it is no longer compatible with my device!! I rely on it and love the functions!! Help, please!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Weatherchannelperson
    Get this app gives me every location I need and when there is storms, gives me lightning bolts and tells me where storms are located. If you like weather you need to consider getting this app, this app is the best weather app I had!!!!
  • Slow and bloated with garbage 1/5

    By Beebeebee19
    This was my go-to weather app for years for accurate weather forecasting. The last few updates have made it slower and slower. I’m running a brand new IPhone 6 with loads of free GBs and the most current operating system and this app takes about 30 sec + to open. It should open instantly but they keep bloating this app up with videos, ads, news, etc. Its beyond distracting and I don’t want to wake up every morning to seeing the most current world weather destruction first thing. Bye bye... I’m moving on.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By BandedEagle
    Do you really think that I am going to sit through a full 3 min ad just to watch one of your overhyped videos that I can easily google. At least put back the skip feature.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Fitmommaterri
    I have used the weather channel app for years, but have just removed it from my phone due to the predicted weather being mostly inaccurate. There have been multiple, almost daily occasions, where this app was showing nasty thunderstorms precisely where I was standing; however, there were no storms in the vicinity. Yesterday while away on vacation, I was seeing storms again in the area I was staying. If I had planned my day around the app, I would never have planned outdoor activities. As it was, it drizzled, no heavy rains or storms. Very disappointed.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Natalieisligit
    I use this a lot. It is accurate. For everyone who says clickbait. WEATHER CHANGES NOOBS ITS NOT LIKE WE CAN PREDICT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS. this app needs to cut off on adds but other than that it’s great!
  • The worst app ever. Makes IBM look bad. 1/5

    By fihknubfy
    It’s always astonished me how bad this app has been for so long. Everyone opens the app to see the weather over the next few days or hours, but this has to be so far embedded in the app, so you’ll have a chance to caught by the clickbait.
  • Not good 2/5

    By Straydog12346
    It was much better before. I can't locate and options such as hourly or 5 day forecast. I'm looking for a different weather app
  • Used to be... 1/5

    By Erohrrrr
    App used to be my go to for anything weather. Now..... never is accurate. Radar is completely useless. Raining where I was the other day.... completely clear on radar. Worthless. Not sure what they changed, but it wasn’t for the better,
  • Ads, ads, videos, and ads 1/5

    By hypernoodle
    I only really use this app for the doppler radar functionality. Other than that, it’s annoying. All of the articles and stuff are in video format. Nothing written. If you have a tough time hearing, or if you are like me and can’t watch videos at work, it’s just annoying. Even then, it’s only there as an accuse to get you to watch an ad before the video. Oh, and don’t forget the ad pictures embedded between the videos I can’t even watch. If I see something that looks interesting, I just google it.
  • Change of Info Needed 3/5

    By Lefty21955
    I go to this app, because I don’t watch local news and need real time data. I used to watch The Weather Channel, but unless they changed “Your local on the 8’s”, it’s not as helpful as an app might be. As another user mentioned, this app gives too much forecast. It’s rare to have an accurate forecast for today, tomorrow, or the weekend, so why give the outlook for 15 days? What I would like to see is more current and hourly data. Here where I am, humidity is a big issue; a huge issue really. Hourly forecast showing temp AND humidity would be much more useful. The radar would be helpful, if it were easier to load and gave 15 minute intervals for the future cast. The radar for what passed already is really only helpful as far as the path of the weather, so that timeframe probably could be shortened. I like that this app now features “Watson”, because that should be giving better info. Please keep revising this app! I think we all would like it and use it more, if it were improved.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By BeatMeater101
    I just love it! I live in a state where there is a fire watch and this helps me track the rain! I love the app, but may I suggest you add directional arrows that show wind directions? Other than that’s its perfect!
  • Runs Poorly 2/5

    By Jack Pellegrini
    The app is very slow even on the Iphone X rarely works correctly
  • Annoying 1/5

    By jjml17
    I can’t update my alert settings on my iPhone, but on my iPad I can? Makes no sense. On my iPhone it keeps saying select a location, but it won’t allow me to set a location for alert it’s blank.
  • Trash, do not download. 1/5

    By Kevin_usa
    Extremely laggy due to stuffing as many ads in your face as they can fit on a 4 inch screen. Rarely accurate , accept for real time temp....which my 2003 truck is reliable at doing. So many reviews stating issues and they don’t listen to any of them. Simply garbage.
  • Not working today. Keeps crashing & won’t load. 1/5

    By Exceptionalfamily
    Please fix!
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Bolero44
    Latest upgrade is a major downgrade. Rain alerts are wrong 100% of the time! Maps are terrible. Please bring back the previous version.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By NotYourAverageNickName818
    I used to love this app, but it seems it’s accuracy is way off now. The radar is ALWAYS wrong. Not only that but now I can’t turn my alerts back on because it won’t let me enter a location. What’s the point in having this app if I can’t be warned of potential weather? It’s time to find a new weather app.
  • Inaccurate, tries to do too much 1/5

    By End_mo
    The GPS location current weather was always completely wrong. So I switched off GPS and input my city manually and it was better but temperature is consistently off by 5° or so. I still had to scroll down and dig for the info I really wanted to see which was a pain. Really, get the current weather right before trying to convince me what the weather will be in 36 hours. It’d be cool to see the radar and current radar looks pretty accurate but the future cast part does not account for recent changes, so it’s not really worth using if you’re seeing when a storm will pass through. So I’m going back to the basic weather app that came with my iPhone. No digging for info and if I really needed a radar I’d go to the main website link in the bottom left corner... which happens to direct you to The Weather Channel website!
  • Upgraded version is terrible 1/5

    By Ctsurfer
    The newer version takes forever to load, is clogged with ads and videos and unnecessary information. Can’t swipe to your saved locations like before. Can’t put them in a chosen order like previous version although the menu shows that capability. Reverts to alphabetical. The older version is much better.
  • Rating 5🎉 4/5

    By 😎George
    I like the flexibility of this app. I do wish that the political edge and global warming scares were eliminated. For example a forest fire released ash and the video says ash would reach ice cap and melt ice. But it’s just as likely that the dust would be picked up into the clouds and cause shade or in cold regions snow, so it’s COOLING things. George
  • Needs Update 2/5

    By olliezmom
    Love this app - when it launches. For at least two months, almost every time I launch the app, it just spins and spins without ever opening. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading, but that doesn’t work. I even updated my iOS, then deleted and downloaded again, to no avail. I think it’s time to find another weather app...
  • I gotta pay again? 3/5

    By Dubja Jay
    Paid for the app 363 days ago and today the ads are back. This app focuses too much on trendy videos and not enough on my weather. I stay because of the future radar feature.
  • Performance is poor 1/5

    By dinodon00
    The previous WC app worked very well. The current version is slow; even slow to start up. It sticks frequently. It is also too busy and confusing.
  • Old app was much better 1/5

    By elizrm
    This “updated” app is terrible. Old one was much better.
  • Good 4/5

    By Bob mckgikeb
    The only weather app I like
  • App 1/5

    By Flavche
    When playing videos, the app unexpectedly quits and it’s happening very often
  • New app is not good 1/5

    By HansI Atlanta
    The old app was good! This app is a downgrade to mediocrity The radar does not work smoothly' zoom in and out is not working
  • Can’t turn on My Alerts for Significant Weather 1/5

    By Jvalpmed
    Ads and videos slow this app down to dial-up days. Also the important alerts can’t be activated right now for some reason...
  • Much slower than the soon to be discontinued version 5/5

    By Wood John
    I really liked the old version. This version with “Watson” is terribly slow to open. It is really not usable when I just want a quick update. Too bad they are discontinuing the old app as of 5/24/18 UPDATE 6/24/18: I received a response from the developer that they have fixed the slow opening issue. I checked and it is now MUCH better than it was! I upgraded my review from 1 star to 5 stars due to the speed improvement and the quick response from the developer.
  • What’s Wrong With Watson? 1/5

    By Bschora
    When TWC tells me it’s 79-degrees when it’s really 85? Time to uninstall and try another app. I’ve always liked the TWC, it used to be my favorite. I guess IBM is so busy making profits, the weather and Watson must take a back seat.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Ole_Style
    I was prompted to update the app to a newer version, but very disappointed with the hourly display of the new app no longer showing the forecasted humidity. With my spouse having COPD and on oxygen the humidity is more important than the forecasted temperature. Have no choice but to continue using the previous version or find another weather app that forecasts the humidity. Not sure why to remove this, but clearly a bad decision.
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By wsedrftgyhujikolpmnbvcxz
    This app has gotten really frustrating. Doesn't show storms that I’m currently sitting in. The map is all clear yet there’s a thunderstorm going on. It can be raining or snowing but again the map is clear. If something does show up, 10seconds later it’s gone. I’ll be deleting the app to find a better one, but there’s not that many out there that I’m happy with.

    By Pita X
    Take forever to open app. All I want to do it open and quickly check weather but all your terrible ads prevent it from loading at all. Scrolling is dizzying cuz ads are trying load so it's sluggish. Wake UP
  • Needs 3/5

    By LisaC.Loveless
    App needs to consider adding the local on the 8’s option
  • Bad 2/5

    By LickButter
    Very laggy. The reason I gave this a 2 star is because there is some weather on this app. Also, a lot of ads that I don’t want to see. It’s annoying.
  • Far better on iPad than iPhone 3/5

    By DonPablo21
    As of version 9.11, the iPad version of this app is a pretty good replacement for the now-defunct Storm. The iPad main screen shows current conditions, a weather map (edit: but only when there is rain nearby - otherwise they waste this space on a video), and a brief forecast, with a menu bar at the bottom offering easy access to full daily and hourly forecasts, radar/maps, and everything. Bizarrely, the iPhone version's main screen only shows current conditions and the brief forecast, without the useful menu bar (forcing users to scroll down to find this information). This would get 5 stars if both versions had the menu bar and if the map was always on the main screen (if users want to watch videos let them scroll down below the useful stuff).
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Steverino
    It’s raining outside and the radar map is clear. Weather channel is so busy trying to sell you stuff with pop up ads, giving you a fast accurate load of info, comes last, after all the pop up ads, and click bait have loaded.
  • Not good!!!!! 1/5

    By John5676
    This newest version is really bad. No longer can I swipe between saved locations. The videos need to go as well. I want facts not opinions.
  • Radar often does not load. 2/5

    By Deena38
    If I should want to see if any rain around me, I sure cannot depend on TWC app. It seems to have a mind of its own. Today weather report is scattered showers but no rain shows on the radar, not anywhere in the US. But the ads have no problem loading.
  • It was easy to remove ads 5/5

    By Love all styles of music
    I was reading how so many people don’t like the ads. They complain about having trouble renewing their subscription to get rid of these ads. It’s really straightforward. I’m not sure why people are having so much trouble. When I looked at the information on weather channel app that I had downloaded, it stated that my “remove ads subscription” had expired February 2018. No wonder I had all these ads!! I clicked on the settings button on the upper left of the app (I have an iPhone it may be different for Android?). One of the lines says “remove ads”. I clicked on that, it said “you’ve already paid to remove your ads, click “buy” to renew your subscription. I did and the ads are gone.
  • Too much goes wrong 1/5

    By Rnftlbrnft
    Could be a good app but often it takes forever to open. Often it malfunctions in weird ways and frankly, often it’s weather forecast is simply wrong. The videos sometimes are fun, but that’s not the purpose of a weather app!
  • Has stopped supporting gen 4 iPads 1/5

    By Indy Tony Z
    App has got me shopping for a new one. On the iPhone the advertisements between hourly and daily forecasts are easily hit and take one out of what one is looking for. It is getting to be a pain. Works fine on the gen 5iPad, but has now stopped supporting the gen 4 iPad. This is not a problem with other weather apps.
  • This used to be useful. 1/5

    By Doveraven1
    I came to depend on this app for one thing - the live map for projected precipitation. This app has become unusable. Advertising is everywhere, and far too sensitive to touch. Sure, you can annually RENT the no-ad option, but $4 a year? This seems like dev’s are more interested in profit than providing a service. In my line of work I need accurate information NOW, not an instant headache at my fingertips.
  • Notifications issue 1/5

    By slshona
    I loved receiving notifications when it’s going to snow, if the pollen levels are high, or if it’s windy out, but of course it won’t pick up any location I am at and I have my location on for the app. I’m very disappointed I cannot get notifications now because a location won’t come up when I try to turn on my notifications.
  • The weather 4/5

    By Ethan10020
    In setting on the weather alerts I was trying to turn on the pollen and Daily rain/snow alerts and it was Tell me that to add a location and I Did but it still didn’t let me turn it on

The Weather Channel: Forecast app comments


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