theCut: #1 Barber Booking App

theCut: #1 Barber Booking App

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  • Current Version: 1.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: theCut Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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theCut: #1 Barber Booking App App

theCut is a mobile platform for barbers and clients modernizing the barbershop experience. Barbers: - Setup your profile to get discovered by new clients & grow your business - Invite your existing clients & build stronger customer relationships - Manage your appointments and schedule in one place - Accept mobile payments powered by Square Clients: - Find your barber or discover new ones - Book appointments & pay for your haircut within the app using mobile payments - Keep a gallery of your past cuts to show your barber at your next appointment Much more coming soon...stay tuned!

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theCut: #1 Barber Booking App app reviews

  • L O V E I T♥️💯 5/5

    By InkdUp_evan
    EVERY Barber, Barbershop, Cosmetologist, Hair Studio’s, etc.. should HAVE THIS!!!! period.
  • Mobile pay 1/5

    By BoxoutTheCutter
    I set up my mobile pay but my customers still can’t pay what’s going on everything says verified
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By BlackDaBarber
    Love the app, and I am very thankful for it!!! It has helped me to gain several new clients. Just wish that I could sync my app with my regular phone calendar.
  • I Recommend Everybody Go Here 5/5

    By Keem19
    Best In Town, You’ll Love Every Outcome!!!
  • Super easy 5/5

    By ology856
    Saves calls and no waiting in and out
  • The cut 5/5

    By hiphop real
    Definitely a good place to get ya hair cut in Glendale AZ. They hooked me up and took their time, with great customer service and great hospitality. All around great place I recommend everyone to this shop.💯💯💯
  • Good app 4/5

    By Stevehutson
    It is a great way to make and change appointments. I tried rating my barber, but was not able to save the review. App wanted completed appts with my barber, and I have about 10. Doesn’t seem to be a way to contact the developer directly with any comments.
  • Alerts 3/5

    By Jorge1126
    Can’t find a way to make it alert me like some form of notification if my barber messages me only way is to open app every day
  • Good app/ needs improvement 3/5

    By ZiyadProduction
    I just started using this app and I like it but when I created my schedule I set a time for a break everyday, but it still allows customers to schedule an appointment during my break time. Also, it would be nice if there was an option for a customer to set a recurring appointment every week at the same time istead of manually having to keep doing it. If there’s a way to fix this and I’m just not seeing it please correct me. Thank you
  • Reschedule Button 5/5

    By dpkingb bghb
    Everything’s perfect fr. I just would think it would be convient to have a reschedule option or Move appointment time .
  • Loving the app 5/5

    By Carlito VI Barber
    Am barber from the island of St. Croix USVI and both my customers and I are love this app I would like to suggest the option to repeat appointments cause I have customers that comes every week same day, same time and sometimes I forget to boom them for the following week and another customer book for their time. Also when a client is recorded on the app and or on schedule to be able to edit the service or info... and last thanks for creating this app u guys ROCK!!! ✌🏽
  • Calendar Adjustment 5/5

    By LD-LAW
    Hey guys, I’m new to the app but I love it. I am a barber and my clients been asking for years for me to do appointments and now the time is here. The only issue they have on their part as a client is that they wish they can see the calendar in full view instead of weekly view, plus if they book months in the future it keeps kicking them back to today’s date and they have to keep strolling til they get back to the last date that they booked. It would be nice if those adjustments can be added. Thanks!
  • The Best Of The Best !! 5/5

    By Joekareka
    This is the best place ever !
  • The cut 1/5

    By Adonis Soto
    They should give the 45 minute time option for your cut and to book appointments every 45 minutes also the mobile pays takes forever, I been waiting 7 days and is still not there.
  • Good but... 4/5

    By NelPri
    Sync the app calendar with the phone calendar.
  • Great booking app 4/5

    By jaymackthebarber
    Great app!! Really simple!!! Perfect for Barbers and clients. The ONLY problem is that there is no option to pull your sales reports in the app or on a website. Now you can email them and theyll tell you there not required to give it to you under stipulations but they will prepare it anyway and give it to you. The Cut App team is The Best without a doubt!!! Would of been 5 stars if the sales report option was there. After all you do cater to self employed artists
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By angelprocut
    But even with the new update takes like a week to get deposited. App is great.
  • Could be better! 3/5

    Hi, I’m a barber/ owner of a barbershop in the suburbs of Cincinnati. I’m currently using my Google calendar to schedule my appointments but after being introduced to this app I was very intrigued and willing to move my clientele over to the app. Well, after testing it I’ve come across a few things that is holding me back from making the leap. So if the developers are reading this please take things concerns into consideration. 1. Clients need to be able to make recurring appointments. A lot of barbers have standing appointments and don’t want to keep inputting the information over and over. 2. When a client pick a haircut service plus a shave that service doesn’t take a hour or 45 mins all the time. The app is not only requiring the user to put time durations on each service but when I schedule the appointment it’s adding both time frames together without being able to adjust it. 3. After an appointment is canceled it remains on the calendar and I’m not sure why. I know this is long but I really want to use this app. It has a lot of potential. But I have over 200 customers and I need this app to be right before I start to use it.
  • Love app just a couple of things 4/5

    By CutzByQ
    Hey guys love the app just a few thing I wanna suggest. I think you all should develop some type of mobile pay where you can get your money instantly like Cashapp.. I been waiting on my bank to be verified and now that it has finally my money is still not on there.. it’s still a lengthy process even with the updates .. Should get with cash app or something so it can be instant.. Second.. it would be nice if with the clients info if they last minute cancel and you charge them your cancellation fee and the card declines, that you can block them from booking until that cancellation or no show fee is honored and fulfilled.. and that’s the only way that can book again.. thank you. One more thing can I get a shoutout or something or a feature lol .. y’all have my support even if you start charging
  • Great app however... 4/5

    By wiggy77
    My clients and I both love this app, but for some reason every so often when clients attempt to book it will give them no times available when in fact my book is not full. I had to send out a blast report and tell them to contact me personally because I was losing $$ for the hiccup in the app or maybe they don’t know exactly how to book
  • Great app But.... 4/5

    By DougieTraveler
    Customers can not see what they are paying for in description when picking service. It would be great to be able for them to see that. But overall great app
  • Questions and concerns 3/5

    By wavycutsest17
    Do my clients still have to download the app to book an appointment
  • Barber modify the appointment 5/5

    By dj_bony
    please make sure the barber can modify the appointments
  • Good app, needs improvement 4/5

    By Eddieboyyy
    You guys should consider adding the ability to move services around without just adding a new service and it shows up at the bottom. For example; I have certain haircut services available in the order I like, but if i choose to add a new service in order of least expensive or vice versa, the new service just drops to the bottom with no way to move it up without completely deleting everything and starting again from scratch. A customizable menu is necessary to make this app A+
  • App 4/5

    By JWheelFades
    Provide a reschedule button option, let the barber be able to reschedule client appointments, let the barber be able to book an appointment from our client list in the app, it’s a good app just needs some tweaks to it
  • Masterdorian 5/5

    By masterdorian
    Encantado con esta aplicación te ayuda como barbero a crear una clientela ordenada tus clientes pueden ver que día y hora tienes disponibles simplemente la mejor opción para los clientes y baberos
  • We Need More Stars For Y’all!! 5/5

    By imperialbarbr
    It changed the game, perfect for online payments, give your more time for personal business. Clients love it and say it’s simple and super modern.
  • Ovr Review 5/5

    By AlikGA
    Hands down the best app to build a strong clientele. Very organized and well established app. Much easier to communicate and book amongst clients and potential future clients. Overall 5star!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By okilla90
    My clients and myself love this app its super easy and on point they love getting reminders of their appointment. Makes my life easier & enjoy using it.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By roddie1207
    It was going great until out of the blue I couldn’t see anyone’s request or couldn’t see what I had booked anymore I’ve emailed theCut and everything no one had helped me at all this my livelihood and causing me to lose money I will be getting rid of this booking app going somewhere else this doesn’t make any sense smh
  • Level up my service 5/5

    By Hector Hernandez Besares
    For a long time i was struggling with clients, phone calls, text and being all the time with my phone for my clients. Now with this app i only have to check whats my booking for today. It’s a greta app and so easy to use. Looking forward for updates and development you guys can bring us. Thanks for everything
  • Charge 5/5

    By 1Miki0
    Best app!!!!!! If you can some how make it where you scroll up on instagram and have clients book i will pay money!!!!!
  • Question 4/5

    By Mr.coleworld562
    When it says requested does that mean the appointment is set or does the barber have the accept it
  • Honcho 3/5

    By honchobanger
    I like the app. The only thing is notifications of requests show in the box.. so I miss appointment confirmations..
  • It’s exactly what I needed 5/5

    By Top Tech Reviews
    This app makes it easy to book appointments with my barber without having to text him or trying to figure out when he’s free. Quick and easy!
  • Great app 5/5

    By DEasyCTL
    An app that does exactly what it’s suppose to and still excels. Customer service is literally the best I have ever seen!
  • T blendz 5/5

    By T blendz
    works beautiful :)
  • Great app! 5/5

    By fonziblendzz
    Love the app way easier for people to make appointments with me
  • TheCut 2/5

    By @mr.Finess3
    Hey To whoever is behind this app. I'm a barber from NYC and i’m “interested” in using this app but I’m having a bit of an issue. I was asked if I allow this app to access my photo but for my own personal reasons i selected no then “after” it read - make sure you allow “theCut” to access your photos. In other words I just wanna post my haircuts even tho i selected don’t allow. How can i go about Fixing this issue? ...can someone plz “H E L P” ( I would love to give u guys five stars but I can’t into i fix this minor issues. Showing the haircut and ordered to get clientele is very important besides booking the appointments but if I can’t....I’ll be forced to use another app 😥 ( I left a Direct message on “theCut” Instagram page )
  • . 5/5

    By Apriel M
    My first time here was in Sept when i started my dreads with GiftedJoeTheBarber! It is now about to be December and it’s looking really nice thanks to his work. Hair cuts are A-1 with technique out this world. Very talented and i honestly recommend him for any style wanted.
  • TheCut is the Best 5/5

    By NikeFresh
    Been using TheCut for maybe 18 months and they are the absolute best. They will update the app and add new features. I feel as if they personally update it for them. I’ve requested things like the ability to add a persons phone number to keep in contact with them, banning clients from using the app, selecting more than one item at a time and a few other recommendations. They have literally answered all my requests and added all of those features. Contact them on social media and they will reach back to you.

    By @SayGloCutMe
    1 It takes ENTIRELY TOO LONG to get money disbursed into your bank account. There should be a instant pay out option like cash app and Uber does. 2 As the barber you can’t edit appointments. These change by the minute in a busy shop. If I make a appointment for someone I should also be able to edit the appointment of delete it so that I can place someone else in that time slot instead of permanently canceling it. 3 Client should be able to book appointments without downloading the app. It scares some clients away from using the product. They should use it and if they like them have the option to download or not. 4 App should be easily integrated into call to action buttons on social media (Instagram, Facebook or personal website) I will continue to use thecut app for now until I find something that allows me to utilize the features that I listed above. Would be more the happy to be a barber ambassador for the developer to help propel this vision into the most used barber app in the world. @SayGloCutMe
  • App works 4/5

    By Loved abustle
    Just an option for the notifications to always remain up even after customer clicks on it also a longer announcement because I have to tell my customers to text me so I can then send them out the message and sometimes it logs customers and me out
  • Needs to be in sync with CALENDER 4/5

    By ddrraammpp
    Unless I’m not doing something right, I wish it was syncing with my CALENDER so I can be reminded. Overall it’s a great app otherwise.
  • Looking for a barber 5/5

    By IvoRod57
    I have been looking for a barber for over 6 months. My wife said she found this place. We went in today and I was Called up by Chris he did and oustanding job left me looking sharp and clean. I have found my barber and my barber shop for years to come.
  • Re-occurring appointments 3/5

    By H8beingoodlookin
    I need to be able to set re-occurring appointments for my clients that come every week on the same day and time. If this was implemented somehow, it would be 5 stars.
  • Happy customer 5/5

    By G money prince
    This was a great experience !! Everything wen according to plan! No stress no worries!!
  • The Best Barber App 5/5

    By hollymariiedillon
    My husband uses this app as a barber. It is incredibly convenient and is the only way to book an appointment at his barbershop! It is so easily navigated that even his older clients use it.
  • Won’t Let Me Delete Account 1/5

    By Edwin The Artisan
    I’ve switched to another App and don’t need this one any more. I’ve sent an email to delete the account in October, but clients are still able to book appointments. PLEASE DELETE THIS ACCOUNT!!!!

theCut: #1 Barber Booking App app comments

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