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Aesthetic themes for iPhone: widgets, icons, still and live wallpapers! Express yourself with the Lock Screen customization options offered by iOS 16! Choose a Depth Effect wallpaper that suits your style and grace your Lock Screen with a cinematic, multi-layered effect. Add a stylish quote widget and voila, a unique design to inspire you every day is ready! COMPLETE MAKEOVER of your device! Easy setup and regular updates! Themify gives you a wide range of tools to express yourself. With our app, you can enjoy state-of-the-art content and unleash your creativity. Key features: ■ 3-in-1 Themes Want to marry convenience and aesthetics? Themify has your back. Perfectly matched iOS 14 app icons, widgets, and wallpapers will make your iPhone look neat and stylish. Explore an abundance of themes to choose the one you like most and set it up on your Home Screen with a few taps. ■ Theme Customizer If you’d like to add a personal touch to your Home Screen theme, use our Theme Customizer. Change whatever you want and create a one-of-a kind design for your device. ■ Vast Widget Collection Time, clock, calendar, quotes, weather, countdown, mixed—pick any widget and get the info you need right from your Home Screen. You can also create a unique widget by adding photos and changing backgrounds, fonts, and colors. ■ 10,000+ Icons For those who are bored with bog-standard app icons, we have an array of custom icon packs. The best part is that you can install the whole pack at once! Just follow the simple and clear instructions. ■ Still And Live Wallpapers Anime, Animals, Urban, Nature, and more—we have wallpapers for every taste. Liven up your screen with awesome live wallpapers. And if you love classics, try our irresistible still wallpapers. UNLIMITED ACCESS MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION • You can subscribe to all features within Themify for unlimited access. • Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. All personal data is protected in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

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Themify - Widget & Icon Themes app reviews

  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Eme141420201818
    It said you didn’t have to pay and if you click the X on the top left, it will still lead to money!!! HOPE THIS HELPS BTW IM 8 AND I GOT HELP AND I DIDNT WANT TO PAY SO IF YOURE 8 OR ABOVE HOPE THIS HELPS,!!,,
  • Widget problem 4/5

    By Tucker2109
    I love the app but when ever I choose a widget it gives me the wrong one.Other than that the app is awesome 👏🏽 🤩
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Kinsley and her besties
    So when I got the app I was sooo excited but then you had to pay and you can’t even skip .So I don’t recommend this app.
  • Oh no!!! 2/5

    By cocofhsbbffjsjd
    This app caused me to have 3 of the same apps and it would delegate some of my apps
  • Don’t get it 1/5

    By Hishshxhh
    It doesn’t say but you have to pay $29 per year and you can delete it don’t get it
  • Don’t buy 1/5

    By BibixRomero
    Doesn’t have all the apps you have so it looks really funny:/
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Astrokitxonnorlovrdsmp
    Making me pay when barely installed and I even barely got this phone what was the point of this anyway I don’t recommend getting this app it’s just a scam
  • Another Subscription 1/5

    By RainyStarlight
    It’s locked behind a subscription paywall. Useless. I can understand a one-time purchase for an app but not this.
  • SLAYYYYY 5/5

    By Addibaddie🎉🥳
    ok first of all it great! You can make wallpapers, widgets, and more. The only issues for me is that you have to pay for some but without there’s really great choices! Also I wish you can do all the apps at once then one at a time. 👍that’s the only problem with me and all my friends use this app to. And also there literally like no adds. That’s a win win for me. And here’s some recommendations: Maybe some forest and neon one? 🥺🙏😁 and also I don’t like the where you have to put in your password for the charging theme one. 😭I have to go in the app and press a lot of stuff. Over all this app is great after looking at 5 different apps for widgets and stuff. Definitely 👍 recommend. Have a great day/night 🎉🥳👏
  • It is not free!!!!!😭😭😭 2/5

    By katherine234567
    I read another review that said it is free but it is not! I hit the x button in the corner and I felt so happy that I didn’t have to pay for the app’s content but now I cannot download anything without it saying I have to pay and I tried everything I could but it does not let you use anything without paying im literally crying right now do not download this app it is useless if you don’t want to pay money
  • Little bad to sad 3/5

    By Plkmjniokuhbbvfgytrdffd
    To sad cause you have to pay the fee and little bad cause it makes all the mood difference
  • You have to pay money for it to work 1/5

    By jdjdhxujs
    I do not like this app bc you have to pay money so you can have all your apps and widgets
  • No search function! 3/5

    By JustFixItAlready333
    There is no search function for the themes so you have to scroll through every one. Incredibly inefficient
  • UwU 2/5

    By UwU kittycat
    It's a nice app and my friend recommended it to me and so I downloaded it but it's kind of trash because when you open in up you can select all of your interests and stuff which by the way you can select more than 3 and when you click next it'll show you an ad for premium and it hides the little X in the top left corner I had to hang up on my best friend to find it after reading some instructions because I know it's free, so anyways I click the X and the little wallpapers with crowns are for premium users only so I can't use those, but the only free ones most of them look like trash anyways and also youcan only download a certain number before you have to buy premium, which makes it pretty trashy so I couldn't find any wallpapers or icons or whatever, and I think the little tutorials are pretty helpful because I would have walked in blindly without knowing what was what.
  • I like it but pls make a country 5/5

    By Brooo it’s meee
    I like it but pls make a country category
  • Do not buy this! 1/5

    By Dekember
    This app is a total scam, bought it… realized that they immediately ask for you to pay a subscription and when you go to remove the app it redirects you to subscribe. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!!!
  • Wallpaper1 5/5

    By Addisln
  • It is okay 3/5

    By Rylanryry
    When you open it you have to sign in click the x at the top the ones with the crown are premium and the ones with no crowns are not premium I had to remove all of my apps from my Home Screen and when I opened my apps it went to safari and then it went to the actual app it is so annoying I would recommend it and I also would not recommend it
  • SpongeBob 5/5

    By Material SpongeBob
    SpongeBob material
  • This app is the best 5/5

    By miamisjsjnde
    This is the best app I can decorate my icons I love this app so much I can’t stop looking at it
  • Making me pay 1/5

    By it's Dragonite Draco
    I just got this app to try it and it’s making me pay to put a theme on like what why do I need to pay just for a theme. Daredevil
  • Looks good but some problems 3/5

    By h do mshcucheh
    I think they look great but the don’t change the app icon it just adds a new bookmark that send trough safari to get to the app if there is any way to fix pls tell
  • Don’t get this app!!!! 1/5

    By chickenmama22
    I was SO excited to get this app and make my screen the way I wanted it, but I encountered a problem. YOU HAVE TO PAY AS SOON AS YOU GET ON THE APP!!😡😡😡total disappointment…..🙄
  • Fixes 4/5

    By Addison Engle
    I developers, this app is great and I use it all the time but it would be better if you added more apps we could link to.
  • You can’t delete the icons 2/5

    By Drew101qq
    When I first downloaded Themify I wanted to change my icons but I don’t have premium so I added some of the app icons but whenever I want to change my icons it apparently you can’t delete it which makes it really challenging so I had to erase all the data on my phone and it is a real pain - Andrew
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By Rohanʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
    This app is so cool I can change all of my app icons for free but u can pay for money to
  • Great app there’s only one issue 4/5

    By Zech Murphy
    I would give this app a 4.5/5 if I could there’s only one issue with it, and it is the fact that there are no app notification badges
  • Writing us at 3 AM 3/5

    By so cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
    The app is pretty good and simple but it cost money so that made me mad and that much money for little widget and not easy to do it’s really cheap designs some times I could Mack one in two seconds on my own and it would look better then that and why would it need to track you its a little thing that goes on your phone so bad but its aesthetic and most people would like it but you should not download this app for your own good save your money pls 🥹
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Tobi2Demon
    If any wants to start organizing your phone and making it pretty this is the best app to use your phone can be pretty in a minute if anyone is stuck in the premium place there is an X it the top left corner it’s just hard to see bc of the wallpaper in the back. Anyways amazing app!
  • Great!! 5/5

    By KathyLea2022
    I love this app!!!!!!!❤️
  • Not rlly good :/ 2/5

    By tara is best mom ever
    I don’t like it you have to pay to actually download and it’s confused me a lot 2\10
  • Do not get!!! 1/5

    By DefintlyNotXxHaterXX
    This app doesn't allow me to do anything and it doesn't work.
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By AddyGaming
    I am NOT paying money just to change my backdrop and some other stuff. Scam.
  • Terrible. Awful. THE WORST! 2/5

    By Mara Naomi
    Everyone of my friends loves this app so I convinced my parents to let me get it. I then realized that I needed to pay for it. I was told it was free. Without paying 19.99 per year I can’t get anything but wallpaper. I wanted my apps to look cool. Now don’t get me wrong, these designs are capital A Amazing. But I don’t have money on my phone. And you stupid app wants me to pay with a card. (Don’t have that.) It won’t let me change my name to my parents name. Pls change this. Well…it’s been fun! Goodbye forever. Also don’t respond to this. Because everyone knows the only one actually responding is a programmed robot. Bye.
  • Does not let you know when they are charging 1/5

    By Mic21 Leader
    They do not let me know when they are charging. This app isn’t really useful as well when I first got it. Do Not Recommend
  • Cool but has issues 4/5

    By lovegirl???
    So I downloaded this app thinking it would be the best thing ever🤩. I opened the app and chose a theme that I was in love with😍. Problem was when I went to put it on it just made duplicates of my apps/games and looked messy😒. I tried to figure out how to fix it and ended up deleting a couple of my games/apps😢. Another problem I had was I went to turn on the theme for everything but I wouldn’t let me and said I had to pay for all my apps and games to be themed😑. In the end I ended up deleting this app🫤. Do not recommend and is a huge waste of time🥱. Like can this be fixed? 🤔 Bye.
  • Great but a few problems! 4/5

    By NateIsNotSoGreat
    Hello! I think this app is great to make your home screen to look cute. But, there are a few problems that I’ve been having with this app. I’m having the same problem as a lot of other people where when I click the icons, it brings me to Safari, and then it brings me to the game or app. I also think that for the battery charging effect that it should be a wallpaper so that I don’t have to stay in the app for it to work. But besides all that, I think it’s an amazing app. So many cute wallpapers, icons, and widgets. If these problems were to be fixed, you guys would earn a five star rating from me. - Grateful User of Themify
  • I don’t really like the app 1/5

    By Sophiarn14
    At first it looks free then you get the app then you choose 3 that you like then it says subscribe and if you see the X you think that it’s free again so you continue with the app it says subscribe again But this time you actually need to subscribe so I don’t like this app because I thought it was free I made us all think it was free so I hate it I would give it a zero but I can’t
  • Super difficult to use 1/5

    By Luxurygoods
    Everytime I tried saving a widget to add to my Home Screen it appears as a blank rectangular image that’s black without the original image that I used. Just find this hard to navigate.
  • Don’t get 1/5

    By dissatisfied126
    Never written a review but this app is so bad I had to. Tricky design team makes the x on the first pop-up asking you to pay for their wallpaper service almost impossible to see. That doesn’t matter though because after searching forever (using their horrible ui that lacks a search-by-tag feature) you still have to pay for a subscription to have a picture on your phone background. Not worth
  • 🫣🤭 5/5

    By good appna
    It’s the best I love it get it nooooow
  • IM IN LOVE!!!😍😍 5/5

    By AJPatches
    This isn’t like all of the other widget apps because it actually lets you have them without premium!! Which is awesome😏😏 it’s really easy to access and it’s just overall amazing!! 10/10😩
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By terribleapp123donot
    I highly do not recommend this app because my entire phone was rearranged and then it messed everything up. Every time you open an app with the bookmark that the app provides it goes to Safari first and then it goes to the app which is very frustrating if you don’t have any Wi-Fi. It also doesn’t delete the the original appearance of the app so the second bookmark will be there on your phone. Overall, this app is terrible. I hope anyone who tries to use this app understands that it has lots of flaws.
  • Themify 1/5

    By StevenB37
    Soo fake DO NOT get this app
  • Hi 4/5

    By candincsa
    So my daughter was downloading the app and run to me saying buy it buy it and i say no
  • Charged me instantly 1/5

    By bensa06
    I download this app to see what it was all about. I didn’t want a free trial or the year trial after I downloaded it and opened it. I deleted the app and while deleting the app, it charged me for the year. Don’t download.
  • “ free trial” 1/5

    By Patricc55
    They just attempted to charge me 32$ for the free trial
  • So confused 1/5

    By pennaster2000
    I have had this game for no longer then two hours and am already confused because I have my apps on one of the fun filters but when I click on it it won’t let me into the app like really dude like that’s kinda stupid like sorry but I would like to know why this is happening so confused please help instantly!!! Would not recommend this game DO NOT GET!!!
  • Requires payment info to use 1/5

    By Arminas
    Makes you think you can try for free but requires subscription to try. Free subscribe while giving you my payment info is not free. No thanks