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theScore: Sports News & Scores

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theScore: Sports News & Scores App

Find out why millions of sports fans prefer theScore, with full coverage of NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL, English Premier League Soccer, La Liga Soccer, Champions League Soccer, and every major league and competition! theScore delivers real-time scoring updates, lightning-fast alerts, breaking news, the deepest in-game stats, videos, and social content. theScore is fast, comprehensive, and super simple to use: *Favorites - This is YOUR personalized feed. All the content you care about from your favorite teams, players and leagues. Just tap ‘Manage’ to add, delete or reorder your favorites. Set-up notifications so you’ll never miss a key moment! *Scores - A live view of every game. Every score at a glance, updated in real-time. Just tap the matchup for detailed box scores, including live player data, odds, news and multimedia. *Chat & Messaging - Who doesn’t like talking sports? Check out our cool chat and messaging features, helping you connect with other fans around the games and content you love. Public Chat is available in every matchup page, while you can also set-up group messaging with friends and family or just chat 1-1 too through the 'Messaging' icon found in the top right of the screen. *Discover - Uncover the biggest social stories and multimedia that’s got sports fans talking! This is where you’ll find Russ’ latest swag or the sick dunk that’s going viral. *News - Get updated on the top headlines in an instant from across all sports, or tap the league you want at the top of the page to dive deeper. *Leagues - Check out the latest news, scores, standings, and leaders for the sport you care about. Customize by tapping ‘Manage’ to reorder or even delete the sports you don’t care about. theScore offers deep coverage from every major league and competition, including: - Football (NFL Football, NCAA Football and CFL Football, regular season and playoffs) - Baseball (College World Series and MLB Baseball, season play and playoffs) - Basketball (NBA Basketball, WNBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball - including NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament and playoffs) - Hockey (NHL Hockey, IIHF WJHC - World Junior Hockey Championship, NCAA Frozen Four) - Soccer (Premier League Soccer, Champions League, FIFA World Cup, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, MLS, FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League, Ligue 1, Coppa Italia, Copa Del Rey and Liga MX, UEFA European Championships) - Golf (PGA, LPGA, Ryder Cup, European Tour, Tour) - Tennis (ATP, WTA), with the US Open coming in August - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA: UFC and Bellator) - Auto Racing (NASCAR Sprint Cup, Formula 1) - Lacrosse (NLL) For more information and other apps visit: Need help, have feedback or want to request a new feature? Contact us via the Settings menu or email us via [email protected] You can also chat to us on Twitter via @theScoreHelp. -- We are affiliated with Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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theScore: Sports News & Scores app reviews

  • Needs NWSL 3/5

    By Mallory5151
    Love this app but there’s no NWSL info. Please add womens soccer
  • Bill 4/5

    By Elvisptcb
    The next time i get a stupid add that i cant close without rebooting phone im done with this app
  • I love using the score app to track all my favorite teams and sports 5/5

    By Eveymice
    I love using the Score app to keep up with my favorite teams and players
  • Personal Topics 1/5

    By Segafour
    I love the score. I love the score for the latest news and scores. I think it is a great app. I use it very much during football season. I ding the updates to be great when I can’t see a game. However I truly do. It like any crossover posts where athletes take to the public stage, or anti-political posts are put out there. I think we need to realize we do not honor ourselves when we slip from the spirts world. Lastly, stop shinning Lebron. He is not the be all end all. It’s obvious the score thinks he walks on water. He will never be 23.
  • The Score Mobile 5/5

    By Josh Siers
    Favorite sports app on the App Store. Always is up to date on every single sport and the interface is the easiest and most efficient to use.
  • Betting 5/5

    By Johnny Speed
    Always included betting lines on all events
  • Mostly Great but no Tennis 4/5

    By Yahoowizard
    It's been good to get alerts and get notified of basketball and club soccer games but for some reason, it won't work for tennis scores. It shows them but there's no alert options.
  • Stats (box score) moved off screen ruining app 2/5

    By Hitchcock13
    This dropped from 5 star to 2 star due to moving the mlb box score toggle off the main screen on iPhone in favor of Betting Info. Unbelievable that they put betting info ahead of Stats (box score) so you have to swipe left to find the box instead of it being on the main score page. I have used this app for a decade and this new change makes the app unwieldy and unusable for box scores so I need to switch to something else. Very dissapointing.
  • Great score app, don’t like some of the recent changes 4/5

    By Stillers2000
    I’ve used this app for year and it’s a great score and stats app, especially for fantasy players like myself. On the last update though, they added pitch by pitch and betting info, which is fine, but put the stats tab in the beginning. More people look at that, it’s annoying to have to scroll over to get the box scores. Just common sense. But it’s still a great app
  • Olay 1/5

    By sayingeverynicknameistaken
    Just deleted this app as an Olay ad kept taking it over. Just interested in sports, not moisturizer. Enjoy your smooth skin the score.
  • Must be elementary school writers 1/5

    By Rod2526
    They actually wrote that Megan Rapinoe would beat Donald Trump in the next election. I had to check to make sure my 8 year old didn't get a job at the score. Give me a break. Stick to sports and hire competent writers
  • Score 100 5/5

    By :W-B:El
    All the info about sports Thank you very much score !
  • Hejdnehfe 5/5

    By scott sterling mcmeme
    I like lemon lime pie and I’m 2222211111
  • The public chat is terrible. 1/5

    By Charles Humes
    Don’t get this app. SofaScore is a thousand times better. The public chat is full of nothing but users soliciting for paid picks all day. But they will ban you permanently for seemingly nothing if you post the same thing more than once, and claim you’re cluttering the chat. Guess they don’t want your comments taking up space so people can see users post telling you to follow their Instagram account for the locks of the day, or get your money right with their paid subscription.
  • Deleted this app today 1/5

    By SharpElectricStar
    Opened my sports app and was flooded with political bs stories. Not what I look for in a SPORTS news app. I agree with the other comments. Ultra liberal, hit job stories. Score is dead to me. I’ll wait patiently for a terrible rebuttal from some anonymous “admin”.
  • Why no African Nations Cup? 3/5

    By Green Gooner
    Why have you had no coverage of the very prestigious African Nations Cup which is underway? You carried the other continental competitions and there are lots of fans of African football, not just on the continent. it is a major oversight (to put it charitably) to exclude such a crucial demographic. While you’re at it, maybe add results from some of the domestic leagues like Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria
  • Another sports entity gone political 1/5

    By blumis1
    I used to like The Score but today I deleted it. Gordon Brunt’s political article has no place in a sports scores and SPORTS news app. There are so many of us sports guys and gals who wants SPORTS. If I want political CRAP I’ll add a news or newspaper app. This has become a ultra liberal forum!
  • The Best in Sports Apps 5/5

    By Mr.Balo
    I have become a huge fan of The Score App they keep you informed on all the sporting events and Breaking News. I have used ESPN and Bleacher Report Apps, but found them lacking the same level of communication and were difficult to use.
  • Unfriending 5/5

    By linkin park=beast
    You should be able to unfriend people in this app. Random people message me directly attacking my knowledge of sports and naturally I have to put them in their place. But it would be nice to be able to get their face off my friends list because they are not my friends. Other than that I love the app, keep up the good work
  • Ok app. No way to filter out NBA 2/5

    By C_lazzy
    News feed is 90% NBA. Make it stop. Go Steelers.
  • One sided liberal app! 1/5

    By Steelers jersey
    Went from a great app to the worst app. Where is top news stories? This app favors liberal views and you can’t even mention our president , Lame!
  • More automotive 4/5

    By Jeep KCCO 05
    Wish you had news on motocross and super cross
  • no freedom of speech 1/5

    By Bonzopookie
    I got banned for voicing my opinion. I necer used profanity nor did I say anything offensive. Unfortunatley the safe space world we live in allows “moderators” to ban individuals they disagree with. I will get my sports news elsewhere. Update: another canned response from the fascist developers of tgis app. Banned for CLEANLY stating my opinion, but it is ok to read articles spewing hatred from the writers here. Hypocrites! good riddance
  • My go to sports app 4/5

    By random guy121
    Love this app. Very up to date news and scores and the fact it is free and it covers a wide variety of sports is awesome.
  • Super! 5/5

    By J0ń@
    Super super!!
  • TOO MUCH NBA 2/5

    This is getting no better than ESPN. Too much NBA coverage in my feed and I don’t follow the league in my selections. Not enough news about the leagues I follow. I am actively looking for a better app with less NBA and soccer coverage. Update. Still no change. Open the main news feed and the first 6 articles are all NBA. I don’t follow the leagues in my favorites but yet there it is all day everyday. How about just reporting ALL sports in your feed or change the main news feed to reflect just the sports I follow. Sorry but other than your scores which are great this app offers nothing else
  • Great Updates 5/5

    By Moonie141405
    Always great with every sport updating quickly
  • Cool stuff there 5/5

    By t sWizzle my dizzle
    Spec-frickin-tacular. Awesome for live updates throughout the NHL league.
  • Apple Watch 4 5/5

    By cljr2
    Enjoy the IPad, IPhone app. The app when opened on my Apple Watch displays “offseason” and locks. Help anyone?
  • Fav App on My iPhone 4/5

    By Kayaker Mike
    The new interspersed ad panels are really frustrating to nav around! But, once you get past them, the info and blurbs are great.
  • Not what it used to be 2/5

    By Yblock
    The Score has lost what made it great. The used to have clear and unbiased articles but more often than not, it’s just Op Ed pieces where the writers say nothing but use a lot of words. It’s almost like they get paid by the word. They bring in a comments section but don’t allow comments on all articles. Worst of all, they now have a clear political agenda. Sometimes I agree with their narrative, sometimes I don’t. In the end I’m just tired of politicizing sports. The idea that they don’t allow comments when the choose to get political doesn’t sit well with me. If you choose to get political, you need to be prepared for a response.
  • African cup 3/5

    By Taga jallow
    I am a big fan of the score but tbh I am disappointed by them how comes a major tournament like African cup of nations is not on here, when you have spirts that are not even interesting here
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Proteam21
    I dropped ESPN because of the ads. Now you’ve introduced them everywhere. Good quick way to lose a customer. TAKE THEM DOWN
  • Great App 5/5

    By Anson Holsey
    Just update the rosters!
  • Works very well... amazing App. 5/5

    By BAD8681
    Best sport App
  • Keeps showing me NBA basketball 3/5

    By kmcbu20
    The season is over, I don’t have that league favorited anymore and want to know about other sports when I open the app but it will always show NBA basketball news instead of my favorites. Super annoying, please fix this.
  • theScore 5/5

    By Kim_Fischer
    Awesome app for lead score in any sport.
  • Quickly up to the second 5/5

    By marvelous523
    I like it a lot it’s quickly updated
  • Great app!!!! 5/5

    By Connor13573545
    Love this app guys 5 stars!
  • I love this app 5/5

    I had this app for a while nd it just gets better Nd better ....
  • Would be 5 stars 4/5

    By Iyiyfdsghxsdg
    This app is absolutely fantastic I have almost no issues. It runs smoothly, the chat function is fantastic and it’s very helpful in betting on sports. The one major issue I’ve had though is I was muted in the chat for providing correct score updates. I contacted support and they were extremely quick at responding they let me know that this was due to it being considered spam. In my opinion the point of the chat should be to provide updates to what is happening in the game. But I respected the decision until I read their chat guidelines and it makes no mention that this is a form of spam. I think they either need to update their guidelines or allow people to give score updates in the chat.
  • Getting slow 3/5

    By RenaissanceMan158
    Very nice app in the beginning. But slow loading advertising and new function bloat have taken taken a toll.
  • This app is awful 1/5

    By Eric C 44
    I’ve had this app for YEARS. Just recently it never loads unless I go in and out of the app 4-5 times. When I finally do get it to load and I go into the matchup section that never loads either! It’s so frustrating
  • Too many adds jumping around... 3/5

    By Food Jock
    This is one of my favorite apps for pro sports BUT ever since I was forced to update, pages freeze more than ever due to all the adds moving around & jumping up & down at the top & bottom of pages. I especially can’t stand it when the same ad constantly appears at the top of the page and moves up & down & up & down. It totally hinders the user experience and causes me to dislike whatever product you’re pushing to the limit. I understand the need for ads on free apps BUT it’s tooo much and when this occurs I go switch over to ESPN or Sports Yahoo. Boooo to Score for overexposing ads.
  • Ads slow down app 2/5

    By StyxTx
    The ads continually slow down the app. Get part way thru a story and some ad loads in resetting the place you were reading. Constantly having to scroll down to find place you were reading.
  • From a 5 star app to a 1 star 1/5

    By Havenotaclue
    Ads constantly cause app to freeze or b come unreadable. I’ve seen the reviews and score apparently wants users to email the issues to them. The problems are obvious. If they aren’t fixed soon I will move on to another sports app. Too bad, this one was great.
  • Adds 1/5

    By 80013
    This used to be the best sports app out there. Now you have to watch a video first to be able to do anything! Then the the app freezes? Cmon guys
  • Baseball fun 4/5

    By eduardo superdoulus
    We need the date too
  • Scoring alerts for my favorite teams. 5/5

    By Carocole
    I’d like some scoring alerts as I’ve had them in the past.

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