Thomson Reuters Authenticator

Thomson Reuters Authenticator

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  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Thomson Reuters
  • Compatibility: Android
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Thomson Reuters Authenticator App

Introducing the Thomson Reuters Authenticator: one app to verify your identity to access to Thomson Reuters software, providing an additional layer of security when signing in, helping you protect your data. Whether using this app to access Thomson Reuters software for work or personal use, multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your data, wherever your software or data are stored. The easy-to-use design makes it simple. If you’ve enabled multi-factor authentication for any of your Thomson Reuters software, logging in to that software will trigger the Authenticator app to notify you on your device. Simply press approve (or use Face ID / Touch ID) to complete the sign-on process, or press ignore if you’re not trying to access the software at the time. Software that works with Thomson Reuters Authenticator allows you to authenticate on three levels: 1) Something you KNOW (your login and password) 2) Something you HAVE (your mobile device with the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app) 3) Something you ARE (Face ID / Touch ID) Features include: • Automatic setup via QR code • Support for multiple accounts • Generate verification codes without a data connection

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Thomson Reuters Authenticator app reviews

  • The app automatically updates and auth fails 1/5

    By urbanancy
    I am asked to scan a QR code again on the same device! I no longer have a QR code.
  • New iPhone 1/5

    By first dcs
    Just spent an hour trying to figure out how to get Authenticator on new phone and delete old- traded in and the time has gotten me nowhere as well as customer support. Read reviews that it has been fixed per TR but not the case
  • Cannot login to TR online 1/5

    By qqqrfgtyaz
    This app works for VO but not for the TR website. No way to fix it. Zero stars. Poor app.
  • Still a problem recognizing a new iPhone 1/5

    By TerryWa
    Same problem as one other a new iPhone and now I can’t get the app to work. Per recent Developer response, telling me what I should have done after the fact doesn’t solve the problem! I also checked the search feature for any ‘how to’ instructions on the Thomson Reuters website but it wasn’t helpful. Now what? This is a serious issue with the app.
  • CPA 1/5

    By NikonDennis
    Terrible app. Worst app I have been forced to use
  • CPA 1/5

    By zee3ee
    I spend more time authenticating my ability to access the software than I do using the software this app is designed to protect.
  • Review 1/5

    By Durangodeb
    The app was working until I changed phones. It tells me to pair my device by receiving a code but I never get a code to enter. This is an awful app.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Super_Speller
    Changed password and now app asks for QR code to scan but no thing ever appears. Nothing in email or on the app appears.
  • Works until change of phone 1/5

    By Chipmunkaa
    As previous user says, there is no warning that upgrading your phone makes authenticator lock up. I cannot get into look at tax doc’s I need. What a mess! I horribly regret using this app. DO NOT USE IT till they’ve fixed this issue.
  • Worked until I changed phones 1/5

    By Aryeh987
    So, this app worked absolutely beautifully until I got a new phone. Apparently the pairing with the app doesn't migrate to the new phone and I didn't know that you had to unpair the app before you wipe the device. Haven't needed to use it in a few months and today I found out about the issue and there is not really a work around to get this paired to the new device. So until the vendor using this figures out how to delete it... I'm stuck.
  • It is ok. Only use if required. 2/5

    By EdHans
    I wouldn’t use this as my standard Authenticator app. But I have one vendor that requires this. It used to allow approval on Apple Watch but that broke last month with the new iOS and watchOS updates. Now have to use the phone app, and it really isn’t intuitive at all like other Authenticator apps.
  • Utterly useless and troublesome 1/5

    By Ongeblozzen
    Because this app has not been properly updated, I am now locked of my own accounts. Do not use unless they attend to this deficient app.
  • This is the worst app 1/5

    By moma618
    Shows you need a QR code however no QR code is available anywhere. The FAQ’s is a joke and support is crap. Very unhappy customer and would never recommend this app.
  • Bad. Needs work 1/5

    By Ccdsd
    With similar other software, app automatically opens when signaled. This garbage doesn’t. Takes too much time to attempt to use.
  • This is getting frustrating. 1/5

    By shopgal85
    I used to just be able to click ok let me in (ok not in so many words but you get the point) now all of a sudden today that option isn’t popping up. It’s only giving me the numbers to put in on my computer and it’s not accepting it for some reason or keeps timing out. I haven’t been able to use the program thanks to the connection between it and the app for almost an hour!!!
  • Unnecessary intrusion 1/5

    By RFCPA
    When I first got this app it worked all right but required login every half hour or so. Now after getting a new phone, I cannot get it to work on the new phone even though both the website and the phone say it is paired. Ultra tax will not accept the code generated, which means I can’t use it.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By professor me
    Since the latest update, I’ve had hard time approving my sign in to Ultra Tax!
  • CPA Owner 1/5

    By coastalcpa
    I strongly dislike having to dig out my cell phone in order to access the software. Even worse when authentication doesn’t work after the cell phone receives a software update. Adds time and frustration to projects unnecessarily.
  • Complete garbage 1/5

    By pjlfggjo
    It’s not enough that I memorize every detail of my life history to answer sign in questions... the 17 steps weren’t enough... Thomson Reuters has finally found a way to kill my work day. An app that won’t talk to my account in a dependable way. Great work.
  • Unable to set it up 1/5

    By Regina2687
    I’ve been trying to set this up for a couple of days. Both my phone and iPad want to scan a QR code however there is not QR code to scan—ughh! And no access to help!!
  • Let’s get rid of the picture double check 1/5

    By Everything is taken.....
    The app is great BUT what is the point in having us pick out pictures like “select every picture with a bicycle” to open the software to prove we are not a machine when we have already authorized everything on our phone. I responded on my cell phone and I entered my password, I’m clearly NOT a machine. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!
  • What happened?? 1/5

    By 041759
    Why isn’t my Touch ID working today? I’ve gone into settings and there is nothing to change?
  • Difficult to use 2/5

    By JohnL1215
    Very frustrating. If my timing is not perfect I get locked out and have to start over.
  • Get rid of MFA! 1/5

    By EgoryGredwards
    As if using clunky, slow, overpriced software wasn’t enough, Thomson Reuters slaps us in the face with constantly expiring passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication to relentlessly waste our time and obstruct productivity. Please Thomson, get a clue!
  • So annoying 1/5

    By Eric the best reviewer
    Never could figure it out, I have to email my rep to get the information I need sent to me via PDF
  • WHAT A LOSER 1/5

    By 5littlepeople
    This app works without having to request a code approximately once in every 57 attempts! It’s a loser. TR needs to be shaken up a bit. I give their program an A+++++++++ for computation and presentation; however it is NOT user friendly. Input screens are DULL, input boxes don’t have numbers to match with forms, wording on input screens often does not match IRS forms, it is often difficult to trace from input to form destination, obtaining an extension is NOT ONLY RIDICULOUS IT IS JUST PLAIN STUPID, in less than 15 minutes most of us could give them easy enhancements that would greatly increase appeal & marketing. I will say this: the support is superior to any other I have dealt with. Polite, trained, and extremely helpful. They are top of the line. Would be nice in other parts of the were on the same high plateau as support.
  • Authenticator 1/5

    By Golfing Granpa
    Lousy app. No way to reset or get a qr code if you have previously paired your smartphone but had to reset the phone due to the phone crashing Good security is important in accounting but this is unacceptable
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By stupidapprev
    Cannot delete app. Continuous looping from web login to phone app approval. So now I’m unable to retrieve my pay stubs at all. Epic failure
  • App works but... 2/5

    By cwbcpa
    The app works, but my fear was what if something happens where I can’t use the app. Well that happened. I had to reset my phone due to an issue. That disconnected me from the app evidently. When I reinstalled the app it was as if I had never been there. I had no way of getting into my program and the admin in our office was not available. I was stuck without being able to get into the program. I’m fine with multilayer security, but there has to be a way to reset it just like there is with any other multilayer security. I shouldn’t have to rely on another person to reset my own log in. There are a number of secure ways to do this. Other companies do it.
  • Awful, Time to get a New Tax And Accounting Software! 1/5

    By Cedenney
    Does not work with new phones and disconnects on old.
  • Makes life difficult 1/5

    By RCH-CPA
    To begin with the app is killing my iPhone’s battery each day. Additionally, the firm policy is no cell phones at employee desks. So this app doesn’t work within our policies.
  • Worst idea ever... 1/5

    By IKeebs
    It was bad enough that they initiated login security that was based on their end so that no one could use the software when their servers are down. Now this. If I forget my phone I need to go home just to log into the software...absolutely horrid.
  • Unfair use of personal cell phones 1/5

    By Kris0517
    They should have at least gave people the option of using email to authenticate. Don’t think it’s fair to ask employees to use their personal phones for work. I do not know of any firm that pays for cell phones for their employees only happens on the partner level.
  • Why a bad review 1/5

    By choddaaboy
    Have used this app for about a year and worked fine then blocked connection with my login and has locked me out for over 4 months now! Tried over and over to get tech support and still no response!!
  • Works just fine 5/5

    By itunes frustrated
    Not sure why negative reviews. First experience with it has been flawless. Took less than a minute to setup. Authentication has was worked just fine. Not sure what people complaining about not requiring pin. It dutifully required me to very with my fingerprint. Using latest iOS 11.4.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By LearnTechFan
    Security running amok....this is not needed and it only creates problems and unnecessary waste of time and money
  • Unnecessary 1/5

    By slas22
    This is so annoying and unnecessary to constantly have to do. I’m working, I can’t be turning to my phone every time I have to do something with the already slow and annoying Thomson Reuters software. I’m sure there’s better ways to manage privacy than to inconvenience all of your users. Also, it often fails to send the authentication correctly and I’m stuck sitting on my phone opening and closing the app and generating multiple codes until it actually verifies, wasting a lot of time while I’m working.
  • Bad. Very bad Authenticator app 1/5

    By aaaa1234annon
    Bad bad. Very confusing and hard to use
  • Worst Software Company Ever! 1/5

    By SandyFLCheeks
    I downloaded this app so I could help our clients understand the portal. When I downloaded this it ended up completely screwing up my computer and I am now unable to login or use any of my programs because of this Multi Factor Authenticator. When I tried to call today to get assistance they’re closed! Completely unprofessional for a company of their caliber. Will never recommend to other companies or clients.
  • Yucky app 2/5

    By Petewil
    It only works seamlessly less than 50% of the time. Come on guys. You have the resources, fix it.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By emme-h
    With Touch ID all you have to do is touch your phone to log in! For s those who have had issues make sure your phone has service
  • Not a solution. 1/5

    By ashgrrrrr
    This is not functional. It’s a pain in the butt having to authenticate everything every two minutes. Not practical. Solves one problem and creates another. I can’t disable it. It just auto enables on every log in.
  • Too Slow 1/5

    By Notagainnomorw
    Often don’t get authorization before it times out on my computers
  • MP 1/5

    By beastguy6
    Typical TR product. Force it down your throat and then tell you how much it does for you.
  • Negative reviews 1/5

    By jkmcoa
    The reason for the negative reviews is that TR did a real terrible design of this app. It is so much humbug with no thought to how the end user needs to use TR software. Absolutely terrible.!!!
  • Ugh 2/5

    By NC RobBob
    PITA. Big time waster.
  • This is a little frustrating to use 3/5

    By DocFumbles
    But I do understand security concerns for the client.
  • No longer working on AppleWatch 1/5

    By Jcon60
    Why??? This is a nice feature - plz bring it back!!!
  • Disgraceful 1/5

    By Mny Man
    This is not a requirement from the IRS until the year 2020. The negative reviews I’m presuming are more from having to use it then how the app works itself. The fact that I have to have my cell phone with me every time I try to prepare or transmit a tax return is ridiculous.

Thomson Reuters Authenticator app comments

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