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thredUP isn't your typical thrift store, they're the best shopping app for buying & selling women's and kids' clothes! Get up to 50% off your first thredUP order today and enjoy: *The largest selection of brands anywhere, from Gap to Gucci. *On-trend styles up to 90% off est. retail. *1,000+ arrivals EVERY DAY. *Guilt-free sustainable shopping. *Easy returns & free shipping with orders over $79. *Payment via Paypal, Apple Pay, Affirm, and credit card. SHOP UP TO 90% OFF You'll never buy retail again. Score womenswear, accessories, maternity, and kids' clothing from your fave brands for way, way less. thredUP offers high-quality secondhand clothes from Free People, Madewell, Anthropologie, Coach, Nike, Lululemon, Brandy Melville, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, and MORE! SELL YOUR CLOTHES thredUP's Clean Out service is hands down the EASIEST way to sell or donate your clothes. thredUP does ALL the work, YOU get cash or credit. Here's how it works: 1. Order a Clean Out Kit or FREE shipping label on thredUP's selling app 2. Fill a bag with pre-loved clothes and send it back. 3. Relax! We inspect, photograph, list, and ship items for you. CHOOSE USED FOR THE PLANET There's enough amazing clothes on the planet, let's wear them. To date, thredUP has upcycled over 100M items so far and they're just getting started. Join thredUP's community of fashion lovers who are committed to a more sustainable future by giving clothes a second life! THE BUZZ ABOUT US "The App for the Responsible Shopper" - Elle "The Easiest Way To Practice Sustainable Fashion" - Forbes "Your favorite brands at a crazy reduced price." - Seventeen FROM SHOPPERS LIKE YOU "I just started using thredUP, and I'm absolutely addicted. The selection is HUUUGE, the prices are SUPER reasonable, as are the shipping rates (I'm looking at you, Poshmark)." - Jenna G. "This is where I get 95% of my clothes from. Not Your Daughter Jean's, Splendid, Lululemon Athletica, they have a great selection of high end brands for such a great deal." - Alexandra S. "I’ve been buying and selling with thredUP for over two years. As an eco-conscious, budget-friendly, fashion enthusiast this is the best digital option for buying ‘used’ clothes from a company. Compared to PoshMark or eBay, I have much more confidence in the quality of clothes I buy with thredUp since they go through inspections AND they have a great return policy! Win-win." - K.M.A "The ease of using this app was mindblowing! I set the filters to the category, sizes, styles, and even sale percentages! And up pops whatever matches what I chose!" - Adell H. "love love love this app. it always works and I love sending my clothes here to sell. it's such an easy process. and you can use your credit to buy more clothes. perfect!" - Melissa Z. “I refuse to spend full price on name brand clothes for my kids. With jeans costing 50-80$ a pair there’s just no way I’d spend that on a pair of pants they’ll probably grow out of in a few months. The clothes I find on thredUP are such great quality and great prices. Love the variety.” - jen-loves-brad

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  • Clothes were labeled as wrong size. 1/5

    By G-Tart
    I purchased three pairs of pants all in my usual size (12). They were all listed as 12. When the arrived they fit more like a size 6 or 8. Had to return all of them. I am still waiting for my return to be processed so I can get a refund but I’ve heard nothing from Thred Up. It’s been two weeks. It’s difficult to find out how to contact them. I feel ripped off. I wasted money having clothes shipped to me just to try them on and return them! They charge a restocking fee plus shipping costs if you don’t want store credit. Two thumbs down.
  • So far, so good 4/5

    By Allnamesaretaken*******
    I’ve lost almost 60 lbs this year, and in the age of Covid this has not been great for finding clothes that fit and are affordable as my sizes evolve. Thank goodness for thread up! My only complaints so far are that I wish they showed the full 360 of their products, and also had better product descriptions. I needed lightweight summer pants and shirts, and most just had me guessing. I also wish that more than one promo code at a time could be applied at check out and that they used less tissue paper when wrapping products for shipping. I don’t keep that and feel bad every time I put it into our recycling bin.
  • Was working well 2/5

    By Diana.schen
    This app was working well until recently, it gets stuck on the loading page and nothing happens. I tried closing and reopening it and restarting my phone, same issue. What’s bothering me even more is now I can’t get to the website on my phone, it automatically takes me to the app which doesn’t work...
  • I’m obsessed 5/5

    By VerySpicyVegan
    I am seriously so obsessed with ThredUP. It’s just a better way to shop, better for the environment and good prices. I have spent about $900 on ThredUP the past year and have gotten so much stuff. Great for work clothes, dresses, casual wear. The app works great and I can’t recommend this company enough!
  • I got my package :) 5/5

    By pmoney12122212
    Nicely wrapped and good quality items, thanks guys.
  • Reinstall fixed app 5/5

    By cdl1423
    I couldn’t open the app after the last update, but after another conversation with customer service, she suggested I reinstall and that worked. Glad to have it back up and running, I do enjoy using it-probably too much.
  • Sizes 1/5

    By Toophat4u
    So y’all only sell to waist size 34 and down? That’s cool. It’s great to be left out, I’ll come back when I’m skinnier.
  • Pictures are ridiculous 2/5

    By cripshopper
    They need to invest in models. The pictures are so bad you can't tell what you're buying.
  • Never got my money 2/5

    By omgicantfindausername16
    I really love the concept of ThredUp but the customer service is what ruined it for me. I was really excited to see that they bought a lot of my items and I got quite a bit of money for them but I was never able to actually cash out with the money I earned. I called and emailed them and they were all automated. I tried to do the online chat thing but they were always offline. I feel scammed and I don’t trust them to sell my clothes anymore. I’m really hoping to get the money that I was supposed to receive weeks ago.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By eLuxuryShop
    This app needs more work and updates on photo listings. Great quality pictures, BUT need to add more detailed photos of the item. Close ups, interior of the bags, labels and etc.... 1-2 photos is not good enough, especially when you’re buying designer items. Price isn’t all that great anyway for high end items on this app. I’ll stick with my other apps that’s better. Also some items are ALL SALES ARE FINAL? Ummmm.. that’s ridiculous when you only have 2 photos showing? This is why, this app isn’t as good as other successful buy & sell apps out there! I downloaded this app long time ago and deleted. I downloaded again just to give it another chance, but still disappointing app. Deleting FOREVER! Ship to them to sell is so annoying..... this app not gonna work for me.
  • Easy online thrifting 4/5

    By H Steiner
    I love this convenient way to shop secondhand! They have a great selection, but it could use a little better curation. It can take awhile of digging to find what you love, but it’s definitely worth it.
  • Missed opportunities to improve search functions 3/5

    By kikigrrl7845
    I like ThredUp. I love the overall concept and Goody boxes are fun. But there are several ways the search functions could be improved. I wish you could search purely on measurements rather than numbered/lettered sizes. There is so much variation between brands, plus variation from wash/wear... it just seems obvious to me that searching by measurements would be so much more practical. I understand that some customers may not know their measurements or want to search this way, but you could make the search flexible to allow either method. Also, the search setup currently allows you to search for the criteria selected. However, often I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for, I just know that I DON’T want xyz... It would be great if the search function allowed reverse selections. I.e. show me all women’s tops EXCEPT anything marked orange or with sequins.
  • Optimal Shopping Experience 5/5

    By MMommaDax
    This App is super easy to use and completely customizable. I haven’t experienced a single bug with it and the features it has like showing which of you favorite items are in someone’s cart, setting automatic purchase on items if they become available, and picture displays of items along with their status for purchases already made are just a handful of the many things that make this App great. Only drawback is it’s too easy to use and I might have a shopping problem now. 😳
  • Itemized payouts 3/5

    By fitzys99
    It has been difficult to keep track of what has been paid out to seller after the sale. It would be helpful to have the 14 day “countdown” as you have had in the past. How many days until payment would be helpful as well as a already paid out check next to item. With multiple listings, it would be easier to keep track of selling/payment items. Thank you
  • Great 5/5

    By Ton-2
    I love this app!! Everything I have bought has been new with tags of like new conditions!! It’s amazing!!
  • Useful app 5/5

    By Budget Fashion
    I was already a ThredUP shopper and the app made using my phone to shop very easy.
  • Crappy 1/5

    By lailap16789
    I set up for selling, and it won’t let me cash out on the clothes that were sold and now I can’t even get the clothes back that weren’t sold. It just tells me a I need a verification code and they never send me one
  • Lots of bargains to buy! Plus, easy to sell clothes 5/5

    By anne2000
    Easily order a “clean out kit” to sell your own clothing. Purchase lots of great items at fantastic prices. Filter by size, type, condition, and so on. Lots of fun to browse. “Bundle” your order to save on shipping, and to reduce packaging. Help the environment by buying and wearing used!
  • Nice app. Great idea. 4/5

    By Ohs1984
    The pictures could be a bit better. Sometimes is says one color and looks another or you can tell there’s some kind of detailing on the clothes but you can’t see what it is. Also, it would be nice if it told you if the material was stretchy or not. That can make a big difference in the look and fit of the item. I also would like if there were more FAQ info on measurements. It took me forever to find that info.
  • Great concept 5/5

    By WoodBetty
    I’m having a lot of fun mix and matching outfits on thredUP. One thing that I wish was a tad Better is at showing accurate pictures of the item conditions. I know there’s a description of each item but is not the same as seeing the actual pre-pilling in the pictures. But over all I’m exited to receive my orders.
  • My favorite place to shop 4/5

    By BoredAtWorkAndHome
    The only reason I gave four stars instead of five is because of sizing/measurements, they are sometimes very inaccurate. Other than that, I love it. I can find things I would have otherwise never come across.
  • No more dept shopping 5/5

    By jeanieR.
    Great prices and great returns. What more could you ask?
  • Great for buying, have not had luck selling 4/5

    By Rechambe
    I love that thredUP is helping to disrupt the environmental destruction that the fashion industry can bring. From a shopping standpoint, the online retailer carries a wonderful selection of (straight) sizes for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to clothing. The buyers side is a wonderful place where I’ve gotten some staples of my wardrobe. The goody boxes are curated expertly and the clothing is of good quality. Selling has been a slightly different story for me. I’ve sold a number of items with thredUP and have encountered more than once that something I sent in to sell has been listed on the site despite the team “rejecting” it, meaning I would get no percentage of a sale. I sent an email identifying the pieces and asking what was happening but never received a response from the team. Thus, I would rate the otherwise exceptional app/site 4 stars.
  • Nothing but Love! 5/5

    By Monicabob1928383
    The app is so easy to use and I’m so addicted. It’s like a game and I can’t get enough! It makes revamping your wardrobe so much more affordable and easy to do! My only wish is that the time for items to be in your cart is a little longer. I put something in my cart and didn’t realize I was still adding items an hour later and the items I had intended to buy weren’t included. I was really angry lol
  • Can this company be slower? 2/5

    By Fulton shopper
    It has been 10 since a placed a sizable order. Company said it would be shipped in four shipments. Now I receive notification it will be another 10 days!!! What is up with companies who brag their products will reach us in 3-8 days but in reality it’s three weeks? Buyer beware!
  • Love the idea 2/5

    By Airemiss
    I love the idea of ThreadUp, but the execution is less than stellar. More than once I have received clothing that did not match the description in the app, and returning was a real hassle.
  • Tiring and somewhat deceptive 2/5

    By D. Sowerby
    I used to enjoy finding items on your site but now you pull things off after 1 hour, it’s very frustrating because you can’t enjoy looking for more items when things are disappearing. Several times I’ve been offered a special “promo discount” so I’ve logged on to shop, only to find out it didn’t apply. Such as this time up to 50% off, none of the 5 items I bought had a discount. In recent past attempts I left the cart. When ThredUP used to have discount offers, it was across the board, it was black and white. Now there is this big gray area. I feel like I have to work to hard now and read very carefully if the item I’m looking at has any discount offer, then I have to watch the time and rush back to save items in order to check out. I realize you added re-stocking charges to items a couple years ago, but the disappointments are building.
  • Great opportunity to ratchet up your wardrobe 4/5

    By Reviewer SC
    Overall, I love ThredUP and have purchased several great finds. It’s fun to shop the massive collection, you can’t beat the prices, and it feels good to recycle. I wish there could be more information about the items, sometimes the measurements and sizing are off (shrinkage probably), so the restocking fee for returned items is a pain. But again one can find good deals here and endless browsing entertainment.
  • Good, but could be better 3/5

    By AppleArman2020
    Overall, I like ThredUP and intend to keep shopping with them. They have a great selection and a lot of really cool items. Plus selling/donating clothes is very straightforward. You can’t return everything you buy, but when you can, the return process is easy. That being said, there’s ruin for improvement. First, the app is very buggy. The recent updates in particular have made it near impossible to use. It’s also hard to find the more unusual aspects of service on the app, like their recent puzzle selling feature. Second, there are a lot of errors in the actual ads for items. Occasionally you see a wrong image, the wrong material content, or something else. It can be very annoying. Third, the photos aren’t a sufficiently high resolution and there often aren’t enough. I often wish I could see items from different angles, zoom in, and see the lining and tag. Also, the descriptions might say something is wrong, like a “minor stain,” but it’s impossible to ever find them in the photo. You don’t want to just order them because you’ll be out $2 if you decide you don’t want it. Finally, searching on ThredUp is a **pain **. You can search via brand, color, material, condition, etc. This is very helpful. But you can’t exclude some things—like avoid particular colors or materials. I also wish I could search more features. For example, you can search for an embroidery detail, but most of that tends to be lace. There isn’t a distinction! Basically, it’s a really useful service, but the store is very annoying to navigate.
  • Love this company! 5/5

    By Sarahkiii
    I’ve purchased from the a dozen times and sold with them as well. I’ve gotten a few duds for my body- things that I’ve been able to give to someone else or return, but overall some of my favorite pieces in my closet have come from Thread up and at a fraction of the cost. I’ve been able to buy brands that are out of my price range with what I’m willing to spend and have some pieces that I cherish and are so well made. Overall, read the measurements carefully and the quality (I aim for new or like new) and you’ll get some real gems!
  • Don’t send your clothing items here 1/5

    By hollace12
    I sent in a “like new” Stella McCartney blouse that had just been dry cleaned and they didn’t accept it saying it had a flaw when it didn’t. Look at the reviews at the Better Business Bureau site.
  • Love for the most part 3/5

    By ms.tenney
    I recently purchased a sundress through thredUP and loved it but noticed it had a small hole in the dress near the thigh. I went back to the original posting to see that no notifications of the imperfection had been made on the posting. But when you look closely at the original picture it has a small “mark” that is the hole in the dress. I was under the impression that thredUP did not allow imperfections at all in the clothing they purchased. I am really disappointed to see and hear from personal references that their clothes were not purchased from this company due to lack of style or something similar to this hole but this dress slipped through somehow.
  • Great thrift site 5/5

    By Nanna:211
    I thrift with them regularly and more than half of the items I send result in them placing them on the site. This makes me happy since my items are getting a second chance. Items that I have bought I have been very satisfied and would buy again. No issues with selling or buying from this site
  • Terrible style 1/5

    By Michaela Briggs
    Their clothes are ugly😖 couldn’t find one good thing I liked
  • The best finds! 5/5

    By FFFilipina3677
    Someone else’s clothes are new to me and such a great find adding to my wardrobe. Since losing weight, I find awesome clothes at a fraction of the price!
  • Great app and great store 5/5

    By Hexanowl
    I love ThredUP. Most of the time (90%) my clothes are great and fit as described. I do think the occasional wrong description should be free to return but I use thred up a lot and really like it.
  • SLOW 2/5

    By kjfitz56
    They received my items March 25th and they aren’t processed yet. Disappointing
  • Amazing consignment option! 5/5

    Getting rid of quality items I no longer need, streamlining my wardrobe and getting cute items I WILL wear in exchange. Awesome!
  • I love everything about this business 5/5

    By annalt12
    I never ever do reviews, but I knew that I wanted to give ThredUp one. Their app is SO awesome, and everything this business stands for is not only great for the environment, but the future of fashion. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!!
  • Great selection, easy to use filters 5/5

    By somm111
    I love shopping second hand and this app makes it so easy! I order stuff at least once per month.
  • Love this app and the sustainability! 5/5

    By breeaw
    I love buying off of thread up especially with the frequent deals and coupons! The only thing I would like to see is a lower minimum for free shipping or more deals on free shipping.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Livinlucky
    It’s like thrift shopping from my bed! I’ve had great experience with customer service and returning items has been a breeze. I scored a leather jacket, new with tags, for $25...when it arrived the price tag said $179...WINNING!!! I’ve enjoyed it so much that I needed to give myself a limit...ha ha ha!!!!!!!!
  • Guilt Free Shopping 5/5

    By DidntChaKnow
    I LOVE ThredUP. I’ve been ordering clothes with them for years now. The process is easy especially with the app. If you haven’t, definitely order the clean out bag for your closet! Guilt free way to shop.
  • Never works 2/5

    By Redheaded1
    I have had this app downloaded for almost two weeks. Only one tab in the whole app ever works consistently. I don’t know if it’s a bug or what, but I end up having to use the internet site anyway. Every. Time.
  • Where’s the home page? 3/5

    By nycrudegirl
    Ever since the latest update, I’m unable to see the home page. I can navigate to search, my account, etc but it just sits in limbo if I hit home. Please fix this.
  • So far so good, room for improvement 4/5

    By tcmassony
    So far I love what I see. I’ve placed a few orders and have had a wonderful time with the products I received. However I do have a minor recommendation? Because there are so many brands on the here, it would be nice to filter by measurements rather than just size, especially since a lot of the articles I’ve found have at least one measurement available. It would definitely make it easier to shop and not have to interrupt my browsing to check the brands size chart, then go back to the garment.
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! ! ! 5/5

    By Eannin2
    The best discounted designer clothes you can find and at the best price!
  • Not so happy 3/5

    By not goin back
    I always regret using it. It skipped right through the payments and did not allow me to use the code to save money and cannot go back and fix it. I am angry.
  • Products and return 1/5

    By Crystalina 21
    Not all the products were correct and having to return them for a refund is a rip off honestly charging a fee for a label and then not giving a full refund makes no sense honestly I’m not very happy with my first order and expected more. But mostly upset about the return issue that’s a rip off to a lot of people I understand a restocking fee but charging for a label not okay I don’t think I will be ordering from this app again

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