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Shop 13 million new and used books at up to 90% off list price. The ThriftBooks app lets book lovers quickly and easily search, browse, get book details, and buy millions of books, textbooks, and graphic novels. Scan bar codes to compare prices and check availability to make sure you get the best book prices. Shop ThriftBooks Deals to get 10% off on more than 150,000 items every day. Join ReadingRewards to earn a FREE BOOK for every 500 points you earn. See personalized recommendations based on your interests and get an instant email notification when we receive an item on your wish list. About ThriftBooks • Over 300,000 TrustPilot reviews with a 4.7/5 TrustScore • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Benefits: • Get an instant notification when we receive an out-of-stock item on your wish list • Find the best book prices using the bar code scanner to check real-time prices and inventory • Get free US shipping on orders over $10 in 100% recyclable packaging • See personalized recommendations based on your interests • Sign in using your existing ThriftBooks account to access your saved wish lists, payment methods, and shipping addresses • Receive exclusive deals and offers Features: • Bar Code Scanner: Compare prices and check inventory • Everyday Deals: 10% off more than 150,000 titles with ThriftBooks Deals • ReadingRewards: Earn FREE BOOKS for reading, shopping, and other activities • Special Formats: Large print, foreign language, and audiobooks • Collectible Books: Treasured first editions, signed copies, and out-of-print titles at reasonable prices • What’s Trending: See the hottest books Shop bestsellers from the latest new releases to all-time favorites from a broad range of categories, including: • Arts, Music & Entertainment • Biographies & Memoirs • Business & Investing • Children’s Books • Classics • Cookbooks • Gay and Lesbian • Health, Fitness & Dieting • History • Literature & Popular Fiction • Mystery, Thriller & Suspense • Rare & Collectible Books • Religion & Spirituality • Romance • Sci-Fi & Fantasy • Self-Help • Teen & Young Adult

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  • wonderful 5/5

    By aldjdhsbwjs
    the books on here are so cheap! you have to know how to shop on i usually go for hardcover because paperbacks can get roughed up in the mail sometimes. and i always go for very good or like new for condition. the one time that i was disappointed in my order, they sent me a replacement for free and i didn’t even have to return the original. plus you get a free book with the more points that you earn!!!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By The Acorn 2
    I’m a loyal fan of thrift books so it was only natural I’d use their app. But this app quickly proved itself problematic. I could no longer visit the site in my browser and key features of the app were broken for me. Email links automatically opened the app. I found myself siting at my pc shopping for thrift books. This app got removed at gets 2 stars from me.
  • Great but needs streamlined Order History 4/5

    By A Thankful Mama
    Love this site, love this app. BUT I can’t find a way to easily check whether or not I ordered a book. The Order History tab brings up each book order and you have go into and out of each one. This is not practical and really a pain when you just want to see a list of the books you’ve ordered. Please help! That being solved, I would give it 5 stars.
  • Read More. Spend Less. 5/5

    By The Real CoCo Butter
    That’s the motto, and I’ve been able to get books I’ve been wanting to read at a huge fraction of the cost. Even books that are posted as “Like New” are less than $5. Hardcover, too. I recently got a $50 gift certificate and was able to buy 12 hardcover books, whereas if I had bought them new, in paperback, I would’ve been able to get maybe 5. I’ve recently ordered 2 “Acceptable” books, and have yet to receive them, but there’s a list of what each rating means, so you’ll have an idea of what you’re purchasing. The app, itself, is basically a shortcut to the website, which is fine because with the app, you get 100 points towards a free book with your first app purchase. I’ve already redeemed one free book and looking forward to redeeming more. Thanks you, ThriftBooks.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By ilovespiders1234
    I absolutely LOVE ThriftBooks! I’ve ordered about a dozen books from this site and while some aren’t in as good condition as they say, I don’t mind much because at least I’m not paying $20 for a book!!
  • I absolutely love this app and site! 5/5

    By Britainmichelle
    Not only do you get books for cheap (they are used. Other than the ones labeled as new), but there are so many extra perks as well. First off, when buying a book, you have a number of choices of their quality rating new to poor. You also have choices of hardback, paperback, library binding, etc. Obviously the better the quality, the more they cost. I usually get great or good which are about $4-$5. The new books are usually a little about $10 but that’s still a lot cheaper than you would get it anywhere else. I can’t remember if you need to make a profile to buy anything but I don’t think you do. If you do make one though, your purchases give you points, the more you buy the more points you get. Once you hit a certain number of points, you get awarded with a free book. Also, when it is your birthday month, they will email you a notification telling you you can get a free book then too! It’s absolutely amazing! On my latest purchase I bought nine books for only about $25 dollars! Which reminds me, if you buy (if I remember correctly) $10 worth of books, you get free shipping and tax! You may get free tax no matter what but I wouldn’t know bc I always buy at least a few books at a time. Even if you’re just looking for one book, I would say it’s definitely worth spending an extra buck or two on another book that you’re eyeing just to get free shipping and tax. I love this app/site!!
  • Great low prices, just two things 4/5

    By 826520
    I would like to start off by saying that this app is absolutely amazing! I love how low priced the books are and that you can choose from new, like new, very good, good, and acceptable, choosing the price and quality. I will say, when it says good, I was expecting better, but everyone is different so be careful when choosing. Just a suggestion to make the app better, you should have a category for recommend, like how there’s romance, fiction, young adult, sci-fi, and many more, you should add a recommended for you based off previous purchases and your wish list. Once again, just a suggestion. The only other thing I have noticed is that the app loads a lot slower than the website, so it’s not my WiFi, but the app. Just these minor adjustments would make this app 100% better.
  • Favorite! 5/5

    By onthesideoftheangels_
    Favorite site, favorite app, favorite service! I love buying second hand, and thriftbooks has made that convenient and accessible, as well as eco-friendly.
  • Share with all the readers I know! 5/5

    By mrspari
    My 7 year old and myself love to read. It can be a costly joy. This app has allowed us to purchase and read all sorts of books. I’ve bought a bunch of books over the last few months or so without compliant. I’m not too picky on the condition of the books as I pass most on or donate them when I’m done. As long as they’re not tore up and readable, I’m happy. I’ve not gotten any books that are greatly different than the description however. My only gripe is the shipping can be slow, it is free with 10$ purchase, but it sometimes takes well over a week/week and a half to get our books. But it won’t stop me from using the app.
  • Painfully slow 3/5

    By Stellar Rae
    Good selection of books, slow clunky app
  • The best app! 5/5

    By Callie J. B.
    I just recently started using this app and I’m so glad I did! The books are all at good prices and so is shipping. I bought 3 at the same time and the total was only $13 including shipping! It’s not the fastest service out there but they have everything you could ever want so it’s worth the wait. Love it!
  • Awesome! Just awesome! 5/5

    By Littledeb74
    Books are in great shape. Fast delivery and great prices. No more struggling to find old books either. I’m never disappointed! 👍🏻💕
  • A truly incredible site! 5/5

    By ms carlotta.c
    I love How ThriftBooks gives books a second chance. Not only do my books come in good condition, it’s even better that I get it for such a low price! I think ThriftBooks has such an inspiring message by reselling these books instead of thrown by them away. They have a wide variety of books and classics and it’s always a pleasure to buy a book from here.
  • Poor search feature and poor/slow syncing with website 2/5

    By flowerlily1
    I give this app only a 2 because I have yet to be able to find books. Searching by keyword or subject. However, when I’ve searched though the website I’ve found plenty of choices. Also, I have put items in my cart on the web but when I’ve tried purchasing them on my phone, it takes a long time before the items appear.
  • App and site site not working 1/5

    By JessFortuna
    I would rate this higher but I can’t navigate either the app or the website to make a purchase. It’s stuck on a perpetual loading loop.
  • I have a you also accept old books from people. 3/5

    By rebcar741
    The are quite varied in genre and most are in excelled condition. I just want them to go somewhere where they will be read and loved as they were with me 😘 it that is something you do now do, could you booing in a direction we I may have better luck. Thank you
  • Great app 4/5

    By Kristyn007
    I absolutely love this site! I’m a huge reader and a huge collector of books. I have found books that I have been searching for years for but couldn’t find for less than $100 and I bought for $4! Sometimes the books don’t come exactly as described. Some I would say aren’t “like new” condition but not bad enough for me to complain. My biggest issue is your invoice doesn’t say the format. I am a collector of hardbacks and I have received paperbacks and I can’t double check to make sure it’s a mistake of the company or my mistake. I chalked up the first one I received as my mistake but the second one I sent an email about and haven’t heard back yet. I did receive one without a dust jacket which I know it didn’t say “dust jacket may be missing” I would have never bought a book without it. Emailed and they replaced the book so I’m happy! The shipping is on the slow Side. I’ve ordered at least 20 books over the past month since discovering this app and it’s been taking roughly 2 weeks to arrive but for the most part, they are worth the wait!
  • Absolutely love ThriftBooks 5/5

    By BCcraftsman19
    Fair prices and I love the FREE shipping on $10 (ten) dollars or more; this is what sold me on ThriftBooks!! Thank you ThriftBooks, keep you the great prices!!
  • Gems and Stones 2/5

    By Jospahx
    I have been using ThriftBooks now for a couple of years. Im of two minds about it. I love books. I love to find old books or books that are out of print. (In an alternate life I would have a spinster librarian.) Thrift books is tricky because there is no way to know or see the ratings of the seller of the books. It’s Russian Roulette. Some books come quickly and in the state they were advertised in (like The Pocket Postman Book, a darling treasure). Other books advertised as “like new” (for instance The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond) take many weeks to come, and then arrive in BAD possibly “acceptable” shape with actual DIRT on the front AND back cover, a broken hardcover spine, and stickers covering the faces of some of the pictures. I teach and bought this book because I have only the board book edition and it is a class favorite. This is NOT acceptable. Two books in December came with BLACK MOLD on the inner pages. Really?! They are a total loss or money, hope, and gifts. I may continue to buy from ThriftBooks but would use it much more, if there was a way to praise the books that come timely/in good shape 🙂 and rate those that don’t. 😕 Perhaps I’ll still stick with local Finds and Amazon for now because there is some accountability.
  • Best place to buy books! 5/5

    By Musicaltales
    I love buying used books, but sometimes I have a hard time finding what I want! Thriftbooks has great prices, and everything I’ve received has been in awesome shape! Recently There was a slight mistake on my order (I received one book as paperback, and I had ordered all hardbacks). I emailed them and asked if I could get an exchange. They quickly replied and said they would just ship a hardback version free of charge and not to worry about exchanging it! All in all I’m very impressed, and am so happy I have a place to get all my books at low cost!
  • My books were as described 5/5

    By ramanda17
    I didn’t have the same experience as a lot of the other reviewers. I ordered two like new books and one good condition and all books showed up with no writing or highlighting on pages. The covers were excellent, and the cover in good condition had just a couple of scuffs. I was very pleased with my purchase
  • Awesome but.... 4/5

    By LexieMM01
    So thriftbooks is amazing. No argument. But I had an issue with one of the 25 books I’ve ordered in the past two years. All brand new looking and had no problems. I was so excited to read my new dean koontz book and I was getting to the best part and 20 pages were RIPPED out. And then I get to the end and another 20 pages were ripped. Clean. It was done purposely. I don’t complain much about this app. But I asked for a brand new copy of it. And the pages were ripped out.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By nuggetfries99
    I LOVE thriftbooks! They have almost every book. I’m an avid reader and especially love the Fear Street series by RL Stine that was written from the late 80’s into the late 90’s, and are not sold in book stores. Thriftbooks had every single book in the series and now I have all 64! Another great thing is that, in the event that they ship you an incorrect item, you can keep it AND they’ll send you your missing item free of charge. My only complaints are that 1. Sometimes a book cover you received will be different from the book cover you selected while ordering and 2. ‘Acceptable’ condition ($3.79) is sometimes poor condition, with torn covers and ripped pages. ‘Good’ condition is only 20¢ more expensive, at $3.99. Overall though, I’d pick Thriftbooks over any other book retail store (:
  • The Best!! 5/5

    By Tubaroo
    OMG!! By far the best company to order books from. Not only are the prices amazing but the customer service is the fastest I have ever seen. I needed help & they responded quickly. I needed this company 15years ago & I’m so glad I found it now.
  • Love It!!!!!! 5/5

    By Molina139
    I placed my first order less than a week ago. The shipping was fast! Free shipping was estimated 4-8 days and I received the order in 5 days!!!! The books are in amazing condition for used books, no writing on the pages nothing torn and the dust covers are not wrinkled and look amazing! I will definitely be coming back again and again! *Update* Second order placed and received and it’s JUST s amazing as my first order. The people who leave bad reviews might be ordering the wrong condition of boom. Each of my orders had been wonderful!
  • Great shop 5/5

    By Phelbor
    I would highly recommend these guys. Every book but one I received from them was in better shape than I expected. When I contacted customer service about one book that was in poor condition they issued a full refund no questions asked. Great customer service.
  • Best place to go for a broke book nerd 5/5

    By Knightlogan
    I love this app and website! The idea of getting used books for almost a quarter of the price is the best thing! I’ve already bought a hardcover book from here and it shipped really fast! I plan on getting a couple more books and one for my brother for Christmas!
  • Nice place 4/5

    By Cosmic_timelady
    If you’re anything like me you love reading but hate laying a arm and a leg for books you’d probably read one time and that’s it. This app is amazing. I got 3 books for 15.00 when one in store was About 20.00.. the app is amazing and very easy to use, however, check your books when you get them some I order say they’re in good condition or better and they are actually in horrible condition. They look water damaged. I just chat on there with someone and they will usually send out a replacement for free. They are pretty good about fixing their mistakes.. again I over look the condition of the books because they are so cheap. Take a shot you won’t regret it
  • Great store and app 5/5

    By vargas77
    Ordered some books from app and was concerned that I wasn’t gonna get them or them to be in good condition. But I was so wrong- they came in a timely manner and they where in great condition - I ordered average condition.
  • In love in this app 5/5

    By mihaela95$
    It’s just wonderful. Free shipping for order more than 10$ and anyway if I have an emergency and only need one book the shipping will really cheap, around 1$ i think. I can find almost every book i need, the shipping it’s ok,usually 4-5 days. I recommended to all my friends and people that i know :)) oh yeah , forgot, they also give a free book after you accumulate some points. I get mine i think after 25 $ spent or less.
  • Good but needs some work. 4/5

    By Ogxbrii💫✨
    I like this company! And I would recommend it to many people. I have purchased most of my books from here, and it has helped me out a lot when it comes to saving money. I would’ve given this a 5/5 but I don’t agree with being sold items that are severely damaged. I think it’s unethical and shouldn’t be given to someone else. I understand that there are different conditions to choose from. Such as new, like new, good, and acceptable. What’s acceptable or good to someone else might not fit my expectation(s) or others. So whenever you guys order something please be sure to pay attention to the conditions. Other than that happy shopping (:
  • Love It 5/5

    By Mercy Kin
    I love this site! So many options for decent prices. Shipping is free over $10, unbelievable. The other day I ordered a couple of books, by accident I got one wrong book. No problem, things happen. Besides it was the 8th in their series and I was on the 4th. I emailed customer service and got a response in less than an hour! They were sending me my book for free plus I got to keep the wrong one. They took care of the situation perfectly and without hassle. Truly 10/10, will be using in again in the future.
  • 😊😊😊😊😊 5/5

    By karma•
    I am so happy you guys finally got an App! I’ve been waiting so long by far one of the best and quickest book websites I’ve ever used. Have like pretty much every book I’ve ever looked for. ❤️
  • Absolutely obsessed with thriftbooks 5/5

    By MrsAbreu916
    I first heard about one Sunday morning during our church service. Our pastor was really excited to share a book with us and mentioned that he was able to get the book from Now, I am an avid reader. I love books. I especially love used books. I’m not going to complain (like some people have) about folded corners, slightly torn pages, or even stains. If the words are readable then the book was lived and is still lovable. There’s something about receiving a used and (almost) slightly battered book that was once loved by another. Maybe I romanticize too much but let’s talk about First of all the app is wonderful. It’s easy to use and very straight forward. After my first order I looked up how long shipping usually takes and was sort of scared. A few people complained about their orders taking forever to arrive. All my orders, however, have arrived within 10 days or so. I get so happy and as do my kids (I order a lot of children’s books for them) when we see the green packages in the mailbox! So thank you thriftbooks for great service!
  • 11/10 would recommend! 5/5

    By jascurry
    All of the books i have purchased (around 15 so far), i have been nothing less than satisfied with! All of the books have been in excellent condition. I recommend to anyone who LOVES books, but HATES breaking their bank account.
  • No cancelations on new I shipped books! 1/5

    By Uuggghbkkm
    Fun fact: you have to wait for the book to Ship, get to you, and then send it back instead of canceling the order if it’s a new book! Yay!!!
  • Surprisingly excellent 5/5

    By Mickdickey
    Seeing all the reviews as so negative and all made me doubt Thriftbooks. After ordering on mobile and giving them a chance y’all are just really unlucky. I ordered 12 books, all in either “Good” edition or above, for 45 bucks. Let’s start with shipping. Placed the ordered on Wednesday and all them were accepted and shipped out the next day. One book was from Maryland which is near my state for it came Monday, which is like 3 business days. The rest are from facilities towards the West coast so it took extra days and I got them all today, which is 6 business days. Tracking the packages from different states were up to date and the t asking number was available within 24 hours. Considering that fact I got free shipping AND they said it was a 4-8 business day shipping duration AND reliable tracking, let’s just say shipping is 5/5. Now on to quality. All 12 books came intact and they were exactly what I ordered. Obviously some were old and had yellow pages but that was pretty much it. No spine breaking, stains, ripped pages or whatsoever damages. Honestly the “worst” book I got was slightly blended, which was probably because of the packaging, but quality wise they exceed the quality that their condition said they were. There are stickers in which they but on the spine on book but it’s really easy to take off and aren’t that sticky to the book to the point it will rip off the spine covering. This was my first time ordering on Thriftbooks app and I’m just really satisfied and amazed by their service. I guess I was lucky compared to most customers that have used this website in the past year. However, for my experience with ThriftBooks it’s been a pleasure and I hope others would have the same experience too.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Kaitlin209
    ThriftBooks has been amazing so far! I use it to get a head start on all of my required English books. I swear I have too many of them. I especially love the free shipping on orders over $10! I’ve only had one problem with a book, but they responded to my email the same day and offered a full refund. I also really like the textbooks that they offer here, I was able to get all my textbooks for my high school senior year for under $30! I don’t think I could find a better place to get hardcover books in good condition for under $5
  • Been looking for an app with an scanner!! 4/5

    By Maw75!!
    So far this App is amazing! I can use my camera to access the scanner to scan the EAN-to find out reviews of books, the various values of a book-price ranges they have for used to new! The overview of the story and how others rated it. Thus far I’m very impressed!
  • Best Place To Buy Cheap Books!! 5/5

    By Wondergirl2353
    If you are looking for a place to buy books either for school or for your own leisure this is definitely the app/website for you! I’ve been using thrift books for about 2 years and have bought about 11 books total! I am never dissatisfied with what I receive and the quality is always excellent! Thanks Thrift Books for all the great deals!! (Bonus if you look up coupons online you can get even more taken off the final price!)
  • Has its flaws but makes up for them 5/5

    By Pics art rules
    I’ve been using ThriftBooks for about a year now, and usually the books are in good condition when I get them. I recently received a book that was covered in annotations, to the point where it was hard to read, so I called their customer service and received a full refund and was offered a new copy of the book. Their customer service is wonderful and the books are so cheap that you can hardly complain. I strongly recommend this app!
  • Happy Happy Bookworm 5/5

    By happy-nobody
    Fast shipping, books are exactly how I order (two very goods and one like new). free Shipping! Bought the whole trilogy for $14. I’m a very happy bookworm and most definitely will make another purchase soon!
  • Equivalent to website 3/5

    By USP47
    The app and website are essentially the same. App isn’t iPad friendly and there is some issues with staying signed in on mobile. I would recommend using chrome to access thrift books. Have bought a large number of books here and have been satisfied with the condition and price. Remember to check the description of how the quality system works for sorting books into their “condition”.
  • Needs updating 1/5

    By Tikitumba
    Crashes like crazy. Haven't gotten to use it in awhile. I use the desktop version instead .😕
  • Needs iPad optimization 4/5

    By obm912
    I like using this app, and have purchased many books through only issue is that sometimes I use my iPad Pro and this app isn’t optimized for iPads yet. So i get that weird fat looking version that is not as fun to use unless I’m on the phone. Hope that developers are able to make that update so i can give it the 5* i think it deserves.
  • Book lovers Get this App! 5/5

    By AwesomeKellan
    If you love to read, you need this app. I love Thrift Books! They have a huge selection & my orders arrive quickly. I have never gotten a book that was poor quality. I now buy all my books through Thrift Books.
  • PayPal 👎 1/5

    By Bdhxundksinc
    My PayPal does not want to work on this app. At first I thought it was my PayPal account but when I went to another app to purchase something(Tillys) it worked. I already refreshed the page and nothing, deleted the app and installed it again and nothing still. I am very disappointed... I was really looking forward to read my books in my cart.
  • Frozen for days... 2/5

    By shezzaye
    This App is just frozen and wont update information, what is this???
  • ThriftBooks is my favorite! 5/5

    By sjd292
    I love ThriftBooks. They have good quality books for cheap (Around $4.) Shipping is only about a $1 for each book and once you reach a certain amount in your cart you get free shipping! I find books on ThriftBooks that I can’t find in my local store, or books that are cheaper compared to other sites. I’ve never had a problem with ThriftBooks and will continue to use it in the future.

ThriftBooks: New & Used Books app comments

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