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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets

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  • Current Version: 1.64.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Ticketmaster
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets App

Ticketmaster gives you access to millions of live events and makes it easy to buy, sell, and get in - so you can get on with making memories that last. We are the Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA. Add in our exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, and theater tours and shopping with Ticketmaster gives you unparalleled access to the most memorable live events worldwide. Ticket management at your fingertips. You’re always just a few clicks away from securing the perfect seats to the events you love. BUY SIMPLY - Search millions of events and get real-time updates as new listings go live. - Use interactive 3-D venue maps and see your seat view before you buy. CHANGE OF PLANS? - List your tickets on our trusted resale marketplace and sell to other fans. - Transfer your seats to friends and family for free. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCALPERS - Avoid forgeries “similar location” seats with Verified Tickets. The seats you buy the seats you’ll sit in and backed by our 100% guarantee. YOUR PHONE IS YOUR TICKET - Scan into your events with the app or upload your seats to Apple Wallet (mobile-entry events only). - See all your event info in one convenient place. NEVER MISS OUT ON AN EVENT - Get alerts about your favorite events, artists, and venues. Download the Ticketmaster app and go live. REACH OUT TO US Website: www.ticketmaster.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/ticketmaster Instagram: www.instagram.com/ticketmaster Facebook: www.facebook.com/ticketmaster

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Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets app reviews

  • Clunky, crashes, n there's even spelling errors 1/5

    By lucy_charms
    Hey tm, there's a spelling error in your app description. Y'all don't even spell check before publishing copy? This app is trash. Deleted. It crashes every time I open it. All the money you asshats have from extraneous fees and you can't make a decent app 🙄 How embarrassing fo you, TM 😳😞
  • Overpriced and crappy 2/5

    By AtlantaNative
    Biggest racket ever. They should put these people in jail.
  • Ticketmaster 5/5

    By Xxexplosiveboy911
    The best app for getting tickets for upcoming concerts.
  • The Ap drives me crazy 1/5

    By Mainedog
    This is my third time trying to buy tickets having problems getting into the AP. At least this time it wasn’t urgent. Asked to rest password over and over. Then searching for rest email. Tried over and over to add new card. Started in section 105 row D. Kept getting “it’s not you it’s us” messages (it sure is). By the time I got transaction confirmed we are now in row F for a not that popular event. I have now set up 3 different family members with accounts on my last three concerts. Tonight we almost bought them on Vivid Tickets or stub hub. Your security measures keep customers from using Ap. Big frustration. Almost drove to stadium.
  • Worse customer service and the app crashes constantly when trying to by tickets to events 1/5

    By Dawnblk
    the app crashes constantly when trying to by tickets to events . Then you see your credit card being charged 4 times !!! Customer service supervisors never help , you have to wait 48 to 72 hours just to receive a email without satisfactory answer
  • Why? 1/5

    By MrBruno17
    Why when i put my credit/debit card info it only brings one type of bank option?
  • Extra charges 3/5

    By ExploringTheDream
    Disappointed with all the extra charges tagged on! Along with the ticket price being $20 higher than the advertised price, too many additional charges
  • Title 4/5

    By saved2live
    It’s ok but we should get a discount!
  • Grossly large taxes and service fees added to price of tickets 1/5

    By kimbacuddles
    We got tickets to a concert and they said they were for $72.50, but then by the time we got to check out, they were $95!!!!!!! They raised the price of the ticket 13 dollars with taxes and service charges. 🤦‍♀️
  • Tickets 1/5

    By Iron Frog
    Wouldn’t let me buy tickets on my laptop which would have allowed to choose the seats by the aisle
  • Bad UX experience 3/5

    By Gaurav_M001
    App experience on the last page (payment) was not good ! The controls kept scrolling to the top lf the screen after I entered or cleared any information in any of the fields ! It was little annoying to scroll back to where I was making the edits !
  • Auto credit card 1/5

    By YYescas
    I logged in last night on app and couldn’t buy the tickets because my credit card didn’t auto load. This morning, when all good seats were gone, it auto loaded for cheap seats. You guys are jerks.
  • Painless 5/5

    By a(7
    Quick and easy transaction...
  • What fee 1/5

    By Vans RV6A
    It should be illegal to charge these ridiculous fees. When you go to A Resturant or store they don’t charge a fee for the right to buy their product.
  • Excelente aplicación and service 5/5

    By free 🤙🏻easy
    Very good aplicación and service. Thanks
  • Los presos son Rasonables lo malo son todo lo que te cobran lnpuestos por todo la ciudad esta Igual 3/5

    By A&J12
  • Service Fee 1/5

    By icecreamfromday1
    Service Fees are way too expensive! In some cases they cost more than the ticket.
  • Endless tinkering 3/5

    By brianqqwwee
    New intro mini video is completely pointless and causes sound to cut out if you’re listening to something. This is why I don’t update an app once I like it. Developers fee the need to endlessly tinker and modify for no reason, often makes things worse.
  • Insane Ticket fees 1/5

    By Komikaze59
    You all are profit lingers running an approved monopoly.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By original pinkie
    Disappointed can only get tickets online no agent. Kept saying my zip code was incorrect...it wasn’t😩missed the first tickets due to time elapsing, terrible online purchase! Correct your system spent almost $300 for a crappy online system to purchase😞
  • Getting tickets 1/5

    By frustrated times infinity
    We like to select seats on our desktop computer. Your program will not accept our desktop computer. It tells us we have to use our phone. Our phone does not allow us to select specifics seats. We used to be able to do all of this on our desktop computer and choose specific seats we want. We don’t like this new way where we have little choice.
  • Horrible site 1/5

    By davehealth
    Loads just spin for ever. Figured the money charge it would work
  • Pages sometimes not fully loading 3/5

    By Norman218
    App is easy to navigate but some “skip” tabs failed to load leaving you stuck on pages.
  • Terrible site 1/5

    By Lbc161616
    I signed thru the app and everything was ok. I selected my tickets and then was kicked out of the app. It took 30 mins to get back on
  • Password shenanigans 3/5

    By KmMLg
    It took me two days to change my password because it wouldn’t let me do it on my phone. Requesting a new one took me back to the log in screen over and over again. Frustrating! Also, the airlines have figured how to state the real price, including taxes and fees. Not the case here. These tickets were $15 more than I expected. Finally, the event said 8 online but the ticket receipt says 7:30. Which is it? Does Dr. Goodall have a warm up band? I do appreciate that they hold tickets while I locate my credit card. I know I should have updated it earlier, but see above issue.
  • Your system kept “glitching” 1/5

    By Anthony Ryan,
    It took me 20 minutes to buy a ticket. Very frustrating. Had to refresh and thought the ticket was gone.
  • Wouldn’t take my payment 1/5

    By ES is Super Annoyed
    I tried for two days and three different cards in an attempt to pay. It told me my state, zip code, expiration date, and security code were incorrect. I even tried using a completely different persons card (my significant other) and still wouldn’t let me pay. I was so mad I wouldn’t have gone (I’ve seen the group a million times) had we not already committed to friends we would go (I’m the DD-2 years sober! and the concert was over an hour away). Ridiculous.
  • Took me 45 minutes to buy tix 1/5

    By kevatusc
    Got multiple error messages on laptop and on mobile.
  • Far From Seamless! 2/5

    By Trohn
    You drop so much cash into these venues only to get snagged by the app. [email protected]#! It’s easy to buy within that short timeframe that they give you to purchase your tickets! However when it’s time to see the tickets, download them or use them, I’m up the creek. Now, I’m updating the app for the 2nd time within an hour. If I’m able to log on with my thumb print (as I do with all the other apps), I shall revise this review. But I’m near the point of having to revise my password again. NO I SHALL NOT TAKE THE PASSWORD THAT THE PHONE SUGGESTS. Since it’s times like these that I need to recall my password, I will err on the side of caution. If there’s something I’m doing wrong, please tell me!
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By Gotmilk 57
    Real ting
  • The worst app ever!!! 1/5

    By DQ12321
    I have never had this much trouble trying to login into an app! After logging in on the computer with no problem but once I use my same username and password on the app it says I do not have an account. Luckily I can login in through the web but still just a waste of an app 0/10
  • ApplePay and high fees 1/5

    By audie11f
    ApplePay doesn’t work and fees for tickets are high
  • Can’t sign in anymore. Please fix. 1/5

    By NCUser27514
    Needs to be fixed.
  • Bad 1/5

    By its the big cee
    Have been getting an error message for the past few days on the website. The fact that there is not customer service is disheartening and makes me not want to do business with your company. Also the discount code I was given did not work or there was no place to input it for the two events I purchased
  • Super convenient and easy to use! 5/5

    By Nae the Great
    I use the app often and it’s never failed me! Easy to use to buy concert tickets ...
  • Promo code 3/5

    By mikeyc37
    I was not able to enter a promo code for a discount.
  • Bug - can’t even get to a login screen 1/5

    By Niko2005
    I’ve tried for days to work with support but they’re not paying any attention to what I’m saying. Below is an excerpt of my last email to them, but suffice it to say, any time I click Sign In, in any of the 2-3 places I can do so, I immediately get an error, BEFORE even getting any fields to enter my credentials. They ultimately directed me to the mobile website - here’s hoping that works so I can actually attend my event. Login Error Presence SDK cannot provide user metadata, user not logged in I’m doing my part as a conscientious user to help you solve my problem, as well as that of anyone else that might experience it - someone over there ought to care that you’ve got a bug.
  • Card problems 1/5

    By Giorori
    I have been using my credit card with no problem at all, and now will not take it. I type everything correct but still nothing. So I end up using another card! Hope you guys look into this issue. Thanks
  • Not awesome 1/5

    By jrny127
    I finally got tickets. Nightmare to get to the tickets
  • Rip off 1/5

    By why fukkers
    Had tickets locked then they messed up and then they try to sell me more expensive ones
  • Clunky app 2/5

    By publicityman212
    Why is it so difficult to see the seating chart when ordering the seats?
  • Hamilton 5/5

    By Heybob2020
    Tired of hearing about the play. Now we are going. Thank you Ticketmaster!
  • Ticketmaster is a cartel 1/5

    By willywandercatz
    I paid $18 of fees for a $30 ticket
  • Ticket prices. 5/5

    By prlligan
    You have the best price hands down !
  • App Is Horrible 1/5

    By iioftx
    This app is horrible.
  • Stupid stupid 1/5

    By Louis Vuitton Girl
    Im only trying to order tix! This website is ridiculous!!!!
  • Super fan of them 5/5

    By 1248!4!
    Everything is smooth and always easy to purchase!!
  • Tons of error codes. 1/5

    By STPU548
    All the security measures put in place just seem to stop the normal course of business and make it extremely frustrating to purchase tickets. Almost makes me want to wait for stubhub. And the bots are probably getting in anyway.
  • Useless 2/5

    By Nat1738592874839
    Giving it two stars instead of one because up until today the app at least functioned. Now every time I open it is says there's a required update but when I click update now there's no update available. So this already cruddy app is now totally useless. Thank god I was able to download my ticket from the mobile site. I'm so sick of ticketmaster and their ridiculous monopoly on ticket sales.

Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets app comments

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