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TIDAL Music - Streaming

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  • Current Version: 2.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: TIDAL Music AS
  • Compatibility: Android
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TIDAL Music - Streaming App

Play and discover tens of millions of songs and videos hand curated by music experts – totally ad-free. TIDAL is a global music and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans together through unique music and content experiences. • Listen to all of your favorite music Over 56 million tracks and over 225,000 videos at your fingertips. • The highest quality audio available No compromises. Just pure sound. With our lossless audio experience and high fidelity sound quality, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended. • Anytime & Anywhere Enjoy TIDAL on any device, whenever and wherever you want, including offline. • Artists at work here Our content is hand-curated by music experts and the artists themselves. Original playlists, podcasts, video series & documentaries celebrate the creators and their craft. • Exclusive Content Be the first to experience music & videos you can’t get anywhere else. •Be Our Plus One with TIDAL X Whether we’re livestreaming a concert or hosting an exclusive event, TIDAL X makes sure our members get exclusive access to tickets, meet-and-greets and behind-the-scenes content. • Import Your Playlists Easily transfer your playlists to TIDAL from any streaming service and directly from your files. You can of course also create playlists, share with friends, listen to artist- or track-based radio, check out artist bios, find similar artists, edit your play queue and much more… Sign up for a TIDAL subscription in the app, where you can choose between Premium and HiFi. The price of the subscription in your country can be found in the overview below. You will also be informed of the price in the app before signing up. The subscription is automatically renewed and charged on a monthly (30 day) basis. You can cancel it at any time up until the day before renewal and you can at any time turn off the auto renewal from your iTunes account. By signing up, you agree to TIDAL’s Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Mobile Terms, see http://tidal.com/terms

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TIDAL Music - Streaming app reviews

  • Don’t subscribe through the app itself 1/5

    By cjane1990
    I signed up for a trial through the app directly and when I tried to unsubscribe, the manage subscription button seemed to be disabled and would not let me in subscribe. I contacted tidal customer service and they were unhelpful and pretty much told me there’s nothing they could do to refund my $20.
  • Love Tidal 5/5

    By LGizz
    This is a great streaming service. I’m able to find tons of music that I love from all genres and different periods of time. This is the best streaming service out and the design/layout of the app is perfect. I love the look. I would like to see Tidal allow you to play music from multiple devices while using the same account at the same time. My fiancé and I got to the gym together and we both love using Tidal while we workout but only one of us can use it at a time so of course I let her win that one. But it’ll be great to be able to use it at the same time. Thanks to everyone at Tidal for your efforts to maintain and improve the quality of the app and service. I love this streaming service. Keep up the great work!
  • The Best Streaming 5/5

    By TheOmey
    Tidal has the best sound by far. They even added Studio Master Quality for many albums. Tidal doesn’t just stream music. Tidal is an experience. They stream live concerts, have ad free music videos, rare albums, exclusives, lots of concert ticket prizes. I’ve tried every single streaming site and Tidal hands down wins. I wish more people would try it to experience it themselves and see what I’m talking about.
  • Update 5/5

    By Daniamau5
    After the update I thought it would be fixed but it wasn’t, When tracks are merged together the previous track kinda skips for a second and then the upcoming track comes in. It’s a little irritating. However I will not deny that Tidal is an amazing music service. This bug just needs to be fixed.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By krrapp
    Best music streaming app in my ipinion the music is the best thanks tidal
  • Best Streaming Service(IMO) 4/5

    By D'Q K R
    This is my favorite streaming service but there are some inconveniences. Like not being able to download individual tracks and not allowing local files from a computer like iTunes or Spotify. Please allow local files on tidal and an option to have cross fade on the desktop app.
  • mikey 5/5

    By Cmjm8899
  • Best sound, not the best app 3/5

    By Boas-126
    First of all it lacks apple watch integration. The UI layout is a bit confusing and song/playlist recommendations are not great, but worst of all the app doesn’t automatically save a local cache of your most play songs what makes it laggy, slow to start playing songs and to skip tracks and bad when you have a intermittent signal like in the subway
  • The trial membership is a scam 1/5

    By Bafflef
    There’s no way to contact support to cancel your membership.
  • Sound is better, but the app needs work 3/5

    By Lvgt
    Yes, sound is actually better (assuming you pay the HIFI subscription, and that you use android, and that you own a decent set of headphones). So here is my story: I’m a Spotify long time user, after hearing all the hype regarding the better sound on Tidal I decided to give it a try, so I tested it on my iPhone, my Galaxy and my laptop. Off course I will compare it to Spotify, what I’ve been using for a long time. And the thing is that on the laptop and the galaxy (Android) sound was a lot better for Tidal app, because I configured it on the “Master” quality setting, however on the IPhone there’s no Master quality option, only HIFI (supposedly one level under Master quality), so there was the first disappointment on the IOS app, no Master quality option..... then there is no way of doing a simple search within the playlist... (this happens on android and iOS) a very .. veeeeery basic feature, I mean how come there is no “search” on a playlist???, also there are no sorting options for playlists, another very basic feature missing. Then the crossfade option is available on iOS (finally a feature there for iOS) but not on Android or laptop. But I’m assuming there are separate teams for iOS, Android and laptop apps that don’t communicate between them. So let’s focus on the iOS app: can you take a look to the Spotify app to get ideas? and put search feature on the Tidal app, being able to search is basic. Also, why is it that the “Master” quality option is not available for iOS? Can you please include this two things on your next update?
  • Crossfade Not Working 4/5

    By Zude😊
    I love Tidal but recently my crossfade is not working and before the song starts there’s an abrupt pause before cross fading. I have the latest downloaded version so if someone can look into this for me, that would be great! I would love to change my 4 to 5 stars😊
  • Bug!!! 4/5

    By Mona6577
    I have a 8 plus and every time I switch the song my shuffle turns off!!! It’s very annoying, please fix this!!!
  • Sound quality is lacking. 2/5

    By pilldox
    To be more expensive than spotify and apple music the quality of the music is terrible. Just terrible. I was thinking about getting rid of spotify but now I'm not so sure. This lesson cost me $13. 😔
  • Like it but has problems 3/5

    By schott123
    I am a user for over a year. Pro: Great sound Decent interface I like the black background, nice appearance. Con: Buggy favoriting tracks, often will remove favorite tracks in a playlist, very annoying and scared I will lose music. Album artwork frequently doesn't load when shuffling through tracks. Minor thing; definitely promotes hiphop/rap in general more than anything else which I don’t personally like in general. No real personalization of recommendations.
  • HiFi Sounds good, but not that much better than Apple 3/5

    By RockTheProject
    I’ve been an Apple subscriber for several years, and I was ready to make the full switch if this app delivered on sound quality, even though I would be paying literally double what I’m paying for Apple. The verdict: I am an Audiophile, and while Tidal’s Master Quality material does sound good, it’s not actually that much better. Not only that, but most artists I listen to didn’t have the Master versions available, which resulted in most albums sounding identical to Apple. I tried it out on my home system and my incredible Bose system in my car, and was not blown away. Furthermore, the app is unbelievably laggy and glitchy. I kept having to restart the app, and even then it wouldn’t work properly most of the time. In the end I cancelled my HiFi subscription within the first hour. Bring the HiFi price down to meet Apple’s prices, and we’ll talk. Until then, Apple still has my business.
  • Love Tidal 5/5

    By ColFrank
    Crystal clear music, best in the streaming business.
  • Insane User Experience 5/5

    By Clammz
    I look forward to seeing Apple Watch support soon.
  • Move to the Apple Watch 4/5

    By Zealous25
    I love this streaming service so much. Sound is great, concerts are great, playlists are great... can you please move this app to the Apple Watch...
  • Scam for fake “Lossless” Audio 1/5

    By Thomas112456777
    Listening Device: Sennheiser HD1 Momentum Over-Ear headphones in Ivory ($399.99), the best Bluetooth headphones money can buy in terms of sound-stage, accurate and full bass, and clarity. The lossless audio is a scam due to them charging extra for it. It’s the sound quality as Spotify Premium. Apple Music’s AAC codec produces the best sound clarity. You don’t have to believe me. Listen for yourself. SCAM.
  • Trey_hov 5/5

    By Treydatguy
    One problem master quality keeps pausing
  • Can’t play any of my music 1/5

    By ChrisGxStrapped
    I’m about to go back to Apple Music this is ridiculous
  • All music genres 5/5

    By MamzOan
    I enjoy this app.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By pushyrot
    This is a great app for music, better than spotify a few missing songs but everything youll ever want or need taking advantage of the Hi-Fi subscription i have so many songs and would ask if you could add a search bar feature for downloaded songs and in even playlists this would be very helpful thx
  • Great music service and keeps getting better 5/5

    By Tarjafan
    I’m so glad Tidal Music is available. The quality of the sound of the music is important to me. Having at least CD quality is essential. Now that their selection of higher resolution music is increasing “I’m all ears.” There was a rough transition when the new ownership took over: the curation suffered and too much emphasis was place only on certain genres of music. All that has been turned around. Tidal has the best curation and depth of catalog of all of the music services I’ve tried. Their recommendations of new music and other artists to try, based on what I listen to, is spot on but broad enough that I’m constantly finding new music.
  • Most slept on music streaming service 5/5

    By xxffyyz
    Trust me, you want Tidal. I’ve never written or rated an app before, but wow you guys. I’m blown away by Tidal. The sound quality of hifi is unparalleled, and the amount of information you’re given on EVERY song is unmatched. You can even read curated articles and listen to the related songs while you read. You can buy tickets to tours, and Beyoncé’s Lemonade is available for streaming, which is exclusive to Tidal. The list goes on... if you start the free trial you will not be going back, don’t take my word. Try it.
  • Music is about the sound 5/5

    By @derek.l.porter
    This is the best sounding music platform hands down. You can hear sounds and instruments in your favorite sounds that you’ve never heard before with Tidal.
  • Good app, garbage playlists 3/5

    By oeidjeksjdndldj
    Good app, but the playlists are garbage. Take a page from Spotify’s book. Seriously, whoever is in charge of creating them should be fired.
  • Record Label Doesn’t Permit Streaming 1/5

    By Desiree_nc16
    3/17/19: Whyyyy are most of the tracks in the playlists I created saying “Record label doesn’t permit streaming of this track”?? For some of the tracks, I have the full albums saved. If I go to the album the track will play. I may have the song in another playlist too and the song will play when I play the other playlist. So what’s going on tidal?? Why are most of the tracks in my playlists grey’d out and unable to play???
  • Love TIDAL !!! 5/5

    By Ellsworth Lanksy
    Love this app, it’s wonderfully designed, streamlined functionality, sounds amazing!! Move over Spotify ,TIDAL will take it from here! In my very humble opinion.

    By Jannah Jibril
    I appreciate the minds who create these playlists ♥️
  • Overpriced. 3/5

    By theurbanhippie
    I dislike using the desktop app intensely, as it has some kind of terrible bass boost EQ that isn’t removable, that said, this is a review of the iOS app, so... It’s acceptable. You can stream music at CD quality. That’s all that’s special about it, really, and the only reason I continue to pay for it. The recommended music is garbage for anyone who doesn’t like hip hop, and the algorithm that makes recommendations based on individual tracks needs some work. Also, there is no ability to make a station or get recommended tracks from a playlist you make, which was a feature Spotify had that I miss greatly, as it allowed you to find new music with a similar vibe to what you were already listening to. Also, if you’re using lossless playback, be prepared to wait several minutes for one track to buffer or ensure that you’re connected to wifi, or else you’re just going to get frustrated and go back to your saved tracks like I always do. All in all, it’s passable, just, but at $20/month, you’d better be a dedicated audiophile running some good equipment or else you’re not going to be satisfied with it.
  • Glotoven 5/5

    By the man with iphone 7 plus
    Why do you not have all of Chief Keefs songs to his new album ? The album car with 12 songs and on tidal there’s only 9. The songs don’t even have profanity on it. THE MUSIC IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT PROFANITY.

    By idontfnknow
  • Love Tidal! But... 4/5

    By Gr8tful MJ
    I love everything about Tidal with one exception. Why must I consistently see hip hop, rap, and Mariah Carey suggestions scrolling across the top of the homepage? Great choices for many, but I am a rock, metal, and Grateful Dead kind of guy. From a UX standpoint, I feel like the app doesn’t get me. Otherwise, this app rules and I am a happy camper!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By pierredon
    I love this app, more videos needed though
  • Disappointed and Underwhelmed 2/5

    By vLight00
    So, I saw Tidal on an ad, for YouTube, and noticed that this app had an advertisement claiming that it had the “best sound quality”. I’m a bit of an audiophile, and whenever I see that something has better sound quality listed, I immediately get interested. The first thing I noticed, when I first downloaded the app, is that you needed a subscription to listen to music. What’s the point in having an app free to download, if you can’t do anything without paying? The second thing I noticed is that there was a one month free trial, which is always nice to see, and so, I decided to use it. I messed around with it for about 15 minutes, and compared the sound to Apple Music’s sound. With the EQ enabled for Apple Music, Apple Music absolutely destroyed this app in sound quality. Without the EQ, it still sounded better than Tidal. Now, I gave this app the benefit of the doubt, and decided to compare it with another one of my music apps, which is Documents. I compared the sound and Documents sounded the same, if not better, than this app. I don’t understand why something as pricy as $26.00 a month (for the alleged superior sound quality than the $15.00 one) doesn’t even have superior sound quality to its cheaper competition, let alone a built-in EQ. This app lacks features and is just lackluster, overall. Apps like Apple Music are far superior than this one and is cheaper. Sound quality means everything, meaning I don’t really care if it has a wider selection of music, or if it’s easier to use. Overall, this app was very underwhelming and was blown out of proportion, with its sound quality advertisement. I also brought myself to try out three different pairs of headphones, and they all had the same results; Apple Music sounding better than Tidal, and Documents sounding better than Tidal. Don’t get me wrong, the sound is good, but it’s definitely not as good as advertised. Very disappointed.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Guru Grey
    It’s That Simple.
  • Tidal 5/5

    By tscott88
    The best streaming app period.
  • What happened? 3/5

    By Viiv
    I absolutely love this app. It is so much better than Spotify, but something happened and now it glitches and stops playing music altogether.
  • Chills 5/5

    By Ferlopez95
    This app makes music sound so good, I'm getting the chills. Great app!
  • I LOVE TIDAL 1/5

    By sgygfsybdhfrhv
    I love tidal and the only reason I gave one star is because of their support. Once again I can’t stress enough that I love the content and all other aspects of Tidal; the only thing that ruins it is if you ever need support. Very surprising and disappointing how bad the support is if you ever need it.
  • Almost Perfect!! 5/5

    By Dustin_32
    Definitely my favorite streaming app to date! Would definitely recommend to anyone that ones to listen to high quality music! Definitely appreciate sprint and you guys for including it in my Unlimited+ package!
  • Love it so far, but.. 4/5

    By JoshuaC96
    I just started using tidal the past couple days, and have some suggestions that I think would make it a lot easier, and simpler to use. 1) Making it so when you add an album to your collection, it automatically adds the songs to your collection in the tracks tab also. Instead of having to do it individually. 2) Making it so you can 3D Touch a track or album to play it next, add to collection, etc. instead of having to reach over on your screen to the three dots. 3) configure the layout of your collection instead of having the preset list. So you can move let’s say artists to the top, but remove something like videos, or others. 4) have songs automatically download when you add them to your collection. May just be me being a devoted Apple Music for years, but I think these gray tires would make the app a lot better.
  • Huh 5/5

    By King_Darien
  • Best streaming service in the world! 5/5

    By KnottySpirals
    Best music, movie, CD quality, hi-res, MQA, steaming service in the world!
  • Best music app - but way too expensive! 4/5

    By JoShmo1000
    Tidal is amazing! The music selection is by far the biggest. The music suggestions are awesome, and the app is generally great. A few suggestions to help make Tidal better: - Lower the price of HiFi to match your competitors. I know you're offering HiFi, but to stand out and get more subscribers I'd suggest you price match your competitors (Apple Music, Spotify) while still offering HiFi. $20 a month is very expensive for music when you can get Spotify premium for $10. - Add an equalizer. Even with MQA, given the differences in headphones an equalizer can make a huge difference and optimize the music. It would seem obvious for an app that is focused on music quality to add an equalizer. - Add lyrics to your music. Spotify does this best with genius. Apple Music does it ok. You guys can do it better. Tidal, to me, is the music app that musicians use. I believe they’d want the contribution of their musics story and that’s what lyrics, and the story they come with, can help convey. TLDR: - Tidal is awesome - Match the $10 everyone charges. - Add an equalizer - Add lyrics
  • Love this app 5/5

    By KissMySassBby
    For a long time I looked for a music app that fit my needs and I just love this one so much. I don't even mind paying. It's a necessity for me tbh! I love the continual improvement! Whatever algorithms they use work because I always hate the recommended music from other apps but I've actually found a lot of new music that I love through the recommendations of this one! Also, I love the "my mixes" section but I feel like we should be able to edit the songs in the playlist before making it into an actual playlist. Other than that I don't have a problem. Also, LOVE the option to mute songs/artists!
  • Speed slowdown 3/5

    By RanchoPuncho05
    The app has slowed down and taking more time to load verses my Apple Music app. I don’t know if Apple slowed the Tidal streaming app down or Tidal does not have server-farms available. I have to make the Permanent switch to Apple Music now.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Baimer76
    Not worth the high price tag. It doesn’t sound better then any other music app out there. I’ll stick to Spotify much cheaper and better music library

TIDAL Music - Streaming app comments

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