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  • Current Version: 2.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Tidal is the world’s first music service with High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial by music journalists, artists and experts, making for a simply superior experience. Try it out and see for yourself • High Fidelity Sound Quality No compromises. Just pure sound. With our lossless audio experience, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended. Unlimited access to over 40 million tracks. • High Definition Music Videos Watch more than 130,000 music videos. No ads. No fuzzy images. Just crystal clear pictures. • Curated Editorial Find your next favorite with tailor-made recommendations, album presentations and playlists by experienced music journalists. • Stories behind the music Read our integrated music articles, features and interviews. • Offline mode Download albums, playlists and tracks, and bring your music with you anywhere using our offline mode for up to three devices. • Favorites Build your personal music collection simply by marking albums, artists, tracks and playlists as your favorite. You can of course also create playlists, share with friends, listen to artist- or track-based radio, check out artist bios, find similar artists, edit your play queue and much more… Sign up for a TIDAL subscription in the app, where you can choose between Premium and HiFi. The price of the subscription in your country can be found in the overview below. You will also be informed of the price in the app before signing up. The subscription is automatically renewed and charged on a monthly (30 day) basis. You can cancel it at any time up until the day before renewal and you can at any time turn off the auto renewal from your iTunes account. Monthly HiFi prices: HiFi US 25,99 USD / UK 25,99 GBP / AR 6,99 USD / AU 34,99 AUD / AT 25,99 EUR / BE 25,99 EUR / BR 12,99 USD / CA 25.99 CAD / CL 11,99 USD / CO 9,99 USD / CY 17,99 EUR / CZ 15,99 EUR / DK 259,00 DKK / DO 15,99 USD / EE 17,99 EUR / FI 25,99 EUR / FR 25,99 EUR / DE 25,99 EUR / GR 17,99 EUR / HK 138,00 HKD / HU 13,99 EUR / IS 25,99 EUR / IE 25,99 EUR / IL 79,90 NIS / IT 25,99 EUR / JM 15,99 USD / LV 17,99 EUR / LT 17,99 EUR / LU 25,99 EUR / MY 11,99 USD / MT 17,99 EUR / MX 259,00 MXD / NL 25,99 EUR / NZ 35,99 NZD / NG 13,99 USD / NO 259,00 NOK / PE 13,99 USD / PL 13,99 EUR / PT 17,99 EUR / RO 13,99 EUR / SG 25,98 SGD / SK 15,99 EUR / SI 17,99 EUR / ZA 269,99 R / ES 25,99 EUR / SE 279,00 SEK / CH 32,00 CHF / TH 15,99 USD / TR 34,99 TL Monthly Premium prices: US 12,99 USD / UK 12,99 GBP / AR 3,99 USD / AU 16,99 AUD / AT 12,99 EUR / BE 12,99 EUR / BR 6,49 USD / CA 14,99 CAD / CL 5,99 USD / CO 4,99 USD / CY 8,99 EUR / CZ 7,99 EUR / DK 129,00 DKK / DO 7,99 USD / EE 8,99 EUR / FI 12,99 EUR / FR 12,99 EUR / DE 12,99 EUR / GR 8,99 EUR / HK 68,00 HKD / HU 6,99 EUR / IS 12,99 EUR / IE 12,99 EUR / IL 39,90 NIS / IT 12,99 EUR / JM 7,99 USD / LV 8,99 EUR / LT 8,99 EUR / LU 12,99 EUR / MY 5,99 USD / MT 8,99 EUR / MX 139,00 MXD / NL 12,99 EUR / NZ 17,99 NZD / NG 6,99 USD / NO 129,00 NOK / PE 6,99 USD / PL 6,99 EUR / PT 8,99 EUR / RO 6,99 EUR / SG 12,98 SGD / SK 7,99 EUR / SI 8,99 EUR / ZA 139,99 R / ES 12,99 EUR / SE 149,00 SEK / CH 16,00 CHF / TH 8,99 USD / TR 15,99 TL By signing up, you agree to TIDAL’s Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Mobile Terms, see http://tidal.com/terms


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  • Great service with a few suggestions 4/5

    By Treyslice7491
    I love this streaming platform for the fact that it provides Edited versions of songs/albums readily available. One issue I ran into was the music stopping anytime I opened the camera for my phone. This was in the camera app or in messages when trying to take a picture. I feel the music shouldn’t stop when this happens. Another thing are the songs starting over after some time away from the app. This would help me to give this app 5 stars. Something else that’s a suggestion is having a kid friendly option for families? It would be tough, but finding a way to have edited versions of songs have its own section would be dope so we wouldn’t have to weed out edited and explicit songs. Just a thought, though.
  • Hifi vs Apple Music 5/5

    By Jacob Hantla
    I’ve tried with my Bowers and Wilkins P9 via lightning cable to see if could tell the difference between tidal hifi and Apple Music over a WiFi connection. Many tracks there isn’t a discernible difference; however, oftentimes the clarity of Tidal Hifi compared to lower res in Tidal or Apple Music is absolutely remarkable. I’ve tried blinded tests and with higher end headphones I can easily discern the difference. I’m currently on a 3 month trial of Tidal and I’m worried that I’m going to have to stick with it when I’m done. I’m not sure if double the price for a marginal difference is worth it, but the difference is there and Tidal is clearly better. Apple, why don’t you match this?!
  • Can’t wait for something better. 3/5

    By Zandoren
    Stops during songs. Frequently. Pitiful selection. Forced ads for bad music (JZ and B, I’m looking at you). If you can stand Spotify’s compressed audio and other limitations, go there and avoid Tidal.
  • Crashing. 4/5

    By AliceInWakaland
    Tidal is my main source for music. I updated on my iPhone 6 this morning ( 3/17/2018 ) & have been without music all day. Not having the luck of the Irish. I’m gonna need y’all to handle this because it’s a little too silent for me lol. Overall, love the app
  • Crossfade 5/5

    By KTerrell
    Love the steaming platform from day one. But currently my tracks are cross fading even though my cross fade it turned off. What should i do ?
  • The Best Videos!!! 5/5

    By imjustronn
    You’ll get the best concerts
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By 💯〽️
    I’m still unable to log into the account I own.
  • Fantastic Quality But Pricey 5/5

    By Ekvgksncl
    The difference in premium quality for this service is immediately apparent. Bass is much deeper and smoother, music is sharp and crisp overall. I have a Harman/Kardon Invoke (a great quality smart speaker for anyone who hasn't heard one), and even on lower volume levels, there just seems to be so much more substance to the music. A truly beautiful, thundering streaming service. That said, it's pricey. At over $12 for the normal subscription and over $20 for the HiFi subscription, it's quite a commitment. The music quality is so good that it's really tempting to go switch from Spotify, but getting the $5 student subscription is just a better deal, especially considering how integrated Spotify is with so many other services. If there was a student option for 50% off, or something else being included, it might get me to switch. There's also a lack of some features I'd like to see like a wide selection of podcasts, and maybe one to import your Spotify library (or other streaming service library). So they've got some work to do still. Pro tip for anyone who is interested in subscribing though: as of 3.15.18, the website DOES offer a 30% discount by switching from an Apple-based payment system to your credit/debit card or PayPal directly. This makes it far more economical. All in all, an amazing service that I'll consider budgeting for in the future, but ultimately might not be worth switching from another service any time soon.
  • App systems aren't working 2/5

    By Mljr7
    I'm still paying but the app is crashing and that's a step down from last month when it was just delaying in the search bar.
  • K 3/5

    It’s meh.
  • Memer 5/5

    By Dtrainmemer
    This is the only app I use. Not really, but I use it so much it might as well be the only app on my phone!
  • Latest Update Fails 1/5

    By dpack2002
    This is release 2.3.4, which updated on my phone yesterday. The app fails to load every time. Not good.
  • A Good App That Can Be Great 4/5

    By G-LUVV
    First off, all of these technical problems people are complaining about have not happened to me once, other than one. Sometimes when I play a song in an album or playlist, once a song ends and the next song starts, it will start playing the previous song from the beginning. Other than that, this service is much better than Apple Music and leaps and bounds better than Spotify. The play queue is very helpful. It also helps that TIDAL separates albums from singles & EPs, making organizing music easier. However, it would be the best music streaming app by far if the service decided to use the Apple Music interface. Listening to all the music I have is very difficult at times. TIDAL doesn't really have an actual "library" like Apple Music which is kind of a problem for me. Incorporate Apple Music's ability to click on an artist and listen to only the projects that you have in your library/favorited. Lastly, it would be very helpful if you could see the album cover of the song beside the songs in playlists like Apple Music. If TIDAL changes their interface to something similar to Apple Music, it will be the best streaming service without a doubt. JAY Z's Blueprint series Reasonable Doubt, and the 4:44 bonus tracks are all streaming exclusives as well as Lil Wayne's FWA and Beyoncé's LEMONADE.
  • Playlist Search 5/5

    By MacB_
  • Organization 4/5

    By Kristaps Money
    Hey by any chance can you guys update your app. I transferred my playlist from Apple Music to Tidal and none of the songs show up in albums, tracks, or artist. They show up in the playlist doe. Also for playlist can you have a option where u can skip to a specific letter. Thank you very much.
  • Apple and Tidal 4/5

    By Humberto1194
    Issue whit video play on my ipad mini 4 just can see the video when quit the app, fix it plz im users since2015 i love this app
  • The worst. Wouldn’t cancel my subscription 1/5

    By Sailor9
    I only used the app once and has been charging me $12.99 for over a year. They wouldn’t cancel my subscription I’ve called tidal to tell them to stop and they have the nerve to say they can’t do anything about it? I’ve called more than once too, so it wasn’t just a bad employee. I had to call Apple and my bank and they had to manually cancel it for me. TIDAL IS THE WORST. Even though $12.99 isn’t much I can think of a million others things I’d rather spend that on.
  • Took my money 1/5

    By Cnnhxvnjccb
    About 4 days ago I paid for a month long subscription and it still won’t give me service and it won’t allow me to refund the transaction. And every time I choose a subscription it says I already have an ongoing subscription.
  • Alrighty now it where da Women???? 2/5

    By Bellove
    Love the look out f the app but I am skeptical about the lack of content by Female artists. No videos interviews about women . First page shows me a girl getting a tattoo that's it the rest all men. Its Womens History month tons of good music by women can we get a showcase. Can I get a promotional email for Women history month? 2 stars for half the equation.
  • Ok 5/5

    By Abottom241985
  • Confused 1/5

    By Lady V85
    My provider gave me 6mos of tidal free yet tidal is still charging me and apple doesn’t refund this app. I’m confused and disappointed.
  • Not great. 1/5

    By Pokesmotstanley
    I originally got into Tidal because of Lemonade. I hate that I start shuffling the most recent songs and it only plays the 5 that are being shown. Not customizable to music preferences. I moved to Apple Music. We will see how it goes.
  • Forbidden streaming 2/5

    By hevlaw
    I’ve been a Tidal supporter from the beginning, but recently I’ve started “auditioning” new survives because Tidal doesn’t have stations which to me is the only thing it was missing. But something else is missing....various tracks. I hate when a new album is available but only certain tracks from that album. I take the time to make a playlist and go back a month later and some of the songs are gray and give me a message “record label doesn’t permit streaming of this track” so then I’m forced to go to another service just to hear that one song. Is it too much to ask to have all my music in one place???
  • Are you kidding me? 1/5

    By Jacob0lson
    I pay a premium for this service... But there are a ton of bugs and issues with songs buffering, even on WiFi. When I queue a song and press play - nothing happens. Silence. I have to drag the scrubber over a few seconds and press play again. Look forward to the service’s expiry period while I wait out your bug fixes. The last time I wrote a review, left the platform and came back most of my issues were taken care of
  • Screen auto shutoff 4/5

    By Susumukumo
    Love the app, I would like to see an update enabling the option to stay illuminated. I don’t like how it automatically shuts off after a minute.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By highlifeonelove
    Randomly stopped working with my iPhone 5 SE after the last update
  • Used to love Tidal... 2/5

    By dOlPhInS4M
    I’ve been a premium Tidal subscriber for 2 years now. The only thing I can say I still love about it is the sound quality. It’s frustrating after building a 3/400 song playlist, then one day, you’re unable to edit that playlist, not even so much as being able to delete one song. Because an error message keeps popping up. Now you’re stuck with multiple duplicates of the same song. WHY? Because I surely haven’t done it, but the app keeps updating the playlist for some unknown reason. At this point, I’m researching other options, because I’ll be taking my $’s elsewhere. If any changes should be made, maybe I’ll see you again in the future...
  • LIES ABOUT Edited tracks 2/5

    By corderoreg
    I like how the app has new albums once released. BUT, a lot of the songs that don’t have the E for explicit, ARE explicit so it’s not safe around family. Also, the shuffle doesn’t work and plays random songs, when I turn the app on - it automatically repeats songs without my permission. I don’t know I may cancel my subscription.
  • Features...features..features 5/5

    By BGhost699
    All the vids n special content make it lit
  • Increasing number of ads 2/5

    By joelcw
    Annoying ads are making this app a lot less compelling. I guess they figure users have no other choices in streaming music? Search no longer works in current version.
  • Needs better contrast 3/5

    By Brian Yackel
    If you are in any sunlight, you can’t see your controls at all. Please make it easier to see the controls.
  • Issues with wireless Beats headphones 5/5

    By K-Rizza
    With the last upgrade of the Tidal app I am not able to see videos with my wireless beats headphones. I have tried unpairing and all. Can you please advise and see if there is something with the latest upgrade that is causing this? Thanks,
  • Not sure how this is a 5 star app 1/5

    By theman1139114
    Music quality is great - app is so bad that i had to cancel the service. Constantly when opening the app it’ll automatically put repeat on so it’ll just be a one song playlist - this tells me they don’t remember the last playlist you’re on only the last song. chromecast compatibility is trash - if you’re using it and also adding music to a playlist, the playlist going over chromecast never updates with the new songs. the shuffle algorithm is maybe the worst i’ve ever encountered, i always hear the same songs on a 100+ song playlist. i wanted this to be my music service due to the hifi quality but the app is so far off it’s not even worth it.
  • Never works right 1/5

    By KBsquared2
    I have the iPhone X and this app never works. I can use it but then I tap on a song to play and it will not load to play and that’s most of the time. It’s so irritating. I’ll stick to Spotify unfortunately.
  • Headphones 3/5

    By Brotha JoJo
    Why is it that when I try to play videos it only gives me the audio when I use bluetooth headphones? Fix this please.

    By Mrsbee90
  • Need an easier way to shuffle downloaded music 2/5

    By Dhajdndnd
    There needs to be an easier way to be able to shuffle all of our downloaded music instead of manually going into each album and adding it to a playlist. This should be very simple to integrate and I don’t see why it isn’t
  • Overall Excellence 4/5

    By flusteredmonty
    This streaming service is wonderful. I’m an audio-engineer-in-training and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. That said, it could use some UI / layout improvements to the library to make it more logical and easier to navigate. Sometimes it can be a bit wonky with saving music, i.e. the fact that you can save an album and the album artist won’t appear in your library until you go to their page and save them as well. Another thing - I’d love to be able to shuffle the music I have saved from a particular artist instead of every single release by that artist, sort of Apple Music-style. I understand I can make playlists, but I don’t want to make playlists of every single artist I listen to. Anyway, I’m giving it four stars for those sorts of things. Will give it five immediately if a more logical library is rolled out.
  • Tidal 5/5

    By lordtay__
    Tidal is great and all but I feel like you guys should incorporate a lyrics section for the songs.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Mzjaxin
    Had a six month trail after purchasing 4:44 concert tickets. Service canceled after 3 months. No custody device number and you forget you sent an email by the time they respond. I’ll stick to apple!
  • Love it but... 5/5

    By GiankJV
    I recently got an Apple Watch and I’d love to have Tidal on my wrist. Please give us the Apple Watch update
  • Hacked 1/5

    By quayquon
    Someone hacked my account and changed my password. So I had to cancel my subscription because there’s no way to call customer service... 😡😡😡
  • Tidal Evolving 5/5

    By TalkChickens
    Tidal is creatively changing the streaming game. The streaming service not only have music but podcasts, original contents and interviews with artists throughout different genres. I love the connectivity and collectively consciousness of Tidal.
  • Tidal is the wave lol 5/5

    By malcb11
    I switched from Apple and don’t regret it! I love how the app remembers my “up next” playlist even if I close the app. I wish I could rewind from the home screen on my iPhone though. Apple
  • Great sound, all the music and extras 3/5

    By LCR1909
    The below stays the same. However I am frustrated that there are apparently multiple subscription types but I can’t seem to change mine. I would like to enable and pay for a family plan but can’t seem to. Also can’t find how on the site. The sound can’t be beat. Ha. Really everything sounds great. I have heard parts in songs that I never heard or key notes. So clear. I find everything I want to listen to and it makes my day and matches mood. Also the extra videos and concerts are great. I just wish there was a way to clear the cache. I can’t seem to just start a whole new playlist just a first song.
  • Apple Watch App? 4/5

    By Zdog22
    Hey Tidal! Is there any chance that an Apple Watch app will come along? That would be so nice to have so that people can workout with just the watch and headphones when listening to music! Being able to have the music downloaded on the watch would be a huge plus. Also, it would be super convenient to use an Apple Watch app to control music playing music on the same account on another device (even if it was just back, play/pause, skip, and volume). I love your product, and I wish the best to the team!
  • Videos won’t play. Been like this for like two weeks. 5/5

    By Meagainagain
    Videos won’t play. Been like this for like two weeks.
  • For music geeks 5/5

    By Darkflame808
    This streaming service is for the elitists who want to stream cd’s over the internet. We’re not talking about compressed mp3 or 384kbps garbage. We are talking about bit perfect audio as if you were reading the cd itself. Many claim they can’t hear a difference and in all honesty with the crap DACs in many consumer products. Apple included it is fair to make such an argument. However when paired with high quality headphones and a external DAC you CAN hear a difference. Anyone who would argue that you couldn’t hear a difference between mp3”s and cd’s with the mentioned equipment should consider sticking to the free fm/am radio streaming options your car offers. The interface isn’t as smooth as Spotify but I got the service for the quality of the end product. Not the fancy packaging it comes in.....
  • I love the app. Just a few issues recently 5/5

    By Min. Devon
    I previously was using Spotify I’ve tried Apple Music before also. I like tidal especially with the HiFi music streaming. The only thing since the new update my tidal doesn’t work properly unless on WiFi and/or I download a album or playlist so it can play no matter what. I can search the artist the song comes up but it doesn’t play and if it does play it takes 2-5mins. To play the song I pressed if not on WiFi that’s my only issues with the app. Other than that I used to love the app but if it can’t get fixed I will have to use a music stream that plays the song when I want to without having to be on WiFi to play. I still have it 5 stars because this may not be a issue everyone is having and it is a great app and it has the exclusives to a lot of artist music and live concerts so I still gave it 5 stars.
  • Fix please 5/5

    By Ilovemesomuch2
    What’s wrong with my music it’s not working code:999

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