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Tidal is the world’s first music service with High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial by music journalists, artists and experts, making for a simply superior experience. Try it out and see for yourself • High Fidelity Sound Quality No compromises. Just pure sound. With our lossless audio experience, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended. Unlimited access to over 40 million tracks. • High Definition Music Videos Watch more than 130,000 music videos. No ads. No fuzzy images. Just crystal clear pictures. • Curated Editorial Find your next favorite with tailor-made recommendations, album presentations and playlists by experienced music journalists. • Stories behind the music Read our integrated music articles, features and interviews. • Offline mode Download albums, playlists and tracks, and bring your music with you anywhere using our offline mode for up to three devices. • Favorites Build your personal music collection simply by marking albums, artists, tracks and playlists as your favorite. You can of course also create playlists, share with friends, listen to artist- or track-based radio, check out artist bios, find similar artists, edit your play queue and much more… Sign up for a TIDAL subscription in the app, where you can choose between Premium and HiFi. The price of the subscription in your country can be found in the overview below. You will also be informed of the price in the app before signing up. The subscription is automatically renewed and charged on a monthly (30 day) basis. You can cancel it at any time up until the day before renewal and you can at any time turn off the auto renewal from your iTunes account. By signing up, you agree to TIDAL’s Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Mobile Terms, see http://tidal.com/terms


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  • Freakin music won’t play! 1/5

    By D_iz_da_king
    😡😡😡 my tidal was just working fine over the cellular network and now it won’t play at all. I’m not about to be paying for something that won’t play
  • What happened to favorites 1/5

    By Camera_Shai
    All of my favorite Albums Artists and Tracks are gone. That is 2 year worth of music collecting all gone. When I go to the song or album it’s already got the pink heart but there is nothing in favorites. I can’t even add something new to favorites. This last update is very glitchy
  • Do Better 1/5

    By lady4512
    Not sure if it is because I have a free trial or that I opted for the cheaper sub option when I signed up for the trial but the app takes forever to load each song...feels like I am using an AOL CD from the 90’s except that was probably a better value....do better. Apple Music got me a while back with the frank ocean album, but at least I don’t have to wait 1 minute for each song to load
  • User experience is great/terrible! 3/5

    By mrameix
    Tidal itself is a great service, however the app has far too many glitches. C’mon, if I’m spending 19.99 per month im expecting a better user experience.
  • Starting to get buggy 😒 3/5

    By Ccochran009
  • Rip off. 1/5

    By Salazar225
    Tried the “free month trial” and got charged right when I canceled it. Which was 2 days after I tried the subscription. Not worth it and definitely sticking to Spotify.
  • Lagging or not wanting to load 1/5

    By !&((@.)
    Lately I’ve been having issues when I try to search a song and when I do find the song it takes about 10 minutes to play or even won’t play at all. I try disconnecting from my WiFi or reinstalling the app but it still seems to not wanna play music or take forever to load the song.
  • It’d be nice if I could play music and drive 1/5

    By pokeydokey777
    Doesn’t let me play without WiFi, pretty irritating considering I pay money for this app consistently and I can’t even enjoy the music I basically purchased. Maybe I’ll just use Spotify or Apple Music because it’s not worth it.
  • Difficult to navigate, search not functioning 75% 2/5

    By Dave Texas Firethorne 1463
    I downloaded this app and subscribed for the high quality stream. Thus far, I have found it difficult that nothing happens when you hit the search icon 75% of the time on my IPad 2, making it impossible to set up and create playlist. Is this on purpose so I am FORCED to take a long stroll thru the endless list of BS artist and recommendations Tidal promotes? Other times, it pops right up. Can’t figure it out but so far it’s a real PITA to use. I can think of lots of other ways to spend $20 a month than spending half an evening trying to stream music I actually want to listen to. Of course their online FAQ is no help and like everything else these days there is no one to talk to.
  • Doesn’t support gapless playback, clunky 2/5

    By AnonymousGuy767
    You can’t listen to albums as a continuous mix, there is always a 1-2 second delay between the tracks playing. The app is clunky and feels like they want to spam “ads” for random albums I had no interest in. Google Play Music is better in every way.
  • Since Recent Update! 1/5

    By Uuzee
    Since update of 1 wk ago, most songs will not stream over LTE connection on iphone 6+. Please fix!
  • New to Tidal 3/5

    By deydeyhm
    I just started with Tidal about 5 days ago. It’s easy to work with once you know where everything is and I honestly don’t have a lot to complain about. My only issue is when I go to and artist or track I like to listen to and then go to artist/track radio I get songs that have nothing to do with that artist. I wish that would be fixed as well as being able to tell tidal what you prefer to hear, genre wise, so it could make suggestions on what else you might like.
  • Tidal 5/5

    By Jai_Jai
    The new wave! 🌊
  • Don’t like it 1/5

    By likeaboss_eduardo
    When you want to here a song it takes forever to load it’s so stupid
  • It’s good with a few problems 4/5

    By Junior5674🐶
    Don’t get me wrong, the app works and plays music as it’s supposed too. One minor issue I find myself facing time and time again seems to be a displaying image in the playlists where it will duplicate songs multiple songs so for example if you have 100 songs in your playlist, it’ll be numbered as 130 because there are 3 of the same songs. This also gets annoying because the play queue will also have multiple varieties of the song so you would end up listening to the song 2 times in a row. If you could come out with an update that could fix this issue it would be great. Thanks!
  • I dont know. 2/5

    By Problems with the app.
    I like it but I cannot open an album on offline mode or the whole app will crash.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Zacminusk
    Constantly have problems with lag and skipping randomly shuts off when casting legit 90% of the time I never leave reviews but this ish deserves one
  • Problems 3/5

    By Nina 6s+
    Usually, I tell people how much I love Tidal. I’ve had it for some time now And have never had as many problems as I have now. I hate that I can’t sort my playlist so I can find my songs. Now I keep getting duplicate songs in my list that I did not add. Nor can I delete them. It’s difficult to find songs and the site is just not as good as it used to be. I am a huge Prince fan and all the songs keep disappearing, but I have been able to find Prince songs that are not on other streaming services. That is the main reason that I remain with Tidal. Hopefully they are able to fix the glitches.
  • Not so good 1/5

    By JayzFan3232
    The last two weeks the music won’t play. It just loads.. I only have tidal to listen to Jay-Z but even his music won’t load. I tried to reach out to “Tidal Support” and it took them 7 days to get back to me and the response still didn’t fix my issue. What’s the point of paying 12.99 a month if I can’t listen to any music?
  • Major Loading Issues/Contemplating Cancelling 2/5

    By amsk33
    I have always been a HUGE fan of tidal and have been a subscriber for over two years. However, lately, absolutely nothing loads. It’s been two weeks of dead silent workouts and I’m getting so extremely frustrated. What am I paying for if I can’t listen to music?
  • Very annoying 5/5

    By Travis Scott is the goat
    This app is extremely annoying, creating a playlist is annoying because of all the glitches the app has, you can’t search for songs so it’s almost impossible to know if you have duplicates and you can’t sort your songs at all in your playlists I mean and sometimes the app doesn’t allow you to delete songs from your playlists saying there are errors which makes no sense to me,and songs are constantly being deleted or not available to play anymore due to the record label literally only days after I add them .definitely not worth the switch from Spotify
  • It was all good just a week ago 3/5

    By ___JWILL___
    I had Tidal for at least 2 years and never had a problem until this latest update. Can’t stream over cellar data and I’m always on the road and enjoy music while driving. I cancelled my subscription because it taking to long for Tidal to recognize the issue. I will be going to Apple Music.
  • Not working 1/5

    By BasuraKing
    Update the App this basura isn’t working..
  • Nice but frustrating 3/5

    By muggetkie
    Keeps logging me out and acting really weird Other than that it’s a great app the logging out is just frustrating
  • Issues with duplicates I cant delete 2/5

    By Tbrjcefhyc
    For some reason I cant add music to my playlist and also I have random duplicates that I cannot delete.
  • Mr Byrd 5/5

    By mr bryd
    This is the best music app!! If your looking for a variety it's All On tidal with the best streaming quality!! But it's also awesome if your a CARTER FAN.. you get all their music and videos first before anyone else!!! Love this app
  • Was good until last update 1/5

    By Stanley Ipkiss!
    I literally can’t listen to any music unless that particular album or song was previously played on my phone. When you search an artist and click anything they have, it will not load unless you have streamed it previously. I have uninstalled/reinstalled and restarted my phone. Test your software before pushing it Jesus.
  • I have to keep closing the app every four songs 1/5

    By Dr. V€ND€TTA
    To keep it playing! The timer runs but there’s no music and I’m playing it through my echo speaker. Good thing I only elected to get the trial because when it’s over I’m deleting this app. All of a sudden when going to the next song, I don’t hear anything! It’s like the song is silent or some ish 🙄
  • help 1/5

    By breezbrat
    how do i cancel my subscription
  • Not Playing on iPhone X 1/5

    By 28Baby
    I downloaded and created an account yesterday HOWEVER it will not play ANYTHING. Have uninstalled , restarted phone , taken off any other music apps, and it still WILL NOT PLAY
  • For Bey 3/5

    By awwwnuggets
    I only download and use this app until I can but Beyoncé’s new album and now her and Jay-Z’s album. The music selection is average and the extra features are nowhere as robust as Apple or Google music. Good for a free trial though
  • Unpleased 2/5

    By bbdnemosizjkz
    I am unable to play any music or access anything while being connected to WiFi or using my cellular data
  • App doesn’t work unless connected to WiFi 1/5

    By LoLoBrown96
    I see I’m not the only one having this issue! It’s super frustrating to pay for something for more than two years and you can’t even use it. Normally works great but these last two weeks or so have been a nightmare!
  • Not always great 3/5

    By Qusbbdidb
    Sometimes I like this app. But it does weird things. Sometimes I open the app play a song and it is on repeat a single song, I never turned this on, now though I have to turn it off. The songs take 5-30seconds to load sometimes. I hope they fix these issues.
  • Why i should make playlist to download the songs 2/5

    By Abdullah Yousri
    The app need a lot of changes, i mean why can't we can't just download song when we add it to favorite? Why should i make a playlist first to download a song, and why can't I search in my songs !
  • Best playlists! 4/5

    By Phon A
    It’s a shame that we live in a society where the businessman seeking to actually help the artist is the one who gets shunned, but this is where we are. Better playlists, curated by people who are actually apart of the culture (not YesJulz). And of course, exclusively this is the only place to get the entirety of Hov’s catalog!!
  • Tidal rocks....slower than before. 3/5

    By Curly-Fashionista
    Used to have seamless transition between songs but now not so much. I run into a lot of delay and I usually have to restart my phone if I want to switch between songs on tidal playlists or the ones I create. What happened????
  • App crashes & won’t load music 1/5

    By kaykaran
    So yeah my title says it all. Or it takes forever for a song to play.
  • ughh 1/5

    By is app is freakin stupid hmph
    i want to delete it but it won't let me!! i accidentally got the app and i can't figure out to delete it!!!!
  • Hurts my heart to give one star 1/5

    By Scauma
    Great content but the app doesn’t work as well as it could/should. Offline content doesn’t load at times as well.
  • Amazing play lists 3/5

    By swaggy gooch
    Tidal is the best music app I've ever had but it really needs to add a delete duplicate song option so its easier to take out from my own personal playlist. Very annoying. The only thing I miss from Spotify is that.
  • Tidal 4/5

    By Sunnie dee 45
    This is by far the best music app. I have contacted support to submit feedback, but still nothing gets fixed. My playlist won't allow me to delete songs, and there is no way to search songs in the playlist or filter. I have over 2300 songs and trying to find a certain one is a lot of work. Hoping they add a search feature within the playlist and filter by alphabetical order, it would make it so much easier !!!
  • Login using Twitter doesn’t work b 3/5

    By Kilo Jones Official
    Login using Twitter don’t work b
  • Takes forever to load 1/5

    By launicajackie
    Takes too long to load
  • Tidal 4/5

    By Jar-JarxP
    It’s a good app and it’s been working with me for a while but now it’s not letting me play music and I have all the bars with LTE and it’s still not letting! It’s been working for me for about 2 years
  • Best Music Streaming Service 5/5

    By G-LUVV
    First off, all of these technical problems people are complaining about have not happened to me once, other than one. Sometimes when I play a song in an album or playlist, once a song ends and the next song starts, it will start playing the previous song from the beginning. Other than that, this service is much better than Apple Music and leaps and bounds better than Spotify. The play queue is very helpful. It also helps that TIDAL separates albums from singles & EPs, making organizing music easier. JAY-Z’s Blueprint series, Reasonable Doubt, and the 4:44 bonus tracks are all streaming exclusives as well as Lil Wayne's FWA, Beyoncé's LEMONADE, and EVERYTHING IS LOVE, the long awaited JAY-Z and Beyoncé collab album.
  • Costs money? 1/5

    By Skejrjfud
    I wanted a music app that can give me all of the music I want. I wanted a app where I can loop my music, and this app came up! It had everything I needed. But I was disappointed when I got the app. I’m sorry, I bet this app is great and is a good usage for listening to music. But I hate for you to do literally ANYTHING, you have to buy the trial. Even when it says “free 30 day trial” you can’t even get that unless you have the money already. I know that is most likely something they cannot change, but still! I don’t have money on my apple account!
  • Steaming isn’t working 2/5

    By Clari
    Never had issues before with streaming music on Tidal, but I must say I’m pretty frustrated in the last 24hrs I can’t play more than 1 song. The app crashes and I have to go back in and try again. Can this get fixed already?!
  • Disappointed in update 2/5

    By Angie198203
    Since the new update I can no longer play music using the app with data. Works fine when on WiFi. Other music services work great. Update: i contacted developer on Friday prior to this review and have yet to receive a response. I’ve noticed other people with reviews similar. I will update my review if it is resolved.
  • Just won’t work 2/5

    By You Know Me As The Third
    I signed up for the subscription and the app keeps telling me that I don’t no matter how many times I subscribe

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