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TikSave - Save & Repost Videos App

Easily save, repost and share your favorite TikTok videos! How It Works 1. Open TikTok and copy the video's link 2. Come back to TikSave to add it to your videos 3. Review analytics, profile and share the video! Features - Save and share your favorite TikTok videos - Review profiles and analytics (plays, likes, comments...) Disclaimer This App is not affiliated with or endorsed by TikTok. Any unauthorized reposting of contents and/or violations of intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user. Subscription This App contains a subscription. You can subscribe for this App to get access all the features (1-week with 3-day trial). Links to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be found below. Terms of Use http://tiksave.app/terms.html Privacy Policy http://tiksave.app/privacy.html

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  • Gonna try it now 5/5

    By caldeira de souza
    I’m seeing a lot of bad reviews so I’m kinda scared 😬
  • tiksave 5/5

    By amongusrocks
    this app is amazing and it works so well!!
  • way too expensive 1/5

    By Almeezyuh
    it works but $10/week is an astronomical price if you’re an upcoming creator that’s not making a lot of money off your work. i wish developers would go back to one time payments.
  • cool 5/5

    By So bossome
  • terrible app. 1/5

    By tAy🥺
    you have to 10 DOLLARS to use any feature, do not get this app.
  • Waste 1/5

    By MandieA.
    Have to pay money before you can even do anything. Deleted right away
  • 😔 1/5

    By sadcheese
  • Don’t Download 1/5

    By ابو لورا 22
    I don't recommend downloading the video because the program needs to be involved in a money amount. The app is a taboo.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Kwiylo
    Nice app
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By covexte
    This app is so amazing it works perfectly and I love it
  • 😶 1/5

    By Dnf._.Kk
    of course it costs money ://
  • It’s alright 1/5

    By MistWasTakenWasTaken
    It works but you gotta pay every month for it to even work even just to download a TikTok with the watermark.
  • Who can afford $9.99 PER WEEK 2/5

    By Cserenag
    The app is great until you have to start paying for it. I can happily pay $2.99 or so a month but this greedy app wants $9.99 per week. I”m not willing to pay $9.99 per month, so I don’t know how they expect that per week. Just greedy!
  • Idk 5/5

    By kevin1034847
  • U Have to subscribe to download 1/5

    By Backri
    It’s deceiving, it’s not free. You have to subscribe to do the download to ur iPhone.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Bhehjehwj iis huh we
    I love this app bc I make edits for ppl and sometimes there saves be of but now since I found this app I’m able to do it with an without, I’m just so happy I found this app!
  • u literally have to pay 1/5

    By Maddie M.❤️😍👄
    it works but i’m not gonna pay every month for it...
  • Useless 1/5

    By Reunite_Pangaea
    App written by pre-teens.
  • Another Cash Grab 1/5

    By Chauko
    If you’re willing to pay a $3.99 monthly subscription service just DOWNLOAD a TikTok then go ahead. The app prompts you to subscribe for “premium” options which is a download option with no watermark and audio.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Someonexoxo
  • Audio didn’t match up 1/5

    By ZenMamaLlama
    I couldn’t get any of my audio to match to my lip sync with this app so for that reason I had to pass.
  • Good 5/5

    By ErnestRhodes
  • GREAT APP 5/5

    By aunonimiss
    Love it
  • download tiktoks 5/5

    By Fries Ketchup
    It’s reasonable to pay to download
  • Bruh 5/5

    By gloomypuff
    Stream butter
  • Bill 5/5

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  • This app is a scam 1/5

    By sebbydeals
    It does work but the thing is you have to pay 10.00 a week. People keep saying Disney+ is very expensive and that is 8 dollars a MONTH so I don’t know why the developers made this because no one is dumb enough to spend 10 dollars a week which is 520 dollars a year. I could download a photoshop app for 60 buck and be up over 450 dollars
  • i’m not sure 1/5

    By LunaXmoon9
    this app is making me give it a review before i actually use it and i dont know if it’s good or not
  • $10 a week? bruh 1/5

    By Kavemeara
    LITERALLY WHO IS GOING TO PAY THAT MUCH FOR THIS APP?? savetok was better i hope yall get sued
  • :) 5/5

    By K3nmabear
  • F 5/5

    By genny_beagle
  • t 5/5

    By Demetric f
    don’t know what i’m doing but it’s cool i guess. don’t know why i have to write a review on it and give it 5 stars
  • H 5/5

    By ndjsskskjskkaakkas
  • No 1/5

    By itsjoemama1938
  • Not great. 3/5

    By davidsphoto
    There's not really any great apps like this out there. But it's a very steep price for a weekly subscription for something that another app could do way better than this one. sad that SaveTok isn't a thing anymore.
  • hey 5/5

    By Joey dev
    i’m writing a review to save the videos
  • I love this app 5/5

    By mikfcj
    Great app!!!
  • hey 5/5

    By Missmoosehaheb
  • Can’t do anything without paying 1/5

    By reptile_girl
    Won’t even let me try it out without paying
  • You are the best 5/5

    By jutr. s%*0
    Love this appppp
  • Have to rate first 5/5

    By CaptainMufasa
    Have to give a rating before using app
  • wow 5/5

    By Oheychrissi
    since apparently i can’t even use the app unless i give it 5 stars first
  • Gocjc 5/5

    By cjcfic
  • we’ll see after i try the app if deserves 5 stars 5/5

    By Bts bae 14
  • what i think (respectfully) 1/5

    By harleyroper
    hello, i had the app for awhile now and i had to delete it recently because it wouldnt let me save the tiktok to repost and i just now got it back and i have to pay for it, just to save a tiktok ? im sorry but i will be deleting this app. personally i think it should be free, have a nice day!
  • Camera-roll save! 1/5

    By BP😜
    I want to save the tik tok into my camera roll with no watermark, not go back to tik tok to see the video again jeez I just wanted to save the video of my girl rosé🙄 If you do know how to save it in the camera roll with no water mark lmk ASAP😩😩😩
  • Ok 5/5

    By shrimpkoi
  • Only doing this so I can use it 5/5

    By rmudthesv nutccdde yhj
    It wouldn’t let you use it without the review but I’ll update when it lets me dmdjxixikslegjfjsjswjwhebfjfjjssjjwnefkkdkxsjndkfkdhdntkfjsgffntjsjsnrnrishfngidhtnfjsbfbfizbdjfudntjfhdnmakhiaqkhhmakhiammaihiammajhianamajigfijsnfjviccjc
  • Ok 5/5

    By chadcaity