TikTok - Real Short Videos

TikTok - Real Short Videos

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  • Current Version: 12.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: musical.ly Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TikTok - Real Short Videos App

TikTok is not your ordinary destination for short-form mobile video. It's raw, real, and without boundaries—whether you're brushing your teeth at 7:45 a.m. or you're making breakfast at 7:45 p.m. It's from the gut, 'come as you are' storytelling told in 15 seconds. With TikTok life's more fun when you live in the moment and go beyond to explore. We make it easy for you to discover and make your own awesome videos by capturing funny and memorable moments to share with the world. Take your videos to the next level with special effects filters, fun stickers, music, and more. Life’s moving fast, so make every second count and show the world what you got! ■ Watch millions of videos selected specifically for you A personalized video feed specifically for you based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok will quickly adapt to your taste to offer the most relevant, interesting, fun, quirky, head-turning videos that you’ll never want to stop watching. ■ Get entertained and inspired by a global community of creators Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible talents, precious moments, and knowledge. Let yourself be inspired. ■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We create featured music playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including hip hop, edm, pop, rock, rap, country, and more. ■ Use emoji stickers and face filters 100+ emoji stickers available for free to take your videos to the next level. Unlock tons of fun face filters and beauty effects in your videos. ■ Editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips ■ Live streaming filters are constantly being updated with fresh, creative designs ■ Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Food, Sports, DIY, Animals, and everything in between. Discover videos from endless categories. * Any feedback? Contact us at [email protected] or tweet us @tiktok

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TikTok - Real Short Videos app reviews

  • TikTok 5/5

    By Brosky!😎
    TikTok is an amazing and very creative app you can do anything you want with any song you want and you can watch other people’s videos. I think it’s an amazing app!!!
  • I love TikTok 5/5

    By Jesus&ashley
    It is my life but i wish i was famous i use tiktok a lot can u make me famous please
  • Fun- Customer Service is awful! 2/5

    By Isaac7799
    I sent a ticket in back in April (it’s July 22nd now) never got a response. Submitted a new ticket for a new problem responded in hours! (Maybe they improved things) I responded giving them info they requested and days have gone by with out a response. I also have sent two emails as well with no response......... I love the app but when i can’t post videos and they won’t answer what’s the point.
  • Rating 4/5

    By kaidoll❤️🌸
    I feel like TikTok is a good app but it can have things that aren't for kids maybe that can be fixed
  • Yes 5/5

    By Warren8888
    No words this is the best app ever
  • I want musically 2/5

    By keri sliger
    I love tik tok it’s so fun but I like musically more let’s get musically back
  • 🥰 4/5

    By naenae_413 add me
    Okay it’s a good app just bad people stay away from negative and be positive and don’t let no one bring you down now have a great Time on this app -😛
  • A lot of fun! 5/5

    By THE PharmDiva
    Despite a few trolls here and there, the app is full of supportive and positive users who are looking for a good laugh or in general some great entertainment and relaxation. It’s a great break from the seriousness of facebook and other news-heavy apps and takes my mind off politics and shows that humanity is really all in this together. Fish here I go!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Righteous22121
    It is so good i have 127 likes on tiktok basically I love it
  • that’s just show biz baby 1/5

    By e boy looOoooOoooooOver eh
    has over taken my life and i spend at least an hour on it every day so thanks
  • I dont know anymore.. 2/5

    By ~kat~Beste~
    Ok, at first i LOVED Tik Tok i mean it was the best thing that i have EVER downloaded...but after a year my account got deleted i don't know why its obviously NOT because of age. My friend is the same age as me and she has had her Tik Tok for 3 years so before i even knew about Tik Tok she had her SAME account and that is NOT cool i got so mad i had to make a new account new videos and i lost ALL of my drafts and memories i had with my friends. I didn’t post bad stuff either i wasn't doing anything wrong i was following the rules. I even tried logging back to my old account but it didn't work. After a few months everything was fine i got a new account and everything i have a bunch of followers and I'm grateful for all of that.... but its not letting me comment anymore i only have like 3 or 4 hours to comment and i take 10-20 min breaks in between. That was the last straw for me! I deleted Tik Tok and re-downloaded it, it was normal for a good 30 mins but it did the SAME exact thing again i was really mad it told me to wait an hour to comment again so i did. I tried to comment again it didn't let me. It also didn't let anyone else comment on my videos i was only aloud to comment on my own videos, of course that only lasted a few days. After those days past it didn't let me comment on ANYONES videos or mine, sometimes when it let me comment (which was about 10-20 mins) the comment that i sent to the person didn't even send like the person that i sent it to didn't see my comment. I am currently going through the same exact issue that has been going on for the past 2 months. I already know what y'all are going to be saying “we are trying our best to fix our issues on Tik Tok” or something along those lines but please i have seen people write the same thing, and its been a whole YEAR Tik Tok is just ignoring this but please ear me out we need Tik Tok to become better, safe, and fun! If y’all want Tik Tok to become more successful you guys have to solve the issue, not by writing the same comment to every single person i have only had Tik Tok for 2 years the first half year was AMAZING but the other half my account got deleted the next year i got issues with my comments. I REALLY hope this review has helped Tik Tok become better. Or maybe y’all aren't gonna change anything, but i still took my time and wrote all my problems.
  • The best 5/5

    By DaKeX2
    The best and funniest app on the world
  • Tik tot 5/5

    By Guinea pigs Squad
    I love tik tok so so so so so so much
  • Love it 5/5

    By Andreaggv101
  • Rate 5/5

    By elsajerezyoungOrquidea5
    It’s an amazing app i love it SOOOOO much
  • Worst app so much hate 🙄 1/5

    By Hprrible app dont get
    Tik tok is horrible it’s always glitching. Some creators get so much hate and it’s like tik tok is promoting it tik tok puts all the mean comments at the top and they are really mean. Save your time and don’t get this app it’s not working and it’s definitely a hate zone. Thank you bye!
  • TikTok 5/5

    By usghboy
    TikTok is best it will not let me go live on but I love TikTok
  • Technical Issues 1/5

    By good job❤️💜🧡🖤💛💚💙💝
    I was trying to create an account but this app wouldn’t let me. I created at least 4 different accounts and none of them would work. The first one wouldn’t let me turn off the private account setting. The second account didn’t spell my name right. The third account wouldn’t let me like any videos. And the fourth account wouldn’t let me search anything. All of the accounts also didn’t let me change my profile picture. I am very mad and I would like there to be an update or have this problem fixed. I deleted Tiktok because this app didn’t work for me. The really messes up part is I used to have tiktok and it worked fine. I deleted it the first time because my account got deleted! I hope this issue gets solved soon.
  • Vid on 3/5

    By Rafa18💝
    I love tictoks I can you please make me famous so I can go to vid on
  • I hated it 1/5

    By yoboijaylenn
    Because if you follow bout 30 people it will tell you to stop by an hour I hate this app
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Roig27
    This is funny And good thing but it is funny
  • Social media blessing 5/5

    By william4christ144
    I thank God for Tiktok. Such a tremendous way to serve and spread the gospel.
  • Tic Tok 5/5

    By UnlvingDrop240
    Tic Tok is an amazing game and im addicted to it
  • Appropriate for five-year-olds 5/5

    By todrokie
    I can take talk is appropriate for five-year-old cause they can lip-synch as long as they have their mom supervising it it’s appropriate
  • Entertaining at the best! 5/5

    By haysville stew
    Glad I got this app, its hilarious
  • Musically 3/5

    By Izzy__0205
    I miss musically it was sooo much better
  • What I think about this app 5/5

    By Jazmeow11
    I think its good because you can make cool videos and make edits or other things.
  • Go on it every day 5/5

    By kaden is the boss
    It is so good you should get it
  • Ugh 1/5

    By beanie boo lover❣️
    First off rude people and you all don’t care. Second of if your “ going to fat” you can’t comment or like or follow for 24 hours Third of all I don’t show up to the fyp anymore so I can only get follows by ppl liking my comment Thanks for making me mad
  • Poo 5/5

    By jjfifjriejeudkrhe
  • Amo a tik tok 5/5

    By anyeline09
  • Musically is great I’m 12 know and TikTok is great 5/5

    By ladybuglit
    Musically is the best thing that came into my life i had it sense I was 4 and now I’m 10 that is long but it’s worth it i love this app so much I’m 12 now and still on here okrrrrrrrrr
  • Tic tok 5/5

    By littlemonkey1228
    I love music let so much the people out there I think you would to be you’re self . I love this app so much.
  • TikTok 5/5

    By tiktok1$
    Good to be calm and comfortable
  • i gave you 5 stars now make me tiktok famous @nutting.nitwits 5/5

    By nutting.nitwits
    i gave you 5 stars now make me tiktok famous @nutting.nitwits
  • Love it 5/5

    By Arianna Starburst
    I have been on it like for 27/7! I just love it ALOT!!!
  • Krispykj 5/5

    By krispykj
    I love this app it makes me feel like I can be myself when around my friends sometimes I can’t do thank you
  • Hi 5/5

    By ffffjjatrfg
    I love tik tok I just want to go live
  • Great 5/5

    By Blueallone
  • Jim 5/5

    By pfd #1
    Being disabled I am impressed with the out going attitude that all the handicapped people have they don’t let it get them down. Live every day as it is your last.
  • WHY 4/5

    By balletandtap#1
    When I updated the app now I can’t do slow motion or slow it up because it isn’t there any more! (2x 3x etc.)
  • Tik tok 5/5

    By bunny girl10
    Hey I’m a user who frequently uses this app.its amazing but earlier my whole account just disappeared it said it expired idk.I would like the created of tik tok to reply my comment and tell me why this-happened thank you for your time
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Sisui8
    I’ve been on TikTok for about two and a half weeks. It’s the first app I’ve used that I’ve posted something on. The effects and sounds are amazing. While there are some flaws. I would recommend with parent permission to post your face... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Love 5/5

    By londonB2424
    I’m addicted to this app
  • TikTok 5/5

    By hhuhjjdeed
    It is the best way to get famous
  • My Tik Tok acc is nevaeh_rojas 5/5

    By nevaeh_røjas
    Go follow my Tik Tok acc I do giveaways this app is amazing but I never went viral but I love it I’m addicted to it you should sign up now I love it but I have 1592 fans and I can’t go live on my account I’ve Reyes so many times and it won’t let me
  • Addison Hart 5/5

    By 🏅🐹🐹🐹
    This app is amazing and you can connect with your friends and family
  • It doesn’t work 3/5

    By your pal cooper
    It doesn’t let me verify that I’m a human
  • It’s just logged me out 3/5

    By it just logs you out
    Ok so at first I loved TikTok but then a day came and out of no where it just logged me out so I tried logging in again but it’s says it’s was suspended even tho I did nothing wrong so I tried making a new account and it did not let me so I thought maybe it has got hacked so I messaged TikTok and told them I sent them like 50 messages in the past month and they have not fixed it or even responded. So I logged in on my moms phone but that worked but my phone won’t FIX THIS NOW!!

TikTok - Real Short Videos app comments

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