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  • Current Version: 2.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Tim Hortons App

The updated Tim Hortons app is everything you love about Tim Hortons — now easier, faster, and more personal. Enjoy the convenience of Order & Pay, earn and spend Tims® Rewards, quickly customize your order in the app and find the latest targeted offers -- all through your phone! Mobile Order & Pay Select and customize your favourite food and drinks, choose your preferred Tim Hortons location, and pay from the app. It’s now that easy to order your favourite Tim Hortons items from your phone. Personalized Menu Add recently ordered items with one tap. Customized orders are saved on your menu so you can get your order just the way you like it. Tims® Rewards After just seven eligible purchases, receive your choice of a FREE coffee, tea or baked good. Keep checking for more special offers to come. It’s time to reward your routine! Scan for Tims® Rewards A digital version of your loyalty card that you can scan easily when ordering in the restaurant – never miss an opportunity to earn rewards. Scan to Pay Save time and pay for your order right from the app -- no need to carry cash or a credit card! Take Out, Dine In or Drive Thru Choose your pick-up method. Payment is completed in-app, so you can grab your order to go, or dine in with us. Your choice.

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Tim Hortons app reviews

  • Horrible App 1/5

    By 5678;(
    I have a physical reward card and am not able to link it to the app. No support in the app at all. It’s a total waste.
  • Updates needed 1/5

    By lee4843278384749/92
    No orange juice option, no option for special requests and no option to edit any menu item such as “no cheese” or “add signature sauce”.
  • Worst Rewards system 1/5

    By jthind
    I come to Tim Hortons every single morning before work and have like 5 rewards saved up right now. You know why I haven't used any? Because the only thing I drink is a French Vanilla cap and their rewards system is completely restrictive of what you can use it on. While other places have stuff like "spend $25 and you'll get $5 credit" or something broad, TH only rewards people that drink traditional coffee as that's pretty much all you can use it on (and some food limited options that don't interest me as I eat breakfast at home). So basically, if you hate regular coffee then the rewards system is worthless for you. No reason to have the app anymore. If I buy 7 French Vanilla caps, I should be able to get a French Vanilla cap for free... Instead, I buy 7 French Vanillas and find myself suddenly not being able to buy one with my reward?? If FVs count towards the reward progress, why in the world wouldn't they count for reward redemption too....? No logic at all.
  • Horrible app and service 1/5

    By Jbomms
    I have tried to make this app work, but have been unsuccessful. The only thing it is good for is keeping track of rewards. I work in a busy hospital where there is a Tim Hortons and placing an order ahead of time is imperative so I am not wasting time in line. I have been unable to get ANY credit cards to validate and I have tried ALL of mine. When I was unable to after several attempts I reached out to customer service for help. I was responded to with a stock response which didn’t address my concern, but instead responded about gift cards. I tried again, same thing. Again, but tried a different option for feedback, same thing. What a mess load of time wasted. I never review apps but this warranted it. Horrible app and service.
  • Doesn’t work and has no error message 1/5

    By Andrew121344
    I spent an hour trying to order online, trying 2 different credit cards. Every time I go to “Load 25 and Place Order” it just says “Checkout failed” and takes me to the menu page. Somehow other people are ordering and picking up online, but this app is garbage.
  • Best Ever 5/5

    By Naughty Chef
    Best coffee, best food and best service!!!! Dunkin’ Donuts can move over!
  • Bring back the old app 1/5

    By TR1346
    This app does not have the ability to locate a nearby store (unless you place an order). The old app would “pair” with a Tim Card and use either the card or the phone on the same card. Now if you enter the card number in the app the entire balance transfers to the app only and the card is useless. Co not recommend it.
  • Used to work fine until the update. 1/5

    By Dancer219
    Now it’s awful! Can’t add funds via app
  • Rewards card 1/5

    By fortniteislife
    I’ve tried to add my rewards card to the app so I can see my purchase and it says that I’m not able to. I’ve entered the number multiple times and never works. 👎
  • Oh well 1/5

    By skreddy
    Visiting Canada, thought I’d see if the new vegan sandwiches were available at a nearby store. App demands personal information before letting you even look up store details. Ultimately it didn’t like what I put in and I couldn’t use the app. Deleted, and got food elsewhere. Thanks for nothing Tim Horton’s.
  • Fail. Can’t even sign up from app 1/5

    By gamer1408
    Only presented with login options. So tried to sign up from web but always get error “There is currently an issue connecting. Please try again later.” I guess I’ll stick to McDonald’s.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By deergoosedave
    Definitely needs some improvement. You can order things that aren’t even available. Also need ability to customize items more, etc. Kind of behind the curve compared to Dunkin’ and McDonald’s apps, which work very well!
  • Awful App!! 1/5

    By vdb93
    I would give 0 stars if I could. I downloaded to make it easier to place an order tomorrow morning and you can’t order online, have to download the app. I live right next to a Tim Hortons. The app would not let me input an address, but had to find it on map view, the Tim Hortons was on the map already and didn’t recognize there was a store there. I tried clicking on the store multiple times and nothing changed. It was impossible for me to set a store to order from, making it impossible for me to order at all. I have never reviewed an app before but this one is so bad and so upsetting I had to share. Not worth the time, needs a lot of improvement!!!
  • This app is the worst 1/5

    By Anniecski
    I’m in the USA, so YMMV if you’re in Canada. I got the app to order online and get rewards. But while you can gain rewards by ordering on mobile through the app, you can’t actually claim rewards by ordering on mobile. At least, that was my experience until today, when the app completely forgot who I was and where there were any Tim’s in my city. This app is garbage.
  • Messed up full 1/5

    By Jrod Buffalo NY
    Y’all had a great app today is not anymore y’all messed up the whole thing
  • Miss Locations 3/5

    By O Daniel Knight
    The original Tim Hortons app had locations, but it is hopelessly outdated due to several store closings in the area. The latest update says it includes locations, but I can't find that option. When on the road it would be nice to find out where a Tim's exists along my route.
  • Advice 2/5

    By Brad12322
    It would be nice for there to be a single scan for both earning the reward and paying with the gift card. Also, I can’t see order history. App is decent but has a lot of potential and can be much better!
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By JlayneDC
    I rarely leave an app review, but this app is awful. For items I actually order daily, I have to go into the store because the app doesn’t have ANY options. For example, I order a latte, but the app has only one size (and doesn’t tell you what size that is). There are no options for large or medium. There is a drop down box to change the milk, but only one option on the list. It says you can order and redeem rewards points from the app, but when I order coffee or other items it doesn’t offer me the option to redeem my built up rewards. Also, when you order form the app, it sometimes doesn’t count the order toward a reward. I ordered an item on the app and then ordered an item in the store and scanned the reward barcode and it only credited one. That’s happened twice. The store also doesn’t have what is on the app. Ordered a lunch item once only to hear the person working at the restaurant complaining that someone placed a mobile order for something they didn’t have. I had to opt for something else on the menu (while paying for what I wanted and not getting it). Really, just fix this app and get better organized. It’s not ready for prime time.
  • Fast and friendly 5/5

    By mike yukon
    Very clean looking and easy to use
  • "Pricing Failed" 1/5

    By Freelancer122788
    Every time I try to checkout with an app order I receive the error, "Pricing Failed". Sure would be nice to actually order something or maybe use the rewards I've accumulated.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By LAT0987
    What’s the point of having mobile ordering if you still have to place your order and wait for it when you get to the store? I placed my mobile order this morning, received a notification that it was ready, went to the drive through to get it, and was told “Ok, pull around and park, and once we make it we will bring it out.” What? No way, I don’t have time for that. Hence why I ordered and paid ahead of time. I asked for a refund and the employees were EXTREMELY rude about it. Poor business all the way around, Tim Horton’s.

    By discerning gentleman
    I hardly ever put a review but this merits a terrible review. The app is “cludgy”and I have lost rewards both times through the workers taking rewards from an app that I’m supposed to be able to store my rewards on so obviously they think it’s bad too because they can’t figure it out. It’s not user-friendly, it’s disjointed to say the least. Starbucks has it down pat where the rewards and Starbucks card is tied together with the app. Not this one! everything is a two or three step process. If the employee forgets anything or does it wrong, the customer is the loser not the company. Tim Hortons comes across as cheap unprofessional merchant. To solidify this. Try and contact them! Good luck. Try to send any feedback and you can’t see beyond a few characters what you’ve written. And if you go to amend or look at the text in the FB it closes the chat. Terrible terrible app. Tim Hortons wake up and smell the coffee!!!!
  • This app is terrible 1/5

    By use to like TH
    This app is a disgrace. Nothing works. The chat is not a chat, but and email system. Doesn’t really matter because it does not work anyway. Tried to do an online order. Surprise, Apple Pay fails with no reason why. I wish I could give it zero stars. Do yourself a favor. Delete this app and go to DD.
  • Not good 1/5

    By s.pie60
    I placed an order for the first time, and was even notified by the app that my order was ready. By the time I got to the restaurant, the staff had no recollection of my order, and I had to sit and wait for 15 minutes just for a sandwich and coffee. Horrible.
  • Love, love, love 5/5

    By khenck
    I use this app constantly for my rewards, pre-ordering, and loading money to my Tim card. It’s quick, easy and user friendly!
  • Ripped Off 2/5

    By Snosal
    Today i went to the Allegany Tim Hortons. I tried to claim my free coffee. The girl swiped my rewards card and then informed me that the free coffee has to be hot coffee and not ice coffee. Well guess what? I lost that free coffee and was charged for the ice coffee. Do not I repeat give them your card until you know your free item is actually eligible.
  • Waste of time! You still have to wait in long line 1/5

    By jrodbass1
    This app is junk wish I could give ZERO! 1st time user and when I used the app I order off Stringtown location on error. I'm fine with that my fault, but the order said it didn't go through so I re order off 665 in same town then it said error again. I end up dropping my kids off at school since line was to long to just go inside then later it said it went through to the stringtown location. I waiting about 40 mins to go get the order since I had to take my youngest to daycare. When I got inside they said they didn't have an order and I would have to just pay and call Corp for a refund ( Corp is useless thought the feedback button) I began to show the lady I did place order. I waited in line then she helped me. Basically an HR later when I ordered. I sent a feedback through the app and it said I would be issued a refund but it's been 2 weeks and nothing. Plus they replied "I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. In the future please ensure you are selecting the correct location from the location confirmation screen." Yes I selected wrong location but if your app says it didn't go through and said we experienced an error then it's your fault now especially when you go ahead and charge me. So my a dumby again since I had money on my card that I didn't want to go to waste. I placed another order to 665 location 45 mins in advance and I even selected "prepare my order"!!!!!. When I showed up line was to the door and wrapped to Wendy's side. I walked up and asked a drive thru lady a quick question that I had a mobile order and she said can't you see I'm busy working the drive through you need to wait for that guy he is talking lobby orders!!! So I waited in line 15 mins and it was basically not going anywhere. As soon as he move to side I walked over to ask if he had my mobile order and he said oh we don't check those so you will need to wait in line. I left (it was about 8:35am) and decided to come back about 5pm. When I got there they couldn't fine my order and he had to get a lady to help she was like do you have a barcode and I was no I just have an order here on my phone and she was like without a barcode we can't help. I was like are u suelre so she looked and said oh I found it under some charity spot. They roll out app but don't train ppl how to located or check ahead. The app is useless because u still have to wait and they aren't effective computers or trained enough employees to understand now to accept mobile orders. I believe Corp needs to spend some time shadowing larger Corps like Mc Donald's, Chipotle, Starbucks etc to understand what customers expectations are when ordering online. Not employees fault it just fall up to Sr management for running a bureaucracy and never listening to employees who have said yeah we complain to management that we need to do it this way but no one listens! A lot of venting but seriously things that need to be addressed to help others avoid having a horrible customer experience like I did.
  • Party Like It’s 1999! 1/5

    By TicksDigMe
    Terrible app. Useless, really. It registered my first purchase a few weeks ago, but after regular use, still shows, “1/7 Purchases.” Just deleted the app and shredded the card. Not going to do anything drastic, like boycott T.H.’s or anything nonsensical, but it’s 2019! What kind of people do you guys hire in IT, design, programming, marketing? Still a fan of Tim’s. But not the card/app. I guess when I go into Timmy’s I really WILL party like it’s 1999. Maybe I’ll go out and buy a flip-phone, since your app/card are incompatible with my smartphone...
  • Nope 1/5

    By Bs2412
    Can’t place an order since it won’t process Apple Pay. Can’t add money to my account. Save button grayed out. Can’t submit feedback in app. Start chat button does nothing. What is the point???
  • Has potential 2/5

    By Jackie9698
    Seems like a nice functional app. However, I have 2 Rewards cards and they won’t link. I don’t want to carry cards around so please figure out this glitch.
  • Calories instead of prices 1/5

    By Assnap Kined
    Whoever designed this app is a moron. When i go to order instead of showing me how much money each item cost it shows the calories of the item instead. You dont know how much anything costs until you ready to pay. Horrible. Also i saw no option to select a combo menu option, just individual items. This app needs a ton of work.
  • Rewards don’t register 1/5

    By SCLEV99
    Scanned my app barcode 6 times and no visits have been recorded on the app. Rewards scans DO NOT WORK!! Customer service doesn’t respond when you contact to look into issue.
  • Love but menu items missing 4/5

    By Bailzbaker
    I love that I can order through the app however menu items are missing and it would be nice to have the options added to make orders customizable as well.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By Sanjzred
    Tim's has a new reward program, but I can't connect my physical card to the app. I get an error saying "something went wrong please try again". I like the physical card over the digital because half the time the card reader isn't working at the Tim's where I go. Also, the digital card will not load to my Apple wallet.
  • The new version is terrible 1/5

    By unsatify user
    I can’t reload from my credit on the app. It gives me problems all the time.. I used to get Tim Horton everyday but, do to the fact the app doesn’t let me reload I stop going.
  • Poor functionality 1/5

    By Bee zzz
    I tried to load more money to my balance, failed! I tried to upload my rewards card, failed and wiped my hard card clean. I tried to load a gift card, failed and wiped the gift card clean! This app is aweful!
  • New user of the app 3/5

    I HOPE THE APP DESIGNER READS THIS BECAUSE I WANT TO HELP MAKE IT BETTER. I just got the app and the card and I didn’t see the card until after I had purchased my coffee and I’ve got a ton of receipts from other Tim Horton orders. I just think it’d be helpful for the app to be able to scan or add a receipt to the list. Maybe limit it to a week from purchase date. But at least capable of adding orders. Half the time I forget I have rewards cards to places and usually they can still add the purchase to the card so I get rewards. It'd be nice if yours could do the same. I think the app would me more useful if there were exclusive benefits to the app like off menu items only told to app holders
  • Absolutely terrible locator 2/5

    By Lassie1212
    The update has improved the app somewhat, but it is absolutely terrible trying to find a location. It should automatically pick up on the location you are at and you should just be able to plug the zip code in to search. Then when I accidentally tap a location, I can’t deselect it and have to start over.
  • Store pic 4/5

    By hazard coffee guy
    The picture of the store sits right over my location. I suggest that the map be bigger ( to help tap the correct location ) and that the picture of the store should not hide the nearest locations. Thx
  • Can’t customize 3/5

    By Danekarv
    Right now the app doesn’t allow in order to be customized as far as types of donuts or Tim bits you want in an order. It would be great if we could actually be able to select how we wanted our dozen donuts or Tim packs.
  • Caution 2/5

    By landlord141
    The app it’s self is not bad. The problem is most of the locations here in Michigan don’t know anything about it. They get confused when you try to scan a Tim card on it. They get really confused and they’ve never even heard of an online order. I’ve even argued with the manager where I’ve paid for the purchase on the app and they said they had no record of it at all. Support from Tim Hortons corporate is virtually nonexistent. Chat doesn’t work.
  • Can’t even enter card number 1/5

    By Cgiray
    I have the same complaint as all the other users. For now, this is an absolutely useless app. I really mean it, it has no use.
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By Gmcma
    Why won’t it let me load my visa card!!!?? He won’t allow us to have it scanned for the drive through. Maybe this is so we can’t use it for the rewards. I don’t think anyone could ever make an app this bad
  • Worst. App. EVER 1/5

    By LeslieLou77
    I wish I could give this app zero stars... I go to Tim Hortons every single weekday. I have been trying to register a rewards card for two weeks; I’ve tried several different cards. Every time I enter the card number, both online and on the app, I get an error message. The app shows I have a “virtual card,” but when the cashier scans it, it doesn’t register on the app. I reached out to Tim Hortons twice and they never responded. I’m switching to Starbucks.
  • Not linking 2/5

    By Rec2527
    I got a physical card before the app. So I have tried multiple times to link the card to the app and have not been successful. Very annoying. The app is usable and so is the card but it’s like having two different accounts to keep track of.
  • Rewards don’t work 1/5

    By Crashpunk
    I never get credit for the rewards program. Made 20+ purchases and nothing. Company doesn’t respond when you try to contact them. Lame.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By amandareneed
    This app is convenient but there are a major flaws. It gives you the option to order a bagel but that’s about it! I can’t choose if I want it toasted or extra toasted (which Is how I like it), it doesn’t give you an option for butter, and when I try to do plain cream cheese it tells me it’s not available. It doesn’t allow you to load money or pay from your phone until after you place an order ahead. Once I was able to load money I tried paying with the app and they told me it wouldn’t work and didn’t even know how to work it. Why give the option if you can’t even use it? They need to rethink this whole thing! Part of the reason I would go to Starbucks was because of their app. I didn’t need my wallet and if for some reason I didn’t have my card or wallet I didn’t need it, i could add money whenever and I could pay with no problem.....
  • Good Concept, Poor Execution 2/5

    By Ntnkegs
    I love Tim Hortons and I have been a steady customer for years. With the new launch of their rewards program, I decided to give the app a try. All in all, the only thing I’ve found the app useful for is tracking my rewards card progress. The few times I’ve actually tried ordering ahead on the app, I get to the drive thru and the workers either don’t have my order ready or are completely unprepared for my order and ask me to come inside the store. Furthermore, when I go to order an iced coffee the only flavor customizations I can choose from are hazelnut, and mocha. You would think there would be a drop down menu of all of the different flavors you can choose from, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Overall, the app did not live up to my expectations.
  • Can’t use Apple Pay 3/5

    By CosmicKittyCat
    I tried to order through the app for the first time and neither of my cards worked with Apple Pay, and I couldn’t add my card either.

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