Timelapse Camera Pro

Timelapse Camera Pro

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: CATEATER, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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$ 2.99

Timelapse Camera Pro App

Timelapse Camera automatically captures images to create captivating timelapse videos instantly on your device. The possibilities are endless and the results are stunning using fully-automatic 16:9 HD timelapse recording. Just set the timing or number of frames, and you ready good to go. Use the Tilt-Shift effect for awesome looking fake miniature movies or the unique motion detector to record only when there is movement in front of the camera. No computer needed, no wait time, instant playback. Create mesmerizing movies to share with friends or the world on Youtube, Facebook or anywhere. Want to know what your pet is doing when you re not at home? How about your nanny? Watch the sunrise or sunset compressed to a one-minute video. Use Tilt-Shift to create mindboggling movies where everything appears as if you re actually looking at miniature models. It s all possible using Timelapse Camera, with these unique features to make the process a snap: • Built-in programmable timer. Set start and stop time, duration or number of frames. • Video is captured according to your specs, no computer needed, no wait time • Supports both landscape and portrait movies • Time interval as little as a quarter second or as much as 24 hours • Built-in time-lapse movie gallery • Add timestamps to each frame Customize your creative process even more • Import Video: Create timelapse movies from videos already in your photo library • Tilt-Shift: fool the eye with awesome looking fake miniature movies where everything appears as if it where actually a miniature model, like a toy train set • Timelapse Calculator: this simple, easy to use calculator lets you compute the timing parameters and frame rate of your movies • Motion Detection: Don’t waste storage space! Manage events intelligently by recording only when motion is detected. Full camera control: • Full 1080p and 720p support on selected devices • Front and back camera support • Support for 16:9 HD recordings • Full focus, exposure and white balance adjustments • Built-in zoom and grid features Add music: • Add music from your song library to your movie

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Timelapse Camera Pro app reviews

  • Best Timelapse app ever 5/5

    By Silas_MBP
    This is by far the best Timelapse app I've ever found! I only wish I could do batch export of the videos and they kept the dates when exporting!
  • Was my go-to 1/5

    By Mr.Windbreaker
    But no more. Cannot open settings anymore.
  • 3 Stars 3/5

    By Filmmaking
    It works.
  • This app is good. But not great. 3/5

    By Cracker603
    I like this app easy to use. Only problem I had is where the screen go's black you go to touch it to see if it's still working. And then it would end the video you were recording. I'd like to have the option to make it not go to a black screen. It works great in day light and or cloudy days. I will try a time laps of astrophotograps tonight and update my review
  • One of the best time lapse apps on the market! 5/5

    By JackJack8ack
    I really recommend you to buy this awesome app! Worth the money, beautiful videos, my favorite time lapse app, everything is good at it! Buy it now!
  • Isnt reliable, lot of wasted time 2/5

    By Mxgolfcpu
    I am working on a project that should have been done in a week but has taken me over a month. After setting it up to record, being careful not to disturb it, and coming back 8 hours leter, only about 1 out of 3 times will it still be working. The other times it has crashed sometime during the capture.
  • Automatic cancel when you get notifications 4/5

    By dp24fps
    Any and all notifications cancels your time-lapse. Really annoying. Fix this please. I turn on airplane mode and for the most part it helps, but if you don't turn off everything it will get interrupted.
  • Fun, easy. 5/5

    By Amy101222222
    Only one I could find with fraction of a second rates. Easy to use, nice variety of export methods.
  • Timer function doesn't work. Not good 1/5

    By Destroyer76
    If you set the timer to start at a specific time, it never actually starts the recording at the selected time. You have to manually start and stop each time lapse. Pointless without that properly operating function.
  • Easy to use & produces awesome results! 5/5

    By chipscan
    Extremely easy and intuitive to use. Great results!
  • Love this app so much 5/5

    By Jbgbdhbdaubfyjjvcfhvggxd
    So i searched for this app only because I needed a time lapse camera for filming YouTube videos since I couldn't do anything fast motion with iMovie because my device didn't support it. So I got this app thinking it would be bad and it turns out I love it! It does exactly what I wanted it to I film something and if it's super long I just plug in my phone and do it and then I can change the speed of how fast whether I want it to go super fast or kinda fast! And then it exports from iMovie directly from the app! I love this it's helped with my YouTube channel a lot and it's amazing I would recommend this app to anyone who needs something to speed up videos for YouTube this app is awesome!❤️
  • Motion detection doesn't operate 1/5

    By VCK!D
    Good app, it does more than the time lapse on my device. The only thing is you have to pay for extras like "motion detection" but the motion detection does not function properly.
  • Did Exactly What I Wanted 5/5

    By twodoebs
    I set my phone on a stand, pointed it at what I wanted it to record, plugged it in, and walked away. 8 hours later, I had my video, which I could upload to Dropbox and import it into my iMovie project. Could NOT have been simpler or more exactly what I needed.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jim53829
    Best time lapse app ever!!!
  • Lots of fun! 5/5

    By Braino07
    This is a great app! I use it a lot when I'm driving on road trips, and it makes seeing where I went or where we've been very fun! My favorite thing to time lapse is cloud movements, but I still need to practice that more... Great app!
  • 😞 2/5

    By Jedi!!
    They tried, but you could do the same thing with their stop motion app which by the way, is the best out there.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Hammock lover
    The biggest problem is that any push notification or alarm stops the movie. I did a movie traveling from a location to our home thirty miles away when literally 1/2 mile from my house a reminder popped up and ended the movie. Very frustrating :(
  • Crashes in the middle. 1/5

    By vampyyre dot tumblr dot com
    I do timelapse videos of the sky pretty often. This app will crash in the middle of a recording that should be a couple hours. Then I have to wait for the right conditions again which could take days or weeks. Incredibly annoying.
  • Not wasting time 4/5

    By Xcwboyjnkie
    Nice, don't need to be a pro to take some awesome looking footage! One problem I have is that if /your phone rings or you receive a message, the camera off even though the phone was not answered. Guess what! When the camera stops you gets a lot less minutes of time lapse frames than you were waiting to enjoy. I really was waiting for the last hour of frames that were not exposed.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Mljuno
    Best app for a time lapse!!!!! It's worth the money!!!
  • Great. 4/5

    By Go0d BoOk
    Wired at first, but once you know what your doing, its fun.
  • It's great but..... 3/5

    By Wiififjjrhxhdhhdhdhhhfhhdnwkzk
    The only thing I hate about this app is that every time I pick a song it dosnt sound right.... Please fix it or I'll put 1 star
  • Amazing! Use all the T I M E !!! 5/5

    By tedjones3rd
    Does every thing in want and more. Worth it.
  • Good update! 4/5

    By Buddy Lingus
    This has been my favorite time lapse app for a few years now... Easy to use but lots of functionality neatly tucked away. Nice clean UI now too... Thanks!
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By awesomebdawson
    Works as advertised. One thing of note however, is that you can view your reel at different playback speeds, but then unable to render/save at the new preferred speed. At least i cant find how. Its one of my favorite new apps anyway.
  • Great form timelapse 5/5

    By Brendan798
    5 stars! This works just as it should 😀
  • don't buy 1/5

    By sierra_rylee
    idk how some people gave this 5 stars because it doesn't work. don't waste your money
  • Easy, Beautiful... Just works 5/5

    By itsjustincredible
    This app is awesome. The setup is incredibly easy. I was recording my first timelapse video in about a minute... No crashes... No problems... Just easy to use, with awesome results... Check my Instagram for some example shots... @j_fab
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Scalamandre iPods
    Twice I videoed an entire storm, only for it to not display the entire movie, ie full movie is 0:37, I only see 0:05
  • Crashes constantly. 1/5

    By Smcesn
    Don't buy. Every time I click record, the app crashes. Waste of a dollar
  • Has Potential 2/5

    By Sully Tampa
    The app looks great, but crashes every time during capture.
  • Best Time Lapse App Out There 5/5

    By Setho :P
    This is the best time lapse application you can ever get. It has a easy to use user interface, it's beautiful on newer iDevices, and it has a load of basic features. You can record at any framerate under 120, you can stop it after a certain amount of frames or when your battery gets too low. It may cost $0.99 to get the feature to import to your camera roll, but it's really worth it. If you like time lapses, want to make your own, then this should be the app for you.
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Design
    This product has some merit, but when I say don't waste your time, I mean that literally. The first problem is that there is no start menu. Seriously. When you open the program it shows the last frame of the last video taken. Period. In order to get to the start menu you have to scroll through the last video all the way back to frame one. Only then will you see the "+" sign that you then have to touch to start a new video. If you see an opportunity for a great time lapse, make sure that you start the video process well in advance. God help you if you don't take a Timelapse often enough to remember the convoluted start up process. The worst issue with this app is that it tends to lock up at a certain point into the time lapse process. I took a time lapse of my family unwrapping Christmas presents with this app. It would have been epic except that the app locked up about 12 frames into the process. In other words, do NOT depend on this app or even download it. As soon as I write this review I am going to delete it permanently. Zero stars.
  • Feature pack won't restore 2/5

    By TopHatMagicCap
    Cool app but the feature pack won't restore after app accidentally being deleted. Waste of $1.99
  • I want a refund!!! 2/5

    By Vapor069
    Crashes constantly... the timelapses rarely work because the files and URLs (?) are corrupt when I export to my camera roll!
  • Epic 5/5

    By Leimaile
    This app is sick! I havent figured out how to use the feature pack but the basics is pretty awesome. As a suggestion I would like it if you could adjust what part of the song you want to use. Aside from that I'm very satisfied and would recommend it!
  • Buggy 2/5

    By AZ Photo Guy
    It was a great app. Then they upgraded it. Now I can't save my video. It doesn't even show up in iTunes as an app with data. When in click on the share button it freezes. I can't export any of my videos! I even rebooted my ipad hoping that would help. I even bought the in app upgrades. I bought there pro version as well. It is confusing how they tried to make it different. This version does what I need. But I can't get my videos out. Waiting for the next update.

    By Rein Of The Tropics
    ive never been so disappointed with an app update as i am with this, it use to be the first app i downloaded on every new ips device, i would use it for EVERYTHING and now its absolutely pathetic, not only the crashes but the inaccuracy of frames, if you set it for 1 sec intervals it takes one every second, then 4 seconds then 2 then 1 then instantly then 5 seconds its so horrible, id pay 20 bucks for the old version again, thank god theres cnet to get the old version back :)
  • Flash 4/5

    By Sebas6991
    Great but it will be better if you add flash
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Victor Tiburcio
    Probably the best .99 cents I've payed in my life. The time lapse effect looks pretty realistic.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By 😁😔😌😉😘😝😣😥😱
    When I got it a long time ago, it was amazing, after the last update, the app keeps shutting down when I start a time lapse. I am thinking about deleting soon if it doesn't stop.
  • Skip it, no thank you 1/5

    By flapjacks&flipflops
    You buy it, but you have to pay more money immediately if you want to do the cool stuff. Not fair. I just bought you, and now you want more money?
  • Does not work anymore 1/5

    By Pauhana2010
    Be careful to check it first. I wasted a good opportunity this morning. I can't download to my photostream. My time lapse can only be viewed within the app.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Wednesday Thursday
    Will there be an update? The app is now useless. Doesn't function at all unless you only watch time lapse within app. No more saving to camera roll or emailing. It simply doesn't work.
  • Dead, don't bother 1/5

    By Ron/e
    I have wasted tons of hours trying to export a movie from this app and never been able to repeated contacts to the developer have not gotten a response. Lame.
  • update stinks 1/5

    By andy e90
    having so many problems with this new update. can't even export anything!!! if you still have the chance do not upgrade!!!
  • New update is crap! 1/5

    By "TheTitleRemindedMeOf"BARFLY"
    I used to enjoy this app up until I wasn't able to upload my videos! Now I have have to pay additional money to use this feature?!? Lol pure garbage!
  • Nice but could be improved 4/5

    By Sgaffin
    Great app. I just wish you could combine video files together.
  • Good 3/5

    By XpandTheMind
    This app is good, but there's an error when I try to import my time lapse videos to my computer. Please fix this asap.

Timelapse Camera Pro app comments

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