Timer Auto Camera - Set Second

Timer Auto Camera - Set Second

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: RV AppStudios LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Timer Auto Camera - Set Second App

Best Timer Auto Camera Allows You To Set Seconds Till Capture & Automatically Capture Photos. Capture your most precious moments without leaving anyone of out of the photo. Timer Auto Camera will allow you to take group photos of families and friends simply by setting the seconds till photo capture. This is the most powerful camera auto timer utility you will find! You know you've had those instances where you want to take a photo of the both of you and only wished a timer option was available. This is the app for those rare moments when you need a timer to capture all the family and friends in one photo shot. The Timer Auto Camera app has been completely redone and now supports tablets as well. The core functionality of the app is same, take group photos and set the time till photo capture. Once you hit capture simply get back to the group, and viola you are also now in the photo. Timer Auto Camera allows you to set a timer up to 60 seconds duration before taking a photo. Plus it allows you to save the captured photos & videos to your photo library through Setting. In addition, the app provides the ability to manage your photos & videos separately. FEATURES: • Camera Zoom • Supports All Orientations • Grid Selection • Timer Sounds • Custom Photo Sec Duration • Save & Share From Album • Front & Back Camera Support • Flash Light On/Off Option The app is simple and fun to use. What are you waiting for download Timer Auto Camera? Keep this app for emergencies, you never know when this app might come in handy.

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Timer Auto Camera - Set Second app reviews

  • Not user friendly at all 1/5

    By Arl2014
  • Buggy and Freezy 2/5

    By Manuel Fr.
    you will spend a hour trying to record one video but it will eventually function as intended. once you make it past adds and repeating surveys
  • Ever wonder not enough time it’s ok 1/5

    By JuJu_1118
    Poke up Ok no problem No vbfgvgccvcc Gvghhnnn Bubble how Hxnfjxgdh IjMMmMz
  • Great 5/5

    By Casecole
    I can’t say it’s the best I only tried 2 apps but it’s the best I’ve used so far,very ez to use.
  • I LOVE ur app EXCEPT when it CRASHES!! 5/5

    By 151 Proof
    This app crashes and guess what, whatever is recording is not saved, it’s ERASED or DELETED. Anything over 5 minutes of video - CRASH and DELETE (or ERASE, or basically it FAILS TO RECORD). Why does it ALWAYS CRASH at 5 mins (using iPhone 6S)? Otherwise, I LOVE this app. It’s a freaking love-hate relationship with this app, fix that one thing, make it so that no matter WHAT, no matter what extinction level event is taking place while it’s running your app “WILL SAVE TO THE CAMERA ROLL” and you’ve got not only 5 stars, I’LL PAY MORE MONEY FOR THIS APP!!!!! Another thing, in Settings please add a switch or button in order to delete cache. After I delete all pics & vids I go to my iPhone Settings and in IPhone Storage it still registers that your app has several gigs of data on your app when in fact the app has no videos or pictures in it. I order for me to get rid of this accumulated data that’s been deleted I have to Delete your app & reinstall it & then re Upgrade it and it’s charging me $1.99 each time, it says it’s free but it says that it’s charging me, well I’ve never checked the bill on my credit card so I cannot say for sure either way but still, it’s time consuming. Please fix that too. Add password capabilities and let me create folders too that have passwords. There is still SO MUCH you can do to make this a GREAT APP.
  • Timer camera 5/5

    By passorpaul59
    Very good
  • Didn’t save video 1/5

    By Jaylovee21
    Horrible app. Recorded and as soon as I exited to check a text message I came back and took me back to the main photo screen. Didn’t save my video at all when I went to check what I had. Super disappointed.
  • 🌺 5/5

    By maaaryamiiiii
    Thanks ❤️
  • Timer 5/5

    By Maitresse007
    I love the fact the the timer can be set for a longer period
  • Great - does what it says... and more 5/5

    By amdenis
    It does what it says
  • Delayed photo app 5/5

    By docbob1st
    Great app for photos
  • Good at first than terrible. 1/5

    By CoryInthehouseIsthebestanime
    I did two 6-8 minute vids of me doing choreography to both Michael Jackson’s Smooth criminal and Billie jean. Than after I was done I hit stop recording and it did not save.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Limabeanasaurus
    Really helpful and was to use.
  • Constant annoyances 1/5

    By Spankysboy
    You’ll be bombarded by adds!
  • Great 5/5

    Super nice
  • Not good. 1/5

    By Fjbdukkf upset
    When I set it up to take a picture, it is never centered! It takes the picture way above the actual picture it shows. For example, I would have to adjust the camera crazy where it doesn't even look like it would take the picture right, to get it to take the picture I want. Horrible!!!
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Mestiza517
    It's ok but I needed the camera to give me the same dimensions. It didn't. But it isn't bad besides that.
  • Not good. Deleted right away 1/5

    By Greatttttttttt12345899
    Too many pop ups ... to get the clapping mode to work you will have to download another app
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By JoMammah
    Love it.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Jaguarts
    Is a nice app
  • Exellent! 5/5

    By Samonskey
    Sometimes is imposible to hold the iphone with one hand and touch the camera button. With this app you can touch the button and go to your position without stress. Always perfect pictures.
  • Kind of 2/5

    By Kind of just maybe
    I think it should have not locked so many stuff all you can do is put the time and done it could have been better
  • LOVE THIS APP!! 5/5

    By Jumpin2it
    I can not express how much I LOVE this app.It gives me the picture quality,sufficient amount of time to pose(I use it for Yoga purposes),and over all easy navigation.I have tried numerous other apps and nothing can compare.There was a week where the glitches caused me to be unable to utilize its awesomeness,and I was a complete wreck without it.Highly recommended above the other "timer cam"apps!
  • Useful but........... 4/5

    By Cutie pie 27
    This app I very useful and fun for many different reasons, but sometimes the camera is flipped sideways and I can't get it back to normal. It might just be my iPad, but it really bugs me when I want to take a pic and it's sideways. That's no fun. So if you guys can fix this app fairly soon, I would really appreciate it. But if the camera flipping has never happened to you, I highly recommend it. Totally worth the $1.99 to upgrade it. I LOVE the Clap and Capture feature a ton! Hugs a and kisses, fashioncutie8
  • Love it 5/5

    By Angelofhislove
    Love the convenience of time to get everything organized before taking a group shot.
  • Ehh 1/5

    By Brendacasas12
    It's okay but when I tried to look at the pics/videos it wouldn't let me go in the app just turns off😰😰😰😥😪😪😓😪😓
  • Poor resolution 1/5

    By Yotas2012
    Not recommended at all. Not even for one star.
  • AWFULL! 1/5

    By Mullyj
    Do not download this app. It is terrible and doesn't work at all. I would give it a negative number if possible
  • 😀 3/5

    By Yasmeenyousef
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Seabizzle
    It crops your photos. It never looks like how you take it.
  • This app 5/5

    By Swimmer10057
    This app is very useful in that it makes a way for family's to have a full family photo without a member taking the picture. There are also many other reasons. It could be used for an action photo or a selfie.
  • Never have and never will 1/5

    By Cool goooood
    I will never have to use this app and never will Because the camera is sideways other than that great please fix
  • Pictures taken do not match screen image 1/5

    By blackth0rn3
    This app is awful. It times correctly but the image on the phone display does not match the picture taken and there is no way to gauge where the image will be taken from. Lots of cut off heads, arms and people. Don't bother.
  • You 1/5

    By Bite my..
    Took one picture went to saving savings saving couldn't get another picture could you get it cleared it wasn't worth the time and effort
  • Jesse 4/5

    By Ucg-GG
    It's great I like it
  • Absolutely useless. Was forced to give it a star. In reality it deserves No Stars. 1/5

    By Tusken Raider
    Tried it several times and it crashed after every photo. It didn't even save the photos to my phone. Then it played ads in between every 3-5 pictures I took. You're trying to get a family photo before your kids lose interest and you have to watch an ad first?! Who wants that? Absolutely ridiculous.
  • bugs you to death to review 1/5

    By micheljgaudet
    seriously crap
  • Leave it at the store! 1/5

    By Foxtrotallnamestaken
    Do not bother with this App... The timer is set for 5 seconds and that is it... That is, unless you purchase the upgrade... I am sick with these money grubbing Apps...
  • Great! 5/5

    By Derubermax
    Does what it says! It's a camera timer.
  • Keeping things fun 5/5

    By Medummy
    Great app! Lots of fun!
  • Difficult to save pics 2/5

    By Sie72
    Difficult to save pics
  • Have not tried 1/5

    By Babylu43
    I hope this is worth it 😳😁
  • Not good or bad really 3/5

    By Payton mannning
    Mediocre and awkwardly designed, the buttons can be very awkward to use due to their size. Focus on streamlining the software, and use button support so a picture can be taken without pressing a digital button.
  • Good app 5/5

    By CarolynYoga
    Good app, very useful. Would be even better if you could use the flash with it
  • Tonic 5/5

    By Sudgnxgn
    Great app
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Mdprado
    I was able to capture my entire proposal to my now wife with out her knowing it was being recorded. Excellent app it worked when it had to.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Corki469
    Had this app for about 5 minutes trying to figure it out. Pulled up a picture in its library and it popped up a screen asking to access my photo library the only option was "ok" I was not giving it permission to access my pictures!!! So tried to go back to the camera and it just jammed on that photo with the request. There is no doubt that it was trying to force me to give permission to access my photo's!!! Don't trust this app it's sneaky and underhanded! I was able to get out and delete it.
  • Kept freezing 3/5

    By catididd
    It wouldn't let me take picture after picture unless I kept restarting it. It was very frustrating.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Nashtown, TN
    Love that I can self time for a whole minute! Time to get in a yoga pose! Perfect!
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