TimeTree: Shared Calendar

TimeTree: Shared Calendar

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 10.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TimeTree, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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TimeTree: Shared Calendar App

■Winner of the “App Store Best of 2015” award by Apple! Sharing allows everyone to view the same calendar and add new events. TimeTree keeps you all in order with who’s doing what and when.  You can also create multiple shared calendars in TimeTree! Whether it may be amongst family, friends, couples, and coworkers, or just for personal use, our app is adapted to meet various situations for both social and personal lifestyles. ■Key Features ○ [Share a calendar and scheduling] ・Invite new members via E-mail, WhatsApp, SMS and more. ・Create and edit events for all members. ・Set a different color for each member or activity. ・Chat and add photos as if you were using a messenger app for each event. ・Deliver reminders to everyone in the group. ・You can sync your calendar with other calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook etc) . ○ [Share Notes and Lists] It comes with a memo feature that can be shared with other users that can be helpful in planning events, organizing to-do lists, and creating small notes. ○ [Multiple calendars for family, friends, personal, work etc] TimeTree allows users to create multiple calendars. You can keep individual calendars separate to keep your privacy. ○ [Works on PC & Mobile] Use TimeTree from your desktop by logging into the web version. ○ [Widgets] TimeTree widgets in your home screen let you check and edit your schedule with ease.   ■Who is TimeTree for? ○ [Friends and Couples] Time Tree is a great way to see everyone’s availability. ・All members enter their schedule in one place ・Let all members know which days you are available   ○ [School Life] TimeTree is also great for keeping up with your school life! Organize your class schedule and keep track of what is due next! ・Productive time management and day planning tools to create daily schedules for students! ・Plan ahead knowing what after-school activities you have in the afternoon.   ○ [Family] TimeTree is great for planning family-oriented events.  ・Organize plans on picking up kids from daycare and school. ・Perfect for creating a shopping list from daily groceries to family BBQs! ■Contact us Your experience is important to us. If you have any inquiries or feedback, please contact us. ([email protected]) HP: https://timetreeapp.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TimeTreeApp Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timetreeapp Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timetreeapp_friends * This app uses the following permissions. Even if you do not allow the optional permissions, you can still use the app. - Required Permissions None. - Optional permissions Calendar: To display device calendar in TimeTree. Location information: To improve the accuracy of suggestions when setting the location and region of events. Photo access: To set and post images to profiles, calendars, etc., and to save images to the device. Camera: To set and post images to profiles, calendars, etc. using the camera. Tracking requests from the App: To display more appropriate advertisements. Notifications: To receive notifications from the App about updates and calendar activity.

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TimeTree: Shared Calendar app reviews

  • Fantastic for couples 5/5

    By the better ethan
    Me and my girlfriend both live very busy lives, this app is incredible when it comes to finding time for date nights.
  • Too much clutter 2/5

    By sndjdhdndn
    New update has too much clutter/ advertisements. The original simplicity of your calendar made yourself better than Apple and google. May not be using your calendar much longer
  • Great 5/5

    By lalybaybee
  • Nice 5/5

    By bruno mama
    I like that there is an app to get organize with the family . Very convenient
  • Easy to use visually appealing 5/5

    By Eventprof
    My luddite family is comfortable using this app immediately
  • Efficient 5/5

    By Madisen Russell
    It works nicely it’s easy to get a hang of
  • love this game! 5/5

    By navdydb eehhsvd
    this game is very helpful for me as i struggle with mental health and ques my body should give me but don’t. i’m able to add tasks that i know i need to do and have a little reminder. it’s really motivating for me personally to help my baby finch grow and have someone “depend” on me a little without too much stress. i have found i’m able to achieve a lot more through this app.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Beana A.
    I use this all the time with friends to make plans with all our busy schedules. I just wish you can add an event to multiple calendars at once and not just copy it to another.
  • Adorable App 5/5

    By chocolatelovah
    I love this app so much. The way it can organize all my daily schedules w different colors. It is amazing app! 5/5 stars :)
  • Love this app 5/5

    By taetschk
    This app has been so helpful with planning, especially with multiple households. The only thing is I wish that when you switched to all calendar view that each individual calendar was it’s own color, as opposed to all the different colors from each calendar showing up. I just think it would look and read a little bit more streamlined that way.
  • Great free options 5/5

    By grind dogs
    It has a lot to offer with out paying but the premium features would be nice to have but it’s very functional with the free version
  • Great 5/5

    By Luapiret
    Can’t survive without TimeTree help.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By D-bubs
    This app is simply amazing. So organized and clear with lots of helpful features
  • Deleting a calendar 3/5

    By BellaAk
    Have not been able to delete a calendar. Accidentally created one and have tried more than several times to delete it, but kept getting error message saying “failed to connect to server (-403)”. Very annoying. Please fix this!
  • amazing! 5/5

    By Heyy Im Alyssa
    it’s very organized and super easy to set up plans/dates. color coordinated!
  • Coworker coordination 5/5

    By hdm8109
    My coworkers and I all downloaded this app. It’s so easy to plug in time off and procedures we may need extra help with. Real handy when you are standing at the doctors office picking a day to take off
  • Great app 5/5

    By CatLover7
    Great way to stay organized!! Love how I can have separate calendars for the different aspects of my life.
  • Dope to the Rope! 5/5

    By C. Anthony Moores
    Supreme. While going through cancer treatments this was very convenient to share my copious appointments with my family to coordinate everything. I love labeling/sorting entries by color.
  • Lots of ads and garbage notifications 1/5

    By liesOfdouchnesd
    Nothing but annoying ads that take up most of the screen and tons of unwanted notifications for stupid things the app is doing. I don’t care what TimeTree and Tiktok have going on.
  • Sweeeet 5/5

    By awesomcody
    Really helps our small company and our family
  • This app is everything for our family of 6!!!! 5/5

    By Lascolady
    I cannot say enough good things about this app!! It’s everything I was looking for & more!!
  • Great app for the family! 5/5

    By AbbyAlex00
    We really enjoy using it, gave everyone a different color for their events and one for all of us. Can even add chore and grocery lists! No ads blocking anything yet either! Love it
  • love timetree 5/5

    By izzylewis08
    super helpful to organize meals, extracurriculars, and school. by far the best calender app i’ve used
  • Amazing!!!! 5/5

    By SidVicious!!
    I have a few different calendars, one for myself, one for school, and one shared one with all of my friends so we already have each other’s schedules and can meet up whenever. It’s probably the most helpful scheduling app out there. PLUS!!!!! You can color code it!!!!! Amazing.
  • favorite app 5/5

    By dinafhkkg
    i actually never write reviews for apps, but timetree is seriously my favorite app ever. the layout is super pleasing to the eyes, and everything is accessible and easy to manage. one thing though is that the layout on the desktop version is a little wonky, but i rarely use it on there so it doesn’t bother me
  • Love this app! Keeps me on track but.. 5/5

    By GeorgieKidd
    PLEASE MAKE THIS APP FORMATTED FOR IPAD ASWELL! I am a college student and my ipad is my save and grace for school work,Netflix and drawing, therefore when I downloaded time-tree to my ipad I noticed it isn’t formatted properly for the screen and it is squished. I love this app but I would love it more if it was fitted and programmed to fit my ipads screen.
  • Best calendar ever! 5/5

    By menagerietree
    I am extremely picky about calendars and this one is perfect for big families and people with multiple clubs and organizations. You can create multiple calendars for each group or organization and are able to invite people to join specific calendars.
  • Best Calendar App 5/5

    By deannabanana869
    I have tried numerous calendar apps that I can use for work and personal and share with family members and this is hands down the best one I have found!
  • Amazing must have planner 5/5

    By RyanAnthony824
    I literally never review apps but I had to say TimeTree is my all time favorite planner. I’m a full time student and the calendar is a lifesaver with due dates. Me and my partner also share a calendar to keep each other updated on appointments and it’s so handy. The premium is a bonus if you’re into that stuff but honestly the free app itself is perfect, the ads aren’t intrusive at all and the functionality doesn’t feel ruined while still making the developers ad revenue, which they deserve. Thank you so much!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Hen1426&2
    I seriously must have downloaded and deleted like 12 different calendar and time management apps trying to find a good one until I found TimeTree. I am very busy; I work two jobs, have a honors and AP classes work load, go to SAT prep two days a week, and have practice 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. I struggled with feeling overwhelmed and keeping track of everything. Finally, I downloaded TimeTree and immediately loved it. I can keep track of what I have and when, set notes and reminders and more. I love the options for color coordinating your schedule and or (like I do) memos; I love the memos “to do list” feature for my homework and any other reminders. Lastly, I mean the group calendar feature is great. My friends and I are all very busy so the group calendar makes it easy to see and schedule a time we can get together. This app really is an all in one and I am so grateful to have found it…highly recommend.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By ashley maes
    I don’t have premium but this app is really good for sharing your schedule with friends & family :)
  • Why Ads Now?? 2/5

    By LaSkR
    I’m new to using this app. It was pretty time-consuming to set up but so far I was pretty happy with it overall. However today I open the app and find a huge ad taking up a third of the screen at the bottom of my phone. I scroll down see a “hide ads” option so I tap, it then pulls up a page full of Chinese and several languages. I couldn’t read a thing on it, so that led me to not clicking anything in case there was a chance of something going wrong. Maybe my review will change if this gets fixed but for now it’s a 2 star rating for me. Please fix this, I really had high hopes for this calendar.
  • Convenience in one place 4/5

    By Cindy Erickson
    This app is great for sharing with family. Makes it super easy to keep track of everyone’s schedules to prevent overlapping!
  • Great app, very useful! 5/5

    By Anon587643
    Me and my family use this app every week to work around our schedules. It helps us know when we need rides to work or when someone has a doctor's appointment. Highly recommend this app. At first it seems overwhelming, but once your eyes get used to it it is really simple to use!
  • Super Helpful!! 5/5

    By Juliette! P
    This is how I always want to be organized. All the features I love, from making events repeat to scheduling times and adjusting notifications. This is a super amazing calendar I would recommend to anyone. The premium feature is very great for getting down to the hour and lets you focus on certain events. I love! this calendar and think you should get it too :)
  • Calendar 2/5

    By et eple
    Does its job. Although I keep getting reminded of events old/new, over and over again. Even events months old and irrelevant.
  • Helpful for long distance <3 5/5

    By metro6438👀
    To the future consumers, Being In a long distance relationship… there’s a lot of downsides. Apps like these help out a lot and help us feel connected In some way. I’ve used this for at least two years now and it’s beautiful, simple, and absolutely amazing with helping us figure out times we can spend together. Also, we can’t always say when we’re going to be busy so giving the calendar a quick look saves us so much bickering 🤣also! Apple users can make a widget for it! So it sits perfectly In my Home Screen and it’s out of the way. There’s really no reason to use premium but also, I’m sure it has a lot of great perks as well. To the creators of this beautiful app, I’m hoping for some more colors for the labels! Maybe even some new font settings to make it look cute? Such an amazing app already! and I am looking forward to the future updates for this app!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By screechster_the
    I LOVE this app! My husband and his friend have recently started their own mobile automotive detailing business, and with this app, it’s so easy to keep track of all of their appointments. 10/10
  • I love it !! 5/5

    By Alvarado Turcios
    It’s the best app, it works amazingly and with it you will never forget to do something ever again.
  • The calendar I need 4/5

    By Sizeableripple
    This is the he Calendar I need for the entire famil! Love it!
  • Mean mom. 5/5

    By Mean MamaDee
    Love it for the whole family in-laws and out laws
  • Timetree has really helped 4/5

    By prettyboyxan
    Timetree has really helped me and my girlfriend plan out our days and what we might do together.
  • Works as expected 5/5

    By whimbo2
    Very convenient way to share schedules with friends whenever you want to coordinate events with them or just know what’s going on in people’s lives!
  • More color 4/5

    By nrsngnikki
    I’m really liking it so far, it please offer more colors to highlight events with!
  • great 4/5

    By _wow_123_123
    i just wish we could link google calendar
  • Good app but confusing sometimes 4/5

    By tea is good sometimes
    I love this app but sometimes it’s confusing
  • Good app for sharing 4/5

    By Ton109
    It’s easy to use and easy to share with multiple people. I wish it could do audio reminders when it’s time for an event.
  • Helpful, but... 4/5

    By stalecarb
    A very helpful and easy to use app, however I think in the widget version of the app you should be able to choose a specific calendar instead of it defaulting to one of them
  • live laugh love time tree 5/5

    By jujubee!!!!!
    works great to stay up to date with friends and track what’s happening! it can also help assign chores and such so it’s actually quite great.