Tiny Cars: Fast Game

Tiny Cars: Fast Game

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  • Current Version: 1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Homa Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Tiny Cars: Fast Game App

The city of Tiny Cars has experienced a surge of accidents recently. The mayor has assigned you to restore order on the roads. How will you do it? Tap on the cars to make them stop and avoid crashes. Tap them again to make them pass. Every time a car or truck passes, you make money! There will be obstacles and there will be challenges. So, patience is essential. P.S. Remember your training, officer!

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Tiny Cars: Fast Game app reviews

  • The best 5/5

    By arina granda lover4343
    I love this game if I could give this great game a 100 I just love this game you can learn to drive I would recommend this game if you want to get it
  • Amazed 5/5

    By trickassputa
    This is a good fun game and addicting! Hehe 😂
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By 100% honest07
    It gets a little boring sometimes but I like it overall. Maybe add more challenges like Infiniti or driving the car or something, make it more interesting
  • 🤷🏿‍♂️ 3/5

    By Jequanbrooks
    The game was great when i first downloaded it but it only took a few minutes to get all of the cars..now theres no goal or challenge.
  • Upset 1/5

    By Kara Crittenden
    Was not able to buy cars. Complete ripoff. Car game.. more like crap game. Don’t recommend downloading.
  • This game is really good 4/5

    By tjryccrycyik
    This game is soo fun 🥳🥳 but I have one complaint, I am on level 119 and I have collected every single car 🚗 and I am kinda getting bored 😑 do u guys think u could make more levels plz?!
  • love it 5/5

    By Sacaguia1234567890
    I really love this game, the music is so relaxing and it is very fun to play.
  • Too Many Commercials 1/5

    These commercials lasts longer than the ones on t.v. Shave them down to 15-20 seconds. Tik Tok had a 30 second commercial, then when I thought it was over, an add’l 5-10 seconds occurred. Seriously, that is a BIG reason to delete the game when one is first learning how to play.
  • Good but needs an update 3/5

    By Valina fares
    Ive been playing for about 2 days and i already bought all of the cars and there needs to be an update for making more cars on the apple version of this game
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By Lovve this app oki
    The thing I have a problem with is the ads and they made it easier.They also added the music that is so creepy.
  • Nice kid friendly and fun 5/5

    By BellaGranna'sBaby
    It’s really fun and very conservative
  • GREAT! But..... 5/5

    By Ebear912
    This game is great but there is a couple of problems. To kick off, I already have all of the cars and I would really like if there would be more cars I can get .If there’s no other cars you can get than you’re just piling up with money and I’m already up to 112102 dollars!!!!!!
  • Good but not great 4/5

    By i love ice cream 🍦
    What do you do after you unlock all the cars? NOTHING? Is there no point in the game after you unlock all of the cars? Im just wondering.
  • :) 5/5

    By Kayla😂💖
    This game is very fun and addicting .. but the more and more you play the more money you make because the cars have more value so then you’re able to buy all the cars .. and once you buy all the car the money is sorta useless . I finished the game in like 2 days lol ... I recommend the game being more challenging or the cars to be more expensive.. or to just add more cars
  • I mean, it’s alright 4/5

    By Ravenclaw❤️
    So, this game is alright. It’s super fun in the beginning when you get to get all new cars and cool levels, but it gets boring once you unlock the cars. I unlocked all of the cars without a problem, and I definitely think the creators should make new cars and make them harder to buy. But, this game is very fun in the beginning, so it wasn’t all a waste of time.
  • Don’t like the update 1/5

    By Thatblackguyo
    This is an absolutely fun game but the update is only good I’m someways I’m only saying that because I like how it was before how you were able to pick which map that you wanted. After that you were rewarded on getting farther on that one map to progress to the next harder map. If you guys could change that back but still keep some of the new updates that you guys made that would be awesome.
  • Fun game but too many ads! 3/5

    By Brvnda
    This game is really fun,’however, there’s way too many ads involved. I understand the company needs money but there’s ads after ads after ads. It does get annoying pretty quickly. I’m not sure if you guys would get paid less, but try making the ads 5 seconds long.
  • Tiny cars 2/5

    By plongpong
    Too many ads way to long
  • Not add free 1/5

    By vicm1973
    I upgraded to a no-ad experience, why am I still seeing ads for other games.
  • Fun but a few ideas! 5/5

    By 𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕝
    i love this game dont get it wrong but i have a few ideas on how to make the game better 1. once you buy all of the cars you have a lot of money so i think that you should be able to skip levels with money! this would be great because i have over 300,000 money and i would like to spend it 2. you should make other levels for hard medium and easy because i would like more of a challenge! 3. have more cars and more levels because the levels keep repeating and kinda boring. i think that this would make the game more fun!
  • More cars 3/5

    By Gracie50946
    Needs more cars to buy
  • Good Foundation 4/5

    By ReviewMaster101010101
    I really like the idea of the game and at first download it’s very captivating. After a few levels the maps repeat and repeat sometimes with different weather but the weather barely makes any change in difficulty. I unlocked all the cars in a span of 2 days by reaching level 80. I continued to level 100 but got bored after that because it was way too easy. This game definitely has potential but a lot more needs to be added. If you’re looking for a pretty simple game to pass some time, this is it.
  • About this 4/5

    By PrincessA222
    This is just a small game and it is telling you to pay 3 dollars
  • Lol 5/5

    By eliz❤️lol
    I LOVE this game
  • Tiny cars 5/5

    By Houkmom3
    It’s so fun!! You should get it.It’s amazing!!😁
  • So good 5/5

    By R-DOG80000000000
    This is the best game I have ever seen their are so much cars best game ever
  • This game is good 5/5

    By Alan.Gom
    This game is so good and relaxing if I could I would make this game the most like game in the world 🥳🥳👍🏻
  • Ehh 1/5

    By The Raffer Dame
    It’s Hard But I Like It At The Same Time, I Hope Everyone Understands Thank You!🙂
  • yyyeeess 5/5

    By Arthur1945
    i like even though i have not played it ....... yet
  • Tiny cars 4/5

    By gdhyfvfffcht
    It is very good but a lot of ads
  • Car game review 5/5

    By v and s cjsr
    This game is so interesting and cool u guys should definitely get this game but the music kind of bothers me I think they should change the music
  • Great concept 3/5

    By simba4647474
    This game freezes a lot
  • Tiny Cars Is So Cool 5/5

    By FranklinTheReviewer
    Tiny Cars Us A Game Where You There Where You Make Sure No Cars Crash Into Each Other It’s Sometimes Hard Because There’s A lot Of Cars On The Road But I Rate A 10/10
  • Too Many Ads 1/5

    By darlingjaded
    The game is fun but it would be even more fun if there would be less ads. You get one after each game and it’s really annoying.
  • Bad bad bad bad! 1/5

    By csv sji)c suihsvcuihdsvui
    When I saw the ad to this game I thought omg this looks fun then when I opened the app up it was so easy my three year old brother could play this and the cars are plain and there should be some activity going on I mean even when the cars smash it’s boring! Such a waste of time.🤬
  • 3 things 4/5

    By Beepbop538
    1. Why do cars turn when it’s been hit by and instead have them get damaged 2. Can you make the cars turn to other roads and put like an arrow on top of them if they are turning. The arrow will indicate which way the car is turning. 3. On train levels there should be red lights flashing indicating that there is a train coming like in real life 4. Can you have all the (almost) same levels be together?
  • Love the game but quick question 5/5

    By Bratzhy
    what is the song that you guys use in the background? It’s gorgeous
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Dr Dre!
    I understand the need for ads, but 30 seconds after every short game? Too many!
  • MAYBE 2/5

    By Eli91120
    It’s fun and all but there is to many ads and like it gets boring and it’s short if your reading this I recommend it if you like ads and short games if you don’t then don’t even bother getting this game.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Aniyah Wolfhard
  • Jfjdjd 5/5

    By pink midnight
    I love this game but it is a little hard but once you get use to it it is a great game
  • So relaxing 5/5

    By Ty 79
    when you’re stressed, you can play this game because the music is so smooth
  • Fun 5/5

    By Sarblueb2318
    Fun is the name for this game!!!!!!!!
  • Great game but 5/5

    By ariel.ok
    I love this game so so so so so so so much, but there are so so so so so so so so so many ads!!!!!!!!!! it is so annoying but I still play!
  • Great 5/5

    By anajiiii8888888
    This is soo much fun I can’t stop playing this
  • A level 3/5

    By ifufoejfj
    Level 8 is so hard to do
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By kenny0869
    I have to stop playing it gets so irritating
  • Payed for no ads, still ads 1/5

    By Savannahleab
    What’s the issue here? I just payed 3 dollars for no ads and there’s still ads? Like I figured it was pretty straight forward?
  • Pushing 4/5

    By pandaleainthehouse
    The cars kept pushing each other otherwise it’s a good game

Tiny Cars: Fast Game app comments

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