Tiny Password - Secure Password Manager

Tiny Password - Secure Password Manager

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  • Current Version: 4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Tiny Password - Secure Password Manager App

With Tiny Password, you don’t need to remember all the usernames, passwords, web addresses and those boring information in modern life. Tiny Password provides a safe and simple way to store and manage all your passwords and private information. It can save your credit card details, PINs, bank accounts, notes, web site logins…etc in a highly secure position. Tiny Password uses 256bit AES encryption to protect your passwords, accounts, credit cards and more. You can trust that no one else will have access to your most important information. Secure: - Secure storage for passwords, usernames, PINs, credit cards and bank info. - Strong 256bit AES encryption. - Time-out locks to protect the app from prying eyes. - Optional auto-lock protects your passwords from hackers. - Backup and restore data via Wi-Fi and Dropbox at anytime. Easy to use: - Standard templates for fast data entry. - Customize categories and all the details. - Mark any records as Favorite for quick access. - Provides search and sort to manage your records. - No limitation on the number of records. - Clean and nice interface. Get Tiny Password to manage your passwords right now. Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help you’re your problem or help you better use this app. If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to [email protected], and you will get the response with solutions in a short time.

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Tiny Password - Secure Password Manager app reviews

  • Read for restoring 2/5

    By Kiran W
    I have been using this app for the last 4+ years and it works great. Without the need for restoring the data to another phone, there are no complaints on the app. However, as lot of reviews mentioned, restoring data into another IPhone isn't as easy as the instructions say. I tried several ways and nothing worked. After repeated attempts, this is the way I could restore the passwords in another iPhone. In the old phone- Go to settings - Wifi backup and restore - get the URL On the new phone- Go the safari browser - type in the old URL(backup) - take the backup onto an ICloud location Go to the app- settings - Wifi back and restore - get the new URL Go to safari and type in the URL that you got for new phone - click on restore from the location and choose iCloud Drive Switch back to the app- you should see prompt for restore- click it and that should sync all the information on your new phone. I got it working this way and hope it helps few others as well. Thank you!
  • Horrible support!!! 1/5

    By NjDash
    I have emailed the support MANY times and they never return answer!!! Cannot sync to Dropbox as app says it does. The backup to the pc appears to do something but no way to verify it has done anything. I like the interface and have used this app for years, but as time goes on I am unsure of the backup and getting afraid to depend on it. Especially since their support doesn’t exist!! Maybe they will read this and respond?
  • iPhone all application Lock 5/5

    By Mohammedjuhar
    iPhone application

    By Casique Guazú
    I’m using a dinosaur app which has swallowed my passwords... no control of my data and no way to transfer passwords to an app whose creator is Not on a 4 YEAR VACATION. Since it’s not compatible with android how about export/import CSV feature ?? Why can I only back it up on dropbox?? I stopped using dropbox long ago & since then there have been options. Are you going to make me copy down each password by hand?
  • Master Password Not Working 1/5

    By cjm2525
    I used to love this app...I was in the app yesterday used my master password to sign in. Nothing has changed since then. I entered my master password today and it will not accept it. I double checked everything several times but no will not accept. Anyway thanks a lot & goodbye!
  • Zero stars if I could... restore is 110% BROKEN!! 1/5

    By WirelessCable
    I have emailed and emailed and emailed the app developers without any success!!! The main problem is that my backup is useless as the restore fails to actually import old data! I try to restore my database and TinyPass does not actually backup or restore the database or profile when moving to a new phone! DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION FOR MISSION CRITICAL PASSWORDS!!!! I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS!!!! Developers response is 0% and they will not fix their app! 0 stars!! I repeat they deserve 0 stars and no one should ever download this application!!! Solution: 1Password actually works for restoring to a new phone.
  • No support !! No Backup 1/5

    By Basel seori
    Don’t waste your time! After i started use this app i tried to do a backup but never went through! And never worked i had to enter all my passwords again to a different app thats allows for backup and I forgot to mention thats i tried like 5 times to contact support with no answer so far !!!
  • Tiny Password Stopped using facial recognition 1/5

    By mtfigiel
    I have been using Tiny password for a couple of years. I moved to the iPhone 11 and it was using facial recognition to log on. Suddenly, I got a message that I used Facial Recognition too many times and instead was prompted to provide my Master Password. Don’t have it and now this app is useless to me.
  • Can’t restore to another device 1/5

    By Innovation2020
    Can’t restore to upgraded iphone.
  • No support!! 1/5

    By BiplaneAviator
    I have this app and worked fine in my old phone. Changed my phone and mobile number and now I cannot install as an “old user”. Asks me to type an IP address in the browser of my computer and it just says that it “never got a response from the server” What’s up with that? Http://
  • Frozen For 24 Hours 1/5

    By EmersonSue77
    I was very pleased with this app until yesterday. I have not been able to get in my tiny password for 24 hours now. I will have reset all of my passwords!
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By Silvereagle117
    Works flawlessly and have a backup procedure that works. I can’t live without it.
  • App not opening 2/5

    By IETgirl
    How can i contact customer service? I went to open app with facial recognition and it is not even giving that as an option. There is not customer service number online. Please advice
  • Good 5/5

    By Ava Haley 🥰 want
  • No longer supported app 1/5

    By MonkeyBoy55665566
    Notice it hasn’t updated in 3 yrs. The company does not list it as a product. And it doesn’t work with iOS 13.2.
  • Company ghosted 1/5

    By tjh217
    This app was great until it stopped working. I should have seen the writing on the wall though. The last update for this app was 3 years ago. I even emailed the company about the Dropbox support not working and never got a response. You can even visit their website and this app is nowhere to be found. It’s like they just stopped caring about it. Honestly this was by far the best password app until now when it’s no longer compatible with iOS 13.2 Now I need to find a new app (mSecure seems to be good) to use since this bit the dust. Would have been nice if they would have at least put in the app that it’s no longer supported by the company.
  • Love it 3/5

    By reviewAPPS1904
    I love the app easy and free the only thing it’s not letting me link my Dropbox account plz fix this feature be nice if you can link it to any cloud service you have
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Truckrose
    Cannot sync with dropbox
  • Very Helpful 4/5

    By Dory the forgetful fish
    I have the worst memory so this app helps me so so much. I basically have Alzheimer’s.
  • Changed my 5 star review to a 1 star. 1/5

    By Fusionarts
    Won’t sync with Dropbox, and the WiFi backup option will not work either.
  • Great App Until it Isn’t 1/5

    By Ag2th
    I used this nice little app to keep some frequently used passwords and info. It is well designed and easy to use. Yesterday it stopped working. It didn’t recognize my Touch ID nor my master password ( I had it written down). Apparently no back up available that I could find. Installed Safe+. It syncs and backs up. Hopefully no more problems. Now I’m spending the next few hours replacing my data. PIA!
  • Can‘t sync w/ iPad 1/5

    By ElktonRN
    I have been using Tiny Password for years and actually love the app. My 1 star rating is for the fact that it doesn’t sync with my iPad. I have sent many emails asking why this is happening and have NEVER gotten a response back. With the passing of time, and the lack of response, I feel that I’m on the lookout for a new password keeper. I need the ability to find my logon information from just my phone...
  • Great App, BUT 3/5

    By SL1MAN
    Are you planning to update it any time soon? As I can't stand loosing my data, since it looks like it wouldn't stay in the appstore for long time with the upcoming IOS Updates! LAST UPDATE WAS 3 YEARS AGO!
  • Lost all my passwords 1/5

    By C Juliet
    Recently when I logged on, all my passwords disappeared. It was like a I was starting fresh. I contacted the developer/support several times and they have not responded. The whole point of this app is to keep your passwords safe, but instead the app itself lost them... and no one is willing to discuss and resolve the problem.
  • BEWARE !!!!! 1/5

    By Ozzfest, Prince of Darkness
    Have been using this app for years it has well over 100 passwords and vital pieces of my personal info in it all accept for my “master password” of course. I have only an ipad pro and my iphone8+. Ive been using my fingerprint to open it so long that i just realized that i dont remember my Master Password to open it manually, i work construction and in the past I've had to change or update my fingerprint scans because of torn up fingers,cuts,abbrasions, construction adhesive all over my fingertips[PL400,and Gorilla Glue take days to wear off regardless of scrubbing which will alter and make inaccurate your fingerprint scan anyways ugh] i have never been able to sync the app to dropbox and I've been trying for years literally, on my phone to the app on my ipad pro either or had any luck putting in the wifi address to sync and backup. Now best part yet, it will not prompt me to reset my master password ??!! What kind of crap app doesnt prompt you or give you any way too reset your passwor especially an app that stores all your password i mean putting the password in it would be kind of silly no??? Classic Catch 22, and these people will not respond to my pleas for assistance or advice thats awesome ive trusted my most important and vital info to a developer who isn't smart enough to add a password reset feature and refuses to answer us common folk FRICKIN DONKEYS everyone in the 5 star feedacks obviously think because they havent run into a problem yet that its the best app on the planet wait till they lose 10 years of passwords and cant get a response MORE DONKEYS, DAG NABBIT IM SURROUNDED BY DONKEYBALLS!!!
  • Please Update for iOS 12 5/5

    By Dude100x
    Need developer update so support iOS 12 and Dropbox
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Gizzymoeaiden
    I had this app for a while and loved it. Recently updated to iPhone 10 max and unlike all my other apps this one was the only app that when transferred did not restore my info. HUNDREDS OF PASSWORDS AND OTHER INFO LOST. When I opened the App on my new phone and it was empty it stated if your an old user type in this address and you will be able to download your info. Needless to say I tried several times and received an error message that it’s an incorrect address. They state as you can read before leaving negative reviews please email. I emailed them 6 days ago no reply, then again 4 days ago and once again no reply. I am so sorry I ever used this App. As you well know how many passwords and other valuable info I know need to restore on my own countless hours of my time. I will make sure to read every review before
  • Use to be a Great App 1/5

    By dmase12
    This use to be a great app but it no longer syncs with my Dropbox therefore I now have some info on my iPad, some on my phone and so on. Reaching out to the developer is a total waste and no one responds. Sorry but I’ll have to seek an alternative.
  • How do I get auto fill 5/5

    By Mshow81
    When I try and fill the password in safari it doesn’t show up
  • TERRIBLE. pay attention to NEGATIVE reviews. These make the difference (11-2018) 1/5

    By Vor2000
    Very good, smooth going, colorful, app UNTIL........you need to recover, sync or change device. Then it’s a nightmare. Take note: 1. Developer does not have this app on its own website. 2. No customer support at all. (Never respond. It is not true that they respond promptly) 3. NO WAY to recover password if you don’t remember hint o loose other login capabilities. Or for that matter, change such. 4. Does not sync with Dropbox as it says it does; so you need to update on each device that you might handle if it’s the case. 5. Has issues with finger or facial ID. Suddenly indicates too many attempts made and it blocks unless master password is typed in. If forgotten, YOU LOOSE EVERYTHING. As of myself..... have an iPhone XS max and lost 3 years of meticulous input of 106 website passwords, as well as credit cards, memberships, different financial accounts and ALL INFORMATION RELEVANT TO THESE. (Pins, codes, special passwords, login instructions)
  • Great App but no longer updated 3/5

    By Joejoi
    I knocked off 2 stars because it hasn't been updated since November 2015 and doesn't show up anywhere on developer website. I haven't used the drop box sync but read that it doesn't work. Nightly iCloud backups seems to have saved my bacon. I am most concerned that appxy no longer lists this app anywhere on their website. It seems to function well enough under ios 10 but I am worried about future iOS updates.
  • Please apdate the app 4/5

    By Kareemnima
    When will you update the application? Two years have passed since the last time you apdate the app
  • Updates ???? 1/5

    By iElle_CK
    I bought this app but it seems developer stop to develope it 2 years ago
  • We need update 5/5

    By عراقي قديم
    I think it’s a great app But long time from the last upgrade I think that app is not compatible with iOS 12 So if you have any information stored in the app You have to write it down on another app before making the iOS 12 upgrade
  • Lost all my passwords 1/5

    By Big TBoy
    I have been using this app for a long time and accumulated a lot of passwords over the years. When I upgraded my device and try to use the app I need to restore my backup using old user menu. I cannot connect to their http site to restore. Tried so many times, tough luck. Even sent an email to their customer support. No response.
  • Sync 1/5

    By Papo37
    The support department can't help me ,with there own syncing my info . I keep getting the same story. Still looking into the problem. Is been weeks now !
  • Great Password Manager 5/5

    By Rewa14
    Very useful and does everything it claims to do. Only gripe is when you exit viewing a password it sends you back to the top of the list so it gets annoying when you have a lot of items in a certain list.
  • Needs Face ID login 4/5

    By rickss08
    I have been using the app for a few years now and do enjoy the simplicity of putting passwords in it and looking them up when I need to. Would rate higher if it had Face ID login. Thank you!
  • Your app has locked me out 3/5

    By Taffy1935
    I am 83 yrs old & just had a stroke. I have used your Tiny Password app for a couple yrs and really liked it. However, the fingerprint part to open the app isn’t working and it is asking for my password. Since the stroke I am having memory problems and I don’t know what that password is, even with the hint. It won’t take any of the passwords that I have ever used on anything. I have only 3 tries left before I am locked out and all of my passwords will be deleted. What is an old forgetful lady supposed to do? I need to get to my other passwords somehow.
  • Simple and easy 5/5

    By bellrr
    I tried several password managers before I decided to go with Tiny Password. I like that it is simple and clean. It is easy to use and easy to customize. You want something simple to get to your password quickly. I kept using it even when it didn’t have Touch ID because of other features and usability. Now that it has Touch ID I can’t imagine ever changing
  • Sync not working 1/5

    By Fhklhddhivvdgjjucyzg
    I'd love it if I could get the sync to Dropbox to work. The folder is there but no data in it. Are you still supporting this app? I’m concerned cause I’ve seen no updates in years. I fear having to manually reenter all of my passwords into a new app.
  • Don’t Waste your time 1/5

    By JustHere2Review
    Not being kept up to date so the most useful option (Sync) doesn’t work. So you’d have to input it everywhere manually.
  • Lost A Point! 3/5

    By 1101100101
    Great app but just tried to sync with dropbox and got error messages that the platform had changed and the app needed to update the linking portion of the code!Thank god I have backup copies of everything. Would be better if it sync’d with iCloud. They lost another point when I checked with their website and they don’t even list the program as one they support! Bye bye.
  • Solid Go-To App 5/5

    By Dirt55
    Works exactly as advertised. Always. For free dawg. Whats not to love?🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Best password Keeper out there!!🎉💥 5/5

    By Lane Thomas Potts
    I have used many password keepers. This is the best there is. With ease and convenience in mind. It allows you to keep up with everything in on place and make the modifications needed for any thing you could possible imagine. What else could you need? Five stars!! I have also upgraded phones three times and it flows over through the cloud flawlessly!!
  • Tiny password 5/5

    By Miguel LP
    Excelente! La mejor aplicación para guardar claves y passwords. Clara y sencilla
  • One horrible flaw 3/5

    By rickw4s
    I'm just starting to enter passwords, trying to see if I like Tiny. Mostly I do, except for one really horrible feature: at the top of the screen, is a little square with an arrow coming out of top. Huh? Yes, touch that little icon and it composes an email with the currently displayed username and password. Why would anyone want to email their secrets to anyone? Makes no sense to me. (If I could find a way to disable that, I'd give it a couple more stars.) Update: one more flaw: you can do backups (good!). But occasionally I would like to do a backup of clear-text (human readable). (yes I have to protect that backup!). I dont know how to do that.
  • This is awesome 5/5

    By OGbobbybrad
    This app is awesome. People say there’s problems but it’s just fine. These people are the only ones who don’t want money, most things you can only have like 3 passwords, this there’s no limit, PLUS it’s more organized, AND no ads. WHAT IS THERE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT I’m living the life, the only thing I want them to add is a feature of transfer between devices, I reset my iPad and had to copy down each password from my phone. I figured something out though, since I’m on ipad, I can swipe up and drag messages out and have both of them, I can copy it from my phone and send it to my self, then I went to my iPad held on the text field and dragged to the “enter password” box and it just put it in, but really inconvenient. But still great app. Also not to mention they don’t just copy ur password and go like “HEHEHEHEHE MUAHHAHAHAHAHA I HAS THEIR PASSWORD” no, the last app I had (not this one) my passwords were “incorrect” when I changed to this, my passwords never said incorrect, wow. But this app is amazing you should get it.
  • New update 1/5

    By JackHyde
    Well new update now allows me to restore to my iPad from my iPhone account. It says it is updated and I need to restart tiny password for changes to take affect. But alas the iPad version still has the original 22 entries instead of the 28 entries I have on my iPhone. But at least it recognizes the file and attempts to work. Almost there. Maybe when you update the app for iOS 12 you'll actually get it to work!

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