Tiya-Team Up! Time to play.

Tiya-Team Up! Time to play.

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Tiya-Team Up! Time to play. App

Tiya is THE voice social network where you can connect with friends/strangers who have the same interest with you. And they are looking forward to your participation! No matter you are a gameholic, a singer or a party animal, you can always grab a seat to play with your teammates here. ●  Voice Chat. Meet awesome gamers.  Find a chatting room in 3 seconds and meet new people with one single swipe. Exchange game information, form a crew and enjoy the fascinating journey Tiya brings to you. ● Find Groups. Join the community. Tiya has hundreds of groups that focus on sharing different topics,such as game, anime, k-pop and etc. You can either join one to chat with your like-minded friends or create your own group! ● Customize Room. Create your own place.  If you are looking for a place to invite your friends and hang out, Tiya will be the best choice for you! Create your own room here and share the link to team up with your friends in just few steps. Join or create rooms in Tiya to connect the world with all things you love!  Take your passion to the next level with Tiya Now. Contact us Mail:  [email protected]

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  • Major issue 3/5

    By golden brash
    Although using this app for games is really effective, I always find myself being in a small room. If they at least made a list of choosable rooms it would be a game changer
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Baseball boy18
    I hate it so much. I met some girls on there and they accepted my offer for me to be their bf. Well one if inactive, I left one of them and the other left me. I met some more girls and they all say no. I’ve been having a mental breakdown since yesterday and I’m so close to killing myself, make the girls on this app more like able tiya!
  • Find people 4/5

    By djmdmemejrixcjm 666
    Could y’all make a new update and where u don’t have to use your ID to search up people and make a resent chat thing on the 1v1 matching cuz i can’t find the person dat i want to talk to

    By wolffhaley1400
    Children are on this app talking sexually while cussing one another out do not let your child download this app unless you want to broaden their vocabulary in a very bad way!
  • This deserves 0 stars 1/5

    By waleed n abulaila
    It’s a bit weird talking to a stranger and it ask for my location, I’m a little cations of giving information while signing up, plus when you go on the app Roblox for example you can’t here anything.
  • . 2/5

    By Memeanader rblx
    The app has good voice chat but they added a free robux giveaway and I can NEVER enter it also the lucky draw thing is a scam I got nothing 3 times in a row so if you want the free robux ur not getting it
  • You need to bleep out bad words 1/5

    By migeteir
    I heard two 13 year old kids swear why why why tiya Is a tirrible app do NOT DOWNLOAD
  • Bro. 1/5

    By ur mum 124577
    Alr, for all roblox players. I’ve done the “free robux” spin over 50 times and guess what. Nothing all it says is THE STUPID THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION. look. If you want free robux you can go to Microsoft rewards and get up to 1k robux free (requires patience)
  • Text 5/5

    By ndjdjdjdndjdbdusjeb
    I have a suggestion that you guys should add a feature where instead of calls you could live texts I think it’s good
  • Hate 1/5

    By AniRayne
    I can’t put in my date of birth and it turned on a random setting and I wanted to play and they people were talking cus and they were yelling so I deleted it and they tried agin and it happened again so I deleted it never get this app it is mean stupid and it needs to be fixed were you can’t talk cus don’t get it when I started playing it gave me a hard attack so it sud not igsist
  • No 1/5

    By crystxl:)
    The reason I’m rating it a one star is because when I used this app, people added me and sent me inappropriate messages. They also wouldn’t leave me alone. And that made me traumatized and I quickly deleted the app because of that!
  • Kids are on this app 1/5

    By Mars66669
    I found this app because my 8 year old downloaded it on my iPad without my permission… there are kids under 12 on this app, people are sending porn and swearing… I don’t know if anyone monitors this app for kids under 12… or porn… but im very upset that people on this app sent my child homosexual cartoon porn. He is 8. He is not old enough to learn about how adults do things with each other. Please make this app more for adults or stricter. Anything.
  • Don’t get this grooming app 1/5

    By Dghnhc
    This app is targeted towards children however it is used by predators to find the location and other information of children to take advantage of them
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Amelie stephens
    Every day they do a give away but it never gives even 5 robust
  • Video chat 5/5

    By jennyure
    I want video chat because me and my brother play with our club and we wanna see our reactions. And also random video chat to meet other friends please Tiya. Thank you!!
  • Why is app is bad 1/5

    By Galaxy_Star3784
    Just get discord
  • Ads 1/5

    By cool kind real game
    There one ad where people are in vr plus if you see in the video there not even saying like in the text same with a different ad about in roblox about giving a fake giveaway just wow lies
  • About this app 5/5

    By mj000974
    This app is good not gonna lie this app was so perfect every since it came out but there’s a bug. (This is a kid) the bug is I get bullied and made fun of cussing at me saying the B word and F word to me but this app is good pls help me and stop bullys from cussing
  • Too much 1/5

    By aaaaaaaaaaaasaasawswwww
    This app is too much for me it’s not good people swearing people literally screaming when the screaming it feels like the entire earth can hear them yelling your random strangers this is not a good app you should not download
  • Yes 4/5

    By krmfjfjemrnfifjf
    I like call play stranger no cuss that why 4 star
  • My age 2/5

    By avadeambpueen
    I,m like 8 and I can’t even make my age 8 cuz December is not a option hmmm I feel like you people don’t like the month December and the other ones and 2011 is also not a option hmmm why hmm why
  • Tiya 4/5

    By CurlyGirl0921
    Good app only problem was creeps
  • It’s good I guess 3/5

    By watching Jamison evil
    Its an amazing app. I liked the chatting thing and I met a lot of cool gamers. But it’s mostly just tinder for kids. Like a lot of horny 12 and 13 year old. That’s not fun. But other then that it’s a really good app.
  • Fix your bugs 3/5

    By oakoakh
    I really don’t know if anybody else is running into this problem with this app but I’ve been on it for a couple of months now and I think it might be a glitch but every time I go on the app and I enter a call I can’t hear people and they can’t hear me and I don’t think it’s my phone because I’ve restarted it about five times now in my Wi-Fi is perfectly fine so if you could maybe check that out that would be great otherwise I like the app very much
  • King 5/5

    By joekoe 12346#
    I think u should make a update where can FaceTime
  • Pls 5/5

    By m4rkswrld
    Amazing app but one small suggestion Can u maybe add dark mode too
  • Tiya 1/5

    By Dem Dem is da one
    I don’t like the fact that we meet random people and that they curse and say whatever they want some people on Tiya are reckless
  • Love it 5/5

    By Crush 123
    I love this app a made so many friends and now we all cosplay mha together 😊
  • Great but... 1/5

    By Hmmmmmmmmman
    When I first got into the app, it was fun, but when I tried to edit my personalities, I find out my gender has been selected for me. I give this app a 1 star if it dosent let me change my gender.
  • Please add dark mode. 3/5

    By bunnyvboy
    Hey I like the app Tiya, but can there be a dark mode because I’m not used to looking at bright screens thanks.
  • Bad 1/5

    By KimberlypoopyHeckard
    This app is not letting me put in my age and I can’t say i’m 12
  • People cuss 2/5

    By lillyheartsroblox
    People are rude they cuss and since I am in the furry fandom people hate me
  • Notice me Please 5/5

    By NeedyFreddy8089
    I rlly rlly want robux for free And I am rlly bad at following instructions I’m not trying to make an excuse! I just rlly want robux so could you pls give me robux my user is WaRmNoOdLeS538 it’ll rlly rlly help me out a lot thank you if you notice me!
  • It’s good app tho 5/5

    Wish we can delete pics we send
  • Let us send vids😒 4/5

    By 4liferrrrs
    How come we can’t send videos though here it will make us be able to have fun and also it’s wack how we can’t like come on now
  • 5 but can we send vids 5/5

    By Maya😭🥺
    This is a fun app but can we be able to sends videos
  • What happens if you were seven 1/5

    By everyoneisgood
    So I am seven and I want to play this out until I saw it was for 12-year-olds:o I was thinking maybe I can just change my age two 2014 maybe you can update the thing to that?:3
  • Copied.. 1/5

    By :PE
    They copied KakaoTalk app’s texting notification sound! The KakaoTalk was made way before the ad and the game!
  • Bruh 1/5

    By Rodddododododo
    its way to hard to make an account 😐
  • Best app but age issues 4/5

    By Lolbit21
    I love this app i met so many good friends but there a problem about the age. 8+ people do play among us and rolblox so i think it should changed. Just a little problem but overall i love app.
  • Here me out 1/5

    By u dont need my info
    Hear me out OK so I joined his game for among us and people started screaming cuss words at everyone and I got in trouble for listening to cuss words also I tried to find like a person to talk to or whatever and they started talking really inappropriately so I left I hate this app it is not good for kids who just want to play a game with someone people can lie about their age and just because they want to play the game.
  • Amazing but.. 4/5

    By Zakgam1ng
    It would be better if you could select what age you would like to have join you. There are also alot of nasty children saying and making inappropriate things/noices
  • There’s full of kidnappers and stalkers 2/5

    By bestbestbesttt
    So first I was gonna try it beacuse my brother said to try it then I joined a meeting ppl was swearing so I just didn’t talk then there was this grown up who friended me in the meeting then he said to me ‘hi dead can u please tell me ur name and where u live and how do u look?’ And then I showed my mom and she deleted it and reported him he showed me a pic of him and I was like scared he was creepy then I kinda scammed him by asking him to show pic first but I didn’t lol
  • it good 4/5

    By azilsh
    uhh so I put my birthday I’m 12 and the app says *12+* I mean it won’t let me, it moves to an other day of birth or month of whatevs 😑
  • The New update 2/5

    By Rakeemcyo
    I don’t like the new update. I like it when you were able to talk to one person
  • :D 5/5

    By safe I guess
    I Can Meet My sister ON THIS APP AWESOME APP!!!!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By MicroSirenx
    Ok so it’s the last day of school and my friend and I had no other communication we tried everything she doesn’t have a phone only iPad so we tried this app and we can do group chats and voice calls and all you have to do is put your email
  • I’ll hate it 1/5

    By uugygygyftftff
    Why first someone ask for I be girlfriend I’m 13 he is 53 is not a date app
  • Reporting Tiya 1/5

    By Braelynglover
    I got scan by Tiya