Tiya - Voice Chat & Match

Tiya - Voice Chat & Match

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.24.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: TIYA PTE. LTD.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
11,708 Ratings
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Tiya - Voice Chat & Match App

【among us random match】 One simple swipe to match Among Us players. We got a lot of cool crewmates who can team up with you 24 hours to win every game! 【among us voice chat】 You can use TIYA to solve your problems of no voice chat when you play Among Us. In Tiya, you can make more friends while enjoying the joy of games. 【Multi-people chat】 Find a chat room in 3 seconds and meet your crewmate with a single swipe. Make friends, voice chat, and enjoy the different journey Tiya brings to you. 【1v1 Chat】 Try 1v1 chat on TIYA, you will have a chance to get a good friend and share your every moment Join Tiya now to find more friends among us! Contact us Mail: [email protected]

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Tiya - Voice Chat & Match app reviews

  • I don’t know 3/5

    By hhhhhhioiiiiiiii
    I don’t like it cuz they say bad word that mean...

    By greenpickaxe (yt)
  • JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure 5/5

    By cgyhdghgnc
    Mon Chapeaux :p

    By makaela11
    This app is great but the only thing it needs now is a kick button there are so much ppl on the app that yell in the mics or try’s to find another annoying way pleasssss add a kick button
  • Hmm 3/5

    By twentytwentySUCKS
    I love it. It’s just that there is a blue thing on my screen coving like 80% of the screen
  • Very disappointed 2/5

    By Alexander Samalis
    Im not happy about this app. I have see tons of ads for this apl and the advertisements are stealing content, one stolen content is an animation on YouTube made by Gamer zaam. Another one is 2 live streams by the same person called Grizzly. Now enough with the stolen content I need to talk about the app in general. Its pretty solid, although I can't find people like me. Its pretty good, the main screen is very polished and nice. 2 stars
  • Annoying people 4/5

    By Honorish
    Please can you add like a kick button or a mute button there are so many annoying people yelling and it’s really annoying but all in general really fantastic app.
  • Keep the original intention 5/5

    By J╄ettie Larson
    It's much better than some social software on the market. It's worthy of being called tiya. It's very Nice. I hope I can do better in the future.
  • Thanks for operating 5/5

    By Mrs. Arnへoldo Thompson
    Just chat on Weibo, download and try, good stuff! , You are the best,
  • Finally confess the tiya Danjun hahaha 5/5

    By Alene 〖Zemlak Sr.
    I hope that the function of burning after reading can be
  • New avatar 5/5

    By Addωison Dach
    I have been playing for more than 40 days. I like to eat noodles. Looking at those ordinary and great tiyaers, it’s awesome, hurry up and adapt to the horizontal screen! ! ! ! My cervical spine can't stand it! ! ! .
  • Really good 5/5

    By Armani F-unk
    Learned more people's stories and different lives! , And when I switched the speakers, did I fall into the evil? I came here to write about my feelings.
  • Really lucky to meet you and you 5/5

    By Alfreda D'Amore |II
    Come on, it doesn't matter how you want to be funeral, there is no way to replace it, thank you for staying with me, it is easy to use.
  • I hope the official will give me justice 5/5

    By Simone Weber= III
    I didn't know a few interesting people, thank you, but in fact, I want to match locals. The reporting mechanism is great. I hope tiya can get better and better.
  • it is good 5/5

    By Verner Pac)ocha PhD
    It's already very good. People nowadays take pictures more or less with beauty. Apart from QQ and WeChat, I will take a look at the lives of other people.
  • The others are all male 5/5

    By Awrch Fay
    Improve it a lot, because it is a world of happy and unhappy, the tree hole is always there, not forgetting the original intention, and grasping the pain points of users.
  • I met her in tiya 5/5

    By Electa O〗lson III
    Thank you, I lost weight a little bit and so on, and finally discovered the fun place of tiya... Listening to strangers singing.
  • Platform services are also great 5/5

    By Andreanne W▂intheiser
    I found that most people in tiya are in the embarrassing stage of wanting to talk but not wanting to talk about it. Addicted to this software is already a kind of fate.
  • So I registered with my current phone number 5/5

    By Ms. ┘Avis Rath
    We set the password for what, practical, thank tiya, want to update, or some other special time.
  • Inferiority man 5/5

    By Celestine Ra§tke DVM
    Things that I don't want to share with others on weekdays will hold back. I can finally vent my feelings when I have a new social platform.
  • Hope tiya gets more and more interesting 5/5

    By Alberto Senge+r DDS
    Can you turn off the sound of tiya matching? It's too noisy when listening to the song. Thank you tiya team.
  • But how about some of my friends who have matched Pinduoduo and do nail art by themselves 5/5

    By Mckぃenna Marks MD
    This feeling is really free, but I found that some users have been on this app for hundreds of days, wanting to become a better version of themselves.
  • At first there was no doubt that the other party was a female disguised by a male 5/5

    By Alta Stiedeman﹃n
    It was originally just a tree hole, so I can search the moment I want to see more freely in the square, although there are many unpleasantness behind it.
  • About a week down 5/5

    By Ad!die Bins
    Knowing different people, I now like to say in tiya, both happy and unhappy, video chat, maybe it is the so-called tiyamate.
  • It breaks the traditional social model 5/5

    By H%elene Marks
    Much more reliable than your assigned boyfriend, NICE, don’t refuse, let’s score together! , I hope you do better.
  • It's nice to meet her 5/5

    By Ab┘elardo Kilback
    Regarding the problem of low-level software optimization, I have made a lot of new friends, otherwise I have a lot of close friends here, and overall I am very satisfied.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Leif %Greenfelder
    Come on, I'm a side garden of tiyaer, but I still like the one less person before, so I am very happy and like you.
  • This question is a bit redundant 5/5

    By Darby O'﹃Keefe
    I don’t know how to write a flashy language. I am a fan of quizzes. When I log in, there are a lot of beautiful ladies inside.
  • I also handed over my little friend who couldn’t talk with me~ love tiya 5/5

    By Dr. Federico Hi=lls
    Because I want to use it forever, I am very happy to meet interesting people in interesting software, very helpless, the existence of tiya.
  • And the one that looks good 5/5

    By Erlin┘g Ondricka
    Whatever I want to say, it's not bad, a very good product, because I am a boy who knows love and can chat with others.
  • I hope tiya can gather suggestions 5/5

    By M^s. Trinity Carter
    Fortunately, I met tiya, so I have someone I can tell, to be with you, I feel very comfortable here.
  • Was attracted the first time 5/5

    By Henriette Ko∠vacek
    I am irresponsible, just like a man, I will always use it forever. I admire it very much. It is ordinary happiness.
  • Many times when I slapped my face and hit the hang-up, I didn't have it... 5/5

    By Mr. Eldon Aufd●erhar
    Keep your original intentions, be generous, and have a great experience. Thanks tiya, I am busy and meet someone I like.
  • For the extroverted lonely 5/5

    By Mrs. Mason *O'Hara
    It's a little paradise for talking about tuberculosis. The social software I've played for the longest time so far is really easy to use, and the staff is working hard.
  • Radio mode 5/5

    By ︾Carolyne Rutherford
    Occasionally, I read tiya on the public number zhong, and understood their stories in this impetuous world.
  • And the favorite emoticons cannot be displayed 5/5

    By Kirk Weim♀ann
    I like tiya very much, Qiang, I saw a girl in the crowded square, very good, come on, I hope I can grow up with you.
  • I haven't talked to me 5/5

    By Mo∞nte Gerhold
    I need these interesting tiyas. I should add chicken legs to programmers. There are more and more interesting tiyas on the planet~.
  • Met many tiya mates 5/5

    By Mac●k Ferry
    Conscience software is invincible, tiya is easy to use, but I also hope to have more positive energy and interesting daily life. With her, I
  • Thank you so much tiya 5/5

    By Rosaいlind Ullrich
    I like tiya so much, or feel the same, and thank me for being in many apps, come on tiya.
  • Recommend friends to recommend everyone 5/5

    By Richmond Ma nn Sr.
    Don't be as vulgar as other software. When we got married, we went to give you pennants together, so we had to quit and then come back. But at this time, I don't remember which funny picture was posted by a stranger... and.
  • Love you guys 5/5

    By Anya Crooks ※DDS
    I hope tiya will solve the problem of users sending face-to-face selfies as soon as possible. I can’t upload pictures, likes, and share life in my square to communicate with like-minded people.
  • Loved 5/5

    By A﹏mari Mueller
    It’s my 226th in tiya. I will always like this software. What triggered it? Or what reason? Can you give me some feedback? .
  • There will be nothing for a while 5/5

    By Amina K﹌ub
    The tiya test is very powerful, haha, do you really want to kill you? Don’t thumbnail, woooooo can’t receive the verification code.
  • Thank tiya for the years spent with me 5/5

    By Alb﹏a Hintz PhD
    Show network error, I believe that behind tiya is a young, interesting and energetic team, everyone should pay attention to your body! Keep cheering duck! I wish better and better.
  • good, very good, excellent 5/5

    By Lindsey Magゞgio
    It's there. I don't want to tell my friends. Fortunately, it has never been unsatisfactory,'Mmm, I haven't logged into my account for a long time because I changed my phone.
  • I suggest that those who are on blind date should play tiya first 5/5

    By Miss L〗uis Lehner
    It has been repaired now, I hope I can find it as soon as possible, and let me meet a lovely young lady. It is too difficult for me. Most young people have symptoms of mania.
  • Knowing in WeChat 5/5

    By Gracie Purd∩y I
    Everyone communicates with tiya, please! ! ! , Sometimes I don’t want to say a word, and there are more and more tiyaers.
  • What I want 5/5

    By Kacie Cartwrigh╄t
    With this software, it's good. This problem can't be solved even after updating so many versions. Life is always good.
  • The most interesting APp ever used 5/5

    By Mrs=. Shane Ondricka
    I found that you are constantly improving. For example, individual moments can be searched by time. However, after I have said so much, you don’t have to worry about seeing it by people you know.