TLC GO - Full Eps and Live TV

TLC GO - Full Eps and Live TV

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  • Current Version: 7.6.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Discovery Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
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TLC GO - Full Eps and Live TV App

Watch full episodes and live TV from TLC anytime, anywhere. It’s FREE with your TV subscription. Just sign in with your TV provider username and password to get access to favorites like Sister Wives, Counting On, 90 Day Fiance, Say Yes to the Dress and many more. New episodes are added all the time. BINGE ON YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS + 90 Day Fiance + Cake Boss + I Am Jazz + Kate Plus 8 + Little People Big World + Long Island Medium + My 600lb Life + My Big Fat Fabulous Life + OutDaughtered + Sister Wives + The Little Couple + Trading Spaces + What Not to Wear + Who Do You Think You Are And many, many more! FEATURES + Live TV + Full Seasons + Browse and search for your favorite shows by genre + tvOS + Chromecast + Save episodes to your watchlist + Closed-Captioning support REQUIREMENTS + Available in the US Only + A Wi-Fi connection is recommended + iOS 9 or higher + More providers coming soon. Visit to watch shows or live stream from your computer. Need help? Visit us at Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information.

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TLC GO - Full Eps and Live TV app reviews

  • Love 5/5

    By tubby mc fly
  • Disappointed.... 1/5

    By nathankknate
    I have logged in with my tv provider many times on the app and it goes through. However, none of episodes will unlock. The app constantly loads as if it were processing the information I put in to verify my tv provider but nothing changes. Please help! Thanks!
  • Unreliable, glitches/crashes, very frustrating... 1/5

    By StacyCruz
    HORRIBLE. Don’t waste your time. Tons upon tons of commercials. After a couple of episodes and you’re really into your show, the app cuts you off saying you must have a cable provider to watch the programs, duh, how did I just watch the last three episodes??? Then the App Support Team tells you to delete the app and reinstall. I’ve reinstalled this stupid app over 75 times. Gets old real fast. Then, you go through the reinstall, go through all the episodes to see where you were before you got bumped off then the programming stats to glitch — you’ll get sound but no picture or sound and a freeze frame picture. SO low quality. Have never had any of these issues on other network apps!!!

    By Niall Horan lover 😍😘😜
    The constant commercials throughout each episode is ridiculous and ruins the entire app. 👎
  • Very poor quality 1/5

    By Ndkamd
    I own all Apple products that are on the latest software and also heave very high speed internet. This app is the only one that I use for streaming that constantly crashes and needs buffering all of the time! When I mean all the time I really mean every time I haw is it has to buffer. I could only be using on device to stream and it still buffers. HBO and Netflix have never buffered in our home. That shows the poor quality of this app vs professional apps. Don’t use unless you want to have your patience tested
  • Love TLC 5/5

    By Best one#1
    I love to watch the shows on TLC, they are awesome!!
  • Commercial setup is super glitchy 1/5

    By Matt1972jet
    Pray to god you never lose your place or that the app doesn’t save it correctly. It’s a complete disaster to try and get back to where you left off bc they’re terrified that by fast forwarding they’ll lose money bc you’re skipping their sponsored commercial. EVEN THOUGH you’ve seen it 18 times already, you can’t get around it. Garbage
  • Way too many Commercials 3/5

    By Hannie jesus
    I love TLC so much and lots of my favorite shows are on there! I love outdaughtered, I am Jazz, 7little johnstons, and my teen is pregnant and so am I, and many more. My problem with this app is the commercials...there is commercials about every 5 minutes and each commercial break there is about 5-6 commercial, sometimes even 8-10! Also if i misheard something i will go back to see what they said and if what i wanted to hear was before the commercial, they will show me the part and then i will have to watch the 5-10 commercials all over again! I love this app and I really hope they consider the problem with the obsessive amount of commercials. Thank you, User of TLC GO
  • TLC 2/5

    By jahdarius
    Not letting me put in my TV provide
  • Total pain 1/5

    By GC7045
    I am so sick of signing in to the app everyday. The only app that makes me do this so often is TLC. I am starting to hate using the app frankly.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By EBJ5
    Can’t watch anything even with the latest update. Doesn’t function what so ever.
  • Sign In 1/5

    By Lobaby2308
    App won’t let me sign into my account. When I click sign in, it show the “loading circle,” but never continues to the next screen.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By hp72396
    The Continue watching feature is broken, the app crashes and will not let you continue off from where you left and will restart at the beginning. This makes you watch dozens of ads. When I choose the time stamp I want, it ignores what I put and takes me to a random time stamp further back. Don’t even bother to use this app
  • Too Many Ads 2/5

    By StephZach
    I love that I can watch the shows I want when I sign in through my cable provider, but there are way too many ads! It takes twice as long to watch an episode because of the 5-7 ads between each break. Not worth it. Please allow users to pay for no ads!
  • Plays content but poorly executed app 3/5

    By nagybrent
    Doesn’t Lee track of episodes watched except for one or two random episodes. From the same device, it won’t know you’ve watched so you have to watch all commercials again if there’s only 10 minutes left in a 1.5 hour episode.
  • Logitech Ad Repeating 1/5

    By APJ89
    Logitech ad appears in all breaks, and repeats twice in each break. Please limit how many times an ad appears during a break and during the show.
  • Way too many ads 1/5

    By Hope in Jade
    This app is absurd with the ads... there should be fewer ads if you are linking to this app through your Paid provider! Even worse if you need to go back to catch something you missed... go back to far and you get yo watch all of those ads Again.
  • Sign In 5/5

    By smojbi
    so apparently i’ve been told by the developer that the cable company is what causes me to sign in constantly so i get that. besides that, amazing app and i love tlc so much.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Ankpiece
    Not really sure how anyone would rate this above 1 Star. I am using the app through my Apple TV and it has logged itself out and required a second device to login every single time I have tried to watch it and sometimes more than once. I would love to never use this app again but I’ve pathetically gotten addicted to 90 day fiancé (before the 90 days). My life is empty and lacks fulfillment this app makes my already bleak existence that much more unpalatable. TLC your programming is heroin and you are an evil gang of drug dealers. Good day sir!
  • App keep saying I don’t have subscription 1/5

    By 63Ann
    Lately after watching a couple episodes, message pops up when I’m trying to play next episode saying I don’t have a subscription when I clearly do with my provider.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Grap21
    Freezes all the time while sound is still playin even the website has issues fix it !...and another issue I have to sign in with my tv provider after every episode to unlock those locked episodes because it can’t remember I already signed in !!!!
  • Edited: Works great now. 5/5

    By Doggyhouz
    Edited: The app works great after developer provided the fix. Changed from 1 star to 5 star. Previous review: I have the latest update and phone and it doesn’t allow you to sign in. It just has a ring. Not sure how they app even got 4.5 star rating. Shows are great but the app is horrible. Bad experience.
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By G Dizzel
    This app is complete trash. Every time I watch an episode and mirror it from my phone with Apple TV it goes black and I can hear it but not see it. It freezes allllll the time and I have to reset my phone and Apple TV everytime I try to watch it. GARBAGE!!!!!!
  • Love the shows but the app needs work 1/5

    By Monique Kim
    I’ve never been successful in making this app work. I’ve tried to log in and this little circle spins and never does anything. So, can’t use it. Please fix the bugs.
  • Constantly have to sign into the app 1/5

    By Astonsmom
    It’s always kicking my login information off, then says forbidden settings do not include this content when I know darn well my subscription is valid. Please fix this.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Marie9014
    I had to keep deleting and downloading the app. I have cable tv and tlc makes me not want to watch both the channel or use the app.
  • TL Commercials 1/5

    By akwardsmile
    This is mind numbing to sit through so many commercials. It’s worse than watching TV. So I deleted the app and stopped watching TLC shows.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By VeeBee01
    The app won’t allow me to verify my subscription through my cable provider. Wasted space on my phone!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By HevnScent
    I just love this app and this channel. ❤️
  • The end of EVERYTHING is cut off 2/5

    By Paminocala
    Why do you automatically start a show that I don’t want to watch while I’m watching a show that I chose to watch? Not only does the new show start , it plays over the show I wanted to watch. I hear both shows, see the one that I don’t want to watch. I tried to stop the one that TLC inserted and continue with the show I was originally watching and started from the beginning. STOP with the automatic play of the crap shows. Let me choose what I WANT to see.
  • Upset 2/5

    By Chalchihuiteszacatecas
    Ok so something is wrong the app would work fine until like a week ago. I go to the app and then it shows that the episodes are locked and that i need to sign in when i was already signed in. I press Sign In and the circle loading shows up and randomly stops without taking me no where. I try to tap on a locked show to see if it takes me to add a provider and does same thing. I deleted and installed the app again and it still is the same.
  • My favorite show is gone?! 2/5

    By Jessica070707070707987
    The only reason I use this app is to watch dance moms and now every season is gone...?! I’m deleting the app if this doesn’t get fixed.. please fix
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Fjdjdddddjfj
    I love this app, I can watch shows and movies whenever! I don’t know why there is so much hate but I loveeeeee it. Definitely download this app.
  • Update please 1/5

    By AshJay12387
    Can we please get an update for the login? I haven’t been having problems signing in with my cable provider but now there’s a message that says I’m not authorized. It didn’t start until today so not sure what’s going on.
  • Not auth 1/5

    By Honalana
    Was watching on my iPad. Signed into my new phone and keep getting an error that I do not have authorization and do not pay for TLC through my cable subscription. Yes I do.
  • So buggy it’s nearly inoperable 2/5

    By CassyGibson
    If you’re going to start an episode and finish it in one sitting, you should be fine. But if you ever try to stop in the middle and expect to have your place held, forget it. Some of my episodes that I HAVE finished permanently have a random save spot on them (I can see the bar that normally should indicate being partially through the episode). Sometimes the ads freeze or screw up the feed or something where none of the video controls work, the episode is playing and yet I still see “advertisement 1 of 4” written at the top of the screen and the loading wheel is right in the middle of my episode as if it’s trying to load more ads. Like, does ANYONE QA this app? You just put it out there? Didn’t even play an episode on it?? I’m losing my marbles over this.
  • Never written app review before but here we are 1/5

    By jo1122112211
    Worst app I’ve ever used. After I open it 2-3 times I have to delete and reload the app to be able to sign in with my cable provider-which it never remembers. The ads are worse on tlcgo than any other streaming app. 4 ads in a row and after it plays the first two it plays them again before playing the second two. Horrible horrible horrible
  • Best app 5/5

    By car cash
    I Love this app thank you to the people who took time to make this app
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By shoelace25
    I’m signed into my account from both my iPad and TV and it doesn’t save my spot of the show I’m watching when I want to switch back and forth. Also when I’m trying to find my place in an episode, even if I move it a minute or two up, 5-6 adds keep popping up so it takes forever. Just not user friendly like a lot of other apps are.
  • Tv Provider 2/5

    By sopi 🥰🌞🤭😁😊
    I like the app. I love TLC but when I try to sign it for a tv provider it says Att. I have dish but it wouldn’t let me change my provider
  • Issues with TV provider login 3/5

    By 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    It isn’t letting me access some episodes saying that I do not have it under my paid TLC u-verse subscription but i have both TLC and TLC HD on my provider so I’m not sure why it is continuously not allowing me to watch these specific locked episodes. However overall I enjoy the app and some of the free content i’ve been able to watch aside from the technical issue im experiencing
  • Sign in not available 3/5

    By mebentz
    App is fine to catch up to recent shows. It will not let anyone sign in to link to cable provider to watch every episode.
  • Unable to link provider 3/5

    By thatgirl_Meme
    Recently downloaded and unable to link tv provider
  • Ads galore 1/5

    By stopitapple12345
    This is possibly one of the worst apps I have ever used. The interface on both the tv and iPhone is awful, as well as almost unusable. There's literally more ads then there is show. Every 15 minutes is a new ad, multiple ads, usually 8+ ads at one time and its absolutely god awful. It doesn't save where you are in the show, and it doesn't show you what episode you've already watched . So if you try to find out where you are, good luck, because you'll have to watch 15 ads before you even find your place in the show. I never write reviews but this app is so awful i made an acceptation. It almost makes me wanna stop watching all tlc shows because im not even watching the show anymore, im just watching ads. As i write this right now, it is displaying me an ad.
  • Still has kinks 2/5

    By twongj
    I love that I have all these shows at my fingertips but frustrated that I have to constantly delete and reload the app.
  • Too Many Commercials and Etc. 2/5

    By CLovecat
    Overall, the app works relatively well. It rarely crashes when I watch it via my AppleTV 4K, and I really haven’t had any issues with being signed out from my cable provider once I initially installed the app, that others have mentioned here. I use closed captioning on all of my shows, and the captioning TLC provides is excellent. When there is dialogue in a foreign language or even a foreign accent and the captions appear, the regular closed captions disappear—which makes it perfect to read what is being said. Does that make sense? They’re perfectly synchronized and it’s wonderful. So many other apps aren’t that smooth. I do find when I stop a show and go back to it the next day or days later, the app doesn’t save where I was. If it was 35 minutes into a program, and the app asks me if I’d like to resume where I was, I say “yes,” only to be brought back the show at the 30 minute mark. There’s an issue there. My biggest problem, overall, is the commercials. If I wanted to sit through all these ads, I’d watch the show live. It’s frustrating. I assumed because I’m a paying cable subscriber, I’d be able to access some of these shows, sans commercials. Not so. The best part is being forced to sit through 7 ads in one sitting. And to go into further detail about the issue of the app not saving where I was on a show, from the above paragraph—if I specifically sit through a chunk of ads to get to the next part of the show, then decide I’m done watching, the app FORCES me to sit through that same chunk of ads when I go back to the show. That’s really aggravating, because I paid my time.
  • Unable to connect to Direct TV 1/5

    By AliM711
    For the last couple of weeks I have been unable to connect thru the app to stream. I’ve had to go to the website to watch and it just isn’t the same. Whenever I try and login there is just a spinning circle and nothing happens.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By Paine1978
    I’ve deleted and reloaded the app 3 times. It will not allow me to login to my service provider.
  • SO MANY BUGS 1/5

    By jenner211
    This app is terrible. I click on a show trying to start where I left off mid-episode and it takes 15min to figure out where I was!! Forces me to watch 14 ads, doesn’t have a a preview screen to see what part of the episode I’m at so I’m guessing blindly, which then makes me watch 7 more ads, and half the time I click on an episode...ITS NOT EVEN THE RIGHT EPISODE. I go back, click on it again and it’s magically the right episode. It makes no sense. SO BAD PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES.

TLC GO - Full Eps and Live TV app comments

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