Toast Takeout & Delivery

Toast Takeout & Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 1.93.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toast, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Toast Takeout & Delivery App

Order ahead from your favorite restaurants. Customize your order, pay in seconds, and pick it up in-store. Toast TakeOut is your VIP access to the best food.

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Toast Takeout & Delivery app reviews

  • Ripoff / fraud 1/5

    By Smile ward
    Do not use this app. I used Toast to order from a local restaurant and there was a missing item in the delivery. There is nothing in the app to address this other than the phone number to the restaurant. I called the restaurant and it ends up that Toast just offloaded the order to DoorDash and told me I’d have to go through DoorDash to get a refund.
  • Used to work great, now broken 1/5

    By avsratings
    This app used to work great. Now completely broken. No menus, login information missing.
  • Two creeks 3/5

    By rsliotta
    Hello , Until recently I really enjoyed this app. It’s been broken for the restaurant in the title! No menu. The website works but not the app. I have removed and installed several times.
  • Can’t order 1/5

    By thisickname
    Can’t place an order for an unknown reason. I basically downloaded this app and created a new account for absolutely no reason whatsoever. App is entirely useless.
  • Fix onboarding 1/5

    By MobileUser1980
    I’m in an endless loop. I created an account but the website says I need to login or create account, if I create it just sends code to my phone, when I try to connect the account it says to use email and password. I try to reset password but no email, I try and sign up and it says use my phone. I tried looking at profile and nothing there 😞. Also trying to pay using Apple Pay is broken. Kept asking for address. I use Apple Pay all the time, not sure what was wrong but terrible. Please fix! Even if it’s your customers configuration, make it easy for restaurants to be setup so their customers aren’t annoyed!!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By jeffro04
    First experience with the app - it’s extremely buggy. It kept repeatedly prompting me for my address. Once I got past that, it kept giving me an error upon trying to add items to my cart. Managed to submit my order using the website instead of the app. Not good.
  • Horrible app, slow delivery, no customer service 1/5

    By Ahsa863
    Horrible app. They had slow delivery. It was supposed to arrive in 45 mins and the food hadn’t even been picked up after 45 mins. The restaurant said the food had been sitting there for 30 mins. It had gotten to me cold and gross. No customer service. No one answers and no one is helpful. Never using this again.
  • Say goodbye to privacy 1/5

    By Champion.#2
    Well I won’t be using this service. My first attempt and I discover that they print my email and phone number on the receipt. Who on earth wants to broadcast that information to the entire restaurant staff? Why not just give a potential stalker or harasser keys to my house? Was I ever given the option to opt out???
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By Locorolo
    It seems like I always have to jump through hoops to use this app. Latest issue: discovering that I’d have to delete my account (and therefore lose my points?) just to do something as simple as change the phone number and email address on my account. The other issue being that the app wouldn’t recognize the QR code so was forced to use the web browser. Speaking of points, it would be nicer if we could use them at any Toast location. Right now the points you earn are only good for the location in which you earned them. A lot of places are turning to this system - it would be nice if it was easier/made sense to use.
  • No hidden fees 5/5

    By Morrrgan
    This is the only delivery app that doesn't add $1-$5 to every menu item, then charge an additional service fee, delivery fee, tax, and tip. I've compared several options on the app to online prices from the restaurants and they always match, unlike doordash. Next time you order doordash, check the price of the item in your cart compared to the restaurant's price for the same item online. They always deceptively add several dollars to every item and then charge a bunch of fees on top of that. Toast is cheaper and faster than every other app I've used, even for delivery (as of March 2023 at least). What they lack in available restaurants they make up for in honest prices.
  • Can’t set up password 1/5

    By LMTheVillages
    I am trying to link my Toast acct to a restaurant (that uses Toast for rewards/payments) but it keeps asking for a password. When I logout of my toast acct and log back in it asks for my phone number & then sends a code to log in. No way to set up a password. So when I make a purchase am no longer getting the rewards I was previously receiving. So frustrating!
  • Users Beware 1/5

    By pmccrmck
    Was on location at a restaurant that uses Toast exclusively. The QR code on the table brought me to the browser on my iPhone & a pop-up asked if I wanted to order through the Toast app. When I did that it took me to a different vendor half a mile away from where I was located. I didn’t know that I was on another menu since it was my first time at the location. After placing an order and waiting, I asked the manager, showed him my order and was told it was for another location. Contacted the vendor and Toast and neither one would help while pointing fingers at the other. Have since deleted the app. 😡
  • Auth flow is broken 1/5

    By Fraxtil
    If the SMS confirmation code fails to send, the app offers email login as a backup, but it forces you to add & confirm a phone number afterward, rendering it useless. Backing out of the auth flow and attempting to continue checking out tells you your profile is incomplete and pulls up a form that has no Submit button and doesn't save on close. None of this is necessary (I already filled out my credit card information!!!). Amusingly, the mobile website works just fine, so deleting the app resolved this for me.
  • Hassle 1/5

    By Rico3058
    This app is terrible. It is a lot easier to make a phone call or order off your desktop.
  • Too many issues 1/5

    By BeLuckyee
    The app links a credit card but doesn’t show up on the merchant end. Also, unable to edit profile (email) without completely deleting account. Downloaded the app again and tried to create a new account and nothing but error messages; not sure my accumulated points even valid anymore
  • Stay away— log in and save account doesn’t even work 1/5

    By AlexTheDukie
    Most basic flow which is onboarding g is garbage and doesn’t work well. Try another app for food
  • Fraudulent Practice 1/5

    By bsjek
    I signed up for it and started earning points. Went to pay today (3rd time using paying through app) and right when I’m eligible to redeem said points it asks me to sign in with the number *I already signed up with* and asks me to create an account. It was the false hope of saving money and now the app has my info. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • STAYAWAY 1/5

    By eñrt
    place two orders via this app and both restaurants stated they aren’t receiving my orders. Waited over 3 hours to find out Toast Take out never pushed my order through to the restaurant. Terrible app.
  • Incredible interface and seamless integration. 5/5

    By mjurick
    Awesome, just an awesome app!
  • Annoying when it wont show my restaurants from direct links 2/5

    By UnHa 은하
    I am annoyed on the app it wont let me view the restaurants when I tapped directly from their website. They have some weird location proxy radius distance won’t allow you to see. I am planning to Pick Up and there shouldn’t be location radius restriction. This should only apply to delivery section.. It’s annoying and I have to delete the app and just view it on the web browser instead.
  • Broken on zoomed screen 1/5

    By Hake didn't
    Sorry folks with bad eyes, you can’t click on any buttons if your screen is zoomed.
  • App is good but missing key functionality 3/5

    By HelenIH
    Decent app but it makes it too easy to choose Pickup rather than Delivery. Once a Pickup order has been made, you can’t make the change to Delivery which makes using the app in a hurry really inconvenient and troublesome. Even a simple pop up before the order is finalized would be monumental. This has happened to myself and others I know! Additionally, Toast doesn’t have customer support - only thru DoorDash which ONLY deals with delivery orders made on Toast. Super inconvenient. Please make this fix Toast!!
  • No upcharges 5/5

    By Create nicks
    Takeout from my local place costs the same on the app as if if I called directly and placed order. Much more convenient.
  • Problems with app 3/5

    By No longer Happy User5
    The app required me to re-log in today. It was supposed to send me a verification code but the code would not come over. Then I got locked out for too many login attempts. After 15 minutes got so frustrated that I called the restaurant to place an order.
  • Does not work with restaurants 1/5

    By CeeCee_111
    The very few times I have use this app incorrectly does some thing with my order. It is not the restaurants fault. It’s their fault, but then the restaurant has to deal with it. Do not recommend.
  • Here’s your review: stop nagging me 1/5

    By Andy1251261
    Great app. Shame you constantly nag for reviews.
  • Eh 3/5

    By Manolito Nazario
    The app is fine except that it doesn’t save my delivery preferences even though they’re saved on the browser version of my account and literally every other delivery app saves that info. I must be missing something.
  • No refund 1/5

    By Paul8310
    App does not give options to refund missing items. My only option was to call the restaurant but they did not know how to refund it.
  • Endless Bureaucracy 1/5

    By exit2lef
    An attempt to place an order through this app leads to interminable verification codes, one after the other, with little visible progress towards an order. This should be a seamless and quick process. Instead, it’s one of endless bureaucracy.
  • Cannot even register with my US phone number 1/5

    By Alantangyl
    The app is okay but I cannot even create an account with my phone number with 10 digits, the validation takes only 8 digits
  • Best OG food app 5/5

    By J-Nitty
    Reliable, easy to use and always accurate.
  • Awful!! 1/5

    By thethirdbella
    The second time I’ve used this and both times my order was wrong! There is NO customer service. The app says to contact the restaurant but then the restaurant says to contact Door Dash. You get stuck in an endless loop with no help and no refund for being given someone else’s food!
  • don’t know what i would do without it 5/5

    By tess mclafferty
    This app is literally AMAZING!!! so easy to use & makes ordering so easy!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By AGold7848
    Excellent app only thing that I would love to be able to do is add notes to orders. Maybe it depends on the restaurant but if it could be something to add at the end of a transaction that would be fantastic!
  • Easy to use and I earn points I can use! 5/5

    By b-alarie
    Really easy app, always works, and I earn points I can use!
  • Horrible App! 1/5

    By Nicky Bustamante
    I normally use Postmates and downloaded the toast app, unfortunately, it is automatically set for you to pick up your order rather than have it delivered. After waiting and waiting, my order never arrived, I went back on the app and realized by default it was set for a pick up, and I had to go pick up my order. This is something I suggest they fix, the default should be set as a delivery, not a pick up.
  • Log in problems 1/5

    By lencool94
    App logs me out after which I need to get a confirmation from email. Process to even look at it takes minutes.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By CityMouseDC
    No way to save your delivery instructions, so you have to try to remember to type them in every time. No support for customers; all support is aimed at the restaurants. Not obvious if you’re ordering for pickup or delivery.
  • Easy 5/5

    By willfeldman
    Best app for food takeout and delivery. Makes it sooooo easy.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mibsphil
    HORRIBLE app. I can’t even create an account. I enter my phone number and get a message that “ an unexpected error occurred.” Tried on my computer, my phone and my iPad. So I can’t link to a restaurant loyalty program and I can’t add payment methods. Don’t bother with this app— there is not even a way to contact help. Zero stars.
  • Guaranteed to curse whenever I use it 2/5

    By Mr.Perfect
    It’s the little things - like - Having placed and order, received notification that it’s in progress, but look in the Orders tab and it’s missing - Not being able to update a payment method or add a new one until the moment of next order - the annoying mfa email and no facial recognition
  • Needs to improve user support 3/5

    By leynsc
    Have been increasingly disappointed by Toast over the last few months. They lack any clear customer service for users of their app. The only number I could contact was service for restaurants when I needed to change the phone number with my account (no way to do that on the app). Also have had increasingly poor experiences with their restaurants. Food tonight had clearly been sitting out for awhile and I picked it up 11min early. Smaller portions and overall poor quality compared to previous experiences a few months ago, but no way to relay this information to Toast or leave a review on the app. Thus, I type this frustrated review over my lukewarm dinner.
  • Ordering from movita 5/5

    By Mikey nerd
    This app makes it so easy
  • Toast App 5/5

    By danfutbol
    Excellent and convenient app to order food and beverages online. Fast and accurate info.
  • Wow history gone after update! 1/5

    By myztiquems
    You force me to update the app and now my history is gone. Why should I use your app?
  • Good app 4/5

    By Jared010101010
    I like toast; giving it 4 stars only because I don’t like apps that ask “do you like this app” before popping up a window to review on the App Store.
  • Ignored scheduled pickup request time 1/5

    By Canofminus
    Ordered using the app today. Made sure to set the pickup time for 6pm, placed order, and the pickup time reverted to ASAP. Never had this problem with via TT’s website. Luckily I paid attention and caught it. Was able to contact the restaurant, but come on.
  • Wonderful service 5/5

    By Nancyknits
    User friendly layout, substantial rewards & doesn't add extra to each item price the way does. Highly recommend!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Wizardsrulemagic
    Very convienen to use. Just wish I could request a refund easily whenever I don’t get an item instead of calling the store. But otherwise it’s good