Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toca Boca AB
  • Compatibility: Android
1,221 Ratings
$ 3.99

Toca Kitchen 2 App

The wildly popular Toca Kitchen is back! With new guests to cook for, more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out, Toca Kitchen 2 invites all chefs to get messy and start playing! GET CREATIVE Who said dishes have to be pretty and tasty? In Toca Kitchen 2 you can cook however you want! Juice tomatoes, boil the salad or make a burger. Come up with your very own recipes and treat your guests to something special. MAKE A MESS With five different kitchen tools to choose from, you have the perfect setup for preparing fun foods! Load up with your favorite ingredients, add a squeeze of messiness and finish off with a pinch of weirdness. Time to let your guest have a bite! Was it a winner? WATCH THEIR REACTIONS Discover your guests’ preferences by watching their reactions. Oven-baked fish head with fried leftovers and lettuce juice coming right up! Oh, they didn’t like it? Try adding some salt. It’s fun to get the “ew”! Features - New ingredients in the fridge - New characters to feed - Stronger character reactions - Five kitchen tools to cook with - New juicer and oven - No rules or stress - just open-ended, kid-directed fun! - No third-party advertising - No in-app purchases *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Kitchen 2 app reviews

  • Good app but doesn’t work properly.. 3/5

    By HeadwigPotter361
    I have an IPhone XR and when I get on the app the screen is smaller than it should be and doesn’t fit my phone screen.. by a lot. The app overall is great but please fix the screen thing.
  • Not working 1/5

    By coolstar264933
    It’s not working and I paid money for it
  • Please add this 3/5

    By cutei bear
    I do like the game but can you add like a bowl because of the noodles are in the game and can you also add more characters please I hope you do by the way the game is fun too
  • Suggestions 2/5

    By Tsundere-Chan
    This is a great game, but I think it should have more options. And noodles should look like noodles, you should be able to freeze it. Be able to make corn off the cob. Just more food. I understand if you can’t do all this. Also, add soup being able to have a bowel.
  • Refund 2/5

    By i wantmymoney
    May I have a refund the game was not as good as I thought it was it didn’t fit my screen for the iPhone 11 just can I please have my money back
  • Great Game! 👍 but please add... 5/5

    By SnakeVenom07
    I love this game. I play it as like a clicker game, or as a stress reliever. It is fun and entertaining, and the animation is superb. I only wish that it included a station for peeling food. It would be best for preparing onions. None of the characters like the onions because they have skin on them. With said peeling station, skin could be removed, the onions could be cooked, and the characters could properly enjoy them. The station would also open up more possibilities for cooking in general with the app. Thank you for reading my review love your games! 5⭐️
  • No sound 1/5

    By besjeieixjjsjeieiezn
    I’m not receiving sound. All of my other apps have sound so it’s something wrong with this app. Just paid 4 bucks. Not happy.
  • Why are you asking me to pay for this again? 4/5

    By Nattassja
    I bought Toca Boca kitchen two and I also bought a taco Boca hair salon part two. I uninstalled it because the sound wasn't working and went to reinstall it right back and it's prompting me to pay for it all over again. But then it says purchased when I look at it in the bundle...this is my sons favorite game please tell me what I'm doing wrong I really need this app he's going to go crazy when he finds out that he can't cook
  • Great app but. 4/5

    By good coments
    I LOVE THIS GAME AND IM 11, but I think it could use some more spices and stuff like maybe whipped cream for the smoothies or we have to chop everything up before the smoothie
  • Fun, but one suggestion.... 5/5

    By SINAPLASZ 1234
    Fun, b
  • It’s not working 5/5

    By bleh1000
    I’ve played it before and it was fun so I redownloded it and not it just keeps showing the Toca boca intro and it won’t stop. PLZ HELP
  • Game won’t load and no support 1/5

    By cbtum
    Reported the white screen only on load (and forever) to support but no answer and no updates or resolution. I want my money back.
  • Best game ever! 5/5

    By pandaman634
    If this was 1 out of 1000 I would give it a 1000000000000000000!!!
  • Good game 5/5

    By Madison Burman
    I love this game but the only problem I have with this is that whenever I use the girl, she won’t eat the chicken, steak, or hotdog. I went back to the main menu and tried again but it didn’t work.
  • Amazing game but........ 4/5

    By uniconr 🦄🦄
    So my cousins tablets and downloaded This game but they had A Android and so the game was free but when I downloaded it btw I have a Apple it cost money I think at unfair and I think it should be free for all Devices
  • in the ghetto..grratatatataaa 4/5

    By Thinktacos @thinktacos
    4 stars because it costs a lot of money, fun game, worth the price absolutely. i’m jus salty!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩
  • I’m twice the recommended age and I like this game lol 5/5

    By TheEpicGamer123493
    I like this game because I’m able to use creativity in what I cook 5 stars!Download the app if you like making weird of standard food stuffs
  • Bad cabbage 4/5

    By +#*$**$=$)$($;
    Remove cabbage from the game No wine likes cabbage from the game
  • It’s fun but I have some suggestions 4/5

    By bevertail-73
    I love this game but I have some,you should add a recipe book so you can create your own should also have some new foods like maybe apples or eggs.maybe you should add some new tools like a cookie cutter or some new sauces like wasabi or cheese sauce
  • Good game but 5/5

    By ldawg4356
    It’s a very good game but I wish that you could put like meals/items that need ingredients so like say you wanted a cake you would ingredients into the oven and it would make a cake other than that it is a very good game
  • The best cooking game ever 5/5

    By ceedayfan24
    It was so worth the money to play this game I really enjoy the game the best game I ever play
  • I LOVED THIS APP 😍😍😍👍👍👍 5/5

    By Dulces caros
    I love this app soo much that I can’t stop playing
  • This is great & all but.. 3/5

    By Jadenfire
    Should be cheaper it’s so lacking for the price tag. Needs more yummys! More things to make like sammiches & pizza & lots of more food & more tools ! More things to discover & blend ! Dr panda restaurant 3 has way more stuffs to make & it makes me sad as I prefer Toca kitchen do to style & art But it’s just so lacking ..
  • Updates 4/5

    By hellohihellohihellohi
    I think you guys should make a other update like to make a burger like to put ingredients inside it or a hot dog plz look at this
  • Not worth $3 1/5

    By Denisdellydxomex
    This game is to expensive. You should at least add more food and it dose not have any sound. I want my $3 this should bee 99 cents not $3
  • OMG!! 5/5

    By shshsuchhacosoapaoxhsu
    I let my child play this game and sexual videos popped up! I’m happy
  • NIiiiiiicccce 5/5

    By Tereeza1
    So when i first tried it it was NIICE, but now, WWWOOOAAAHHH!!! It feels like it got so much better than before but it hasn't even changed! So get it pppllleeeessseee! Oh and it's appropriate for kids
  • I like it but.. 4/5

    By imasuperherolikeyou
    I rated it a 4 star but it would be 5 if you could add more food this game is great but if you cut something up and put all the cut up orange or anything that’s cut up in the blender only like 2 cut up anything will go in and the 1 2 3 4 or some the other cut up parts fall off so can you fix that pls
  • Stew and Sauces 5/5

    By play game 4ever
    I suggest a update for making stew. Usually, I would boil food 🥘 and try to make stew. However, I just end up with chopped, boiled food on a plate. I also want A way to make sauces in addition to this.
  • Add MORE PLEASE! 5/5

    By potatogurl3
    Hi I love this game and I can make many things but can I ask a few things -you can mash food Please add this so you can like make mashed potatoes and other mashed food - sugar packets So you can make things sweet and you can make lemonade and other - please add sugarcanes,chocolate,frosting,sprinkles - you can scrape foods - ingrediant lists - mixer for like cookies - add eggs,celery,microwave,butter,cheese,
  • Fun App 5/5

    By Little Man's Momma
    Please add in peppers, cheese, butter and bananas.
  • Weird bugs 4/5

    By ajthe pink
    So this app is amazing but I have a issue. In the game there is a intro and after the intro you play the game; right? Well for the few past days the intro kept repeating over and over again. Also I’ve been cooking food in the app and it comes out raw? Just to let you know
  • i’ve been redowloading over and over and resetting my phone and i still can’t cut things 1/5

    By Stranger_beauty
  • :3 5/5

    By App lover2009
    I love this you can do so much keep up the good work but can you add more please thanks!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By Minecraft <3
    Maybe make it to where you can stack foods for burgers and stuff.
  • needs an update 2/5

    By biancaithink
    fun but gets repetitive
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By TheGreatestCoder
    I have a bunch of money in my room and I spent most of it on this awesome app! I recommend it. I like when they scream when you use too much hot sauce!
  • I love this game 5/5

    By klaylee
    I rated this game 5 star because it is fun you can make whatever you like for your guests🤗🤩😋
  • It’s a great game BUT add these things please 4/5

    By Zxzxgxgx
    Ok over all it’s a great game but you should add :more characters,more food,and the ability to merge things to make new thing ex. Chocolate +dough =cookie etc. PLEASE ADD THESE THINGS
  • Just add more 4/5

    By serinatarsstar
    Add more food and cooking stuff and then you get the perfect game.
  • This is the greatest game ever 5/5

    By Garf118
    I love this game cause it is the best for a child👍😻 and so every parent should get the toca games for there child!
  • refund 1/5

    By cronch slimes
    id like a refund because my friend bought the app without my consent
  • Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    This game is so fun I just have a few ideas
  • BEST GAME! 5/5

    By Lps lover 202
    I have been playing this game for a long time, and it has never let me down! I play on a iPhone, I wish you guys could add the new updates onto the iPhone version please! On another note, the only thing I wish the developers would add is soup. The game already has so many ingredients, since I was younger I’ve always found it a bit, peculiar, how you weren’t able to make soup in the game. But other than that this game really jogs the creative part of my mind! Keep up the good work!!
  • Can’t even download it 1/5

    By thebossgamer5824
    I downloaded it and it wouldn’t download so I deleted it and tried redownloading it, and it wouldn’t download. It keeps saying you already downloaded this so it won’t charge and it won’t download.
  • This is a great app but 4/5

    By goof editing
    I love this app but there are some problems about it. First of all the chopping board does not work maybe it’s my phone but I thought I should address it. Second it would be cool if the noodles and the rice could be separated because when I cook it it just looks like a block of rice or noodles. This is more of a suggestion I think that they should add something to where you could creat your own sauces. This app is very awesome but those are the problems I have experienced and I wanted to share it.
  • Needs more options 4/5

    By 😀😃😂😅😇
    Ok, so let me start out with saying that this app is amazing! I would however like more options of ingredients. This is just an idea, but what if there was a jam setting where you could make jam or cream. Or maybe there could be a setting where you could mix baking ingredients together and make baked items?
  • G.R.E.A.T but I have a few suggestions. 5/5

    By gjggggjhg
    Hi i love the games you co
  • Toca kitchen 5/5

    By mike garcia 537828252
    It is my favorite app on my phone

Toca Kitchen 2 app comments

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