Toca Life: Neighborhood

Toca Life: Neighborhood

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toca Boca AB
  • Compatibility: Android
1,996 Ratings
$ 3.99

Toca Life: Neighborhood App

Welcome to your new neighborhood, filled with friendly faces to hang out with. Explore your new block, where you can check out cafés and shops, and meet a new set of characters. And guess what? A Toca Life app has never had this many homes! MOVE INTO YOUR NEW APARTMENT What’s your interior style? Minimalistic, cute, bohemian or industrial? Pick one of four apartments, or move into all of them! Move in, get settled, visit your neighbors and invite them to help decorate your home! DECORATE YOUR PLACE Visit the interior design store where​ you can find loads of items to decorate your new place. Plants, clocks, pillows and mailboxes! Paintings, stools and many other things. Don’t leave before spending some time in the photo booth. Choose a filter and get your friends ready! Say cheese! HANG OUT IN THE ROB-O CAFÉ Spend some time with your friends chilling in the Rob-o Café. Grab a bite from the conveyor belt or order a smoothie from the giant robot. Choose between four tasty flavors. Which one will you pick? GET NEIGHBORHOOD NOW – CONNECT ALL TOCA LIFE APPS SOON Very soon we will introduce Toca Life: World, our new mega app that brings all of the Toca Life locations together. Toca Life: World will be the place for all new themes and updates, and even some surprise gifts! We’re almost ready to introduce it to you. If you download Toca Life: Neighborhood today, soon you will be able to connect it with the rest of your Toca Life apps. FEATURES Meet 23 new characters 4 new apartments with different themes to live and hang out in! Shop at the design store to get new furniture and accessories for your home - make it your style! Bring your best friends to the Rob-o Café and pick out food from the conveyor belt. Get a smoothie from the giant smoothie robot. Choose between four tasty flavors! Bring family and friends to take a photo in the photo booth! Which filter will you use? Get a Sloth toy in the Slothtato toy machine! Find the secret Rob-o Disco Club! Visit the tiny creatures that have a hideout in the elevator! ABOUT US: At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at PRIVACY POLICY: Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Life: Neighborhood app reviews

  • Toca Neighborhood 1/5

    By i have the game io
    Deleted this app due to having a Ouija Board in the room on the wall. It reappears even if you delete it. Not letting my child play a game that allows demonic game/tools.
  • BEST APP EVERRRR 🥰🤧❤️💫 5/5

    By Mmia031610
    I always wanted this app until today 01/5/20 I got the app! I have been begging for ever and right when I opened the app I cried of joy!
  • No longer working since IOS update 3/5

    By Noleepolee
    Main screen just loads over and over. My son loves these games and I’ve spent a lot of money on them just for them not to work and for him to freak out about his games not working. 😪 it’s hard enough to reason with a 2 yr old... please fix it!
  • Must Have app. 5/5

    By KrazyPotato
    This app is great for kindergarten+ it’s wonderful to act out little movies and go into your own little pretend world. I love the Toca Boca Series and every little kid should try it.
  • nice! 5/5

    By Milemany
    Love the cat at the home store, as well as SUMONING THE SLOTH GHOUST! He seems like a nice guy. He now lives in my house.
  • The ghost... 5/5

    By Animal Environment
    Hi Toca! I absolutely love this game except the ghost and the board. I do not mean to scare anyone but I have a story. Once, a night 4 years ago, me and my friend Luisa were playing with my board like the one in game at 3am. We met a nice ghost called Chloe but then we met a bad one also called Chloe. At first Luisa was really scared cause she said she said goodbye to the good Chloe too quickly. I told her to calm down, but then we heard a little girl voice outside. It went like ‘Oh hi Luisa.’ Now I was scared too because we were home alone and I didn’t want any spirits. So I looked out my window hoping to see my parents car but all I saw was this girl wearing white with like maroon hair waving at us. I thought it was my sister because she has maroon hair but then I remembered she was at her own sleepover. So I ignored it and went back to my game. But then a few mins later Luisa went to the bathroom and she didn’t come back. Then the girl turned up behind me and I ran to call the cops, dodging her. I was in the middle of saying “I’m being haunted” when Chloe cut the line and she injured my leg. Ever since I have a huge scratch on my right leg, and Luisa said goodbye to good Chloe with her right hand. Right then, Luisa came back from the toilet but the next day her mom said she was really sick. She said her eyes were changing colour constantly and she took her to a doctor and then a priest (idk how that would help) when she was driving to local Church, her eyes went to blue to red and then completely white and she dropped dead. I knew Chloe was haunting her. So yeah guys hope that doesn’t scare you but I’m all fine and the ghost in toca is obviously fake. Its disturbing but hope you liked this true story! To everyone and toca Boca, 🔮Fae🤧
  • Toca boca 5/5

    By luan444444444444444!!!
    I love this app but there needs to be more clothes and more rooms and food but I love this game I wish it was free
  • Secrets? 4/5

    By Lunareclipse17
    Okay so I have a question there seems to be a secret room in the Robo Cafe what’s the code? Other than that,boring game.I would recommend buying the stuff in toca life but not the game itself.
  • The game is fun but however...... 5/5

    By lilypoothebean211
    I love Toca boca and it is really fun but I have to admit I don’t like how you are to pay for like EVERY game and some of them I want but I can’t get because my parents dot usually let me buy apps but this one they let me get because I did good on a test and did all my chores. But my friend just showed me Toca office and I REALLY WANT IT it looks sooooo fun but it cost $3.99 and like I said I really ever buy apps and now I am mad beacons it looks fun but I can not get it what so ever thank you for your time
  • I think 💭 you can do better Toca life more ideas 4/5

    By bad dude 2000
    I was thinking that you can make a amazing carnival. It would’ve worked if you think harder of Toca Boca. Next time I want a cool sleepover room in TOCA BOCA.
  • Love TOCA BOCA 4/5

    I love your company, you make games that express there creativity and let them make up little stories. I like this game a lot. But could you add a game where you have to find out an old mystery that has been around for 20 years about a mystery disappearing of an actor that has been last seen in an a abandoned warehouse that no one noes where it is. That would be a fun addition to a game called Toca Hollywood. And could you add a game called Toca woods where they can go camping but they have to watch out for the old ghost hermit who eats flesh. Bye! 😜😜😜
  • Should be free 5/5

    By review_wrighter
    I think these games should be free instead of being $2 but overall I love the game.

    By greaiu
    I just adore this game but it is so much easier to use the game than my phone!
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By peanutbutterinacup this game! It’s super fun to play with, and is an awesome game for movie makers, like me! Another important thing is that the characters are diverse-White, Dark skinned, Hispanic, etc. etc.... I believe that this game is good for anyone! Also, the game is interesting for toddlers, to children, and even for pre teens! This is a good game for role-playing, movie/story making, and just having fun.! YOU have the freedom to play YOUR way! No rules, no limitations! And, the prices may seem high, but the game quality is worth it!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By KiroxWolf
    This app inspires creativity, and you won’t have to download any other ADULT choose your own adventures like Choices, or Episode. Thank you, Toca Boca!!!
  • Childhood nostalgia. 5/5

    By Boogie33h
    Ok, so I’ve been playing Toca games for many years now. I absolutely LOVE these games! I’m now in fifth grade, and still roleplay with these loveable characters. I like to play these games when there’s no wifi, or when I’m bored. My mom and I made a solemn promise that she’s buy me every Toca (life) game when I was little. Thanks for everything developer! ♡𑁍♡𑁍♡𑁍♡𑁍♡𑁍♡𑁍♡𑁍♡𑁍 ☼⍟☼⍟☼⍟☼⍟☼⍟☼⍟☼⍟☼⍟☼☼⍟ ♕♔♕♔♕♔♕♔♕♔♕♔♕♔♕♔♕♔
  • 😍 I love it! ❤️ 💕 5/5

    By jillian flanigan
    Amazing! I just love how u can design a house! I love the robo cafe! And how there is a secret party place in it, love the characters included too! I love it! DO NOT MIND PRICE IT IS WORTH IT!! I’m going to be 17 tomorrow I know I’m wayyyyyy to old! But I have everything I mean you never get too old for this game and once you have everything in the app! AMAZING
  • Whattttttttttttt? 2/5

    By ghfucnn
    Read the title. Also it is not “ life” . You have to move them, they can’t talk
  • AMAZING. Just a suggestion! 5/5

    By FifiClaireLaRoux
    This is an amazing app! I finally convinced my mom to let me get it. She likes to get on the app also and jack around! I just have one suggestion! I think you should add more locations! Like one or two more. Maybe a hot tub hang out! I think that would be a cool place. Or maybe a restaurant. Please take one of my suggestions and use them. I think this suggestion would be good for a surprise update! Maybe even an anniversary of Toca! Thank you so much to whomever reads this. I love to see other people’s opinions! AND MY STORAGE IS FULL BECAUSE OF THESE GAMES, THATS HOW OBSESSED I AM.
  • Good but... 4/5

    By Lunagirlforlife
    I like it a lot I think it’s really cool and fun game but I accidentally messed up something and I tried to reset and I pressed it like forty times and it still didn’t reset I don’t know why and I wana delete it but idk if I will still have to pay for it 💜💜
  • Good app fun and surprising 5/5

    By evievan💜💜
    Toca Boca overall is really fun it’s easy to play you can make up your own stories. I really like this game though because parts of it is very surprising like the secret places and hideouts also secret surprises toys a lot more this game is very fun I do recommend it works on all devices I have all the apps personally I love them even though I’m not small child I know people who will love this game because all the colors and all the different characters but one thing I think Toca Boca sometimes is a little less than what it probably should be like this game has four houses right and a store and a coffee shop this is really fun game but sometimes just seems like a little too little I think that this is worth your money but sometimes I think you should probably get more of the Toca games to get more of the toga experience this is not one of the best games but there are many more of these games and they’re all really awesome I really recommend this game it kind of gets boring to you when you’re a teenager tho but until then it’s a really fun awesome game
  • Love this 5/5

    By uuuuuuuuuuudu
    Best toca game
  • Outfits????? 4/5

    By Maddiecakes7826
    Where are the extra outfits? Are they just supposed to have a limited wardrobe? I really really really want clothes .
  • I love it! 5/5

    By thump k
    This app is amazing I love it cause ITS THE BEST APP EVER!
  • Cute game! 5/5

    By gnashed
    I love this game because you can decorate your own house, how ever you want it! I also love the characters in it. It’s a really good game! 😊
  • Best game 5/5

    By cooooooookkkiiiiiiee
    It is the best game I ever played I bet when I'm older I'm still gonna be playing it🎉😊
  • I’m impressed! 5/5

    By phamos
    This is so good! I really like your games. I’m kinda too old to be playing this, but I still love it!
  • So.. 2/5

    By Dogmaster899
    Someone already wrote a review about this, but this is not okay to have an Ouija board in a game FOR 4+ YEAR OLDS! This shows a really bad influence to these kids! Toca I don’t know what you are thinking but it’s not good! It would be wonderful if you would get rid of the Ouija Board. Thank you
  • Great app! 🦄 5/5

    By Otter the Jester
    Ok hi I’m here to tell you this is a great app! When I got the app it was on sale thanks for that! Ok now I’m going to tell you a app that if ok you can make so in toca world there’s hot springs could you make that into a game called toca winter unless you don’t like that but thanks if you make it

    By puppy lover 3p
    I love this game I think it is so so so cute and you can be so creative with this game! You should definitely 100 percent get this game!
  • AMAZING BUT....... 5/5

    By itzzzzz me
    How do I order food not slushees at the robo cafe
  • ItS a GrEaT aPp💕💕💕 5/5

    By FazBAIR
    This is app is friendly for kids.there no harming in the game it’s completely safe.....and.......I love it 🥰
  • I am so disappointed. 2/5

    By Bean707
    I am a huge fan of Toca Boca games! They’re always so fun and totally child friendly...until now. I just wanted to say I am so disappointed in Toca Boca developers. When I found the ouija board I was flabbergasted. You should remove that! I am don’t like this app anymore. Thank you.
  • When will you make Toca Life: Zoo and Circus 5/5

    By Isita10
    Me: Can you please add the date for introducing Toca Life Zoo and Toca Life: Circus? Developer: No. Me: Please?! Developer: Maybe in the future🚀 I can do that.
  • ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By ChickaNickaP
    I love this app it is amazing 😉 download this app please
  • A bit disappointed 3/5

    By TwIrLyPlAyZ
    Okay, so first of all, I am disappointed why? Because I just wasted 4 dollars. At first, I was pretty excited to see the game, and there we're 3 buildings I was honestly like ”okay”, lol. But first I checked the apartments they we're really nice, very cute, overall liked the apartments :) then I checked like the store it was so cool and how they had those little pillows, IT WAS JUST SO CUTE haha, but yeah, then I checked the club thing and it was very cool, yeah, that we're ALL the buildings, there we're.. It eventually got boring, since there was literally 3 buildings, I was all like ”did I seriously just waste my money?” it just got pretty boring, it would be much cooler if they added more BUIlDINGS. Yeah, that's all if you are reading this, it's your choice you can either waste your money or just buy the game, but the apartments the store and all that, stuff it was pretty nice but yeah, bye for now, :).
  • Must Read It Pls❤️ 5/5

    By i love toca!!!!!!!
    I love this app but I wish there was just more clothes and more furniture. Also I wish that maybe you add more apartments. Also if you had more pets to. Love this game but maybe if you could just update it a little bit that would be great. Thx for reading this toca boca🤗😋
  • This game should be for kids! 1/5

    By jridjfjnjhdrnkh
    First of all when you are in the house number one or number 2 apartment when you look behind the paintings there is the Ouija board and this should not be for kids what kid wants to have a Ouija board and this stuff is not from God. Please I don't recommend this for your kids AND I IM A KiD!! I show this to my mom she said delete it now it's not good now before you read this please delete this game it's not good for your kids and plus I don't really like this game and my sister found it and she is4 ! AND! PS! She is scared
  • It’s great 4/5

    By rsxbjngegki
    But it would be awesome if there was a human ghost too
  • Review 3/5

    By EmeryG1582
    this game is fun but it gets a little boring because there is only 3 places to go. Toca world is more fun and it’s free and this costs $3.99?? if it had a mall, pet place, and a hair salon and more it would be definitely worth the $4!
  • Thank you Toca Boca 5/5

    By FrenchBulldogLuver!!
    This game is so awesome I am 11 now and I love it so much thx
  • Really fun overall👌🏻😊 4/5

    This game is very fun but I do have some complaints.First of all in the apartment that is new there is no food!How are my Toca life people going to eat,by living off of the food from the cafe?!Second of all,it doesn’t really have a lot of places on the map.There are only 3.But over all I really enjoy this game!❤️😊👍🏻🌸
  • More free Toca! 3/5

    By Zoeyzapplps
    Soo I only have Toca life And this one, I bought this and thought I would get the trash place and the activity place so please add that Also, You need more free Toca Games, So can Toca life Vacation be free? If it was I would give all your games five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ So please add this!
  • :( 2/5

    By jojjshdbrbkaozycgbxls
    I do love this game but the things that annoy me is that there isn’t any clothing or stuff like that..also this game as few places to go and also my mom bought this and I was playing it and then I got bored so then I asked for mincarft instead but she said no so now I’m stuck with this game.
  • Love this game 5/5

    By shadowcrafty
    I absolutely love this game if you do more games like this I am love how there’s for a permit to choose from and you can choose your own lunch and you can also take the people out and make it yours! I love the idea of the café and at the house store continue your great work I am encouraging you!
  • Here is an idea for Toca boca 5/5

    By Turtle 💚07
    To a zoo you can feed the animals and clean them and you can see all the people visiting the zoo and petting certain animals and there’s a gift shop and a food truck a ticket seller and you can have like a dragon behind a rock in the reptile house and It would be really cool thanks for looking
  • Add More 4/5

    By bbridley
    This game is GREAT 100%. But 1 thing add more places and people. Then the game would BE 200% Awesome. Well thanks love you TOCA BOCA!
  • Overall AMAZING app 5/5

    By 3llie3.141592
    I LOVE all of the toca boca apps and this is one of my favorite. I love designing a toca boca apartment, in-fact, before I bought this game, I would draw out my own toca boca locations. I enjoy finding all the hidden things in toca world and this app is no different, there are a great number of hidden items and other secrets. If it were possible I’d give this game an extra star. I HIGHLY recommended this game and all other toca boca apps. And when I grow up I’d like to work at toca boca. I just love all of the games. Great game!
  • It’s Worth Your Money! 5/5

    By Katie The One
    This Is One Of The Best Game They’ve Had! I’ve loved it! It’s the very first TOCA LIFE game (Not Including Toca Life World) People Who Rated It 4 stars. I can see what you mean, Not enough outfits, Not enough areas. But theres a few other clothes than towels! The one with these old people They have this Black and white boy shirt with jeans, and also in the pinkie girls room there’s several clothing! I know a lack of clothing! But still be thankful for at least what they had, After all this is one of its most popular games! It’s Even In I think 3 bundles! Cmon guys rate it a 5 for it’s popularity! Plus This One Even Included a New Thing! Personalizing your home. We’ve been stuck with not having to personalizing our homes before this game came out! I have a suggestion to make the other games more interesting! Maybe you should add a house for designing! And add the hus somewhere in it, Even if it’s at a little store! I’m Sure It Would Get More People To Buy Your Games To Personalize your homes more! And also maybe we could even choose the blankets and stuff for the beds, And move in tons more furniture! You could even update your game! If you did make it this far thanks! Your Never Too Old To Play These Games! -Katie P.S Thanks If You Add This!

Toca Life: Neighborhood app comments

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