Toca Life: Vacation

Toca Life: Vacation

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toca Boca AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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$ 3.99

Toca Life: Vacation App

Make every day a vacation adventure! Feel the excitement of going through the airport to catch your flight. Jumping on a hotel bed. Digging for treasure on the beach. Create all the vacation fun you want with Toca Life: Vacation! EXPLORE With four locations to explore in Toca Life: Vacation, you’ll never run out of ideas for your stories. Want to start your adventure at the airport? Have fun with the X-ray machine, board the plane and visit the cockpit. Then get a snack and enjoy your flight! At your destination, you have many choices for activities: shopping and sightseeing on the boardwalk, playing at the beach and surfing in the ocean and exploring the hotel. DISCOVER You’ll find lots of surprises throughout Toca Life: Vacation. Find out who inhabits the seafloor, open a secret compartment, uncover buried treasures and investigate a very mysterious-looking statue. RECORD YOUR STORY Use the in-app recording feature to create an original video! This feature records your voice as you’re telling the story, along with your characters’ movements. Create vacation videos up two minutes long and save them to your camera roll to share later! FEATURES - Explore four locations: airport, hotel, beach and sightseeing. - Create stories for 34 new characters. - X-ray luggage or people at the airport! Visit the cockpit and have a snack on the plane. - Fill up at the hotel buffet or raid the fridge in your hotel room. - Play on the hotel elevator then ride up to the top floor to enjoy the view from your penthouse suite. - Shop for souvenirs in the gift shop, take photos in the cut-out figures and have a snack on the boardwalk. - Play on the beach and surf above the ocean animals. - Discover the island mysteries! - Record your stories in the app and share with your friends! - No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like! - No third-party advertising - No in-app purchases WE LISTEN You wanted a vacation app, you got it! We loved your suggestions for a hotel, beach and airport, so keep those ideas coming! What do you want to see next in the Toca Life series? Share your suggestions by submitting a review, or share them with @tocaboca on Instagram & YouTube! *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Life: Vacation app reviews

  • It needs more things but i like it but it needs a update or something 3/5

    By goo goo poo
    And more secrets/easter eggs 🥚
  • My favorite company by senamer三枝maid 5/5

    By top mermaidxxx🥰
    I love toca Boca because it is a trillion beyond that stars! If you would download the beginner’s bundle it was way less money and totally worth it! I had it for a month and my sister is using my iPad to play the bundle! We take turns. I wish I could have every toca app!!! 🥰🥰🥰 toca Boca never makes me mad. I wish I could play for a minute straight without my little sister budging in the room!!!!?😡 but luckily I shut it off sometimes until she found out that it was shut off. I also wish that toca was free. But that shouldn’t make it one star! Or two or three or four. So I would say Toca is considered and the beginners bundle. But a year later my little sister downloaded it. I like that I guess. But it now!!! Highly recommended!!!!! Don’t listen to the one stars or two or three! There are no problems with the bundle!
  • Great but I want you to add like them some stuff 5/5

    By master roptop
    Can you please The theme park
  • Love it 💖 3/5

    By 😄The toca life kid
    This game is overall really fun. However, I do wish you have us at least one more location like a water park or a pool in the hotel, or maybe a cafe outside of the hotel buffet because I feel like you didn't include enough locations for this to really be a fun vacation. I still love the toca life apps though and toca boca in general! I do wish at least some of these could be free for. iOS too. Thanks toca boca!!!😜😍😄
  • I love it, but... 5/5

    By amg06
    It’s really good. The only thing that I think it’s lacking is a sunken Pirate-ship thing
  • Honest reviewer 5/5

    By jsrhvksjfhkrejhfl
    For me this game is awesome, because I can add it to Toca boca world. And for many this game is a yes, like me! But others aren’t feeling it. So maybe add a few places, a restaurant, something to grab players attention. If you don’t understand, let me show you in a different way what this would look like. In a book 📖 when it starts there usually is a hook. And a hook is something that keeps readers from closing the book, and going well this is boring, and stupid. Right? Professional authors would hook the readers attention. So that’s what you need to do. Start the players off with something that makes them automatically think, hey this already is a good game. I hope I helped! And if you do decide to respond then tell me if I’m a good honest reviewer.
  • So fun 5/5

    By Puzzbuzz
    I love these so much I love it you can play stores 🌸🌈
  • Ok 4/5

    By sprinkle lover 2.0
    I got this game and was excited 😊 and when I started playing it was fun and I thought 💭 it’s cool that toca made a vacation then I realized ,that there was no big secrets but I Didn’t play it as much anymore. But I still like it thank you 🤩
  • Maybe 5/5

    By Minecraft 🐶
    Can you please add in a Cruise please because I Think it would make The game a Little more interesting.👍😊 it’s just a suggestion
  • Awesome, but I have an idea 4/5

    By KatSkyler
    Hi, my friend and I LOVE this game. But we have some ideas. We think that it should be a group game because we’ve always wanted to play together. Also, we think the other buildings should be a little cheaper or free and one more thing, you should be able to make more characters without spending money. Hope you like our ideas! Have a great day!
  • Toca life 5/5

    By Poli hit
    It is really amazing game l really like it
  • I like it 5/5

    By SpiderMom82
    Awesome game… One thing add pets like parrots and I do love just giving my Characters voices /\/\ ( • .•) ( v v)o Bunny of approval ;)
  • Don’t get it 1/5

    By Jsiro
    The most Spence app the sale. You get a free demo then you kids want everything they offer and sale all separate. Crazy money. I regret getting it
  • Too pricey 2/5

    By HunterMan_forlife
    I love this game! But it is way too expensive. 4.00 for an app! I would suggest 2.00 at the least. I would buy more Toca Boca apps if you did that.
  • Sum suggestions 4/5

    By Mom of racing kid
    So I know it’s not really supposed to be like real life but seriously 😳 you need to put more hotel rooms on each floor. Look I love all the toca life games but I had the toca life city game and there was a girl wearing a crop top and you guys say these games are for little kids and that is not very appropriate for them Im nine years old and that’s not appropriate for me either.And I think you guys should make the games a lower price like not many parents want to spend three or more dollars just for a game for there kids plus more people would get the game.And I know that there is a restaurant in the hotel but I think you should make a fancy steakhouse like by the ocean 🤩 and I also think that you should have working boats and jet skis that you can actually ride. Anyway let’s get into the important suggestion I think that you should make a wait for it wait for it a snowy lodge I know you have that on toca life world that you can buy but I think you should have a whole game for that. Thanks for your time and stay healthy , bye 👋
  • Really good! 4/5

    By Gracie Mack
    I really enjoyed this pack because the backstory I had for my Toca Boca series was they were from Hawaii. One thing that would have been nice is if there was an actual house and a hotel, I mean the treehouse is great and all but it would be more realistic for a house. One more thing I feel like some of the games for Toca Boca should have a lower price or be completely free because some kids parents (like me)won’t let them do it very often so it’s hard to really enjoy the game when you know the next cool expansion pack will cost money.
  • Best game ever!!! 5/5

    By the rainbow girl🌈🌈🌈
    I love this game and it’s made very good but l wish that there was a way for me to bring stuff to this game from another game over all l love this game
  • Okay 4/5

    By XxPuppiesforlifexX
    The game is okay but glitches, so the 1st glitch is so disappointing because I had a lot of stuff in the suit case (in the hotel) I put it in the closet and left the game for a few hours I came back and all the clothes were gone! :( please fix
  • May I have a refund 5/5

    By may i have a refund
    May I have a refund please👏🏻
  • Make a story 4/5

    By rachquiz
    Ok, I used to LOVE this app. But then, I had to talk to make an actual story. Can u make more interactive please? Otherwise, the games pretty nice!
  • COME ON!!!🙄🙄 2/5

    By Elise is awesome!😏😏😏
    EVERY TIME I TRY TO PLAY THIS GAME IT DOES NOT WORK!! It just stays at the loading screen. And all the other Toca games I have do the same! All I see is a white screen! I loved this game until it started doing this. Please fix this bug! 😕😕I miss playing this game.😟😟😟☹️☹️☹️😞😞
  • Loved it but got boring 🌨😩👌🥺 4/5

    By ari tauseef
    I love this so much I spent $16 dollars on Toca Boca apps but once you play it too much it get’s boring Don’t get me wrong Toca Boca is worth the money but it get’s hella boring I love this but I kind of regret buying this and there’s not much to do and I really don’t think it’s really a “never get old kind of game” I mean love it but regret buying it because it just gets super boring but it’s a really good kids game but kids who are higher then 7 might get super bored from playing this too long Also can you please add an return button or something please I love this but I kind want to exchange this😕🌊
  • All good 5/5

    By mimi xdo
  • WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!!🤩🤩🤩 5/5

    By ksaakska
    THIS APP IS SO WORTH YOUR MONEY ITS SO GOOD!and everything is free other than the game it’s self,but that’s ok it’s not to big of a ever I do hope you could make like a wedding dress in storage because there is a wedding ring in the shop and a little wedding deck at the beach XD!!!LOL I think it’s an accident but that would be cool😇😎😇😎🤩🤩
  • Hello, please read my problem... 2/5

    By FizzPop the great😍
    Ok, so when I down loaded this game I was psyched! But then I started to have a problem, the same problem I have with every other Toca life game, don’t get me wrong, I love the toca games, but the toca life’s, Boring! I love hair salon and food and stuff, but in the toca life’s it’s just me playing by myself literally moving a person around and picking stuff up. Now, if it was a game where other people could join and it was multiplayer, or if people could talk and and you could make a movie or something out of it, so fun! But how it is right now is just not fun and I read all of these reviews about how awesome these games are, but they never say why, so I don’t believe it. Thanks for reading.
  • A Few Suggestions 5/5

    By great girl 2009
    I’m 10. I have been playing this since I was like, 5. Seriously. Even my little brother, who is 4, LOVES Toca Life. There is finally one thing that we have in common. I have played every game, Toca Stable, Toca City, Toca Town, Toca Vacation, Toca Pets, Toca Office, Toca Farm, I cant even name them all. You guys have created an amazing app that I’m pretty sure every kid in the world loves. I’ve read a couple of other reviews and pretty much ALL of them are good ones. So yeah, you people are the best. I just have one more suggestion for a different app. Maybe a water Park? It would have a similar snack place to the one in Toca City and you could ride water slides and play in a pool. Idk, just a suggestion, you don’t have to do it, because you guys probably get a million reviews each day and I know at least 99% have new app suggestions also. So, again, THANK YOU FOR CREATING TOCA LIFE!!! I also love all of the other Toca games you make like the hair salon and the kitchen. I’m pretty sure if Toca Boca was not a thing, I would be depressed and lost in life. I’m going to predict the future. Toca Boca will be successful until the end of the world. 😉
  • Idea 5/5

    By BugTastix
    The game is perfect but Toca Boca needs to put in a short cut from the beach to the hotel. I think the game would be much better if they had a short cut .
  • Love the game❤️ 5/5

    By reeeeeegurl2009
    So, I love this game so much.. I’ve been playing since I was 2 and I can’t resist not playing it😂 so I just wanted to say I love the game too much :D -a 10 year old that loves Toca
  • I really like this game! 5/5

    By I Love The Ace Family ❤️
    This game is really fun. I never heard of Toca Boca Vacation until my friend told me about it. I only had Toca Boca City and Toca Boca hospital at the time. My friend and I are obsessed with your games, especially this one. This one is so good, just as if we were going on vacation. There is an airport, hotel, island, shop area, and a beach. There is just so much fun in a little game. Definitely worth $4!!
  • So I got a good idea 5/5

    By The best MLP fan ever💝💝
    Hi I hope your having a great day and I love your apps so much and I hope you like my idea I think you should add a new app called toca boca life family and in toca boca life world it is located in bop city because I have not seen any more houses in bop city than any of the other places that I have seen and a bigger school and the desks are facing at the chalk board and everything that a real life school has and can you have ten people who you can make in the character creator because I don't have enough money to buy the Full character creator and I love your games and your new update it is so much fun 🦋🦋🦋
  • I love u toca 5/5

    By lps lover 863
    Ok, when I was watching Parker plays, I saw him play toca life city!! Then I downloaded toca life: world!! Now, it's so cool!! U can make ur own ppl! Ur the best toca
  • 😮 did the afternoon come up here today at the airport at the treshre chest 5/5

    By dathre of throns
    This game is awesome 👏 is the Best is the moment when you’re ready amp ❤️ ❤️ love it I’ll add it to my favorites
  • This game is awesome!!! I love Toca boca I would give it a PRZ! 5/5

    By rbekcy
    This game I awesome I would give it a prize if I could of one of the best games ever and I have so grate ideas for more games 🤗😄☺️ Grate ideas for the game: Toca boca zoo, Toca boca Mansion/houses and city and departments whith school and a church to get mearid but can it be free please!!!!!!!!!!! if not my mom maybe she can’t buy it because you have to pay for it and I’m a really big fan of Toca boca so please be free and iwhant you listen Toca boca I’m so excited for this game I really love Toca boca and please do these games I’m stil an 8 year old
  • I love your games but an idea came to me 4/5

    By avacodogirl12345
    Okay toca boca I love your games. But some people argue the expense of them. When I bought this vacation game, I didn’t really like it. But then I thought something. Since I don’t have all the toca life games, I thought if you didn’t like a game, you could return it and get a different game for free. So it’s technically swapping out different games for the want you want and actually like. But, if you want to get more money, you can give all the gamers 1 return and they can purchase more. Thanks so much toca boca! I really appreciate it! :D But, it would be wonderful too if you delete a game that costs money, you can maybe get your money back? You don’t have to do that tho. Thanks again! :3
  • I have a couple ideas... 5/5

    By JohnnyScott7
    Hi! I LOVE this game sooooooooo much! I love all Toca boca games! I have some update suggestions.... I would love to have more hotel rooms and a cruise ship would be awesome! Thanks!
  • Toca zoo 5/5

    By rudy 2s day
    Please make toca zoo I was on toca mix and what is the big deal
  • Great but a few suggestions 4/5

    By Scoutinwashington
    Toca Vacation is a great game, but I have some suggestions. First of all, me and my sister were playing this game, and We were using a wheelchair in the story. We were trying to take the person in the wheelchair to a different area, but we weren't allowed to put the wheelchair on the sidewalk. If you guys could maybe update that, it would be awesome. (Maybe in other games)? Second, I think that like in Toca World, you should be able to create your character to look more like you. It would be nice for kids to have a character who looks like them or who they want the character to look like. Lastly, you should add a multiplayer mode, but parents would have to answer a math question. Except that there shouldn't be any chatting, because we need to keep it appropriate for young children. In addition, there should be a code for 2 devices nearby each other for safety. Such as, somebody would want to play with their sibling with this app on their device, and one person would host the world and have a code on their device and the other one would have to put the code in to join. Again, parents would have to confirm it first that their children are allowed to play multiplayer. Please reply if possible. Thank you!
  • love !’ 5/5

    I love this addition , the whole vacation feel etc... but can we have a pool or water park :((( i was hoping we would get just a regular pool at the hotel to go too but there isn’t
  • Great but kinda mad 4/5

    By ThePerrssonn
    So I got this game with money and LOVED it SO much!!! But then my friend told be to get the Toca Boca: World, so I did and saw the vacation one on it and more of the money costing apps all for FREE!!! 😡😡😡 And the world one works without internet and the vacation one alone only works WITH internet. Please fix. Super annoying just like make the vacation only one better than in the world or something please.
  • Plz Great suggestions 5/5

    By Ohfeelia
    SUGGESTIONS!!!! Toca life: weather 🌨🌪🌧⛈☀️🌤⛅️ there could be a weather station where you can change the weather and houses and one of those tall spinning restaurants with weather themed desserts!Also PLZ MAKE A ZOO!!! There are many requests if you JUST READ THEM!!! Panthers*leopards *tigers* white tigers * sloths * exotic birds* turtles *frogs* snakes *zebras * monkeys * lizards (Maybe Komodo dragons)* wolves* lions* white lions * lynxes * and much more. Toca life: fame. There could be amazing mansions, a place to perform music with backgrounds and props for rock, pop, county, rap, an a roll down tv screen and a ballroom for awards! Thnx! 😸
  • Good game but I have an idea 5/5

    By Targqul
    Why the non-humans? I have an idea! These are the apps that include vacations at Toca life: Toca life waterpark -with a hotel with everything (resort), a water park, an amusement park, and an airport with real places like Florida, New York, Cairo, London, and Texas. Toca life cruise ship-a cruise with a ticketing area, an elevator, a pool, a kid bar, and some rooms. Toca life big city-This app will have a subway, 15 hotels, 30 apartment buildings, and everything else that a city has. Please make the apps! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeee! I’d also like if you can say choose the correct floor and don’t play on the hotel elevator.
  • Good but plz add something 4/5

    By jdytjyju
    Plz add a cruise ship
  • Awesome game 😍💕💯 5/5

    By kitty kittycat cat
    I love this game but I kind of wish they could dance and make difrent expressions now that would make it 👌 perfect so could you do that pleas pleas pleas🥺thanks and maybe you could make some free places on toca life world like a castle a grave yard portal realm with 🦄 unicorns thanks
  • I love this app but :( 1/5

    By Mallorylindsey
    I love this app but it un downloaded and it’s says I have to pay again

    By colette and riley
    I love ❤️ this app i was like WOWZER THIS IS FUN keep it going Toca boca and this is the greatest day my life
  • I love Toca baca and please make one of these! 5/5

    By Albeck01
    I love toca boca so much and have everyone cause I love them so much so I was thinking maybe make a Halloween one just because I like Halloween so much so maybe like a few houses and a shop for costumes that’s all I know so far and a Thor suction is toca life water Park! So maybe like a restrant the water with slide and stuff maybe a shop for stuff like swimsuits.So I would really love for one of these for you to make!
  • The most amazing game ever 5/5

    By jujuqueenofpuppys
    Like I said in the title most amazing game ever
  • Needs a few things like... 4/5

    By Captain? Mark
    This game is so fun but I think it needs this if a person is in the water you can tap on them to put them under water.but every thing else is great I like how the puppy is in a police outfit it’s sooooooooo cute that’s all thank you
  • Requires network (no airplane for you) 1/5

    By Woberman
    My kid was pretty upset about this. As far as I can tell the required network is only there to show you crappy ads for other toca boca products. Boo on them. No more for me.

Toca Life: Vacation app comments

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