Toca Life: World

Toca Life: World

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toca Boca AB
  • Compatibility: Android
17,295 Ratings
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Toca Life: World App

Toca Life: World is the new app where you can create your own world and play out any story you like. This mega-app brings all of the Toca Life apps (City, Vacation, Office, Hospital and more) together in the same space. That’s right. Now everything is connected in one massive world of play. INTRODUCING TOCA LIFE: WORLD If you thought it was fun to dive into a Toca Life app and do whatever you want – like give grandma a wild hairstyle, flush stuff down the toilet, or just hang with friends – then just you wait. In Toca Life: World you can go even further by creating stories with your favorite characters in any location you want. Want to take a pet to School? Go for it. Bring a sloth to the Skate Park? Rock on. Take the doctor to the Salon and dye her hair green? Sure, why not. In Toca Life: World you’re the boss and you get to make the story up as you go along.​ FIRST 8 LOCATIONS & 39 CHARACTERS INCLUDED Download Toca Life: World and right away you can visit Bop City, a vibrant city area with 8 different locations for you to explore, like the hairdresser, the shopping mall and food court, and even an apartment. It’s a great place to start building your own World! KEEP THE TOCA LIFE APPS YOU ALREADY HAVE Are you already playing with apps in the Toca Life series? Great! When you download Toca Life: World, we’ll help you bring all of that stuff into the mega-app. Then you can start mixing and matching locations and characters however you want. BUY NEW LOCATIONS AND CHARACTERS If you want more locations than what came with your first download, that’s cool. Toca Life: World has a shop where more than 50 locations, 300 characters and 125 pets are available for purchase. With different prices from small to big, you can decide to add a little or a lot. We’ll always be updating with more locations, characters and crazy things to do. GIFTS EVERY WEEK Guess what? You don’t need to make purchases in the shop to get new items to add to your world. Check back every week to get surprise gifts! About Us: At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Life: World app reviews

  • This game restarted my progress 1/5

    By iiGoldenCat10
    I don’t know why but this game restarted all my progress and no I didn’t press the restart bottom
  • Love it! But... 5/5

    By #Be😻🐞miraculous
    I just wanna say I love love love this game 😍😍😍 but I just wish everything is open free I am just curious about them so pls open the free and also I am 😞 that the others are all for money 2 so pls make them free love this game b
  • Awesome Best Incredible Game Ever! 5/5

    By Mossfire9
    This is amazing! I absolutely love this game! But, to make it even better you could add a place to create your own clothes! It could be the same place as the character creator and then you could have your own outfits. Also, you could make your own house, pets, etc!! Thank you so much for your hard work! P.s. if you don’t collect your gifts from the mail, do you never get them?

    OK so I love this game sooooo much but lately whenever I click on something to go in it just logs me out of the whole game! Please fix this because I have a present waiting and I want to check out the floople update! PLEEEASE FIX!
  • SO AWESOME! 5/5

    By TheGreatestCoder
    That’s all I want to say, except I think there should be a Toca Life: Space 🛸 or some space section. Anyway... BYE!
  • New idea for game PLZ LOOK 5/5

    By Kemillard
    Ok so I love this game so much and I will continue to play but there is something that you should add Halloween is coming up you should make like a costume party sort of thing can’t wait to see if you do it bye!
  • I wish you could join other people 4/5

    By lillard272
    The reason is that me and my brother always play a Toca Boca and we wish we could play with each other
  • Suggestions PLEASE READ TOCA BOCA 4/5

    By EmoEmerald
    Here are some suggestions: I know that you guys need money, but since they are the old ones with lower quality, can you 1. make town and school come with the app instead of just city? I’m not asking you to make everything free, just town and school. 2. They should also be free on the App Store, because they’re kinda the worst ones no offense. 3. At least Toca city should be free, because you can literally get it for free with this app. 4. Also, make bundles for each app so you can just buy every building that comes with, for example, Toca office, without having to download Toca office (but if you’ve bought all the buildings in the app, with the bundle or not, make the app free to download) 5. Make the reset button a bit slower or 6. have a pop up saying, “do you really want to reset?” I noticed that some glasses and hats can be put on the sun. Can you make it so that 7. all of them can be put on the sun, 8. do the same with the moon, and maybe even 9. make the sun and moon eat food? I also noticed that the items don’t stay on the sun if you exit the building. 10.Can you make it so whatever you put on stays on, in all the buildings and even the main page? 11. Make a “save world” option so you can save where everything is and you can make up to a certain number of worlds and you can access your saved worlds, change them, but your saved world won’t change unless you delete it and save the new one. 12. Make it easier to get the outfits that come in the mail out of those blue boxes. 13. Upgrade the normal character creator to include more people, maybe five, and more glasses, and make it so EVERY clothing item in all the buildings you have bought is available in it, and if you upgrade then it’s all the clothes in all the buildings without having to buy them. 14. Make it so you can put people on the road in wheelchairs. 15. Make it so you can pause and resume recording, and you can switch buildings during a recording. 16. Make things you put in the trash appear in the dumpster. Make the dumpster one of those big green closed ones, and if you tap it it will show everything that’s in the trash and you can take it out if you want instead of everything going back to where it was when you leave the building. 17. Add more wheelchairs and upgrade all the radios so any of them can play all the songs from all the original radios in the buildings you’ve bought, like a music select screen. That’s all I have, thanks for reading and sorry for long review. 😍 I love your games, keep making more! Might update later
  • The games mb 3/5

    By nhnhnhnhnhngbghh
    I like the game but it takes up lots of space and I can’t play it
  • Update 5/5

    By camelaw
    Can you do an update for the holidays and also give more gifts like for holidays Halloween is almost here can you do a special event and give Halloween themed gifts also I like how you can change it in the world from day tonight but could you add more weather like snow and fogginess and stuff like that if considere any of my ideas plz reply thank u
  • I Love this Game 5/5

    By Lovecatz🐱
    I would like to suggest that you make it to where maybe the eyebrow color changes when you dye the hair, or you can change it separately. Could you also make it where you can make your own character (like pick the hair, facial features, skin tone, etc.), that would be cool. It would also be neat to be able to design your own clothes for your characters to wear, that would be amazing. Edit: I am confused about the new update. Are you saying I purchased character creator for no reason? Now it’s available for free?
  • I love this game but... 3/5

    By SabineWrengurl53627
    Okay, this is the absolute best game in history! I only happen yo have one tiny thing. I found the update (the most recent one ) available on my IPad. As usual, I did the update. I don't know if this is just me, but something is wrong with characters facial hair and hairstyles. I can give an example. In the city area of Toca World, there is an area with a cat in a box on top of it. I clicked reset cache, then went there to grab the girl with the black hair that is there. I found her with NO HAIR. Freaky! At that point, I thought "oh it's just her I'm okay!" But nooo. I checked in the area with the fish thing person, and he had pink hair!!! That character doesn't normally have hair at all! I checked all of the characters that were not human. i.e. the octopus guy from waterfront, and the hair was either the wrong one or it had hair when it shouldn't have had it!!!!! That was super weird. I reset the IPad, and I don't think my device is the problem. Please fix this glitch! Also, P.S THIS GAME IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!! thanks for reading! Byeeee! Also P.P.S I can't dye hair at alllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this came with the update please release a major bug fix and soon!!!!, thanks! Edit: THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE NEW UPDATE!!!!!! In celebration of this (yaaay) I'm gonna make a video of the new toca boca world!!! Again, thank you so much!!!!!, Edit part two: okay, this is getting aggravating. As previously mentioned, I was going to make a video, now I can't screen record!!!!!!!! Annoying! Okay bye!!!! :) Edit part two: how in the HECC do I screen record?!
  • Love it! But....... 4/5

    By sdgvdgh
    I love this game so much it is a lot of fun! But I got the hotel today and the gummy things that I feed the people is not making them sick so if in a update you could fix that i will give you 5 stars. Thanks!
  • In this game I heard.... 1/5

    By k.Niko
    papers moving and noises and breathing a water bottle is being squeezed I told my mom it might be a spy and she said it is a spy I’m like oh my God it’s a creeper no no nope
  • Amazing cool game 5/5

    By Keniahkiw
    This game gets a lot of updates that are very nice and new parts of the whole game and world on Toca boca
  • Ideas 5/5

    By big sister#1
    I think you should make a Toca life world mall and a escape room! I love this game!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
  • Best game ever🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍 please read 5/5

    By Bizzygirl
    The creators should create a mansion! With a mansion, we could have rich people. I love pretending to be rich and it would be really cool to do that. I was also wondering if you could make a castle with nights and a king and queen. You should also make a beach club. There should be a person or animal copier, so you can make twins (my brother came up with most of these). There should also be an animal creator. I also wish for a sky castle and an arcade were you can earn prizes. This game is sooooo much fun and I can use my imagination. It is soo much fun for all ages. Creators, will you tell me what the secret in Hot springs is, Or if there even is one. I couldn’t seem to figure it out. Me, my brother, and my friend were all were trying and still couldn’t figure it out! We watched videos and tried everything, we still couldn’t figure it out!😭!I also love the secrets. They are soo much fun, but do not make them too hard. This game is soo much fun and I am 10! P.S. There should a candy shop, camp sight, and a museum. And also why do you let Noah Knows get the games early? It is sooooooo unfair! He isn’t even that good!☹️🥺He is not that good and his deep dives are the worst!?!? Do some one else, someone good.😒😞 Also, thankyou for taking the time to read my review. There is something weird going on and all of my floople people are wearing a t-shirt and jeans?! I figured how to fix it, all you have to do is exit out of the game. Then delete the window.
  • Corgi son game? 5/5

    By CorgiLovingGirl
    I love this game recently I found a shiva inu in the place you make a character and I flipped! I took it to the apartment and take care of it now I like the shins because it looks like a corgi but could you add a corgi please?
  • Toca life 4/5

    By kitty kittycat cat
    I honestly can’t tell you how excited I was when I herd this game was coming out I already had all the games on my phone when I first got the game I loved it but after awhile you had to start paying for add on places which is ok some are cheap and you have had a couple free updates but I really wish you could make more free and I also have some ideas for more places museum,zoo,ice castle, arcade,library,cafe,grave,orphanage and mall so can you think about it pleas thanks!
  • Really detailed but also really boring 3/5

    By stopsayingthenicknameistakenok
    I like this game but however it’s not really a attention holder it might grab ur attention for awhile but it’s rllyyyy boring I like this game (it’s not exactly a game to me it’s more like dress up and stuff) because it’s really detailed which I like! Now the thing is that it doesn’t really have a game or mini games which I kinda was expecting to have, I really actually like this game however if there was some type of mini games or streak awards thingy it may be better. I feel like this kinda reminds me of gacha. I think I might be able to make some stories or glmvs with this game but tbh I don’t know, it’s quite boring it doesn’t really have a lot to do in the game...I only like this bc it’s cute and rllllyyyyyy detailed other than that it’s like just boring like boringgggggggg 😔 I’m actually quite upset about it. This game could’ve been a lot and I mean a lot better if it had more to do in the game if you’re gonna be adding stuff I would recommend adding mini games and a streak thing like being able to claim something either everyday or every week....
  • Love this game!!!! Suggestions 5/5

    By lalalalalalalalalkgshx
    I love this game toca, but I have a few suggestions that I think would rly improve this game! My first suggestion is leashes. Leashes for the dogs would be great! You could drag the leash onto the dog then put it in the owners hand and it would be perfect! My next suggestion is jackets. I would love to have jackets that you can just put on over their outfits, that way you wouldn’t have to switch to a winter outfit in the winter you can just put on a jacket over their clothes. Next, cereal. It would be great if the cereal poured out like the milk instead of just being one serving. It’s a little thing but would make a big difference to me. Please consider these three suggestions, especially the first two!! ❤️
  • Fun but there’s one problem 3/5

    By Fnaf YOUR MOM
    Toca life world is a great game but after like a few minutes of playing your already done with the game,you should add daily rewards,more stuff to the free version and limited time things,I feel like there should be more than just a bunch things that cost so much,the creator of this game seems to only like sucking the money out of kids.
  • Grate game! 5/5

    By PiperBee
    I have been playing this game for a long time and I think it’s the best game ever. You should download this game.

    By CoachLeFors
    So I think you should add an mansion because RICH PEEPS and I love to role play AND SECRET AREAS AND/OR COOL EFFECTS!!!
  • Greatest Toca app ever 5/5

    By Jenroman
    Okay I’ve been playing this app forever and I love it. The first things that I love about this app is that all the worlds have been combined into one. And I love the creativity in this app. Good job Toca app designers because I love this app.
  • Really good but make a iPhone place 5/5

    By tic tok man
    It’s really cool and all but they need a store to place all the iPhones iPads and games that’s alll bye pls read thx
  • I love it, just one thing I think is an issue 5/5

    By CapreeKitty
    Hey! I love Toca boca. I have been playing the games since I was so little, and I enjoy Toca boca life to this day. I have every single pack so worth it. Character creator OMG, I freaked out when I saw it was coming. I was so happy, happy! You guys are so inclusive and creative. I love making character. But, while making a character I wanted to make one with the skin condition Vitiligo. I had seen a child character with this condition, so I assumed you could make a character with it? I searched everywhere for it! I could not find it, I really want this for my character. If this already in the game, I would love a response so I can know. If not maybe you can add it, it would make me so happy. :) Thank you, A huge huge fan.
  • This needs some awesome changes!!!! 5/5

    By Mysha Toca
    Hmmm if we can create our own clothing,locations,a Toca show,and make props! This need new places like a mine,mansion,a zoo and I fashion runway! This will be a great idea! Like can you make a FESTIVAL!?
  • Earrings 5/5

    By ilovepuppysandunicorns
    Hi guys! I love love love your games, but I have one suggestion. It’s that you should add earrings! In the new pool update I realized that one of the characters had earrings and I just like the thought of that. Also I want a wig store. One of my characters had cancer in my game and I got her a “wig”. But now I have to go back and forth to the hair salon to get it changed over and over. So please consider that!😁 But other than that, I love your games!
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️PLEASE READ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By Kinsey 10
    I love this app! But I think it would be so cool to have a cruise ship🚢🛳 and maybe a castle! I know that is a lot to ask but I think it would make the game more enjoyable then it already is! You could also add another house, maybe a mansion! It could be 3 stories with a bunch of gold stuff and a ton of rooms! You could make it an app too. It could be called "Toca Mansion" or "Toca haunted Mansion" if you wanted to add a secret room with more characters or gold or something. Sorry this is a bunch of stuff, dont feel obligated to do any of it, I just thought up some ideas this week. I absolutely love this app, you all should be so proud. Thank you for reading this!
  • I agree with sucker123 3/5

    By wazforlunch
    I agree with sucker123 because we deserve to have the full city but other than that I like this game.
  • Good but not good 3/5

    By melmel2890
    I’ve been playing this game for a while. But you dont really have much to do unless you pay for a new world in this game👌🏽. I think all your games should be free cuz little kids are going to get bored of your game if there aren’t that many things to do. In this game you should add some more free stuff for us to do☺️. Tbh I’m kinda getting bored with this game a little. My mom said she was going to wait to buy more worlds for me because she didn’t want to waste all her money on something I’m not going to be playing with. 💕💕💕💕💕💕 Other wise this game is ok 👌🏽. Another thing is you should add more free activity’s for us to do in this game and like more jobs for us to do that are free. Also what I mean by free is, like we shouldn’t have to pay for a world to get a job. And I get that your trying to make money but with us buying worlds that’s extra because I’m pretty sure that you still get payed by your ratings and by how many people download your game. 👌😳😏😎🧐. Also you should let us make more people without having to pay with for another slot. Well that’s all I had to say🥳💝😊🤩😂😂💕🧐❤️😊🤣😀❤️😏 If you agree than write a review just like mine😂❤️😏☺️😀 Bye y’all 👋🏽
  • For free?! Incredible! 5/5

    By Narishka11
    I see a lot of “it’s amazing...but...” in the reviews. No but! For free this app allows you to do an incredible amount of things. We loved sago mini for the discoverability... this is just as awe inspiring! Thank you for creating sooo much for no charge! We just bought Toca hospital to see how your other apps play out. Great work guys!
  • It’s very cool but... 5/5

    By Bitsy_Boo
    This game is truly amazing and I love the customization options but they should have one or two free houses or stores, so it doesn’t feel like you have to pay just to have fun! Please if you could just add a couple free stuff then that would be great, I do love the game though.
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By David Doge
    It is good but could be better if the developer made everything free instead of buying it because all the games you have to pay for besides a few and I feel like they should be the first game yeah everything is free but I do like it I’m just saying it could be better if they do yat
  • Great game but... 3/5

    By Qbert awesomeness
    This is a really good game, but after switching phones, getting the game on my new one, and all that, it won’t restore all purchases. I payed for one of the worlds and it won’t give it back to me. If Toca could fix this and give it back, I’d really appreciate it.
  • toca 5/5

    By the nest game ever
    make a toca college
  • House design 5/5

    By Sprinkles399
    I love this Game and play it all the time I like the furniture store but it would be nice if you would add a blank house and basic furniture (bed,couch,table,etc)so you can have more ways to decorate your house wallpaper would be cool too.😁
  • Great game, one suggestion 5/5

    By CatJHunt
    I think that you should add a place with just houses. Big houses, small houses, and even apartments. Then all my families would have a place to live. Thank you.
  • Rip off!😡 1/5

    By Clarell
    You take my money 💴 and your games are not even worth it anymore I like mega better actually because everybody has been asking for you to make toca characters to have makeup 💄 on! But no you don’t do it! Anyway my app is not working because I went on to toca world and guess what? My whole world started over again! All my hard work I had been working on for 7whole months is gone! So I started over again and today I went in to the app and my world 🌎 got started over again!!! I am very mad at you because I spent over 60 bucks just to get toca games!!!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😡😡😡😡 Toodles! Clarebear
  • I love this but ... 5/5

    By Planet.neptune
    I love this game but my game keeps crashing and it’s not working maybe work on it

    By #🤪
    This is like the best game EVER I LOOOOOVE IT SO MUCH!! I have some ideas for a new game maybe you can make a toca life mall you can shop, eat, & watch a movie here’s another idea. Maybe you should make a toca life camping you can roast s’mores you can sleep in the tent and you can explore the woods with your friends find a dark cave where a friendly dragon lives. That’s the end so if you ever want to make those ideas then start creating bye guys you are the best 😜😜 (P.S if you wanna make the ideas you guys can make new characters)
  • I love this game 5/5

    By Nerandall
    Ok so I ride horses and there is a new swimming pool and I made some characters so I love horses and this game!
  • Love it 5/5

    By cute cat times
    I love this game so so much. I have all the worlds it is amazing
  • I think you should make more stuff 5/5

    By allcat07
    I think you should build a bigger and better Highschool and I think you should make a middle school I think there should be a animal creator I think you should make a football stadium I think you make a mansion with a pool outside 2 floors indoor movie theatre and a swing set and a treehouse I also think there should be a church and they should have a trick ridding place for trick riding I think you should make a castle I think you should make a place with a water slide and roller coasters and a zip line and a cheerleading place and a gymnastics place that they can do backflips and front flips and splits and stuff like that and make a zoo mAKE DISNEY LAND and Hollywood and make people from like movies from Disney like tinker bell or Captain Hook and his ship
  • New Update problem! 1/5

    By ItzyogurlIrene_1221
    I just downloaded the new update and now my app keeps crashing when I try to open any of my buildings. What can I do to fix the problem without having to delete my app and lose all my characters?
  • I want out door pool! 3/5

    By MarDe98
    so I try to go to the store and it keeps saying please wait I waited for 1 HOUR before and it was a night mare please fix this and respond back please
  • Love this 5/5

    By Koolkid5508
    I absolutely love this game! I thought I had my worlds deleted but they came back! Reccomend! This game is awesome!
  • Wow 5/5

    By i love toca!!!!!!!
    I think you should make a car dealership that would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and fun also a mall and a arcade that would be so much funnn pls put these ideas to start and make them real Thx toca

Toca Life: World app comments

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