Toca Life: World

Toca Life: World

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 1.17
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toca Boca AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Toca Life: World App

Toca Life: World is the new app where you can create your own world and play out any story you like. This mega-app brings all of the Toca Life apps (City, Vacation, Office, Hospital and more) together in the same space. That’s right. Now everything is connected in one massive world of play. INTRODUCING TOCA LIFE: WORLD If you thought it was fun to dive into a Toca Life app and do whatever you want – like give grandma a wild hairstyle, flush stuff down the toilet, or just hang with friends – then just you wait. In Toca Life: World you can go even further by creating stories with your favorite characters in any location you want. Want to take a pet to School? Go for it. Bring a sloth to the Skate Park? Rock on. Take the doctor to the Salon and dye her hair green? Sure, why not. In Toca Life: World you’re the boss and you get to make the story up as you go along.​ FIRST 8 LOCATIONS & 39 CHARACTERS INCLUDED Download Toca Life: World and right away you can visit Bop City, a vibrant city area with 8 different locations for you to explore, like the hairdresser, the shopping mall and food court, and even an apartment. It’s a great place to start building your own World! KEEP THE TOCA LIFE APPS YOU ALREADY HAVE Are you already playing with apps in the Toca Life series? Great! When you download Toca Life: World, we’ll help you bring all of that stuff into the mega-app. Then you can start mixing and matching locations and characters however you want. BUY NEW LOCATIONS AND CHARACTERS If you want more locations than what came with your first download, that’s cool. Toca Life: World has a shop where more than 50 locations, 300 characters and 125 pets are available for purchase. With different prices from small to big, you can decide to add a little or a lot. We’ll always be updating with more locations, characters and crazy things to do. GIFTS EVERY WEEK Guess what? You don’t need to make purchases in the shop to get new items to add to your world. Check back every week to get surprise gifts! About Us: At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Life: World app reviews

  • Read This Please! 5/5

    By DJE´s
    WHAT TO KNOW Toca World is probably one of the best games. For starters, it’s very creative and includes details. I’ll say it’s the best. PROS: -Easy Gameplay -Details -Characters with Personalities -Different Soundtracks -FREE Part-Bop City/Toca Life: City. -Get locations with the apps you already bought -Weekly Gifts -Creative Locations -+More! CONS: -Locations can cost a little- AVG. 1-3$ PRICES While you have to pay, I think it’s worth it. It’s not much, and the team spends SO MUCH TIME on these. If you look at the detail on them, you should agree. Toca Boca rocks this! PERSONALITY Yes, if you like sports, there are add-ons to add sports. If you like pets, ski, horses, barn, etc. there are normally additions to match you! I think it’s amazing on the variety of different games. SHOULD I GET IT? Yes! Yes, you should! YOU SHOULD! It’s a very cool game, and it matches personalities. It’s my favorite game, and as a Toca Boca fan, I have all of them. BUGS Like ALL games, bugs do exist. But, you can report them and they’ll fix them. They fixed the Hair Glitch, the Naked No? Yes! shirt glitch. SUGGESTIONS: A few are: 1. Cruise Ship 2. Museum 3. Dentist and 4. Zoo, but it might provide captivity so maybe an animal rescue reserve? EXTRA THINGS However, it’s not just the game. Toca Life Stories is an animated series that includes the main characters: Leon, Nari, Rita and Zeke, and some other wacky characters, such as Nimbus, the cloud, Paulina, a pineapple, and Bo, a yellow fluffy deli-owner and many other characters. They also give presents every Friday and update Toca Life MIX every Saturday, where they put the episode of Toca Life Stories, and maybe a location leak, or a comment and some poles. Overall, it’s all very well-made and is professional. It’s a really cool offline game that’s entertaining and professionally made. You should download it! Thanks for reading!
  • AWSOME GAME!!!!! 5/5

    By novamar347
    My friend has this game and she played it for 3 HOURS! She loves it.
  • It’s honestly a good game but there is a glitch 4/5

    By ~Pxstel~Rxses~
    I think it’s a nice game but one,If I stack some things and then come back to get like a pillow or drink from the shops it resets the stack and then I have to go and get the items I wanted to stack and it’s so annoying but other than that it’s good game
  • A tiny problem... 4/5

    By jjsoops
    I love this game, it’s very addicting and I love playing this game in my free time. I just have one problem that I need fixed: I purchased the farm house, but for some reason, it won’t let me enter the house. If I press it, it kicks me out of the app. Can you please help me solve this problem? Thanks! Otherwise, this is an amazing app!

    By Kittensparkle15
    This is such a great app. It’s for free, and it’s awesome. I love the idea that you can get BRAND NEW LOCATIONS, and if you already have a Toca life it gets added in to your own world, once again... FOR FREE! But you DO have to pay for the other locations, but that’s O.K because they are not expensive. I’m SO exited for the mall to come out! I have some ideas for new places in the world. You could maybe make a small city with cherry blossom trees, some hotels, some houses, some parks with lakes and play structures, and also maybe a little building with a carousel in it. I thought of that place kind of being like this the place I am from, called Salem Oregon... but if you DO make it, you could play around with some of my ideas. Anyway............THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP!
  • Best game ever!!!! 5/5

    By sushi super awesome girl
    This is the best game I love it I think you should download it right now because that will be the best decision of your life.
  • Scary... 4/5

    By hiyall5263748
    So I was playing on the pet area ( the vet office and house and pet shop) stuff AND PEOPLE would start floating and I tried fixing it my resetting my world and it kept making things float so download at your own risk iPad users...

    By Maeve1919
    I love this game! It is my favorite! Can you guys PLEASE come out with a REALLY nice mansion? Really big with a ton of bedrooms because a lot of the homes only have 2 beds! Thanks!
  • I would love this so much 5/5

    By kittie763
    You should add kids in between the baby and kids like toddlers
  • Love it but... 5/5

    By Hickleby
    I love the app but for some reason it keeps unexpectedly quitting on me?! Other than that I love that there is so many locations and they have an affordable price! I really hope you get this bug worked out! I understand your probably finishing up the new mall location so that might be the problem.
  • Great but here are some things to think about... 4/5

    By Vguvugbug
    My sister and I love this game!!!! One thing is troubleshooting. Im not sure if this is just me, but if i put clothes or decor in my apartment, as soon as i return to it, everything has suddenly disappear and i have to go scouting for it all. I have a couple suggestions, one is pretty high tech... I was wondering if you guys could maybe add something where it’s like an airdrop button so you could play with friends, so you can see each other in game. This would be very helpful to me, as probably also to others. Another suggestion is adding a little neighborhood of haunted houses yet smaller than the mansion in the haunted world. Also try maybe adding a haunted hayride and a haunted school. Maybe you could add a feature where we not only see the cars in the road, BUT CAN DRIVE ONE!!!! Along with this maybe add a car wash!!! And maybe a drive thru restaurant! I would loveee to see a dry cleaners where inside you could have the ability to create your own clothing and you could include that as apart of the floople landmark. I love to cook in toca, so maybe you can include a recipe book that you can actually look through. Along with that, you could add journals that you can actually draw/write in. Thank you for all of your time and consideration, sorry for such a long review.
  • ideas for updates 5/5

    By Lily Walters
    i have a few ideas for toca life first idea make the fnaf 1 2 3 4 or sister location area second idea make the tiktok place for tiktokers third and final idea fredbear’s family diner other then the ideas i really love the game 1000000 out of 10
  • Woohoo! 5/5

    By TotoRoandPonYo28
    So, I am a big fan of all the Toca Boca games so if course I had to get this one. My only complaint is that you have to buy all the cute worlds and that sort of stinks. Otherwise the graphics are soooooo cute and the toca life mix videos are one of my fav things about this game. Toca Boca in general is on my top five chart for games I absolutely love. Tanks developers!!!!
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Shuta!:)
    I love this game soooooo soooooooo much but it could be free, thanks for all the Toca nova games developers they are one of my top ten game brands! I can’t thank enough and I recommend this game a LOT!!!!
  • Make Toca Boca online! 5/5

    By rosey_edots
    Hi, Toca Boca Developer’s, I would like to make a strong suggestion about the games and the age level that will impact older people who play. So I know that your game is based for younger kids and it isn’t really a type of Online multiplayer game where u could play with friends, because of like child predators etc. But me and a lot of older and other people like us in the community who would like to make another ‘section’ for Online where u could play with your friends. This idea to many of us is so great! And it’s so exciting to even think about playing with your friends because we love it! We hope you get this! Please and Thank you :)..
  • Awesome but add more free things 5/5

    By daryaghanbary
    I love this game so much cuz when I buy a toca game it goes in it and I can mix all toca life games I have but there’s just a tiny bit problem one is that updates are only in maps and there aren’t a lot of free things and i think some of the maps should be free .still really good game
  • I love it exept 4/5

    By queenbeeiscool708050
    I had all the things but then I accidentally deleted the app and now after I re-downloaded the app I don’t have anything.
  • Love the game! But I have a BIG PROBLEM!!! 4/5

    By foodforlife🍉🥐🥪
    Recently I have been having a problem where it will kick me out and reset EVERYTHING! Since I have been playing a long time it’s hard to get back to where I was....and it’s starting to get frustrating because I have to do it every time I play. I looked to see if was a frequent problem with anyone else and I found out others were having the same problem but there wasn’t a solution.I love your games and hope your able to see this and fix this problem. Sincerely, a long time fan
  • I Love this game!! 5/5

    By ggjsjcjdjf
    This game had an lot of things to do and you can create any story line. I also like this game cause you guys hides secrets sometimes. I also like how they can dress and you can change their hair! Whatever your doing keep doing it
  • New world ideas 5/5

    By HotPinkJeans
    Hi so I was wondering if the creators of Toca world could make a world where there is a upstairs and downstairs and new beds where you can put on new bedding. I love designing and since I’m not in collage I can’t design and this could be a chance for me to design things on this game. I play it all the time and wish it could be this way. Anyway I love this game keep doing what your doing and peace. Also make a Toca gym that’s it now peace. Sincerely the all time favorite Toca world gamer Nya McKeown😉
  • 2 story ice cream shop 5/5

    By pusheen the cat 0510
    Toca life world should have A two-story ice cream shop. The first story should have all the ice cream flavors in little ice cream containers on the second floor it should have all the ice cream toppings and it should have a delivery car on the first floor and you can deliver ice cream to other people also it should have a couple new characters
  • Love it, but there’s some problems 3/5

    By HermioneG06
    Love the game! However, I have a question. Can the mall be free please? I really want it because it sounds amazing, please consider this! This is my favorite game ever! So please, do it.
  • How I don’t really like it 3/5

    By surylovely
    I don’t like it because I just play it and it lock me out and when I get in again I went to the store and come back and my house in there everything is back like I just play it and I know because I have a backpack and I have a lot of money
  • Toca life word 4/5

    By Auntunm
    So this game is super fun. But the is problem. When I went to the Hus thing. I got pillows and when I went to my house I placed them there on the bed. So I went to back to the Hus thing and when I came back they were gone. I had another pillow so I was about to place It on the bed it was gone. ☹️ Thank you please read this
  • Not everything needs to be bought 3/5

    By Redblossem
    Honestly I find it enjoyable when you release a new app, but when you only make a location (that could be an app by itself) that is available on toca world (and you have to buy it) it takes the joy away.
  • Hi but why money 4/5

    By monyonoatoikuttchai
    Hi Toca I just luv Toca world but I cannot buy it’s rily sad but looking at all of the things that you can put on the earth I spend real money on this rily boring game called my town so um ya
  • I love this game but I’m having problems 3/5

    By trubosteel
    So every time that I play the game glitches and it takes me out. I go back in the game and everything has been reseted. All my gifts in the post office and all my characters. The characters in creator campus loss all there stuff so they don’t have glasses or any other accessories and there clothes are just the white shirt with the jeans not the ones I picked out. Could you please fix this soon or maybe give me some advice on how to stop to. Thank you
  • I have one question 5/5

    By 🦄I'm really a unicorn!🦄
    I heard your haveing a new location, Toca mall wean is it coming out?
  • It’s really fun 5/5

    By Paml201
    It is just like all the Toca games in one. You should buy this game. Instead of going to all the different games, you can go to one.
  • Characters 3/5

    By Musicofadancer
    Recently the characters' outfits have been disappearing and my world gets randomly reset.
  • I have all the homes not ice home 5/5

    By mimi k10
    Why toca boca I am fans for you I need the ice home and they are going to add a mall
  • Can I have an update? 5/5

    By łęäh
    I need an update because I have spotted some bugs and my clothes are disappearing from my characters I made and sometimes the clothes never return from the game I need an update please and I really love this game one of the best games ever.
  • Amazing but... 5/5

    By Zucamoton
    When I play toca boca today I try to play but it only restarted itself and i have to decorate my world all over again. But still great game love it so much can’t wait for the new mall.😃❤️❤️
  • Suggestions 3/5

    By RoseDaisySunflowera
    I think you should be able to customize your house and your new borns. Also be able to add piercing and tattoos. You should create a factory where you can create your own outfits for your character. You’d should create a movie theatre. In addition you should have more restaurant. I hope you consider my suggestions.
  • Not working 1/5

    By jamaicanqueen265
    Every time I really want to play it stays on a white screen and it won’t work and my brother gets to play it and I have to sit here and be bored.
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By 🦋good girl🦄
    I love how much freedom you have in this game, there’s no rules or quests or money! I really like games like that, and I’m cool with how you have to buy locations they need money! And there’s secrets you can find which is so amazing! They make many updates to keep you entertained, every Friday you get a new gift!!! And there’s news or Toca mix, you can vote sometimes they have little games like a maze, or something, and if you ever want to start over you can! You can make your carecter even, and there’s not a single add 😍kids can play it’s very appropriate ( that’s hard to find these days ) there’s no battles health strips food and water monitor nope! Just you and your own world 🌎 Now I’ll show you stuff to add, to make it even better Locations you can add: zoo for sure library a rocket what if you added a moon!!! Then you could get in the rocket at a like nasa place then press blast off and you can go to a moon world 🌙 that would be epic Maybe change the weather, to rainy or sunny or snowing ☁️ that would be fun! If you could move furniture like the little record button at the side you can put a button with like a chair so if you pressed it you can make your home your own! (It doesn’t have to be in every location it can be in just houses and stuff) Last but not least, a more detailed person like a different nose, realistic eyes, possible tattoos, and you can pick your height like there’s a baby hight, kid hight, adult, old, if you can make it like the skin color with the thing to make it lighter or darker but with your hight! Coming from a short person if I want my person short I have to make it a kid!! And if I want to be the tallest one I need to make everyone else a kid, this ones not such a big deal though 😅 I really like my idea about the moon world But I have stupid ideas as you can tell.. but please read this ♥️ Ps. If your reading this cuz your thinking about getting the game, get it!! You’ll be really happy with it I promise 😁 Ty for reading this :p
  • I wish all places were free 5/5

    By ssikdi
    I wish all places were free so we don’t need to spend money.
  • I absolutely love this game 5/5

    By Supersqr1
    Omg Toca Boca! You are genius! This is actually similar to an idea I had when I was 6 or 7 were you could change the app and still bring over characters. Some ideas for buildings are 1. A zoo 2. A Space station 3. A Toy store I <3 this game some much I always pay full price whenever you release a new location. Great game 11/10
  • This needs to stop 1/5

    By kaitlyn324
    So I’m on Your app and it just cuts off on my face and l payed for other things and they were gone so I’m going to need this to stop because I did it before and I will be calling you tomorrow.hi I’m going to u saying I want my money back or u can give to things for free like the mall coming out
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By cool tree
    I love Toca Boca and and all of their apps! I have almost have every app but I do have every Toca: life! But.... in a future update could you; let us change the weather like make it rain or cloudy or sunny, also with character creator maybe as well as as people we can make animals, like a bunny’s with horn, koalas with wings etc... And custom furniture
  • I love this! It’s awesome just an idea :) 5/5

    By Violet6968
    I’ve been playing this for at least 3 weeks now and it’s amazing, I love playing it. Anyways, I thought of some ideas like maybe picking apartment rooms and maybe making ur characters dance or do movements? I’d also LOVE if there were cribs and just in general more toddler stuff:). But overall amazing game, I’d suggest too others to get this app.🌊💘
  • It’s cool but annoying 3/5

    By 209090909009090900909
    At the beginning it was fun, but after a while, it was getting boring,ther was no updates and everything was the same. There are somethings that I have in my house that I can’t take out, and there are somethings in my house that the game takes out of my house. And if you want to get something new you can get it in the shop but it sometimes cost a lot, if you want to get a few more locations it might cost $50.But overall I like this game
  • Listen 3/5

    By sleepystarships
    For as long as I can remember, my family has loved Toca Boca. But for us it’s come to the point where we hate them a little bit. All of the old games you could get for free suddenly cost 3 or 4 dollars. It’s really annoying. I want to play and experience the nostalgia of the old games but now I can’t. And I refuse to pay for it. Some of them just don’t seem like games you should have to pay for! So while I want to say that I love Toca Boca, I don’t anymore. Sorry.
  • I want a duplicator 5/5

    By breehaus
    Can I have a duplicator
  • Toca life world idea 5/5

    By i cant send a
    I love toca life world because you can combine all the toca life games and there 099 for the market.But I have an idea that toca life world can make a toca life MAISON there could be one big house.And I’m really excited for the toca mall to come out.The only thing I don’t like is a normal toca life game separate from the toca world is 399 I think that’s a little pricey
  • Not that fun 3/5

    By Bilbo Cat
    I got this game hoping to have a lot of fun, at first I did but after a few days of it being fun I got really sick of it. The worst part is that it keeps kicking me out and deleting my progress.
  • I literally play this game everyday and it’s really fun but.... 5/5

    By bibi097
    Like I said in the tittle I literally play the game everyday but I have a suggestion. I think that maybe you could have your own little household and have the characters get married. I also think that you could click on a baby crib and the person would get pregnant and have the baby at the hospital so you don’t have to get a random baby and pretend it’s yours. I also think they could be able to age up. And can they take bites of the food? Last thing, when you touch a characters face it would be cool if they changed emotion!!!
  • Cathy 3/5

    By cathygame
    Honestly I download this and I bought some of the thing there and then 5 days later it started to kick me out of the games and now I re-download it again and I have to pay again that is not okay
  • Amazing app! Look at some of my suggestions!😀😀😀😜😜 5/5

    By 👊😑😷🤕😞
    I LOVE THIS APP ALL THE CRUMPETS, SLOTHS, AND MORE ARE SO MUCH FUN WHEN YOU FIND THEM! Keep making more secrets! A few suggestions: 1. A zoo! I know there are probably a lot of people suggesting this but I think you should totally do it! 2. On the opposite side of the little character sign do a sign of a animal and then you can take whatever cat, dog, fish, bird, or horse you’d like without having to go all the way over to the area they are in! 3. Another app called Toca Life: Space! In the Toca world you could swipe up and there would be PLANETS! Aye? 4. You could add a library! 5. Me and my sibling both want you guys to add a mall! 6. This might be a long shot but you could add an app called Toca Life: Holidays? In the game there could be a place for Easter, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving! 7. Add an app called Toca Life: Castle! There could be dragons and knights and a lost princess the prince has to save! 8. You could add Toca Life: Sports! There could be a basketball court, baseball/softball area, hockey rink, soccer field (or in other places they call it football) and then a football field! 9. This is kind of a weird one but you could base a place off a kids movie like Tarzan or Tangled or Moana or something like that. 10. Hollywood! You could make or watch movies instead of only getting to watch plays in the theatre. 11. Wizards and magic and stuff like that. There could be a witch hut and a wizard tower and there could be like magical animals you could ride! 12. A concert area because I try and make music videos but the theatre isn’t really good for that. 13. I don’t know if it’s just my iPad or something that happens but when I take a video in like 30 seconds the sound cuts out and you can’t hear me for the rest of the video! Please fix that! 14. A mining area where you could mine for gems! Sorry for how long the is! 😂

Toca Life: World app comments

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