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Toca Nature

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Toca Boca AB
  • Compatibility: Android
1,146 Ratings
$ 3.99

Toca Nature App

*App Store Best of 2014* Nature is magic. Toca Nature delivers that magic to your fingertips. Shape nature and watch it develop. Plant trees and grow a forest. Raise a mountain and enjoy the view. Collect berries, mushrooms or nuts, and feed the different animals. Learn who eats what and discover how much it takes to winkle a bear out. Walk through different landscapes and become friends with a fox. Capture the moment of woodpeckers zigzagging between trees, and watch the day turn into night. Find new friends and challenges. Be mesmerized. Discover the unexpected. End up somewhere far from where you started. Let us show you the magic of nature! *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 250 million times and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Nature app reviews

  • Nostalgia :,) 5/5

    By PotatoNeko27
    This game is beautiful and peaceful. I used to play it a bunch when I was younger and just found it again. Kind of a lil cute throwback. 💖
  • Toca Boca Pls Add 3/5

    By BluBiacky
    Okay, The reason why I give it 3 stars is because I wanna Be able To save My Progress. Like Toca Builder, I can Save My game. One Time, I made a Really cool world, But I couldn’t save it. I Hate this. Still love it thought. And if you fix This, I promise, I’ll give it 5 Stars So Please please please add this, And watch the stars come up bye! -Toca Boca Pls Add. I’m like crying right now, Lol!
  • Your game keeps 3/5

    By nigerhen
    throwing me out!
  • Amazing 4/5

    By 🦊TinyFoxtato🦊
    I only have one problem every time I try to go into the app it just does the intro over and over.If you could fix this I would give it 5 stars. Other than that it’s one of my favorite games, probably the game that was most worth money to me.🦊🐺🐻🐦🦌there’s no beaver emoji
  • Great game, two complaints 5/5

    By 100% totally recommend
    Toca: Nature is a great game, especially if you are looking for a calming, relaxing game. However, I do have two complaints about it. One of the complaints is about the price. Five dollars is a little much for such a simple game, though it is beautiful and I understand it probably took awhile to make. The other complaint is about how simple it is. I do love simplicity, but in a five dollar game I think there should at least be some updates adding more things. Otherwise, this is a great game and I definitely do recommend it. -Ella
  • Great game!!! 5/5

    By this nickname is taken 🦎
    I loved this game and it was worth every cent. The only thing I would recommend is a dessert biome with lizards but other than that this game is fantastic.
  • This app is good but... 4/5

    By Bear-Cat 2009
    I just got this app 2 days ago for 4 dollars. Now i see it is on sale for only 1! I feel cheated. Please refund
  • Amazing 👍 5/5

    By ThisFoxGoneWrong
    I love this app!! It’s so peaceful and I like creating stories, but one issue is that the animals would kinda run around in circles non-stop, but it only happens rarely. Thank you and please fix that ☺️
  • Saving the progress made would be great!! 4/5

    By lisa m :)
    Love this app!! It’s very relaxing and fun to dedicate time to, especially to just get your mind off of things! The only thing I’d like to criticize is the inability to save what you have built in the little world. Being able to go back to the world you’ve previously worked on would only make the app more amazing!!!
  • Add more things , textures , animals etc 5/5

    By E Dog 88309
    Amazing game love it but bored to quick
  • It needs more Angles 4/5

    By Sea Bass 69
    I think it's good but not great 🤔
  • Awesome but could be better. 4/5

    By Mama Librarian
    I love this game but I would like if there could be more animals. And you you should have a pet for exploring and you should be able to make friends with animals. At her then that it is awesome.
  • Eh 4/5

    By GreninjaGirl
    Ok I Friggin ❤️ this game. It’s really cool and interactive. But after a while it gets boring. And another thing- the birds don’t do ANYTHING. I feel like these should be more to do.
  • Needs more 3/5

    By MadisonPlays
    This game is amazing! Unfortunately there’s so little to do. Maybe you can make humans who will ruin the ecosystem and build. It’ll be more educational and interesting this way. It needs more area and it should have worlds. It needs lots and lots of more animals for example bats. It should have more building ways what I’m saying. This game has so it could have. I’ll rate it a 5 star when they add much more
  • Great game! But I’ve got some ideas! 5/5

    By 432brando432
    Hey Toca! This game is a favorite, because it’s so enjoyable and well as peaceful. I love every inch of this game, but I have some suggestions that would make this is game perfect! First, I thought maybe you could make the exploration a little less awkward. Try allowing the player to move their view. Because when ever I’m trying to take a picture of a bird, I can’t move my view upwards when the bird is higher on the tree. This ones a idea, but maybe you could add an avatar you can create. So you can create the avatar, got down to explore, and be in 3rd person. But when you hit the camera button, you go in first person and can move around, as well as being able to move your view. The avatar creator could just be a selection between a girl and a boy explorer too. That was my main idea. But as an extra, maybe you guys could add more animals, and more land space. You could add villages with people, or just stick to some new and cool animals. and the idea of more animals, might result to needing more land. Either way, this is an enjoyable game. Sorry this is so long, but I’ve always wanted to share this idea because I think it will make this game so much nicer to play. Thanks for reading, Toca!😊
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Createtivty studio
    I have had this app before and I just downloaded it back. A few minutes ago I was playing and it was fine but after a few minutes it crashed. Please fix this issue
  • BUNNY 5/5

    By Kgmcat
    if your bunny’s got bigger like a very very big fox that would be great and thank you
  • LOL love nature love Toca nature 5/5

    By kitty cutey cake
    I love animals and nature so much that I downloaded this game and inspired me to make a nature game it is so fun you can take a picture of the animals you see in the real world and the game will tell you all about the animal and then you can go make your own animal like the picture you took and lots more fun in the game. Ps: I’m not steeling the the people who created Toca nature ideas
  • Adittions 5/5

    By Cloudsurfingkid
    Hi 👋🏻 just a suggestion maybe the creatures could make homes and find mates and reproduce in the burrows I don’t know how to end this bye 👋🏻

    By KassingMama
    There is faces cut in tree stumps Bigfoot feet also I think that more secrets still have to be found! and add what makes the secrets! add a lumberjack feed him anything he carves tree faces and sits down and stops when you feed him and then he stays there and now for Bigfoot he eats berries and stomping and jumping in the same place! and when you feed him he gives you a fish and tells you to feed bears come back after feeding four of them! AND THE AMAZING baby animals they get hugs from Bigfoot and then they play FOREVER!!! when you leave they sleep and do it all over again if you want I think kids will love the lumberjack and Bigfoot!
  • Cool but weird 4/5

    By SciFilover42
    This game is super weird because you can just make an awesome land and then you just have to go for like 1 second and when you come back it all gone. They do not provide a way to save your work.😕😕🤩but it’s still awesome I recommend it🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤪🤪🤪😇
  • Awesome Game, A Little More Creativity tho 4/5

    By EmberCalico22
    I love this game. I also love to write, and when I just need to PICTURE a forest where a castle, or a magical faerie might be, this is the PERFECT app. It’s also very entertaining to just MAKE something that will almost never be destroyed. But maybe add a few animals? Also, I play Toca Life (it’s the BEST!!!!) and it would be awesome if you could make it so your characters from Life could come! Or you could turn THAT into a world in Toca.... idk, kind of weird suggestions, but I just LOVE any Toca! :3
  • Good graphics; bad game 2/5

    By Olliethecatfanatic
    Oh god Toca. You reached your max potential for graphics, but failed spectacularly in the gameplay department. Make your own environment my butt. Controls are crap. Don’t even get me started on even simply swiveling your “head” around! Physics are decent. Graphics are by far the best I’ve seen from the company. But the pansy thing you call game play gives nature apps a bad name. “Build an environment so the animals can live there!” Okay, but why are the trees and lakes APPEARING OUT OF THIN AIR?! WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF NATURE?! Then there’s THE FRICKING AXE OPTION! IF YOU PRESS THE AXE BUTTON YOU GET TO DESTROY HABITATS WITH EASE!? What The frick are you trying to teach small children?! A four year old could easily learn that “it’s okay to chop down trees, because they can magically poof back into existence.” This is not okay! Then, after you’re finished making your small, square-ish world perfect through unnecessary means, you get to go into the world, and feed wild animals berries, and possibly toxic mushrooms. Once again, ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY GO AROUND TEACHING SMALL CHILDREN THESE HORRENDOUSLY WRONG VIEWS OF THE WORLD. You guys are teaching small children to chop down trees!!!!!!! Fix this app!!!!😡
  • Awesome game 4/5

    By i ❤️ dogs! (:
    I think this game is really good🙂 but I wish you could save worlds and create new ones. Also it would be nice if the worlds were a little bit bigger. Otherwise it’s an amazing game😛. I also love that you can take pictures and I think this game is great for all ages. You could keep adding more and more characters as time goes on too😊. Thank you so much for making this game it’s AMAZING 😉❤️❤️😀! P. S. I would buy a lot more of your games if they costed less.
  • Support newer Devices 3/5

    By iScman1
    Support iPhone XS Or Newest device screen size. Thank you.
  • Gets boring 3/5

    By JazzyDanny
    You can’t save your progress and it does get boring. I don’t think it’s worth the amount of money you have to pay for.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Skittlesthefurryfox
    I love this app! Toca boca makes great apps and this is by far the best! I love how you can create your own forest and feed animals! Five star!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Emojipuppy4329
    5 stars best nature game ever doesn’t even feel educational great job Toca👍
  • Shockingly Well Thought-Out 5/5

    By TeenGirlGamer
    I don’t know if Toca intended for a game to be so secretly brilliant, but it was. The balance required is ingenious, and despite how it may not be obvious, the lack of a save feature is a huge contributor to its incredible function. Without it, the game allows you to be endlessly creative, while save more closely limits your options and makes the in-game universe smaller. I love every bit of it, and strongly encourage anyone download it. Particularly older children will enjoy the adorable creatures and the simplistic beauty of this wonderful game. Well done, Toca!
  • Please more animals🦄🦉🐴🦊🦁🐵 3/5

    By osbaldo11
    Please add more animals I love playing playing this game but I also get bored by not getting that much animals so please add moooore animals
  • I don’t know how to restart the world 😣 3/5

    By OrangeDuckz
    I played this game for the first time and built something. I couldn’t get the world to restart! I made lakes and couldn’t remove them. Please tell me how, thank you!
  • Good game but it gets a little boring.. 4/5

    By gemini6976
    I think this game has tons of detail and fun for kids. I remember my mother downloading it this when I was little (2nd grade probably) and now I'm going in to middle school. Even though this app is amazing, I gave this only a three stars because I truly believe this development can get a little boring. Over the years I haven't seen any major updates that make players coming back for more, so I have a few suggestions-nothing big like different modes and online play, but little things that will make the game better. 1.) Friend ship. Talk to animals and name them, customize patterns based on your friend ship level, get friendship by doing quests. This will teach kids about friendship if they are young and eager to learn. 2.) create your own world. Even though you can already do this, it's limited. Design the layers of your world and as a side thing- dig up ores and learn about them. Make your world really your world- as big or small as you want 3.) Village. By completed quests of your furry friends you can get coins, if it's a hard quest you get diamonds (only sometimes found in layers-rarely) diamonds/gems can be used to buy different animals and ecosystems at the village shop. The village will be an interactive world with humans, build your own little town and watch it thrive sorta thing. Last but not least 4.) to symbolize real world problems and makes hard choices I think that different animals should interact, the wolves want more territory and they think the bears are hogging it (this only happens when the player makes some flaws in making the world to teach them about the real world) make trades with animals also, if the bunnies have too many berries and want some fish, make a trade with the beaver showing how to make fair trades and share. Thank you. EDIT: adding all these features can get pricy, how do you earn money off this game then? I know. Either make offers in game to buy coins and gems/diamonds. Make a membership thing where you can unlock more if you pay or just make the app 3-4 dollars with no other purchases.
  • This game has not made it in my top games 😡 4/5

    By ReaderFan106
    You could soMUCH MORE like and a survival thing and you would hunt to survive and make weapons like knifes so please do this and maybe I will change...... good day
  • This game is like magical 5/5

    By Angandkids
    This game is magical you can grow nature and stuff I have 25 Toca boca games I love that the animals are a little blocky too
  • Good game, with no saves... 2/5

    By gamerman831
    Why no saved games? That is just silly. I know for a fact it doesn’t take much to create that file... and its not much with how small this title actually uses in memory. Fix that: per my 7 year old.
  • How much I love it 😍 5/5

    By goodtimefandango
    I had it before but I’m getting it again and I love it thank you 🙏 You’re the best person. Can you make it again but let people save there worlds if you can then I will play it even ore than win I had it please can you make people save there worlds. Every person that is voting is asking you to do something well some people are.
  • One of my favorites! 5/5

    By Heather Nightarrow
    I think this app is one of the best apps ever, though there should be more animals- squirrels, mice, moles, etc. - and also, places the animals live would be amazing- lodges, hollow trees, dens, caves, nests, sandy hollows, burrows, and even a specific patch of ground when necessary. Also, weather, a day-night cycle, wind, and more area. Also, eagles, sparrows, and seagulls would be amazing. A good toca game could be Toca Life: Myths and the characters would be dragons, witches, wizards, knights, Valkyries, immortals (like Zeus, Hera, etc.), maybe you could get permission from the creators of how to train your dragon and make Toca Life: Berk! Also, perhaps add a few bats into Toca Nature, plus make the animals interact with you and each other. Also, make new trees- Apple, maple, oak, redwood, Sakura trees that are home to pandas, even a field of flowers that bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds live in. Also, make bamboo. Could you also make it so you can gather resources for a log cabin, an apartment, or even a whole city/kingdom? I know this is a bit much, but I just want to let you know about my ideas. Toca Life: Farm is awesome, but please add more animals, plants, and products to make into it. Also, imagine Toca Life: Olympus, or Toca Life: Ancient Rome! Also, Toca Life: Atlantis! In Atlantis, there could be merpeople, sharks, squid, eels, clownfish, zebra fish, merhorses, seahorses, mertowns, merkingdoms, dolphins, shrimp, seaweed, algae, pet pebbles, salmon, cod, herring, and octopuses. Also, King Poseidon and Queen Neptune would be good ideas for Toca Life: Atlantis. I think a fox with golden eagle wings would be cute in Toca Life: Pets. Or a fox with bat wings, or a polar bear with a silver fish tail. Also, Toca Life: City should be bigger, and you should be able to go out on the streets and have the people drive cars. A Toca Life: Outer Space would be kind of fun. Of course, I don’t expects all of this to be used- after all, this is a lot to ask for. Just pieces, here and there. Also, Toca Life: Aquarium, Toca Life: Zoo, Toca Life: Fair, Toca Life: the Olympics, or Toca Life: College would be fun. Maybe even Toca Life: Jungle or Toca Life: Wilderness! There’s always another possible new idea, I hope my ideas help. I will be very disappointed if you stop making the apps, and I don’t know where I would be without the games you made. Also, Toca Nature should have lions, tigers, leopards, black panthers, wild horses, moose, and all sorts of insects. Thanks for reading my review! Wait, also use frogs, ducks, geese, bobcats, elephants, hyenas, crocodiles, and spiders in Toca Nature too!
  • Awesome! But can be better. 5/5

    By Qwerty135790
    I love this game! I suggest making an adventure mode with already made areas to explore ,expand and care for the animals. You could also have freestyle mode like how it is now! Please add little villages too!!! If you add my suggestions I will almost NEVER want to stop playing this game!💖😄😁😃Thanks for reading! Edit: Again I love this game but I have a good idea for the game. I think there should be avatars. There are 4 modes: Create and survive, Create and Explore, Explore , Friend quest. Create and survive will be your avatar exploring the world you created and finding villages, fascinating creatures and more all trying to survive. Create and explore will be how it is now. Explore will be a pre made world for you to do a unique story mode alone. Lastly the friend quest! You can play with your friends in a story mode. If you make these everyone will download it.
  • I love it! However, 5/5

    By DiceAdvance
    It would be nice if your animals were able to breed. It gets a little tiring seeing the same animals doing nothing but sleeping, eating, and walking in circles. I love the game with all my heart! But this would be a very nice change. :)
  • Plz make some changes but still love it 4/5

    By Anonymous Friender
    Can u add more stuff I love this and my mom got me a pack with this game 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • More Toca nature 5/5

    By shannonsto
    Add more Toca nature games please
  • more animals! more everything! 4/5

    By Hbicbetch
    This game is great and it has good graphics! the thing is that I want more animals, like these 🐧🦉🦅🐍🦎🦒🐬🐅🐆🦓🐁🐈🐕🐊🐣🐒🦏🐘🐃🐇🐿🦌🐪🦔🐏🦋🐀🐄 and add more landscapes like rainforests, jungles, deserts and more! Can you also like add a mode where you can learn about the landscapes and the animals? Thank you!🤩
  • Relaxing and great for animal lovers 5/5

    By Thornpony I
    Whenever I feel stressed, I turn to this unique and beautiful game for comfort. You can dig ponds to attract beavers, plant trees to make different animals appear and plant trees on the white mountains to get arctic animals. I love how you can collect food for the creatures, and watch them go about their business in the plains and forests. I like the graphics-they are unlike any I have ever seen, blocky yet beautiful, unique yet familiar. I would suggest this game to anyone who loves Mother Nature and would like a calming and fun experience from Toca Boca, or in the English translation, play mouth. (I think.)
  • Stunning but a bit disappointing 4/5

    By Parisa9
    I love all of my Toca Boca games, and this one is no different. It is simple, beautiful, and inspires people to go outside and explore. One thing I would love to see happen is to have a feature where you could save your area and go back to it later if you would like to. Also, if you were given a larger area of land to work with that would be great. Like I said, I love all of the Toca Boca games, and only want to help improve the game instead of bringing it down. Thanks!
  • The first app the kids want to play! 5/5

    By CynLein
    Our 3-6 yr-old grandchildren love this game! The 4-year old just learned how to create worlds and collect foods. The kids love watching the creatures get bigger and trying to feed them foods other than what they request. I'd love to see a few more animals added to mix eventually--maybe a bit more color? We hear birds and owls but don't ever see them. I have no complaints though--the number of photo screen-shots saved on our iPads show how much the kids love the game. There isn't a Toca Boca game that misses the mark--thanks for all you are doing!
  • Pls read this! Pls pls🙏🏼 4/5

    By Featherplayer :3
    Okay pls pls make the world expand!!! It’s to boring to just stay in the same land! Along as you feed animal and u make more process the land expand how about that? Pls take this in mind! Other than that this app is great! :3
  • Lol 5/5

    By killer isaac
  • 5 STAR 5/5

    By M Mini C
    This game is amazing. I love how you can create your own little world with animals and nature. I’d love to see new animals and features added to this game. Im definitely recommend to others.
  • Delightful 💞 5/5

    By Cat10004
    I absolutely love this simple game and enjoy the relaxing mood. It helps to limit stress and anxiety and is good for a short break. I honestly don’t mind the fact that you start over each time. It’s like waking up again to a new start. Fun, entertaining, and overall stunning.

Toca Nature app comments

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