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TODAY Show app reviews

  • Sound cut out 1/5

    By Victim of slick markiting
    Started watching Interview of Chelsea handler and the sound has stopped.Video continued but no sound.
  • Please let us disable closed captions 4/5

    By imjqe
    Let us disable subtitles/CC while playing video
  • Autism 5/5

    By A piece of the puzzle
    Yes good morning my name is Denise Butler. I am the mother of a son, who is 31 years old right now with Autistic. When Dyllan was two, I know he had Autism and had been told for years and years that he was not Autistic. I had to fight the state of New York to prove my son is Autistic. The first diagnosis of Dyllan’s Autism, which was done at CWI-Community, Work & Independence in Queensbury, NY., they would not accept. So, myself as a single mother with no child-support taking care of my son with special needs, I had to pay out of pocket to have him tested by an Autism Specialist in Queensbury, NY and after 3 sessions with a box of all Dyllan’s paperwork over the years with me. I paid for his final diagnosis of Autism. The state of New York finally begun to help Dyllan, but by then, way too much time has passed for the correct help. This kid has been through so much, bullying, etc., you name it, Dyllan’s endured it. There’s so much on the headlines these days for kids and adults with autism. When my son was 2, I realised, I knew he was Autistic the help was not available like it is today. Dyllan bowls for special Olympics and has taken first place for the last two years that he’s bowled with them. My question to you today is how can I go about obtaining two blue puzzle pieces to show we are part of the autism puzzle? My address is 111 Everest Dr. Mechanicville, NY 12118. (518)723-3480. I thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide to me for obtaining our pieces of the puzzle God bless
  • The today show 5/5

    By prity girl
    I love it I get all the news on here and I don’t have to go looking for it 👍🏻😊❤️
  • Today App 5/5

    By waltwhitmanlisa
    Makes my life easier, and that’s what it’s all about.
  • Today 5/5

    By Sluggo51
    Love Love the Today shows ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Hoda 5/5

    By wolf&willow
    She is Your shining light..... the show and all those co-hosts around her are better because of the beautiful person!!!!
  • Love Today 5/5

    By essenceartist
    I set my alarm Monday through Sunday to join my extended family. I am a widow with no children. I get just enough news, human interest, health issues, recipes and music ...Jackie Wenner.
  • Unpretentious 4/5

    By Logan Prestyn
    All of the parties on the show are real, no glitz, glamour, they laugh, cry and I believe they truly enjoy the show and especially each other Keep on going TODAY
  • Videos 5/5

    By you arent so good
    I hate those videos that go on and on before getting to the there is one. Why can’t they get to the’s what you can do with lemons to loose weight. Don’t show them any more!!
  • West Coast 5/5

    By sunsets & cocktails
    Love catching up with the today Family, don’t like the ads, but I know why they are there. Love Hoda & Savannah, they’re always putting a smile on my face
  • New app is nice but kind of weird 4/5

    By Ouga fur
    It is a little less user friendly now and the videos that preview are not centered correctly...
  • The today show rocks and the app rocks too 5/5

    By brymar1010
    It’s not as good as Kathy lee looks but it’s getting there.. love Kathy lee and going to be hard to see her go. Best Kathy lee
  • Anytime 5/5

    By Hairdressers love it too
    Yippee!! Excited to be able to see the stories anytime!! Thank you! So helpful and happy to enjoy on my time schedule! Keep up the good work!
  • New “Upgrade” Performs Horribly 1/5

    By iheartcomedy
    This app needs some MAJOR fixes after it was redone. I continually have sound issues, when you turn landscape the sound turns off and doesn’t come back on until exit out of the app and reopen. So frustrating. Please fix TODAY crew!
  • Kathie lee and Hoda 5/5

    By u give me one
    Have an app for kathie lee and hoda. Make finding out info from their show easier .. like maker of clothes they wear
  • Prize winner notification 4/5

    By Esrun8
    My name was drawn on 2/25/2019. The prize was a 65 inch Hisense TV, and I was so excited as Kathie Lee had drawn my name. Several people have congratulated me as I live in a very small town. They were surprised (as I) to hear my name and our little town announced. But I have not heard anything by phone or email that was explained in the rules. Just how long does it take to notify the winners? I have told at least 10 people I would let them know when I hear anything. They have asked a couple times but I have informed them. “no word”. As in this case no word is very sad and not good news. That is only reason for 4 stars. I love Today Show and Kathie Lee & Hoda. Will be sad to see Kathie Lee leave after 4/5; but hope the best for her in her next life journey. Hoda keep smiling and welcome Jenna. Loyal watcher in Illinois- Carol
  • Love the app!! 5/5

    By J longshot Family
    I LOVE the Today show and EVERYTHING about it. They include the staff and crew on their show. That says so, so much about how much they care about one another!!!
  • Today Show 5/5

    By kobefan2007
    Best news station on the planet!!!!!
  • New app for today show 3/5

    By abc5995
    Too many commercials. Every time I want to watch or read a story...There it is...An advertisement before each and every segment. This is a time waster, people use apps because they want to keep in the know, but have no time for 5 commercials in between every segment. This app, I find to be junk...where are the great meaty segments. Like the ones in the mornings on our tv screens? I was extremely disappointed with it and will be taking it off, if there is no change. I tried listening to a commercial first then the video...the video wouldn’t load, just go round n around. This is a busy world...we are all busy trying to save time some how...please make adjustments,otherwise loose the app. Do all of us a favor that way. Put in all the segments so we can catchup and enjoy!!! Thanks I been watching a long time, this app is a disappointment.
  • Jenna 1/5

    By SSLI4
    So happy Jenna is joining the show Wishing a little less Hoda she is on too many shows and it is time for some new blood around you guys Thanks for listening thou I don’t any thing
  • What a shame! Worthless now... still! 2/5

    By scrippslarry11
    UPDATE 2019: The app is STILL not back to it's former glory. When the app was originally released it was so great and I used it everyday. You could watch almost every clip from the show each day one after the other and have to watch short ads after every few clips. There were neat categories also, so if you were looking for a certain clip or area of interest it was all just right there. Now, who knows what is here and from what day etc. disappointing still… Deleting the app one more time... UPDATE 1/27/17: still broken. No landscape for iPad. Programmers please fix it! I wanted to watch a clip from the today show today and thought I would watch it on the app like I used to. I looked for the app and didn't have it installed. So, I went to the app store and reinstalled it to watch the clip. The clip would not play. Now I know why I deleted the app. I used to use the app all the time to watch the today show when they had the older version but the last two updates have basically made the app unusable. What a shame! I used to really enjoy using the app. I guess no one NBC monitors reviews or cares.
  • Today show App 5/5

    By cindola
    I had downloaded the app about 3/4 weeks ago, but only got around to using today. I just love it!! It’s SOOO easy to locate stories/video clips, and I love the Shopping section that share where the product can be purchased, and it’s cost. This App is SUPER and simple to use. Cindi Angers
  • New Today Show App 1/5

    By moogie28
    I am an avid Today Show supporter and watcher ... every morning - that’s my routine and I LOVE the show. When I first heard that they rolled out a newer version of the app I was excited because i was never happy with the older version. Well to my very disappointed and unhappy surprise his newer version is ever worse. You can’t even search anything in this version. I absolutely hate and will delete it from my phone because it is totally 100% useless to me. I want to be able to search something that I saw so that I can share it with my fiends and family and not look through all the videos again to find what I am looking for - horribly disappointed !!!
  • Good time-killer 5/5

    By ckelly983
    A good range of news topics is available on the app. There’s videos mixed in with the news stories. The shopping deals are worth it!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Bella roxi
    Love the today show. This is like seeing it again. It’s nice to know I have a place to go to see the important points of the show
  • Handy 5/5

    By trishertex
    Gives me a chance to look things up.
  • Klg&hoda 5/5

    By Sunnysett
    So glad Jenna bush Hager has been chosen to replace KLG .. She was the perfect co host!! Thanks so much!!
  • Today Show 5/5

    By AnnieBoykin
    I just love The Today Show! I have been watching my entire life! I love Kathie Lee and Hoda they make my day each and everyday! I also love Jenna and I am so thankful they chose her, she will be great!! Savanah is awesome too the whole crew!!!!
  • Favorite news show 5/5

    By BlessedNina85
    I watch the Today show every morning. It always has the latest news . And also is very entertaining. Funny newscasters. And has a variety of topics and tips.
  • Love this show 5/5

    By Kysa George
    I watch the today show every single morning if possible. I love the transparency of the hosts and the content. Keep it up! I hope to one day come to New York city and watch you all in person. It would truly be an honor and so much fun! Thank you for all you do every day for all of your viewers!
  • Nbc today is the best app ever 5/5

    By kellie mcdonald florida girl
    Best app online
  • Go back to the old app format!! 1/5

    By Sitting Turtle
    Please go back to the old app format layout. This new layout is cluttered and confusing.Not easy on the eyes.
  • NBC Toda Show & Third Hour 5/5

    By memere whisper jannie b.
    The very best news broadcast ever by Savanah Guthrie & Hodha KOTB 👍 & of course our infamous entertaining weatherman Al Roker☀️☔️🌤❄️ also I must mention Handsome Carson Daly, Beautiful Sheinelle Jones & Dylan Dryer, Stephanie Gosk, Kate Snow, Natalie Morales, Jenna Bush-Hager. Meredith Vieria, Andrea Mitchell, Hallie Jackson, Connie Chung, Cynthia Mc Fadden, Craig Melvin, Lester Holt, Amy Robach, Deborah Norville & Jane Paulette, Miguel Almaguer, Richard Engel, Tom Brokaw & Peter Alexander I feel that they are my ( lack of better words ) my "Imaginary" long distance friends😍💘 They are all such professional, kind, compassionate, loving people that I so enjoy watching & listening to everyday from wherever I am visiting in Sunny Warm Florida🌴😎🌞 in New England, Maine, NH, Vt. CT. Massachusetts & Columbus Ohio. I feel like we are one big family😀
  • Search option? 5/5

    By Lrose39402
    I would like to be able to search for a topic or story I missed. Maybe it’s possible, but I haven’t found it yet. Just got the Today Show ap yesterday and am enjoying it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    Terrible app. Terrible show. Incredibly biased.
  • Today 5/5

    By happymomphotographer
    “This is Today on NBC” I started watching in 1994. Our first was born late Dec. I have since had three more. Time and its progression keeps moving along. I have had the app on my cellphone so I always can tap in whenever I like. Thank you today showI love evolving along with you everyday on “Today NBC”
  • Today 3/5

    By BritofKY
    As a news app it would make more sense to see less of the terrible fake advertising and ads that share clearly fake news slamming celebrities that are often featured on the today show. This app used to be the best of the today show and it’s news. Now it’s mostly advertising in the worst way.
  • Manager 5/5

    By tissest
    Awesome 😎 app 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Health food Mom 4/5

    By Healthloving Mom
    Always enjoy the Wonderful and healthy recipes shared by JOY!!
  • Matt Lauer 1/5

    By Reeecooo
    I’m not condoning what Matt did. But it’s just not the same. I love Craig and watched him for yrs on WIS Columbia SC. But there’s something missing . Would love to go bk if things change because I’ve watched Today for as long as I can remember and im 71! But I switched after Matt left.
  • Updated app much more user friendly! 5/5

    By Family mom
    Finally more user friendly.
  • David L P 4/5

    By Ah, the NY Belize...
    How do you feel about lying now, 2+yrs. into the most embarrassing administration in history?!

    By bad hair people work there
    What did U do to Dillon’s hair? Dying it a mousy brown, no volume, no hairstyle, just limply hanging. She used to be quite beautiful and glowing with kickass hair; maybe that was your problem - that she outshone all the other girls. Well, now she looks dull and you no longer notice her beautiful glowing face. What a shame. You’ve done the same thing to Savannah - that unflattering hair color and haircut make her blend in to the background and not shine. I guess that was your goal - they obviously looked too pretty for the producers liking for some reason. Well, now they do look dull and blend into the background. Thankfully, you haven’t gotten hold of Jenna yet. She’s still allowed to have pretty blonde hair. Al Roker is now the prettiest host 😬🙄 I feel so bad for Dillon ☹️☹️☹️. She was such a glowing, gorgeous beauty. Now, plain Jane.
  • Hire an intern to redo your app! 1/5

    By JMP11150
    I am a huge Today Show fan but this app is seriously awful! Granted, I am not super tech savvy but I would guess many of your fans aren’t. For example, I simply tried to quickly look for the “list” that Joy suggested on the 4th hour she would post re JLo’s challenge. Couldn’t quickly find it so gave
  • Just articles no speaking 2/5

    By crysty33
    I love the today show and was so excited to see there was an app for it but it’s all articles about what was on today , it’s not the actual show with the speaking. Don’t like it have to uninstall app.
  • Pie or cake. Kathy Lee & God’s 5/5

    By pennsylvania dutch
    Shoo-fly pie has a crust! ( not called a cake!). ... just sayin’ !
  • Opioid Addicted Constipated Guy Commercial 1/5

    By Pugsley Luigi
    You are killing us with Opioid Addiction! This guy with “chronic” neck trouble, clearly an addict can’t poop! Get him off the drug!! I’m sick of watching your app’s streaming content (which is excellent) and every 2 or 3 minutes throwing up in my mouth a little .... hearing every commercial break ... (trending addiction topic) this clearly addicted guy explain why he can’t poop (visual) due to Opioid addiction! Surely.... you have other sponsors...??? You’re killing me with Opioid addiction!!
  • Hoda and her hair 4/5

    By backwardimages
    It drives me crazy the number of times in a minute she pushes back her hair!!! Stop already!

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