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Download the new TODAY app for the best of America’s #1 morning show! All day. Anytime. Anywhere. * Catch up with your favorite TODAY hosts, including Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Al Roker, Craig Melvin, Carson Daly, Willie Geist, and the rest of the TODAY team! * Watch segments from NBC's TODAY, and the latest original videos and trending stories from * Shop our latest Steals & Deals, trending gift ideas, editors’ favorites and recommended products in health, beauty, style, fashion, and more! * Find your favorite recipes, celebrity interviews, parenting tips, uplifting stories, healthy living, pop culture, and national news. ---- This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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TODAY Show app reviews

  • Videoes 3/5

    By Jewel Kat
    I prefer to read stories so option to read and watch would be good. Many articles are only watch. Thank you
  • Today Show App 5/5

    By Music&JavaLover
    Absolutely looovvveeee the Today Show app!! I’m a huge fan of the show and watch all 4 hours. So happy they did the app that way I can watch anything I missed if I need to walk away from the TV or have something to do on a certain day.
  • Feels like family 5/5

    By Littlenonna
    Today is fact based news and the feature stories, concert series, makeovers etc feels like a visit with family
  • I love everything about the Today Show 5/5

    By mimipoppinsrocks
    The app is also amazing!
  • Today Show my go to! 5/5

    By Madamvp
    Watching the Today show makes my day. As many fans have said, I grew up watching with my mother and now it’s my only go to news channel. Love the extended time with the 3rd hour and Hoda&Jenna. I also love SiriusXM Today Show Radio, so I’m never without the Today show!! Shout out to Today Show Confidential.
  • App Review 1/5

    By ....really?
    This App is too difficult to navigate now! Why the change?
  • Today Show Hostd 4/5

    By Common peoples views
    I too am losing interest in the Today Show! I have faithfully watched the morning show for many years!! BUT, I no longer enjoy this show like I use to and so have many of my family, and friends have said the same!! I care nothing about Maria and now her daughter, listening or watching them! They r not and will never be like the common People to me and many others!! I want the old today show back with interesting and some having common interests with myself and other everyday women! I feel the Today Show will lose many viewers due to the onslaught of the Rich and NOT SO FAMOUS PEOPLE!! This is just my opinion but I had to share with the Today Show producers as to how many many women feel about the Today Show and some of their “Famous”?, Interesting? Guests.. SURELY u can find MORE GUESTS that have more in common with the average American Woman! Thanks for the many past years of enjoyable hours and days spent watching the Today Show in the years past!!
  • # 19 year Survivor of breast cancer. 4/5

    By # prettyinpink
    One of these days I will make the trip and be on the plaza.
  • Feedback on the Today Show 2/5

    By luvasnake
    I have been a loyal Today Show watcher since I got married in April, 1968. Lately, I find myself watching reruns of Boston Legal. Some of the panel push their books. Love Al and Dylan. Way TOO MANY COMMERCIAL BREAKS! I do faithfully dvr Ambush Makeovers. Why are people in wheelchairs or walkers overlooked? As a person with walking difficulties, would love to see a handicap or slightly handicap person look fabulous!
  • My morning ritual 5/5

    By ritual54
    Absolute a ritual in our home. Informative, thought provoking, inspirational, and entertaining. The Today Show Crew is Amazing. And when we are traveling, it is 108 satellite radio!
  • To day show 5/5

    By Peterbrenda
    I really love the show and everone on it
  • Start your morning with TODAY! 5/5

    By Minicooperlvr
    I love starting my day with Today! If I’m in the car I listen on SX radio. Even when I’m at the gym I watch.
  • Hoda and Jenna 5/5

    By linspinola
    I wish you would have Donna dorable sit in for Jenna .
  • Roker is a waste. 4/5

    If you take away Al Roker I’d be happy. He’s rude and pompous. I turn off the sound when he’s on. And hopefully he won’t be thanking anyone for getting their first weather from him. When one is up at 5 there are several weather reports I’ve already seen. I just can’t understand why he is allowed to be so nasty.
  • Fantastic today 5/5

    By shaunylynn
    Fabulous. My day wouldn’t be complete or happy without it❤️💕
  • I have enjoyed The Today Show for 55 years, will enjoy for many more, LOVE EVERYBODY💗💝🥰 5/5

    By kigeroth
  • 3rd hour 5/5

    By jlmrmom
    I thought the third hour of today was just a fill-in after Megan Kelly left. But it seems to be continuing on, with no new host being announced. I am losing interest in the third hour, it just seems to be a continuation of the today show with nothing particularly new. Lots of banter, The subject of empowered women is getting old, it’s just not interesting after so much of the same subject. I was also losing interest in Jenna and Hoda because of the constant guess hosts and also last week seemed to be “reruns “.I hope there is another Megan Kelly host for some more variety soon. I also hope that Jenna and Hoda will be back together for good soon! I also miss Kathy Lee Gifford, although I love Jenna too!
  • App review 4/5

    By news stories
    I love the new app, but I find I’m scrolling through and looking at some of the same stories for a month (what’s it like to be on Seinfeld, Comes to mind). I’d like to see the app update and change stories more often.
  • Maria Shriver 4/5

    By just an observation
    Watching the Hoda & Jenna show with Marie Shriver & thinking what has Maria become the Oprah of NBC?? Enjoy seeing Hoda return :)
  • Website 3/5

    By beshsher
    I’m not the most techie person so I appreciate you NOT changing the format of this page so often. Seems each time I go to find something I’ve viewed and want to share....the format has changed. Otherwise I’d rate 5 stars.
  • Make my day!! 5/5

    By buckets full
    I can’t get enough!! I watch as I’m getting ready in the morning, listen to it in the car and get updates all day on my phone!
  • Commercials 4/5

    By long time viewer #74
    Way too many commercials. I usually turn it off early because of them. Many shows are getting that way. I’m watching television less & less because of commercials. Boring!!! I enjoy the show-although some things are too short. They can’t be explained that quick. Have less features then longer talking about them.
  • Jim MacDowell 5/5

    By whats it matter
    I just really admire and and enjoy all the nuances of every one on all (4) hours of today!
  • The today show 4/5

    By Black2dog
    Can you please run a lot less ads especially between 7:30 & 8:00am
  • Happy happy happy 5/5

    By TexasTechDad
    Love the show. Everyone is always upbeat. Sure helps the day get off to a good start. Thank you all at Today!!!
  • Today 5/5

    By Carol In NY
    Today and every day you can catch up on the newsworthy stories of the day as well as the stories that tug at your heart. I watch Today from 7 am to 10 am followed by the Hoda and Jenna show. #news#weather#entertainment. Love the Today family.❤️
  • Only TODAY 5/5

    By Small market viewer
    This is now the only way I can enjoy TODAY! My tv provider, DirecTV, has blocked NBC (my favorite network) because of a pricing war with the company that distributes NBC to satellite tv providers. I am sooo bummed out over this! No TODAY X’s 4 hours, no other NBC programs! I have complained to DirecTV to no avail. Can you guys do anything????
  • Not happy 1/5

    By micheledabest1
    I like the old one better.
  • Today App is the best! 5/5

    By Pamela 🦷
    I love this app! It gives you a brief overview on topics discussed on the Today show which I can’t always watch!
  • Today show 5/5

    By Laters,
    So funny today with Leah Remini and Dylan Dryer, best show yet!
  • Audio Has Never Worked 1/5

    By Moving On-Illinois
    I’m a Today Show fan but cannot always tune in when it’s on. I would love to catch up via the app but have never been able to get the audio to work, before or after the update. If it’s unusable, it’s unusable and I guess I’ll move on.
  • Audio Problems 2/5

    By Defective Audio
    Frequently, I don’t audio on my Today Show app. I do the typical problem solving issues to resolve without any luck. Volume on and turned up, test other apps, delete then reopen and sometimes the audio will begin to work, sometimes not. I don’t play it often because it is too frustrating. I have a vacation day, so I thought I’d open it up and enjoy it with my morning coffee. No audio again. The problem is t my phone, as the same thing happened with my last iPhone also.
  • Morning coffee with Today 5/5

    By good moxie
    While getting ready for my day, i enjoy having coffee with the informed and familiar cast (& crew) of Today. I have seen the changes (some planned, others unexpected) over the years as the show morphed into its current reflection of the society it represents, diversifying almost organically the ethnicities, ages and genders of the Today show’s family. I can then begin my day feeling not just informed, but often entertained by segments that alternate between serious news to uplifting viral videos, new styles or gadgets, foods to enjoy and now (my new favorite addition, Jenna’s Book Club), new books & often new authors to read (thank you Jenna)
  • Claire McCaskill is so biased she hast to go 3/5

    By DonR54
    When Claire said we got to get rid of the mess in the White House it shows how biased she and NBC are. It’s too bad you can’t be neutral and give news and report things on a neutral point of view. Grow up NBC and just report the facts quit injecting your feelings. Look at Americas bottom line and what’s happen to America in the past and how good things are becoming now!! You demonstrated today some more reasons why we should watch Fox News!
  • Please girls 4/5

    By mizkathy
    Jenna, I love you, but remember that your Mom is a former First Lady and an outstanding one at that. Please don’t talk about her underwear on tv. In today’s world we need people we can hold in very high regard. She is above tacky talk, even if she is your mom.
  • Hard to get recipes 5/5

    By eliedh19
    When you finally get recipe it does give you the amount as it changes immediately. I love the recipes I used to have but you can’t get to them anymore.
  • Today online 4/5

    By memaw51
    I’m disappointed in Today - not having CC (closed captioning) on mobile.
  • Today show 2/5

    By iveyway
    Don’t like Jenna she is to argumentative and disrespectful to her cohosts. Love the show but when she’s on I find myself changing the channel.
  • Revert! 2/5

    By willyjeen
    Love the show ... HATE the app update. I need a sequential feed. The topics are unintuitive and unhelpful. If you can’t revert then please add a way to customize video screen. Not interested in steals/deals, food etc.
  • Love Today Show 5/5

    By MJO225
    I have been watching Today Show forever... 74 years old now and don’t miss a day! Go 3rd Hour!! Can’t get any better !! Good Luck!! Love all!
  • Huge Today Fan, but... 2/5

    By HolliM
    I feel like the today broadcast team are my family and friends. However the new app is frustrating me... it doesn’t follow the show, I can’t find Jill’s deals, the timeline is off and leaves things out, and it’s impossible to find a search box. 😕 I love y’all though
  • Love the show but the recent updates to the app make it unusable!! 1/5

    By DMJ339912
    Can’t ever get any sound to play, and when it does, I’m unable to turn the captions off. This app is so unusable after their recent updates to it.
  • Not the best app! 1/5

    By Meisha48
    Very hard to navigate! Can’t find anything they say is on there like recipes especially! I find it useless!
  • Hate Today Show New app 1/5

    By VERY sad in KS
    I despite the new app. Wish I had not updated on my iPad. I preferred the smaller icons and do not like the disorganized scrolling that goes on forever with the nw app. You scroll and scroll and scroll. I uninstalled new app since I do not like the new one. I’m really going to miss catching up on Today every evening.
  • Sound cut out 1/5

    By Victim of slick markiting
    Started watching Interview of Chelsea handler and the sound has stopped.Video continued but no sound.
  • Please let us disable closed captions 4/5

    By imjqe
    Let us disable subtitles/CC while playing video
  • Autism 5/5

    By A piece of the puzzle
    Yes good morning my name is Denise Butler. I am the mother of a son, who is 31 years old right now with Autistic. When Dyllan was two, I know he had Autism and had been told for years and years that he was not Autistic. I had to fight the state of New York to prove my son is Autistic. The first diagnosis of Dyllan’s Autism, which was done at CWI-Community, Work & Independence in Queensbury, NY., they would not accept. So, myself as a single mother with no child-support taking care of my son with special needs, I had to pay out of pocket to have him tested by an Autism Specialist in Queensbury, NY and after 3 sessions with a box of all Dyllan’s paperwork over the years with me. I paid for his final diagnosis of Autism. The state of New York finally begun to help Dyllan, but by then, way too much time has passed for the correct help. This kid has been through so much, bullying, etc., you name it, Dyllan’s endured it. There’s so much on the headlines these days for kids and adults with autism. When my son was 2, I realised, I knew he was Autistic the help was not available like it is today. Dyllan bowls for special Olympics and has taken first place for the last two years that he’s bowled with them. My question to you today is how can I go about obtaining two blue puzzle pieces to show we are part of the autism puzzle? My address is 111 Everest Dr. Mechanicville, NY 12118. (518)723-3480. I thank you so much in advance for any help you can provide to me for obtaining our pieces of the puzzle God bless
  • The today show 5/5

    By prity girl
    I love it I get all the news on here and I don’t have to go looking for it 👍🏻😊❤️
  • Today App 5/5

    By waltwhitmanlisa
    Makes my life easier, and that’s what it’s all about.

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