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    By bad hair people work there
    What did U do to Dillon’s hair? Dying it a mousy brown, no volume, no hairstyle, just limply hanging. She used to be quite beautiful and glowing with kickass hair; maybe that was your problem - that she outshone all the other girls. Well, now she looks dull and you no longer notice her beautiful glowing face. What a shame. You’ve done the same thing to Savannah - that unflattering hair color and haircut make her blend in to the background and not shine. I guess that was your goal - they obviously looked too pretty for the producers liking for some reason. Well, now they do look dull and blend into the background. Thankfully, you haven’t gotten hold of Jenna yet. She’s still allowed to have pretty blonde hair. Al Roker is now the prettiest host 😬🙄 I feel so bad for Dillon ☹️☹️☹️. She was such a glowing, gorgeous beauty. Now, plain Jane.
  • Hire an intern to redo your app! 1/5

    By JMP11150
    I am a huge Today Show fan but this app is seriously awful! Granted, I am not super tech savvy but I would guess many of your fans aren’t. For example, I simply tried to quickly look for the “list” that Joy suggested on the 4th hour she would post re JLo’s challenge. Couldn’t quickly find it so gave
  • Just articles no speaking 2/5

    By crysty33
    I love the today show and was so excited to see there was an app for it but it’s all articles about what was on today , it’s not the actual show with the speaking. Don’t like it have to uninstall app.
  • Pie or cake. Kathy Lee & God’s 5/5

    By pennsylvania dutch
    Shoo-fly pie has a crust! ( not called a cake!). ... just sayin’ !
  • Opioid Addicted Constipated Guy Commercial 1/5

    By Pugsley Luigi
    You are killing us with Opioid Addiction! This guy with “chronic” neck trouble, clearly an addict can’t poop! Get him off the drug!! I’m sick of watching your app’s streaming content (which is excellent) and every 2 or 3 minutes throwing up in my mouth a little .... hearing every commercial break ... (trending addiction topic) this clearly addicted guy explain why he can’t poop (visual) due to Opioid addiction! Surely.... you have other sponsors...??? You’re killing me with Opioid addiction!!
  • Hoda and her hair 4/5

    By backwardimages
    It drives me crazy the number of times in a minute she pushes back her hair!!! Stop already!
  • Today’s episode 5/5

    By suttok
    Come on, you all talking in a soft voice and so demure like you’re in a funeral chapel. I agree it is terrible that such things happen as killing innocent people in Church, but it didn’t happen to you and all this whispery talk is stupid. If you were so concerned and upset over this tragedy, why not give the actual victims families and friends a chance to grieve without sticking camera in their faces. Don’t use them as rating tools and then act like your to grief stricken to talk. Also, the Bush girl was using her crying voice and talking about traumatizing children with news stories like the shooting but she talked in the news about it non stop for 20 minutes. She was traumatizing children with news while she talked about not traumatizing children with the news. It’s all so fake and uncaring. News channels love a good tragedy. That’s what they live for.
  • Bye Megan!!! 5/5

    By Loopsbylou
    So glad she shot herself in the foot! Couldn’t stand her from the beginning but I didn’t know how you were gonna get rid of her. She did it herself, YEA!!!
  • Breast cancer 2/5

    By Martha Struzik
    Breast cancer! There is a news caster on WHEC10 out of Rochester New York. Has gone thru cancer 4 times and is now going thru treatment live on TV. Very informative and real. Deanna DuBerry discovers. Some thing that should go national.
  • News 1/5

    By kkfran
    I am so sick of NBC bashing the president!!! Kkfran
  • No Real Time Updates 2/5

    By hylyds
    Segments are not updated regularly and you end up with the previous days’ material. The NBC News app isn’t much better.
  • New format is terrible 1/5

    New format started September 13 or so, is really hard to find new stories, the older format was much easier to find current stories and quicker to navigate. Not worth the time it takes to chase down current items. I don’t even look at it anymore.
  • Hoda 1/5

    By Pattie from Pa.
    I am soooooo sick of seeing Hoda wearing pink! Wear green or purple or something else!
  • NBC ‘s Hoda Kopke 5/5

    By Keefer50
    We don’t care for her and it seems most people we know do not, but NBC has her stepping into positions with NBC more and more. Why?
  • Disappointed fan 1/5

    By pastviewer
    Savanna needs to learn from Hoda how to treat her guests she doesn’t have a liberal view with. I understand she was a lawyer but she now considers herself a journalist so act like one and be fair in interviewing. Remember they are suppose to be a guest in your show and treat them as such. They aren’t on trial .
  • Baby’s Crying 1/5

    By Sandy1128
    REALLY??!!! Question:Why are the children separated from their parents? Answer: Their parents entered the country illegally!!! If a parent robbed a bank they would be separated from their children. This has been happening since 1997. No outcry for the children all these years under other presidents. Be HONEST! This is about trashing TRUMP. Same day different story. So disappointed that you cannot be unbiased in your reporting. It’s no longer the “news”. I e watched your show for years and find myself changing the channel.
  • Days I Don’t Watch 5/5

    By BootsBabe
    I Don’t Get The Chance To Watch KLG Or Megyn Today On Wednesdays Or Fridays This App Helps Me When I Want Watch A Video At Work While I’m Waiting To Work On Wednesday Morning When I’m Waiting For 11:45 To Work
  • Today Show App needs better functionality 2/5

    By rosaliew
    I try to use the app frequently to find recipes. It is difficult. I am a tech savvy person but can not navigate to where I want to be. Can’t you have a tab with all the recipes that have been on the show with a search function? Recipes are a fun part of the show and I don’t want to have to go crazy trying to find one. I usually give up.
  • Bait & switch 2/5

    By Melbee2003
    I quit using this app pretty quick when I realized that they send alerts with bait stories but when you click on it the app takes you to the Today Show misc and the bait story is nowhere to be found. Nope, not this gal, there’s plenty of other apps that don’t bait and switch like Huff or CNN, BBC .....
  • Interview with Betsy DeVos 1/5

    By Kenny JM
    Ok, Savanna we get it that you are for gun control and you don’t like President Trump. I am not a Trump fan either and I do believe there are things that can tighten gun laws, but I also thought reporting was supposed to be neutral and just report the facts. By not allowing your guest to answer your questions and only focusing on one issue is not productive. This ended up as a total non-interview. I still don’t know what IS in this proposal by the Trump administration because all you could focus on was one thing that is not in it. I assume there is something else to it that the rest of us might like to know!!!
  • Dumb 1/5

    By kyruggucfjtt
    If you have an app for a show how about have a FULL EPISODE instead of clips. I’m downloading the NBC app (which is what they want) and hopefully I can delete this
  • Megyn Kelly 1/5

    By eveeaf
    Sorry Megyn, but, I used to have Today on all the way through H&K. Now I change the channel until Houda and Kathy come on. I liked the previous format. This is a discussion with my friends and peers as well. We are all wondering why and how this is still being aired. Not fans! Eve
  • Once Again Tacky Savannah!! 1/5

    Love Love That Hoda is the New Newscaster. Also love Al they are absolutely Awesome!! And never tacky! But Savannah is another story, so disappointed she hasn’t been replaced yet. Always wanting to try and bring down certain people on their special day. How classless and tacky is that?? Makes me not even want to watch the Today Show :( Please replace your want to be Savannah, She’s hurting your ratings! Go home and be a real mom Savannah!
  • Kelly needs to go back to FOX 1/5

    By SilverWings747
    I am sick of hearing nothing but sexual harassment from her Can’t she find anything else to talk about. A broken record.
  • Love Hoda! 4/5

    By Gigi's Reviews
    So happy to see Hoda on the show - she is a ray of sunshine! Would love to see Kathy Lee on with her - they have great chemistry.
  • Meghan Kelley 5/5

    By sissicox
    Right on point when she did her blurb on (Hanoi) Jane Fonda. Well done Meghan!
  • Hoda 5/5

    By Barry Ray
    Just wanted you to know I had changed to GMA until you put Hoda as morning host!! I just love her and have returned to Today!
  • Politics 4/5

    By Omilien
    I have watched Today for years. Through good and bad times. Matt Lauer, really shameful. Meghan Kellys show too much a downer. I think, for entertainments sake, leave the politics to the News, as there is no good political news. How to, cooking and feel good discussions should be the main theme. Savanna, Hoda, Kathy Lee, Al and the rest of the team are great, You all make me laugh🤗😂
  • Useless 1/5

    By pennywen73
    Why can’t you stream from the app, or at the very least see what is scheduled for the day? Heard there was going to be a segment on the Polka Kings - no way of finding out when it is on. There is a reason I don’t waste any time on this show.
  • Shame on you NBC! 1/5

    By Mission to lose weight
    I can never get over certain stories where you try to expose a private issue that is just plain hurtful! I was so happy when Matt was let go because he was a bully! But this morning I'm watching a story that is not a story it's simply NBC being a bully! A senator or governor had an affair 2 years ago and the wife knows, the children lived through the drama...but all of a sudden it's in the news??? Why??? The family dealt with it privately but NBC wants to dig up terrible, irrelevant news on people. Today Show and NBC could take the high road once in a while!
  • Good bye Today! 1/5

    By dubreese
    Hello Good Morning America! There was a time when I wouldn’t miss the Today show. I haven’t watched it since Matt left, but now that Hoda has replaced him, I’m done! Never again! Now my loyalty is with GMA & Fox & Friends! Too sad 😏
  • Where’s Matt? 1/5

    By Turk544
  • Closed Captioning 2/5

    By mjanu09
    The closed captioning no longer works for the hearing impaired. Why?
  • Amen David L P 5/5

    By Mo1945
    Too bad nothing has changed! Mat Lauer will probably get a humanitarian award if the Today peeps have anything to do with it! Yep, journalists,as should talk show hosts, keep it real, and stop dishing out FAKE news! 5 stars for David’s review. 0 sears for NBC
  • NBC today show 1/5

    By rosemarie roche
    I am shocked and so disappointed with The Female Journalists That had to recycle The Matt Lauer Urgent ,emergent event.No other NBC Male was available? They all knew there was a Snake in the room.All Passive Participants, and the slither will continue.Contact me
  • Which bug was removed? 2/5

    By EarInTheCrowd
    Was Matt Lauer the only bug that was removed in this update?
  • Great when travelling! 5/5

    By janepete
    The today show has been a part of my morning routine for years! Now when I am on a road trip, I don't have to hang out in my hotel room to watch the today show… I can get in my car and drive and put my cell phone in my hands free holder. And listen. The stories play from back to front. You can skip whatever segments you don't care to watch. My only thing is my favorite segment one watching live is what is trending today. And I just found out today I guess all those stories are lined up below the automatic feed up top.
  • Please go back to your original 3rd hour 5/5

    By Eiremed
    Meghan Kelly hour is lousy
  • Trump Coverage 2/5

    By Christine paddock
    When will NBC and the rest of the media realize that everything about Trump is designed to get him on TV each and every day? They need to stop fawning all over him and actually report REAL news instead of trump news!
  • Meagan Kelly 1/5

    By Dottiemom
    I and our whole family would not watch Meagan Kelly if you were going to PAY us. She is an awful person that will get the rest of the shows people fired if she gets a chance!!!GOOD BYE TODAY SHOW!!!!
  • Network issues... deleting the app. 1/5

    By WmH2
    Sacrifice the video for that commercial. Even if there is limited network connection. If they put half the effort into the video stories that I was forced to down load the app for as they put into the commercials it would be a half way decent app. Also, scrolling text is not smooth and fluid on my iPad Pro. It's jerky and jittery.
  • The app version 5/5

    By Cadillacmom
    I like the app version better than just going to the online site. The online site has ad after ad and I got tired of them. The old online site was better. The app version is more like that. I do wish I could just see the tv show with the interaction between the anchors. I miss when I can't watch the whole show. Any chance of offering that as an option?
  • I do love the Today show for the most part 3/5

    By debs4258
    Always, things are interesting and I love the segments you choose! One gripe I have is that you have a bazillion ads, which I know you need but come on? I actually go to abc, cbs when you have this large amount of ads, but I do check back. There isn't enough time for the recipes you show, which is a segment I love! Always hurrying the chefs or other ppl along you can hardly get the ingredients - goes so fast. First let me say I love Kota, Savannah, Chanel, Dylan, Carson &a Matt but NOW I need to say I really miss Willie and Tamaron...they always made me laugh and a great way to start my am
  • Today is everyday 5/5

    By JasonMiles69
    I love the Today show and all who are involved. Today, tomorrow and forever more. ❤️❤️
  • Your story about marijuana moms 5/5

    By PatriciaR1
    I felt I needed to comment about your marijuana's mom's story this morning. Being the child of two parents who smoked during my childhood, I constantly worry about being subjected to second hand smoke and developing lung cancer myself which both my parents did. Your story didn't even address this and I think that should've been the number one concern! those moms were smoking right next to their children!! Maria should have mentioned that risk!! I also feel that running the story is going to encourage other parents to try it and feel justified in using marijuana to be "better more focused parents"?!
  • 9:00am Hour ridiculous!!! 1/5

    By Hemm29
    Another day of watching Jenna act stupid and be disruptive. This is national TV. She does far better with special interest pieces. A prank call to her mother...really!! I am watching this. No!!!
  • Today's take 5/5

    By Kimsat
    Love Al - Chanel and Jenna - it really works!
  • Al Rocher 1/5

    By shayball912
    I can't believe out of all ppl he would body shame over weight other ppl. That's awful. Very disappointed.

    This truly is a great website. With all the trashy stories on the internet, this is definitely a breath of fresh morning air. Look at everyday. JH, LOTO

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