Todoist: Organize your life

Todoist: Organize your life

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  • Current Version: 7.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Doist
  • Compatibility: Android
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Todoist: Organize your life App

Life can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Todoist keeps track of everything – from simple errands to your most ambitious projects – so you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind along the way. When you don’t have to worry about forgetting things, you’ll feel more calm, in control and motivated to achieve your goals. Todoist helps get all your tasks and thoughts out of your head and onto your to-do list anytime, anywhere, on all of your favorite devices – including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and macOS. Even when you’re offline. “If your goal is to spend as little time as possible organizing and more time doing, Todoist offers the simplicity you're looking for.” - iMore With Todoist, you can: Capture and organize tasks the moment they pop into your head with natural language Quick Add. For example: “Read 30 pages tomorrow at 8PM #books” will set a task for tomorrow, at 8PM in your Books project. Remember deadlines and build lasting habits with recurring due dates like "every second Monday". Free up mental space by assigning tasks to people in your shared projects. Highlight your day’s most important activities with color-coded priority levels. See your daily and weekly progress with beautifully customized productivity graphs. You can make Todoist your central, organized hub for getting things done with access to 60+ popular app integrations like Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, Zapier, IFTTT, and Slack. Todoist is free forever with the option to upgrade to Todoist Premium. With Todoist Premium, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to powerful features that’ll help you achieve your goals faster while feeling confident and in control. Teams and small business collaborate more efficiently with the Business plan. From stand-alone tasks to multi-phase projects, Todoist Business gives your team a clear overview of everything that needs to get done. About Premium billing: Should you choose to upgrade (totally optional), your iTunes account will be charged as soon as you confirm the purchase. The Premium subscription is billed annually. The App Store will automatically renew your subscription after 1 year unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID Account Settings any time after purchase. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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  • 5 Stars for Todoist 1 Star for Apple 1/5

    By Not sacrificing my ptivacy
    Don’t upgrade to Premium from the Apple Store, do it directly with Todoist. I paid for the upgrade and thus far, I don’t have it. Apple will neither help me nor refund the money. Todoist says that this is a problem with the 3rd party vendor, i.e., the App Store. I really like the App and have used it across all of my devices. It’s terrific. Just do your upgrading/subscribing via Todoist and not the Apple.
  • Great GTD Tool 4/5

    By bhayes00
    I use Todoist every single day. I decided a long time ago that I needed to get a better understanding of what tasks I need to get done and a way to set priorities. After looking at the different productivity models, I landed on GTD (Getting Things Done) by David Allen. I started by using some convoluted setup in Evernote, but I felt that it was too finicky and too many steps to process my inbox. After searching and trying different free tools, I finally found Todoist. I tried the free version and realized right away that this was the tool for me. I couldn’t quite fine tune the system the way I wanted so I decided to jump in, head first, to the premium version and I haven’t looked back. The ease in which you can create projects and subprojects, color code everything, customize labels, and the interesting way that it automatically sets due dates based on the text of the task is great. For example, just typing “set up dentist appointment tomorrow” will set tomorrow as the due date. The cross-platform nature of the tool makes capturing tasks super easy on the go. If you need to increase your productivity, look at GTD then download Todoist… you will be happy that you did. One last point, the premium service is an annual fee, and my first year just came to an end. I created a task last year to remind myself to cancel if I wasn’t happy. I just marked it done and moved on. Needless to say, I decided to keep the premium service and recommend it whenever I get a chance.
  • Free version is VERY basic - not what the screenshots show in the app store 2/5

    By kraushouse3
    Tried out this to do app after seeing the demo photos in the app store. The demo images are for the PAID version. The free version is very basic and no better than Wunderlist or other similar apps. With the free version I was not able to create new folders or tags. You are stuck with the most basic and generic defaults. Even something as simple as creating ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ folders could not be done. I tried to cancel my account through the app, only to be sent to an endless loop of filling out an online form, clicking submit, and then going back to square one as if nothing happened. Also note that I started the account by signing in through google/facebook option, which then requires you to change your password (not a bad idea, but why even offer those options if the password has to be changed?). After this attempt, same issue of endless loop of changing password, app not accepting change, and repeat over and over again. I finally have contacted customer support to cancel the account. Hopefully this will work. UPDATE: One day after requesting cancellation by email, my account was cancelled.
  • Great idea, too many bugs 2/5

    By readerK
    I’m using the Premium subscription btw. The idea is great, the functionality is there, the set of features is just right! I use this software every day. The only BIG problem is TRILLION of bugs that pop up from everywhere with every update. The most recent version (9083) doesn’t allow me to reschedule things and move stuff to different dates. I mean it’s not the only bug. You never know what comes after the next update. Also the bugs are different on different platforms. Web version seems to work fine in most cases, while the most buggy is Windows version and macOS version is quite buggy.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By boogybren
    - Notifications don't work. - If task is added on Mac, doesn't sync to iPhone even if app is in background. You have to open the app on your phone before tasks sync. - Mac app has text field issues. It will place your cursor in a text field but if you try to click in the field, you can't type a single thing. I want my money back.
  • More should be included in free 2/5

    By Gabstacks
    This is just a reminders app with some additional eatures. I was looking for a replacement for jira and i thought this was close but it not really.
  • Not quite good enough 3/5

    By BEAR8JB
    Many features make you wonder what the developers are thinking: Tasks completed need to still appear (greyed out or collapsed). Obvious. More updates to this review later
  • Clipart 1/5

    By nathgrills
    Remember when Microsoft had the little paperclip friend tha was supposed to be helpful, but was just childish and annoying? This app does that too except when you finish a task THAT'S when the clipart pops up. I literally don't want to finish the task for fear of what stupid clipart I'll have to see next. Isn't it about reducing visual clutter? Sheesh.
  • 2 way sync with google calendar works in Apple calendar 5/5

    By Happyhappyjoijoijoi
    You still have to have a gmail account and have that calendar in that separate account, but you can us the Apple calendar app to move the tasks around and reschedule to do list items, which is a big help.
  • Best Todo App 5/5

    By Cszzx
    Quick entry and light simple design has always ended up to be my favorite because it works always!! Yet it has a boatload of capabilities... took a little time to learn but worth the time. Count the steps and seconds it takes to use your current app and learn Todoist quick entry (one sentance) and see the auto date and auto project and auto delegation take place in one sentence. Wow
  • Overall Task List 2/5

    By $hanbo
    My work is project orientaed, so grouping tasks by project makes great sense; however, the inability to see ALL tasks / Print ALL tasks across all projects is a major flaw in this app.
  • Change the layout back!! 1/5

    By spangeob
    I love Todoist, but hate that you've hidden 99% of the useful features behind a hamburger menu, requiring an extra click anytime I want to do anything. Bring back the sidebar, please! I also wish there was some way to submit feedback from within the app itself, so I don't have to submit cranky one-star reviews to the App Store.
  • Makes sense on the surface 2/5

    By A Google Nav user
    This organizer seems to make sense until kyou start to use it. Here are the issues as I see it: 1. Not designed to be "user" friendly 2. It needs a good, intuitively designed user guide that is question-action based not engineer or designer based. pchat
  • Half-baked 1/5

    By V1p3r10
    Gave it one star... I signed up for the premium account because I had already input all my projects / tasks without realizing you CANNOT view completed tasks without premium... Since then it CONTINUES to prompt me to pay another $35 every time I log in...
  • Excellent, but the problem areas are really painful 4/5

    By Happy-Days619
    Love this tool so much, it's easy and quick, and I'm on it all day long to organize myself. But there are areas that fall flat, including in the premium version, and they matter so much that I had to doc a star. 1) Dates - adding a date to a task is laborious - gotta click through a bunch of stuff. I bought the premium version for this feature, but it's so hard to use, that I just don't, and I use another (free!) tool intead for managing by date-based activities. 2) Deleting from recovery - if I delete a project, even by mistake, I can't just hit Undo and get it back. On the free version, you're toast and have to try to re-create it. On the paid version, it can take you back to the last back up, which only happens daily. For an active user like me, that's not much better than having to re-create it. Also, if the subproject are deleted, they are scattered through the backup (i.e. not all stored together), so it is barely useable. 3) Last, the export feature, even on the premium version, doesn't give me something usable. I want to export to put items into my project files and get them off the todo list to de-clutter it. But each list and sublist is stored in it's own little Excel file, and they're not ordered according to my order in Todoist. So again, not really useable. If you just want the free version, I highly recommend this tool. If you want something with good date functions and backup functions, I'd look elsewhere
  • Excellent app (and please stop complaining about the free version) 5/5

    By OJRA
    I've tried them all, folks, over many years. I love Todoist because it is amazingly powerful yet very lightweight. When you get a handle on the natural language data entry, it's lightening-fast, especially when you use the quick-entry window on the desktop app. This gets things out of your brain and somewhere else quickly, freeing up your brain to do other things, like peering out a window. Which is good. My favorite Todoist character is the exclamation point. "every! 3 days" means the task will repeat three days after you complete the task, whenever that is. So if your normal routine is to scoop the litter box every 14 days (“every! 14 days”), but are, say, two days late, the next due date will be still be 14 days later, not 12. (Just kidding—I scoop every 13 days.) Todoist’s filters are limited only by your imagination. Is there some weirdness? Yes, I think that some less-techy users will have difficulty with the concept of changing the next due date vs. changing the whole repeating scheme. Todoist does have a bit more of a learning curve compared to other very basic task management system (but nothing compared to its more complicated competitors). Really, these are just minor quibbles. It’s amazing. Love is what I feel. And please...I am so tired of people complaining about limited functionality of free versions. COMPANIES create these products. Companies need revenue to pay expenses, including the salaries of people who create products. If you're happy with it, pay for it!
  • App update quality is going downhill 3/5

    By jkinggg
    The latest updates over the past ~2-3 months have been unreliable. Most of the issues have to do with the filters, but the app has been crashing as well. The latest update broke the "Next 7 days" filter and it no longer breaks the tasks down by day. Please fix this and start providing more reliable updates.
  • lots of bugs 1/5

    By koshiyomi
    I cannot believe this is a releasing version of the program. Indenting simply cannot working properly, changing of lines sometimes even crashes it. unbelievable
  • Better than WorkFlowy 5/5

    By elgrankolipoki
    Todoist is the jam. It has all the features that WorkFlowy does (well, almost), and all the ones that WorkFlowy needs. Also, it's cheaper than WorkFlowy, which is a plus. My favorite thing about Todoist: Filters. Filters are INCREDIBLE. Also, it just simply works.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Yuri Zh
    For some reason the Todoist app hangs a lot. This is especially the case when I go to the settings page. I have the latest gen Macbook Pro, so not sure what's happening here.
  • Low quality product and poor customer support 1/5

    By namepepper
    Highly recomend looking at other products
  • Wasted screen real estate 3/5

    By rmethod
    Title says it all. Mac client only takes up 1/2 the screen. The rest is unused. The ToDoist Windows client from the Microsoft store is perfect. Copy that look and feel onto the MAC and your’re close to perfection.
  • Hate the blue flags 2/5

    By NoisyAstro
    Noooooo please let us change P3 tasks back to yellow! The red-orange-yellow color scheme was so helpful, and the blue makes less important tasks stand out MORE visually for me. I understand that this is an accessibility issue for some users, so I request for the OPTION to put yellow back if desired. Overall useful app. I'm a Premium user and enjoy the expanded functionality. But this little update is not welcome.
  • Good, but should be better 3/5

    By Make It Right987
    I tried Trello, but I like hierarchical, which Trello isnt and Todoist is that, in spades (mostly). It seems like that have really great ideas, but development is lagging. I'm on the paid "Premium" version, 7.1.1, and I'd say they need a better UX person. There are just those little next steps that should be included: A search that takes to what is found, ability to hide stuff for screen sharing, forward/backward buttons, better archiving (no sub projects? XML?), better search (not comments too?). You can format the text nicely, albeit with cryptic symbols that must be memorized, (bold, italic, is one/two **, code is ```, etc), but once they are, it is faster than using buttons (why not standard formatting key combinations?) I really hope they step it up soon, or I'm going to move on to something else. The list application I really loved exists only on Windows, and no apps: TaskMerlin. It totally fit my way of working (and then some)--and it was a one person show.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By kstxcaakil
    The mobile version is fantastic, but the Mac version struggles. The "quick add task" is frustrating. It recognizes your due date, but it will not automatically set an alarm. This requires an additional step even if your settings are set to automatically add an alarm. They say this is a bug, but it's a pretty big one (!) and I've been waiting weeks for a fix. I expect a lot more from an app where I pay an annual fee
  • So Close with HUGE Exception 3/5

    By I'm In T-Pain
    This app is great (and would otherwise be a 5 star app) with one HUGE exception. If you have a recurring task (e.g. take out trash on Monday 5pm) it won't remind you again until you check it off. So if you miss one week and forget to check it off, it won't remind you again until you remember to check it off for the previous week. I've missed several things this way and it's incredibly frustrating.
  • 选择日期时百分之百卡住! 1/5

    By RTSNK
    每次都卡住,严重影响正常使用,看起来也一直在更新,但这个 bug 就是不修,再忍一个月,不修复的话就换掉换别的应用了!
  • Excellent GTD app 5/5

    By CO216
    I’ve read David Allen’s “Getting Things Done,” and tried almost every app designed to implement GTD. After years of searching and trying many apps, Todoist is the best solution I’ve found. There are many apps designed for GTD, but personally I’ve found that pure GTD is not quite enough for me. The Urgency Zones approach in Michael Linenberger’s “Master Your Now” (MYN) system provides the missing piece to help me achieve true productivity, but requires Microsoft Outlook for Windows — and I don’t use Windows. It can also be implemented on the Toodledo web site, but I wanted an app — and there is no Toodledo app for Mac (or Windows). The Priorities in Todoist allow me to implement the Urgency Zones of MYN. It doesn’t have the features to support full MYN, but it’s enough for me to do what I need. Beyond this, Todoist is a very capable task and project manager. You can create projects and subprojects, and within each project you can add tasks and subtasks. It has a GTD-style Inbox, where new tasks sit until you decide which project they belong in. Todoist makes it very easy to enter new tasks. You can type them in to the Inbox or a project, and you can define a keystroke that will pop up a window allowing you to enter a task from any application. While most task managers will allow you to email a task to the Inbox, Todoist carries this even farther — you can email a task to any project, and you can also email comments to any task in Todoist. Tasks can be set up to repeat by the due date or by the date they are completed. A task’s due date can be set years in the future. (I had a very frustrating experience with another task manager app which arbitrarily limited due dates to the next 24 months — I could not schedule a task 3 years in the future.) You can add comments and attach files to tasks. If there are projects that you need to do repeatedly, you can save the project as a template, and can share templates with your team if needed. I see people complaining about the “good” features being limited to Todoist Premium, requiring you to pay. Over the years I’ve used several apps from companies that went out of business because they did not have a sustainable business model. It’s always painful and time-consuming to have to find a new platform for my data, and get the information moved over. For a critical productivity app like Todoist, I actually prefer a subscription model — I want to continue paying every year, to help keep them in business. And the price of Todoist is rather low for what it provides — at this writing, it’s $36 per year. My previous task manager, which did not have all the capabilities of Todoist, was $96 per year — if you bought it during one of their frequent reduced-price promotions. The regular price was even higher. I’m quite happy to continue paying for the Todoist Premium subscription. When you first sign up for Todoist, you get the Premium version free for 30 days. You have plenty of time to try it out, and see if it will work for you.Thanks The low price for Todoist Premium is well worth it for the added features: task labels, receiving reminders by push notification, email, SMS, or even by location, adding tasks via email, and more. In addition to projects, you can organize tasks by labels. Labels can be used as contexts in the GTD system, or however you want to use them. For example, you could add labels such as ThisYear, ThisQuarter, ThisMonth, to group tasks by timeframe. A task can have multiple labels. You can use filters to create custom task views. For example, if your projects or labels define your work and personal tasks, you can create a filter that makes it easy to see only your work tasks while in the office. You can also set a filter for your default view in Todoist — my default view shows my Inbox, then tasks due today, then overdue tasks, then any tasks with a label of WaitingFor. Todoist also supports collaboration — you can share projects with others and delegate tasks. Discussions about tasks can be held in the task comments, so all relevant discussion is right there with the task — no need to search your email or instant messages for task discussions. There are Todoist apps for my Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. You can also get apps for Windows, Android, and Android Wear. Todoist also runs in a browser window, and there are extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Email plugins for Gmail and Outlook let you easily add emails as tasks, and access your task list from within email. Todoist is not the fanciest or most powerful app available, but it is quite powerful and flexible, and supports sharing projects and tasks with a team. If you take the time to dig in a bit and learn the many features, you’ll see that it is quite a beautiful app for storing your task lists and retrieving the information when and where it is needed.
  • Good task organization tool 4/5

    By roovolution
    After being frustrated by the native iOS Reminders app, I started trying other “TODO” style apps. My main requirements were: * Be able to share task lists with my wife * Support for assistant, e.g. “Hey Siri remind me to pick up milk at 6pm” There are many free to-do list apps, so Todoist is expensive at $36/year, but I certainly don’t mind paying as this ensures active development and support. Todoist is a powerful tool for turning tasks into projects, and applying structure to your workflow. Premium users get many polished features: sharing, syncing, labels, filters, comments, reminders, due dates, priorities… I did find the help documents useful, but sometimes feel like this app is slowing me down. I use both the iOS and macOS apps. Everything works as expected, I’ve never had a crash or problem syncing. I love the dark theme, and all the fonts, colours and visual queues are well thought out. The product team has clearly thought through the design of this app. My wife did not like using Todoist, so we have switched to Microsoft To-Do for now. I’m still using Todoist to organize larger projects, but I may re-evaluate once my subscription renewal is due. Overall its good value for the money. One last note, I had also previously used Things by Cultured Code. Todoist is better than Things imho.
  • Fast, easy to manage 5/5

    By Seth Werkheiser
    I love the quick inputs for todos, and being able to add project info, priority, date via the keyboard - no mouse, no clicking, just tap tap GO. I spend less time managing my to-do items and more time getting my work done.
  • Awesome productivity app 5/5

    By BrewNQue
    I’ve tried numerous to-do applications, including Wunderlist which I had really started to like. That app was bought by Microsoft but Microsoft has diverted everything towards their to-do app which is very basic and does not have a lot of more robust features and capabilities. I love Todoist’s features of projects, labels, and priorities so that I can easily organize and sort things in different ways, of course in addition to basic date scheduling. I like how it easiliy syncs across my Mac, iPhone, and iPad, all of which have very similar interfaces. I dislike the fact that I have to pay for the premium offering so that I can utilize all of the features but I’ve gotten over that given how much I like the app. Bottom line is this is a great app and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good tool to organize your life.
  • Nice but sync is broken 2/5

    By Sergei.T
    I use Todoist on three devices and the Mac app doesn’t sync right and sometimes even deletes new items. Better to just use the website version, the Mac app is too unreliable. Nice and simple other than the sync problem.
  • Simply Amazing 5/5

    By spbennie
    The true power of this application is the natural language input and the ability to use it in a web browser on a Windows machine. I can't work from my mac, and must use windows at work...and it's insanely helpful to be able to email tasks to my Todoist and have them pop up right there. I will say that I think that Omnifocus has a little more modern design and handles things like Attachments better...but Todoist is SO FAST and will meet the need of pretty much anyone. Try premium for a bit (pretty inexpensive) and see if you ever go back.
  • Overpriced 3/5

    By Sativo99
    It's a to-do app. The highly monthly price is not worth it.
  • Very satisfied with free version 5/5

    By CBonacieux123
    I’ve used the free version of this app for over a year and have loved its functionality! It’s perfect as a simple to-do list app that lets you access your list from desktop, phone apps, and web browser. Very useful and uncomplicated.
  • App is solid. Customer Service is Non Existent 1/5

    By Islandviking63
    I have actually used the app for years and have enjoyed the features. Recently, I wanted to upgrade to premium and did so through the App Store. HUGE MISTAKE. The app wouldn’t update to premium and there was NO ONE to help. There is no chat, no phone number, no support. I still haven’t figured it out. This is another faceless company that does not want to give you access to a system that can help you out.
  • Absolutely blown away 5/5

    By mchisolm0
    I had been reluctant to sign up for Todoist Premium for a while which made me try to find alternatives. I am really glad that I did end up trying Premium (after months of not finding anything that worked right for me), though, because I have absolutely fallen in love with what the Todoist has done. I know they have worked incredibly hard to come up with an wonderfully intuitive experience because the level of fluidity and ease of use I have experienced cannot have happened accidentally. Thank you all so much for your hard work because Todoist will definitlely be helping me *organize my life* for a long time.
  • So close but too far !!! 3/5

    By LBIP
    I have been in search of a program to replace Wunderlist- This program has what I liked about Wunderlist in terms of sharing and multiple platforms. I had a great start to the program and will get to what I think the fail is in hope they will correct it quickly. They must have also gotten this complaint before because they have a useless work around they reference. When you create a project a task or however you decide to use the program, when you complete a task it disappears. You can bring it back, but it is cumbersome, Wunderlist would just collapse them, and you could see them at any time by un collapse them. It was suggested by todoist i look at an option for being able to see my tasks by placing an : in front of them but the instructions clearly say this makes them not completable. Why would you make a to do list not completable ? For those of you that do to see a problem with making completed items disappear, if you are collaborating on a project which this program has projects, people need to see what has been completed and read the notes if you have entered them.
  • More than a list 5/5

    By Writer_Rose
    I love this app. I happily paid for the premium upgrade (and I *hate* subscription model pricing) because I use it for much more than just a checklist. • I am always saving things to Instapaper, or flagging emails, but it does no good unless I remember to go back and look at them later. So I have a “To Read” list (which IFTT adds to automatically <3 <3 <3 ) and I have it remind me on the weekend to catch up on articles and newsletters. • For upcoming trips or events, I make a project and for every stage (making reservations, contacting organizers, travel info) I make an item, and I can either put the info in notes (or location, etc.) or I can link to the relevant email/note/webpage. • I can also use IFTT to sync reminders between Apple’s Reminder App and Todoist, which is a workaround for making Todoist notes with Siri. I’m sure there are free apps that will do these things, but Todoist just does them seamlessly through the share menu, app integration, or the quick add feature. (After writing this, I realized that I use it like some people use Evernote, only instead of saving text and pics, etc., into the app, I just link to the original, which I like better.)
  • Really helps me in my life 5/5

    By Daniel Piratone
    I am a very distracted person, I hate calendars, and I literally forget everything. Todoist has been one of the greatest discoveries of 2017. I’ve found it pleasureable to complete tasks, and adding tasks is also very easy and fast. I can say “Buy carrots at 4pm today #house” and the todo item is correctly indexed. Even this review that I am writing now was something that I wanted to do weeks ago but I never had time. Todoist made me accountable for it and, after I press “Submit”, I will have one more item that I can take off the list :) Thank you Todoist!
  • Support 4/5

    By onetwoCENTS
    good and useful
  • Needs some improvements, but still great 5/5

    By benji_reviews
    Have experienced some bugginess when editing actions or projects, but overall very visually appealing, fast, and has all of the features I need for my GTD workflow. Note: buying premium is basically required to make effective use of todoist, though I consider it well-worth the $30
  • Functional, well designed, recommended 4/5

    By FloridaPhillip
    This is a good, well designed, basic to-do list. It’s easy to add new tasks. Easy to change the due date. I really like that I can tell Alexa to add tasks to this app. Wish it had a calendar so I could see my tasks in calendar view.
  • Emojis disappear in High Sierra? 4/5

    By HelloPretzel
    I LOVE Todoist! However, I use emojis as a way to visualize my tasks and projects. When I updated my iMac to High Sierra, all of the emojis in Todoist disappeared and now there are boxes with “?” inside of them instead of the emojis I assigned. Todoist is the only app on my Mac that has the disappearing emoji issue. Anyone else have this problem and / or know how to fix it?
  • Todoist review 5/5

    By @FullCriollito
    It's been almost three years since I used Todoist. The use is for my personal and professional life. It is an application that I recommend any player who wants to organize, plan and carry out their best practices in any scenario. I'm going to highlight a series of elements that I like about Todoist and I hope they serve for people who are looking for a reference about it. They are the following: * Clean design Minimalist * Fast application in all operating systems. * It is an adaptable tool. Each one can use projects, filters and labels to give the desired context and consider necessary in their tasks. * An inbox, today and a next time 7 days mark the way to start using the application. * Karma system with a score that gives you a state or profile that evolves from beginner to enlightened. I am a great teacher, almost enlightened. Is very close. * Tasks allow voice notes, comments, attachments and everything that can be written with natural language. * You can organize each task by time or if you prefer the function of the assigned day and in the function of the priorities that you have to manage the best order that you require according to the occasion. This way it can be an idea of ​​Todoist's potential. By the way, the synchronization works perfectly, it is very strange that they have problems and that they have them through their twitter account @Todoist always realizes it. They offer timely and quick support by mail or via Twitter. If you want to deepen the organization of your life is in the tool and depends on each person as the best. By the way, you have to be a premium subscriber to be able to take advantage of all the benefits.
  • integrate a pomodoro timer attached to reminders 5/5

    By Broderick158
    Will you guys please attach a pomodoro timer to tasks? The app is fantastic, and that would be amazing to know how long each task really takes. Thank you so much for all your great work!
  • It is “okay" 3/5

    By Billyburst
    I love the UI, but too many clicks to accomplish what other To Do Lists handle much faster. Right click to delete, than need to click to hide “order changed” box, just to delete a task! Why not just be able to use the delete key and not have that “order changed” box come up!
  • Dropped OS 10.10.x support with no warning 1/5

    By WilllllllllllllI
    The app devs dropped support for OS 10.10 with zero warning or any sort of indication that this was coming, and now this application is useless. My co-worker and I have 2 years worth of work, projects, and mapped out QA testing that we can now not access through this app. We paid for premium memberships, and truested this app to hold our data so we could track and manage our work, and reference past projects. Gone. Todoist publishes their version updates in their web changelog, and I would read the log with each update. It is very upsetting that we received no warning so we could migrate 2 years of work off of the Todoist app prior to the rug being pulled out from under us. What an enormous let down.
  • Love this app; great for teachers 5/5

    By KMDBR
    I am a high school teacher, and this app has made my life more balanced already. My favorite features: - organization of tasks into projects - ability to repeat tasks just by typing in “every day” or “weekly,” etc. - ability to prioritize tasks just by typing in “p1” “p2” etc. - all tasks have dates and times, so you can schedule a task for any day in the future - suggested due dates based on your work habits and productivity - the little congratulatory messages when you finish tasks :) I highly recommend this for anyone who is overwhelmed with a high volume of tasks, i.e. teachers!

Todoist: Organize your life app comments

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