Tom Thumb Deals & Delivery

Tom Thumb Deals & Delivery

  • Category: Shopping
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  • Current Version: 2023.12.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Albertsons Companies, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Tom Thumb Deals & Delivery App

Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with up to $300 in weekly discounts. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next store run, to ordering Drive Up and Go or letting us deliver for you. • Get all your deals, coupons, and rewards in one place. • Easily find items carried in your store. • Build your shopping list so you won’t forget anything. • Quick access to your online and in-store purchase history. • Use Drive Up and Go or Delivery to get your groceries in a snap. • We use Health Kit to track steps, sleep, and other activity to reward points for the healthy actions captured

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Tom Thumb Deals & Delivery app reviews

  • So many errors 1/5

    By prettysing12
    Every time I try to check in for a pick up order it gives me errors. Chat support wasn’t helpful.
  • Mrs 5/5

    By Gerdammie
    Love tom thumb! Best meat!
  • Digital items don’t always appear 4/5

    By lucky lish
    It’s frustrating when you put the exact name of an item in and it comes up empty. Please work on that, otherwise love it.
  • dark mode 1/5

    By going2thesky
    needs dark mode
  • Stuck on opening screen 1/5

    By Laurie2010
    It won’t load past the “Sincerely, Tom Thumb” page, which kind of seems like they’re intentionally laughing at me not being able to use the app. Thanks guys. I want to blow flour off a whisk at you, too.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Moore S
    I cannot get the app to do anything up to date since the last update. It is a blank screen.
  • No help from employee I asked for assistance 1/5

    I gave up ! To much time required to make it worthwhile
  • Missing aisles 3/5

    By Ohwhenvee
    Wish it would show the aisles information per store.
  • Camera doesn’t work on iPhone 14 1/5

    By modeboy
    Come on devs, update your apps to work with the new camera system. You can’t scan anything because it won’t focus up close. It’s garbage unless the camera works.
  • I love the TT app! 5/5

    By Karwowski0211
    I save at least $5-10 at each trip
  • Tom Thumb review 1/5

    By frank12334644
    Have never received a delivery that was complete
  • The best service 5/5

    By Mrs Janie E
    Very happy customer
  • Connection 4/5

    By Cclown2012
    Never works in the store which is where I need it most obviously. Wish your stores had better WiFi or something so I wouldn’t have to struggle to get the app to work in the store. Great app otherwise.
  • Pickup on app 5/5

    By aliceflame
    Great easy efficient service!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Amanda Lott
    User friendly.
  • $25 in free groceries 1/5

    By texas - susan
    Received an email from Tom Thumb about upgrading to their new “Sincerely Health” to received $25 in free groceries: “ Click on the link below or open your Tom Thumb app to learn how you can earn grocery deals for moving more, eating better and achieving your goals. Plus, get $25 off groceries* just for signing up.” I opened my app, upgraded to Sincerely Health (strange name!), signed up which included providing more personal info. Hmmmm. So how do I receive the $25? Did I miss something? Not feeling good about Tom Thumb right now.
  • Trying 2/5

    By Jakermo
    I really want this to work. I try to use it. I even get the people at the store to help me, but when I get to check out it doesn’t work. Please help fix it.
  • Order 2/5

    By Cindymrrtt
    Potatoes were rotten. ☹️
  • Not showing realistic stock information 3/5

    By SanMer1112
    Tried couple of time to get items by pickup and I had to cancel it because items are not in stock even when the app shows there is in stock Items.
  • Problem that keeps Tom Thumb from a 5 star rating 3/5

    By Dakotas Solutions
    The sales requirements are not clearly posted on the shelves. Also many times the sales that are posted are out of date. I feel like I often get ripped off by my local store. I feel the sales are often to complicated and common folk think they are saving money but are not. Also, the scan feature on my app often does mot work in the store. When the steps to save money are complicated I feel like it’s intentional to make more money for store. I thought that bait and switch or if a sign says something costs an amount the store is supposed to honor that amount andthen remove the sign.
  • I’m 3/5

    By New age grannie
    The thing I don’t like is having to express No substitutions on every item. I had answered no substitution on one grocery order but I was delivered all kinds of substitutions on items I did not want. Since I have a heart condition requiring low sodium foods,?I have to have foods that I order- no substitution. Please make it easier for me to shop!! Thank You Carol Luther
  • App not working 2/5

    By lil'jaye
    I’ve been trying to place an order online for two days now and every time I go to the checkout page it loads but then it’s just a blank page.
  • A little user UNfriendly 4/5

    By tea4238
    Many times hard to find the deals that are advertised on the FRONT page of the flyer.
  • RIP OFF!!! 1/5

    By EdwarDallas
    Most of the deals in store NEVER HAPPEN !! They telll you "the system" will add all the discounts at the VERY END when checking out. THEY NEVER DO!! SUCKERS!! SUING and FTC being contacted. WHAT A FRAUD!!!!!
  • Easiest app for a grocery store! love it 5/5

    By i shop daily
    Easiest app and well organized
  • Please stop changing this app, it’s to frequent 1/5

    By Mel C5
    Now after the last update, the wallet app member card does not recognize anymore at the self check out. It’s such a hassle, I have scanned everything thing and get to the end the self checkout won’t recognize the app member wallet card. I have to be move to a register by the clerk and have everything rescanned. This happens frequently when the updates are made to the app. This irritates me so much and causes me to waste so much time. Pleased fix this and check that it’s working before an update is release. It went from please scan your card before scanning your items for self checkout , then a change to after you scan your items. Now it totally doesn’t recognize the card in the self checkout. This has to stop or I’m going to stop shopping with Tom Thumb, I don’t have time like that to waste in the store
  • One of the best place to get your produce products 5/5

    By awwvi
    Everything in the store is lovely. I love the attention from the cashiers they always try to help you out. What I don’t like from here is the customer service from some of the personal from Sturbucks. But there’s also a lady who is sweet a very nice person sometimes.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Kim Nguyen & Friends
  • Grocery app good, pharmacy app bad 3/5

    By Hjplano
    Like the grocery app a lot and have saved $100s using it. But when I click on Pharmacy and manage prescriptions then it doesn’t show any of my prescriptions. I Have to use the old pharmacy app they have.
  • app 5/5

    By Looloo1957
    Very easy to navigate through the app.
  • More international items 5/5

    By Lupta Ramirez
    I’m so happy that I can shop all in one store, I can now find nopales, tomatillos all type of chiles, piloncillo, etc…. just need to add more Mexican cookies.
  • Tom Thumb could do better 1/5

    By [[[[[[[[[[[[[[:
    I completely stopped shopping at Tom Thumb after their last major update to their app that was not user for friendly, which was really unfortunate bc Tom Thumb is my closes grocery store, but target and Walmart are just more convenient to shop. I recently tried coming back to Tom Thumb after more than a year of not shopping there and it is still not up to par with the online shopping of target and Walmart. Not even close. If you order a pick up order online, Tom Thumb does not start pulling your items until right before your pick up time. I ordered my groceries 3 days before my pick up day, by the time it was ready to pick up my order, my items were not ready and half of my order was canceled bc it had already sold out the past 3 days prior. Why are you selling the things I have already paid for!? Target and Walmart could never.
  • Too many substitutions 3/5

    By Dan Wolfie
    It’s a fine app and all and I’m a loyal Tom Thumber, but delivery wise, there are simply too many substitutions regarding my recent orders. I end up getting something irrelevant than what I ordered, then it’s labeled as a ‘substitute’. What the frick?
  • Love this store 5/5

    By jenn12120
    People are always so friendly and willing To help. Nicest store I’ve been to also !!
  • How is there no way to add my card to Apple Wallet? 3/5

    By Frogbugz
    Just switched from an Android phone to iPhone and it appears there is no way to add the loyalty card to my Apple wallet. This feature existed on Android.
  • Good app… but 5/5

    By Submommy
    The app itself is good. I have a problem how Tom Thumb wait until the weekend to offer the consumers a free item with clipped coupon and gives us two/three days to redeem it. If I have already did my shopping Wednesday or anytime through the week I don’t want to come back to Tom Thumb for a free item that they don’t have anyway. I wish you guys would back and include the free item along with the other digital coupons on Wednesdays when the new sale starts. Old people don’t have time to keep running to the store. :(
  • Good - need more stores participating 5/5

    By Dkkms
    The app is easy to use.
  • Ended up paying full price 1/5

    By emptystreets130
    App rarely works. Clipped coupons didn’t equal savings. Ended up paying full price.
  • Shopping list I can use!! 5/5

    By Fqelle
    I can’t believe after so long I can actually build a shopping list that I can use!
  • Up date app is not loading 1/5

    By ponyjerryD
    Not sure TT is the only store who’s app. Continues to have issues. It might be necessary to start at the top and provide up date resumes for TT systems managers. Never have this problem with Krogers app and certainly don’t have this issue with HEB’s.
  • No rewards 5/5

    By New Native
    Using TT for years & despite being told about rewards over & over, have gotten almost none. The app doesn’t work ??
  • Not accepted in my area 1/5

    By Spicegal323
    I have a friend who lives in 32566 zip and had no problems signing up for it. Why doesn’t it work for me?
  • Something Changed 3/5

    By jspellm
    Updated: What happened to the Buy Again feature?? It was my favorite feature and now I just get a black box with the spinning wheel that says “Loading”. Because of this, I’ve down rated the app to three stars. Please fix it to return to a five star. I’ve enjoyed using the app in the past, especially the Buy It Again feature. I used to be able to click on that (actually, it automatically displayed on the Home Screen) and I got a list of everything I ever ordered in the past. Then I could easily go down the list and select the things I wanted in my new order. Now, not only does it not display on the Home Screen, when I go to My List and click on Buy It Again, it says 0 items found. I can go to my orders and click on each order individually, but it is not the same. Not convenient at all.
  • Broken beyond all belief 1/5

    By telocchi
    Website to go with it DOES NOT WORK Ok guys I’m not going to view the ad/populate their list on a tiny phone screen with those tiny spots you have. Works fine on the app, so I go to login on the website for my lists and “no account exists” so i go to make one “phone # already in use” which is it guys? I put in a “delete my account” to fix this and “we can’t verify your identity” and no action is what I get back. I am doing everything I can to avoid kroger’s terrible self checkout only pilot and all I see from this is that Tom Thumb doesn’t want my money either
  • You get treated like Royal 5/5

    By Maryiam Ahmed
    You get welcome when you enter great customer service front desk manager is so friendly and store is always very clean produce people are very helpful I have to return an item one time no issues I love to shop at Tom Thmb page all the time and also I must mention the best part the Pharmacy I get the coupon after 5 proscription and it is 20% and the pharmacy staff and the pharmacist are outstanding I would say the best Grocery store to shop is Tom Thumb Page Thanks Tom Thumb keep it up.
  • Cannot find advertised products 3/5

    By c cane
    No stock of advertised specials!
  • Love my App 5/5

    By Chik Savings
    So easy to check for sales deals n weekly ad and love that can see upcoming Ad too..
  • Very basic functionality 2/5

    By josborne31
    I recently moved to an area where Tom Thumb is the best (in my opinion) grocery store available. Perhaps my previous grocer had outstanding IT people, but they set the bar high. My wife and I frequently purchase groceries online. Because we’re in the same household, we’d like to share one account. Tom Thumb doesn’t make this easy. Ideally, we’d have separate usernames that lead to the same account. If she orders groceries, I can pick up (or vice versa ). But the reality is that my app leads to my account, and her app leads to her account, neither of which are connected. I also shop in person from time to time. Because employees can’t know everything, the app would be immensely helpful if it could tell me where specific items are located. If I need some canned coconut milk, which aisle should I browse? The app doesn’t currently tell me, so who knows? Lastly, I’ve had repeated issues trying to subscribe to Tom Thumb’s annual delivery service through the app. It fails and tells me to try later.
  • Needs customer input 3/5

    By Fghdvvgt
    I love Tom Thumb and this app is ok but it needs improvement? With this new update, the location devise is always on. I would like to turn it off but I can’t find the option, perhaps there isn’t one which would really be frustrating. I have been on hold on chat for several minutes now but I can’t get a representative.