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  • Current Version: 3607
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Peak Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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WELCOME TO THE FUNNIEST CARTOON PUZZLE ADVENTURE! From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun! Enter the crazy cartoon world starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenging levels! Blast cubes and create powerful combos to pass levels. Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang as they travel around magical worlds! Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a BLAST! FEATURES: ● Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes! ● Play with unique game objectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles! ● Unlock whacky boosters to blast your way to the next level! ● Collect stars by completing levels to win awesome rewards! ● Create your own team & compete with others to rule the puzzle world! ● Receive lives from your teammates to keep on playing! ● Sync your game easily between your phone and tablet! ● Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master!

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  • Don’t waste ur time 1/5

    By Appaliciously Apps
    RIP OFFF!!!
  • Toon 4/5

    By 76toon
    Fun and exciting!
  • Comments 4/5

    By mean flo jean
    It would be nice if there were some directions. I don’t always know what I can use when. Too much time between lives
  • Waffle 1/5

    By Alex riel
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  • it’s not fun 5/5

    By FjjrsjjN
    i didn’t like it all it’s not fun.
  • Your adds 1/5

    By Snipes1818
    Hi my name is Zahara Levitan I don’t like how when your add comes and finish.the x is so small that I cannot even touch it 😤.and please make them bigger
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Jimmyjohnston1130
    Just another money sucking adventure. Be prepared to be stuck on boards for two to three days.
  • The game 5/5

    By Queen Bee Rogers
    I love this game!
  • Programed to loose many times 1/5

    By hate Zyngo
    The owner of this game program some of the levels to make you loose so many times so you purchase some icons My advice don’t attempt to purchase any
  • This game causes MAJOR STRESS! Totally RIGGED! 1/5

    By Bway guy
    I do NOT recommend getting stuck playing this game! You get addicted with the easier levels but they force you to BUY more lives when it gets to the harder levels because they get virtually impossible to beat with the color combinations that drop down and the 5 lives they give you each few hours is NOT enough to figure a hard level out. I played games like this to DE-stress... instead, today I’m biting everyone’s head off because level 176 is wasting SO much time trying to beat it. When a game makes me want to throw my iPad across the room, it’s time to DELETE the stupid game! Don’t get addicted by the beautiful graphics. Not unless you want to spend a LOT of money buying boosters and extra lives! Challenging puzzles is one thing, but life has enough non-stop roadblocks! I don’t need them in my stress relieving games!
  • Great game but.... 3/5

    By bluebird196500
    Very addicting but as you advance, you have to spend $$$ or put your addiction to the side for free lives. Many challenges are simply not possible without buying lives and I don’t care what they say. Also, if you fail a game, you then have to pay 200 lives to complete it. Eh, gonna stop after last purchase. Not enough incentives.
  • Toon blast is intertanement 5/5

    By Diiiiogo
    Toon blast is something fun and fun to all people you can upload toon blast and never stop playing toon blast is intertanement
  • Toon blast is making me fail 2/5

    By Chee Chee 77
    When I first got this app I loved it and I loved it for a long time until now this is because toon blast is trying to make me fail the level for example there was this level where I needed a vertical rocket to complete the level but it gave me a horizontal rocket and I failed this has happened to much and I feel like deleting this app so please make a update for this
  • If I could give this app no stars I would!! 1/5

    By Alexiou 🌺
    I bought 500 coins I paid for it but it didn’t even give me the coins. I’m not sorry to say that this app is awful and rigged!
  • 😩 1/5

    By superdeluxeessential handbook
    I have to words to say I HATE it and It’s so so TERRIBLE and why Im drowning in boredness
  • Stupid game 1/5

    By Colorado9813
    The concept of the game is great I love it but the game is so stupid because once you get to a certain point in the game, you have to play one level like 30 times just to beat it. It’s a waste of time.
  • Gets to the point where it’s no longer fun. 2/5

    By lu2019jdc41597
    Toon blast was great. Good game, good look. But it gets to the point where the levels are so hard that they can’t be beaten. It takes hours or even days to beat one level sometimes, and that’s just ridiculous. I’m not spending money to but boosters or whatever and a ton of coins just to pass the level. It’d be great if you just made it playable without having to pay to win, which is basically what it gets to in the 300’s.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By kaavia30
    This game is so addicting my fiancé has been playing this for a weeks and he’s on level 350 I just downloaded the game two weeks ago and I am on level 180. I can't seem to put the phone down.
  • Pay to play 3/5

    By Pside_Jay
    Great game but after you’re high in levels you get less moves and can’t beat the level unless you have the special perks to help and they barley give you any so you have to buy stuff just to get further in the game
  • Request 2/5

    By khatira 1
    I like this game and I been playing for long time I have request please make the daily prizes more and give more prizes on each levels that players pass and getting 20 stars is too much for this game if you keep like this you will lose lots of fan of this game Give more prize grape people attention more otherwise they go for other game
  • This game suckssss!! 1/5

    By Nashville country boy11
    This is game is one of the worst things i have ever seen in my life.
  • Has helped me with anxiety 5/5

    I’ve had a rough year... I work in a busy ER and was trying to care for my mom with Alzheimer’s. Developed some serious anxiety issues. Although this is a casino game (rigged to keep you hooked and spending), I really appreciate the puzzles and the community. I joined a team and we work together to crunch the weekend tournaments. Each object has different properties, and you have enough combinations of tools to use that it’s got great brain stimulus. If I was a chemistry teacher, I’d give extra credit to students who played this game and made up a version using the periodic table. The challenge now is to utilize the various tools and tournaments to spend the least amount of money possible.
  • Money Pit 1/5

    By Marine Wife0991
    You make the levels so hard that the player is forced to make a purchase for more lives.
  • Super addicting and fun game 5/5

    By Ibriham Moizoos
    This game is super addicting! It will frustrate the everliving out of you but at the same time give you the greatest relief. I love it. One thing I would recommend tho is that the developers would allow you control the music and sound effects volumes. Sometimes I listen to music while I play and the toon blast sounds will drown out the music. I know I could just turn off the sound effects, but I like hearing them. It’s fun :) Anywho, overall great game and would highly recommend to anyone play play when your bored or on public transport and just while your waiting around for your friend to finish getting ready to go out. Five stars!
  • The Best 5/5

    By TTiger82
    I’ve been playing the game for over the past year and a half and it’s simply the best. I would like to see you get rewarded for the episodes you finish. Other than that, it keeps you wanting to play. Thanks for the entertainment.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Dave-FL
    The game is a pure and simple Money grab by a greedy (borderline unethical) developer. Significant effort was obviously put into designing the game to cause accidental “continue” presses, which happen to cost 100 coins. Or 100 to refill lives after playing each level to the point of a single move needed to beat the level... but no usable move exists... over and over... one to go, but of course, you can pay to continue or buy more lives and try again. Don’t waste your time or money on a game that purposely gives you fewer moves than could ever beat their “random” levels. If they don’t fix the game, apple should step in and and remove the game from their App Store until the developer fixes the obvious flaws.
  • To hard to solve 1/5

    By kkkdddlllaaahhhggg
    Cost to much money to get more life’s like the game but I am retired on a fixed income
  • They expect you to buy coins 1/5

    By bodyleg
    I reached level 1146 which means I clearly enjoyed playing this game. I’ve been stuck on this level for 3 weeks. It’s like they want you to buy coins . so they only give 28 moves, but the trick is you have to get 16 birds,16 bottles and 32 balloons. It’s no way you’re going to beat it. unless you have coins to buy the tools that can help you win.
  • Good ! 5/5

    By Icee7777
    I actually like it I play in car rides When I’m Bored I’m in level 690 and I’ve never spend any money You can get in a team and ask them for lives and also if you win tournament you get coins which you can buy thing to win the levels The gave is addictive and entertaining
  • DixieDawg1 1/5

    By DixieDawg1
    This game is a rip off. On some levels, even if you use good strategy, it forces you to lose in order to coerce you into buying lives and/or joining one of its stupid public groups. Don’t bother.
  • Fun Game! 5/5

    By imPassinOutHere
    Super easy to understand and lots of funny to play!
  • How Amazing Toon Blast Is! 5/5

    By YeahBabez
    Toon Blast is AMAZING because it makes me be more strategic. It also works on being colorful. Say their is a ballon. It can be any color like red or blue and other color in the game. I also love the challenges. One time I have gotten 3 crowns! I LOVE TOON BLAST!!!!!
  • Terrible game 1/5

    By hgggygygy
    It’s a ripoff they try to scam u into spending money on the game by not letting u beat certain levels don’t waste your time it’s junk
  • Advertising 1/5

    By Priteepatel18
  • Unsatisfying 1/5

    By icuok
    It’s a pay to win kind of game. Not impressed. Although, the game was kind of fun in the beginning. It does not deserve a five star rating. As you stack up rockets thinking something interesting is about to happen like you’re about to heat the level. It just shoot four rockets. What’s up with that? I just wasted so many moves stacking up rockets and bombs to end the frustrating level which it takes a long time /lives to finish the level. As some reviewers say, it seems kind of rigged. It’s like it’s forcing you to spend 100 coins to finish in which it is still impossible after wasting your coins. It’s a shame how they use Ryan Reynolds to advertise this horrible game. Come on Ryan, you know better than that!
  • Review 5/5

    By castiel829
    I only got it because of Ryan Reynolds
  • Fake 5 Star Reviews 2/5

    By G a l a x y 123
    I don’t own the game, but my sister does and it’s annoying. It is a game that copied multiple other games to earn money. If you enjoy this game, keep playing it. This game also has multiple fake 5 star reviews to make it seem more fun. Just my opinion.
  • One big flaw 1/5

    By @aka_scratch
    Accidentally got kicked from my team and now have no way to get back in.
  • Addictive but aggravating 1/5

    By Emsmommy9
    This game is so fun. I’m not a big game person but I’ve been playing this one for a while and am in the mid-600’s level. Pros: you get rewarded when beating a certain level and also upon collecting a # of stars when you beat each level. If you join a team, you can ask for and give lives, which costs you nothing. You are also awarded bonus bombs and fireworks with consecutive wins without failing. Cons: as another reviewer pointed out, some levels are easy, some are medium, and some take a day or days to beat (and obviously numerous lives). Bottom line is they want you to buy stuff. I got sucked in early on and then had to force myself not to but extra lives and coins just to beat a level. It’s seriously aggravating and I have found myself saying to myself, numerous times “that’s it, I’m done with this game”. Overall, very fun. Just try not to get sucked into the cash grab.
  • Out for your $$$$ 1/5

    By Bradilac
    This game could be fun but it is so blatantly obvious this game is rigged for one thing. To get your $$$$.
  • Fun but frustrating 3/5

    By Nickerbuns
    SO many times I want to throw my phone because I get so annoyed when it takes too long to win a level. I’ve been playing for 5 weeks and it has been super fun, I love the team, and the new key treasure, but as I advance in levels the fun is dissipating, it’s not fun to be frustrated so much. Of course I want a challenge but I feel their algorithm is just out to end you! A level should never take over 10 lives or a day to pass. I’m not sure how much longer I want to be on this emotional roller coaster.
  • Lives... 1/5

    By Updates $^*%
    Either give more lives or reevaluate the levels. Been stuck on the same level and I refuse to spend real money on some game. Ridiculous that the levels are so rigged for the player to lose.
  • Awesome, very addicting, fun 5/5

    By UnicornGlory321
    Love the game, time consuming but good. I like it and it’s very frustrating but on the good side it’s fun and I love it. Levels get harder and more annoying each time I pass. But hey that’s what happens usually, but anyway it’s a really good game. Try it. It’s awesome
  • Good for 80ish levels 3/5

    By BVos
    By level 86 I was done with this game. Those pink blobs that spread took the fun away. I liked the game when I could take my time and strategize how to win. But those blobs force you to think too fast. So now I’m going to delete the game.
  • Yelus 5/5

    By isa isaza
    This game is so popular.My cousin loves it so much,he is like in level 130!im barealy in leven nine🤷‍♀️
  • it’s the best game ever but........ 4/5

    By comment queen👸🏼
    every time that I ask for lives it always say that I can’t have more than ten! They make the levels super challenging and if all you need to complete that level is one move and you are out of moves, you have to pay 100 coins or pay real money!🙄 and THEY NEVER GIVE YOU COINS! I rarely get any coins!
  • It’s fun!!!! 5/5

    By Pelart40
    I really enjoy playing it relieves my anxiety and makes me use my brain to solve problems.
  • Boring 2/5

    By Mouri b
    I got this today to expect a good experience,But in stead it was boring most of the game was just teaching you new moves.I'm not saying it's bad I'm saying you could improve it.Theres not many details.
  • One of the best TOON BLAST🤗 5/5

    By skdbeiwpwheocf
    Ok really. I'm so addicted to this game one of the best toon blast now I know why almost half of the world is playing this you no my dad said he lost his Wife and son over toon blast and he will never get this game because it’s min controlling I say just try it

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