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  • Current Version: 2800
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Peak Games
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WELCOME TO THE FUNNIEST CARTOON PUZZLE ADVENTURE! From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun! Enter the crazy cartoon world starring Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear and enjoy loads of whacky and challenging levels! Blast cubes and create powerful combos to pass levels. Solve puzzles to help the Toon gang as they travel around magical worlds! Join the wildest adventure of your life and have a BLAST! FEATURES: ● Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes! ● Play with unique game objectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles! ● Unlock whacky boosters to blast your way to the next level! ● Collect stars by completing levels to win awesome rewards! ● Create your own team & compete with others to rule the puzzle world! ● Receive lives from your teammates to keep on playing! ● Sync your game easily between your phone and tablet! ● Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master!


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  • Toy blast 5/5

    By shewolfspirit
    Love it ty so much to this game and many more. It helped while I was in the hospital
  • Love it - BUT ... 1/5

    By ginyah
    I absolutely love this game and I play it every day. I have spent $$ in order to have coins, etc., in an attempt to help move up through the levels. And I absolutely loved the PIGGY BANK where an additional 100 coins would be “deposited” in for each level I would go up! When my PIGGY BANK reached FULL (600), I would purchase those 600 coins for an additional $2.99 which helped as well. NOW, now the PIGGY BANK has been removed and Customer Service isn’t being helpful in telling me why! I sure don’t want to quit playing TOON BLAST because it is my FAVORITE GAME ... however, if I cannot have my PIGGY BANK back, I WILL DELETE TOON BLAST!
  • Ehh... 3/5

    By Pens47
    I hate that you can’t replay any levels. Some are actually fun and I’d like to get 3 stars for the challenge of it. Otherwise, like the other Blast games, some levels are impossible without using cheats which ruins the game IMO.
  • Easy 1/5

    By Poohcornerpens
    The game should be easier👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👧🏻👩🏻🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️💃🏻👯‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️
  • So addictive 5/5

    By Calista420
    Love this game
  • Love this game!!!😍❤️ 5/5

    By tootbug101
    This game is great!! I play it all day everyday! It’s awesome! If you see a ad of it I recommend you totally download it!!😄
  • Love the game and i like the way how you can do the rockets and the hammer 5/5

    By _Mirr2x_
    Love the game and I like the way you can do the rockets and the hammer and the disco ball and the big bombs and when you got two Bombs and put them together you get a big bomb.❤️❤️❤️
  • I should get back to work 5/5

    By Sstteevo
    I’m hooked. Help me!
  • Very Fun........... BUT 4/5

    By Ercmann
    This game is very fun and energetic with awesome sounds and effects, BUT, it has the same feel as Candy Crush Saga (reason for the 4 Star Rating). ........ CCS I got very frustrated with so deleted the APP and haven’t played it since. This game is a little easier to worn levels at least. if this game was its own and didn’t have a take on CCS, I may have given it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, but it’s too similar to CCS. Either way, it is a fun game to play.
  • Fun until....... 1/5

    By Muppet brain
    I really enjoyed the game until I got to the point that I have to pay for “power ups” in order to beat a stage and move on. Another enjoyable game to delete.
  • Toon blast 5/5

    By "O"-18
  • Fun 5/5

    By diamondsbarb
    Just plain good fun
  • Waste of money 2/5

    By TinCanGoat
    If you love just endlessly tapping your screen with zero skill level required, this pos is for you! Tap tap tap tap tap lose. Repeat ad nauseam. Unless you want to shell out a bunch of dough. I don’t mind paying if the game requires thought or skill, this game is neither. Totally random and you’ll never get to line up shots. So dumb.
  • Fun! Fun! Fun! 5/5

    By Wooliemaeven
    Addictive game--great fun!
  • Toon blast 5/5

    By dishdidjdjsjdjx
    So good 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😋😋😋😋😛😛😛😛😛😢❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💞💞💝💝💝
  • Missing Stars 3/5

    By J9reola
    Can’t redo levels to get three stars
  • Toon blast amazing 5/5

    By kyle f the panda
    Toon blast is amazing mabye more addicting than Fortnite
  • Toon 5/5

    By NadsofSteel
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Memerle
    It’s so fun. Molly
  • Loved it and now don’t 2/5

    By APZD
    I loved this app - I mean LOVED it and was way into it at a Level somewhere in the 200’s. All of a sudden during one of my games it put me back to Level 16 and I can’t get back to my original level. I tried deleting and re installing to no avail. I am very sad. It’s five star all the way once they resolve this issue for me
  • Ok to a point 3/5

    By Bogusda
    Fun to play at first. Helps pass time. But once you get to a point it forces you to play the way the computer wants you to. Not random. A shame cause it can be fun and relaxing to play. Just like all “Free” games, they want you to spend money.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By Boetsy78
    This is a fun and cheerful game to help you waste time. Can’t resist going back.
  • How addicting this game is 5/5

    By Bunny Rabbit21855
    I just got this game and it is already very addictive. My favorite part is the boosters and the colors and the disco balls. Everything about this game is addicting. I can’t stop playing it
  • Toon blast 5/5

    By GottaBeAwsome2199
    Can’t stop playing!!!👍🏻👍🏻
  • I enjoyed it in the beginning, but.. 2/5

    By Fluffy Corgi
    I downloaded this game because it had good reviews and is made by folks who made Toy Blast, which I enjoy a lot. This game was fun in the beginning, I went thru levels pretty quickly, until I began to get stuck on every level around level 600. It’s good to have hard levels every now and then. But every level can’t be this super hard so early in the game. I’ve been spending all the coins and items I collected just to pass a few levels. I’m going to stop before I run out of free stuff and began to even think about spending dollars. The directions of the rockets are so NOT random to a point where it makes me laugh. It stopped being fun and now it’s only frustrating. Hard objectives to pass levels plus the game clearly manipulating your odds of winning are a bit too much.
  • Moves 5/5

    By Lindy McC
    This game is awesome other than that it does your last moves for you but it is great thank you Peak games
  • Melhor jogo dos ultimos tempos 5/5

    By gbigernest
    Gostoso, divertido, nao tem 1000 propagandas chatas.
  • Agree with others.... 4/5

    By Cookie's Dad
    Even though I really like this game, it is just a copy or duplicate of most of the games offered in the match category. Sorry guys, just stating facts.
  • Can't stop playing this game 5/5

    By Jjjabheb
    And my level is 1050, which was reached without spending any money So it's fun and interesting!
  • Toon Blast 5/5

    By PMC Grizzlybear
    So far so good but it’s starting to get harder. If I have trouble moving on to next level I don’t want to play anymore.
  • Amazing 😉 5/5

    By kay james❤️
    This game is freakin amazing it’s so much fun and challenging ,it’s a great game to play if your bored 😑 five stars definitely I love this game so much❤️❤️
  • Took my money 1/5

    By Ralph 4
    I played this game for weeks is fun but you have to spend time and money to make real progress, I did and was happy with it until they updated the app and lost my progress. When I contacted them about restoring my progress or giving my my stuff back I was told NO because I had already played and wasted my coins. That wasn’t the point. The point is they lost my stuff and now they want me to pay for it again. Apple should do something about this people.
  • No room for strategy at higher levels, and you can't start over 1/5

    By Roadfood
    The game is fun and addicting. The lower levels are a good mixture of luck and strategy, but the higher levels become almost all luck; the playing field (where there are blocks) is so small that you typically have only one or two possible moves, so there's no strategy, you either get the blocks you need or you lose. Lowering my rating to one star. I got so frustrated at the higher levels where it's clear that the game has tuned the probabilities to make combinations extremely rare at the beginning but more common near the end as a crass way to get you to spend stars — and hence money — to get the few additional moves you need to win. The one star rating is for this: I finally got so frustrated that I just wanted to go back to the beginning when the game was actually fun. I deleted and reinstalled only to find out that it unconditionally restored my game! How dare you developers presume to tell me I can't start over, how DARE you!!! You should be very ashamed of yourselves.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Logun2018
    Thank you
  • Hi 5/5

    By kaboshka
  • Awesome 5/5

    By TheYellowBlueberry
  • Cost to much to play 2/5

    By Apachekid747
    This game is addictive and very expensive to play. At first you enjoy the music and the graphics is outstanding for a game. However once you get to the upper levels you have to pay to get more objects to help you win. this is by far the most expensive game I have ever played. They do not give you enough bombs and other things to play to higher levels I have decided to delete the game because it is addictive goodbye toon blast, until you fix that asking for all that money I’ve spent close to $75. That alone should have gotten me the game with unlimited explosives.
  • Time blaster 5/5

    By DANCING~inthe~DARK
    Awesome fun
  • Awesome Game 5/5

    By 1NeRvOuS1
    I love this game, it's very addictive.
  • Problem with In-App purchases 2/5

    By Country kenny
    On 2 separate occasions I purchased a bundle and did not receive what I purchased. 1st instance was resolved and I was satisfied. 2nd instance I I was asked to provide screenshots and receipts , which I did, and issue is still not resolved. Play at your own risk...
  • Toon blast 4/5

    By whiuuuu
    I think you should put infinity turns so you won’t have to struggle
  • Can’t redo boards. 2/5

    By JSC1977
    I don’t care if it is part of the considered challenge. You can’t try to improve yourself got an uninstall from me.
  • Fun and Cheap 5/5

    By Deaconsara
    Great game! It doesn't make you buy stuff often. Relaxing .
  • Fun game,money,money 2/5

    By Grac62
    This game is fun but unfortunately is a money pit!!!! Be prepared to spend alot to win.
  • Piggy Bank 😡 1/5

    By Anua2423526
    Need to do away with the piggy bank it stays full and can’t collect coins!! I paid $2.?? Thinking it would unlock nope once it’s fills back up it wants u pay again. My husband downloaded this exact same game and his doesn’t show the piggy bank 🤷‍♀️. This needs to be fixed either take it away or once u paid you shouldn’t have to pay anymore. Love the game but hate the piggy bank not allowing me to collect coins
  • Fun Game 5/5

    By Mickster911
    Love playing this game. Works well, no problems.

    By Rocroyalsbabygirl
  • Fun, but difficult if you don’t spend real $ 3/5

    By lilsmed04
    This is easy at first and then gets very difficult. If you do not want to spend real $ on this game, then some levels you will be on for days, I’m not kidding. Even though the blocks come down “randomly”, it seems to always put you at a massive disadvantage if you do not have bombs/arrows/globes to help you. I was on a level for 3 days, waiting for lives to replenish to just waste them on a level that you couldn’t win even from the beginning. I’m sure that if I spent real money then I could get through these levels faster because I’m paying for help and lives, but since I don’t, this game is hard to want to keep playing. 30 minutes to replenish 1 life is long enough for me to lose interest in this app. Speed up the replenish time so I can keep playing.
  • Horrible WORST GAME EVER 1/5

    By 🤙🏻😂🌸🤙🏻
    Worst game ever. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. The advertisement that this app shows in other apps is not eye catching at all. It makes me not want to get this game at all. I downloaded this app just to write this review that tells how much I hate this app.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By dsktlldwn
    I love your game my grands love it to lots of fun

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