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Top Hat - Better Learning

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  • Current Version: 5.90.0
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Top Hat - Better Learning App

Top Hat is the perfect companion app to our comprehensive assessment platform that helps you learn better before, during and after class. Top Hat makes learning fun and engaging (seriously!) and sets you up for success, helping you connect with your professors, your peers and the content you’re learning in and out of the classroom. Here’s what Top Hat offers you: Compelling resources, delivered on your smartphone or laptop: • Follow your prof’s lecture slides on your own device • Contribute in class with an easy-to-use response system that’s always with you • Participate with your profs and peers using in-app discussions Content tailored to your course: • Experience dynamic, interactive textbooks loaded up with images, videos, audio clips and more • Read your digital materials from anywhere and keep them forever Quizzes, tests and polls that improve learning comprehension: • Challenge yourself by taking polls and quizzes on your own devices • Improve your knowledge retention with interactive assessment elements • Check for gaps in your understanding with graded and non-graded homework and short quizzes Thanks for using Top Hat. As you experience the app, we’d love to get your feedback: [email protected] or follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @TopHat

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Top Hat - Better Learning app reviews

  • Worst App and Company EVER!! 1/5

    By Upsetappuserwanttouninstall
    I had to use this app for one of my college classes, and it was causing me problems from the first day I used it. This app has so many glitches with the attendance, slides, and quizzes. Other people from my class also complained of issues. I contacted them about my issues and they weren’t any help. I really wish I could get my money back, because it was definitely wasted. I’d give -5 stars if I could.
  • Bugs maybe ? 1/5

    By Kassie_43
    I keep getting kicked out of the app in the middle of scrolling down the page.
  • They updated and didn’t fix it 1/5

    By CipDaddy
    They had it right 3 updates ago where you clicked on a chapter and you had a menu on the top right corner where you were able to jump to a specific section, or you saw the questions without having to click on a button that opened into a new page just to see it...utter nonsense! Thank goodness that the semester is almost over and I hope my next classes won’t use this platform!
  • Always makes my answer wrong! 3/5

    By Lalalandwonder
    When my question is “select all apply” and I get my answers wrong and i have another attempt I fix them and click right answers and then submit it automatically saves the wrong answers!!! This always happens and it’s really becoming Titus.
  • Refund 2/5

    By Brassa1031
    I tried to get a refund for an unused subscription and was denied because it was after the 2 week refund period. My professor had a hard time trying to figure how to use it but insisted she would figure it out. COVID-19 started and she abandoned it for the easier to use school site we have. I’ve used the program for another class before and it worked well but the company policy and customer care is lacking. I had another peer who submitted the same complaint same time I did and received a refund.
  • Gone downhill 2/5

    By Stylinson Swiftie
    The app was working perfectly fine all semester until the most recent update. Ever since the newest version of the app came out, it crashes within thirty seconds every time I open it. I used to enjoy doing homework and answering questions from my phone, but I no longer have that luxury and I am disappointed. Please debug this app!

    By ceweenie
    This is a scam. Useless. You wanna know how to improve this app? Get rid of it! :) Your making students, which most are in debt, pay more money for some stupid app that a pen and paper could easily do. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. SCAM SCAM SCAM
  • Location Tracking is obnoxious 3/5

    By My childhoodgaming
    The setting of “Always” for location tracking is obnoxious. It makes more sense to have “while using app” but the app doesn’t allow for that.
  • I already have to pay for classes, now this? 1/5

    By ScottieAnnie
    I have tuition, books, and supplies on top of apartment payments, feeding myself, any medical bills, etc. I had to buy a subscription, sure it was $30 or so, but I had to get it in order to participate in class. Literally could’ve used Kahoot. It’s a good app, but not great for starving college students.
  • Works fine, permissions are weird 3/5

    By Ish Perez
    Tried to access my class today and needed to set my location permissions to Always, rather than just While Using. Strange that I would need to let Top Hat use my location even when I'm not in class marking my attendance.
  • WiFi / cellular connection is really bad 3/5

    By Hv1806
    The WiFi connection works half of the time and when I want to use the app over cellular connection, it doesn’t work at all. Please fix.
  • Excellent if the professor knows how to use it 4/5

    By Puff puff Nation
    I am lucky when I have professors who know how to properly use this app in a way that facilitates learning and retention of material. When the professor doesn’t know how to utilize the app, and uses it in a distracting way or cannot use the interface, that takes time out of the class and frustrates me and other learners. This app is pretty solid for students as it provides a good learning platform to assess learned facts as well as a source of review questions. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a professor and write hundreds of questions per semester for this app, though. Thankfully, I’m not a professor!
  • Blank screen 1/5

    By fskhou
    Can’t seem to use the app on my phones I tried 3 devices 1. iPad 2. iPhone 8 3. IPhone XS. And the website only works on my laptop
  • Location services 4/5

    By Pa Driver
    I think top hat is a beneficial service, but why does the app need permission to track my location always? It should only need it while I’m using the app, invasion of privacy!
  • FAKE RATINGS and bad app 1/5

    By Party Escort Bot
    First of all, there is no WAY this app has 4.7 stars, since most reviews are negative. I’ve even seen some negative reviews with 4 or 5 stars, which definitely smells fishy. Aside from that, the app itself isn’t very good. The internet connection is bad, and the price is ridiculous for such a bad app. No one would get this if they weren’t forced to by colleges. Please, ask your professor to switch to a better quality software.
  • Worst. App/website. Ever 1/5

    By ChrisseyG03
    I don’t understand why they have an average score of 4.9 on Apple. This is literally the worst service ever. Worst part is that I have to pay $100+ for it. All in all. Website/App just looks pretty. Very crummy interface and super poor and essentially useless customer service. 1. Videos do not play on the app. The videos are not even posted or available on the app. 2. Good luck answering questions on your iPad or iPhone. It does not sync with the website. At all. So when you open the website on your laptop it shows that you have not done any work. If you answer a question wrong on the app, but then you fix it to the correct one it will save the work that you did maybe in the pass 30 minutes. It doesn’t save the work afterwards. So you will have an answer marked wrong even though you corrected when you exit the app and come back to it. 3. Customer service is useless. The main complain of our class is that customer service’s rep default answer is that “only your professor can answer/fix this issue from his account” BUT the professor ends up contacting them and they take forever. When we first started class, all of our work, grades, assignments and content disappeared from everyone’s account. 120 students! We had to redo all of our work for that week. For every assignment, there are usually 5-6 questions that don’t work. They are either unclickable, not taking any answers and even when you are typing the right answer it does not take it. We email the professor and he spends 2-3 with Top Hat trying to solve the issue. 4. The “ebook” IS NOT AN EBOOK. They are some videos from 1990s that are terrible at explaining the subject so you have to supplement your learning with extra reading and YouTube videos to actually get the material.
  • Sketchy 2/5

    By i_smell_bs
    The app itself and its mediocre design and execution is not what bothers me. At the end of the day we all download this app because some professor thought a $30-dollar-per-semester was somehow going to improve our learning. What really bothers me is not knowing why am I forced to always say share my location with this app. Marking attendance with location makes sense, right? Except that the app does no allow you to be marked as present if the app location setting is on “while using the app”. If that wasn’t enough, I got a notification telling me how many times a week this app was using my location; guess what? The little map showed me that it was using it even when I was not in class (and therefore not even using the app). I am already paying for this service and I would like to know what exactly are they doing with my location. Also, toggling the location setting is not a solution; FIX YOUR APP!
  • App closed an open question 1/5

    By IAAdamsApple
    Professor opens a question for me to answer and then app claimed it as close even though it showed the timer running. Even after I restarted the app it froze. It’s nice i have to pay for an app that doesn’t even work and causes me to lose points in class.
  • Inconsistent- atrocious customer service 1/5

    By gandertaker
    The app is poorly designed and makes content impractical to access at best. You can’t download slide shows off the app. Content availability is inconsistent across the different portals (browser vs phone vs tablet). The browser isn’t made to be compatible with safari, completely ignoring the fact that Apple makes up much of the computer market. Customer service is slow and rude. I filed for help over a week and a half ago. The first email response took over two days; the next was quicker, but offered no assistance and completely ignored the information I had given them earlier, instead treating me like I just didn’t understand how to use the app. The third response showed up SEVEN DAYS after I replied to the impotent email “support” in the second email. IF YOU WANT TO BE IN ACADEMIA, BE RELIABLE. Homework due dates are typically less than 10 days out. Don’t sell a service you don’t have the ability to adequately provide.
  • Kinda Creepy 3/5

    By DST_007
    The app works great in class and is super efficient at taking attendance and giving quizzes, but the fact that it has to track your location at all times in order to record your attendance seems highly unnecessary and kind of creepy.
  • Ruined Education 1/5

    By LeHulque
    This app has ruined quizzes for our class. Almost universally hated. The professor is teaching his first class ever and does not know how to use the app well but unfortunately we possess such little power as students to change anything. Furthermore, my tests and quizzes used to be free. Now I had to pay $30 for a semester. Not a fan of this at all.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By EvenThisNicknameIsTaken314
    Always fails to load the questions when I need to actually answer them
  • Scam artists 1/5

    By Bernie5432
    Whenever I have a professor that uses this app, I switch out of that class. Taking attendance by sign-in still works. No, let’s make students pay out of pocket for an app instead. Even better, let’s throw quiz questions in there, and have them not know if they’re even submitted. The cost to use this app is just not smart, when you can do everything this app does easily without cost.
  • What is going on? 1/5

    By jay999899998
    The app keeps crashing my iPad or it fails to load content. This app is costing me points in my class.
  • The iPad app is not supported, and will not be updated 1/5

    By econprof99
    If you are a professor wanting to use this for presenting slides in class, be aware then virtually none of the features they tell you exist are available reliably on the IPad app. The rep finally admitted they weren’t designed to work with the new OS, and they have no plans to ever make it compatible. The only way you can annotate slides reliably is using a mouse, which they for some reason think is functional. The content they claim is so great is riddled with errors and has serious gaps that render it useless. Another sad tale of a tech company that thought scaling quickly was more important than doing something well.
  • Decent App but... 3/5

    By potatoegg22
    My main problem with this app is that I cannot split screen it on the iPad. I think this app has potential to be better but for now it’s lacking advanced capabilities. Hoping for an update to fix this! Thank you!
  • “Always On” location is stupid & invasive plus location doesn’t work on desktop 2/5

    By INeedNoNickname
    It’s ridiculous that the app needs to have my location all the time just to check me into class within 5 seconds. This needs to be fixed.

    By Angry48/6592
    SUCH A STUDENT SCAM. Iv had to use it in a number of classes. Most annoying app ever why THE F*CK am i paying 20$ on top of books to just login for attendance!? Also why the F*CK do you need to allow location services always? You don’t need that? Stupid app that does absolutely nothing used by stupid teachers you should all quit. If you use this app in your class rooms you should stop and reevaluate your actual importance.
  • Invasion of privacy 1/5

    By kcimythgim
    There is no reason this app should require location services to always be on. Either allow secure location to function without always having location services enabled, or do not offer the feature at all.
  • Not worth it. Professors- please don’t use Top Hat 1/5

    By your friend lexi
    I don’t know how this app is a 4.7 Stars. Every review I’ve read is 2 and below. I don’t even leave reviews for apps, but I felt this was necessary. I downloaded Top Hat because it is a requirement for my Organic Chemistry course. The textbook, homework, and assignments are all online. So far, it is awful. I spent over $100 for the subscription. Every note that I’ve highlighted and question I’ve answered on my computer does not sync to the app on my phone. This is a major issue because I need to access these notes during class, but they don’t show up in my phone app! Not only will they not sync on the app, but if I close the chapter or leave the page, the same thing happens. Everything disappears. For this much money, Top Hat really needs to fix their sync issues and add a save progress feature. I’ve even contacted support through Live Chat. They were unhelpful. The agent repeated that I was experiencing an issue, then the app crashed and I lost contact. For an app whose subscription is so expensive for college students who are financially struggling, you’d think it would have better accessibility and functionality. I hope this doesn’t affect my class grade.
  • Been nothing but a frustration 3/5

    By Cheatcodechamp
    I hate that my teacher has decided to use this app. Most of the class was unable to get in before class because we couldn’t find the information needed to enter his class. The app is almost pointless to me since it crashes whenever I try to answer a quiz. I can read my textbook but at this point I would prefer a real textbook and online quizzes rather then this.
  • Split Screen 4/5

    By nelly___ft
    Many of my professors use this app and I honestly love it but I hate that the app doesn’t come with a split screen feature!! I use an iPad and I do find it a bit hard to take notes and use Top Hat.
  • Top Hat 5/5

    By ZKingofHill
    The app is very smooth and fluent and have not experienced any issues with it at all whatsoever. I highly recommend teachers and professors to use this application. Attendance is tracked and small quizzes can be created. I’m a student and I honestly wish more professors used this and involved more of their work and quizzes in them.
  • Improvements needed. 3/5

    By jaseeeeen
    I would suggest updating the IOS app to be able to allow the app to be able to split screen on tablets.
  • waste of money 1/5

    By clue_8
    thanks for another educational app we all have to pay subscriptions for. Very original. if you’re a teacher or professor stay away, make these kids learn with something that doesn’t ream you with prices.
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By Jon 103
    Overall the app is ok, not a five star, but they charge $7.50 a month? That makes it $37.50 plus tax every semester. Kinda expensive when apps like Chem 101 is free.
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By huiaijxnwo
    Top hat works pretty well.
  • Bribery 1/5

    By Guy262
    There is no reason to use this app but the developers bribe professors by making it free for them but it cost money for the students. Just take roll manually and stop charging me extra.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Pandazzz_68
    Downloading this app was required for my BIO class. I had such a good experience using it. Very easy to navigate!
  • Terrible. Complete scam 1/5

    By TheLonelyW4lker
    This is just an excuse to make money. App hardly works. I’ve been marked absent for classes I’ve been to and I’ve filed a support notice. Terribly designed, not user friendly, completely prehistoric. It would be better to just do everything on paper. Seriously where are the protests
  • New update is terrible 2/5

    By Aaron_elliott
    App is good considering I have to have it. However the new update is garbage compared to the last one. You can only see one slide at a time and have to exit each slide until you can go to the next one. Would be a 3/5 if the app had a better way to work and see slides.
  • Best Learning App. 4/5

    By Mari Luv
    Very useful app. I am able to do my homework where ever and it looks fine when I’m reading. Only issue is when answering questions, it will mark them as unanswered when they have been answered. If I click on the question, it will show my answer. I just didn’t like how it would take a while to change to answered. Other then that, great app.
  • Ugh no. 1/5

    By Lulu_1997.z
    This app is crazy expensive and it keeps crashing also in the area where it’s supposed to show the solution example there’s nothing but jumbled code
  • Add notifications 4/5

    By bery bad
    It’s great but why don’t you have notifications when a question is added ?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By CarlJ3
    Glitchy, poorly designed, and not intuitive whatsoever.
  • Location always allow?? 1/5

    By Shmishmishmiva
    You absolutely should not need to know my location after I am out of class. Absolutely ridiculous. I am already forced to pay for this service, you shouldn’t have to know my location on any other time that I’m not using this service.
  • Dark mode doesn’t look the way it should 3/5

    By Snapie12453567543332
    Dark mode seems to be completely broken in the latest update, it’s half white and half dark, the text is black on a dark background.
  • Top hat 2/5

    By Kelgisn uskvntmf
    The dark mode is buns and needs to be fixed immediately.
  • I hate it 1/5

    By Amy Tomson
    I recommend my professors can drop this app.. bec it too expensive and not really useful.

Top Hat - Better Learning app comments

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