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Top Hat Lecture App

Top Hat helps professors make teaching more fun and effective by turning distracting mobile devices into learning tools and building comprehension with customizable, affordable textbooks and interactive homework. Millions of students at 750 leading North American colleges and universities use Top Hat’s interactive engagement tools, course materials and homework. “Students already have their phones in their hands, they are probably looking at them in class, so why not turn that into something useful.“ —Professor, Biology, California State University Features: • Experience your lecture like never before—with Top Hat, you can synchronously view slides on your mobile device, in real time, as your professor moves through them in class • Get ready for an engaging classroom experience, where instructors embed multiple question types such as multiple choice, word answer, numeric response, sorting, and click-on-image to make lectures more interesting and fun • Discussions and polling—provide instant feedback to your instructor on whether they need to cover that last concept once more before moving on • Automated attendance, grading, and participation—check into class using a unique code on your mobile device to pick up easy participation marks • Complete homework for grades or for review—students can access graded and nongraded homework or short quizzes that instructors use to test for gaps in understanding • More affordable textbook options—with Top Hat's Marketplace, your instructor can choose to adopt online course materials that are more engaging, interactive and affordable than traditional textbooks. Interactive textbooks from Top Hat are embedded with images, videos, audio clips, moving timelines and embedded questions—all designed to engage students and help deepen understanding of course concepts 91% of Instructors believe that Top Hat makes a positive impact on their students' learning experience.


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Top Hat Lecture app reviews

  • Everything this app does can be done for free and with software that works better 1/5

    By Orgoprof
    This software and app are a waste of money. Much easier to just use a clicker and your schools course management system and save you students some cash. You can even use Plickers which is completely free if you don’t want them to have to buy a clicker. The material in their MarketPlace is mostly available for free on the web. There customer service is also lacking, good luck getting them to actually show up for an appointment.
  • Regularly Fails 1/5

    By Mars944
    Probably 2-3 times a month the app just quits working for one reason or another. I’ve been logged out and unable to log back in. The app regularly can’t submit answers for questions due to “bad connection” (I’m the only one in my class with the same tablet and internet connection). I also can’t follow a professor’s lecture because it won’t ever load the current slide -I’m always 2-3 slides behind. This app needs work.
  • Location symbol wont go away because of this app 1/5

    By Ironik1989
    I always had my tophat locations settings”always on”. However, in the past couple days, its been collecting my location even when I'm not using the app which is why I was having the location symbol all the time. I had to disable the location for every app I had to find which one was causing the location symbol to appear and tophat was the cause. I changed the location preference to “while using” and that made the location symbol go away. I wonder why your app is collecting my location even though I wasn't using the app?
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Mashy13
    One of the most frustrating horrible apps I’ve been forced to use throughout my lifetime. If you have to leave the app for any reason and then come back to it, it will take you straight back to the homepage so you have to find the course again, then the chapter, then scroll down to the right spot, and THEN open the question back up.
  • Typically works 4/5

    By jm007633789
    But recently logged me out for no reason. Caused a minor panic.
  • Network Error 1/5

    By Raghu Yadala
    Says top hat can't retrieve courses due to network problem. Fix this immediately.
  • Bad Update 1/5

    By BB2931
    Logged me out after the update and know is saying it is unable to load courses. Please fix.
  • Doesn't even work 1/5

    By B Fraz
    I have had nothing but negative experiences with Tophat. The service itself is misleading and is a waste of money. Chapter notes are in no way helpful and questions often have the wrong answer listed as the correct one.
  • Okay, but glitchy 3/5

    By Mjsielerjr
    The app is decent, but glitchy. Would be nice if the app didn’t kick you out of the content/textbook reading section if the lecturer opens up a Top Hat question. A better idea would be a notification with the option to click on it to exit the content window. The computer version does this.
  • Annoying pop up! 3/5

    By brensl
    Stop asking users to fill out a survey in the middle of a quiz! I lost extra credit points because of that!
  • A hip class structure with no functionality. 2/5

    By Horace06
    If you have a crippling case of FOMO then this is for you, however If you don’t then you will ultimately find this application/service pointless. Schools and universities without an integrated web platform may get some use out of this, but for those who already have one, this is just another worthless service to add on top of your schools online platform. Almost no functionality on any mobile devices; the interface is less inspiring than MS DOS. File previews don’t exist. The instructors and TAs are either technologically illiterate (unlikely), or this program is about as user friendly as an etch-a-sketch. This product is not ready to be something a student is required to pay for. It’s basically in the pre alpha development stage. I would be willing to pay another 28 dollars to not have to use this for the rest of the semester. I wish I could have rated it one star, but Tophat isn’t even inspiring enough to warrant that much rage or disgust. Mediocre garbage.
  • Index 4/5

    By Horlayinka
    There needs to be a search box for index. So terms can be easily found.
  • Clunky and Not Well Thought Out 2/5

    By Flabby fapperton
    Perhaps the worst classroom digital assistant out there. They should hang up their “top hat” and leave it to other (almost as dumpy but not quite) companies like McGraw hill
  • Mixes up answers 1/5

    By TheManCallahan
    My professor conducts quizzes in class with top hat. I will no longer be using my phone for these as the top hat app has the nasty habit of mixing up answers after submission. I have lost points because of this. Very disappointing.
  • happy valentine’s day. 5/5

    By 啊老jian
    education costs money man. :^)
  • Homework does not work 1/5

    By Jeffrey J. Noel
    I don’t know how this app has 4.5 stars. The homework doesn’t work. It marks every answer wrong even when you’re right and you have to have the professor manually go in and correct the grade. It’s ridiculous.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Mez19797
    I find it annoying that I cannot do split screen with other apps so I can take my notes on my iPad as well.
  • iPhone x support needed 2/5

    By top hat iphone x
    Come on guys
  • Charge less 1/5

    By Tkguerin
    This is too expensive
  • TOPHAT system doesn’t work!!!!!!! 1/5

    By college student anonymous
    Why the heck am I paying so much for a stupid app? I had a question that I pretty chose the right answer but system would let me pick it. Told me that I had submitted my answer when in reality I haven’t. This is not me being careless and submit the answer. I logged out and when I logged in again the next day. Magically, the app just didn’t let me choose my right answer. Talked to professor but professor couldn’t confirm so she can’t give points. She can only see my last answer. What a bogus app. This company is a joke. I bet they give sponsor to professors to make students pay for more to study. Evil education scheme. Be warned!!!!! DO NOT TAKE PROFESSORS WHO USE TOP HAT!!!! It’s a waste of YOUR MONEY AND YOUR TIME!!! Blackboard is free and is much better!!!!!
  • Misled an entire class room 2/5

    By DanimalsMcNabbits
    TopHat was contacted by our professor before use. After having all students in the class register for the app service, TopHat came back to say that taking tests required an extra fee. They locked the class out of the classroom group thus interrupting our professor’s class schedule. Thanks TopHat. I definitely didn’t want to learn today. There are also bugs with older devices and geo-location.
  • Update for iPhone X 4/5

    By Glen Depalma
    Please update this app for iPhone X
  • Disconnect from my desktopbaccount 1/5

    By DisgruntledCaveman
    Im literally logging into the website from my laptpp, and my subscription is renewed, but the Apple app still says i need to renew my subscription a week after I already have.
  • Forces you to buy Extra items for no reason. 1/5

    By Jason2733
    Yet another way to profit off of college students. Forces you to pay to have access to your class then you have to pay again actually participate in each class. Hate this app yet can’t do anything because it’s required.
  • Not iPhone X optimized 3/5

    By Trey J.
    It’s January 2017... and this app STILL isn’t optimized for iPhone X!
  • Please update for iPhone X compatibility. 3/5

    By shaesh
    The UI is odd.
  • Purdue has a free version of this 1/5

    By Benny-Hauna
    This app's subscription is inflated so much I could cry. It's useful features could have been coded by a seven year old. The professor of my class made us get this app and then complained all semester about how difficult it was to use. Do the world a favor, stop existing.
  • Optimize iPhone X 2/5

    By iphone x!!!
    Can you optimize for iPhone X? Cause this is the only education app left that still not support iPhone X.
  • iphone x support 3/5

    By wtfjupiter
    please add iphone x support to the app as that will make the app much easier to use to users with iphone x
  • 1 Star until fullscreen support for iPhone X 1/5

    By ryost
    Will continue to give this app 1 Star until it’s updated with fullscreen iPhone X support.
  • Great with a glitch 5/5

    By Dharanish
    The app works great but it will be great if you optimise the app for iPhone X!
  • Expensive. 1/5

    By JordyB17_fallout_shelter
    Everything this app does could be done with another app for free. The only reason I am forced to use it is because of my Professor.
  • Just Bad. 1/5

    By Profasion
    So expensive for no reason. There are much better/cheaper alternatives to this. Simply just trying to get money out of already broke students. Just a piece of s*** made by even bigger pieces of s***.
  • Well 2/5

    By Trolollollll
    Sometimes when I try to answer a question there isn't a submit option which leads me to closing the app and having to restart which by then the question is no longer active please look into it
  • Topcrap 1/5

    By Johjfjge
    Tophat is an absolutely terrible app only good for frustration and hurling obscenities as whomever made you purchase it. I understand that teachers and professors want their students to interact in class but making them pay $60 for this pos is not the way to do it. May the app burn in developer hell and whomever made it get hit by a bus.
  • Grades horribly 1/5

    By Boredasheck411
    I hate this system so much. When they ask for answers I will put the units because it didn’t specify otherwise and count me wrong only for that reason. I would put the appropriate amount of sig gigs and it would count it wrong. My professor kinda told me it is what it is I mean they have fixed the problem since then but my points won’t come back.
  • Suggestion 3/5

    By brian_belt
    Add a feature to notify student when new question is open/posted so I don’t have to leave my phone on the whole time and drain my battery
  • Not worth it 5/5

    By hemant oberoi
    If I can get my money back , in 2017 we still struggle with small things , please if ceo is reading this give my money back .
  • TopHat is Loosing Good Will 1/5

    By Faraz Yashar
    As a company vying to take down the entrenched textbook barons, TopHat seems to defy the startup mantra of “disrupt” and seems to behave just as those companies it seeks to displace by putting broken, garbage, expensive products in the hands of students. Congrats on birthing another education extortion racket.
  • Doing well 3/5

    By Wildflower20
    App syncs pretty well but there should be notifications for like in class questions or assignments
  • Taking advantage of college students 2/5

    By Laplac3
    Freshman year I buy a $50 plastic remote so I can answer questions in class, and I wonder "why can't I just use my phone for this?" Now guess what? That remote is useless! Can't sell it either, because everyone is using Tophat, on their phones! But wait, not only do I have to buy $200 more worth of new textbooks with online access codes again, I need a SUBSCRIPTION for Tophat! Do I pay for one semester? Do I risk buying two semesters not knowing if they'll SWITCH TO SOMETHING ELSE next time?! I have no idea! But then again, what's $30 more to the already unimaginable cost of an education? Surely the app itself well designed software worth the money and will be a great utility to help me study and keep up in class, right? Nope, the app is terrible! The interface is unintuitive and slow. I've missed attendance grades and in class questions that I knew the answer to but could't EVEN FIND in this app. In example: You have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the presentation slides to find that question the professor just put up, but better hurry, you only have a few more seconds before it closes! They probably want me to fail the class by being unable to actually do anything so I have to pay for the class, the app, and my textbook's one semester access codes again. Speaking of which: It would be nice if you could get access codes bundled together with your textbooks like I've seen done with other software. Or I guess we could if our professor choose the Tophat™ textbook. The mandatory bluetooth and location services are annoying, and visibly eat my phone’s battery life, but at least I can turn them off while I’m not using the app. Alright, I saw that update. You read and act on all your reviews, even the one star ones. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and despite hating the software, I will add another star if you add the following: Give a push notification whenever the professor opens a question or displays attendance codes, so you can tap it and be brought directly there, even if you are in another program at the time. On the bright side, and the only reason I’m (reluctantly) giving this two stars, is that after reading other reviews and the update log, Tophat is at least trying to some extent to make their service better, which is more than can be said for many other businesses that prey on students. One problem I wanted to mention a few weeks ago has already been fixed since then. While I still feel sorry for anyone who’s grades depend on this service, the least we can do is try to make it better for the next class.
  • Issues 1/5

    By Vikingmad
    LaTeX rendering not working properly. App frequently crashes while using. Can't believe I wasted my money on this.
  • Needs push notifications 1/5

    By NYCXI
    Mobile app needs push notifications, semester price should be cheaper. Poor UI. Very disappointing. What a waste of VC funding.
  • $70 for nothing 1/5

    By Kyle1122221122
    I’ve had to renew, so now I have $70 invested in this app. If it wasn’t required I’d have never paid it. Overpriced, poorly designed and maintained software. I have to beg my professor for the points I miss because of glitches. Awful.
  • Are there negative stars? 1/5

    By dissatisfied faculty
    Twice as much time for a third of the functionality vs other classroom response systems. Yuck!!
  • Too Expensive 1/5

    By AppInZero
    Whomever sold my professor on using this service should be promoted. However this apps subscription service is too much for what the app offers. There’s plenty of services that offer the exact same product for free. As a student who pays for tuition, rent, car insurance, food, etc. I cannot afford to budget this app because my professor wants me to use it for ONE semester.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Pikcube
    App fails to meet basic quality control standards
  • Buggy Latex Support 3/5

    By Jingles2007
    Connection issues (mentioned in previous reviews) are not happening anymore for me. Despite the last update claiming to fix LaTeX rendering, in some cases, negatives still do not display in LaTeX equations.
  • frustrated 2/5

    By NerdyPickle
    since the latest update the app won't stay open for longer than 5 mins before crashing, i can't leave a good review. i enjoyed the app. before the most recent update; for the most part, i had zero problems with it! very frustrating for me, as TopHat is used heavily in my college algebra class.
  • Yet ANOTHER course requirement 1/5

    By Lemon taffy
    I assume Top Hat is paying my school to use this app

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